Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on February 25, 1959 · Page 13
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 13

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 25, 1959
Page 13
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WEDNESDAY, FEBftUA&V 23, MS 42 Painting, Poper Hna, 42 70 MuDeal Irutrumtnft 70 FO R JT OrU C r 1IIK i U tt III t Any type cull MO . .. tltnAtel, JjukS F«hn«ll. - M* 43A Carp* Serttet 4SA ^.J».»^.J»»».*^l»A> i*J*jfc^. . ».» 4-JtJLJLJh *>&.* S5% Discount on Ktitf cleaning. 9x12'* $6, All carpet* cleaned, work (fu dnte«d. MO 4-8381. O. W. Fltld*. 4SA Tree Nu«ery 4SA TKKB Triwmliiff. T-Ved ftstkn/itpff. Call MO 5-430J. tiOW«U Sal.tef\vh)t« »• MODERN POST. OPPICE FOR PROVIDENCE — Sketch depicts the nation's first fully mechanized mail-processing plant and post office. It will he built in Providence, R.I. The 20*mttlion*dollar plant will be serviced by rail and a heliport, right. It's scheduled lor Completion by September, 1960. News In ATALTE ENDS DISPUTE HOLLYWOOD (UPI) —Actress atalle Wood, suspended last July Warner Brothers In a dispute ,th the studio, went back under tract today. The pretty 20'«ar-old child star and the studio made up, and officials said she probably would ba named for a :ilm role soon. REFUSES ASSAULT WARRANTS MEMPHIS, Tenn. f UPI)—Judge /Wlllard Dixon refused Tuesday to \issue. assault warrants against jhlgh school principal John Barnes kvho paddled 10 teen-a^e boys to nu«ll a student strike. Mothers of ftwo of the boys had brought (charge* against Barnes. 9 a.m. !• the Dally deadline for Classified Ada. Saturday for Honda, y edition, 12 noon. This Is also the It a.m. dally and 4 p.m. Saturday for About People Ads will be taken up to Sunday's edition. CLASSIFIED RATH 1 Day -- Jle per lln« 2 Days — 21o per line per day 3 Dttyt — 22c per line per day 4 Days — 21o per line pur d»y 6 Days — 19o per line p«' day t Days — 17o per lino oei day Monthly rate:, per lln* pei month, (no copy change. Minimum ad: thrco 6-yolnt lines. The News accept* responsibility tot errors on the first Insertion only. Headline for ad cancellations. Mainly 13 Business Opportunities 13 for Qualified Man or Woman To service and collect from clpiirette dlspcn.scr.s In this iirua. Up to *:i27.Sti per month possible. Full or part time, must have (serviceable <-nr, 12 47 Plowing, Yard Work MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS PIANOS ORGANS PAMPA. TEXAS 103 Real titafe For SaU 103 103 Real tttate For Salt 103 C H MUNftY ft^rtltftf HAVE N:2.m H-bedroom brick hom«. MA i W*i ^£ S SiL.,1 w '» tra< *e t<>' ' at « w<"l«» "'«*« Mr?vi-~r * 4 I,M^« m «„,< ,» ' J&K?.* f -»«vfo!et or F.rd that U ele&r for ^n tvU Ve/m m «nd d hlt, n> fS », fi^r^r r >'° '- 3281 ' back yard and Rarags. 12.1)00 will ~ttX&^rr^-?J,— l >^i.^r handle on OAflnwl " 1 ""kuHuUM now5*. niuy furiMsnea, KICK 5-BEDROOi:' «Hth bmmenti , ;v °°' '„",* On ", "*!"* ' L '?"?> n '*"«£ good location. *il.M)o. Terms. Will V,VS k - y ,1'.,1 a "° **«*«»• *« fJOfl - J 1 " 0 "* take small house trailer on flea). •''_ J. ,''^.'jfir A: __; Dandy --Itedro'mi mid den, carpMs nn • I I;OOM_ Modern bouse to be moved. 71 71 BIKE Complete yard establlshmirit. tilling, and cutting. Seen. Top toll. MO 9-BB28. Leroy Thornburg TARD and Uarden Tiotary •Tin.'-iiT leveling, seeding and sodding- Fne estimates. Ted, Lewi*, MO 4-6310. SHOP A*f'. complete stock of parts one ds.y ' (repair service PH M() 4-3120 pair 325 S. Cuyler & Steed* FRKK 50 1 with each 'levo^nl^^S'^rS Chid< James Feed Store lleevns." MO 5-.i023. |-">22 K. Cuvl-i- Mo r.