Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on April 23, 1898 · Page 2
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 2

Denton, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 23, 1898
Page 2
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BEM1DM *» M E L V I N , STEELE . J O H N S O N , EDITORS A N D P R O P R I E T O R S . SATURDAY MORNING, APRIL 23, 1898. WAR IN SIGHT. On Monday 'night last Congress passed ti series of resolutions which w i l l doubtless put au end to the long controversy between Spain and the United States. More t h a n likely they will precipitate 1 active hostili- lies before the lapse of many hours. Hore they are: "WHF.RKAS. The abhorrent condition which have existed for more than three years in the island of Cuba, so near our own borders, have shotted the moral sense of the jjcople of the United States, liavq been a disgrace to Christian civilization, culminating, as they have, in the destruction of a United Stnteb UaUlc-blnp, ·with 260 of its officers and crc\v, while on a (riend- Iv \isit in the harbor of" Havana, ami cannot Ibntrer becudured, us has been .i_t forth bv the rrcsitlciit of the I'mKd States 111 his mcs'sajre to Congress ol April 11, 1S98, upon uhich tlie :ict:oll ol Congress was m\itecl; therefore be it resoHed, "I-irst--That the people of the island of Cuba are, and of right ought to be, free and independent. "Second--That it is the duty of the United States to demand, and the government of the United States loes herebv demand, that the government of Spain at once relinquish its authority and government in the island of Cuba and vi.tli- draw its land nnd naval forces from Cuba and Cuban waters. "Third--That the President of the United States be, and he hereby is, directed and empowered to use the entire land nnd nrtvnl lorccs of the United States, nud to call into the actual service of the United States tlie militia of the several stales to such an extent as may be necessary to earn- these resolutions into effect. "I'onrtli--That the United States hereby disclaims any disposition or intention to exercise sovereignty, jurisdiction, or control over said island, except for the pacification thereof, and asserts its determination when that is accomplished to leave the government and coutrol of the island to its people." The President signed them EDITORIAL NOTE3. . In a speech in the United States Senate on Saturday night last Senator Gorman patriotically declared: "I pltdjfo myself to forget that Mf- Kinley was elected by the Republican party, because I know and believe that as President of a united people he will bear his country's flap aloft, and that no nation, Spanish otherwise, will receive from him aught else than tbat fair, manly and brave treatment of an American President." In such a time as this politics should fall to the rear until the more important question is settled, and it would have been in better taste in Representative Bromwell, of Ohio, had viewed it from Senator Gorman's patriotic standpoint instead of saying, as lie did in a recent speech, that it was to be a "Republican war." It will be a war in which the men of the North and the South, the East and the West will stand side by side iu fighting for ouo flag; to free a suffering and oppressed people, and to avenge the murdered seamen of the Maine. President Frank Thomson, of the Pennsylvania Railroad, has been called upon to act as special aid to the Secretary of War, and in this capacity will tako charge of the transportation of troops in the event of active hostilities. It is observed that those who a few weeks ago were willing to shed their last drop of blood for t h e i r country, in the event of war w i t h Spain, are not now so anxious to shed the first drop. Mrs. Evelyn S. Tome, widow of the late Jacob Tome, has been elected president of. the Cecil National Bank, of Port Deposit. Mr. John Wanamaker, Philadelphia's