The Daily Mail from Hagerstown, Maryland on September 13, 1939 · Page 7
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The Daily Mail from Hagerstown, Maryland · Page 7

Hagerstown, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 13, 1939
Page 7
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THE DAILY MAIL, HAGERSTOWN, MD., WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 13, 1939. The fifth annual Mauck reunion was held at Camp Walker, nea Romney, W. Va., recently. A pro gram and business meeting to'. lowed dinner. Rev. J. D. Rock •well, of Clearspring, was the speak er and music was furnished by the Mountain City Ramblers. Among those in charge of the meeting for the coming year is Henry Mauck, of Maugansville Plans have been made to hold the next reunion on the Sunday fol lowing Labor Day with the place to be decided on at a later date The secretary and treasurer for the coming year is Mrs. Thelma Martin, Maugansville. Those present were: Rev. anc Mrs. J. D. Rockwell, Mr. John Mauck, Mr. Orlando Mauck, Mr and Mrs. Tom Mauck, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Giflm, Mr. and Mrs George Ringer and family, Mr. and Mrs. George Mauck and son, Mr. and Mrs. William C. Martin, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Mauck and family, Mr. and Mrs. Homer Mauck, Mr. and Mrs. N. B. Hinkle and son, Mr. t.nd Mra. Tom Malone, Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Finley and son, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Mauck and family, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gabe and family, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Mauck, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Luptoa and family, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lupton and tamily, Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Poland and family, ^r. and Mrs. Eugene Billmyre and son, Mr. and Mrs. 0. R. Davis and son, Mr. and Mrs. Hoy Haines, Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Conrad and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. John Morton, ,Mr. and Mrs. Frank Coombs and family, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Davis and family, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Davis, Mr. and Mrs. C. Miller and family, Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Walker and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Riley, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Wilt and family, Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Hager and son, Mr. and Mrs. John Haines, Mrs. Lucinda Golladay, Mrs. Harry Adams and daughter, Hattie Lupton, Clarence Lupton, Francis De-rr, Billy Hawder- shell, Helen Everetts, Ilene Williams, Joan Byers, Betty Horst, Arvella Bohrer, Irene Shanholtz, Gladys Malcolm, Robert Kneirium, Henry Lapp, Wayne Fox. Ovid Hoffman, Paul Shanholtz, Walter Harbaugh and C. W. Haines. PABST-ETT THE DELICIOUS CHEESE FOOD Get Ready For School »w FALL MODKLS VARSITY TOWN and UNDERGRAD (Clothe* for Youni Men) John D. Myers & Co. Don't Be Satisfied With Only A Few Eggi FEED CONKEY'S Y. O. EGG MASH Order Yourt Today HOWARD'S 7 K. Daltlmort St. rkonc tM Voted Most Popular In Class Style No. S2S5 is designed for sizes 6, 8, 10, 12, and 14 years. Embroidery design No. 700 must be ordered separately. Send FIFTEEN CENTS (15 cents), for this PATTERN. FALL FASHION MAGAZINE 10 cents extra. All orders for the Daily Mall Peerless fashions should be addressed Fashion Dept., Hagerstown Daily Mail, 121 West Nineteenth Street, New York City. Rabbi Framm To Conduct Services For the first time- in 14 years, Rabbi Reuben Framm has been called back to his home State to '.onduct New Year services in the ewish Synagogue in Harrisburg, 'a. Rabbi Framm will conduct ser- ices in the Pennsylvania town, near Steelton, on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of this week. Je will visit his mother who is seriously ill in a Williamsport, a., hospital before his return to Hagerstown on Sunday. This year marks the 5700th year f the Jewish calendar. Before his departure Rabbi Framm wished his many friends, both Jews and Gen- iles, a happy New Year. iome Builders Are Entertained The Home- Builders' Class of the hurch of the Brethren was en- ertained at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Lee Mullendore, 104 East rvin avenue. The devotional