The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on June 22, 1859 · Page 3
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 3

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 22, 1859
Page 3
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•^'•V,.:'\jr. V: l^v^^JS*i!!^^A^'i^l^»X=^r'i^4^^^^''-*'i / "»'-* :: 'i' BOOKS AND STATIONERY. RAILROADS. RAILROADS & TRANSPORT Niedccken BU.iiWat. ABarabooVal btttisatppi tt. R OTJT OOS1 1 CO., SO? ja^-P I OJW 33 H. J3 . BLANK BOOK MANOTACmJREIia NOYES, PLERZHEIM BOOKBINDEKSl Ar SUPERINTJEIVDEffT, . W TOCK6*JHEW BWOKi Man* and 8peclneaiions-/or»11 Jclnil* of JPIPE FITTEH, • JUfiT WATfiKOTREX*, GAB, STEAM AND W ATM OOCKB. OlrOBE AND CHECK VALTOB. OTASB OOCKS, *c., S*' fjargemsaortaent of FIX 3TU :_. '. ' ' «A8 FIX 3TUB ES ^ J?? 1 * d<meln • workmanlike manner, at abort notice -ma lowest prices. . Je»-dly Ni L. Crjttisyroti) * oo., UTATL DaAUras n LADIES', GENTLEMEN'S ANO CHILDREN'S HOOTS, SHOiar AMD CAITER8, rt MASON STREET, Opposite the Walker House. IW Binders' Stock, JWnUng Ink and Hat •Iwayi on hand Injarge qnantltles. IntteneateitJtyle. Ho. SU JUST WATER ST., HNKLANlVa BLOCK, H>r« MIL, W AUK IE E. KIT CARSONi! **- W E 1 N B K K N NEK, •HUH7F AOTVBXft AID DKAUtt DT «OOXS, SHOES AND OAITEBS, MO.- 3*-SPEINQ- STREET, American Bonce .Bool & »hoe Store. wo. 48 EAST -WFATEB sruEET JOHN PtiELAN, KEEPS alwmyj on hand good cnitom made Boon and All ilndj of Ladles' and Gentlemen"i Boot! and 8hoe« d wmrr » nte<1 *o*l»e AND ." ADVENTURI KIT (LARSON, The Nester of the Rocky Mooutains, From facts narrated by himself. Jnst received by ™yl° 8TRIOKL AN D t O <>. 3 Pencils, JOHN HK;E, WHOLESALE OUUOG18T, NO. 88 EAST WATEB STREET Has Just received a full supply o Celebrated Union works Cylinder (Han •Manufactured at Cleveland, Mew York. Transpcrt^j entirely by Teasel, It cornea in perfect order, and enables me to tell at low rates. I hare permanent arrangements toieU this brand of 01ass hereafter. JOHH RIOK. Harper Brothers, (Eetablithti in 1S1SJ aODSK .SIQH.SHIP, OARR1A&E AND ORNAMEMTAt Palnicm, Glaziers * Paper.Han?cra, IM1TATORB OP WOOD AND MARBLE, KO. 39 OKEIDA STREET, A FKW DOORS EAST OF TSX MA.RKX1 SOUSS Rehback's .Lead FOR SALE BY TKRKY & OL.KAVER, BOOKSELLERS AND STATIONERS, _ 167 Beat Water gtreet, iMvxnitu. TITEhave just received a f nil supply of these Oele- TT brated Pencils from the manuUctcry ofj. J. Rehbach, In Regensburg, Bavaria. They ife carefully assorted, and each grade la distinguished I y a popular brand. Particular attention Is . called to '.be "Opposition Pencil, "(round black gilt;) and to the "People's Pencil," (round red gilt) a'.so to the "Engineer's Pencil," (Hexagon gilt.) All of »hlob will be found super!. or to any other pencil In the market. , Always on hand a complete assortment of biack and colored lead pencils of all the desirable grades. A discount allowed to the Trade proportioned to extent of , _ ___ JBANCE COMPANY, New York. Monday, April 4th, M d until bother no- enger Train will lean Milwaukee from of Second street, tor Pewauk ecVBartland onomowoc, Watertown, ioweli,!and Col- p;m.,arrtvlnginMilwaake«at '.O5 s. m. living at Milwaukee by the Mflwaukee 4 La Oroue t. MQ.R. R_ anil MU. A MUi. jat, can proceed, to the: aboveplacM. areaadeat Watertown5wlth ••age* for Lake MIBi,,JaiDrerton > W«terloo,BanoietTUle,Bun Prairie, Cottage. Qrove and. Madison. Alto atOolambos for Lodl, JMrtmac, Attego, Jail Rlrer, Leed'a iOdrnera, Hamden, Wrfrffle, Dekora,Tork,ArUngton,Bristbl and for all points to the West and North Weat. < PasBeoger^; arriving* ai the Junction from tbe 'above places maka «onneotlona h the Milwaukee ft Mlals- slppl R. Hi ;for JaneiTlUe, Uadlion and Ptalrle dn Ohlen and at Milwaukee, with roads to the Bonlh, Wett andHorth. i aprB : B. 8. MERRILL, Bcpeitntendont. I 839. ARKANOKMiiN T. refer to their prompt aa.t he 2*£ e l ei » • JPwnwteefor the futnre. Policies 1s- jneA.witsjoatdeUyu:..^n;J siz^EisS ^' \ W., HKBBt HOLLAND, Agent. ' .WorthweAeotiMatoand -.. Wisconsin ««., Milwaukee. Bepto ALLJBONE'S DICTIONARY OJF AUTHORS. JONES & General Land and Insurance Agents NOTARIES PUBLIC, &C.T OFFICE, corner of Reed and Oregon streets, Mevrose'i Block, Firth Ward. Will attend to the buying and selling of Heal Estate Insuring Goods and Buildings In responsible Oompa nles. Attend to the Collection of Accounts, Matta* , 0 i of Deeds, Mortgages, Contracts, Leases, Ac. All Collections made on accounts placed In our hand will be promptly paid over. A. o. JOKCS.., jy2S aoaxar »«iiriiS^StA£'£SK^ vS5yZ££* aeaudifrem tlu Earliest A -efvnUtotfu Mid- dle.ofthenineiee,,t*. Century. Containing Thirty Thousand JiioprapUet and Literary ffoticei; v «A Forty Indexet tf/Siujectt: Price »6. 1 NDESPEN8ABLY nrcessary to all who Bead, all who Write, all Clergyman, all Physicians, all Lawyers, Scientific -nd Lite ary Men, Merchants and Farmers! Manufacturers and Mechanics. IT IS A HOUSEHOLD XJOMPAfflOS. FURNISHED BY STRICKLAND & t)O., BOOK & .STATIO.-VKHY JORUKKS, 136 Mast Water itreet, ItiLWAUKSE, ^,, SDRPL08. . . . -sji. .£„,.„.