Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on February 21, 1888 · Page 1
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 21, 1888
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LESS THAN ONE GENT A DAY S—nr*i 12 Cimj.!f>!<! Nr^ NotrL*. r-^<l~-. F—«v. Fli"rt S''irli'« k Sk-trhi-a. Poonu. *fv E-.i'-h ipimr-r ;•--"ri^^f*. NEARLY TWO THOUSAND PAGES 'f-S»de Man," "K "The I>i-t«rter. ." "A Land of 1* whirl* I-.IVT!- mln-mi "Mi-* I>"r»r(r«," eiiTon'f \Vir<," " Doojrlti! f>u- n>« Whisillnr Euoj," "At IXJTB," "Th» il*<l Mr»ant»ln . Bri«r "niarn,' 1 " Th« T«rr»- oTO ih* n»nh«." "Critwk »n-l OnnKr- ITir! snV*wirUr>Ti priw f>f thig "King bnt W"0 ft y«t*. Salarle copy «ol n««lrt nf !OrtT>t» In -tump*. Addr»wi - LJPPINCOTT'S MAOA7.IXE. PHILADELPHIA. of tttti MimthllH" " Plnfirn." VOLUMfc7 STEKLIN(i ILLINOIS. TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 21 , Bmw'nos i pw a, i, OO1HO FAST. f—Passenger u:l.l a.m :•'—Freight t:*6 p.m. noifta WEST. I'tu^si'ns^r 2H5p.ln. 42-FrelKllt 3:45 p.m. VRBIVK FROM EAST. IAKRIVR FROM WEST. 79-Pas«nRe>r...9:tOp.m.!.i. r —riw-enKcr 10:3" »•'"• 77—Freight 9: «q a.m.;4i—Freight—1:3o p.m. Passenger No. 3(! connects with trains enst a' d west on Clinton Kninrh; with (!. It. I «t P. R. H at Rock Island east and west; with Galesburg passenger at Rio; with main line for points west Council Bluffs, Omaha Biirt beyond, and at Bu?li- nell for Kansas Olty and points l>cyond. C. & N. W. TIMfc TABLE. OOINQ KABT. (1OINOWTCST AtlnntlcF.x 2:37 a. m. Pwino K* 2as a. n\. Limited Pas9..4:23 ft m. Marshalltown Clinton Pans....6:27 a. m PMwns[or.-l:13p in. D«nverPas.s_10:28 a, m. Denver Pass...4:M p. in. Marshalltown Clinton PM»..H:I7 p.m. Passenger ...1:40 p.m. Limited ras3lO;S8p.m. Karaonr TB'AINS THAT CABBY PABBBNOKR* OOIlfO BABT. OOINO WKST. No. 18....™ 8.17 p. m. No. 85 7:37 a. in No. « 6:40 a. m. No. 17 IMPROVED FARIVft -IN- Lee 5 Ills., IOWA & KANSAS FOB SALE Ort TKAI1K. TOWN PROPERTY For dale, or trade for stock. TWO 4JOOO IIOirNKM In Rock Falls, for lale. Call and see what the bargains are. EDWARD C. UNDERWOOD. DIPlll VB« war< l**<l a "' those' who lead this ItlutlL I »no tlien act; they will find honorable employment that will not take them from their homes and families. The profits are large and sure for every Industrious person, many have matte Hnd are now making several hundred (lolmrs n month. It Is e«»y for any one to make $5 and upwards por iliiy, who is willing —to work.- Kltlicr siix, ymmK-ur »l<i - r wtiiltal not ncedod; we start you. Everything new. No special ability required; you, reader, can do lias well as any one. Write to us at once for full pap tlculars, which we mall free. Address Htlution Co., Portland. Maine. dwtf Notice to Laod " A few choice tracts ot limd now In the hands of K. B. llubbard, located In Iowa and Southern . . , Minnesota, with TITLES W\RR\NTEH While manyof the lands now owned by spccu lators are under A cloud of title. These land! are sold with FKKFECT AB8T11AOTH. HIIIOES FROM SIX TO TEN DOLLARS PER ACRE. I have also n TARMC WEST of UMPIRE For sale cheap, on which u good property In 8t«rllT!g or Rock Folia will be taken as part payment. Wow Is the time to get good bargains. IMAPH AM> I>K*CI4irTIO\f* , Can be had at my ofllce, and cheap tickets to show western lands. Delays are Omi*reron» on Thcuc Hnr sjalut>. F. B. HUBBA.BD- Laud office opposite Matinerclior Ball, Mterllnx. Ilia FLOATING SOAP THE CH8F.F For tho Bath, Tol.ot and Laundry. Snow White and. Absolutely Pure, If year dealer does not koop Whtto Cloud Soap tend 10 c«nta fur enmple cobe to tha make JKS. S.KIRK SCO., CHICAGO. WRIGHT & WILLIAMS, PLUMBER^. G\S&SmMFinERS Hepalrlnx Promptly Attended to. Dealers In Lead aud Wrought Iron Pipe; Wood and -iron Pumps, of all kind. Hose, J'utkliiK Btoam and water Ouiiges, Vttlvos, Fitting' Hewer l'k>e, &c. Kstlinatea made on Plumbing, Hteam & Gas Jobs * Mr. B. F. WILLIAMS. Formerly with Win. McCune & Co.. attends ti wood ana Iron pump setting and repairing, Mr. E. M. WRIGHT, Formerly with tlio Sterling Water Co., gives hi personal attention to all plumbing, steam an gas coutxucts. OUU IiAHP PALACE Is com plots with the latest designs In Hanging Stand and Bracket Lamps, Burners, Chimneys ie. 1'rlce.i to suit lilt: times. Coll and ste ou Little Ulant Lamp iuul Eureka Batetv Valve. Ai work warranted. Your orders solicited. Telephone £1. Walt llonne JlloeU TUBEK WAGONS JLV All goods promptly dedverad to any par of tbo city. Specialty of removing houaehol irouds and pianos. [rubiznl K U.W" ADVERTISERS ^—rr.; > a advertising ipitt 4 v<h«m in Cfi cagu, v>il) fine it on fik -\S t* 4S Randolph St., • i •-»A^«.'',V B *<»---v.i' |.l H AVE YOUR BOOKS BOUND AT THJB QAZSTTS( BINDER Y. DKSOLATKl) MT. VKI1NON. ULLER DETAILS OF THE AWFUL RESULTS OF THE CYCLONE "hirty-Three Souls Hurried Into Et<?rn- ity, Eight Fatally Injured and Forty-Five Severely Hurt. Im llimtrle-i I'copl* Nnmlirr l.OOO, Aiul 3RO An? In TUllnn— Grii])lilo Dt^-> "•c'rlpMiiii i>f Mm A |.|>'..n(h nnil Onnlanjht nf Mi.