-.'iS.M U<itoTllJ,l,\t!< Tar-dons' ,<• '"y:ird.i"Vl«K 1 > • l-'i-.rd ti-iictnr work. Cnll I-'72I». i'anl T. F.d«-»rd«. \\.\NTIOD to 1'honu MO . AH-in-iine Knimbl>',« hooking of 100 .Spring Horses livliu? room and den, Ktrnff-. feniod . .' . .f in. SiOiW "dov.-n. .1 llKDIloo.M S. Ni-.jKr-.ii 5;iri down. I'ANMV :: bedroom clo;.-,; in. Mi>.. f ,»o NICK H H-dronin ,V- d'-n rm i;,';lnnd Rnrajce. />nced yard. JJ.fiOO down. L;u-pe .;-h«*i!room \vilh S. Schneidf-r. TVrir,>. I/nrge i'-hpdrooin, 100-foot front, with base ni'-nt. JT.S'- 1 down. B Tlooni tti'h 4 rentnls dose In M-.''00. LAIViK 2 uedrnom home, K. Browning JloOii down, nuner carry lo;ui. LiUi;-nc-\v 2-!>»droom. niiachf-d trarage on (V,ffre St. JUiiJll will handle. 3-Hedi-oom, dining room, larfje l;lt.:h- en nml q.irapf'. N. Starkweather. ll.V'fi willl handle. LOVKI.Y 2 hodroom nnd rten nilh _unjr ?5UO. Call 4-nsyi. FOR .SAtiK' 3-bfiirnniti house on Christine. 2 blocks from Junior High. • 'Al-pot. parade sud fei\rf. Phone MO ji-fliiSO for (tpp-'i' BOOTH-PA'. RlCKT^ecTfE-State 116 Auto Repair Oarages 116 HUKILIj <fe SON Bear Front End and Sfrvlc* If You Can't Stop, Ouft't Start KILLIAN'S, MO 9-9841 Brake find winch Service W. A. "KILL" JON&S Auto Engine Rebuilder ISJR .M'-Ofk -.3JO 5-4 ~HOfries BY™ 48 Trees and Shrubbery 48 J. — ,80 (;pnii,. nji.ldlp horise. l or Mu u-9501. ttO'.'l< BRUCE NURSERY and nios! complete nursery i ESKIMO in the. Golden Spread. 26 mllea as* of J'ainiia on Farm Road 201. f'li. BF2. Alanreod. Texas. TRIERS Trimmed. Complete shrub. RiTi" cure. Vnrds rnto-tllled, leveled, etc. . Chunkv W._I!. Mitfli£)!. AID "-31G7. Evrr"VTreV.n'.«r'9hriil)sTiRose BtTsheiT" | 83 BUTLER NURSERY ' Pets 80 OUROHOMES Cql._plck_Ba>-lo.«s. M(.l <-S848_ 2 jiF,DRKO">l~brick" ho'nm' iv i t iT"dOu"bTe garage. S>e at 11 ii.'i !•:. Francis. S'li'K 2-Bodrnotn, living room carpeted, larte hltrhen. K.irage, feix-cd >anl ^nii 1-;. Cannilipll- ?".'"in. \< v. ::-li«--d!-"oni nnd en rase, i-padv to n-.o', •• pit'-i, X. .\<d«i-m. .ind :' i ar parnjfe near Sam Stm'.iiiE .v.-i.-n. o-hriiroom lu-ii.l\. rii-nse School. Good liny. iiuiuire. • • rentals F, Fran^,. L. V. GRACE Real Estate 108'.» K. Foster BrOk«r Mo D-9508 F. B. 7o!)ett, JIO 9-9S32 IF YOU bavp lottery failure. Vxd bnt.iery additive will rosiore lif« to your battery. 524 Dou<:ett.« of- cull MO 4-3i.)2. ___ PAMPA Radiator Shop. Radiator* K»x tanks mid hot water tank.* f«» paired. 311 K. Brown. MO 5-4551. 117 Body Shops 117 Hiiu:-t. 7-lloom with Dandy f.-bedrootii liomft with quarters, close in Priced rljfht. Good term.'. Shown by appointment Spitz, Toy Cocker?, l'pkln(tc-.5i Chihuahua. Tho Ko\- TT f-.i", l lai-liili Aquarium, ia A1-! iei in.--. DIIVWII uv rtppuiuiineui. : o » ™- , ... Dandy :t bedroom brick, N. Faulkner LiL-lL 1V4 bath, attached R-arage. good buy. Dandy Motel worth tn« money. Nice corner business lot J0071IO feet. Close in. on HI-way 60. ?53»ft. Tl.ifH TJSTINOS APPRF.CTATED 4-3792 FOli 8ALE: 3-hedrolm"hirli-k. ("arpet. »(.!. JI400 equity. New KHA commitment. MO o»35"S. Farm Eqwipmeht Hobart , , __ ___ ___ _ _____ hours a week anil $.":t2.,",0 to $11175. OU | PLANT NOW, .XrV slTlpnient of b.".r» ; Mi-CORMICK Varm r-'.'iulp | for Jiitern,-iiin'i.i.l p«''is and cash required. lm alile to begin immediately. Wrim, giving particulars, to National Mfi?. ."fc Distributing Compmiy, 5IJ46 Milton, Dallas S, Texas. root 13A Business Services 13A FOR Kxpert floor waxing and window! cleaning: In your home of business, j _MO_4-i_!fr>.i._A_-l._\Vindow Cleaners. J IXCOMK TAX iieturnsrA'iTurate anil i last hervice. J. 1.1. \VatHon, 1032! J'rairie Drive. MU ',-W.r.i. \ r,,,,, -n-,worln g -.h,,,h..