The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 11, 1923 · Page 7
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 7

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 11, 1923
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, JULY II, 1923 * YHfe.fftrT 'CHINStftt NEWS: PAGE SEVEN. Awfully Hot Yesterday ! and many more hot days yet to ccme this month and next. Don't •welter all day in the off ice or home —let us send you an electric fan. We've a size to suit you, at very reasonable prices. 4 North Main Phone $11 OVER SOUTHWEST KANSAS CHILDREN PLAY WITH SHOT GUN; ONE DEAD foet 4 Inches In circumference and has a shade area of 14 foet, Is 100 feet high and la 48 years old. Irothers and Sisters of Dead Youth Unable to Say Just How it Happened. FORD COUNTY AFTER KAW VALLEY HONORS! Newton, July 11.— -J CRKC the 11 year old son of Mr. mid Mrs. W. s. Seymour who Hvi) near Mcl>aln was killed by tho accidental discharge of a shot Kim either .in his hands or in the (hands of Komo one of his brotlmrs anil »!slors with whom ho was playing yesterday morning. The father waa at work near Hal- •tead and the family kept the «un loaded considering It « niean& of protection during the absence of the lius- Tmitd and father. Mrs. Seymour waa out of the house and Jesse with a number of younger brothers and sisters, was handling the gun. Nouo of the children were able to give a detailed account of the accident, but screamed when tho charge exploded and 1.hoir brother fell, their mother running In to find the boy unconscious With a deep wound In the right side of the head. The aucident occurred a short time before eight o 'clock and tho doctor, who was sent* for immediately •fyy a neighbor who was passing, reached there just u few mlnutos before death came at 8:20. JesBO was the family stand by, and carried much of the responsibility of the lnrge family on hid young shoulders during tho absence of tho father, who was at homo very little. NelRh- bors Btato that he was exceptionally reliable- and clear headed for one of hia ape, and acted years older than ho waa. FORMER KANSAS BANKER HELD IN S. D. FAILURE Farmers Find Spud Raising by Irrigation a Profitable Venture. Dodge City, July 11.—Ford county la rivalling tlto tamed Kaw valley In the eastern part of the state In the production of .potatoes. In the past I few years the fanners of l'"ord county havo gone In for the raising of potatoes and have It to be a profitable venture. The potatoes are raised on the Irrigated tracts and are of fine texture and large size. The market gardeners are beginning to market this years crop and tho "shipped In" po- tatooB nre finding a poor nalo. Thin Is an industry which is growing out hero rapidly. Truck gardeners find irrigating from the nearby underflow of tho Arkansas river very profitable. LISTERS. FOLLOW THE HEADERS NEAR LYONS Pratt, Kan., July 11.—Dave Vree- tnyer, formerly president of tho I.a,.o State Rank, Lake <:it.y, iBarbor county, Kansas, is at his home In SW. Charles, 8. !.)., ou bond, charged with disposing oT mortgaged property In connection with the closing of the bank, according to word rocelvod here. He disappeared in November, 1921. He was fii'j'ested ivhun lia returned lo bJs old home tu gat his family for removal to a now place. 'Froemyer la known as the head of the "only bank iihat ever paid 100 •Jifir cent dividends at tho end of one yoar." He rose from Lowboy to the Ihead of tho hank. Tho banker's friends assert that he was drawlntr a salary of SlilO a month from the bank and that he turned over to it his commissions from his insur- auco and real estate business to mako large dividends. CATHOLIC PRIEST TO HAVE DOUBLE PARISH Lyons, July 11.