- Klrctrlc DovMlalor— A Tour Thron-li tli« IVrfrked Town — Nwroe* «>f thn I )cn. I and Woanilnl — Apprnl for rrnmpi ll^lli-f. Mr. VKIINON, llli"., Feb. 21.— The lilankre- olvliii rlonil which fell from a- popperish 'iy in thu sonthweil nt 4:1(5 o'clock Buuday iftornron, and Hwept diogonally through the Hy with a ronr liku tho beating ot a heavy i<a against R rocky short*, left nothing but 'ling bodies find heaps of ruins In its ruck. For halt nn hour before, the cloud rop|»e I lo thu enrth the atmospheric condl- !ons WBI-D Riirli aft to Affect both mnn unil b?nst. Kuln «ml hall fell for flftorn inlnuto^, nnd then the alillness bocaino o|-|tro.^ive. Tho atmosphere seemed aurchur^ed \vitli wlec- tririty. A peculiar softyollow light fell upon everything, nnd sparrows that hud been flitting about the street* during the afternoon luddenly arose to great heights nnd nfter .'ircling around in the oppressive nir droppe<l nto trees, where they uttered tin) most discordant noises. Meantime. the<'loiiiN wore -iln^ tliroui{h an ominous transformation. ?rom a <bleak, grayish color the gio:it bll- ONSLAUGHT OK THE TKIlllnR. Iowa became yellowish, then green, and Bnal- y a deep coppor line. During these rapid fl;i;l)iw of color the clouds became peculiarly aeitate<L From the earth, toward which Lhey were Bpoedlni? with terriblo swiftness, thoy looked as though thoy were locked in a Titanic strut;^le, ami |>onjons who were out of doors wntchod the elemental battle with mingled awe and fear. Bucu a grand spectacle in the heavens wns without n parallel In the doom id city, isUnv; and rolling liko corks in a whirlpool the clouds came nearer the earth until their ragged, copper-bordered ed^es seemed to- Ira within an urni's reach of the cross tippod spiro of the churches. Ribbons of fire darted spitefully from the tumbling, grlnd- niawt, and thon one of tho clouds, more terrible in ilR as|mct than all the rest, suddenly left iln fellow combatante aud foil to the earth with a roar that startled every living tiling. Now black as night and filled with innumerable dnrU of electricity tho storm-cloud, with Its broad smoko-colorod apex bnrit'l In a corona of gold, and Its narrow 1-aKo dipping and grinding over the earth, swept through the city with a deafening noire. Before the roaring cloud the air wai choked with ilus', and flying bricks and timbers. A cushion of air was sweeping in ndvnnre of the cloud, and as It demolished the windows of houses and stores, the sides and the roofs nf tho buildings burst open as -though thoy ha I lieen shivered by explosions fr.oni within. Tim Blorm-clouil did tho rest. It caught Ih" tlinbom in iU resistless fnry, ground them to pieces and then left the wreckage upon the dead and dying. Alighting at the Loulsvlllo & Nashville railroad sUtl.m, the storm-seekers' attention li Brut directed to the two-story supreme lit TDK MIDST OV THKTORKADO. court luiililiii/. n few yards from thu »Latlou, without iloiiin or roof, but shreds of tin hanging from It* side, marking a pivot around which I lit) storm seemed to swing. All else In thin direction Is untouched. A f«w steps puntward along; the railroad dis closet to the «oulhwe»t nn api>alllng sign oi devastation. It is In this direction that the laboring classes hu-1 l> tilt their; little One- Htory cottages, among tho timber, and bare It was th« cloud flr^t dropped down and in whirling fury.^twisted. immense oaks from the erbund anil mashed home* Hut; thei gathering thn clinging plocos strewod them along a path, tearing dowu fences am wiping out Inn lnmrkH. Scarcely can tbu dirm'lion of Ilia street* be traced, for lu this |ioorer quarter grading had not beon attempted. How many houses were here destroyed ii not known, for nothing is left in many places to mark the lot Fifteen foundations stil I'umam. In six acres formerly well built up, hut three houses aro standing In the patb o the sturm, and these are wrecked. On the right and left of the path, the debris plunge* like - calitpults into homea more fortunate. .Looking northeastward across the railroad, tbe ruin ap,iears more terrible. There tbe buildings were larger, heavier, and more compact, and tbe wave swept for 800 yards a clean swath, tearing dowu fencag and tree*, piled up the dobrin on either »lil.