The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 12, 1914 · Page 5
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 5

Decatur, Illinois
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Sunday, July 12, 1914
Page 5
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Sunday Morning, July 12, 1914. T H E D E C A T U R R E V I E W Page Fhra Myers Pitches; Decatur Wins Danville Beaten in Final Ga me of Series, 4 to 0--Ex- Quincy Hurler Allows Only Four Hits. John Henry Mvers and his famous "slobber" ball were working in great ehupe Saturday afternoon and Decatur defeated Danville at the league park, 4 to 0. Myers is one of the hurlers who ibagged the Three-I pennant for Quincy last year, and his labors Saturday stamped him as one of the best slab- Itfsts in the league. They couldn't find him. STRONG OPPOSITION. Norman Selby fluns: a fine pame for Danville and, against ordinary pitch- ins, he nould have wun. In the e i g h t h i n n i n g however a wild throw and several hard hits started the f:ee.llinf?s h i k i n g around the pillows and three r u n s were scored. Danville was outclassed hi all departments. PRETTY FIELDING. 'Twas hot, f e a r f u l l y hot, but the fans forgot the sizzling condition of the atmosphere in the excitement of the conflict. Several sclntilating fielding plays in which O'Brien, Berkel. Brown and Manda of Decatur and Falk of Danville figured kept the interest on edge. FOUR SCATTERED BLOWS. Billy Neal's o u t f i t collected o n l j fo-ir hits during the afternoon and each was in a d i f f e r e n t inning. In the second. Krloff spanked a hard one to right b u t he died on third base. In t h e f o u r t h , Devoy slapped a hot one to center field, but he didn't get any farther t h a n first , base. In the f i f t h Erloff a g a i n c r a c k - i «d out a single but perished on snek Xo. 1. In the seventh Staley connect- I ed but expired on second. AT QTTIN'CY TODAY. The Commodores open a series at Quincy t h i s afternoon and will not play at home a^ait? u n t i l a week from Monday. Saturday's score: DErATL'i:-- Brown, ob ..... Biltz. cf ..... Du^gan, U .... Berkel s= Welday, If O'Bri-n'. r '.'.'.'.'. Totals i D A N V I L L K -"Fa Ik. FS . . . . . . JDevoy. i f Slam rf . ...... ·Wallace If .... 2; off Selby, 2 Struck out--By Myers, 5; hv Petby, T L u f t on bases--Dccatur, 0, P n n v j l l r , ti rouble plays--Myers to RerkH to LHit-tMti. t'mpireh--Wriglu and K n a p p Time Mf game--1:'M, A t t e n d a n c e -- Jd. Del os grime at GOSSIP OF THE GAME. Brown played an excellent third base. He handled 1hc position well and punched out a single and made a sacrifice hit. That Quincy made a great m i s t . ' k i when she cut loose from Jawn H^M'-J Myers' coat tails was d e m o n s t r a t e d J v the great game he pitched S a t u r d a y . His sali\ a ball was working i n shape. O'Bi len made seveial p r e t t v pp^rs to second b a t e . He is p l a y i n g n m u c h letter game than last year. Lanky Dick Staley on f i r s t base yanked wild throws out of t h e n t m o « - phere in all d i r e c t i o n s for P n m l l l e . Scherer continues to h i t t h e bail. He got a d o u b l e Saturday. PI2ORTA HEATS III.1*13 «iOX. Davenport, J u l y 1 3 . -- A l t h o u g h t h e league leaders o u t h i t Feoita S a t m d a v , they could not get tlu-ir h i t s at oppor- t u n e times as did the visitors. A d.