—With the experience of last seeding time Itlll fresh in their minds, many Tllco county, farmers are nlrcady .starting plowing in their wheat fields. On. a score of farms around I,yons, listers are following closely upon the heels of headers. Southwest of town deo. Eatlnger used his teams on harvesting inaculn- used his teams on harvesting machln- fleld al'ter the etitttlng crew had made only a few Initial rounds. Hn kept, tho plow closely crowding the header all last week. Last year wheat growers who failed to get their plowing done early were unable to seed until lata In the full with the result Ibat their yield suffered. The agricultural college estimates that July plowing will add as average of five bushels an acre to annual crop, and a greator number of Rico county farmers seemed determined to test this predcitlon than ever before. • Geo. GTay had about sixty-five acres of wheat stubble turned last Friday. Walter Tobbu; has finished a similar Bizcd .field south of town. Theo. J.ung kept his tractor on the plow throughout harvest and has a largo portion of his field liiruol over. Otherri who have the plow at work already are Chas. MyerB. Frank Hubbard, tleorgs Dlskey, the Spangler boys, Harvo Kirkfliulahl, Al Oooich, Win. Miller, Adolph Ilohl. "Give Your Feet a Vacation" • Foot Saver Shoes When hot days come, tired mindsjjodics and feet should have absolute relexation. Not all women can yo away to seashore, mountain or country. Every woman, at home or abroad, can however give her feet a luxurious vacation in "Foot" Saver" Shoes. Black suede, calf trim, military heel, 2 strap novelty Foot Saver* $13.50 Black patent or kid, 2 strap with military heel .....$11.00 Brown kid oxford $11.00 Black kid oxford . $10.00 Let our shoe men fit you correctly. FAILED TO HEED BLAST SIGNAL; SERIOUSLY HURT Lyons, July 11.—Mllte RIbara, a Mexican worker at the salt plant was caught tu a blast In the salt .mine here and every Inch of his skin was punctured. RIbara failed In observe the blast signal and was near a wall whore rock salt was being loosened by a dynamite blast. When the blast went off ho was struck In tho back.. by pieces of tho s.'.H. Powdered salt was driven clear through his clothing about his hipB and his shoulder was badly hurt by a chunk of the salt falling on it. M'PHERSON WILL TRY GRAVEL ON STREETS to the Oeigor and Rutherford Construction Co., of Leavenworth. Tho bid totaled J18,9»i).«« for tho six blocks to be gravelled. This price Includes the grading, surfacing of the street, as t well as tho installation of gutters, 1 curbing and storm sowers. While the bid accepted was not the : lowest, tax payers who were called In • voted to havo tho I.eavonwortth firm tako the Job. Work will start in ten days. Gravol will be taken from tho J. Alfred Swansnn pit. July Clearance Sale Of Special Interest to the Housewife Madeira Linen Specials For Summer Entertaining and General Use 6 Madeira Napkins, $3.98 In this July Clearance wi- are making a very special offer of six Madciria linen Napkins. There is a variety of designs in the dainty or more elaborate effects. Unusual values. July Clearance, $.? 'W set Madeira Scarfs, $4.98 Alsn you will find an exceptional value in these Madeiria'Scarfs of linen or batiste. Hand embroidered in attractive patterns. 45-54 inch lengths. July Clearance, $1.98 " Other Domestics $1.98 Linen Damask, $1.49 All linen damask in silver bleach; (M and 70 Inches wide; 1%, i%, 2, 2\\, 2% yd. lengths. Flora! patterns. July Clearance, $1.10 81x 90 Seamless Sheets, $1.29 Seamless sheets, Slue 81x90. . made of good weight bleached sheoting, July Clearance, $1.29 35c Outing Flannel, 25c White outing flannel, 30 inches wide. Suitable fur gowns. July Clearance, 25c etc. yd. Crash Toweling FORD COUNTY WILL REPLACE 2 BRIDGES McPherson. July 11.—The city commissioners have let a contract for the gravelling on East Elizabeth street Dodge City, July U.—Two brldgos washed out on tho Crooked creek In Wllburn township In the southwestern part of the county, abmu a mile north of the Ford-Meade county line, are to be rebuilt by the county. It Is announced by J. W- Thornburgh, county ougineor, whoso crews began work this week on the lirlilgo building work. The bridges were destroyed during high water following the first of the heavy rains a couple of months ai,vi. ILjLYWlpJfKm/ 4v-^ FRANCES TkEdO MONTOOMERX CHILD BADLY BURNED BY DEADLY PHENOL Newton, July 11.—The six year old SOB of Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Crawford ttodgo City, July 11.