- fruit ' 85 l t u \v 8 ™ rand garite " 8UP ": I. S. JAMESON, Real Estate NEAULV-New 3-bedroom brick. *a- ||^ *^£f"$™ TM . 75 . ft . t nn?, 60n"n! rac-=. carpeted, fenced b.i.'k yard. i n . _ ;. ,, f.,,*,!,]. r i t v Hmlt'i Prlro j.-no will handle. FHA loan, i j,", s ,;o' JU * t outsl(3e clt5 Iimlt "' Frlce a _ t 'l'^J'.!L. st -..A'lLl-y.,l!!- k :For"ij.iip: 320 acres improved farm, 83! FOM SAI.i;: 3-bedroom hou«c with 3- 22" acres in cultivation. I0« acres »_ | room Jl.OOO down. Will handle M 'l S- _2?J?: i-u" carpet-1 Cess Pools Tanks 49 CKHSPOOt-iS nnd Septic T.inkd cleaned. C, L, Casteel. 1403 S. Barnes. MO 4-4039. 49A Pe»t Control 84 Office, Store p .Q,uipmanf 84 RF.NT late-model typewriter, adding . machine or calculator by day. week or month. Trl-Citv Office Machines Company. J'lHm« Me 6-514(1. J? VVRffK Store, " > . : '"''. r -...e ; |iilp- FOTi .SAL!-:: ,', - ,* ^f ... h«droom b ' MO*- heating, i bat'n;-. rorncr lot, 11° LiliHf? II*'' "i. -M2. In 3-iiedronin hnme. Car.XIght . In prn.iR, 133 acrt-s In wheat, Vi acre* to l>o put in r'ov crop, gas '.cell 'j royalty goe?, '.T crop srr>i: c . ii'O per Her'. :*2n,000_doivn._pood t»rm.«. V6 U"R T i sf FN o S"A> P"R e c i A T ETb~ We Need Z &. 3-Bedroom Listings CREE & CO. Reoltors __-.'-•_ . ' Office MO 4-3.157 Comba-Worloy Bids;. port, plumbed fc r wa:-hrr nnd dryer. ;1»:9 N'eel I'.d. MO 6-:r,31. 49A ^1 i 86A used six months: 1 Underwood port able; point; over.ieas. Must sell. Ph. ,'orona, 13-BK'DIlOOM brick double garage,! 'I Tlrtrf - nATilt-nl VtA»t o lv> i-t/s*\/1(*lnn !*><*• • 1 "**i rt . — 1 Baby Chcki _ 86A ' <jco Neef. Jr. —MO _pnle__Tliiit--Mo_ ~WrM. UA'N"t"R"EA'Cf'V~ central heat, air conditioning. U*'>o!7l5 W. Foster Ph. 4-:;(!4! or ».•>,•()I down. Xew FHA commitment. 601! A. L. Patrick. Associate, MO fi-4'jgo K. - ' ' 15 Instruction 15 Memorial HIGH iJCHOOL. at time. New texts Ionia awardeC, men is. American home Ir. epar* furnished. Dip- monthly pay- School, Dept. GOT 1-:.M—TKI'.MITKS—CF.T KM ! ~-~—~~. —^— .— ~*.~-~.~^ Pnone MO 4-4248 for Fr<-e Kstlmate.s SPKCIAL Price on feed nnd baby chicks. See us before you buy and save. Gray County Feed. S54 W. 50 Building Supplies 50 *~~ PANHA"NDUE LUMBER'co."' ALLIED PAINT 420 W. FosterMO 4-fi>!Sl Foster. 89 Wanted to Buy 89 .MONl'MKNTS. ili'llvcn.-il ,in.v\vbci- }.'!,"> anil up. Fort Granite <v .MiU'lil Co. .MO 0-.".lii:'. help. Your Call DR. FIXIT Today WANTED: Legal or letter-size fireproof cabinet. Call MO 4-.T442. Special Notices j ihilil iM.-cils to impruvi! his school Foxworth-Galbraith Lbr. <-. 0 . MO 4-7433 WOCLD LIKlR'to buy used"furniture ! I work. Lnntaut Klmtr htlniHOn, J',d- _^^^^_^.._^,.^.. . r ^ rJ -^^^ , of nil kinds. Call MO 9-9413 ' m.atiim Cuuncc-lor. Ali> 1-tliT. .-— *. . _, . _ __ j — 57 Good Things to Ear 57 J18 Beauty Shops 18 in Fraser add. or as a two family residence, excellent condition. 3 LtKDKOOM with garage on lun foot lot on Clarendon Highway. $98»0. J2500 down and assume Gl loan. (60 a month. LAKGE 3 bedroom near high school. Will re-paint oiitxlde and reflnlsh bedrooms to suit buyer. I11.3DO, (in- f>r>0 loan committment. !2 BKDKOOM on Coffee, carpeted llv- 92 jliiolng. KiM Alcock. MO_5-»212. Pampo Lodge No. 966 4'JD West KiiiKsmill GOES TO JAIL (FO({ f . AU . KK ,, ;H ,„.„,,„„„. ,.„„ „ ( BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (UPI)-Aj C\ Wilkle. MO 4-U«r,. MJS'i West (22-year-old mother who wag cap-! — u ,-l^— ,-r—-.• — ^r. :- , •.,. . . u. , ... : Lucille B Hath Clinic Turkish mid jtured at nie scene of a robbery | steam Bnths. Swedish Mn.