greatest merchant, is forming a volunteer regiment to go to the front if necessary. bo free; about it time on sent signed Tuesday, and at the same an u l t i m a t u m to Madrid requiring that Spanish troops be withdrawn promptly from Cuba. President McKiuley's ultimatum, sent, in obedience to the resolutions passed by Congress to United States Minister Woodford read: You will immediately communicate tuthe government of Spain said resolution, with the formal demand of the government of the United States, that the government of Spain at once relinquish its authority and government in the Island of Cuba, and withdraw its land and naval forces from Cuba and Cuban waters. In taking this step, the United States hereby disclaims any disposition or intention to exercise sovoreigaity, jurisdiction or control over said island, except for the pacification thereof, aud asserts its determination, when t h a t is accomplished, to leave the sjoverment aud control of the island to its people, under such free and independent government as they may establish. If by the hour of noou on Saturday next, the 23d day of April, instant, there be not communicated to this government by that of Spain ' a full and satisfactory response to this demand, and reason whrreby the ends of peace iu Cuba shall he assured, the President will proceed without f u r - ther notice to use the power and authority enjoined and conferred upon him by the said joint resolution, to such extent as may be necessary .to carry the same into effect. Before our minister at Madrid, -could carry out these instructions he ·was summarily handed his passports by the Spanish government. This last act of Spain was a virtual declaration of war, which, however, has for some time seemed inevitable. . This country will meet the situation calmly and with confidence iu our success. There is no earthly power great enough to make us afraid. How can little Spain hope to against us? The election of a board of town commissioners next Monday afternoon is of more importance than like events have been in the past. In fact, it grows more important each year, as the town progresses. There has not been in its history a time when the immediate future promised such great things for Denton, aud broad-minded aud intelligent men should be put in the position of guardians of the town's interests in this year of its great possibilities. It would be an irreparable misfortune to Denton, after enjoying good town government for years, if it should now fall into incompetent hands. The taxpayers should see to it that this does not happen. No consideration should weigh against competence to flll the office of town commissioner, and the precaution should be taken to secure the consent, in advance, of the men who are to bo elected to this important but undesirable position. "To Spain: Cuba must and C-U-B-A little quick too!" ·····i Americans are the most i n v e n t i v e people on earth. To them havo been issued nearly 000,000 patents, or more than one-third of all the patents issued in the world. No discovery of modern years has been of greater benefit to mankind than Chamberlaia's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy, or has done more to relieve pain and suffering, J. W. Vaughu, of Oakton, Ky., says: "I have used Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera 'and Diarrhoea Remedy in my family for several years, and find it to bo the best medicine I ever used for cramps in the stomach aud bowels. For sale by Hugh Duffey, Hillsboro; R. J. Colston, Ridgely; W. E. Brown, Dontou. An interesting review in the London Speaker, evidently written by an expert,-says that, viewed from his standpoint, the war must be a naval war, and he reaches the conclusion that: "Whatever disputable paper advantage Spain may be able to claim in ships, America is immeasurably superior in questions of spirit, seamanship and lighting