The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on June 22, 1859 · Page 2
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 2

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 22, 1859
Page 2
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"THE DAILY NEWS. morning,..?,. June 29. J«* one ofStti* rwalto «f the editorial oon- jention, we ^are soon to have published a pamjpWet, containing, besides an account of the proceeding* of the three conventions already held, a history of the press of the State, at near a* It can be got *t, from the date of the first paper pnWUhed in it, till now. Mr. Hyer, of the Madison Patriot, has the matter principally in charge, and will doubtless give ns a work of great value and fall of much useful b- formatlon. It I* to be regretted that nothing of the kind has heretofore been thought of, as the history of the press of the State is equally interesting, andnearly as important as the history of the State itself. Mr. Hyer will ask some of the oldest editors, many of whom are now out of the business, for early remlniscen- cess, and we trust his letters will be promptly answered. tnterertlnfr to N.torallzed ClUzena-Wlto Can Safely Venture to Europe. The following is the official letter of Qener •ICass, Secretary of State, addressed to Mr Hofer, of Cincinnati, in response to enqniries made by the latter : Change for a Hundred. n a great taanu factoring town not many thousand inilee . t moved from'taneashire, and the confines o that neighboring county so celebrated fpr th "ontenesa" of iu inhabitants The railwaj had brought in thousands of people that mom ing, from »H puts' ot the adjacent coantry most fqr business, some for pleasure, some fo a convenient mixture of both. Men came in to make money, and made it or not, accordln to circumstances,, their wives and daughter came to to spend money, and found no diffl onlty in accomplishing their object; other people came in for other purposes (as will an. pear before theoonolnjionof this faithful nar rative,) and were equally successful in carry, ing them out. In the Exchange, merchants and cotton- spinners, and brokers and agents thronged to. fether, and were as busy as bees in a hive What were they doing t Ah 1 that I cannot say. Hundreds of thousands of pounds, I am Id. change owners on market day in this same Exchange, without a scrap of writing or earnest to bind the bargain. Who can tell what great tranMctlons were being clenched J erhaps some one was buying up all the cot- .on in Liverpool; ptrhaps the money was be- ng found for some invention that will provide broadcloth at sixpence a yard; perhaps that vulgar-looking old fellow, to whom all are caching their hats, on account of his reputed vealth, U buying what he knows very well he ever will be a'Je to pay for; and who knows but that those sanctified individuals in white neckcloths are contracting for a supply of thread, bearing a lie upon its label, in order to cheat tbe poor seamstress of her due ? Snob, things are done, we know, thanks to that much vilified tribunal—Her Majesty's Hieh t-ourt of Chancery. But we have little to do with the Exchange and those who frequent it. This grnat town —which is to be nameless, for certain sufficient rsasons—goes to dinner at 2 o'clock, eats a great deal of cold meat, and drinks a great deal of hot wine; and being a town of Inferior oreanlzalion, gastronomfcally speaking, is not afflicted with those frightful consequence from which any other town of more fashionablfl and „„„„. ., ,.„.„„. djspwptlc habits wonld Buffer. Consequently conntry, as the operations of the French con- i for about on« hour after the time I hav™named -illon law were not nasiiiv.l. *„„„.., „..,, , there is a lull in the transaction of business; and whilst the bees are on th-ir return to their work, much shopping takes place. Th« principal Jen-allure in thfp nameless town are Messrs. Elephant & Castle, and a » , j ~, -™ u..i on goodly sight their shop-window affords upon in France, where the dnty is designated by lot I market day, especially when the old rear ifat ° r k h Prussia, every person is requfcud i it« gasp and all tbe "pretty pretties" for a ThA "ju.™ *f. a . 8oldl ,'' r ' new year's gift are exhibited in glittering ron-g or STATE, i Washington, June 16. J Srii :— In answer to your letter of the 6tb tost., 1 hare to inform yon that the brief letter from this i Department, io which yon refer, dated th* 17lh of May last, and addressed to F«- Ux Le Clere, was in reply to an application for tntormation, and was principally intended to recommend caution to oar naturalized fellow citizens, natives of France, in returning to that . . I — •».._, n.uutiu.aT.11,1 bear injuriously on that class of American citizens. Most of U,e continental Enrope- an nations have a system of military organization, by which their citizens are compiled to serve in the army by conscription, and not as The condition of American naturalized citi- eens returning to their native country, where the system of compulsory service prevails and who had left before such service, has consequently been the subject of discussion with some of the European powers. Quite recently it has risen between the Dntted States and Prussia, and the representative of this conn- try, at the Court of Berlin, has brought the matter to the attention of the Prussia-, Gov ernment. J ° tne instructions sent to faitn. Mav !