«smg» ne- when her car failed to start was j .•wntenced Tuesday to five years |la prtaon. Mrs. Allca Mt-Bride, momer of an «l#ht-month-old ild, held' up a grocery with a toy pistol and took $30 last December. ARREST HOARDER* VIENNA (UPI) — Cze;'hos1o- ;>, 7::ln p.m. Kxams. Wed.. Feb. .Study Tlnii-.»., Feb. ;«, T::!» p.m. Stated .Meeting HI-FASHION BEAUTY SALON Operator nno Uene oweria loru, MO _4-41Tl. 912 Alcock. ijuiv. »M.L.iw'ri tii-auty tihup. Cold waves Jii.uU and up. Neil Everett, iniiiiitKer. |nl;i .S. Suinm-r. MO j-HU^. V'lOl.KTH ni-iAU'i'Y Sli<ip~vhere~halr stjling is an int. For those WHO _care. 1D1T K. 4-'il91._ S3v\'l-: "'i'i.VI 1-; \vTlir» ' lovely ""soft easy lu do i'l'i-matifiit iSpm-lal. {j.^u. City licnuly Shop. .MU 4-^J10. FI!i:SU Drepseil Pheasants located at i Welding Shop Whits Deer. TU 3- I £761. Laundry Sleeping Roms 92 room, nice yard. J7300. Can move in for J4JO with new loan. LAI'.HR S bedroom in good condition close In. I!!K living room. diniiiK room. I'urptlcd, l.'tllily room, K«r- Top condition, llo.'.OU. SLKBPlNfl ItoninM in private home. ' 2 BKLillOoM home near Lamar School :<m X. West, liniulre 6WS W. Francis. MO 4-3123. 1UKAL STKA.M LAUNDRY Family imndles Individually washed. Wet wash. Rouirli dry. Family fir. lull. 321 K. Atchlson. MO 4-4331. WASHING l)c ll>. Ironing J1.25 dozen mixed pieces. CurUlna a specialty. 72') N. Banks. MO 4-6180. Furnished Apartments 95 INC - FUUNISUtiiriipiormenuTtr amT^ip weekly. QIIU paid. See Mri. Mustek at 104 E. Tyng. MO t>-6"~ 4-KOOM apartment, welcome. Mcm attend. O.scar Shr-iir«r. W..M. urged to Alcoholics Anonymous Ph. MO 4-7COO STAUFFKK Home HpdncliiK Plan. For free demonstration, call Vlcki \VII- llainii. MO_u-56B4. valdan police have arrested ITS persona for hoarding; Roods, Ra- BTAUKKKU Ueducitig r-ian. For"rre« dl« Prague reported Tuesday. KVA'S" HKAUTV Hn.\. ' Cold waves! $h,."i ( i nnd np. Shiimpoo, Net and cut Included, operator.-) Kva Dill. Kblan JlenmniJt'X uinl Audry Ulxon. aw _'V«-aner. MO .'.-JSJl. VOGUE BEAUTY 'SHOP Tift !•:. rjuniiijfii .\iu t-'">i;.i ;!lRONINf; Wanted tl.35"a""do!Tei ' any time or call 5-440:1. H20 N. \\'ar nK I d. \- modern no pots, MU 4-3125. 2 HEDHOOM modern, furn'lshed, bills Place. S42 K. >: Ironing to do In iny home $1.2. r i per mixed dozen, or $1.50 picked up nnd delivered. Phone 4-27S6. 1205 I-:. Foster. . per dor.en. Mo u-UOOM furnished apartment. Call MO 5-3042. Sl.i lUlth. demo/ixlratlon call Air.-,. /.'. O. Clements. MU 5-!i310 or MO S-91S7. 19 Situation Wanted 19 63A Rug Cleaning 63A CLOSE VOTE INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. fUPD- Tii» Indiana, Senate came within; a few vote* Tuesday of declaring! Itself Illegal. A motion by State Sen. Marshal! Kizer of Plymouth, Ind., contending the Senate Is not a constitutional body because It has not been reapportioned, failed by a X-23 vote. 10 Lost & Found 10 ,|ol> \\anli-ii Uir handu-Hppi d man. 11 ( > i H i M I-:\PIM-II.-IK i- in railio and T\'. '\\ili HI ri'in iiny offer in otln-r work.' 3-ROOM modern efflciencj- apartment, I.ilia paid. 118 X. Purvlance. 