The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 11, 1923 · Page 8
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 8

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 11, 1923
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT. THE -HUTCHINSON NEWS. WEDNESDAY, JULY 11, WZS John Solomon, Incognito copyright by SYNOPSIS. CHAPTKU 1 "i I.-. Cyi'ii-in-n I, a inc.-; |:'..iut I .--illlslntia hayi!':. SV- \i \ n .g cniciit t,» .1 - -It :i ;!l>r li 1 tnlner and, 1m! bnolnrM :iu«>. • »- ,M> I-"'Who IF t; • ! 11^: In ;> Al.a tllfi Inym. - ;>-. -i .1,1,1, S-M,. uric'.- J 'i 1 .1:1 Mil- n- I v ) linil- wi-i.-i.-i-- i-r term n., l.i.jl lu L,. 1 . tlon. Ulf. IlliUI II Olil !•!>it £< :<><t Alili'-'s I. IMIt, l uf ;lu- ii:;u.; CIlAlTKi: 'I to ihiui I'll- •- Ilr.. ft,-. !.» T!.. • Vlild.n. it AH;..Milt < - li.-.U'.lt J:' 1 yor. "- l:,t.-n !i I •!! A I'TIJI'. III.- bin i. K no (•>:• i ful 'I,'- i.f Ihi-lr pchrnii-n IB :in:l thus ihy up l"-T -i---.- In ii. r-t ml "t ?.,!:,,-.M Iti tll-j Mil'lillV* f .rlli r, i* >uunt; law - 1' I • 11 .•' IV. 'I'.Ai'Tlil V. •ll-ii in- 1 •II- l In fllnlK a lilB HBlit °n Mii'-:trl\s nrr* all o hillii- Inni f.ff .< n lh. v titivi' liiin ,« rt-si-uiil liy .John Mm i-iili .IllM in I Ki.-in l-i Ir.e awl blU'l rh,-i l -MVIl -l li. Aline K'-'-i Sn>lliK ih .'U lit- Jin «rnl lifii-- i' •f- ef Cai-uin -.11 V! S•l.-li! F.-rlli-l : OPT WW i'l.NMli.inn i-iut'ii fi'lls an at- EL Bedford~Jcmes llavld :Muearly seized the box bo- •MTIM twei'.u his luuid!!. mill funililuii away fit the clasps. After iin instant the llrl flew hunk. Tloneath tin.' lid was n scrap white paper, which h" brushed Impatiently aside. Tho pa- P"r fell to tho floor, not heeded b> any Hi tho three men. Ami small v/onder that It was uiiheoodc:]! I-'ur there under their eyes was revealed a flame of precious stones. Tho box contained tun shelves, padded below and starred above with soft cotton. In oho of these shelves was a Klitlorine; sheen i.'f crimson blood; In the other, n layer nf white fire. Felix Macarty craned forward 1o peer at ih-'in, anil thou smiled softly, "Not larao stones, but nil good ones —rubles urn! diamonds, oh?" ho observed. "Plenty of (jnick rhonoy thorn for all of UII. Wo oan turn over thinpn In a da>'s time. HoweviT, yon might bo lulorestiiil In what's in tho smaller box- And ht» opr-nod thfi ptnft!It'r box, slniyi'd It out hoforo them Into the raitur "f tlio table. From liaild Mtu-arty oamo a hoarso cry of H-iturnido'i ucinder, nt sight ot those four pri-i-inus things, llu sat up upon I--U ! 'hi in l.-.o CHAPTER XVI. Lt-anini; mo tV table, Felix swift- ;tl to his father what had iii- nri r-lin'iis In A I r !.'ine of l'rec-Ious i- : fon'rs, tiuiinh lu a stupor, hatnhi gripi.dng 'I'VI.I I 'he toliio edfo, eyes bulgitiK. Bis l-i-- j linMt ii tame yvlth a ivi;!sll:ni< noble, ivy i'"-'i ]i<. was. if-in^iorarily. puruiyztid; ho .; ; ii-i.iiy eould only ©it there and wUu-o, in- Jn li-.i - ei •.-dllioll.-:, aw f:d, i-iliiit. .i!.Kot| L1 ,. t , by father, Felix ilaearty fell s -i-v-A ii : liiiont anil staring, lie took the Queen of Shc-bu. atid aot It on tho Uiblo be- l\vea:i his ringers, playing with it, lai,-inal«-d by the brilliant fire that (lamed fvr'.h from Its heart. He might better have been watch- ink' I'etit Jean. i'or the outlaw nut motionless, un...^..^ „ . sllrrlng, Ills OJOB rlvltod upon tho Ills"e'acp-r',"ussur- i ]<'wel». Thoy moved, those eyes of -nr. ;[-.-in\ ,-yi. listeners Intent as fully In coin­ ed rnanio-i held-hiil Oil li":- Wi i-ilS Hi- V lnai-ii ,if [lie siliialinll. " ".-Mho '- iii'-i:.-d up in her cabin," ho coil-iiiili-d, "nml Foiiiei'.i bound aTid faK^:-d. or. dOf , k--hiith safi. teini»orari- ly. \S'iifi).i Is s-ound asiei'p, uud must 8n- made f-afe- Now, 1'etil .Ic iv'iil tain- one of tile l.aVelKU <M Mid KO to f.