qualities. The history of Spain is one long record of naval disasters and today the Spanish gunners and engineers are among the worst in Europe. When we consider the temper and traditions of the opposing nations, we realize bow little probability there is of even a transient Spanish victory, and how much there is to justify the American expectation that from the very beginning of the contest they will sweep the Spaniards from the sea. W ATX AM AKERS PHILADELPHIA, Monday, April is, 1898. Two ^ OR genuine dollar's Cat-net worth we, believe ^ Af v c \ MOQUETTE CARPETS Bargains are the che apest carpets made. And that is so whether one compares them with the lowest priced tapestry or with the finest pile carpet made. And yet, thousands of careless people have condemned Moquette Carpets, because they "shed." As a fact, this shedding is not an evidence of wear--but is simply the working out of the loose fibre that becomes imbedded in the pile when the carpet is being made. As well think that a boy's hair was wearing out because shot ends can be brushed off after a hair-cut. We repeat: Moquette Carpets at usual full prices are cheapest Carpets to buy. And here is unusual economy-8,400 YARDS OF MOQUETTE CARPET, IN 54 PATTERNS, AT 85C A YARD. -...-im. W ANAM AS*. KtPS. Wash ' FR1 ^ S "' beautiful, ser- r-j| i viceable, aie these ManneiS b r i g h t W ash Flannels --and a multitude of patterns to show. Two h u n d r e d and thirty styles in all. But such a collection was necessary to bring together al! the choice sorts that were found on both sides of the water. And the scope of their usefulness is so broad that styles must be proportionately varied. Tne beautiful soft finish of wool; the firmness of texture that will not shrink, added by the hidden warp of the more substantial cotton--the combined virtues of botli giving a fabric that for fresh, comfortable summer beauty the world would not care to do without. Wen have shirts, and sometimes coats and pajamas made of them. Women want them for waists, dresses,wrappers, dressing sacques, petticoats, and the pretty children's garments they make are legion. To supply the demand, our showing includes these-32 styles at 20c 26 styles at 31c 37 styles at 25c 12 styles at 37^c 30 styles at 28c 43 styles at 50c 50 styles at 60c The sixty cent sorts- are golf sporting flannels from Glasgow. Men[s Fine Shoes-- The'greatest assemblage of fashionable footwear ever gathered together is here. The world's best workmanship. A fitting finish for the swellest outfit are these: Men's patent calf lace Shoes; men's via kid lace, or tan Russia calfskin, witn the swell Boston toe, bull-dog, English, London and opera toe shapes--all the fads, nil the comfort-givers are shown. The price-$5 a pair A step lower in grade are these --though in style and quality the equal of most 85 sorts. They have all the details that ordinarily would claim that price-Men's black vici kid lace Shoes, with Berkely toes, or light shade tan Russia calf lace shoes, with English toes. $3.90 a pair And at a fair saving of a dollar over usual costs are these-Men's tan Russia calf Oxfords; tan Russia calf la'ce; black box calf Lice; Mack smooth calf lace; nt $3 a pair All have welted and stitched soles; bulldog, Waukenphast and London toe shapes--tnn shoes have brass studs and eyelets. John Wanamaker. Showing the Condition of the MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE GO OF NEW YORK Value of lieal Estate and Ground Rents owned bv tlic Company less encumbrance thereon Mortgage Loans on Real.Kstulc Loans secured by plcclge'of Bonds, Stocks or other collateral, per schedule C., Bonds and Stocks absolutely owned by the Company, Gusli in Company's Office and in Hunks, Intciost due on blocks, Bonds and other securities, Net a m o u n t of uncollccted and deferred premiums, 33ec3.