•> 18S9, it was explicitly stated that this Govern' ment opposed the doctrine of perpetual allegiance and maintains the right to form new political ties elsewhere. Upon |M S --,,],,„„[ jt is observed, that in this age of tL - -,.. tbe Ides of aontrolling the citirens in u,, ohoise of theor n "\ l ' D(:l b ' nd ' ng tbHtD !'- T " """' Political 7i ° inhabit for his liietime. a country Which he desires to leave, can hard I r be en" tertained by any Government The " Cnited States, therefore, maintains the propopition l that naturahted citiiens. returninc to tb. country of their birth, art no! liable dvtiu or penaltiet except such at u tenc at the period of their emigration H, at that time, they «vr« in he ttrrri , or actually called into it, such emigration „„,-] naturalimion do Dot exempt them from the de^T r P8n WhiCh tbl>7 inourr ^ »'J 'heir oui lots pHuaitjr tn&y hn enforofd against th«m whenever they shall voluntarily place themselves within tbe local jurisdiction of ! their native conntry, and shall I* proceed.-d i against aor-ori.,,,- ,, 0 U ff . B ui when no sonal liabi; • riod ofthei. „_ lurltt>% n, nK t, ou(( tbe opinion of ;„. right to any country Hied Amerioati - in glittering „ therein. So thinks an elderly gentleman from the country, a clergyman of the Church of England evidently, from his upotiess whit* to arty of vert in ezif- p.r • .iimiMfit them at the pe .,. tbe law nf nations, in »jiivernmerit, rir^F no to interfere with natura- ciuzens, and the atu-uipi to do •o would be oonsid-red and unfriendly toward n at lira- Dniu-d Siatep. an acl unjusi i , - us Junsdiction car, of course, arise iu the case of the cuiten who remains it It is only whe L he- .Inn.,'- . ^ turDF „, ,, j(1 native country that it.- iooal |»,- s ran U- e, f,, r oed against him I am, sir [Signed] yoor obedient servant LEWIS CASS A TBCI NEW C.SOLASD W,K L .-The H, mt Journal relate* the following illustration of what a healthy (e ma )e teacher may accomplish We wish all o' the frail, sickly and der-Hyinc girls of the country would read the siory "and I reflect on tbe lesson it,. We should then ' have a race of g-irls, while ladie, would he at a ' discount in ihe matrimonial market We hav, in our minrtV eye one who al lbe early age of ..fourUen taugh, a district school of thirty 6v P ..cholars! Most of the«e Hcbo are were over nine years of age aud them were older than tbe teacher! neokoloth,«nng chin, and the heavy gold seals that hnng. more majarum, after the fashion of our ancestors, from bis fob. There is a w«||. lo-do creaking >n his carefully polished boots and a smile upon hii. ruddy cheeks that bodes well; be is altogether the sort of person at whose table you would like to huve a place, and in whose will yon would have no objection to find your name. Mr Elephant (Castle, bis partner is il home 1 has a hiph respect for the cloth, so he bows profoundly to the clergyman s be enters and his reverence, who is urbamtv itself bows n ! Mr. Elephant in return, fhe j weller is charminK. Politeness ii not a staple cormn o d. ity in this nameless town. Great is it* wealth Lot th« m-pic "tuppence a week," which in' >ome otbrr quarters Is devoted to the acqui- Mtion ol manners, has Iwn but sparingly ei- !• .."led l._r the pirente of the present ee'nerii I Mm, •! its deuixei-is.. Mr. Elephant knows -• t!-man when he Be-« one; and pending hia yi>uu« roan to wait upon som-other customer utiend* to the siranger himsi-lf The simple-minded pastor at onre stated his errand. Tbu^day is New Year/ Day, and Mrs. Beh-jm-r must have her accustomed present. What shall :t 1..^ S, ,,,,tbi,,g uf.liui you know, ami not very expensive, not more than thirty, or perhaps fonv pounds. It in pleasinc to hear the' good man <peak I of money I It is clear that he prizes | t only 1 a* the means of giving pleasure to others Many valuable trinkets are exhibiu-d for se 1-ciion; Imt are rei- t i.-j H-i t h a corre>p.indinB nutuLer of smiles I.,- Mr Del.-itner. as 'trifle* ' At last a very s ,,li,i en ;,i Vltlrh wab c[jajn af|d p--nri».i,u, h.avy H n,i p. M r ft, (,> r the wife of a iHBli.ip. |. produced an-1 ,--ppr.,v-d Fiflv pounds is tbe pHrv, hn d »hil.-t Mr. Elephant'"- ! young man is fi,-,dmc a case whe.eiu ,„ pack ' it, tb- Rev Black beU-nner takes Irom Li- piM-k~i a fa' blttrk porket-book ai,ri i r .-. m iu irnenor a Lank note lor one huudr- : ,, .und.- He irai- j.;st s,uch a as you wou. i . ii,e<-i to have BUc h a packet-hook a ' u ,| fUcll R po ,. kt<t . | Look would not have | wn coiup.e^ without ' Mich a larg- rn«p bauk motile people whose Ve their r^r-pc The Rev. UI»,,K LH-lclmor o-a« r » rT » orrT lje Anotber Ke}r41cIUea Tragedf, ,SL r 'l ne8d8 ^.,» l ~" t i»W pa»Uen o'clock a. m., Minneapolis was thrown into a state of conaderable excitement by thfr report th«t a shooting affair had just taken place-in the «tore»f NutMttfj-ft-Brown, on Washington avenue. It appears that John Howard, a oiti> ren of Minneapolis, some three or, Jbir weeks sines, caoghi'* inian n»ined : Snell taking certain libtttfei with his wife, wbich'oironmsfanoe enraged Howard to such a degree that he pro- oeeded to takemnraary vengeance nponthe spot. Snell escaped, howevw, and was warned by Howard that if he ever came in his sight again be wonld shoot him. Howard immediately 8«nt his wife back with her effects to the residence of her father at the east and prepared to punish Snell ns he deserved,' if at a'nr time he should chanco to meet him. Snell bowever.