-alotiehi; at oiii'e—- IK for'- dawn. Vi..'l! tnke Wrtgh! v. Uh u and i'.-ui-.- him on sonn- iifMext tin- ':• in- hi.• w-s the belter," '•Jlil'. why," :• mi llavii! ."li;'.eartl- wet jut.-- lip 1 -, utirlLij at his sou, "why you t;,oV" Felix iauirh.-d slmrlly. '"J'o iret it jnan-Jajje lii'ense of c his, from the snialler hox to the larger from the kingly pearls to the glimmer. lnK rubies. And as they flitted hack and forlh, those alert, cunning eyes took on a gradual change. In fact, tho entire face of tho man, beneath HH thin and straggling heard, and 1 mtt'bt have been seen to alter slovly iaunch- terribly. Never In all his life had 1 elit Jean Hennepin seen such jewels as now met his eyes-aud the effect upon him was frightful, had It heeu noted. Yet his companions saw It not. Once us /though fenrful lost Felix, do see tho thing that could not be kept from his face, the eyes of Petit Jean darted up craftily. But Felix Macarty ' urse. was fascinated by tho great diamond iArtu't vcu a captain, with regular pa- between his fingers, was phxy-ing with jjernV Well, we'll go to I-atoucbe by It, s-uilllvi; as he did ao. A«aln Petit the bach way, through tho bayous. Jean looked down at the other gems. You so around with thfl yacht by sea, The liueB of his face, seamed with »nd meet us tomorrow afternoon. On ovll and flittered *£ltli vllo thoughts, Uie way, you aie to drop Furtlor over- Intensified his savagely wild expres- board," 0 , sion. The nostrils dilated, thinned, Jiavlil Macsn-ty Jerked silently. , diluted again with each breath. "Hold ou!" ho said. "Leave Petit- FrcBn thu deeps of this mun'u soul, Jean here with me. Petit Jean can at- the devil had been Invoked—and had tend to thatanswered the Invocation, "Ho Eoes with me," said Felix. "Ho It was not long that the three men can^flnd his way through the bayous sat, thus, In silence; but it was long at night, and 1 can't. "You'll not need enough to change the life-currents of to worry about Fortier, \W11 instruct all three, and to change tho lives of '* couple of the men what to do—and all connected with them. Captain "It'll bo done as quick as you get to sua. Wrexham, who know the world pretty 'SVe can't risk having his body found well, would never have made this fatal In tho bayou, later on." error of showing [oith all those Jewels, "Oh, 1 see!" l>avld Maenrty nodded particularly to the eyes of Petit Jean mail chuck!e-J. "Ynu'ro elover! It's a Hennepin. But Felix Macarty was not, tyood plan. Iter mouth will lie shut, the skipper. y»a. 80 will Fortier'u. Petit Jean, Felix was the first to break the fcere la tho only other one who knows sllem e. He sighed, anil put the Queen anything about tho Jewels -" ot Blieba back into tbo »m:iH«r box. "And ho leaves for Bouth America Neither of tho other two men had pa Boon as we spill," concluded Felix, touched tho stones or pearls. 1 "But yes," said Jean at once. n Cer- "Well, time to be stirring, 1 RUCKS," jdalnement. oull lint, in'slmi' the ho nald, his voice singularly soft, jjewula? Tho resultB of thin little "Jean and 1 must get toff. We'll have MUlaf" to get Wright, up and dressed, t-, go j "Are here." with us. I want a drink- any whisky ' Felix Macarty toolt from his pock- hero?" ItaU the two little hoxoa ot wood, und David Macarty bestirred himself and ^laid thom before him. Petit Jean lnilleated the brandy bottle. Felix (laaiied forward with a good-natured sneered. ; fartorest in his wild eyes. David Ma- "Not for mo. I want some whisky. »arty knocked over a gte«s with, iis steward, Hoioinon? Yon know him, •Anstoady fingers, and cursed at the Jean. Is ho sate enough to leave •rash of It. Retaining the smaller