-va.ct Led-grer I_ia.Toilities: Agents' Credit Iinlancc All other, Assets IfcTot -A.a.Mn.itte«a. Securities deposited in various Slates and foreign countries, for llie protection of policy-holdors in such Stalei,--market value, Agents' Debit iJalaiiecs, Suspense, 21,dlS,-lo4.88 12880,308.00 11,705,195.82 2,105,310.09 4.004.321.10 £231,011,041.09 28,137.0!» 15,421 .(iO At lite Si'jn of the Crystal Globe. GETTING ACQUAINTED '280,000.00 . 2,(iK;,G81 v , Apt Reserve, Net Policy claims. Premiums paid in advance, Any other Liability: Noii-forfeiturp clause of policies, Surplus as regards Poliuy-boldeis, Total Income, Total Expenditure?. ,2IJ2,284.21 $210/138,8715.00 281,1)23.24 ·113,8-28.00 y-218.278,243 07 54,162,608.23 30,124,060.0!) 342,012 Policies in force in United States Doc. 31, 1897, JWj.G02.3Sl 00 8.31 1 pheies written in Maryland during tlie your 1897, 1,494,700 00 1 remiums received on Maryland business in 1897, 398 183 4o LOSSPS paid in Maryland during 1807, a^o'w 91 Losses incurred in Maryland during 1897, 1%',882 03 S TATE OF MiVUYLAND, INSURANCE DEPARTMENT COMMISSIONER'S OFFICE, A.XXAI-OLIS, MARCH 19 1808 In compliance with the Code of Public General Laws, I hereby certify that the above is a true abstract from the sworn statement of the Mutual Life Insurance Company of New lork, to December "1st, 1897, now on file in this Department F. ALBERT KURTZ, Insurance Commissioner. HERBERT N, FELL, GeneraUgeat, WILMINGTON, DEL, \ \ i u DO. THE REPUBLICANS WINK AT IT? A condition exists to-day in Baltimore, as a result of the election of . a Republican mayor and other city officers, which brings many former Democrats to the bar of their own conscience, and the scourge is-laid on remorselessly. We mean those who called themselves Democrats and^voted the Republican ticket. The Baltimore Sun, in speaking of the Western district, says: "The arrests made in tbat section, as well us the every-day experience of the residents of the city, furnish conclusive evidence of a'condition of things tbat is a menace to law-abiding citizens and a disgrace to the community." In an editorial on' the same subject, the Sun makes some pertinent remarks, in part as follows: "The insolence and general conduct of negro toughs and rowdies in some portions of the western district are becoming intolerable, and it is no exaggeration to say that a condition of things exists tbat the white people of this city will not permit to continue.'. Most of the police justices, to their credit, are doing their best to break up this rowdyism, but there is a suspicion that offenders are emboldened by the belief that they and their colored following are essential to the political supremacy of the Republican party, and that, the dominant faction of that party is willing to wink at their lawlessness in order to keep them in line for election day." After calling on the Republican police commissioners to show that there is no foundation for this suspicion, the Sun goes on to say: "If political considerations ov influences are responsible for the disgraceful condition of things described by Justice Grannan 'and others, the Republican party in this city-Tniprht as well order its cof- n'u. for it is digging its o'wn grave, aud a grave from which resurrection will be almost impossible, 1 ' The Svn closes with the promise that it "will never leud its support to any parly which allies itself with lawbreakers and criminals." Like many another man who Las, figuratively speaking, jumped out of the frying- pan into in the fire, Bro. Abell would . jamp back.into the frying pan with great alacrity juat about this time. The government has been somewhat backward in the organization of a formidable land force, but that will likely be remedied by the call made yesterday for 100,000 volunteers. Maryland's quota under ^hat call will about 1500 and the quota of Caroline county will be 17. At that rate a half dozen of the Eastern Shore counties can make up a company jointly. The motto of