-prndently ki-pt ont of his way until Tuesday morning, when Howard ehanoed to get sight of him coming down tbe street toward the store of Nutting & Brown. Snell walked into the store and took a seat by the stove (we have these particulars from an eyewitness) when Howard !te[ ped up to the door and requested hito to walk into the street — This Snell immediately proceeded to do, bnt by the time he had got about half,way to the door he was checked by a ball from a revolver n the hands of Howard. The bullet only inflicted a flesh wound, lowever, but served thoroughly to arouse Snell, who proceeded to retaliate and at the ame time defend himself by dashing a heavy ijtcher at Howard from the crockery stand by its side. Howard prodably not willing to en- anger the safety of his own person, retreated, int at the same time kept up bis firing until Snell, after being shot three times, fl*}d lo the ellar in the back part of the store. Howard y this time was prevented, by those who had eeo attracted to the fspot by the disturbance rora doing Snell further injury; bnt he tbreat- ned, and still continues to, we believe, that if e ever gets a fair chance at the destroyer of is happiness again be will kill him. Snrll received three shots, all on the right de of his person, one bullet going through is arm just above the elbow, apother look ef- ect in his side and the third hi the thigh. The onnds were dressed hv Dr. Sabine, and are ufficiently severe to keep Snell confined for the pace of perhaps two or.three weeks, when he ill probably be able to move about again — Howard has not yet been arrested, and from the feeling generally throughout Minneapolis we hardly think be will be. i The verdl« of the people generally seems to be " served him rfghr," and but very little sympathy is manifested by any one in favor of SneJl. It is to be hoped that this narrow escape from a just punishment of Uis misdeeds will have the ef feet to make him a wiser if not a better man and that henceforth wherever h« may go it will warn him to preserve a wholesome re- spj-ct to say ihe least, for the sacred relations which exists between man and wife — St An- ' fl> Of the Co: or; Secret*^ uteiof Jnturanc* -«,- f *ebruarr,l»». i^ <« *'t«te«,Wiiooniln, Dormant to Uw 8C* at8tste,* : - L - - - ''•' - ••- ; V 3 lit. Oaih S. the aidant paid tip «n band. 3d. In the! huid* of and Sue f rom agents i* othen 3d. No rkfcl ei 4th. Bond* i held theOo.lTi. ItlJXl 87 4316 87 bv 19,000 1. M. 8. Bi B. bonds, 12.000 2. Tolrdo, i INorwaUt « » ^^i 1 """"-- 4 iO°° ». M. l. K.|iJ, bonds, g.oco 4. Biockj: ' D. B. 6J! 10,000 »°rth.4. !0487 60 D. 8. 6» , 8,000 worth.,;.: j i6B 86 B. N. ToiaiBs 6,100 do !«i.lS,600 . »orth...j 26903 16 i ' — 48Ji47 Q1 8. Debts dup' to the Oo. .e- cored by tnnrtgago on unencumbered real estate, wortn dqdble tbe amount of mort|ja Ke « per , one _ dale" bearing T per cent. Interest L 116637 19 6 Debts otherwise secured by «tock4.'mortg»gM and insurance scrip of this and other companies, and Intereit on same 7. bebta fanpremlumi, consisting of/bills recelrab.e, 8 All otbef i a. coritiea *n<i claims dt^e the Co., salvage-, veisi!l», AC 9. Pernonal ^oj.ertT owned by the Co : , gteam Tup, Pumps, 4e ( 31,913 T4 35,224 78 80,664 87 20,630 71 Total Assets Hi. LUBII-ITir«. 6. The amount of liabilities doe t > b40k< and oth«r creolt.ns. None, except- :ng what .> contained m No. 10. C Losses adjusted and due. None 7. do do 'and not du?. NOD,N. Leases unadjusted. 8up- pose.l to beat the extent abuut.. - , . . °. Losa'S in suspense. Same aa No. 8. 10. All olher blalms against the company, Ind vldual balances. Uqclalmrd dlyi- den"s, ani; redemption of Scrip uncall^j for Total LiabilUlfi French Fall Set d !T B wi,*i?' )i S r ! berl1 "** reeelYedaimall lamptoo JL Whit* W heat direst from mnee, and will rec-lr arriving l»«m*l do well to lend I: for fame. As pwtlM wl,hlng to P ar' l 'hue7"irtt orders early. - - W1J TOTJKG, Branch Warehouse, Walker's Potat. T a . *»»gj «ren that a C. Uaririri>M withdrawn from Jl.ttieflraofMarr»y,Prlor4 o., having sold all his ngbtand Intertst In said Bra to Wl llam BC Elmball 0, 0. HCBBAT. ITiebuitoea. wiu hereafter be conducted and«r tb, Vif ° rtor - H » rblc * * Co., wbo »U1 settle all aceoonft Of Murray, Prior A Co. A. P. PRIOR, . . J. P. UAKBICK, j» - WM. M, " 80 KKWAKO—S3L,UT L.OST. A SMALL Black and While Wat, wearing < a new- leather itrap around her neck, j aod hat her ear* cot to "a point In Ibe shapToTTStea ???•-"_ »5"' a '» to l _he name of •• Jennie," vai lost on _- will return •In itreet, will receive the above re- J^I M tart « COOH..OIDIOSB. HOtU8T«a..CHAil«80. COTTOM. COON, HOLLISTEB. & COIION. Attorneys and Councilors, NOS. 4, B, AND 8, PH02N IX BOILDINO, (191 Eait Water street,) MILW aUKEE.. . . . ..^^. je9 ............... WIJ Lost or Stolon. , ir *W), payable lo Barbara . eight moniha after .'ate Kxccuied br lerlcn Froegel and Mula Ch Kroegel, dated Mli- aotee, Dcuibtr JS, 1S51. l ».