-s- prrnte e f f o r t at a l a l l v was made by the Blue Hose in tl.p n i n t h , but was cut short by fast Florin f i e l d i n g . The score: I n n i n g s D a v e n p o r t Win Opening Game Score of 9 to 4. WASHINGTON W I N S Browns and Athletes Each Take One. New Tork, July 11.-- New York batted f o u r Chicago pitchers hard today nd won the opening- game from the U'hite Sox by a score ot 9 to 4. Carroll F r o w n , the former A t h l e t i c pitcher, made his local d e b u t for the Yankees, Valnel was ordered off the field by u m p i r e Dlnetn for protesting a. decision. PROGRESS OF PENNANT RACES THREE-I "IB" TABLE. Clubi-- "Won Davenport 60 Spring-field 4* Peorla 45 Decatur 43 Dubuque 3f» Quincy *.. 33 Bloomtngton .... 28 Danville 26 Lost Pet. Win. late. 28 .641 .648 .533 31 33 34 37 45 .587 .577 .558 .513 .523 .364 .338 .502 .582 .164 319 .u30 .372 .346 .570 .570 .551 .506 .418 .350 .333 SUNDAY AND MONDAY GAMES. Decatur at Quincy. Bloomlngton at Davenport Peoria at Dubuque Danville at Springfield. IN MAJOR I/EAGUES, American. CIubB-- Won. Lost. Pot, Philadelphia 4S 32 5S4 Detroit 44 36 .539 Washington 42 35 .54f» Chicago 41 35 .r»3i) St. Louis 42 38 .R25 Boston 41 3% .31 iJ New York -. 2S 45 .3S4 C l e v e l a n d 26 50 .842 CHICAGO-\V pa ' B l u c k b u r n . 2b D f - m m i t t . I f c'olilns. rf l'~our!]iei', Ib. Botllc. i f . ' . SYlmlk, i Breton. ::b A B. R. H. P O. A. E. Clubs-- Xew York . Chli-ajto St Ixiuis .... C l n r l n n n t i . . . P h i l a d e l p h i a [ B r o o k l y n .... Boston National. Won. 0 I n d i a n a p o l i s . I' l l v i f n l o B.iltimore ... Brooklyn Kansas clly St I.ouls T\'on. . -n Lost. Pet. Lost. 29 .11 Defeats Busher in Exciting Finals, 6-3, 6-4, 6-3. EXPERIENCE COUNTS Cool Judgment and Accurate Placing of Balls. Philip Miller of Decatur won permanent possession of the Central Illinois Tennis association trophy cup for singles S a t u r d a y afternoon by defeating Curtis Bnsher, also of Decatur, in . !?MZ, p l a l v * cicottc. p p. Total;, NEW Y O R K -HIMI ;;ij. Truest!;. Ic. l»b. ... T l t i i t z c l l . 11 ·cklnpaugli, es Mullt'ii. Ib ......'.' ok, rf ' Boon-, Jb I'.rnwn, p Cole, p , . Totals . " B a t t c By I n n i n i . X e w ' l o i k ' ,-."h 3 U o ] 2 d for Benz in F f i , e n t h 31 42 ..V21 .507 .447 - Sl'NTlAV GAMES. American. i d u l e t l , al teams being in National. P h i l a d e l p h i a at O i n p i n n n t 1. Boston at St I,DIMS Now York at C h i c B Federal. K a n s a s C i t y at St I.iuil.'-. I m l l a n . i p o H 0 a ( f h i r a g o . Xn other cnni^s trt A.B .. -1 R II r O. A K S 27 16 ;, Batteries R. H. E. . o o o o o n n o i--i 9 1 . 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0--2 7 2 -Mlddloton and Simpson; Akers and Yelle. Umpire--Kddinger. DT nrU"E BE.VTS BLOOMERS. D u b u q u e . Iowa. J u l y 11--The locals hit the ball hard and o f t e n and easily t r i m m e d Cj M a l l o j , t h e Peorla c a s t - o f f . The f^ore: I n n i n g s : R. H. E, D u ' n i q i u . . . . . 0 0 0 2 1 2 1 2 z--S 1 2 1 I J l i u i m ' t ' n . . 0 0 0 0 0 3 0 0 0 -- 3 4 I llattenes--Hi^sir.botham and Hamm e i = c h m h ! t : Malloy and Ki'iipper. I ' m - pii P--Donru-lly. spRit;i''iEi,n wixs AGAIV . Ohlin. "u Er:nff r Sellij-. p O 0 in D a n v i l l e Totals ............ Bv i n m n K s : 0 n 0 o o 1 3 · -- 4 l 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-- 0 SUMMARY Two base hit? -- Biltz. Ti! ?ehf°rfr Stolen b!is.-s -Biliz. Sacrilu.' h i t : -- i'.roun, H o r k r l . D»\ny. Has « on ha 11s -Of I M \ M . « . 