-. ...... s 00 Office, under Mltoheil's Bank, corner of East Water and • Michigan st«eU, \ ,. TWO A. 8:OO A. J. MoaeiXneeland, gamnel Bale, H. L. Palmer, -8.8. O. D. • „. j ; Solomon Adler. sman, . , ,re.enl. Q. JD. DOtTSUAR. Vice PreHdf nt. T.-PAljnER, General Agent. ^ . B. 8. Dioom, Treasurer. H.L. PiUiaa, AMortiey. marlO SCHMCECKKL & BKUNOTTO, COMMISSION . MERCHANTS, Real Estate and Money Srokeri, NOTARIES P0nLrO, MIL*ACKEE, WISCONSIN. OrncB — No. 4 Martel Square, apposite the Old Post- mar2" Office. O. COKSON, ATTORNEY AT LAW. HAS removed to ^Office, No. 6. State Bank Building corner ol Kaj: Water and Michigan .irccl, Milwaukee. JSO. L DOKAB 8IMOI L«Tr. L>UKAN & L.KVY, Attorney and Counsellors t Law, Office—Empire Block, 221 East Waier et., MTLWADKBE ... .(mar22J.... .. WISCONSIN [Prom Theophlui Partrns, L. U. D., Professor of Law in Harvard University.] CAMBRIDGE, j an . 6,18B9 Date SIR :—I have had the flr.t vo.ume of year Dictionary for some days and have sat sued myself that yoor p an I. excellent, and that yon have carried it out with very great industry and with goo d judgment.- The fullnes, and accuracy of ,ts Information concerning moderti authors and ibdr works, are Indeed remarkable. To any one who de.ire the knowledge your b*ok purport, to give-and .hat educated man does not I'll must be ol great interest a .d value. Respectfully, tc , THKOPH1L08 PABKER. 8. Austin Alliboue, Esq. 4)0. In nitclteil Bnliajng:, Idicbltfau. at. ' CHARTERED OAPITAL, - - §200,000 Cash Paid .u, $1OO,OOO. DIB8CTOBB : U. L. PAijcaa, C/D. DAVIS, W. A. PaamnB, 8. Tosnfsi»ii, 8.8. OOIOTU, H. EKLMJUCDT, J. D. KsaAooa, J. HtTHpHaar, JosrraF. Hnx, J.R.BAJUUB J. H. OORDSB, JAS. " C.HAB. Qaisasan, 0. Oosrarool, Quo. i K. TOWN8END, PreHdent, A. L. WALEATH, Secretary. H. L. PALSIU, Attorney. Fire and Marine Risks taken at current rates. — VU— ' MICHIGAN OENTKAL ! , — AND- G. Wesljem (Canada) RalJtiray. ffUUIHS le*vre the Great Central Depot, foofofLake JL street O&loago, u followi : . 4:OO A. Its",— DEBTOIT ACOOUMODATION.rSan. 1 1 dajs excepted), arrrte at Detroit 8.00 , r H. r J IT$»— OINCLNSAT1 EXPRESS, (iandaya '; excepted.) Arrive at Indianapolis, 4:UO ' p. n.; Cincinnati 8:80 p. 11. ' HI «— LIGHTNING IXPKg-B, (Bandayi ei- cepted,) arrives at Detroit 7:00 P. v.; Suspension Bridge or Buffalo 4:0 ' A. H ; Albany 8.-UO r. «.; New York fcOO 1 r. ».; Boiton 11 p. •. 2:OO P. IT|,-NlLEr. AOtOMMODATIOH, except l BnnUay. 8100 P. n|v— NEW YORK AND BOSION BIPBIiS, (except Saturday.) Arrive at Detroit i . 7:iSA. VH Suspension 3ridge or Buffalo I • 4^80 P. «.; Albany 4.-00 A. n.; New Tor* ! ! 10KIO A. M.; Boiton S.-OO p. K. 8;OO P. Sft : J— OINOINNATI AND LO/msVILtBEX: PRESS. (Except Saturday.) Arrive at Cincinnati ftuO A. •.; Loalsrllle 4.-OO I > P. «., One train ou Sunday at 8K>0 1. u. The8.-OOA->l.;anda,-ao r . •. trains connect at Paris with th* Buffalo * Lake Boron Railway, for Buffalo and all points erjt; at Toronto with Grand Trunk Kail- way, to Kingston, Ogdensborg, Montreal, Quebec and all points In Canada East, Northern Vermont, New Hampshire ami Maine. Hr- Baggage; chec»«d throngh. Throngh tickets foi sale at the principal Railroad offices In the Vest, and at the general office, corner Lake t Dearborn streets, opposite the Tremont House, Chicago, and at the Depot, foot of Lake street. R.H. RJOB.Sap't. U. J. BriLnnro, Qen Pass. AgH. _ aprlS Detroit <fc Mil. Kailway. THE Steamer Cleveland will take _ tier place In line of the Detroit A Milwaukee Hallway, on'Monday, the 14th March. Pass ngers wishing thronfcb tickets can be supplied on and after Monday next, at 230 Eaat Water street, or at the office on the dock of: the Detroit A Mllwanke Railway Co.— l>ue notice of tht time of departure will be given. This srtll make the shortest, cheapest and quicken route to all points Kail, ^ mar8 LeaveKaelae for Dirls—freight * Aco Leave I'.sclot for Ileloit— Passenger, . GOING KA8i. LeaveBstoitforKacine— Passenger, 7 : jo i-eare Davia for Racine—Freight * Ace., - 8:30 Passengers by taking the 7 A. si. train on the —. Shore Railroad at Milwaukee, connect at Kaclne wit itraln to Davis; arriving at Davli at 830 ». u. Stag leave* Davis for Freeport on ^arrival of train. 8:80 A •. train from Davis connects at Racine with aftzrnoo tralni on the Lake Shore Railroad North and South. fW Freight forwarded with dispatch. decS ROBERT HARRIS, Superintendent. Pittibnrgh.ji'ort : W&yne & Chicago ROAD. AI1HI3 new and direct Ronte now open to New Ifors, M. -Boston, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Baltimore an Washington city, Cleveland, Dunkirk, Buffalo, Nlagar Falls, and all eastern atles. Cincinnati, Columbus, Day Ion, «prlagfleld, Crbana, Zanesvllle, oteubennlle, New ark and Wheeling, and all Interior towns of Ohio, Penn sylvauia, Virginia, Maryland, Hew Jersey, *c. Making ouc iiraad Unbroken It. It. Lin airwazB CB15AOO ASO> rus u£r. oU LOW AS-AH Y OTBSR RoOTE. Those detlrlag to go by this Route will tK pir ucnlar and enquire for Tickets via. Fort Wayne, there)) avoiding the annoyance of rechecfeing tteir I TKA1JJS LEA VJC DEPOT UJi VAJf KURSX A'7 DA11 >', AS f OLLO WS: 8:00 r. M.