-, and lefl naked fence posts ami foundation walls to mark tho vpots of residences. There still re* nmin on oilh >r side of tbe patb dismantled frame home* half burled with other roofa. To the southeast stand* the monumental ruins of ths tbree-stUtry brick flour mill, tb» walla btrlpi-od down and the machinery exposed, and on th* north partially surrounded by uulnjur«d bouse* the crutluxl Baptist churoh mid the largo briok Coiamaroial be- M uoroofod and partly tana down, ill noodied yard* hirtoar on In the eoam trf tb* tterst wia»» J&t «o tho corner, an! in front stands tho shattered court house with dome thrown down over entry, the walls cracked and partially tnm- ble<l <io*'n, and ia ti.e supreme court yarti lio the tin and timber and roafs of fttljaoent building'. In front $f tbe postxifTIcn, acrofn Bunion street, a brick building, was rased to the ground, and nearly all to X)M south and east fared likewise, but- Uncle Sam's quarters were scarcely touched. The streot-s here nrs broad, but to-day are filled .with tho debris of the business housis of Bunton and Washington streets, along I he eafltern side of which not one ioti*e remains standing, or even lartinlly preserved. Unable to thoroughly nor asunder the frame work of tbo >uildln?s, they were mashed and twisted Ino trmk>w mnfs?9, and the roofs cnrried away; a'nd the.fronts and rears knocks! out. bev* eral brink blocks of three Btorhfe t;ave an air of substantiality to tbe streets. The. cyclone round the walls to a level, and the furnaces net fire to the woodwork and destroyed the ast plank. Tho Kvnns bank, on the corner, •xhibits a burning pit, the safe cracked with .he beat. Under the ruins, yet unearthed, lie -hs charred remains of J. C. Murray, the owner of the block. Looking to the south and east from the corner - tho spectator will see a lino of groceries, warehouses, and a few other places leaning against each other, but itill holding together. Along Washington street, just back of the court house, It was ha-d to tell just where one building began and tbe other l.-ft off. Floors, roofs, sides of buildings on.I partitions were Miuflljd up • lu confusion and crushed against the few brick walls that still remained standing. Everything a£>ng hers was a dead lass, not even the protection of Dre Insurance Iwing available. Bunion street, oast of Washington, was complet-iy blofk- aiTed by the walls of Strattoni & Johnson's fallen block, tho vlow from tho rear of which of the destruction of large warehouses and handsome residences presents a scc-no much liko an abandoned lumber yard and rnbbith lot. There were buildings here, tbe lumber shows it, but the chao« j complete. Where houses have been Lorn asunder and swept away, and tbe timbers scattered hither and thither, there Is not, to the eye, the desolation that IB presented by a row of mansions with the sides stripped off, the roofs carried- away, and the upper floors let down upon the par-^ lors below, yot supporting what shows plainly was a tidy chamber, but now strewn with rubbish, or in many placei only a portico, or iteps and a foundation wall and collar covered by a swaying floor supporting nil that is of once luxurious furniture. This is all.. that is loft of East Mount Vornon—the ruins of happy homes. Tbon the cloud bounded away through the woodland and over the prairie, to return no more. The sun came out at once, and since tbe destruction the fairest weather has brightened tho gloom, thn dead were laid away, and tbe wounded were carefully cared for. The immediate results of the cyclonic- disaster canoiow l« snmmod up with approx- mato accuracy. Thirty-three people have been killed, ol^ht others have bo.m fatally Injured, thirty have been Injured seriously, but not fatally, and about forty-llvo others havo received minor wounds ui:d brn)sos, making a total of 116 vlciimi Over 350 bousos havo been destroyed, an 1 over 1,OOJ people left homeless. The total loss of property, according to the liest oslimules will reach fully »l,u.)0,i»0. The following Is the latest revised list of tho dond and injured: Killed—Mr 1 . Kuiscll Dewey aud boy. Mm ..John :' T. Waters anil baby, Henry Waters, Davi-l H. Yearwood and wife, John 0. Murray, Mary WeMbrook, James Pierson aud aon, Samuel Yearwood and wife, George Puivoll, William Jones and child, John Dodson, Jr., Miss Joslfl Button, John Bhuw,. Mrs. Cal Cooper, Frank Cuatman, C'lmrlei Cummlngs, Mrs. Martin, Mis* Ada Harper, Mrs. I-mm, Mrs. Lnm-a Lesenby, Amanda Huardon, Mrs. Charles'Hutchlnson, Miss Irwin, Mrs. Sbilton, Nottie Fields, Fred Boswell, Mr. Hurziill'n daughter (hurried U]-). Injnrod—J. M. Hambrock, • Carrina Hambrock, four other children of Mr. Hanibreck, Lewis Ijiney, 1'. Lilllcrap, M. C. Malone aud family, five In all, R. J. Bonds and baby, Charles WHr, O. D. Cook, J. J. Monlon, T. J, Manion, Mrs. Hunsock, Mrs. Stearn, Weils and child, U'illlivm Jones aud daughter, £ 1 Harper, Adam Pulm, A. R. Cox and family of nine persons, J. M. Kusse.ll, William llo^nn, Washington Jolmaon, Airs. Cal houu, Mrs. .Fannie Bumpter, Mr. and Mru. William Bbeldou, James BumpUir, Gabriel Jones, wife, mother, sister, and children, John Hunter, Mind Nora Rue, Dr. Beebrles' boy, Aciolpb Isam's daughter, Mrs. William Hogan,Frank Hogan, Hilda Hogan (leg broken), Augusta Hallman (ikull fractured), Mr. William Daugh and child, lira. Emery Maddux and two children, Emery Maddux, Thomas Litnce, Mrs.'C. P. Hick-i, Abe ltk'Ks,'™iIrs. Guthrie, Mrs. Broader, Mrs. L. M., Seal, R W. Westbrook, Mr. , BhaMy, Mrj,\\Vatson, Mr*, llolcomh, three \oull<llen of Dave Yearwood, John Dodion, U M. HulhVan, Eldie Milono, Frank Ma lone, Mrs. Maynor, James llltclicook aud boy, Mr-<. KiViwoll, Be: tie Maxey. All of ihe»j lire badly hurt, aud at least eight.will dls, -..