the srovernment should be sharp and short work in ridding Cuba of the legions of Spain by overwhelming number, and not by slaughter, unless it is unavoidable. The enlistment should be and will be prompt, iind Caroline's seventeen men will be quickly to the front. SALE OK VALUABLE Ex-Governor Robert M. McLane, who was United States Minister to France under President Cleveland, died iu Paris at 6 o'clock Saturday morning. Robert Milli'gan McLane was born in Wilmington, Del., June 233, 1815, and was a son of Louis McLane, United States Senator, Minister to Great Britian and Secretary of the Treasury and o£ State under President Jackson, and a grandson of Allen McLane, a famous Revolutionary soldier and jurist of Delaware. . Postmaster-General James A.Gary resigned bis seat in the Cabinet ou Thursday, and President McKinley nominated Mr.Cbarles Emory Smith, editor of the Philadelphia Press, to flll the vacancy, and he was promptly confirmed by the Senate. Mr. Gary says his only motive in resigning was his ill health aud that he intends to devote his time exclusively to regaining his health. Ignorance of the law excuses no one. The new fish statute for Talbot and Caroline provides that all obstructions must be removed at uoou ou Saturdays, and that no fishing bo done before six o'clock on Monday mornings. It is forbidden by this act that pounds and fykes shall extend more than eighty yards from high-water mark into the river. The flower of the Maryland National Guard will be put into the army and will in the event of hostilities be sent to the front. And we may expect to hear good accounts of them. Maryland has furnished many heroes for all the country's wars. Governor Tunnell, of Delaware, has issued a call for the enrollment of all able bodied citizens who wish to be ready for the defence of the country. The Baltimore American says that war is not attractive, Neither i$ the surgeoo'j knife, but it has to be used in many cases--Ex. Another interesting carpet item is the offering of 12,000 yards of THE BEST TAPESTRY CARPET AT rsc. This is the highest grade, known as "Extra." There are 56 styles. NEW SILKS ARE HERE From France Few of a kind, but hosts of kinds --a bouquet of elegance and the word "bouquet" seems to fit to a "t." for the colors are as varied and as bright as the blooms of even leafy June. A new Silk--Liberty Enlevage-- Soft and satiny. Lilac, mouse, bright blue, turquoise, cardinal and marine. Oblong irregular links of white. 85c. A new Silk--Taffeta Broderie-- A taffeta of two-color stripes embroidered with raised satin figures, with white satin stripes dividing. Two grays, two blues, two lavenders. S2. A new Silk--Faconne Carreaux-A plaid taffeta that peeps through an embroidered lace effect. Two new colors. S2. A new Silk--Pekin Quadrille-Crossed cordsof silk on taffeta, with satin lines dividing, a half inch apart. Green on blue, orange on befge, cerise on beige, black on beige. S2. A new Silk--Taffeta Bayadere-- White edged bars of color, on color--two lavenders, two beiges, two pinks, two greens. Sl.aOaycl. A new Silk--Taffeta Ecossais-- A check Taffeta with one and a half inch blocks of silk outlined by twilled bars of silk, one style only, orange and blue. $2. A new Silk--Taffeta Filite Baya- dere-- A stripe Taffeta with waves of color across. Black and white, reseda and white, cardinal and white. $2 a yd. A new Silk--Pekin Taffeta .Quadrille-- A fancy plaid with satin bars and hairline stripes across a glace of orange, blue, cerise and black. S1.50 a yd. A new Silk--Broderie-- A rich Taffeta Glace in green, heliotrope and orange, shot black. The dots of ottoman equi-distant stand in relief by black on the colors. $1.50 a yd. A new Silk--Taffeta Raye Ombre-A Stripe Taffeta of striking effect; two stripes, one black, one white, together making one stripe, not far apart, on blue, on brown. SI.65 a yd. A new Silk--Pekin Faconne-- A