—Night' Express, daily, Saturdays eicepted fcOO i. «u—Morning Mall and Express, daily, Sunday exceptea. With but one change of cars to Pittsburgh. OHStTKOra •SOOAOK TBaOUOH To Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Baltimore and New York connecting directly with trains on the great Fennsvlv nl» Central Railroad, to all eastern cities. Also, with Cleveland A Columbus Railroad to Cleveland, Duokir*. Buffalo, Niagara falls via Mew York Central and N«w Tork A Erie Railroads to New Tork and Boston Persons going east will'find this route by far the mcs desirable, both from the advaznags in point of distance variety and beauty of Lbe country throngh which the ros/Js pass, as well aa the less frequent changes of can and the annoyance of re-checking baggage required bv other routes. ' Facilities for the transportation of Freight and Ll Stock by this route are unsurpassed. Kates as low a» aar other route, and with equal 4Usp«t«h. : Tickets for sale at alii he principal ticket offices In the West, and at Company's Office, No. SO Dearborn street opposite Tremoat House, Chicago, and at the office .1 the Lake Sbore Railroad, Milwaukee, by A. O. LelanU JNO. J. HOUSTON, General Freight Agent, Pittsburgh, Pa D. W. BOSii, Ueneral Western Agent, Chicago Chicago, Marih 6,1869. Milwaukee A l/'hica^o R. K. 1859. 1859. SUMMKii AKHANOKMKNT. « M PIT A LISTS W ILL find at my office a Register, open to their Inspection of iiondb itod Alortpapes luid other securities offered for side. Persons wishing to obtain Loau» or hartud Uond> Mortgages or other securities for sale, amy find It to their interest to file with mt their applications or statements C. 8OHLEY, y lr ' Opposite Walker HOUM CiUOL) CH.ANCJK. HOUSE A!\ £> i,«»T FOK KALE CHEAP. g BE undersigned will sell his House and Lot, now t occupied «j> a TST n by him, situated on Main St., Racine, Wisconsin, near the Steamboat Landog ">d the B. A M. B- E- Depot. The house Is located on the best business place, and the House as well as the situation of the Lot, would answer for any branch pf business, especially fof Wholesale Stor«, which branch l« already now projecteo ai that very locality. Those who like to make a pood bargain, are requested to apply at the nndenignrd. JOHN BABTB. Racine, January 2A, 18S8. jan£7-d8m Lumber Tcssels for Sale. Schnouer Fubion, 224 tnns. Schooner D. Newhall, 190 tuns, bcow Schooner Rugby, Ute tuns. The above vessels will be sold at yery low prices for satisfactory security. Good tllle. TAYLOR A JEWKTT, Buffalo, Rrw Tork. Enquire of B. B. Jons. Mil »uke«, Wisoonsin. fe025 [From S. Iremmu Prime, D. D., Editor N. T. Observer.) NEW TOM, Peb. 8,1859. GnTLUKi .-—The first voluihe of your «;r»at DlcUon- arj of Authors, I have permed with astonishment a d delight.,It Is Just whatl i,ave long desired 10 have, and hav, sonfht lor In vain. Thousands of clergymen, students, and all literary and mtelll entmrnimust wish to have Just work; and the) will havelt, whefl they learn t at It Is In th, world It deserves tl>e most cordial reception, and I trust i hat ibe tnihor and tht publishers w 11 have (he largest reward for their enterprise and labor. Yours truly, _. „ . ^ „ » IKEN^TCB PRIMK. Chllds i Peterson. „ _ !»«.• wnx, Jan. 49,18B8. Mr Dsxis SIB :-Wlth better knuwl,u B e of your book Irom repeated feasts upon u, I «m athamud to have written you so commonplace an acknowledgment of Us first rrc Ipt erf aU the storehouse of Interestlnc and readable matter the -Dictionary ol Anth.,r," BM s t me the most captlTSJCK The goo.i taste, Industry and skill of arran^mcnl ttiereln roanlles. .d roold not bt su-p«s,ed. .Bd it irll make .or you a reputat.on vert enrlable. I iball try l.. m.kt amends Ir, print for mi apparently lna|.preciatlve Erst «ckno«iedgmeDt of toe ai-qut&it on. » ith many sincere thanks for the prtte 1 hire In v e book, I remain, my dear sir, T,.urs, fa'ttifu'ly, N P W1LU8 8. Austit, All,bone, Esq. ma)19 AND FIRE T IHK undersigned Is prepared to take Marine Risks and Fire Risks on rroduce In store, In the North Western Insurance Co., of Otwego, New Tork, at as low rates as by otner reliable Companies. The reputation of this well-known, long established Company entitles 11 to public confidence. HORATIO HILL, Agent, POTg at ..fflce of H. A J. F. Hill. Quaker City Insurance C'o., OF PHILADELPHIA. AUTHORIZED OAPITAL, »600,«lO. PAID UP CAPITAL AND ASSETTS 477,865. Offlcl, FranJclin Building, So. 408 Walnut street, Philadelphia, T HE subscriber has been ap| oiuted agent for{ this Company for Milwaukee ard vicinity. Risk- taktn on as favorable lermi as other responsible Companies. JAMES 8. WHITE, Agent. Office, corner of East Water »nd Huron streets, up stairs, ofer the Marine Hank. mar29 SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. BAIL KOAD. : SHOKTEST AND IIIOST E.XPEDITIO|:.V RoC'TEt I.,a C rosse, Winona, Read's Landing, fied Wing, PBESCOTT, -BT, PAUL ^.ND fiT. .«NTH»VT oof Timp, Moodnr, April 4, 18-50. 1ST THAI* LEAVEN MII.WAEKEE 1IKM A M., Arrtvlnit at Janesvil> S 30 P. M.; Uadlson 3:3Sf f M ; Prairie du Chlen S.