•-,. The city council held a meeting Monday and voted t-VO for Immediate relief. There was no money In the clVy fund, but the banlis promptly^ c.-uhed ord«ra, and sufferers In pressing neml hud their wnots attended to at ooce. Connnitte«« for investigation and relief were api ointenl, including, (imny ladies, and were promptly at work. '.'; ••* The cluilniian of tbe relief committee notified 'Governor Oglcsby ol tbe number of > I ho •ufferhig in this city, and Monday evening tbe governor Issued a proclamation appealing for immediate aid and requesting mayors ol cities and all religious and charitable asaocm tions, societies, and organizations to raise contributions for tbo relief .of the people. The'city cou"cil of Chiacgo, at iu meeting Monday ni^bt, authorized tbe mayor to receive donation* for the relief of this city, and news from other points U received to the iff -ot that the relief movement is well undet way. Cash contributions are desired, an tbe distress is sore and prompt action neoe* Bury, if terrible Buffering Is to~be averted. THOSE BANNERS ENDICOTT'8 REPORT ON THE MATTER OF THE BATTLE-FLAGS. A. 8«niitorlal Tot« on a Tariff Proposition— —Plil;nntln-npUt Corcoran Bluklna^-R*- fa*ril to Chans;* Inauguration D»r~—A Bulky IVtlllon—Doing* tn Congret*— —A RnnatA Dilemma—Brnokn In Lack. WASHINGTON CITY, Feb. 81.—Secretary Kndicott on Monday sent to the bou*e his answer to the Boutelle resolution calling for Information as to whether the flags captured hy^the Unit<?d_ States have been removed from the place where they are displayed and concealed, and If so, by what authority and for what purpose; and further, what propositions have been made by government officials for the surrender of these flags; and whether It is truo thnt a portion of them were actually surrendered to persons having no right to their possession. As a preliminary the secretary gives a brief history of the flugs. Of the whole number captured and deported with the department, 230 were United States flags origin- tlly captured by confederates, and re-captured from them, and 044 were confederate flags taken by the United Btates troops, making a total of 730 In custody of the deportment. When received thoy wore do- posited In a vacant attic room of a building on Seventeenth street^ occupied by the clerks of the adjutant general's ofllca In 1887 the superintendent of the buildings, wlthont instruction so far as can be ascertained, bad hem removed to his office, whore a few wore placed upon the walls and the remainder upon shelves or In pigeon-holes. At -his time an Inventory of these flags was entered in a book, in which was also entered a lescrlptlon and brief history of the capture of those that could be Identified as belonging o particular organizations. They remained .here until the latter part of 1874. The report states that while some of the confederate flags have since been given com- w\nlos or regiments capturing them, none ias passed out ot tho custody of tuj department tliatlvas in such custody when Secretary Endlcott assumed charge of the de- urtment. The order to return the flags and .he order revoking it are given, and the statement i* made that no flags were actually retui ned under the first order. As to'the aw requiring the public exihbltion of cap- lured flngs and trophies, it is assumed that a «oni>truoUoii pul-upon-lt-by-former socre- ttirlta ol' the war and navy, tbat the law applied to trophies taken from a foreign enemy and not to lli-oaj taken during domestic bos tllitiea, was the correct one. THE CONGRESSIONAL SUMMARY. Some Matter* of IntflreNt Brought Up— Public Building* for the Weit. WASHINGTON CITV, Feb. la.—A petition with 15,000 names was presented in the senate Monday asking legislation to protect women and girls from rape; also several Prohibition petitions. It was agreed that on Wednesday after the morning business the chairman road Washington's farewell address. A debate on tho Washington Electric railway bill resulted in an amendment requiring the rails to be of American manufacture. The bill was laid aside and a bill re ported to establish a bureau of animal industry. After an executive session the senate adjourned. ' Tbe reply of the secretary of war to Boutelle's battle ila-< resolution was laic) before tbe bouse. It is. to the effect thnt no flags have been disposed of contrary to law, and none reiurnod to ex-rebels. '-Bills wera Introduced: regulating the classification and pay of postmasters; apportioning on the basis of Illiteracy $05,060,000 for educational purposes; a resolution directing the education committee to report back thd Blair bill before March 20; limiting homestead entries to eighty acres instead of 110, and to American citizens only; constitutional amendment extending the presidential term to eight years for the erection of public buildings at Sterling, 111.; (South Bend, Ind.; Burlington, la. Canton, O.; Bheboygan, Green Bay an< Manitoba, Wit; Yankton, D. T., and Oberlln, Kan. A motion to suspend the rules and pass the resolution proposing a constitutional amendment making April 80 lu auguration day, and extending the Ftftletl congress to April 80, 188K, was defeated— yeox, 1^9; hays, teS—not the necessary two- thirds, aud the house adjourned. ChlenK", Ilurllnifton A Qulnor Statistic!. BOSTON, Ftfl>. 