2. off S Iby 2 ..IS rou-ukL'. .. UonpM X S p r i n g f i e l d . J u l v I t . -- The Watch- m a k e r s c o n t i n u e d t h e i r w i n n i n s s t r e a k this a f t e r n o o n anS captured their eierhth straight pamo. C u m m i n e s was a puzzle i\hen f o u r hits, a i \ a l k and a sacrifice f l y p r o d u c e d f o u r runs, s u f - f i c i e n t to tiac the contest. The score: J n n i n s s : R U . K . S p r i n g f i e l d . 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 4 7. -- S 11 0 Q u l n r y ____ 0 1 0 ft 0 1 ' 0 3 -- 3 7 0 Batteries -- M r M a m i s and Jacnbs; C u m m f n E T g and Gray. 25 Players Make 34 for 60 Bases. Hits FOUR HOME RUNS First Victory for Giants in Last Four Games. St. Louis. July 11.--New York w a s tackiest this afternoon and won from Ft. Louis, 13 to 9. It was a weird contest in which t w e n t y - f i v e players m a d e thirty-four hits count for a total of eixty bases. Wilson, Dolan, Doyle and Cruise each hit for home runs. This uas the only victory victory for Xew lork of the series of f o u r games. ST. LOUIS-- JTuggins, 2b 4 Magee. cf 5 Uolan, If. 5 J Miller. Ib 5 Wilson rf 4 Heek, 2b 4 "tt'ingo. c 4 3!utler, as. 4 pallee. p 1 Oriner. p. 0 · Miller. !· I Steele. p 1 JXii'haab. p 0 Cruise. 2' 1 13reasen 3* I Totals 40 A B. R. H, P.O. A.E 1* Batted for Bailee in f i f t h 2* Batted for Niebaus in ninth. 3* Batted for Huggms in ninth. NEW YORK-- Hcscher. cf 5 1 1 1 Do!e. ^b. 3 1 2 2 Burn*. I f 5 3 3 4 Fnodgiass, rf..-lb. ... 5 2 2 » Fletcher. s» S 1 2 1 Jlerkle. Ib 2 0 1 5 Murray, fr. 3 .1 2 2 ^I-vers. c 4 1 S 2 Stock. Sb 4 0 1 0 Slatbewson. p 4 1 1 1 Totals 42 IS 18 27 16 2 By tnntiigs: New York 0 0 0 0 4 2 4 0 3--13 BE Ixmis 0 1 3 0 1 1 2 0 1 -- 0 SUMMARY. Two base bits--Butler, Fletcher, Merkle, ·urns, Stock, Snodcrass. Three base hits-Beck, Miller. Murray, Magee. Home runs-Wilson. Dolan, Doyle, Cruise Stolen bases ^Magpe, Murray*. Bescher. Bunrs, Snoclgrass ·oublo plays--Doyla to JTrrkle; Mathewson ·ad Snodgaes. Bases on balls--Off NIehaue, 1. Struck out--By Bailee. 1; by Steele, 1; *y Mathewson. 1. Hits--Off Bailee 7 In 5 Inninps; off Griner. 3 in 2-3 of an' Inning; otf St«er?T-7 IB 2 1-3 Innings; oCf Nlehaus, 1 in 1 inning, t CINCIS BEAT BROOKLYN. ' Cincinnati, July -41.--Brooklyn rallied in the ninth Inning 1 of today's gramp and came within one run of tip- 'te» -ibtt -score- which was 6 -co -£ in f a v o r of C i n c i n n a t i when the contest fnded. Scnr»: H . H E. B r o o k l y n O O O I 0 1 nns---, n a C i n c i n n a t i O i n s:n nox--G 9 4 P/effc-, A l t c h i s o n and Fisher. A m e s a n d E r w i n . P1K.VTKS DEFEAT VHH.t.IES. Pltt^'.iui pti, J u l y 1 1 -- P i t t s b u r g h defeated P h i l a d - l p h l a here- t o d a y by a score of 3 to 1 In the last game of th* 1 series. Sore. R. H. E. P h i l a d e l p h i a 100 000 OW--1 o 2 Pittsburgh "00 111 OOx--3 7 1 R i x p y . Oeschger and K i l l i f . ' r ; Mamaux and Coleman. . 1 1 0 0 f 0 0 0 0 o :; o 2 u o 2 .' *-- st SUMMARY T u o Ijasc h l t f a -- \ V e a \ e t Sweeney, Mnisel Home r u n -- F o u r n l e i M o l e n b a s ' t -( ' o l l i n c Double p l a y - -- p c h a l k and W r a v p r ; M.i Uoonc and M u l l e n - Truehrtale f i n d Jlullen. Bases nn I j n l l s - O f f Cole. 2. o f l Uussell, 1, off C k n t t e . ^. Struck o u t - f l y Cole. 1. by F.iber, 1; by Rutsoli, 2; In- Jic nz. 1. H i t s -- Ofl B r o \ v n , 4 in 1 i n n i n q . none nut in second: off Cole, 4 in S mums'-: n f f l-'.iber, 0 in t h r o e Innings, none om m 4 i h : o f f K u ^ E e l t , :: in 1 1-3 i n n i n g s off Bt nz, ^ in 1 liJ I n n i n g s ; otf Clcotte, 1 in 2 innmss. SENATORS BEAT DETKOIT. Washington, J u l y 1)--Hit.