„ «-cr,bod,not 10 ay said note as It »,ll n t b» pa, u to any one exr- ep t tJe»] BARBARA III»D. NOTICh:. J A VINO purchased of Mabley t Co , ihe r stock In , i .*'' c " n ' IStlnK of CljU ". ' Iotb:nn and dents Fur- si.ln/ Uooda, with mteresi m the lm»tne«, »t h .tore, .-.. , . "" . ~ ~ •* • *-•> "•' c»"t3 I ititcod r irrylng UD r Clothing bnslifM In all It, b anchrs nilwauke.-. Mar 80, 1859 >' R. MAI LKY. veaoldloC. S Uabley „, ,t,, k 'n i Inter it In • u bu«ln,»,, Nn ]9s mst W,t er • w- rec mmenj him : . i, u r costomer. in.l Ihc r-ub- ' - generally v "1 Iwaukrr, May 80, 1S59 MAHI EY A Co. __•:_ SPEOlAlr NOTICES UK. Itt'tANE's" OKLKBR-TRO VEBJHJ'CGE *ND UTgK PILLS. 6"" A 'IHga'af combination, but very eflfectnai, aa the following will show : JgATS AND CAPS , November'20, 1S5'2. Knowing, from experience, the valuable qualities of Dr. M'Lant, 7»rmif vaf and Ltotr PUl», f **V*t*l by • leming Bro*. Pl.uburgh, I hlTe t or sometime b»,k con.Ideredll»y duty, and mad. ,t my,,, to make thoae article, known wherever I ..„, , mang friend*. A short time aco I became acquaL-.ted with the c«,e of a young girl, who s.enml to be t.-ouSie-l with worms and liver complaint at the urn- time, , o d had been suffering for joaie, two months penuislon she purtstlaltrd one boit!* Vermifuge, and one bir nf Ltvtr too* accord ng t > .llreriin, s. I".. pasted i larrfe Quantity nf Wornn. ir box more nf,the Pin , w II restnr- h», to p , 3er name and residenc e can i e learned by c E.L. Theall, Dniyjlui, corner -f Rn'?er an,I (tree's. " Purchasers will 6e ,-ar i, 4 ; 0 M g M'LANE'S CELEBRATED VERMlpro- „.in id r-y FLEM NO RRng. rf PitU'b'ir-. h p, , fermlfu ft In comparison are worthless p r >| lenulne Vefmlfu^, also his cel-brai-.l Ljv»r t> i"W he had at all rrip-utal,,,, Ir i,. ,i. ... 'enu<n« ici&mtt tAt nignttfur* ../ BROH JH A STRAW Than A P — *Nt>- 1.0 WEI can ANY OTHER VI K8CHANT.- wh i.fl J aS! «'E.vr. b<- I -AT 1 — HOCSB I.V TF..K WEST N * Ii VOI* |>f mil i This U a complaint v- r y noinnxm, eip 'LHSlcd. Botjfliiiff* i^iTni-r n Bitter •< ore this ritaea"* The *y"fpin, un.J»-r *«t to Iti artitiaal itr. QtrtiVin.f . 4,^ jecomes good, the * pints brromf 'h,-- fi, atm.J ynu O.-l i e tu.l mtu • ; .,-, tal« hy <iragtn*t« %mj l.N,.-r- ,n metijcin* Kt TS c».r.n p,- r bor-1- P A I M 33 ,!• fei l.liv W Kbave with h 10,847 ?S WHEAT Tmxiso TO CHESS —WBS.V it stated m several of our exchanges that much of the wheat in Southern and Central Illinois is turning, or has turned lo chess. This natural phenomenon of transmigration, or transnjuta lion, or wlipver ii may l w railed, has long l,een a frui.fnl theme for discussion between theoretical farmers, anr | gnme who uhe v(]e n tire side of the questioo have gone so far ai to , ofler rewards as high aa §500 for proof that ! any such iransformaiion ever look place — i Now, we do not preteud to be a philosophical i or theoretical eiperin.-nter in the science of! farming, but we have had some experience in ' the matter of wheat-crowing, and our -ir»ri- ' , ,' eno- i.« thai wbeAt wil', und«r oeiutin ciroutn- n j amices turn to chess Ai.d in dnys, We could calculate so '•otu^tauces under The greslest amount Injured In one ruk. 1& 000 of ftre r f f t |. ihe usual bralt; bat in some cases of short risks 110,000 On re»*el» »nd careo«. tli 000 is thv usual limit. Including both Gross -in >uul of premiums received m State of 8 i*-6> n *»7ffllo8"' e CUrr '"' ****• en dlug February The market Talue of -ts .lock. The OompanT h.i n., stociihol^ers, the sen,, |., 0 e,l on the Mutusl plan b, Its char er const.lau. it, cap,i.l anrl the value of-sc ; ,p vane, according 10 us priority o( IS-Uf. ' 1)1 v denij, 7 ptr cent on Its r.uutandlni! scrip Trie chArt-r ,,r art of incorportion of said Company. Seta i,«rew,th JA.WK3 C KVAM?, Preahlent. i A I r«Tirm.'T«, .-en.iarj. Ol- \VIS< com- oor farming nearly on the cir- which this would take pU--.-, that we could Ml beforehand that certain portions of a field though gown with the name ffr -d, and treale,l in all respects ax the linlance, wuuld prodn-e lutle «!,,,. i^t ohesi while the Lalauce of ihe field would be paratively free from it W,. remerul^r one i:-|d in particular that wa* oown «itb wh-al, I -.e first crop alter l.reak. inc —the se»d l,ei,,g , Van and entirely free chess. At.oul h 'f an acre of this arid wa» low ground, whiol w.^s covered »ith wa- ler for a week or two in the sprin?. airl p-r- liaps for some tune du IDK the winter Thi* likeihe i.,t of the fiel : had a Hue growtli Hi' 'I, a u l was not killed l>y ti.e <tauii walei T-t when it ran,e to head o it, all ol. witnoui .me i -ad of wheat wh r ' f u.- :ii-!.i wa- -i.tlrvly free frotu rh^.^#. • '"-~- u -r.- n»- i,,, theory to a,-.-.,uut for t - i.i,. .• :,i ivhi-nt MJ" n tli-re turned tot.-he»s « 'iave fr. r j. :,[lr no- --d that wheat k« thus h. L ii i- un t -runnd thai u r,.v. r-d for anv leutt^ of linje iu tj.u .-a;]r 'S OFKIOE, I MIDU •», May HI 1SS9. ( Satisfactory eTid r nc<? having been furn shed '0 me thM tnr mutual » Louipanj ot Buffa , being an ln>ur nee ir.oriiora ed by ihe 8ta[e uf »ew Yor« h.rmg comp:led with the reo.ii rement of lect on one of Aa ACI em.tied ..An«t i. r^ul.te Uf nranc, C,,mpa- nles not inco. portM l,y th - ff|,.