21.—The annual report o the Chicago, Burlington & Qulncy rnllront for Iho fiscal year ju*t ended, shows gross eorning-i of $'37,570,078; freight earning*, t'o,675,n55; operating expense*, Including taxes, t:8,o$j,013; not. earnings after de ducting ccrinin interest, and other charges, J12,S3?,a U. Fro n this amount the totu fixed charges of $0,2^6,084 have been paid Hid also dividends of (3,111,004. After payment of tho above turn there is a surplus of «i)40,0?l. . ' A Muilcal Prodleir Cause* Litigation. NEW YOBK, Feb. 81.—Henry E. Abbey has sued Mr. Hoffman n, fatter of- the bo; pianist, for *.%7,5-X) for breach of contract, aud attached his property. ¥ouug lloff matin's parent* c'aim that ill health of th boy Ml to breaking the contract. They say be will not appear in public again for soul year*, It Is balieved t>y ninny that the tarn! ly bav« accepted the 1*0,000 offered by an unknown phllantiopiit ou condition tba tbay would withdrew th« boy from th»*Utg& T%* tle»a*» of r*tait ltt]uor-drt»l*n La Ik* Km WH rated from |800 to |1.(XW. JII th PUT SENATORS ON RECORD. See Edmund* Tnke* nn Opportunity to Hnw They Stand On the Tariff __ WABHIHQTOH CITY, Feb. 2!,—The bill b« fore the senate for a charter to the Washing ton electric cable street railway was debate* quietly enough Monday until an am endmen was roach-id requiring the rails to b« o American manufacture, when Edmund suggested informally and in a low tone oi voice tbat that was in opposition to Presl dent Cleveland's message, and at-variance with all principles of tba administration Vance opposed the amendment as unusual li a bill of (his character, and altogether absurd. Edmunds, in order to havo tbe votes oi senators placed on record on this indlrec tariff q-R-Htioii, demanded the yeas and nay: Tbe Vote wo* taken and the amondmen adopted—yeas, 25; nayn, 17—as follows) Yeas—Blair, Boweu, Brown, Chace, Chan dler, Davis, Dawcs, Edmunds, FarweB, Frye, Gorman, Hisrock, Hoar, Mauderson, Mitch. •II, Morrlll, Paddock, Palmer, Platt,.Plumt BJddleberger, tjpounur, Stanford, Btuwart Btockbrldga—25. Mays—Bate, Blackburn, Call, Coke, Dan ie), Euatis, George, Gibson, Hampton, Ear ris, Hearst, Pugh, Reagan, Vance, Vest, Waltliall, Wilson of Maryland-)?. . Auiong the pairs auiiouuctxl were tbe to' lowing: Cullom witli Gray, fivarts wit: Morgan, Hale with B-jck. THE SENATE TIED UP. It Want* to Publish tho FUhery Treaty but I* Uimbla to Do So. WASHINGTON Crtr, Feb. 21.—The seore session cf the senate Thursday was devoted to tbe consideration of tbe fishery treaty. A effort was mada by Frye and others to orde its immediate publication. This would bav be«u successful but for the fact that the sen ate found Itself powerless In the face of Its own rules to do what it desired. To mak tbe matter public in advance of tbe procla matlon ot the president would require change of rules, and to oven dlscuu a proposed change requires the giving of one day' notice. Tbe treaty U said to ba very like th forecast* of it already published. Bou a tors friendly to tbe administration *vf that a that could have boau ex pouted has been a< compliahed by tbe secretary of state. Republicans oa tbe other hand claim that Can •da'i interpretation of tba treaty of I'M* b« been sustained. Tbe tost of tn» treaty wl probably be tint reoalv&i from Ottawa, o Thursday nail when th« Dominion parUa KoeBloonvvnea Local KatM M4 Leas Haul*. WABBIMQTOW Csrr, F»b. *1. —In Uw scuipl«ius ot kb« DdavUU, Va., cuamb« illo railwuy ivinpaiiy, Monday, tlia iuter- ate comm-.TCLt commission held that tue uitlce of lo(?.il rates can not be determined y a comparison of them with the rates anrged on long through lines upon which he freights are carried for long distances in rent volume. Railroad, can not be com- )ellod to give the same rate for the t wn ship- lents, any for Instance from Richmond, 'a., to Danville, and then ro-shtppod to 3oldsboro, N. C. that is given where there U ut one shipment direct from Richmond to Joldsboro. The fact that refusing to do operates In favor of one town or adversely a another does not charge It with nnjustdli- •Iminntion. Another Itenplte for Brook*. WASHINGTON C'rrr, Feb. 2L — In the Inlled "'8" court" Monday tho hief justice gave notice that mandates to nforce the decisions of the court would ssue in all cases deciled previously to Janary Ut, except those In which petitions for ehearing are pending, and those docketed nd disruissr-d under the ninth rule In view f the fact that a petition for a rehearing as boon forwarded, but not received. In the ilaxwell-Preller murder case, the issuance f the mandate In that case is postponed. The effect of this will be to put off for the >resent the execution of the sentence of ieath pronounced upon Brooks, alias Maxwell, by tho state court. A Trillion of Much Bnlk. WAflmr.osoH CITY, Feb. 21.