3 ROOM Modern fiirnl«hefl apartment. Wills paid, $45 a month, inquire. Mc- 3- LUST Fridav in downtovMi an-.i. A pair of (slaswts. lilun rims with stones at i'arh end. }.", ri'\v;ird. Mo S-365;i after_ 5. .STit'A'VKIi 4""MonTli old I if-i : iii:iii~"i'o"- Ili-i' doc. No collar. Uoovvn and I'l.n-k An»«-er.H to Itiguii. Iteward MI I 22 Female Help Wanted 22 \Vatn I'd, li«auty WHiiit-d. TU J-oinl or TU i p Man It th« only animal that I blu*ht»~-probably becou*« h« U ' c tht only on« that nwds to, _ _ LOST 1)UO\VN mid while IV UllpllV |M>t of fl KIIIHll I Ilildr .VIj^l^VhHcJlPiT. Jam CM LC'ST: Hlnck rnelsu-red Scoitie dog. net of x-yeur-old Blrl. 22M7 N. Wells. Ml) t-1774. '3 Business Opportunities 13 FOU 8AUO: Lefors Cufi-, completely. ^ «-lUnvj equipped, dolns good business. See "" ""- r - r - f lloger U. Huynes, Lefors Cafe. ,,,,,_ 23 Male & Female Help 23 FINISH Hig.i School or ifividu school] ut lioni';, spare time, liiiuks fur- j nishi'd, diploma awarded. Write (_'o- ( liimuiii SC.'IOIIIK. Hox |jl|, Amarlllo. , \\ anted. Apply in pcr.-un SAVE MONEY tent our HUB .Shampoo machine and. do your own, It's so easy and you I I do it quickly and safely. Low rental' 'noli MacDONALD KURNITL'KK CO. | ,613 S. Cuyler MO 4-6,".2l| 66 Upholstery, Repair 66 Brummett's Upholstery 1918 Alcock Dial MO 4-7J-S1 t'UliNlTUur; Repaired — Uphoiaieied. Jonesy'n New ni'd Used Furniture. »I* H. Cuyler. Ju'O 4-6S9X. 68 Household Goods 68 soil water, bils paid, adults. 412 N. Somerville. t, ire n V cv r MO '" - ' *- u >'* r ' M " frnniff-f'. fenced yard, Immediate session. Assume 4Tr loan, payments only »I7 month. J720n. 2 rU-iplioOM brick In Cole Addition on Clarendon HlRhwHy. hlvinir room nnd dining room carpeted, utility room, double nar«iKe, loo ft. fenced lot. j XKW P> bedroom on N. AYelK birch! woodwork, law kitchen, with washer nnd diver ronnectionH, air conditioner Installed on roof. IHK sar- HRe. J140H down and assume loan Immediate possession. 320 ACRKS NW of Slmmrock. $15,000 Would sell to veterans. ICft AC11KS S. of Shamrock. All cult. Over 100 acres in soil bank at ilil acre. 20 acre cotton allotment. Will pay for Itself In less than 20 y«»rs. We Sell, Trade Or Buy QUENTIN WILLIAMS, Realtor 316 Hughes Bid*. MO 4-2523 Helen Kelley MO 4-716S Gloria Blanton—MO 9-9373 Velma Lewcer— MO 9-9&6J Boh Smith Res. Phone MO 4-4160 Jim Dalley—Res. MO c-3294 Quentln Williams — lies. ,i-6034 NortK Crest 3 BEDROOM 2 BATHS BRICK Gl HOMES $451 Total Move-In Cost FORD'S BODY SHOP Car Pa In* ing—Body Work til N. Pros*- MO 4-4619 Automobiles For Sale 120 SAf/K or trade fVr iider cur: 53 Old* Super 4-door, loaded. $1845. See at f,16 N. ^oi«»rville after (i p.m. __ CIjTDB JONAS MOTOlt CO. —Authoflzed Hambler Dealer- lid N. Ward MO f>-610« REX ROSE Service, Body, Parti, Trim Shop 121 N. Ballard MO 4-6877 C. C. MEAD Dsefl Cars & Oarage. We buy, sell and service all tna'tes. Trailer* and ti w bars for rent. JU E. Brown. _ MO_ 4^4761. CASH PAID FOR'CARS MO 5-5748 Bob Ewing _ 1M" Alcock JOE TATE6R""M:OTOTTco. We Buy, Sell and Trade 1200 W. Wllkn Phone MO 4-6922 RITEWAT MOTORS Home of the Ednel Automobile 71fi_W L Foster MO 4-3549 K"on~.SAI/B or tradcT 1H4S Bulck 4-door s^dan. Dependable, runs good. 1041 TEX EVAN'S BUICK CO. Bulck . GMC - OPEL f vS;imca 123 North Gray *MO 4-4677 WILL, SACPJFICK equity In S? Ch»v- rolet Impala convertible. Call MO B-424S before S o.m. If no answer MO 4-2243. _ GIBSON MOTOR CO. Studerbak«r — Sal«* — Service ?00 K. Brown St. MO 4-j^lg FCUl SALK: "l957 Ford 6-pfissengcr Country Sedan. 116 S. Faulkner. si-a:.. . FOR SALK: 1!)5S PontiJic Bonneviile, II AH. factory air, safety tires, bade up llpht.". hydramalli 1 . many extras t S.OOO mileK. Will .SHcrlfacr- or trad* for old PI- mod ej_£2i_jf ~^ (> \; . Full .SALK: iTiO Ford, Kndlo, heater, J>v£rdrKr._JH'> Huff UoHd. jA"iTrJ/nr~l!<"•'> 2.4 litrp 4-door sedan, excellenl condition. Call MO 4-6714. 