•„„, n " ' prt,T«_>nrck 17. UA9, a,i • hav n & also paid Into the «ate TrraMi y the s^in ol three pfr ccnl un the RrtS) amount ,,l premmiris rfce V.-.1 1n the St.'enf H l,con- so f»r -he ye ,r IbiS. a ;«-r re; ort .f , .Id C..mpany — >«,., tWrtonMB pursuance ol the act, 1, I'avul H. Jone., Secre'a.. of »t»t c of the Mate ol Wu. cons n, do c-.t.iy that IV f Hu ,|. of Mll»au ' " f he be duly d by • Irl C mpany may r-cin, re nr«r premium. iD d tra saci ui r bu Inew . Insurance AJTO-»,.r .a rl Comp-cy In t|.|. Slat, Irom -hi, dai-, ui,lH ,l, c a.-st day ,.f jiuu.ry. ]i)6u In . ,u.e-» ^w^.l. I .,aT, hereur.t., ,,'t mr har.J the.Cta i-oi i. JJ B uon, Uiisiis- ,i»y .f M»y, 1SS9 ' J I> RfOriLE.". j^U—iln, A'ss'.ant Secrrla'y ol .^tale. '. J. ^ Gentlemen's, Miwes &Chddren' Hoots. 8I10KS, NLIPFfetlx & UVUUKUS. FfA'K ROOTS 1UAIIE To ORDER. .•\o. 223 Ka.t Ualer «treet ( Wxlki-r Unuie.) MIL'.,-AL'HKE. [m ., 8 l] .. GltKAT FIN Jill I,;: M. //., This in v tt is r- Ihe ny - 1 LM.iJMi J.V1IK.- rj. 4|{^ I W H . . I , ^ N , VKKV n.-, . r ., , RC.TAII, GOODS ' [ • '.I - M .1 < • : ... . A. <'MFF<»KI*M« ', UK AND Alt']' ( Strrrt. ' LAtlOD • ! -rill .-rr In tl,. U AVIMJ .^cu-e-l lt,» k..| mo.t' oprrit. ken«, («,-io.t .kill ir, h.» drbartro^nt nMnyof *erlt.i,,.sof M,I«a;ik,r,)| » to offer to Lhe put-nc evrry dr-slrai,l. anotn to il, t 'Orutnunity al |..w-r ratr In a tetter manner Unn , on be don. t&hibhmrnt in the » ml. OJ.IFF.iRD-- PU 17) East Water .„, •. , » eat M ffU k n »l ar.J Maw. IW D to fullest B 'FEED THE injunction, div;n< n i t Ujjtj upou us all, u, , itent bv y kn^wn „» HUNGRY," N. B ur.a'l lK ny r *'"»»! JUB Jl.lX) an.l 4 posta«. stamps fRKK.N « HI ' lsi-;j J> 1 ,, u, , W I I V -, KAS r and A- i w.-vi Kii "pt uf \:, ff-.rtf, STKKh 1 Fa mi I v HATHAWAY & BELUfcN, HANKIN(i. I,and ami (OMn lion 'IIT1 UF.I I -v • -•it HI (X U . tak .-! i Tver exh b'ted In thli .- I rCelilijr m U,c ,\cw V > tr*de, ai.J m.l i.T -1 Br, A Z b*-r*: ( o I'll-Is HOTELS, &C H i; Ii V i .^ u 'IOUUIS L'RO.V i in l.llUiJ was e the LANDS AND WATER POWERS, I9O,OOO A< KB s tit (hoicc Fariiii.," and Fine fe Such pr '<» \I-IF:, . ?u t '«Tra .i tfl- »ame pr- his acUoowl* their patron ^t.nilr: jit .,-- ipriel r djfTTTjt t «up«, al «iod. »r, I -u furn,l>!.- I ,TI t ELFCT'D La:/.], ii i , t-d. cer had own brought np in the woods to the most vigorous sports and exe'r. been obliged, in , wood'.- put! nrf Of But she- was Used ,,,.-, - —•Tcinf harl all kiuds of weather, to - ' a wood .- pail, orer s mile to the old log sc honse, to obtain her edncation; and, wbi e ai home, to assist her mother early and late i" tbe work of a lar^ (amUy of brothers and sisters. Bat she was developed in fall and loved bar bome ber books; and she worked She has taught school every snmmer for tb'e last fire or six years, attending to' her stud, s each winter except one or two durln wh h «he kept a winter school. One sum me? when -teaching in a distant school, she ».]fed ^ her home on Mondar mornine a dista . r twelve and a half miles, retarn'ing on fooTo°n Saturday eveningsl Onoe, in companr with her father, she walked the disUncelnd back the same day! 8h<i tanght this school for three months, an' when the time expired J , j fortwotnore. A, tbe present Unle-TS atillajoanggir-she is lbe 8 noc«*ful at d popalar teacher in an advanced r||i w „,£, i of over sixty scbolarsl K " BUUOOI Iiote in u. There ar- err inntb fuck.- prorla:m» •tuli-llt V Blai.k [iflcimer »•»« must trouble »r. Elephant f,.r rl,»,,g.._Mr ; hiepbanl wonld l~ r.uiv to,, hap.pv to nl.|i ffe , bun. Mr. E,-phant oould eaMiy ( ,>,|; s .. \.\ m upon niirket-day. The respect*. Ie pocket- I l.<«ik, with pouuds iu small n,.t«> in it 1 S i placed jn ,,| e ample pocket. HIM new watch I in sinning morocco case, is carefully deposited : m another, and the reverend purchaser i« l-av- I | int; tbe ohop politely as be entered it wh-n a i | yonne, man dressed in the extreme of fashion ' ' —so fir in the extreme as to t« i ri dnneer or ; tumbling over the other aide iuto tbe at,v 9 s of i vnlgansm, bostles rudely in, and runs aiain-t I bis reverence. " ! The good man is not angry, only hart-— I Mor>p. aBj to j,-Lk up hi., bat, which had in the shock, he furtively ti}>on recovering him«e]f reoogmzes tbe youth wbo caused the mischief yon bereT''^ ^ *"*"' F ^ k ' "^ bri ^ Oh, I've come to buy soi "" ; but I hope I have not hurl you ? ; Vo, not much ; but you should not b, Impetuous. Are rou returnmp l,v tl^ ;,r;ii Bill uf the tmn bave still stronger proof of the tr«iisaiuution <,f wbeai to chess. We Lav-no- tire-l « h..^ O f «!,„.,, gr ,, wirj ,, 1]pon ,.,„ . urfa( .^ crnund, until it K r e w up, wbeu u f >or wli_at and a pa.rt cb"»«, all ' the namo bead of what Jf tnii. \ f notsuffl.-U-nt evidence for the and irans- n.iHitiou theorists we will agree to produce cli-ss frutu wbeat by stimuUted growth for Hie 5,500 — Ktnoiha Tnnrt. I > Wl.N« O.\M >, -^n, ttgr, ff,.^ tt le u. ri (l . TerTjr)eIit : -t»tr. are n-,» ,,flrrr.t FOK !>A ., i-;, HI THE Foi and Wisconsin Jmprovempat Co., f Cre,J t. acd i I Tur. ar/ |.ro.. »,i! F ,1 Mi'l -Mea lil.hl.l dr ALBANY RESTAURANT A At Low p,. rM , or r.unll quititl T,rn,.., es ti, s 100[>TB ' i HI vr i>,i l Pi. ..