— A petition >reseutad by Blair in the senate Monday was o large in balk that he Could scarcely lift it, The petition contained 15,000 names and had wen circulated by the Women's Cnristian femperancj union and the Knights of Labor. '.t was In favor of legislation for tho better >rotcctlon of women and girls and the pun- nhment of offi-nws against them. In reference to bis mammoth petition, Blair said bat the traffic In young girls in the great cities bad become so Infamous and notorious as to call forth this petition with signers rom every part of the country, and to demand federal legislation. Rflorcniililiig the Po*tma*ter*. WABHINOTON CITY, Feb. 21.— A bill Introduced in the house by Blount of Georgia, chairman of the committee on ptatofllcesand post-roads, providing for the reorganization of the postal xervice, proposes to divide the postmasters Into throe classes. The salaries of ho first two dosses are to bo In proportion to tho gross receipt* of tho ofllces, and will range from $I,5'JO U> fcl.UOU,' with allow- IICTS for rent, I glit-, fuel otix In the coso of third clasH the compensation is to be fixed by a sliding scalp bosod upon the receipts, ranging from fC'J to $127 per quarter. Condition or rhllanlhropUt Corcoran. WASHINGTON CITY. Fob. SI.— Mr. W. W. Corcoran was reported no better Monday night! His physician. Dr. A. Y. P. Garnott, says that hm disease is a form of sunile bronchitis, which frequently attacks, persons of advanced age. Monday he took a little milk punch an 1 tlio juice of moat. This is the only form of food that is given him. All the arraignments in regard to his properly have been determined, and, with the business exactness which has characterized him through life, he has oven arranged the details of his burial. ' Itanrty For. the Convention Contest. WARIIINOTON CITY, Feb.* 31.— The delegations from Chic i^o, SL Louis, Cincinnati, Ban Francisco and New York City, that will press the claims of their respective cities for the honor of entertaining the next Democratic national convention, are all on band. But few of the members of the Democratic national committee are yet in town, so the struggle between tbeso rival-Thus not yet fairly begun. _ t Preaiilont and WU* at the Opera. WASHINGTON Crnr, Feb. 2L— Mrs. Cleveland, accompanied by Postmaster General Dickinson, Mrs. Dickinson, andotbor friends occupied a stage box Monday night at the n*w National theutro. It was the flrat night of the return vinlt of tho National Opera company, and Rubinstein's o|>era of "Nero 1 was given witli Miss Emma Juch and Messrs. Sylva and Luifwig in the principal roles. Butter Than Expert Testimony. WASHINGTON CITY, Fob. 21.— An autopsy on the bo ly of Mrs. Emmons, the eccentric wife o' Surveyor Emiuoiis, reveals the fact that the brain was spriously diseased, there being two ul ers and also n quantity of water on the surface of the brain. Wlfa tn Jail Charge* Her Hmband with Mnrder and Other VUlalnle*—S«n*»tlonal Afflilr at a Washington City 'Hot«l That Wa* Nearly Murder—The Killing of th* Oyiter Pirate Denaunovd. WICHITA, Kan., Feb. 21.—Mrs. Ellen War- er, a prisoner In the county jail, made an af- davltMonday to the effect that ber husband, Vllliam Warner, a house-mover of this city, as a murderer, counterfeiter and thief. he s-viil: "Ten years ago my husband and I ved in Des Moine^Ia. He belonged to a gang f desperadoes who would stop at nothing to got money. One night Henry Bcribner, a wealthy old man, was killed. My husband was out almost all night and came In very much exclied. When I a»H«l the causa he wore me to secrecy, and then told m» tbat Scrilmer had been murder*! and that Dan nd Ben Smith and himself bad done the eod and robbed the body. The Smiths were rrested, but they succeeded tn getting oft "My husband was also In a plot to murder saloon-keeper named Applegate, but I card their plant and warned him. Four ears ago next month my husband helped to rnuggli) some tools Into the jail at Pea foines, and assisted In the escipe of ill- eon desporadoe* from there. Ha was bo connected with a notorious counter- elter. Bill Harden, and many narrow •*>pea he and Harden bad from capture. ly husband's brother, Louis, Is also la Vichita, and one is as bad aa the other. At !eva»topol, Iowa, Louis made a grand raid in property and was captured, but escaped rom the court room. He went to Trenton, fa,where he was sent to Jail for ill months or theft, but escaped through the aid of my msband. My husband has of ten threatened to :111 ma, and one night In August ha held aa ipen knife over me all night." The officers at Dea Molnes have boon oon.- nnnlcated with, and they say they renom- ler the Bcrlbner murder and tbat the mur- leror escnpo.l. ' It is not yet known what will be done In the case. THE OYSTER BANK TRAGEDY. Squabbling Over IJlalne'* Withdrawal NEW YORK, Feb. 21.