alone'/" Box In front of him, Felix handed over Petit Jean looked up. His oyes tie larger box to bis father. were glazed Bllghtly, and by an offort. "Open it—I don't know what 's la it- lio had rid his face of all expression. Unhook tho clasps tuerq." ' "Bh.? Oh, that onel" Us made a Koatiirn of contempt as ho rosponded. "Yes, l know him. Ho Is a fat little fyol -not worth the killing;, m'sieti'. He'll give nit no trouble. Do with him ttfl with the jnon--a hundred apiece will shut their mouthes. Besides, they know little. I have some whislToy in the canoe - good whlRkoy. Shall I get Hr "Ye»," Bnltl Follx. "And hayo ono j of the men wake Mr. Wright. Tell him to dress. David Macarty had put. out n shaking finger ami was turning over the loose rubles, Felix was staring down again at the diamond, smiling to himself. Across the face of Petit .lean flitted a wild and terrible look—tor an instant, tho devil In tho man looked out ot his eyes. Thou ho was gone, silent as a shallow. With stealthy, lithe step, the step or a wild beast, Petit Jean Rained the deck. Ho stood ihere a moment, his eyes darting about. Tho lights had been doused; the little craft swung obscurely beneath the stars. Dawn would not be Ions coming, now. Oi.t.-K-ms; idling the dock, Petit Jean dlpeerned a knot ot men grouped together In tl'-o bows -the five men of the erew. Or these tlvo, ono was the engineer. They were Ills men, all of them, his men, not Xlac-arty's! Hut Miiciirly did not know that. Potlt Jean turned and glided forward, making no sound as he wont In his face, was the gleam of an unholy light, tho glimmer i;if 1111 Infernal joy. He came upon the. I'ivo men so suddenly and silently that they, were Ho latii'hed -at that. The laugh made even those careless brutes shiver and tall still. "Wright- the matte--Is asleep?" he asked softly, > "Yes." "And the steward aluo'.'" "Yes." "No need to worry about him." Petit Jean chuckled, then stabbed with bis finger at two of tho men. "You. and you, lift tjjnt fool Fortier and set him In the canoe alongside. Then cast off the canoe and let It float away. See that you make no sound doing it." "Hut—he knows—" protested one. "He knows nothing of us!" said Petit Jean quickly. "Le.L him live or die -what matter to us? But he'll go out to sea ou the tide. Now, go!" Two of the men rose and slipped away. Petit Jean leaned forward and spoke, very softly to the other three. The; uttered low-breathed oaths of admiration. Petit Jean lit a cigarette ar/i inhaled it. Presently the first two came back, "It Is done," said one of them. "The canoe wont with a current at. once." Again Petit. Joan leaned forward and spoke. More low oaths. Then be rose to his feet. "You umlr".hland perfectly?" A low choru:; of ti^seut. Me dropped bis cigarette and stepped on It. "Very well. 'You Alcee, go and Inform M'siou' Macarty that Fortl w!Riuv to speak to him at once." 'rite man designated slipped back to tin- After him, veritable shallow, went the figuro of Petit Jean l'eth.ip.! t.lire." minutes or silence ensued. Then the scrape of feet from below, ami thi bram!y-:;hot voice of Daviil Macarty ro-e puffingly. "(.live that vaurien a piece of my mind! I'll show him somethlivs—" Through the eonipatii-inway rose tho head and shoulders of David Macarty. The arm of Petit Jean swan;; slightly; there was a dull sound, and David Macarty slopped moving. From his lips cajne a grunt of expelled breuth. Then his head sagged, and seemed about to fal'i backward, except that tbo body was supported from below. 