^, lr•^ r>« mo , Co. r; tfi r O I.I3J , Cttrot,, t MI1.1.IAKI) f; , R r- Bo Cc.rop- it «• i,ut .hiii., . .u H.r.1 Macombcrs Salad Cream o i: broc... Are rl of lbe Pto, MODESTY. — The statistics of crime te / ra!uatHe,b«-of iocaied li. i K giuti of Wj-consi , an'J »iui parncolar rpfermce too.ei,, »nd U, e r.clollj of i j; e i ui( .tream. WATKKi attention of Eastern ,e r tr r h » r "J -un s Utn Ij- n'ehavr*.*, 2OOO XI I. vu < f K , „ The best er.r ffcre 1 ID l.'.U - ij .M, u tb ISBl.H. TIKJ.S PORK Htii up expressly (or r,,, r trsrt. > UK..Ml CiUOl.'N 1) 1 IIATIS, X prieL,:rs-i Ue»»n FL.IYL, . Fb- M«,r« f , 'estern .-..antry UuTF.L h»» * U,-ll«nir fU--»rd,D^ -lira r>>,t..-| v»ll < Kentlemen o I <. A t K t) H)-»tl - l.< l (r, , t/,- CapUill,t»|. no» Inrlteri damaged chin, and No, omethitiptor Sophv tV._. ... r • ' four fifteen tram ? ;; Tes, sir, I think so/' replied the v-utb Then we may as well travel ' to««her. I over ™" T *"** THE STTLE or CALIPORKIA GIRLS —Some of the little girls of California carry their practical jokes a little too far. Tbe Marlposa Go. **ttt teHs the following : Half a dozen little girls of this place recently, while out near town, gathering flowers surprisedI two boys about tbeir own age dock' ing round in a reservoir. The boys went out Into the water so that nothing but their heads could be seen, and the girls took seats on the grass in full view, and quite near bj The boye were too modest to come ont, and the girls too sancy and fall of fun to leave The former were as a oonserjuenoe kept in their un comfortable place till they were nearly frozen to death. Esliefoameat last in tb. a matron, who dispersed the party. are ill from the exposure. want to speak to you about the shooting the slebe lands. BO buy yonr baubles mv boy—buy your banbles, at onco The dear l,oy lost no time-he select^ a diamond and o r al necklet, broach, and brace let to match , value fifty pounds, net cash- Sophy «-ae a lucky girl !—off Kred a hundred pound note in payment and demanded change —not as his reverend acquaintance had done as a matter of favor ; but as his right "There, change that," he said, and flune hie note on the counter. B Now it seemed to good Mr. Elephant that there could be no possibility of danger in changing a note even for so nnusnal an amount d-erad-d and .grading women. It is the fa.«h:on of the day to speak and Write about this -great evil," and the rarioas wavs of treatment and restauratlon of th« falling but I t-urely vbei> is u a enough said, and still l» s « ' don. to prevent it. Mistresses of families ,' can do mnoi-i by the care they take of their ' younc servauts by providing for their safe and n-ttlly arnus-m-Dtand occupation, —by strictly watchiuj; over their companions and their habit,..—and by t-nder)y and jndicioualr en- j emitting und V-acUing them; but teachers : cindomor-, by bending the supple tree in 1 tbe n«ht direction at an earlier period. It is ii sol-tnn r -sponsibility, but a blessr-d one ' To pr-vri. < ever easier than to cure. WaU-h i ov^r tb- yu- ;; j K girls iheiij teach them that tb» ' f best stock .,[ Or,., own and at l-,t I.. A •; ME s h enri fr e and > r,iHY ••h :, -. • > It e V It Mills. i"us.» w u hereafter be :.,o • t.'ie patrooaiTf -,f th- oubilc LOOK HERE. } E WEAKY TRAVELEKr °'/ears f of or ' A M , L , , ,. General Ag-nt, at the office of the i.» nd j,, p ., t Appletoo. H.s rrof W. U. RODWAT. C,,n,p,n,.. A ? e 0t . Jt.NXE, I. L F A: I rnn'f m bi'' det.ts. »e car. . Jird i- anJ^r. neui.b;ri who do > timr Ira e. «n,l or ,-oors • o,, or leas of their profl:a In thai w*y. Call and Examine W A I.OON i) i x i N a L OCATED near the llll»autee t Miisijalpp, D , pQ . a joat the place to procure irarro and iurr, Mn n, raeals, for th e lm ,n lum „, M Cfnu M]) (1( »tll N! snpplled with the choic«! Tland'i jf th. i.««,n OtSTERS AXD «iATlK Serre,! up In rTery style, on short nmlce. al«ars supplied wlUi the chc-lceat Winea, J, H u U o 1 Pi- Ba e d a • i 0 i- I .\ I SALE Of l : iiclaimed Freight and Bagga^r or MIL. sc i.Arnossi; n. K. W sold al Hood', Auction Ronnn, No 4 fnrlnc nt., nn 1hi.r«ri»v n,np.,.n« ... on., j-. ' . ** »to» rannDt Ian io i,Ufi5« von J-« :Tli» Kraiikliu Cheiuical \V.,rk, XO. 231 ?TORTH FRA.\KLI> STREET. meal* i«pt il*rs apnn the Mllwanknr * MlaslMivp rt.ia.. J ta neat and oonren.eoi pi ire t u prncurr :helr Warm Lanch fr m Iu ui J -T-: .-^ ^.- - . j, T » C. CCNMNOIIAM, t-i-OMr-.u,, I 1 <•*" «m»llest « njd -ring from the straight patch of ! '"' lnd ch » r e» pall lire r ,o us t , on lbur»daj n.on,in«, u -, SOth dav of an , nf 1 ... Freight at,d Ba re . K e, aolas c»l°"d W t l^J 1 SV, Ike lr.,1, | modesty—in c,»r 8 e je»t permitted, aud tten laughed at, u, flouting dress, the flirting manner, the load laugh, the gidy walk horn, at night, the Hi ^ertug In the street with idle companion.