-OO P M. Oonntctlng with th- PrMrte du Chien and 8u P^ul Packets, which leave Prairie du Chienon the arrival of the 8,-tiO P. M. Train. . M KEE Madison NEW JIVENIJLS if CARTKK8. i\- Aunt Judy's Tales. Parablrs from Nature. M'.tes In the Sun beam. Fanny, the Flower Girl. Dncle Jack the Fault Killer. For sale by TKBHT * CLEAVER, ""r 16 167 aa>t Water st. BY STATE AUTHORITY, WISCONSIN QENEKA1. INSURANCE AOENG Y BO O K 8 N E \V TfcKKl m . B AKTH'8 Travels In Central Airlca, 1 vol., abridged. Livingston's Trails In Southern Africa, 1 vol. EAST WATEB STREET. WOOD AiliD BAY lAJttll. O. H. LAMBEKTON H aBjutt opened, Tor the benefit of all who may become hlj Customers, a Market for WOOD and the N. E. Comer of West Water and Clfboarn Streets, (Office trtth Messrs. Mabbett * Breed.) Hit StoeK or Wood Is large. Dry and Hard, (Cut and Split or uncut ) His took of Hay U of the BEST QDALITT, and BALED IN O rIDOftDEE. •Each nil! be delivered to any part of the Oity on the 8H IBTE3T NOTICE and the LOWEST TERMS. .N. B.—Wood PedUrs, and tboste wh.o itfp large qn 'ntities if H»v will always flnd It to their adruitasre to buy of us. We will sell so that dealers may make a haodsrime proflr by selling on the street. maXiS Q. H. LAMBERTON. 8p*ergeons Sermons, oth series Higher Ohrlsttan Ltfe. SHLIPPEKS OF PKODUCK C AN supply themselves wiih Bills of Ladlnjr at TEnKT 4 OLE ITCH'S, 167 East Water street. CHARTEK OAK FIRE INS. « II., Hartford, Conn. CASH ASSETS S84i,6M ea NORTH AMERICAN FIRE (Ns. CO Hartford, Conn. CASH ASSETS $854,860 M WESTERN HI ASS. FIRE INS. CO.. Ol Plttaneld, Mass. OAJH ABSaTTS |205,6W si CO>WAV FIRE INSrRANCE CO., Of Con way, CASH ASSETS an TUAIVLEAVES 5:OB P. M., Arnrlng at JanverriH*. 8^fi p ^^ KhOO P. M HT" Far. t., ali points '.n l\,t Slias.j.ij,, low as any other Bout*. WILLIAM apl" * Gen'l Superln OHANQi: OF TJMK- O N and after iloodar, April 4th, trains on the illl- "•ukee, Watertown A KSraboo Valley Bailroa.1, will arrive In MU«rauke« al II 35 ». «., and depart at 4jSO r. M. B. H. MKKRII U f>apX Great United States Mail and Exprm Route. rflIHE only reliable and iU. Bonn TO THS EiST, BUCTH JL and NORTH-WEST, and the only Line making sure connections. Baggage checked through to principal points. On and after .noNDAV, APHIi. 25th, 185O, Trains leave Depot, cornsr of florida and Bar-lay gu., as foUovs 1O:3O A. .il.— Exrazsa Pi8aEnara_u-rivinif at Chicago at 2:10 r. M. 3:t5 P. TI.—ExraiiH 1'kpRasoaa— arriving at Chicago at 6:1& r. M , and ma* ni; close uoonections with Evening Trains East and South West, and with the Kaclne an i Mississippi hailroat', at Hacln junction, for beloit and other stations »u that Line. Freight Train leaves al b;80 A. M., arrives yOO r. M. Freight forwarded with despatch, and at low rates. Passenger Trains leave Chicago !. r Milwaukee and tao North HVst al 9:00 i. a., an,l 8:15 p M.. arrives hert at 12:5O r n. and 12.15 i. *. apr24 JNO. T MOODr, MuLer Tr .na[*rtal..iD. L,a<;ro»*«? & nil. Kail road. W E, the underlined, been apjjoi .ted agents for the collection anj -leiivery or rr^.jht lor this compaii), ben to inform merchants »n,I o^rii tnal an office (No. 8 Wisconsin itreet.) opened on the 1st of April, where oMen can be left, an.l will receive prompt attention. I'ur authorizerl collectors will rroeipt joo.n at the warehouses of shippers. Information r'sp-rtn.< Prelifht uanipoitatlon ..n this line can U- nad by ai/- p loatlon at the offlee of Jtr A. FKEW, A/en: lli Milwaukee, March TO, 1S59 R N I T U R E ! / EVER OPFBEED IN Tills CITY AT GREAT SACRIFICES, FOR THK NF.XT SIXTY DAYS THE STOCK IK IIF1VV. ,»:\D .UirST BF MOM> • 218 and 220 East Water aprS-d2mo Street, ' T "i.w,tt7KFE, MISCELJLANEOUS. i»K. H. W VETERINARY >'OaMKltLr (>FCLiiV(Ll.,.,sr», DRY GOODS, &C .19. K U O . respectfully informs h.- the rl'.izens of Milwaukee that • phi,.,.' fit- Intent!-' ui »ctlc-ntf hi Uorie trtfltr'l entlflc style. *l faction * i. r i nectloa lYl-.h l.i fill PI-I i jncl t-.l .f m, 1 [-"•* D'jCtt to vain Uie co-.ndeDCr! public, h« r^f-rs l*i 'he follow mK gentlemen, »ho havg -ni- plOveci Mr Heithea.l manv times professionally to the couri" of ien y-nr*. We feel justified In sayibg .h«t f j; «i pr-trtic» i^ <upa- rlor to the general run of V c tennary l*ra''t..iu«»T». MIT.WAClt.iR. John 0. Ilrodhead, Wm. J'Oiis.tD. Murray, Pryer 4 Co , nd,i*e Wilson. " BUhop, " KeJly, •* And-ewt, " Vllden, SPRING AND SUMMER DRY GOODS! Jamei K^Uj, tKBOJej BTOWQ, iea Foley LI7I3T W. J. Q»ina, White* Nevel, Doct. H. A Ac. i M L Wns " M. L. H*-wit Reiner. KirltLand. OH. C A.I. Oow Qj*r 1 ^ ed NOW r «c Jno wtit'-b *m t>« »,j CXT'-t. Hi h.l.' The Latest Novelties (ieer 0 H. K- Guru*, tlu U«rchant, _ _ . ap 16-djwtf Ktrliy'i Wm. P*tt, W m K. A lams. THE DETROIT Uaiiwaj &, MILWAUKEE; Steamboat Liii4' ! i TLEA.St KK I M. 3 N and after '2.J ih«r s» u and nd ClfVfiand.lQ »i R&pul4 untl me afforded to ener> on the Ou p da, with ,i» e May n«/xi, pari:-n v c-jr^nni .-le^m-jri - i* O'and H:.V = D, the h%clt *t :heip -im •• .ew the h*?»i:t dil -Mi R v«r arouri-1 -h iens.v^ YFSLM D s (Inclad n? e— to Grand or parties of flv ?»H can W bud oma or i r-.f i 1 ,N 'I K to drtud Rap >« hoar-J 11 TIM h; Whii eui ma.1*? weeit l 1 11II g .V T rain* 1 .N 1 H K CLOTH DEPARTMENT * CO. aprl Hi NOT1CK. O^ OFFICE OF BISHOP t CO. Is Posusajus c,r MIL. t. i. UICAUU Mllwaokee, April 3, ] N and anT April »Ui, \V>9, »nU i.nt . O p^rs-in n sutl.ur r^o i, m^k or ci ut/act fur luau-r.aja !or Uie M.