—At the meeting of tbe Republican club Monday nljht John A. Groo introduced a resolution regretting Mr. Blalne'i retirement Several speeches sup porting tbe resolution were made. Cephas Bralnerii, Jr., then opposed IS, anil .denounced Blnine's "presumption" In withdrawing bis name when It was no at all certain that be would bavi been nominated. Hisses and cheers enllv ened Mr. Bralnerd's speech. C. H. Apple gate also opposed the ivsolution, and sale tint If adopted it would be heralded from Maine to California that the club wantei .Blaiue for president. After a warm discussion a motion to lay on the table was defeated amid cboors. The resolution was then referred to o committee of flve by voto of 24 to 29. The committee greatl; modiflol thi) resolution and it was then adopted. • Declines Tn Be Identified with Protestants. NEW YORK, Feb. 21.—A letter from Dr UcGlyiiu, who bad been invited to speak before the Baptist ministers on tbe "Pope in Politics," was-read at the regular weekly meeting of that body Monday. After thank ing the organization for the honor. Dr. Mo- Glynn adds that he must decline speaking on tho subject proposed. Ho wished to avoir tbe semblance of discussing tbe pope from Protestant standpoint He was, however willing to speak before tbat body on tbe siib- 1ect of tho religious aspect of tho labor movement. A strong opposition was develops among the ministers against having tb doctor £]>enk at all Finally a motion to la; tbe matter on the table was carried. Smart Knoagb To Be a Vool. INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., Feb. 21.—W. C. Bernhardt, aged 30,~a prominent attorney o Richmond, Ind., son-in-law of Hon. Lew D. Btubbs of tbe Republican state centra committee, was found dead Monday ip room at the New Dennlson hotel On a tabl was a nota saying: "This man is just unar enough to ba a d—d fool." This Is supposec to bava been written by Earnhardt. J came to this city Saturday, and Bund; _ afternoon was missed by Col BrUgelau aud oth«r associates. Death resulted from bullet In tbo heart, fliel doubtless by him- salt Whisky.drinking led to trouble with his wife, who returned to her father's boma last weak. _____^_____ Tammany'* Ltalegat** Kn Boat*. KKW YORK, Feb. 81.— Tbe Tammany ha committee, wbicb will urge tbat tbU city b selected as iba pl&oa of holding the n«: Democratic national convention, loft Ttaui day morning for Wuihiiigton to confer wit tba dal«gHtw (rom other citlaa wbo bav* UK maUor la haml Should they b* uoabl* to s*cur« the rocogolUoo ot (heir claim* ibe cootmltto* will onaalmoudy vot* for Ban NUMBER 5 3ENOUXCED BY HIS WIFK LIGHT TURNED UPON SEVERAL MYSTERIOUS CRIMES IN IOWA. MOSES VILLOJv Has jost received a car of SPLINT COAL Just the thing to turn in YOUR CRATES This kind ofwcnthf r. TRY IT. OH! MY HEAD. The jmin from Neuralgia end its companion disenss Rheunmii'TO is excruciating. Thousand* who could be quickly enrwl arc needlessly saf- fering. Ath-lw-pho-ros wili do for others what it did fi>r the following parties: Wnitammcirl, To*., Ort. 11SW. HaTtnK been ftffiictea with n<mraj«t» ft* the pant foOT ftxn. and trying • irorwt ffrwj- tfcing, hot fo rain, I fln»Ily hoard of Atfcjo- pbrw.*. Aftnr ta^intf ona battle I found tt u>ba helping ra», *na *fter taking foarbot- UM of AllUophorTa RBI! one of Plfls, I found thftt I was *ntJT*l7 wwll. i think tbfl ffiadl- • clna t. positively A sore onra CHATTWCET B. HTODTCK. Mt. O»rrn»l. III,. D«o 2R, ISH7. I bin n»od Atblopbonw) in mr fcur.IV Knd find it to bn th»t srTwntMt mfldiclne f or B«U. j mlffi* in «xi*tcncf! uml harin* h»<] it* fans*«.1 ar*'R ifi« for the pant 3nr*s!v Iknnw wh«reof I aswalc. Mn», JuutA CRH.TOW. «-S«nd 6 cents for the benmlful colored ple- • tuff, " Moorish Nfaiden." THEATHLOPfiOROS CO. 112 Wall St. H. T. Jome Cnnec«**arr Indignation at Raltt more—The Coroner'! Verdict. l.. Feb. .J?l.—TheJcilling of 'apt. Whltflhomo boa caused Intense excitement in East Baltimore, where he well anil favorably known among the oyster men and commission merchants. An indignation meeting was bold Monday at the business house of Hanson P. Barnes & Son*. Speeches were made denouncing the action of the captain of the police boat Folly, and it waa claimed that no navy could be formed under other than United States authority to Bhoot down pot pie on the.high seas. A com mittoe was appjiutud "to inquire whether ihe police boato,aro authority! l>y the oonati* tutlon to destroy the livea of Inoffensive dredgers." ANNAPOLIS, Md., Feb. 81.—The coroner's jury met Thursday to inquire into the cause of Capt Whitehouse's death, who wai.killed on the Nichols on Saturday niglit during an encounter with the police boat Folly. The testimony added nothing to the facts already printed except to show that there was no conspiracy and that Whltoboune sent all his crew forward and did all the shooting him self that was done from bis vessel.. The jury decided that it was Impossible to say who killed Wbltefaouse. . MORIARITY WAS THERE, And He Shot a Piece Off IIU Saooeurnl Rlv»r* MOM. WASHINGTON Crnr, Feb. 2i.