124 Tires, Accessories 124 Monthly HOMES OPEN DAILY J. E. Rice Real Estate 712 N. Somerville MO 4-2301 __ SAI.K: Service siiu'io~rf »iYd~K]Tf- 30 Sewing 30 UKl.TS UUTTToNS. Hutton holes, FOK SAI>K In White'lieeT; Hemny Altrr.itluns. Hi oil Sew Shop, Shop edulptrnent, Call Tl! 3-5101 or OlM^P Service station stock for t-uie in White Deer. tSOU to <iioo. Kent on station Is Ic a Kailon when pur- chaslnc (jan from comjiany. Call TU 3-,".l01. \Vhlte t)eer. MO 4-2715 Tampa. .\illl-liet. .\)O 4-7j^: _ Wl'Ll/' 1» i Alteration.s,~Tlri"f!, a hpeci.ilty. Call ilo ,'<-ia4u. Mo"NO(iilAMlNi« OF all tjpes, com- merical rau-s. v.orK Ktiaraiiievd Mrs. i'l,i> i rohsland, 2H'.i .S, iianks .Mo Classified Advertising 31 is an investment, not a cost. Appliance Repair 31 CLARK'S WASHER BEUVJOE. wijj repair, rent or veil Automatic wash- era. 1121 Neel Uoad. MO 4-sl7«. TO BUY TO HIRE TO RENT MO 4 2525 32A General Service 32A CALL .Mo 4-7C52 for ditching niBchlne »f rvlce. I nK UQD TEXAS FURNITURE CO. 210 Nf'jrth Cuyler M U' iOD Csed Freezers. Kiia llswkliifi.Shafer Appliances. SIS _Koster._ MO I -« 11. Newton Furniture Store 5o9_W._Fcislor __ MO4--.13I "DON's USED"FURNITURE'" We Huv A Sell Used Furniture Whittingron's Furn. Mart "Low I'r.'cm Ji|-<t Tion't Happen — They Are Mnde" 105 S. Cuyler Ph. MO 8-3121 CI.KAI'.ANCK SAI.K on good used T\" sets. Some seta have new pic- Inr? tutu 1 . All sets are sold on a guaranteed basis. Convenient budget 'etins. B. F. Goodrich Store 108 8. Cuyler MO 4-3131 _C£ossjnaii ; _108_N!_Kuii»eli._Mp 4-CS31. ~McLA"UoHLTN"FURNlfURE" X KOOM, private bath, T.V. antenna, washer and dr>er. hills pntd. 41^ _X^. _Wtf t. Mo ij-j_B7S. 2-KOO.M furninheri aparimfiit. private bath, bills uald. Uu!> K. Frederlr. FU UN I Ti'TTK f> O a ra.*r a 11art mi-"nt7 Kround level. Ki\ra(?e, tv antenna. Kx- . . . cellont location. Coup!* or <'oupl« . LO , , KINa PO R a bantin? This Is It! ;V th /!??,?•,' ''I 1 " 11 ' /„"• bllN 1>ald ' La " I Mi'* » Bedroom brick. l?i baths, __Mo 4-JJhU nfler 4:00 p. m. | o,, tra | heat. Air conditioned, at- Foll KKNT. Furnished n.ichelor tached Rarage. E. Frar-er Addition, apiirtment. Newly redecorated, prl-' 114.aOO. viiie Lath. Call MO 4-2"Sl or Mo G< >uu 2 bedroom, close In on Lincoln • 109 N. Frost _4-8940. Street. $17iO down. FOR HF.NT: 2 furnished bedrooinV iii [Sj Nelson' prlvtite hnni.. m n prefcrreu K,»2 XKVV , b< . (lroom , c , n(ral h , at . At Kllen. ia.1 MO 4-S-.1 after h ,„ ,,,. H RaraK ,, ,, i450 down . —CONSTRUCTION STARTED— Select Your H<-me Today $8250—FHA $250 DOWN—$60 MONTH 3-Bedroom Homes with attached garage, 6Uxl31-ft. Lota. In the new Kelater Addition Dunham Const. Co. Go out 8. Barnes to McCullough Kast to Site MO 5-3332 Day. Mu H-3S33 Nitea P.. A. MACK __ _ _ B. E. FERRELL AGENCY MO t-Ull or MO 4-T553 Guaranteed Used Tires. All sizes and prices over 2000 In stock, pood "el- f-lection of truck tiros. Hall Tire Co J700 \V. Fouler. MO 4-3521. REBUILT MOTORS Let AVard'a. Pampa's headquarter* for g-uaranteed motorn, replace your§ tcday. Completely rebuilt to exacting gpeclficatlona. Xew parts used In all vital spots. Pre-tested and 100% rlffht when you get It, Models to fit all ears. 10% down and balance in 18 months Expert Installation Montgomery Ward t\7 North Cuyler MO 4.3251 104 Forms tor Renr 04 nt 42n N. h->at hrlclc. «tt»ch«d f»rae*. ,~~. Mi i: 3 BKDr.OOM rock, all carpeted, 96 Unfurnished Apartments 96 .; tl! '; he ' J eara * e ' *• Russe11 lu - 100 ' ^^.^^^^^ . ,.. -,.,~, N Sumner; UKr.iKi'ORATKIi -I room rinpl^v apart- 3 Kri'ROOM. largi. %.t»ch*d «araf«, ni"nt. J 1'ilis p.iid. Adili i>;ii>. No heat, carptted livmy room jietv Coffpji^ ft. MO 4-7«S''i.' $M-"". EX'fiiA (VLKAN /""roonrTTTedroomii Chestnut modern, Int.- of cabmrts and • xice 3 hedroom. 14 bath», n!