Brocaded Stripe Taffeta with diamond blocks of black, on black and white, on white between two colors, black and white, blue and white. $2 a yd. A new Silk--Faconne Bayadere-- A rich Aritwre with barre loops of silk, rot far apart, in Nile, on orange; for vests and wraps. S2 a yd. A new Silk--Taffeta Glace-AH white shute, over Nile, over cerise, over lavender, over magenta. A new effect. SI. 25 a yd. A new Silk--Quadrille Jardiniere-- A fbecked Taffeta with crossed bars of cplor on white. A departure from black I^EAL ESTATE, UEAK THE TOWN OF DENTON. Tinder txncl by virtue of n decree of the Circuit Court for Cftrolino county, sitting us 11 Court of Equity, passed on the 13th day of April, 1898, in n cnuse therein ponding wherein Georgo W. Davis and Siimucl N. Homey were com plain ants, and Sarah E Saulslwry and Richard J. SnuUbury wero respondents, the undersigned, as trustees, will sell by public auction in front of tlio Court House door, in the town of DeiHon, Md., on SATURDAY, MAY ffl, 1898, between the hours of 2 and J o'clock p.m., the following real estate, to wit: All thnt lot, tract or parcel of land, situated in the Sixth Election District of Caroline county, Md,, on the county road lending from Denton lo Hillsboro,'adjoming tlie hinds of C. M. Lloyd, ct al., and is about l.V miles from Denton, and containing 21-2 ACRES of land, more or less, and improved by a New Two-Story Dwelling and other W. A. STEWARTS D STAN READY FOR BUSINESS, J. O. TAYLOR WITH j, o, H.EZB FRUIT AND PRODUCE COMMISSION MERCHANTS, · 3.-S: East Cam-den. St. - B^ILiTIJivgOIRB REFERENCES: Traders' National Bank of Baltimore; First Nationnl Bnnk of Stcwartstown, Pa. Branch lit Stcwartstown, Pn, "THE GLOBE," Baltimore's wide-awake and. progressive Clothiers, Hatters and Furnishers, wants to make the business acquaintance of every reader of this paper. "Coming: events cast their shadows before." A "coming event" that will interest and instruct you is the issue of the spring and summer edition of . ·*«··· THE GLOBE'S '"*" «CATALOGUE» which will be published and ready for distribution about the latter part of March (perhaps sooner.) When you've carefully read the catalogue you'll be lots wiser. We think you'll like "THE GLOBE'S" way of transacting business 'cause its a fair, square and honest way, so different from some stores. All we want you to do is to SEND US YOUR NAME AND ADDRESS AND WE WILL MAIL COPY OF OUR CATALOGUE TO YOU AS SOON AS IT'S READY, 8 West Baltimore Street, three doors from Charles, BALTIMORE. MI). Order Nisi, Terras of Sale. Tho terms of sulc us prescribocl by the court ni-ii: Onc-bnlf of thepnrclmso money to be pnid in cash on Any of sale, nnd the residue in nine months from day of sale; tlie credit pay incut to boa i- interest from dny of sale, mid to bo secured, with surety thereon approved by the sixid trustees. Tillo papers nt expense of purchaser. OSCAK CLARK, HAJIVEY L. COOPE15, JOHN W. CLAKK, JR., TKUSTEKS. Auctioneer. Oscar Clnrk, Assignee, vs. John K. Diddle and wife, "Win. Biddlc and wife. In the Circuit Court for Caroline county, In Equity. Ordered thi« 1-Uli day of April, 1808, that the sale of the property in these proceedings mentioned, made and reported by Oscar Clark, assignee, be ratified and confirmed, unless, cause to the contrary thereof be shown on or before the twentieth day of June next; provided a copy of this order be inserted in some newspaper printed and published in Caroline county, once in each of throe successive weeks, before the sixteenth day of May next. The report states tlio amount of sales to be S900.90. CHAS. "W. HOBBS, Clork. True copy--lest; CHAS. W. HOBBS, Clerk. Dividend Notice, This i- to give notice that Burton "W. Parker, by a decree of the Orphans' Court for Caroline county, sitting in Equity, was appointed trustee to make sale of the real estate of John Prattis, deceased; that the J. M. SWING 1. M. SWING. T. L. DAY, S1SING