-, t love or admiration, the belief of foolish flattery, may and probably will lead u> consequences too awful for the mind lo dwell on NOTICE. Cm i a Cont.act Deparimcnt, Jane 11° Yto^' 'nilEfollo«-ln r I, a ichfdnle of lota tooting on 6th J. t re^ from Cedar street, to Taonraci id Want -• -• In yonng Rapid with his hands thrast ,„ „,, pockets of h,s pegtop trowsers, with hie ballet- dancer pm, and his bird's-eye BC arf ohewm °" ew shape Thebov Bias OF OEKATHESS —I be hevethenrgttegtofatraly great man ie hi humility. I do not mean by humility donb or his own power, or hesitation in speaking hi opinion; bnt a right understanding of th? re lanong between what he can do and sav ano the rest of the world's sayings and doings All great men not onlj know th,eir business bnt know oanaliy what they know: and ar not only right tn their main opinions, but they u«a»Uy know that they «re right (n them-on Jy they do not think much of thems«lre» on thet aooonnt. Arnolfo knows tnal he can bmldagood donna at Florence; Albert Darer . *° ° ne Wh ° had f ° Md *•"* It cannot be bettar done.? that * work, Sir * w t n a proWnn or two that wonld harepotzled any m " . men, therafore, to fall down and worship them They hare a carious under sense of power' lewness, feeling that the greatness Is not in them, but through them; they ooald not do or be anything elae than Ood made them. And they see iotnethlng 4irine and God-made in every other man they meet, and are endlessly, foolishly. Incredibly msroifal. The sliohtest jaanifestttion of jealoasy or self-complacency Ueaonghtoinar.!* second-rate obaraoter of «ne intellect.— Jfetijh'it; for of dntv *•• . thorongbl/ Inresllgated the wd.^swe predicted be ! woald do/W fallr intoulpttea J&TBaiBBrBon'&om eTeryoliiirm ^01 hte enemiM be MtJsfled now?— IRnoW - 'out copper mines »bout tiiee tone < . - - - s-eye Bcarf a tooth pl ck, with his hat cocked was » rwv Afferent sort of customer. He con |d Do i bTa bad charaet«r himself-oh no ! did not the divine call him "Prank," and wonld he '•frank' any bnt respectable people 7 But yonng men w,ll be young men, and sometimes keep very bad company Be might have taS imposed npon himself. So, the Exchange U- .ug near at hand, Mr. Elephant dUpitch^ young Rapid « note to the master of that place to be scrutinized, pretending, all the time that he was sending it ont to be changed The messenger relumed and whispered to his employer that the report was that fh e not* was a perfectly good one, and be—rather asham«d of hims-lf for baring kept his worthy customer waiting while he indulged in •mob unworthy saspicions-hastily change the defaced note, and baring handed the di f«reno« and Sophy's '• baubles" to Rapid wat bowing hie customers oat, when—oh that thi ^K^ I d Dim, to record ,, ,_ & H all breathless witb hast^and -xoitement. uash ed into the shop and seiied tbe rererend R en tleman and Ills llrelf young friend by thei and I am sorrr to add that the g arel.i.g the street according to plan In^lneer. Ji-19-,181 BlrcV. 168 16S 16S 16S 1C7 167 16T 167 Lot. 1 8 9 IB 6 T 10 11 ig frutten and and citlroat« or Ben^flu. 829,10 I "ft.69 14486 1604.TT 3So,44 14202 418.T7 1 BlacV Trarellnc Ba?, 8 •• 1 Carpet. 6 Black B.g-, 1 0»T>et Ba«, 2 Black B.(i<, 1 Cari^t Bag, 1 Black Bag, 2 Carpet Bap, 1 Leather Bag, 1 ''ar|>et Ban, 1 Bundle Clothing 1 B.DJ Box, 1 Hu»«eti Trunk. 1 u 1 Black 2 Black 1 Chut, 3 Black " 1 Knsreti •• 1 Ches^ 1 Boi, 1 E'lasett " 1 Black 1 Feather Bed, 4 Black Hatcbels, 1 Carpet Bag, 8 (iocs, 4 Hat Boxes and Hau, 12 Batidlei Clothing, ' ot i A/ants. Fred. Riusetl. N'f 1 mark. uavri c s « g . ,,t .n 5. r|,. p , icri e.1 »c nr..e BO- olJ rust.,iners an l otf letter »,th ib-lr ordeti Tor of »',-ed. Bussell. 0. M. Ferris. J- A Blanchard No mark. U. Q . Green. No a'ark. . "liich, as alwajs, .III b« «• ruled 10 heir er I litcl on Thuttsacda appr^-laif the pi our t semei are mad- »h ch pre.cnts u.^ rm,. I vanispt-H and fa • llt;rs npTer ffpr L -<1 by cjthers l 1 Tne E senre fr ( .m Ihr.r »o M urt- actually gamed bj: nbl.|.alion, the ctoie Urnlihj , a .i »omo hin(r Uiat other! cannot ., r dar» a"{ ,- thelm. 2. The Oostj are .mu.- 1 ! less iban g;t,«r s because tneae K»acuces re pot up In packarri.. e»<-h i-mtimlnii enough for :ortj jailuns, ar d ompr smx Lot only all I tlw red tngrellems, t>nt alt, tAf <qlor.n.g Addrc«l letters to CAUL EKLtK, «ai,i K rr .rankllo 1 Chemlral Worjs, Chicago, 111 , I'. O. roi 3343 Je4—d6m ' ' ' n. H. Co., R, 18MI * _'_' H -_ G »RDIKKH. Oomptruli'er. NOTfCE , Urrr OKP KOLLBB'S Ornca. i ' .outract l)cpa^tmen^ all: a-aokee, June 11, -68. f T HK following Is a .cl,ed,,le of l,.ts framing on the Worth ft'tey in bi» ck lfl< m the Second w»rd of th FM^ ^ 1 7!H A ?' f «° m 6t lo Tth rt'eet*! ••D'' an as- ^eVTuT. ^ub^d ^.^"jKjKrf"« iht >M Bio «HH ,v re «P«°- tabillty of the former dropped from him like a oloak and he stood trembling the rery pictnre of s detected swindler. W- w—w— what's the meaning of thin ? gasped poor Mr. Elephant " Why that yon bare two of tbe most noto- yonr h.r,rl « M handcuff his prisoners. ° U cbM « ed notes for t ~ t ~ two tb6 Mr. Elephant obeyed mechanically. "I Shall hare to produce tftem at the police station to make tbe charge—Hi 1 cab.^ and lie oonstabje, liaring aeonred ithe darbies on lUcaptlTPS, thrust them into the cab, and wing told the still-confused Jeweller to dome Ions as quick txsh? conld f 'to swear sjrfn hem" drore off— where t ^ JJcho makes the osnal wsponne J For never rom that moment has Mr. Elephant aet-hia puse nponi rtther of his oostomew; the pw- tended policeman who took them into onstodr w cabnm ^hodrore them away ; ™ m3V > a ,r> *trf«*? f JS?.! 180 ? note8 ' O ' r one iiuaarew pounds HJ^MH which their ingentoM TSSSR& *fl *& 164 l,,i 1C4 101 K4 10* 104 164 Lot 1 2 8 4 8 6 r 8 Beneulj. 