-;» car;!i * peiir.c. centra! heat, fenced yard. I HAVK liuycrs for farm land In <~"nr- ] ison, . \rmstrons. Pouley, and "irayj Ootintie*. List r-i!h me fc-r quick tale. S, K. P.OACH. r:r-a!t"r». Groom, Tex;i,',, IV*'. Boi 115, ' Phone 3721 125 Boots & Accei«ories 125 BOAT nKPAlRIN'O, Mnrine Snppll<"», Cr-;ev Boat Shop. S, E. of City MO .; .:;(!,•{", F'iiit SAL!-: " and" liKlier." with n'rols-. $.'t'i. l!«i S. Faulkner. 112 Farms, Ranches 112 FOP. SAI.K or Trad* for ramps yrop- tr[\ • !i-'n-Hcr» (,<rn. W '.tft-]f- t'r>unty. Stf n',i-, cr Jors« i r ••»'.! MI"' 'i-'i7il. Floor finance, Will ill.' ept ons or nioiiiit s 1 r> M;il-,ui- 3~ KOOM""Unfurnished antenna. Uin.i -' rooms. i.','J mi'n'h, lulls paul, Crest. MO «-:;!43. ii : ( »0 i, (lav 4i ; 97 furnished Houses 97 £' P/ace Your Ad by Phone r*Ax TcicwicinM SHELBY J. RUFF L&M I tLtvlblUN ' FtiH.vrn'ftE BOKCIHT & SOLD I2,"» N. SuiiitrviU.. I'huiio MO 4-3511 fi!2 .S. Cuylc-r Ml) ' - '^S318 UNITED TtLFVI^ION - U( 'OD^f.-fd'ttUtoma'tir "waiheri". One , . V . VJ1I . N ! ICU ICL-CYIilUIN Fin-Moiic and one Phil, o JH9.95 lui .N. lloi.ari MM5-5 ?u ^i ,.;,,.,, guaranteed. Firestone Store, Fur KeiUiliIu TV service Call j 117 S. Cuvl-T. UK.NE & t)O.N"S TV SICUVIC'F/ i~~ Pi5ff~5Ai<B ~ ~~ 6 *f..»j. _ 1 :'"» t _« l : ph :_*!;P_fd!i 81 .! Several used refrigerator*. Rich P!*n. Antenna Service. Nuw and Used An- ' 319'-i W. Foster. tt-nnaa for sale. ilAlJTo~& TET.KViSJO.V'reiTair Vervicw on uny make or nuulel. lu to 3uVo HaviiiKS on lubes and pans. AnU-n- nas justulU'd. Fust unit FOR I.KASK: 3-bedroom i housi*. Close to hchoi-jl and church. I Uig fenced-in yard. .".2'J N. Hobart. u-'i't' _MO ,'i-:.T43 i-r_MO 4-4;i6;( _ 'Foil KENT: 2-room modern furiiisihed I FOR""" UK NT .Modi-rn" ""clean'T room v '.". e -. i furniahud hoii.'>r. fenced yard, small "UK K 3 •'" ''",!';"• * 6S . FOU'SALR or Trade: Will Uk« 1 or ''.. "-!'.'"'... . 4-room h'iu>« nn new 2 or J-bed- partment, T\' room home Henry St. N. Starkweather - •: I.arci- I-bi-drcnni and guriigf ftnc- f-l > aid J !"."•" di'« u |i|'ri,K.\'. .--• ri-ojr. »;;,i'i down I'M POWN .N. Wells: S hedroom and •;"*-•"''•••- doulde garage. furniHhed 3 iu-:i'ItOi i.M attached narag^. clo.vo In. N. Sumner $n,."n>'i TAKK late model car as down payment on large 2 bedroom North .Starkweather Mous 14 scout Sales, •Oil ItKNT or .-ril--: in trailt-rs. 1'osl Off], " '! -\ l; 1 ". ^ liaih<rd >!' > s •"'."• XEW'AM L : .<K:ITn. BFST TRAILER 5 SALES V. Hjfbway fi _ Ph. MO_4-3!JO I'll.I. 'i'HAI'r' .'»'7 fO'it .-'riarfHti rr,^:!oi' for ° !'Cilr,i"'.i lioiii" in north cast of norm ii.n". ft u-it>. MO 4-3I3S or :"7 Iv Itrovvi, _ utility room N Somer- ;-'i;KlTl:. • _ I- : HU,' bedroom arid den attached Time pay incuts. Montgomery _*; ('oiiipaiiv. I'hone -\l() 1-Ui. "Hawkins 117 U. Uarne* SVard & TV Ub~ «O t-2261 fill If von uxe Hlux Lustre for cleaning- I'ampa 69 Miscellaneous For Sole 69 36 Appliqncet 3< TVAPPLIANCE"& SERVICE' ••"!> ••>• i'uylir Mti 4-IT49!l20 N. Somerville 36A Heating,Air Cond. 36A Thompson's United Rent-Alls We rent most anything" '• MO 4-2331 j garden spot. 1321 H. Fredrick. 98 Unfurnished Houses 98 2-BKDHOO.M brick, 624 Powell. $125 month. 1,. P. Sanford 714 K. Fred- erir. MO 4-29S1. 1 HFDKOOM House with garage. 120 H. Sumner. Phone Tl' 3-,>732, White liter. FOlt I'.KNT: 6-rooin unfurnished house. 110 N West. Doubl,- xaritKB. ideal for auto rt^pulr shop or *IKII IwintliiK i-hop. 522 \V. Filler. Will i-trnt house and sbup together or Hrpiiratelv. See J. \V Markec, 13nl* ('liri»Un«'. if" i 4-i<:u4. FiiK Kl-INT: Cnfurni holl.^e .