CO., MANUFACTURERS Ol' Fruit Baskets, Crates, Berry Cups and Crates, and all Similar Goods. RIDGELY, 3lD., APRIL 20, 1808. We have now on hand in our factories at Kidgely n largo stock of ]Jerry Crates and Cnps. Onv warehouses nro lull of thorn, nnd they must be removed to iniike room for other goods, which wo nro constantly manufacturing. We will ninke it interesting to berry-growers who w i l l , order and take awny these c'rntcs and cups before May tho first next. Our low prices, for vnsh, will astonish yon. It will pay you to buy these Roods now nnd take them nwuy. We need room, nnd yon will need the goods n little later on. Wu cuniiot giinruntcc prices longer limn May tho lir^t next. Come and see our goods, and get our prices for CASH nnd inimcdinLc delivery. 4 23 · Order Nisi, T Pliny Fisher, Assignee, vs. Georgo AY. Euton and Sydney Eaton, his wife. In the Circuit Court for Caroline County. In Equity. Ordered, this 23d day of Sfarcb, 1898, that the sale of the property mentioned in these proceedings, made and reported by T. Pliny Fisher, assignee, be ratified and confirmed, unless cause to the contrary be shown on or before the 26th day of Alay next, provided a copy of this order be inserted in some newspaper printed and published in Caroline county, once in each of three successive weeks before the 24th dav of April next. The report states the amount of sales to be §96.00. CHARLES W. HOBBS. Clerk. True copy--Test: CHARLES W. HOBBS, Cleric. Peerless Machine Shops, EASTOltf, MD, PEERLESS TRACTION ENGINES, PEERLESS J EPARATORS, PEERLESS SELF-FEtDE^S, PEERLESS WEIGHERS AND BAGGERS, PEERLESS SAW MILLS, PEERLESS PORTABLE, DOMESTIC AND STATION RAY ENGINES AND BOILERS. OUR GUARANTEE: We will guarantee our Peerless Threshing Rigs will do more work and better work than any ochermake of machine on the markei, o.- we. will pu them side and side and take the best f-v.- u f) i,y . Also Imperial Stackers by the carload. 'Repair.n? .n ali branches. Bicycles repaired, re-enameled and nickle-plated ar Reasonable prices. For particulars ca'Il on or addres , [or ca^iogue. G. Telephone call No. 35. Near P. W. B. R. R. Depot. CARRIAGES! BUGGIES! Road Notice. "We, the undersigned, taxpayers of the Eighth election d'.strict of Caroline county, hereby give notice that thirty days after said trustee has made sale of said real es- this date wo intend to petition the County tnto. niu! runovtcd the same to the snid ' (jnmmission^rs in l«v rinurii nml mv»,i i tate. and reported the same to the snid ' Commissioners to lay down and open a court, and that the said sale has bean duly [ new public road beginning at or near ratilled and confirmed, and thr, said court, I Ueacliamp's Bridge, on the road leading RAKES! H AVING just completed a large warehouse, I have on hand a complete stock of Carriages, Spindle Buggies, Day tons, Speed Carts. Farm Wasrons--one and two horse. THE QUEEN OF TUB HARVEST FIELD is the OSBORNE COLUMBIA BINDER and boyond Hn doubt stands without a peer. The No. 4 Mower is the lightest draft. All-Steel Hay Rakes nnd Hay Tedders, with bicycle and interchangeable wheels; Disc Harrows; Spring-Tooth Harrows. The machines and implements are all in stock now. And don't forget that Osborne Implements succeed where otbcrsfail. I am in H posi-. lion to quote you the very lowest prices on everything I handle. Am HEADQUARTERS FOR BINDER SiWINE. Give me n call, and let me give you n few points on prices. · H. M. THOMPSON, - - ^ HILLSBORO, MD. BUILDERS TABEBOTffiE 1 11AVK I'Oll SAI.H AT DENTON BRIDGE 25O.OOO CYPRESS CEDAR by Us onlur, is sibont to tloeliirrs H dividend on tho proceeds sirising therefrom, now in the snid trustee's hands. All persons having chum-' ujriiinst tho said deceased «rc hereby wnnied to lilc the same, fornudit, with tho Kcgister of \Vills lor Caroline county, with tho vouchers thereof legally autbentiL'nled, on or before tho 28th day of April, 1808, or they nmy otherwise, by law, be excluded from nil benefit from snid funds. By older of the said court this 22d day of March 1898. Test:--KOB'T J. JUMP, Register of Wills forOnrolino county. mar2G-3t. Large English Berkshire's for Sale.