^ar.K-^ (TO Hal.roa<J wltl>->m « wT'tteo - r l^r r Q ] -j ; ed. llllls *]IJ W paid mnnthly au.| accnun ^ont-nue.1 wiLh aj.y ^unceri. l:i»t nrKlecl- monthly bll 4 v. tl HALI.tter.'i ^Bl M ri^w aprlS J. T. MOODT, lU«t rr . I Friim-. XX l5 l :() ?i li:KS OUR JOBBING DEPARTMENT .1859. HD FAVORITE ROUTE BtTWtSJ THS nil-: TRANSPORTATION Win, aunng tne present ?<-sjn known aod p*>puiar I First i;ia»«i ,%cr<'\» Hey^larli , l^t«- \.S i; l COMPANY SADDLE RV HARDWARE DRY GOODS AND »•",-., •- ».- ,<r, < ' H K A P I- NOTIONS ' ' 1C ( ' A S H . 1 < 'A if A< r I •; I 47 BOOKS. I^VCfi .took u th, largest In the West. We sell every \J Book at the Publisher's price. ^ We can furnish to order any book which exists, either hJj^ ? n ? U l.?L 0th ! r J? n « I1 *«" M - w « r «>«l" new books as Issued from the Press. J anSO STBIOKALND t OO. GENTLEMEN'S ,\KXT DOCtll TO A. R. VAN COTT*8. (M S& US E- oo Q P 0 School fiookit. have every ochool Book :n demand, and se them at who' isMe or retail. >* aw STRICKLAND A GO. BIND UP YOUR MAGAZINES ! \V *L are prepared In onr Bindjrj to Btod Magazines T T Periodicals or anything else In the form of a Book, in neat and durable styles, at low rates STRICKLAND t 00 stereoscopic W E have recived a fine lot of Btereaooplc Views embracing views of lntere»ttng localities In RUSSIA, SWITZERLAND, SPAIN, KGYPT, NUBIA, ffseaoe, ITURS.XY, IRELAND, •*<;., <to Also a large variety of new American Views. Hew and very desirable itvles of Stereoscopic Instruments. STRICKLAND ft CO., Booksellers and Stationers, !•* East Water street. HATIPDEN FIRE INSURANCE CO., Springfield, Mass. OASHABSET8 ' VO&JOOV OIRARD FIRE INS. CO.nPANT, Of Philaddphla. OASHABSBI8 !77..:-tffl4,7B» 78 J. H. Grain, Agent, NO.«, MA8T1S BLOCK, OP STAIRS, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. MILLINERY GOODS. DETROIT & MILWAUKEE R, R (Now opened to Lake Michigan.; asm tiwift Low-Pritturt Fint-Ciati Sfwraers, 1 "City of Cleveland," & "Cleveland," (Thoroughly refitted for this route.) O N AND AJTX& MONDAY, June Clh, 18M, Pas- sensor Trains *rui run as follows: CK>INO WKS'l : ,v i ' '-< V\ .A K ^ ].*.«>, IN LIQUIDATION in Drj (.nodi TEA i IMMENSE STOCK Of Sup. Bridge, depart •Detroit, depart •Oswego' arrive. .. St. Johns, arrive.... Grand Rapids, art.,. •vtrand Haven, arr,. Milwaukee, arrlTe,. r . Mall r. u. T. M. 12:10 8:10 Mixed r. M. 1:80 7:40 4.30 Noon. 12.-00 Nlgbt Expreu A 8 1030 P. H 8:00 11:80 A. M 12.80 &M 4:80 Noon. 12:00 No. I-AT-J 1 87 JE? hi Water Street MUBT BE GLOBED OUT OIW CJES! THE AShlONEK BY *P rl P H. HUSSELL. "TVEFADLT having keen made In the condition ol a MJ certain promissory note, bearing date December 1st, A P. tSyi, executed by W B. Htbbard and John B.'i also in the condition of a certain vasal mortgage of the same date executed byeaid Hibbard and Harris to secure the paymeDt of«ald note. Notice is hereby given to all parties 'nterented that wcshal expose for sale and sril an Tuesday, tht Mb day of JULY, A. D , 18,19, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon of that day, at the apriut street brid«, In the city of Mllwin- kee, tht Schooner William H. 8 ephens,. her .malts. bowsprits, sails, boat, anchor, .cable*, and alt other necessaries thereunto appertaining and belonging, to satisfy th( amount remunlng ^ioe on • saldtiote-atid mortgage-together with the costs and expemiei of sale. MOSEx A. JAMKS, and JOSEPH JAMES, _ ' • - - Mortgagee*. Bj W. w. Bapwa, Agent. BUTLxa, BuTTBior ti COTTEH.L, Attorneys. SIXTH WISCONSIN For salt at feblS JKEPORTS STRICKLAND * CO, 134 East Wat«r street. (ireat Bargains maj be Expfcted aprllMltf JOSEPH OABV, Anlgnee. PIKE'S PEAK. A NEW MAP, shoving the Ronte to the Gold Ee- glons to Kansas, Just received b feb!9 ansas, Just received by STitlCKLAKD t CO., 124 East Water street. NOTICE THE INSPECTOR OF FISH, A PPOINTED by the Common Council of the City of J\. Milwaukee, In pursuance of An Act of the Le,risl»- " 59 ' weights «m,i brands for .he-due performance of the duties of his office. By the laid -Act' 'It Is made the duty of all persons fleaUng In Pish to glr« , notice to the lipector to ha" the same duly Inspected and branded before ' UNITED STATES MARSHAL'S 8AI.ti Lycnrgnj Edgerton, 1 In the United States Dls u,, ... _ T !' l trtot Oonrt District Wlnthrop 0. Lord and /Wiieonam. George Lord. j mBqalty. I N pursuance and by Tlrtne of a decree made by tb District Court o' the Dtut.d Stairs for the OlttrU of Wl.ooosln, on the nloth day of May, 1869, In Urt »«>•»« entitled came, 1 shall sell .t Pnbuo Aootion.V the office of the Dnited ttates Mar hal la the City o OD 'rJO'y. the nfteith LA CBOSSE ANO MILWAUKEE RAJL; ^OAIJ. 1 8.59s 'Si&i&m 1859. «iKEAT NOBTH-T7ESTEBK XnVITED STATES MAtt, & EXPRESS AND OJfLT ALL RAIL ROUTE. TO LA CRQSSE On the UPPER 1HI8S18SEPPI RITEH. OnaDd»ft«r,Monda.T, JoneSoth, :• Two Ttrough Expresi Traifl* DaUy, (6TJBbA.ts XZOfPTBDS LEAVE MIL.WAIJKKE, FROM DEPOT TOOT 01 OHEBTKTJT.8TESET, AB FOOOWB: 7:35 A. IW. and I:5O P. M, Trains arrl re at Milwaukee at »:8B A. M. AND 2:86 V. M. CloieoonnecUoniareinadeatLaaroaie. • Twice