'Up with him!" said Petit Jean caltnly, arjd caught Maciirty's collar. The man below shoved, and Petit Jean pulled. An Instant later, tho seusless Macarty lay on deck, while Petit Jean -was going through his pockets and transferring money and papers and keys. Then Jean rose. "Not badly hurt," he said, and glanced around. Four other shadows hovered close at hand—the four other men. To one of them Hennepin handed the keys be had just taken. "Go lock tho door of Wright's cabin. Hock the steward In also. The rest of you get him gagged and tied." Above the figure of David Macarty worked tiie Byent shadows. They gagged the unfortunate man cruelly, and bound him Then over his head ono thre'. a rak,,,.:' coat, another thro 1 - u shirt about his Vody. These "'-re bound about with coru, :io that tho man resembled a wrapped mummy. "All right," said Petit Jean, and went, down the companionway. He came back into the litllo saloon cabin, where Felix Mucarty sat beneath the light-cluster at the table, and whistled between his teeth as he came. Felix glanced up at him, not without a trace of suspicion in the smoldering eyes. "How the devil did that fellow Fortier got free of his gag?" Petit Jean Heiinopin lifted his brows, shrugged carelessly as though to Intimate that the Question could not be answered, and sat down at the table. He put forth his bund and drew toward him the smaller box, that In which reposed the pearls and the diamond. Felix Macarty watched him like a hawk, saw that he wished only to gaze and made no objection. As he looked, once more the eyes of Petit Jean dilated ati« flamed, then naruwed Into crafty slits of evil light. Suddenly he lifted his head, startled. From the dock above there sounded the stumping of feet, an oath, a wild -•ry then a splash alongside. "The cV'vil'" exclaimed l'etit Juan. "What's that?" Felix Macarty daried forward his I Ion* arm, toUeil upon tho smaller box and closed II. He closed the larger one also Swlfl as light, he shoved them into the porkoi nf hi H coat, and whipped out an automatic pistol. I!ivlit as ho was, however, he had bandy emue 10 bis feet when the door was burst open and one of the, men appe'iied there- -the man Alcee. "M'slen' Macarty!" gasped the man, his horrified eyes ou Felix. "The prisoner -.that Foi tier-- had a knife-he stabbed your father—" With a wild oath, Felix Macarty brushed tbo man aside and leaped for the ladder. As ho earno out on dock, Follx saw the shapes of several men struggling in a confused mass before him. He kicked at them, forced them apart with a storm of outha and blows. Ha Baw that they had been trussing up ft figuro, which was bidden beneath ruga and bonds. "My faluor?" lie cried out. "There," said ono of the men, pointing outside. "This one, thia Fortier, stabbed him twice in the throat, m'siou'. He must have been quite dead before ho fell across tho rail. Wo fell on this ono anil stifled him—" They drew back. For a moment Felix Macarty stood there In silence; under tho vail of night his face could bo seen only as a contorted mask ot fury and passion. Twice he lifted the weapon In his hand as though to shoot tho bound and motionless figure at his feet. That figure moved slightly, with a wrenching motion. It moved as though tbo. man Inside those wrappings and bonds were senalhle, knew what was going on, and, were trying doaperately to got free ot his confinement. At the slight contortions, Felix Macarty laughed horribly, stepped forward, kicked tho hound figure. "Tie a weight to hi» foot," he said, "and throw him over. Quick!" From the men canto something not unlike a gasp ot horror, of Incredulous fear, But behind Felix Macarty uprose the figure ot Petit Jean Hnnnopln, with an imperative gesture- The men saw that gesture, and obeyed. They produced a weight ot acme sort, tied it to tho recumbent, swathed figure. They hesitated, then— "Over with It!" coairaaudod Felix Macarty, his voice harsh. Three of the men