93,00 2«,6« 2366 28,68 80,00 29,00 83.06 68 S3 The above goods have remained on hand at tbe Depot of the La Cro-se aod U Ixaakee Railroad one Tear and over, and will be aold wlifcout renerre for cash .„, . , ^-, J - HOOD, AncUuneer. Milwaukee, Jnne 10. HCB. JelO-d4tln20d B Y resolution O f the Qommon Council, adopttd Jane 6th, 18ij, the recommendation of the Street Com- rolasioners to er»de North Wiley to the established trade running through block 163. In tbe ("rcond W»rd it I, ordertu, ' That laid alley be graded to the established grade according to the estimate df tbe Olty Engineer on We In this office. Owners ol property in ikld alley are hereby notified to make such Improremittts, irlth'n 20 daj. from this d»t«, or the Steeet Comnjlisloners of the Second Ward will cause the iune to b« tjoao aod changed to the re- ipecttTe lots according Co fasr. jell-djl g. L'(1<UABD1NEH, ComptroHar. Jel9-d4t ilEdDIT 000BT, ( County of Colombl.. f John Furlong and 1 Morgan Furlong, agalnu John B. Tiiet, Hy. E. L'H. OAEDINIB, City ConiDtroll«r Caroline 0. Vile*, WiBooiuln BiTer draullc Company, EJw-aj-d Spaoldlng. Nelson Joy, | J«tUh A. noonan. Peter HcNtbtaod Anjler Jacluon. n*^—Jor Belief (Com. not (erred.) EAGLE STEAM FOUNDRY, WOHKS Ornn or tar MIL t i!i» 5 ^,,-i Milwaukee, Jo VJOTICE Is herpbjr giTen, that th- deed of or«anira- -Ll tlon of this Companj, Is In the offlc.- of tne Secretary of this Compinj, In tne City ol Milwaukee, read? to be execni, d r,y holders of secured by the mortage, of .the LaCroase* Mll-nriltee R«tir,,.-.d Co Under loreclo«ure of irhl, h thla Company is organtied- and penonsholding inch oond. wh u have nut already erecuted .hfl same, art notified to do so in person or by Attorney duly authorized. Notice U also jlr«n, tint the Secretary of this Company wM lesue cenifioates ol the »took of this Company to the holders of rich baa it upon sarrrerder there«i. In pursuance of the pronslona ot Cha deed of or- (anlaatlon. NoUc:l«»Ho (cl«n,tha« the Board nf Direct-.r, of ttls Company has made an ajsehsmen: in the 'toes, al the rate of one ier cent, (or the , nrpose 01 p y,nj o e •''• ,« 13 J A 1 « ai to A 4' A > = Crst expenses of foreolo.hi n the said mortgage and o KanUlnifthlaDonipanj. payable on or before the dm> of Jrjj neit, to the Treasurer of this Company, at hla oinco m the Olty of Milwaukee jei-dtt BWlbHTW.KIiTJS, Secret, 17 HOOPING, HARDWARE, &C. Hi • < I . '33 J. 1'aiik AND ee STOCK\l,\VAYS FULI, * SJEcOMB, Proprietors, Horn. 8»6,298,3OO, 3U2aud 3O4 WEST WA^IBK STREE-I Two block, below ffleiLa Orout ». H. MAjnhrACTORt BTEAM ENQIBE8, i, HAJTINQ. TTOF are hereby Biiinmoned and reanlredto aniww I WltneaiUwBo, April?, 1808, rnaylS wlawfrw ! * ACQTION . V. T. PLATO, -' AttorpeV. HOHSEPOWtKB- DK1VIKQ tUOnONKa. : J ' DKIDQX, BAJLBOAD •adaTKAMBOiTOASIINOS. . . „ IBONObtOMMS, *• or BnUdlog., and ererj iTarlety of Job Work, to «,« bert numner, and on the nfaitlllwral ternu. fflie •tteutlon of Mlll-otmen ana-owneri ef Wattr- L E i M O ,\ ! SItrN OK THK RED KETTLE i DEALERS IN Stovei, Sheet Iron, Tin, Hardware, —AND— ieiU(;UtTURAL IMPLEMENTS). TITOULD reipectftilly inform their frteadi and the »? public generally, that they have opened a Store at 90B. .. ..... i WEST WATER BTBEBI.. «O6 »o» the«ale«f the kboTe named arOolet, togetfte ' with Are requested to call *nd examine. O(XJUSANt) PKICK8. K. P. C tUV , J< 2 dl 7 Quentfti's Block, 71 fc- Wa rr NEW BOOKM. ilDE! NEW AND IHE OLD in romantic al I'- K K It V I IHE OLD ; Or Calirornla »nd VI •* "• " kL 'TL *t-i> perts, by (J. W Pajmer, M D. ^.U. ^ «u,.~r.,., ^n u . Jlola'ca. by the author ol S.lad for the solitary A Bachelor's Story, by Oilrtr Bnnce. Life of General Barelock, by J T. Headier The CooTalacent, by N. P. Wllin. b T ^ e ^PJ^ ro »«r»« Papin; or, Lrvlnp; In the Connm-, For nl« by ' TEERT t OLE A V SB. 167 Kast W «ter at. I - SWBCRG, N Power, ij pirtlonUrly csJI Ai being t, to _. „„ nomlcal Wheil ever IDTU ardor, not affected by Ice —- •- .proportion Ho " warded nbori application, ' ' : - * n * A~4~^zrs~; —•• EA ^ia, aoia, *nd AfrlaoJtaiU Iraplenentg generilly, u< lr*n u air . . . i . lortiof SHEET to the WH13EL, •erful, dnrablel and eoo- 1—net Uabta to get oat of FOOJ61 BALK TABLED OHKAP. naui *•"«* Brery. J.S1 T»«n} cuh. t _ „ J.HOOQ. AaeOoBeer. ISJgoTwi FBOH Stora pot an to order, far Roofing. SA £* "^ lort " ^ OTderi left will be attended to without delay. MEAOLJA80R. H. KNAPPv W^o JW adUiorls*4 (o rect TI Udrmiiennb for fife •I well U til of th.mnil trr ln«nU»J -?!^?*. w H al * well u all otfh«mojl f ^ ^ffiSyffpn.),,, & elrw. •milt chronl* cue* of <Ute*uti rhich' have nonnctd Inearable by the medical faculty toah u Nerrooi and Reanlgle AffbeUnni ,,,.».^. .. amptlon, RheamatUiB. 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Retail Price, »l,83 Per Bottle. __ --„-_ _ .j the phyHclsru Knd drugglsu of the Cnited State*. • "* O.8fmmoniljha» appotnted.J. P. A r. B. LLSLaTr, No. Ill Cut Water street, sole agenti for the State of W!«- coosln. • wtvere dealen and cuitomen will plexsofor. tfard their order*. . Br calling on the agrot», tie public wQMttvlT* » DOOKKT8. irt NS ,-aae of O NS ,- yrra rnar'jT 1HOICK .Ituoked ^a I HUNN t ' Ad.-Va-'Lh: HYKlf byrup. "• .-I- Duck

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