-, combined \\-itli errors in the f i r = t and f o u r t h i n n i n g s gave "Washington a 4 to 2 v i c - t o r y over D e t i o i t today. Score: R. H E. Detroit 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 -- 2 7 fi Washington . . . 1 0 0 3 0 0 0 0 * -- 4 1 0 0 Batteries--Dauss, Hall, Keynolds and Stanase, Baker; Boehllng and Henry. NAPS LOSE TO BOSTON. Boston. J u l y 11--Cleveland was defeated 4 to 3 by Boston In the opening game of the series todnv. Roth, f o r m e i l y of B a l t i m o r e m a d e tils d e b u t as a local p i t c h e r and held Cleveland to five scattered, h i t s in the fli*pt plx Inning?. Score: P.. H. E. eveland n 0 0 1 0 0 2 0 (I-- 3 S 4 Interest Revived in Yachl Cup Trials. Newport, ,RI. July 11.--Better navigation in a thick fog enabled Vanitie and D e f i a n c e to completely e l i m i n a t e R e s o l u t e In the t h i r d trial race sailed off hr-i-e today. Vanitie setting credit f o r iv-r f i r s t victory over her two ri- \ a l s , winle the D e f i a n c e had the sat isfaction of losing only by seconds. R e s o l u t e , a f t e r l e a d i n g for near t h e e n t i r e distance, missed t h e f i n i s h - ing b u o y and was searching for It when t h e other two yachts, fcftilin perefct course, c a p t u r e d the p r i n c i p a l honors nf the day. V a n i t i e was 3 m i n u t e s and 10 second u h p n d of D e f i a n c e at the finish In elapsed time, h u t her t i m e allowance cut it to a h a r e 19 seconds in corrected time. The victory of the Cochran yacht and the i m p r o v e m e n t In the t r l - c l t y boat revived i n t e r e s t In thp races and At Annual Tournament at Champaign This Week. FOR TENNIS AND GOLF Visitors to be Entertained at "Frat" Houses. Boston 1 0 0 2 0 0 1 0 *-- 4 Mitchell and O'Neill; Leonard, n n d Carrigan. 8 1 | large fleet proba'bly will follow the Rut 1 ! HROWXS A D ATHLETICS DIV1DK. BOSTON BEATS T I B S . Chicago, July 11.--Chicago's errors, rouplod w i t h opportune b i t t i n g by Boston today gave t h p visitors the final game of the series K t n 2. Score by Innings: H. H.E. Boston Oo: 020 noi--5 10 0 Chicago I l l oQu 000--2 6 4 Rudolph and "Whaling; Humphries, Hageman, Smith and Bresnahan, Hargrave. P h i l a d e l p h i a , July 11--fit. ILoiiis won the first game here tortav In twelve n n l n g s , 4 to 3 anrl P h i l a d e l p h i a cap- t u r e d the second by 6 to 4. In t h e second rontest navies, f o r m e r l y of Am"pt rollese, who t w i r l e r l a fiiif g"amp for P h i l a d e l p h i a , made his ma.ior league debut. Scores: FITtST GAME. R. H. E t. Louis . 2 0 0 0 3 , 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 -- 4 16 1 h l l a r l e p a 0 0 0 1 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-- 3 9 1 BiiHei'ies -- U'ellman. E a i ; m g a r ( l n e r ind Cross!n: S h a w k r y a n d Schang. SECOND GAME. n. H E. PL Louis 1 0 0 0 0 1 2 0 0 -- 4 S 2 P h i l a d e l p h i a . .'0 0 2 1 0 o o 3 *-- 6 » 3 Batteries--James, Weil man and Agnew, Crossln; Davies and Lapp. Scliang. MONTICELLO HORSE STEPS FAST MILE Monticello, July 11.--Driven by Walter Burress, Captain Cacada stepppd a mile on the Monticello track Friday afternoon In 2:13, last quarter In 31% seconds. The last quarter was rovered at a 2:07 Kait. The Monticello track record of 2-11 was set by Redlac, Jr., in 1910. yachts i n t h e f n n r t t h r n ^ c M o n d a y . MONARCHS GO TO ASHLAND Ott.T Domhrnski w i l l lead Ills M o m r r h s i n t o A f h l n n d , 111 , the other cule of Spring- f i ^ l d . f o r a b a t t l e Sunlav a f t r r n o n n w i t h t l i e Ashland M e r c h a n t ? Th* u s u a l liru-up u l l l go alonp. Tlipy w i l l J n a v e nn an m t r r - nrhan car At 6 r l i t and l p a \ p n \ , e r thp R * O from - P p r i i i R f i e l ' l at H oYlnok ILLINOIS TENNIS TOURNAMENT OPENS C h i c a g o J u l y 11.