lifted that clos OVERTlKAt) CAR LINE FOR LOS ANGELES Photo shows ,.model I of the overhead street car, with Ju tos beneath, demonstrating how the whole system would clear the curb by allowing parking space In the center of the streets. The overhead street car nangs suspended from an overhead rail supported by standards as shown in the oicture. A torpedo shaped overhead street ly wrapped figure. In their hands It car n,ls ljflon invented and demon- seemed to twist with a frightful effort, to be contorted aa though a man were struggling In his bonds. ^ low, throaty noise came from 1T~ At this, Petit Jean made, another Imperative gesture. The throe men dropped tho body on the other side of the rail, then drew back quickly as though In horror ot what they had done. There was a muffled splash, and then silence. "So much for him!" said Felix Macarty. "Wbere'd ho get the knife? How did he got free?" Felix stepped to the rail and looked over at tho Indistinct ripples widening under the stars. As he stood there gazing down, the j shadowy figure of Petit Jean, approached behind him, making no sound- The long, keon-wtuifled knife flashed for an instant in the dull light of the B 'ars. Felix Mucarty littered no cry, but l$ell forward across tho, rail. Tho pistol fell from his hand. Petit Jean coolly caught tho body and drew It back on deck. At this Instant there carao a furious hammering and pounding from the door of the mate's cabin. Mr. Wright wanted to know what was going on, and said so fti no uncertain tonus. The face ot Petit Jean leaped Into a grin of Infernal delight. Snatching up the pistol that Felix had dropped, ho slipp-d across the deck like a shadow. A moment later two reports reverberated across the water. Tho hammering at the cabin door ceased. "Get up the anchor," said Petit Jean, bis voice hoarso with exultation. His men G*beyed. (To be continued tomorrow.) HMNESSYESONT RIVER TO SUPPLY ELECTRICITY stivited by Private Detective Fletcher 11. Felts of IJ O S .Angeles and approved by tho head ot tho police traffic department of that city. Ills' the latest method to combat the ever-In­ creasing street traffic. The railway companies of California have ftskod that sales rights -be withheld ^until their engineers can Inspect tho -ji-lans of the proposed system. The torpedo- shaped cars would be sixty feet in length and would travel on rails formed ot two 15-InchM-tieams suspended from T -Bbaped towers placed GO feet apart. A loaded car would w*lgli approximately 18,000 pounds. The model has been succcnsfully dom- onstrat -nd and Is causing a sensation lu the railway world. chains of high hills running almost parallel to the Deerfield River. Hero and there, the valley widens to include open fields, and ne.aln the hills close together to leave ibut a narrow pass for tho river. At Davis Bridge, where tho valley is wide, a dam is being thrown across. Under rpreBont plans tho valley will be flooded la 1921. Against the huge the river will send water from its sources In tho Vermont mountains until it reaches a depth of 200 feet. Tho water will back up against the hillsides and submerge fields now under cultivation. It will cover the little community now known as 'Millers' Mills and'will was-h back to the outskirts of Wilmington. The lake to be croalod will be ten miles long and half a iu-!!o wide. Quite Evident. A "wealth of meaning" was to be read in the empty seats in the Shelby arena.