daily each way with the Mill- nesots Pocket Company New -ana - KplCHdid i, nited States Jttail Liue ot&mnBtiT* to Af'ffom St: ' M.. " areouio Messrs. John Porlong » Bon.fioath Water st., Walker's ' n<i ™« » be i " t - JOHN BMItH, Inapector. ••"•«*• JAB. a./anno. Ryan & Jeakini, COUNSKLLORS AT LAW, HHTt.'HJELJL'S BANK BUILDING, Satt Water and Michigan sit., JOheautte,. M- «« ' . day of July, 1858, at three o'clock In the afternoon, th following described property, to srtt: "Ont lot'B ["^n "™» My ? ne J* 1J ' ln ""> Tm »« <1 of Waupaeci in ths County of Wanpacca and St.te of Wisconsin a hOfflcient qoantltT of Water Power to be taken out of tt« Wanpaoai Elrer, at the dam erected across sa,d Rlrer, In the Tillage of Waapacca, to propel thrw ran of stones lor flouring purpo.o at all seasoni of the Maahal's Office^ Milwaukee, May U. 1S6». marl8-l«w«w M. J. TuOMAfl, D. S. Marshal. UNITED STATES KIAU8IIAI>'8 SALE the farmers Loan ft Trust Com 1 The Milwaukee A Superior B.U. I road Co mpany, M"w««t., Jobaan O. A. Allerdlng, Ohrtstian Hahm and I In the O 8 Dls. LtrleT Ooirt 'for toi [Slatrlotof Wlsoonsto. i ^^^ f J James A Swain, OP THE LATE FIRM OF, MAGIE & SWAIN, wni remain at the old stand where he will be pleas^a P riMtf ni:ethHP>tf0ni ° f tt ? «*«*l»«l«Mnt.. OHARLES QUENTIN & CO. JeU or Bt. Paul, over any other . . . : . ' ':,' .' . BItWIK XC. GOODRICSI, MaMlactnreni and »«»lsri Jn Fludlngi^ Hlile*, »c CO., corner of East Water aa^Keal Estate, ID the City of MUwaukeeVln large or small parcel!. Building lota in every Ward oft b (?u», of all sites and prices, for business or resident and Ob easy terms. Alio, imall Farms of from B to SO acres, near the Oity, for gardening purposes. Alio' several thousands of awes of the best fanning landi In Wisconsin In quantities to luit any demand.' : febZS 3HARLK8 QD£NTIN A CO. UNION Wisconsin State Telegraph. OotttMed Wootaon. rH punnanct and by rlnae of a decrtt made bj tha A DtttrtBt oonrt of ttt Cnlt«d Btat*s, for tErDIitrlct of Wisconsin, en tbe nineteenth day or March, 1869 in T« enUUed causa, I shall itlf at labile AuoUon, from the atepa of the Costom Hoose; in t)it City of Milwaukee, all and alngnlaritnt mortautd premises msjnUontd in tht Wl of compJataUnaald <««"l<»eaortbedati "«AU ' - . ., - _ --;- - -J th«aaid defendant,theHUsraokee and.Sjperioc Eallroad Oompanjr, I-at H to lay, iTS thefliitdlvulonoftheEailroadof laldBall ''-- ol lefendant, from the City of City o Green Bar In said State of WUeonsin, 'a distance >f one hundred and twenty miles, Ineludlnn .the right fll way. ana land occupied by add first dlvuionof aald road, (rebjtot to the right, tlue or clalm,'wblch the laid defendants Stewart, Allerdlng,,: Sim and Woouth, or either of them, may have bad at the time of mailngiald decree, to land' upon which laid KaU- road*Jompany n«s located iti way,' and -for which no compebsatlon has been made to tnim,) together with toe superstructure an4 track thereon, aad all rails and other maiertals osed thereon, bridgw, rtadncti, oal- . .., . senary depot ground* and B tld KaUroad Oom- t, tenden, can, and all other per- to laid first division of Coamectioat with all Ijiaes Ea«, fTIHK WUconiln:8t»U tlnei-rufl ; froin MUrauket to J. LaOroise, Fond dn Lao tad Wanpun, on KaUroad Bpntea.; Also from HUwaoket to Janerrille, Madison, watcttown andPralnt da 'Chlen. Btatloni at alTtnv portant '"'*rmf i1lat« pplntl. — - --- =• ~ om«ai-st:W-«Kst^v'' 'i — all corporate and other orta»aald Kallroad or conoamlns; the game." Marai»i'i omoe, Milwaukee, Wto., April «,188»; . MtMMOOtOn. OO1NO KAST Milwaukee, depart., •Grand Haven, dep, Grand Bapiils, arr, St. Johns, arrive. ; Owosso, arrive•Detroit, arrive....... Bus. Bridge, arrive... •Refreshments—Hotel in Depot at Grand Haven. Boat will leave Milwaukee on Saturdays at 8 r. «.— for Saturday Night's Express passengers wot, but 3 A. M. tram will s,T leave on Sundays. Trains leave termtnl dally. Sundays excepted. Mall i xpr', F. M. S.-OO A •. 8:0(1 4.-%) 6:40 . 1 M . 11:40 P. M. »:6S Mixed. dep 'I 6:80 11:20 » M. 4.-00 Night Kxpr's. Noon. Urt r « 8:30 10:30 i. l. 1:15 •2-.2D 0:20 A. M. 4:90 THE TELEGRAPH LINE Is now open for Puauo Bo- SHSE«. ' .CONNECTIONS. AT DETKOjlT—GREAT WESTERN BAILWAY for all point* East—MICHIGAN OKMTilAL and MICHIGAN SOCTffE&N BA1LBOADB, and CLCVE- LAND Line of Steamers. AT OH A tO HAVEN—With "HURON" Steamer for CHJOASO, Ac., Ac. AT mil, WAl>KEE—With the MISSISSIPPI, LA OKOBSK, CHICAGO, WATEBTOWN and 110K1- CON RAlLROADS/fer all Important points West and Northweit, and on Mlss'Sslppi River, and with Steamers for Ports on Lake Michigan. Passengers for Great Western Railway go on the Railway Fiaai SrusisU, at U. A M. B. Dock, leaving Dock at 8.t« A * , 1S-.OU Noon and 7:30 p. •. NIGHT TBAINd '• have 8LKKP1N« CARS attached The Company's Tbae-Tacies can be had at any of the Stations. : Wj K. .TIljIR, Gen'l Snp't. WsjmiAjr * FosjisBi Ticket Agents, 280 East Water st W». Gai«AM, Freight Agenl at Oomoany*s Dock. H. 0. WOBOB, General Western Agent. D. * M. R. Offlces.'June, 1SC9 Je9 A.ND Tilt I I'fl.H forming a gemi-Wpfklv [n^ J»-' w-*n - •.- 1- ' .. ur^^n.i Oswtyo, and Chicago, MUWHUK.