* I have 8 Boars old enough for service that will I suit the most careful breeder. They have plenty of siKeaiul quality. Sired ly tlie Iviiglish boars, Comely Hoy, No 3W62, nticl I.ord Washington, No. -I1IU, nnd out of registered sows with plenty of size and quality. Comely Boy, 3W6J, was sired by the l?uglish Cuampion, Imported I.ord Windsor, 30461, which weighed 900 pounds, and was grand champion in Kn^Iniul over nil breeds of swine, lie was also l ; irst Pri'/e bonr al World's l"'nir, Chicapo. where his owners, Mclcalf liros of New York, refused $1000 cash for him 1 nm also booking orders for Spring Pi5S. Write for catalogue and prices, or come and see them. H. W. W A R N K R , Cordova, Md Irom Willislon to Concord, and running through the lands of Mrs. Elizabeth Ucuuhnmp, Wm. F. Liden, and between the hinds of E. M. Garoy and VV. C. An- UL-OW until it intersects tho county rond lending from Two Johns to Jones Corner. WM. F. LIDEN, A. HOWARD, W. H. WRIGHT, EDWIN M.GAREY, \V. C.ANDRE VV. March 19, 1898. DIFFERENT GRADES. FRICES TO SUIT. T. HCTCIINSON. S TATEMENT OF THE NEW YORK LIFE INSURANCE CO., OF NEW YORK, N. Y.,;TO DECEMBER 31,18D7: Total Admitted Assets $201 ,-il0,835.41 Total Liubilitics '183,518,335.40 Net Surplus 17,893,490.02 Income in Maryland 269,780.81 Losses paid in Maryland... 203,279.17 PERCY DUNNING, CONSTABLE AND COLLECTOR, DENTON, MAR1TLAMD R«fmnc« Deiitou national Bank. Notice to Creditors. This is to give notice that the subscriber, of Caroline county, has obtained from the Orphans' Court of Caroline county, Mary- hind, letters testamentary on the pcrsoiml estate of SYLVESTER SMITH, late of Caroline county, dccensed. All persons having claims against the said deceased are warned to nxhihit the same, with the vouchers thcreol legally authon- ticntBd, to the subscribor on or before the 2olh dny of October, 1898, or they nmy otherwise, by law, bn CNcludcJ from all bonelit of tho said estate. Given under my hand this 6tli day of April, 1898. THOMAS A. SMITH, Executor of Sylvester Smith, dee'd. Wanted, To buy a-lot of best "White Oak Lumber; must ho thoroughly seasoned, in flitch 2V incites thick nnd 10 feet long, clear of knots. Address and state price. KUDOLPH ANKLAM, Smithville, Md. JOB PRINTING --SUCH AS-HANDBILLS, CiKCULAKS, HANDBILLS, CLRCULARvS. HAJSDUILLS, CIRCULARS, HANDBILLS, CIRCULARS, HANDBILLS, CIRCULARS. BILLHEADS, BILLHEADS, BILLHEADS, BILLHEADS, BILLHEADS, LEGAL l-XJUMS, LEGAL FORMS, LEGAL FORMS, LEGAL FORMS, LEGAL FORMS CARDS, CARDS CARDS, CARDS, CARDS, TICKETS, TICKETS, TICKETS, TICKETS, TICKETS, AND ALL K I N D S OF PLAIN AND FANC* PLAIN AND FANCY PLAIN AND FANCY PLAIN AND FANCY PLAIN AND FANCY JOB WORK JOB WORK JOB WORK JOB WORK JOB WORK EXECUTED WITH NEATNESS AND DISPATCH NEATNESS AND DISPATCH NEATNESS AND DISPATCH FOR SIXTY-SEVEN YEARS HA VE BEEN MANUFA CTURED. Year ly Year they have "been Improved. They are better now than ever before, Indeed, they are as near perfection as a machine can be made. Hence the great demand. Call on the agant, Jonathan Evitts, DBITTOXT, ft Braving decided to discontinue the jl % tt A\iHipery Business, I Wll,r. SliLL AU. MY MII.TJNUKY STOCK, CONSISTING OF HATS, O RIBDONS, ETC.,1 ft AT COST FOR SPO7 GASH! IF YOU WANT BARGAINS NOW IS Y O U R CHANCE! ·ss Mrs. Clark will still have charge of the Trimming Department. W. E. BEOWN. Denton, Md. For Sale, Miller Raspberry, flno hard, plants, nt $3.00 per tbousand. Addrsss F. L. STAMBAUGH, Ridgely, lid Money to Loan. I have money to loan on first mortgage on real estate, in sums to suit borrower* OSCAR OLAKK, Donton, '·SFAFERI MEWSPAPKJRl

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