—Father F. U Donvbrowski, formerly of Newton, who la the resident pastor of tho Catholic church at Wright will also recojvod bums yssterday on bis face lravo charge of the newly organized when he tlpood over a bottle of car- Jetmoro .parish. Ho has assumed his bollc acid. now charge and a big rocoption was, The little follow climbed up to a tendered him on Friday. : cupboard to get (some writing paper. Father Dombrowskl Is a young man 'and accidentally pulled down a bottlo •who Is a native Kansan. Ha was born containing tho acid. The cork had and raised at Newton and for tho pa»t, been eaten away somowlial by the two years has been assistant in the'acid and toll out of the bottlo, the Catholic church thoxo. fluid striking him in the faca. A physician was called at once and the wound,* were carofully examined and treated. It was thought that the llt- Aged Cottonwood.' Hun-ton, July 11.—A Cottonwood tree on tho Andrew Sheftler placo has tie follow'3 eyes would not be injured, boon entered In the "grandfather" but'there aro suvere burns - on his tree contest. This tree measures 14 cheeks and elsewhere about hie face Tho policeman, you romembor was getting a roue to tie Billy and tako hlru to the station] All this time Billy and Nannie stood still on tho sidewalk, to see what was going to happen, for they knew that {renerally when a patrol wagon stops outside a house, somebody comes out. Never for one moment did they think they were tho ones that liad caused tho wajum to stop. , A B the policeman opened the Bate to go into tho yard to borrow the lino, he said, to Hilly, "Stay" right where you are, Mr. Goat, and wo'll glvo you a 11I00 little trot to the police station." He did not know that Hilly was an educated goat and would understand what he said. "So It Is I you aro after, Is It! Well, I guess It will be you that will tiavo a fine trot to tho police station with my horns under tho tall of your coat I. It certainly isn't going to ba mo! Nannie, did you hear what he said? Just watch mo It you want to see some fun, for I am going to play with that policeman and the other one, too, If they lntorfere with me, as a cat plays with a mouse." "My good woman, may I borrow your clothes lino for half an hour? I want to tie up & cross goat that Is running the streets and butting everybody," explained the policeman. "Certainly! Wait a mom*nt, and I will get yon my new, strong one, as this might break." And »he hurried lingular 35 ty. " 35c Turkish Towels, 25c bleached Turkish'towels, I. ISc value, now 'Atu± all linen, now.. 35c nil linen, now,. .lfie . l!)c od weight ami quail- July Clearance, 25rj 59c-69c Tissue Ginghams, 48c yd. Tissue ginghams In embroidered patterns, silk stripe, plaids, checks and plain. Large assortment of colors and d'slgns. Formerly 5Sc—G9c. July Clearance, -ISc yd. 35c Japanese Crepe, 25c Itegulnr 3i>r Japanese crepe; 3» Inche wide. Iiariju range of colors. July Clearance, U'Se y. 89c Imported Ginghams, 59c yd. tissue ginghams, In an asscuimont $1.50 Turkish Towels, Kxi.r;i lurgo Turkish towols. Our S9c Imported colors. Special of 95c Good quality with pink or blue borders. Hegular ?!.D0. July Clearance, 95c July Clearunc . r .',k; yd. Sheeting, 9-4 Width, 59c yd. TJrown and bleach sheeting In 9-1 width, flood quality. July Clearauee, 59c y<i. Fancy Madras, 59c yd. Fancy Madras Tor men's shirts. White with :ii rl pes. Formerly 75c--Rile. July Clearance, &!)« ILLINOIS MAN TO HEAD I K.U. FINE ARTS SCHOOL Into tho house to get It, muttciing to herself, "Land -suites! A cross gnat running wild in t.ownl Ho might kill half a dozen school children before anyone could stop him. I'm powerful afraid of a goat, tamo or wild." | Tho policeman loaned ng: '.nst the gate ami grinned at Billy while sho was gone, and the man who hn tl used ; the hose loaned out of the w:i ;;on mid [ shook his fist at Hilly and thre.1tc.11ed that ha would do -all sorts of things to hull when he was tied behind tho wagon.. One was that be was going to pull his beard out one hair at 11 time, uud another that he would cut chips out of his horns as well as cut the ends off. "Oh, Billy," blrsated Nannie, "t«t in run i.way and hide! How ran you stand there and listen to the horrible things he is going to do to you?" "My dear, don't you know 1110 well enough to realize that I wit! be :ib] P > to tako care of myself and you matter what he says? Aa smarty of a policeman