-- P l a \ inc m r n l i t i n n s wrre for the o p r n i n p claj 'H p l a y of t h f 1 I l l i n o i s F t a t o t p u n f e t o u r n a n i f nt nt t h e "Wamlerpr'c rUib The t w e n t v f i \ e coin ?f- were In U C P a'l dav for thp f i r s t r o u n d of the men's plnple* Haves, w h o won t h f c h a m p i o n s h i p hist ear nnrl w n « v l r t r i r ) m i « In a r e c e n t t o u r n a m e n t on the South P i d f , s h o w e d h i n i - ·-olf to be in p\(*f!]cnt f o r m HP tlpfon ted Tarrant in s t r a i g h t f f t e , fi~n. (\- f J A Farlev «on f r o m I T a i r v Von re In the li.irdnpt conlpst of the d n v , t f l k l n p 1hp m a t c h , S-7. 0-4. 7-S F T O ' B r f p n ' s dc- f p n t of K Nfe^e 1 ". 0-1, -"".-7. ri_~ Tvap another m a l r h w h i c h «*x*ited interest Plav tn thp men's d o n h l o p nnd the mixed d o u b l e s w i l l he pin Monday ST. LOUIS CREW WINS BARGE RACE St. Louis. -Inly U --The Pt Loins R o w i n g c l u b ivon the HX o a r j u n i o r harke race In thp Central Slates' I l o u I n R a s c n r i a t l o n re- gptta hrre today. TJv M o u n d Citv Rowlnj? i l u h oame in s r m m l nnd th Xorth Pt. Louis rrc'W t h i r d . The race w a ^ P X C o p t i o n a l l y tight t h r o u g h o u t \VILI. MAVMXU. Morrlsonville player who made great phowlng 1 In C o u n t r y c l u b tournament. one of the hardest f o u g h t matches played on the C o u n t r y club courts. The score in sets wap 6-3, 6-4. 6-3. EXPERIENCE COUNTS. Miller's experience and cooler head \vork and his a c r u r a t e p l a c i n g of the balls proved too much for Busher. Although not in the best p h y s i c a l condition, B u s h e r played a game t h a t would be a c r e d i t to a verteran in the sport. He played deliberately and carefully, giving Miller the best race that he had In any match In the tournament. M A N Y DEUCES. Seven out of the n i n e games In the f i r s t set were played to a, duce before t h e y wpre decided. Both men split even up to the seventli game, when Miller won t h r e e straight, w i n n i n g the set, -3. The second set wag even more hotly contested than the first, the games being evenly divided between the two players up fo the n i n t h . Ml lie t h e n p t r i i c k his s t r i d e and beat Bushe f w o tight games, w i n n i n g the set, 6-4 FINAL SET. Both men were n e a r l y worn out the end of the second set, and took short rest before continuing: the third The last set s t a r t e d out slower than th p r e v i o u s ones. Busher showed the re suits of the effort he had made In th first two sets ami did not cover th courts P-S fast as before. XFiller wo f o u r out of the first f i v e games wit camparative ease. Busher then tight oned "P and won one. Miller followe by w i n n i n g a n o t h e r m a k i n g the ecor in games 5-2. Busher then put up ; hard f i g h t to m a k e up the ground h had lost, w i n n i n g a decued pram* f r o m Miller, then losing the f i n a l g"anie af ter it had been twice decued. LITTLE EXPERIENCE. Both players p u t up a careful game , p a r h was awn re that Jt would bi a, f i g h t to the finish. Busher did no p l a y his usual