^ AI..I ro'-r-.i- \\ r i orta, CJune^tinK at O^drrnsburvi> «.th \i,i- OGDENSBOROH * VE8.NJONT ..r.M K M '. 4 |lK..»|i EOC TK. Between O^densburgh, Barhn^t/.r., ('j- v .. r .i. Slan- Chester, Nashua, Lawrence, Lcittli, w.. r - • slr'r »n<l Boston, and at Oswr^o «;u. th« Sew O,»rcf Lice uf Thirty First Class Canal Boats on the Kularxmi Canal, between \ ork, H. U liii. IS', app lAlbuny dc New Connecting also at Dunkirk » ,.'i TORK AXD fTBW TORK AXD ERIE RAILROAD, And forming a Tri-Weealy Railroad Line between Dunkirk, 'fiiJwauktT & tbieago, BT" Property forwarded bf tnls Line »I!I he subject to buj Ony Transhipment. EsV~ Mercliandls,- marked "?i. T. CO I V PttESSt," will be forwarded from N t w Ynr» by ai Etcprtn Freight Train oter Wo AVu> York A SHt Katlroad, And promptly forwarded frotn OunklrkJ APiVL^ TO i. Mrzaa, Agent N. T. Co., 177 Broadway, New York. J. L. WAaxaa, Agent N. T. Co., 3 Canties BlJp, New OHAB. 8. TAFPAJI, corner 6th and Chesnut st., Phlla. UOVST A OaAWroan, Oswejjo N. r. B. D. Cautwau, Anon t, Dunkirk, N. T. CBAs»»aiJ>, CaAwroan A Uo , Cleveland 0 JOB» HOCUSQ. Agenl N. T. Co., 94 State st. Boaton A. CtraaiiiS, Agent v.c. Line, 108 State st., Boston. J. F. Cucaos, agent, Rouse's Point, N. T. Gs», PAsJtaa, Agent, Ogdensburgh, N. Y. L. J. HlttBY, Milwaukee, Wls., office LaCross» t M R. a. Depot. J. H. CKAWFORsJ, i .,„ „ <i O. J. HALE, ( MU'aukee, Wisconsin, Office near M. A U. R. R. Depot. N. B. — Shippers are requested to see one of the above Agents before making contracts, as they are prepared to offer very low rates, and their connections with the Ogdensbnrgh and Oswego routes, and especially with the New York A Erie RaUroad give them unsurpassed facilities for cheap and speedy transportation. martS-dtm-lastwlaw 1- Al^l. >1 1 «•> 1 Kii-s 1 > .M 1' c ; ( M. . - Ur N 1 > I 3U K AS I' \« ATi-:ii s r K K I-. I UIL WA CK&JC, ........ vi s , . ,.v Manu/ucturerit and WltoUsaU a-nd Rtt,iil i'~>i <•«., W OULD regpectduiy announce f .o Jieir -jl-i '-ustom- eis, that they suil c-'ntlnuf to keep the-^-ai and beit selected Stock of Goods in Unr;r itn- m o^ found In the State, tud trill conduct ih«ir ba**iaeia, •».% heretofore, with tile iatenuoa a/ fftv^ug ia,t,«i*^-u«ja.— To aa maay new cuatomen u may fe^i .nciine-i ui ,•'*/,. u* a call, w« vooid lay one of our Qrm mMe-t :u .<«» fork, and wa have facUlUeg Tor tfa« purchase ana man- afacture of goo da that c&u not be ciceUeU. v* e &n at all umei rv&dj to take adTanca^u of Eastern Marketa, and hare b»?en enabled to re-tooe the proa of many Kindi of good*, wLicn wa "hail coaitnue io *ei( it thr lowc«i prices in \Veatenv ^ rketj. We a.r« coostmUj rec« ati\i.t\oca to our itoch, and »lll keep it so complete M to t>« bvole ai ».l L.niea to nil orders for any kind of Saddler*,', CarnaKe Tnm- " r> " ' ^•k-n' Htocll, and will Jo so in a tuaa ,cUon in respect toquaiit/ and prices We aiao keep an assortment of Bent aiuij, poie«, dhafta VeUoes. spoliei, Uub«, 4c., s»o., an<l davo constAntJy it. h-Ld, or wilJ ma*c ^ ^.r-ler, auy kma .,r Ooa. n. Our riage. Wagon or Team Harucau. Call anil iee for yount-iTM. 30 K E M O V A L JK,, Jonu-r and Uuiractor, K £ «l "U -fle p DWKLL1.NG HOISTS, eason.! .umo.r ,n',i Jobbin, HOUSfia TO BKNT. \V * h » Te *ereral|sti1ok and Frame Houses to rent TT on Ttry reasoaable terrni. We have also for sale L rait quantity of rial titate, ro lifting of Houses, ,ot-, Improved and unlmprored Fanss, School Lands, l We hare 60 acre* near the, Otty, with House, Barn, forthssmall rsntof HOand taieJ. i i GREQORT * CO., j ] VU fcast Water street. 1O11] STATE OF SALE. [Ne , I Itrenlt Court, Milwaukee County, ( . ; Sarah B. Weld and ['ale. , Meyer Sboyer, )' [; Jadgmcnt of| Foreclosure and Coto M. Farmer, jj ~TN Tirtne of and purtnant to a judgment rendered In L laid Court, In the above entitled action*, dated the twenty-eight day !of Hay, 1569, l shall expose for aale and sell at PnbUo Auction, at the Poit-offlce, In u Oity of Milwaukee, on Saturday, the lotb Lay of Meptember, 1869, at the boor ot 2 .«., of that day, thfc; folbwlng described mortgaged iremlses, or 10 much: thereof as may be neeetoary to alie the amount of sa|d judgment, lot-rest and coits, ogether with the e^ejisei of islr, to »lt: "The south twenty j IJOJ feet of lot number nine [t]. In block nimber sixty-four 164], ID the . Seventh [7] Ward,of Ihs Cltjt of MllwankM, In • the County of BIlMaukee and State of WUcon- •to," 11 ; Dated Sheriff's Offiet, itUwankee, Jnne e, 185». LmHcuiiL,) j A. J. LANGWOBTar, H'flHAtt'y. f • 8h'ff.MILCo,Wls. JeT-dSm-linSw ! John iHarquiH, Architect. JUNKliu BLOCK, I* prepared tj furnish plani foral) klndi of buildings t the shortest notice; ' 8. HllliaJ BlrERKNCES: Joa» I W. XEWAITB, 0. B. Dixroira, iOTttS.MA.or, .——~.~iPrJo*n.. .. :- r .-?ebZO. BOOT**. 