standing by the gate, ho Is going to grH tin' surprise of his llfo, for when he attempts to put the rujHj around my nook, 1 small butt him over the f«nce, and ho will land on his back in tho clothes banket of tho kind lady who loaned tho rope, and then he will have plenty . of time to smile on the other side of and a year undor private instruction his mouth as he rubs his back where : la Paris. Ho teaches both piano and 1 havo butted him." ! organ, and has hem similarly success(Tomorrow you see how Billy car-1 fill as a director of chorus work. Hurried out his plan ) 1 lug tho war ho led community slnglug Items in Art Goods h Off A large part of our art needlework stock, eonsistin;; uf all patterns w licll have or will be discontinued by the manufacturers. Children's dresses, rompers, hi )M, lingerie, bt d nf-ts In the I acific pi ckagos. Scarfs , but- tut sets, covur,*, tan pillow scurfs and rovers cn lliteu and art crash . Lunch !»m sets, card table covers, linen pillow slips, etc. July 01. arance Sslo, 1. 3 off I^awrenr^, Kn.n.. July 11, —-Donald | M. Swnrlhout, joint \IIrocior of U IM school of music of Jamnu-MiUUken University, Duuatur, III,, haa b^i appoint- . fttl ilnjin of tho Hf ?hn;>l of Pim.! Art« fit j the Unlvf'i'Mity of K;in .*aH, it wmi an- ( fnr th:tt nounuert Ohanwllor K. H. Litulloy, | after a conFonMK'o with tho Hoard of i j Administration. Doan S-wr.rihout ant:- RQoda Dean E-fsiroId h naffer, for oight yoara at tho University of KiinHati, who returns to Syructuue University (•N Y) as dean i>oaii Swnrtftcut studied four yours at the Royal OontH.rvaitory, Latnslif, in Decatur, and nhicn thfii has duvfdop- od amiH' choni :.U '.r* of :J ( )I) vulcun that havo utli\act«d JI oro than local atton- 'tion. Ho has rtwiuly tlevjlopod a music festival in whif-h unlvurutty and towriKpiroplo conptirau'd. llo Is 39 veura old, rnurriod, and han two *cliiUirf;H. Tim SwarthuuiH will r^ach I.awroiico be fori* tho opuu- itiR of tho UnlvtM;ilty vt-ar S«\ptomh<!r 17. Electric Dishwasher Develops. Klucrric dishwashing in di' to 'MH:OI!U; OVOU moio popular with tho advent of a newly t!> volopuil i-omplt;tn electrical washitiK unit built Into, and forming a permniuint part of a porc.o- llshwaslilnff roeopt- rlolhrt and delicate pieces) by meant* or a Huparate attachment and wh'-n neither dhjhtvuHhltiK nor clothe* wasli- in j; in deHired, the haaket may he removed and only (ho white puivl .Un riiuk used. » "ITappy Jack.": "Tho poornst. w.-iy for a young m-an to featlinr his ue.'d la to nUind ou the ntreot r.ern*»r ami pl«;k 'ehlekenw.' "—Altdilson (Ilohe. S.S.S. keeps away Iain Hink. "The uele In sunk In one haif of the sink into which the wire banket containing the dishes fits. Hot water la swirled and Bprayed over the dlahaH eleausitiK tbotn thoroughly. Moreover, the dishwasher may be converted Into a clothes washer (for fine napkins, tea THE GUMPS —AN EYE FOR BEAUTY |TtU- hit Wtfc.N>oM VlM(C( ^OU VT9 »kt\. R»<iHT-«U-t \ <S\)PP04t IT5 TOO MUCH "WOUS-*. ^0«. "SOU "TO LM 0\6fc OH IT'S ?VNt - 6V CO\)M"t ^OM'Vt HOT IHTU2W35 »« H *,T- BVX UMW t^t 'S wa %1-0\W« OFF sou CMNSE VX TMeN RVSK NOVifc UFt ^\VJ»N(5 WW*. ^ COK.V. VW^OH TO LOOK M n " ^<0\» TRN ^T U«E |\ Nou'ftt ^v. vst-s- 0 LO fr,«t.u^-e<t^ ^utM-NOW \T —«•<— ~ » ?.UT SOuK est *=OR. %'EAUT.S « "I "TO ^t) 'TO RICHES - ^19,500^ HIM. AHt>M NOT MA?> At THE BUT He wow.^ line TO UMiH HERE aro thousanJB of wo- cornplexlons do not improve in Bpito of all the face treatments they u»e. They should not continue to -wonder. Eruptions come from [blood impurities and a lack of rich blood- cells. S. 3. la acknowledged to ba one of the most powerful, rapid and effectivo blood cIcanserB known. 3. S. S. builds new blood-cells. This is why 3. S. S. routs out of your system the impurities which cause boils, pimples, blackheads, acne, blotches, eczema, tetter, rash. S. S. 8. is a remarkable tU»h- buildcr.. That's why underweight people can quickly build up their loBt flesh, get back their normal weight, pink, plump chaeks, blight eyes, and "pep." 3. B. B. U »oM it »!1 gooA arug Htotea 1c :m uisen. Th«t lirgar »1 M fa moio eco;,wii ;lLal. TO" Worlds 13- ).J.J!. 'BiooaMc.tir nn

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