- -Pittsburgh Gasnette-Tjmes, Wilmington, Vt., July 11—-The Deerfield Valley bcLwecn this town and the Massachusetts state lino is in .jirocoss of transformation from a quiet, plcture^T 'io country with one little village and several agricultural commuultdes to a great artificial lake. This reservoir of enorg-y is destined to send powe.r over electrical trans- mUslon lines to mills and factories many miles distant In 'MaasacJiuootta. On oAther side of the valley are HEALTH FOR WORKING WOMEN Let Lyclsa E. Pinkham^Vegetable Compound Help You to Become Well. College professors, who have nothing at stako, do tho most talking and writing about tho tariff.—Atchison Globe. Cured Her Rheumatism Knowing from terrible oxpertonce the • uffcrlnp canted by rheumatism, Wre. J, E. Hurat, who lives At 60S E. Oouglm Street, C-167, Bloomlnoton, III., Is so thankful at having cured herself that out «f pure gratitude she IS anxi^^a to tell all other sufferers Just how to get rid of their torture by a elmpta war at home. Mra. Hurst has nothlnQ to »ili. Merely mall your own name and address, and she will gladly send you this valuable Information entirely fn-e. Write her at ence before you forget. "SYNCOPATED— MELODY MAKERS SUPREME" COMING Thousands of frirls liave to work in ho .me9, offices, stores, millR or factories who are physically unlit for work, Willi often nn nfred or invalid father or mother dependent upon them for support. Stnndimf week in und week out. or sitting in cramped positions a girl often contracts some deranged condition of her organic system which calls n halt to her pro- cross and demandB restoration to health before she cat) bo of use tS herself or anyone else. For these distressing weaknesses and derangements these girls have found health to do their work in l.ydia E. r'inkhapi's Vegetable Compound. Brooklyn, NY.—"Likemany gir's, I had troubles every month," soya Carolytin Mangels, " nnd they interfered with my work as 1 could never be sure of my time. Myrnother often sugtreited that I take Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, but I never did until lately. 1 have had vary good results, and am now a private secretary and do my work without missing a d3y. I your modlcine to every girl who speaks of Jhaving trouble" Hke I have hnd."—CAROLTOB MANGELS, 40714th St., Brooklyn,"*!. Y. Office Worker Helped Milwaukee, Wis.—" I have taken Lydia E. i'lnkhum's Vegetable Com- E ound and Lydia E. Pinkham's Blood ieiiidno for three and o half Tears, and they have improved my health wonderfully. My mother also has taken the Vegetable Compound and we recommend it to our friends. I am working in an office now and can always do my work as I do not have tho troubles I had at first. I read of your Vegctablo Compound in the newspaper and you may use my letter in that way if you wish to do so." — ELEANOR bn HULAK, 637 S6th St., Milwaukee, Wis. Pains and Headache Webster, Mass.—*• 1 was all rundown, had a bad complexion, and suffered with pains and backache, and was dizzy at times and felt weak. I worked in a mill nnd my girl chum t/nd me about your wonderful medicine, Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. I am feoiing much better since taking it."—MARY PLAZA, 13 West Street, Webster, Mass. I.ydla K. Pinklmm's Private Text-Book upon " Ailments Peculiar to Women" will l>o sent you free upon request. Wrlto to the Lydia K. Medicine Co., Lynn, Massachusetts. Iliii* book contains valuable information. In answering advertisements, please mention The Ne\vs< f f 0*' Drink OUQ0ET 0 lOo per bottle A rich red refreshment with a luscious g'rape flavor—not unliKe a sweet red wine—a spaj-Kling, cooling beverage. At all fountains or by the case from your grocer. Mixed with fresK fruits, It a deltghtful punch for lawn parties, picnics and other summer entertainments—may be used also to give flavor to frozen tees and puddingf sauces. ANHEUSER-BUSCH ST. LOUIS The Grovier-Starr Produce Co." Wholesale DUtributari Hutchinson* Kan*.

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