^. J IWIt h( $i: S-UO4jM imf ill lushed and arrvicf pur> li Ijaraee, all carpets and drapes N Faulkner J1S.500 Wll.l, THAPK on larger hous*. north pnrt of town. nic« 3 bedroom, carpets and drapes fenced yard Terrace Street. HOOM modern K. Br,.nou .. J2150 hou-H for Mftle. fur 10. Se;i p!Jtlit^• for i'J''. (ir M equity in hon-.e. Call i'ar.ipa Courts. _ _ PKl'VATK~"si'A'c'E~f. : ir"Tracer" house! $25. per month. All bills paid. Out. of City limits. MO 4-3715. NICK 3 hedroom on WlllUton, !«.'. FOR SALK, 2 Bedroom Ran-.Mcr trai- l.aths all rarp«t- and drapen $13.Sou ler House. $1075. MO 4-2'')!); ?-)'..-i I rooin " Ul'illM MOII.SI-. 41; N. Ainurillo. l>l: i- '-rib for 417 /iiiiiu^i-. I 'all DES MOORE TIN SHOP Air i •uiidit lolling -i'n> t\v lieal 32» W. Kiiig.sinill 1'hone MD 4-2731 A IK fiiNJilTlONINO rovers made to fit gnv si:'e. Paiupa Tent ,"; Awning! '' _('o. 317 K. Mrown. MO 4-8541. ',,", ~~" THE AUCTION SALES ~ ' * MO 4-640»,_J 103 Real Israre For Sole 103 33 Paper Hanging CAlNTINtJ »nd 1'aper H»-4lq,f. All work taurantef d. &iO 6-5264. F. K. I'yri. 39 1,00 .N. Uwigbt. PqinHng l-lll.i-: Rfliinal** "U I'.'l' -I ill*. |'«illllll|f, •*•-*•- i P< i \\ l-:i; S|ii-;iver fur almo.-t new. J8 f _•)••!!"•» F'-rd'j =?_('u\ler '" " S A 1.1-::" Cool. r. ••vapnrMi i\ v. -iM in. fi with P'linp, \ari*i>le <p*-*d I s",i .', ni'HMli^ $ C, I jii". S HobaM I 'i. 'U lile -If, k !! ;i i!> ; , IT .-.t 1 ! a f \r. i it I- in MO ~~~~~irr~~f AOA \/_«...._ /^l- £OA ! Panipa Warehouse & Transfer ! Moving wilh Car» K»vry»he:e i *. 1T ''I ''' J J'-S I'h MO 4-4:21 "KI i/K'.s^'riiA.x'sri:]: ,v STIIUAUK" Fife K»;n,,H<'f A- Innui'td MM S UllU.pie - MIJ 4 V.':'i E-O-y'i Koy fr*t— 2u IS. Tuk* 4-IlS aa lSr FOR SALE 212 V Hou'toii ,<s:i'l' x i-uiiiainiiiK S n.iornit »nd ii»lh. f iii ii;sii..-ii 1 ii>oir,i and liali, ui, fun. !•.»;., I S»M'*-!Hl* > !'-. ; MI N1>*-<1 hnnfc.-^ 2 n.-iMi" iird La! li '-a-'li Jl :.' "" I"'. "i K i '.«iii|'liF M i ID. 'ins and bath unf urt! t*hej Ito .•? $j "ti'i iju !.j F i'Anipl'«l'- t nxnm »r.«i l.,,'ii utifiirni*b*d I" '• ,**niaral'' no . prw|.» i "j li"" i'-' iiMjiiihb 1 Nil- \M.-ant .".«••. M' 1 lot in h>l,i..i Ad' $;i'.('.i'n. Contact George Oliver Hamlin ln<J«o«"d«nt Ettcutpr of Luthtr •«««on Eftitf 212 N. Houiton-MQ 4-S4S43 A BETTER CAR—A BETTER DEAL at TEX EVANS BUICK $1095 fL C AlI V 4.Doo R $1695 55 FORP U.uii.,. b,:ilri 1'eiwerglide, n«w 2-DR. HARD TOP ur. -. i'-iiuif |iaint. Hadlo. beater, overdrive, 3-ton» 57 FORP 54PUICK FAIRLANE T ' 0*5 I'luti Coupt-. radio, heater. Ford- ujiiu'ti'.-, ;i-ione paint, white, wall lilt-s. $795 $2095 57 BUICK SPECIAL 4-l 1 ooi. Kadio. ii^ater. Dyna- flow. pow*r brake* and sieer- IOK factory »ir conditioned, 2- IOIIK pdlnt. white w»U Hns SPECIAL. 4 • I >oor. Hailio. heatpr. standard shift. 2-t'j|i^ paint, wh;t« wall ROADMASTE* Radio heairi. powei- br,ikrii ; s.ifi-n.MB ' 2-innf pa/in, si \\i>'.\ 1 11 * P. 1>> i, a flow H FORP 2. OR. HARD TOO H» lio li^atfr. IMM »«d brak'--. caiii', W lute wail tnen $1295 i i'.eei 'i-.g, SSBUI^IC C1245 *UP6B » I *t* 54 FORP 4-DOOR Hadhi heater. 54 DODGE 4-DOOR r».i!-.>. h€»in, 53 SPECIAL 51 SUPER V-8 moi<.;r. $695 » $595 'jr. $495 f\ hra-e;. i $295 S-d ..... Hird Ten' lladii.. PIMM- i Meet HIE. In n»fk'*. U>n» paint, will!* wall ITK-V 47 INTERNATIONAL » 4 -TON PICKUP $145 TEX IVANS 3UICK COMPANY 128 K, Gray i*buoe: A1O i-1678 "Suick C»r, KtfPI ffick »e»t" HIGH 1 AND HOMES LOOK BETTER BUILT BETTER IS BETTER MAXIMUM F.H.A LOANS $400.00 DOWN PLUS CLOSING COST SALES OFFICE & FURNISHED MODEL HOME 2100N. DWIGHT SALESMAN ON DUTY IN MORNING & AFTERNOONS MO 5-54)0 COM6S-WORLEY 8LD<3. MO 4-3442

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