—A shooting affray occurred in Wlllard'a ho^al Saturday night. The'story goes that a gentleman and lady arrived here on Saturday and took'ad- joining apartment* In the hotel. Shortly afterward another gentleman arrived at ihl hotel and registered. It is laid that the lei arrival called on the first and demanded admittance to liis room. On being refused, he fired a pistol, the bullet passing through th door and gracing the nose of the object o: his wrath. The explanation . given la that the gentleman who did the shooting wan engaged to the young lady, and bin Intention was to kill his successful rival The young couple first to .arrive regi»tere< as F. A. McHugh and Mias Katie A. Martin, of New York, and the man who did thi (booting registered as James D. Moriarlty of New Jersey. The bullet from Moriarity': pistol took a small piece oft McHugh's now. No arrests were made and th* -mysterious trio left here bound north Sunday morning. . A Villainous Attempt at Vandalism. BHAHOKIN, Pa., Feb. SI. —An attempt to blow up the Philadelphia & Reading Rail road company's handsome freight house al this place early Monday morning was frus trated by the ignorance of the would-be GBJ Fawkea in mixing the explosives. The janl tor, while opening the building, discovered a large dark-colored glass demijohn placed a the main entrance, with a consumed miner* "squib" sticking in the neck. An examination revealed several quart* of giant powder saltpetre, blasting paper saturated with naphtha,and quicksilver, the latter probably preventing the explosion. Deteciivea are seeking for clews. Harder In an Insane Hospital. BT. PITER, Minn., Feb. 21.—The nigh watchman at the hospital for the insane a Bt Peter In making his round at 2 o'cloe Monday morning discovered that J. W Stover bad killed his room-mate, Churl. Warner. The two patients were coniideroi harmless, and bad roomed together for th but two mouths. The murdt rer accomplishec bis deed by using the post of an iron be< stead, with which be crushed his victim skull Did Sorlou* Damage With a Beer Mallet. " BT Louis, Feb. St.—Thomas Dunn an Dan Donahue quarreled In a saloon at 41 Chestnut street Monday night The bar keeper, Andy Ratabltle, »ei«Jd a beer malle and mxdo for both num. When the mel was over, it" was found that Dan had tui tamed a compound fracture of th« .iku from the mallet and will die, Donahue was badly bruised about the head. Ralabiti waa locked up. ' One Farmer Kills Another. PxKU, lad., FetC 8L—At 7 o'clock Mouda morning, near Kokomo, William Rush sb and Instantly killed Cnorlea Adams. Th nun were quarreling over. • settlement o tome land. Both are prominent farmers. The officers are in pursuit of tba murderer and much excitmueut eiisti Mr*. Bobtiuon Wants a New trial. BOSTON, Feb. 21. — Counsel for Mrs. Robin •on, who was found guilty of having the death of Prince- A. Fnwman, ber broth«r In law, bava petitioned for • n»w trial on the ground Uiat. tba verdict was mgaiiut UM •vldeuca. rat a,OO9 M»n to Work. Bt Loum, Kuh. 31.—Attar • shot dowu ol ovw two month* tor r»p*in worfct irwam«U o Uli a furs» of ymtr rataner for the Orltrlna] 93 Sh*«, Bowmre of ImiuttlODs. .JAMES MEANS 9 S3 SHOE. ^BUTTON TMt shoe vtandi Metier In the rstlnrntftm ot Bearer* than nny othnr la the world. 3"h<ra"(in i 1» •ho ****** U will tell you Uiarvason Lt you BjJt U>«a, J. R. BELL & SON Will sell them to yon U you will give town - ctuvnos, as well u j FINE CLOTHING. A new and desirable stock of whlcli they here at, hand. Dent think of frolng anywhere else, u no one else In the city keeps The James Means Shoe Or aa fine and ' EUEQA "T CJT.f»"«7fniIQ Aatheydo' — THE CHICAGO ORTH- RAILWAY. Pemetrstei] the Omtwis or PODmlav- ILLINOIS, IOWA, WISCONSIN, MlCHIGAJi, •-.— 'MINNESOTA, DAKOTA, NEBRASKA AND WYOMING. tt» TBAIM SKRVICH U earetallf arranged to meet requirement! of local travel, aa well as Co furnish tbo most attractive BoutM or through travel between important TRADE CENTRES. Atm KOIIIPMEMT «f Day and Parlor Can, Dining and Palace Sleeping Can ll without rlnO. . ITM- BOAD-BKD U perfeettoB • stone-ballasted steel.. The North-Weitern I» the tairorlto route for tbe Commercial Travel, the Tourist ana [hi seekers alter new nomea In the Golden Northwest. i Detailed Information cheerfully furnished by A. A«ent, K. WHITMAK, H. O. WICKEB. Vloe-Pres. & Geu. Maagr. Traffic Manager. IF. IILBOJ. Bea'i FuNipi Aptt • NO HODSEHOIJ) SHOULD BEWITHP'Jf , SA« PHILADELPHIA. Dollar The majority of Uie Ills of the bumsa l>oily arlso from a dineutcd Uver. Slm- movf Liver RegaUitor ha« brcn the meoiu of restoring more people to health and happiness by giving thorn a, boalUiy Liver than any other agency oa uarth. 9KK rilAf VOB GET THE OENCIITE. LADIES! Do Xour Own Ufelntr, «c Hone, wtth PEERLESS DYES Tb«y wffi dye everything;. whore. IMos l«e have no equal lor',.. -™ In IPsxilumfe* off tor Fauclaa*3 MUOC '^illilUdJ. tl»| ;t;; iil- ™ —«-^ ^ * *

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