pe- iod was led by Kenneth Holinger. A poem was read by Mrs. Mabel I haw after which the class adopt- d a constitution. The October neeting of the class will be held t the home of Mr. and Mrs. P. L. iuffaker, 1927 Virginia avenue. Refreshments were served the ollowing: Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Brandenburg. Mrs. Mabel Shaw, Tr. and Mrs. Donald Eyler. Mr. and Irs. Lloyd Snyder and daughter, aomi, Mr. and Mrs. Harry May, Ir. and Mrs. Allen Ocker and aughter, Nancy, Mr. and Mrs. P. Huffaker, Mr. and Mrs. Charles BULBS Direct From Holland to You! Per Dozen We have just received the shipment of tulips you have been waiting for with the following new shades: Grenadier (Vermilion Orange) Dido (Orange Rose) Faust (Purple) Dream (Soft Lilac) Princess Elizabeth (Soft Deep Rose) Clara Butt (Salmon Rosy Pink) Afterglow (Bright Orange) Ingiescomb (Yellow) Bartigon (Crimson Red) Bronze Queen (Bronze) Lord Camavon (Pink) Zwanenburg (White) BASEMENT Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Mullendore and daughter, Barbara Sue, Mrs. Irene Deibert, Mrs. Alice Fox, Mrs. Alice Zimmerman, Miss Mary Jane Arbaugh, Earl Butts, Kenneth Hoi- linger and Richard Rohrer. Corn meal 500 years old recently was found in the ruins of an Indian Kiva near Glorietta, N. M. Implements by which the Indians ground it were nearby. WE -WOMEN * By BETTY BRAINERD A Dictatorial Brother-In-Law "Dear Betty Brainerd: "I am a girl of IS and iny mothei is dead. I live with my sister anc her husband and my father does not live with us. I always have honor ed my sister as I would a mothei for she has been a mother to me She has been married for a year and at that time I was going with a boy, C. A week after my sister's marriage she and her husband told me some things about C and had me stop going with him. "I always ask my sister where I should go and tell her all of my secrets. Now she tells her husband what I tell her and he is ruining our relationship. He says smart tilings about me and we cannot please him. He quarrels when I sit down to read the newspaper and although I cook as well as I know how he says he can't eat what I cook and he won't eat it. "Now I am not allowed to go about with young people as others I know do. I never go any place except to church. He has a fit when I don't go where he does. He tells his people all about everything and tells us to act as they do. I want all of us to be friends but I think I am old enough to know right from wrong. "I am kind to my sister-in-law and his family and try to do,everything I can for them. My sister tells me to talk smart to them but I don't think it would do any good. "C wants to come back. He still ;ives me presents he can't afford. Please tell me what to do. "Dot" Dear "Dot": What sort of things did your sis- er tell you about C that broke up you two? Was her information founded on fact or fancy—or did she just take the word of her husband who, apparently, doesn't want t'ou. to have any friends? If neither your sister nor you know any hiug against C and find upon ask- ng your brother-in-law that he oiows nothing against him, by all means date him again. There is no reason why you hould not go with young people. What sort of a jailer is your bro- her-in-law? He is unfair not to let you have friends. If you live with him in his house with his family, it seems to me the best thing for you to do would be to try to get a job where you can be ou your own. Is it not possible for you to live with your father? Nine times out of ten it is bad to live with in-laws. You can see just as much of your sister but living in the same hous e with her and her husband is something else again. Ask your sister not to tell her husband what you tell her. If she continues to do so then don't tell her. Tell her that by abusing your confidences that she makes it all the more difficult for you to get along with her husband. You all talk too much. You tell your sister, she tells her husband, he tells his family and then he comes back to you two girls and tells you what to do and how to do it! If you are dependent upon your in-laws for your maintenance the less personal stuff you talk about . the better. And it would be fatal for you to "talk smart" to him or to his family. Let C talk to him—man to man—but never you—if you are forced to live in the same house with him! If he nags at you about your