s m a s h i n g style but usec good head work in placing the bal carefully. Miller did not aeemingls exert himself at any stage of the game but played a w a r y game throughout th whole match. By his excellent showing 1 n this year's t o u r n a m e n t , Busher "bids fair to be one of the h i g h contenders for next year's cup in the state meet This 1« Bnshfr's first year in either nter-collegiate or club tennis. The Decatur Country .club will be welt represented at the Central Illinois Country Club Association golf and ten- nis tournament, which will be held at the Champaign Country club grounds, beginning Tuesday of next week. TENNIS ENTRIES. Those who will represent the Decatur club In tennis will be Phil Miller. W. H. Wiley, Curtis Busher, Raymond Denz, Jack Powers, W. J. Rlsley and C. A. Morrow. This will be about the strongest delegation of tennis players that has ever represented Decatur In this tournament. Both Miller and Busher are counted upon to be high men In the singles and Miller and Wiley, Halnea and Busher or Rlsley and Morrow will be hard combinations to beat in doubles. GOLF ENTRIES. The golf entries from Decatur have not been definitely decided as yet, but there will be quite a number of local men enter. Warren Durfee will probably be one of the representatives from Decatur. PLAN ENTERTAINMENT. Quite extensive plans are being made at the Champaign club for the entertainment of the large number of guests that are expected to attend the tournament. Plans are being made to accommodate about 1,500 visitors. The golfers will stay at Champaign all week. Thursday will be the big day of the tournament, as then the finals in both golf and tennis will be played. The q u a l i f y i n g round in golf will be played on Tuesday. Aside from the regular golf tennis contests, a number of special contests have been arranged. They include a men's putting contest, a ladies' p u t t i n g contest, a two-ball f o u r s o m e play, approaching contest and a 36-hoIe boerey contest. · inoun Allen Orders Men to Keep Crowd Moving. HE QUOTES THE LAW Loafing on Edge of Sidewalks to be Stopped. AT Plans a i r '» the euests at and soront\ h "FRAT" I!Or.= ES. '» ' " · · " V to entertain th« various fraternity ..~ L . t ..u- twin cities Palm Beach Suits /\A »UU that were $7.50 and up, now. , . Rybolt Clothing Co. Successor to Heckman-Bailey Co. -' Water at North St. BIG CLEARANCE SALE TIE SPECIAL Take advantage of this sale and supply yourself with some new ties, all colors; regular 50c ties, your choice, three for U1.T--Of J I V U - l $1.00 Straw Hats One-Half Off Take a good look at your hat and see how it looks; wouldn't a new hat help your Appearance lots. 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FORMER CHAMPS. The f o r m e r golf champions are: 1301, F. H. Warns, Quincy. 1902, M. W. Tates, Springfield. 1903, A. C. Brown, Springfield. 1004, G. W. Chatterton, Jr., Sprlng- l i e l d . ' 1305. Dr. W. H. Baker. Quincy. 1906. G. J. Slclfeln, Quincy. 1!W, D. P. Cadwallader, BpringfleM 180S, TV. H. Sinnock, Quincy, 1909, G. W. Bunn, Jr., Springfield. 1910, Elliott Callender, Jr., Peorla. 1311, Noah Dlxon, Springfield. 191S, Noah Dixon, Springfield. 