1HK OKNUINE ARTIOJO-: MANDPACTUBID BT JOHN PHALEN, T HE only one authorised to manufacture the abvoe named Boots; at 72 EAST WATER STREET. ThePhalen Boot U one or tb* most nnique and e e- rant noverings for the feet that has ever been Invented, they are made of the best of stock and most finished workmanship, and are warranted to cure Corns, Bun* ons, swelled Peet, Swelled Head, Khumatum, Goat, EC. Bemember that the Sott Agent for these latt Invented Boots in thli City, Is to be found at T3 East Water St., where, alao, may be found a general assortment of BOOT* A: SHOES, GA1TEKM, &C., For Gentleman and Ladles that there Is In this market* all manufactured under the supervision of the subscriber, [may25] JOHN PHALEN. Pie Sic fr Pleasure Excursions. BUOiJK WAY'S LIi'VE —OF- OMNIBUSSES AND HACKS. P AKTIE8 withins; to engage Hacks or Omnibuses for the, purpose of visiting tht Gardens or for Mo Nlo Parties, can be supplied with first class vehicles OQ tho shortest notice and mo,t reasonable t rms. A line of OmlhnsMs will commence running on the lit cf Jane for Forest Home, leaving Taa Cott'i corner at a x. K. and 9 r. st. Tht Omnibus for Wauwatosa leaves Taa Colt's at 12 v.aad 6 r. u. 1 fcJT.B BOCK WAT, maySO-dlm Foot of llason street. K V W . F . BAIL Hal removed to his old itaod, NO.! ISO EAST UATL.K .^(OfpofiU J. H. BanetteeCi Dry Good* And having made such additions to bls/acUIHe* fo uecntlng FINK IH O B T K A I i An to enab o him to say to the public with confldenc that he \s now prepared tu furntaL them with every J airaole ityle of Picture known to the com unity, in at iaoh Aitoandtaa; Low Prices aa to defy competition for Daguerrolypes tor 124 SIGHT AND tTEA'RINa Fl'l.l. SIZE PHOTO«iIiAPH-S far only $1,00 the ant one, and 90o for the Duplicate MELAIMEOJ YPEB, A^LBROGRAP Aid In fact erery other style of Plotare, at corrw ponding low prices. IXLPERIAL PHOToenAPHS, Colored In either OU or Water Colors, and finished In the highest sty la of the ArtJ TUE STEELOTTTPE, A new and popular style cf Picture, Colored In Oil which far excels In Accuracy, Boldness and Beauty of flnlsh, any other Picture ever offered to the Public— Theae Pictures haTeonly to be seen to be admired. All who are desirous of saving mottey ar« respectfully solicited to call and examine Specimens at the Old Stand. Jfo. 18« Satt Waster itrttt, JttluaulM, Wisconsin. m*rl8-d6m W. F. B A V LEY, Ai tist. fc steam to the Principal Towns in DR. P. A. CADWELL, Formerly of Toronto, 0. W., now of Chicago, HI., ths eminent and skillful operator on the _ EYE AND EAR At No, W Eandolph, corner of Dearborn street. Is -"-•" —mlrmeta-ln the way of reitoring 'OST AND HEARING. wdrtleg T. ai . . Opwarai of TWO HTJNDaBD nart been rectlTtd by Dr. 0. within the last four weeks, many of whom hart been blind for months and yean, have had thelrslght rotored Instantly by delicate and difflcuttoiHratlon*, while others,* ho havs been sufferers ftorn dlieaae,. hare been mlraeulottsly cured by mild and gentle treatment. • j'.j; :. . '. • . , The b«t proof, u to how Dr. O.'s ierrlossi are appre- dated U, that be Is dally receiving new patients from all part* ot the gauntry, and dismissing, as cured, his — fv received case*. * •*-- . , .-• -, -• • •• 'oFtibteqflirta for an examination or opinion,-^ ?o OKsMii for services that are not MK>cM$%f4, u wUT ^ ad arattt on I feb3O-d4w««i on If- -« IrOOHOL N per ot. ai|BtaaattetaiVI price. A. tax* .OUUUNeiON. ENGLAND AND SCOTLAND FOB $30. The powerful Iron Steamships OITf OF BALTIMORE, CITY OF WASHINGTOH. KANQARUO, Will sail from New Fork for Cork direct »ml thence to Liverpool, Tht CITY OFMANCttKSTKH ana VI8O win sail from BELFAST anfl COttK to Sew York once a Monta. Rate of Passage from Sevr York To Cork, LlTtrpool and the principal town* In ' laSLASD, tSQLAND A«O SCOTLAND: Cabin;:. ..»7B ..................... Third Class.... «80. W Paasenzcn forwarded to Havre. Antwerp, Br»- mSma Hamburg for |-» In Cabin, »30 Third Class. TO PAS1S O n 24 hour* from Llroipool,) CabiB (85; PendiuwUhuiKto send for Uulr friends can 'obtain CertUcatei of pamz« mm CORK or B&LFA8T to NCTT YO?K S/mfromUyEaBoOLtIO j, . ^ For Daiaaire apply toK. J.Oortla* to., Ill Broad- Milwaukee, Wisconsin. M. B.— Pauengera by toll Lint avoid the risk and dalayofoanini at HallfM and BU JoJuosv H-a. JFl Hao taps and WHOLESALE A S T Straw 1OQ W A T K U .s l U K I-. W131'ON ATLANTIC CABLE —AND— FALL MTYLEM 11 SATURDAY : ST 14 i H E augU 1ST a 9 l U' AUOi: -AT. i e o ater «» i r o »• i B. THaoor w. n. COMMISSION 80S ' MKKCHVNT» if if lour leoll Lamp. r UK pnblla is now favored vith the 11K8T and most KCONOM1U.VL UOUT „„ produced o«iual If uot superior t" the best Coal (ia»« it •»" »d vptod vt Churches, Hotels, Stares, Beading Room* o Dwellings, HailroaJ Cars, (to., *c. a irlnl win' prove Its supA-lorlty ,,v,r all Portable Llgh« now Ho Wlsoonnln street. to . \V. '' ., Agent ror tho Suiu or Wisconsin. c b uuathan l; r o » t'NlJKKTAKKK »«., Opposjite Amorlciaji llous>« KK£P8 COS8TANTLT on hand & larm aaMrtmast f Mahogany, Black Walnnt and other Wood Cofflni,i«. ethiJr with flirt Metallo Burial Oases. ^ Theoffloeof theJorcst Homo Cemetery ComnaBTia tmy place, where I have the plats of tbe gronnda. I m always ready to accompany patrons lo the Ceae- ey to select lota or place* for burial, aad can b» found nmr place of business, day or night. Oaffjn THm^ inziof all kinds for sale. ^^ womn jrun- IUS. place to boy Uroosjrtea la at ' ft OHOnRY"* M anglft

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