cooking, don't cook. Let your sister do it. She is in a position to tell him if he doesn't like her cooking he can hire a cook. She is his wife nd he would take from her what he would resent—and rightly—from you. You can do other work and help your sister. If he C R A T E F U L—His country's appreciation of the President's efforts to stave off a war were expressed in capital by Jerzy Potocki (above). Polish ambassador to the United States.' asks why you no longer cook tell him. he doesn't like what you do, that and nothing further. Don't argue or discuss your reasons. The next time he nags you for reading the newspaper, put it down and walk out of the room. If you can sit and read in another room, do so and try to keep out of his way as much as possible. Make your own friends and lead your own life. Don't go out where he does with him and your sister. Let them go together and let him throw all the "fits" he pleases. If you don't argue with him and go out with someone else or by yourself he can't have much of a "fit" without you around to talk to. If you have a room of your own I advise you to sit in it when you are at home until he learns to be more of a brother-in-law and less like a Famous Doctor's Discovery Relieves Pain Quick. Stops Cause At Once! Don't wait till you have corns! Stop them before they develop—use this new triple-acting relief—New Super-Soft Dr. Scholl's Zino-pads. These soothing Kurotex cushioned pads of fleecy softness relieve pain quickly; remove the cause (shoe friction and pressure); keep you free of corns. sore toes, blisters. Separate Medications included for removing; corns. HE* Also sizes for Callouses, Bunions, Soft Corns between toes. At all Drug, Shoe, Department Stores and Toilet Goods Counters. e/v Zino-pads dictator. Join the library and get out books to read. If he asks you why you don't sit with them say you have something to do. The less explaining you do to him, the better. BETTY BRAINERD. Send pen name and real name In every letter. All communication* confidential. Betty Brainerd, MO Madison Ave., New York City. The National Park Service if collecting pioneer mountain relici for a mountain cuiUire museum to be erected in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. NEW...G CREAM DEODORANT which safely STOPS under-arm PERSPIRATION 1. Does not rot dresses, docs noc irritate skin. 2. No waiting to dry. Can be used right after shaving. 3. Instantly checks perspiration 1 to 3 days. Removes odor from perspiracion.keeps armpits dry. 4. A pure, white, greaseless, stainless vanishing cream. 5. Arrid has been awarded the Approval Seal of The American Institute of laundering for being harmless to fabric. 15 MILLION jors of Arrid hava been lold ...Try a Jar today — atanysfor* which sfHi toilet goods. Closed Thursday On Account of HOLIDAY Meyers & Berkson ^>i . \*;&s-«*'-A®*Vv ....V:AV**\Vv<*iV'*'^ S&T X £*.* lAfc'WtfSiiMfe' . ... , . ,.,...,. AM|WCA'S BIGGEST TICKING DEALER WAS OVERSTOCKED . . NATIONALLY f FAMOUS MATTRESS MAKERS CO-OPERATED . . . WARDS "ORDERS-BY-THE- *> ^!S AD '' BROUGHT FURTHER SAVINGS . . . RESULT: SUPER-VALUES IN BEDDING -YOURSAT AMAZINGLY LOW PRICES ... *£F& it Imported Cotton Damasb! 'it ACA and Woven Stripe Ticb! t Premier Wire Comfort Coils! Compare Quality Selling at $5 Morel ; " r^-v^vyn; C ^<>V i ^V N>^ •* Here <s u Ward bedding another Ward » $1995 QuaJ/fy A sleeping comor rice! Think of it. scoop— dreds - thkk ^"uedttitop^ * ^ '' and e ni°! Fo°ur screenec £or sanitation, and four illow! •ht for Ksortment of heavy, o September-Sale-p $cf ?31 Premier < xvith clean felte thick sisal pads- ment of l™P° r1 panel Damasks Stripe ticking. J f ul inner-roll ed ine;; 8 screened u- « Ro* Spring/ only Matching BO* •**" platform Spring 7" an assort . cotton heavy Woven t border/ Rest{or turn . •» ,320 1NNERSPRIN6 90 rre mie fort coHsl St: No side sway King'- Inter-woven bands prevent to.n ding'. Aluminum .1 or sag- slat Usualfy 55 More E/sewhere! Inner-roll edges « tnattress ' $3 a Month, Down Paym«nt, Carrying Char9« Compare 529.95 Qualify* »v-.\c->^^ •' • ventilators! MONTHLY PAYMENT PLAN may be used on any purchases totaling $10 or more! Buy NOW ... pay LATER! NTGOMERY WARD West Washington St. Phone 3010 CATALOG ORDER SERVICE saves you money on thousands of it*ms we haven't room to stock in ow store*

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