1313, John Simpson, Galesburg. TEAM WINNERS. The team cup winners have been 1901. Q u i n c y ; 1902, Quincy; 190S, Spring- f i e l d ; 1904, Springfield; 1905. Springfield; 1906, Galesburg: 1807, Springfield; 1908, Springfield; 1509, Quincy; 1910! Quincy; 1911. Springfield; 1912, Galesburg; 1913, Galesburg. John G. Coulter, of Bloomlngton, won the championship tennis singles In 1909, 1910, 1911, and 1913. The championship In the tennis doubles went to Coulter and Graham in 1309, 1910] and 1913. Chief Allen gave orders to all o f f i - cers Saturday night to keep the crowds on the streets moving. He had three officers stationed on Water street and two on Merchant street, and they told everybody to keep moving. The crowds on Saturday nights have become so large that frequently the walks are blocked, and there have also been many complaints that men stand along the edge of the walk and on the street corners and In front of the shows and make remarks obnoxious tu women who pass. TO ENFORCE LAW. Saturday Chief Allen called the attention of the officers to Section 68, page 47S, of the City Code, and Instructed them to see that that section is enforced. It Is as follows: "Congregating in Stairways and *n Corners--It shall be unlawful for «,ny person or persons to loiter or congregate about or upon any stairway, door. way, window, or in front of may business or dwelling bouse, theater, lecture room, church, street or street corner, or elsewhere, and by so doing obstruct or Interfere with the free passage of persons entering or occupying nch building or premises, or by their language, conversation or conduct annoy, insult or disturb persons passing alone the streets or alleys or occupying, residing or doing business In any of mid houses or places; and any person violating any of the provisions of thU section shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and shall, on conviction, bs fined not less than f3 or more than 5100 for each offense, and It shall be the duty of every policeman to arrest and prosecute all persons offending under this section." LOAFING TO BE STOPPED. Chief Allen says that this section shall be enforced, and that the loafing in f r o n t of the moving picture show* and elsewhere in the p u b l i c streets must be stopped. He will have the thanks of all fair-minded people In Decatur if he will accomplish this result. He Became Indignant and Chased Wife. Because a woman went to a dan«x against her husband's wishes, considerable excitement "was created on Water street late Saturday nlfcht. On her way "home the woman encountered her husband and h« seemed to n« In a n y t h i n g but an amiable mood. Bo nho turned and started back towards town. He started after her at brisk pfluw. When the couple reached Water atr«et the "woman started to nin north and the man started after her. A. crowd several hundred people followed them both. The woman turned eaflt on El dorado and whan FVanklin. «tr««t was reached a policeman stopped the pair. The crowd wa« dlsp«ra«d »t»d the couple ire re told to go on home and quit Quarreling. LEACH CROSS AND JOE RIVERS MATCHED Log Angeles, Cal.. July 1L--Letch CTOM of New York, and Jos Hirers of Ixw Anff*!**. wore matched today for a twenty roaftd boxing: contest July 28, it Vvrnon. Th»y *!*· to weight 1JW poandi Call Automatic Phone 1125 BIT. PULASKI --for-MILLER'S Milwaukee No charge for telephone calls. Quick shipments, prompt delivery by common carriers. SMALL CASES $2.00 EACH LARGE CASES ^ $2.00 EACH Free on board cars at Mt. Pulaski. Express orders delivered by American Express same day order is received. Goods ordered by freight will arrive at I. C. freight depot at Decatur the following morning. MILLER BREWING CO. Automatic Phone 1125. Mt. Pulaski, HI. No charge for telephone calls. EWSPAPER

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