Freeport Journal-Standard from Freeport, Illinois on July 16, 1975 · Page 20
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Freeport Journal-Standard from Freeport, Illinois · Page 20

Freeport, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 16, 1975
Page 20
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Page 20 Freeport (111.) Journal-Standard, Wednesday, July 16, 1975 PEANUTS IVE JUST COME UP WITH THE PERFECT THEORY IT'S fM THEORf THAT 5EETHOVEN WOULP HAVE WRITTEN EVEN BETTER MUSIC IF HE HAP BEEN MARRlEP.' ' WHAT'S SO PERFECT ABOUT THAT 7HEORV?, IT CAN'T 0£ PROI/EP ONE WAV OR THE OTHER! BLONDIE I'O LIKE A VANILLA ICE-CBEAM CONE p WHY DON'T YOU TRY OUR SUPER-MONSTER SPECIAL.? IT'S VERY REFRESHING JW IT HAS SIX SCOOPS OF ICE CREAM WITH CHOCOLATE SY(?UP AND GO6S OF WHIPPED CREAM THE ONLY WAV THAT WOULD BE REFRESHING IS FOR ME TO SIT IN it DONALD DUCK READ IT TO ME.' GET BUSY AND WRITE/ WE'(?E SUPPOSED » - , a TO WRITE A COMPOSITION CONTAINING VTf SO? 25V\ORDS. I HATE WRITING COMPOSITIONS.' V v I U3ST MV CAT, SO I WENT OUTAND CALLEO:HERE KITTY, KITTY KITTY, KITTY, KITTY, KITTY, KITTY, KITTY, KITTY, KITTY, KITTY, KITTY, KITTY, KITTY.'*! SMITH FAMILY BEETLE BAILEY 5CMAEBODY 5MOULP PUT A MUZZLE ON LT. FUZZ// SNUFFY SMITH SHERIFF TH'PflRSOW f\ NEWNITED STATES REVENOOER BfiLLSOFIREU NOW I KNOW WHAT ) THEV MEflN) ABOUT / BAD LUCKCOMIW'IW THREES BUZ SAWYER / NO, WE HAVE MO PATIENT BY THE NAME OF HOWELL MISH. WAS HE ,ADMITTED? dUSTA WHILE- AGO... AT EMERGENCY. POOR HOWIE: WHAT A PITY HIS LIFE WAS SO WASTED/ OH, YES...HERE IT IS. I'M SORRY, MISS, HE WAS DEAD ON ARRIVAL. THE PHANTOM WHAT MATTERS 15 YOU ... >DU'LL NEVER-KNOW' YOUR <5/»N6.ANP THAT"T." WHAT POE5 IT ST/4NF 1 FOR 2 MOTORCVCtE' FUNKY WINKERBEAN TtLL ME, COACH, WHAt DO VOU THINK OF GIRL6 AND UTTLE LEAGUE BALL?-. I LIKE CHOCOLATE FUDGE ICE CREAM TOO/ TIGER THAT& WHAT u gHouu 5UPN6P i. * Woman, 101, Able To See After Two Operations KINGSTON, N.Y. (UPI) - She watches the world from her bedroom window, blue eyes keenly observing the everyday events with unusual interest, frail hands gingerly maneuvering crochet needles. Blind for 10 years, Mrs. Gertrude Hasbrouck Mowell of Kingston, N.Y., will celebrate her 101st birthday tonight - and she will see the catered party through the eyes of a young woman, thanks to two cataract operations which have restored near perfect vision. "I .don't feel 101, you know, maybe 75." she says in slow, low tones. "I'm a temperate woman, never touched a drop - never wanted it - and never smoked tobacco either. Aside from that, 1 just take care of myself." Mrs. Mowell was born July 16, 1874 in the upstate New York community of Walkill, daughter of Frank A. Hasbrouck, a prominent attorney who had President Grover Cleveland as a client. "My father used to take me to Washington and I sat on Mr. Cleveland's- /?. /?. 1//A7S0A? Cited By Bankers' Group Robert R. Vinson, senior vice-president of the State Bank of Freeport, has been awarded the designation of certified commercial lender by the American Banking Association. The CCL title was given Vinson and 76 other bankers upon their passage of an all-day test administered for the first time May 23 at the University of Oklahoma at Norman. lap," she said. "The President was a very nice man." For 10 years Mrs. Mowell was blind because of cataracts, an increasing opacity of the eye lens. After some disagreement among her doctors, Mrs. Mowell's right eye was successfully operated on two years ago by Dr. Donald Praeger and his .associate, Dr. Harold Schneider., "She's a living anthology of American history," Praeger said recently. "She's alert and can recall much of her younger years and childhood." To Praeger, Mrs. Mowell's mental acuity was a sign the system delivering blood to the brain and the eyes Early July Sales Of U.S.-Built Cars Stronger than Expected DETROIT (UPI) - Ear\y July sales of American-built cars were up a stronger-than-expected 6 per cent over June, but industry executives found their best news in the truck sales reports. The improved truck sales, industry executives said Wednesday, could drag car sales up with them and step up the pace of the slow recovery the industry has nurtured since early spring. The industry's July 1-10 reports released Tuesday showed car sales still 5 per cent below year-ago levels and 32 per cent down from'record levels two years ago. But the normal pattern is for an 8 per cent drop between early July and the first part of July. , Truck sales were up 4 per cent over last year, a feat auto sales haven't accomplished since September. was in good condition. The two surgeons operated on the old woman's left eye in May. "We were forced to do the second operation because the cataract was worsening," Schnieder said. "Had it gone unconnected, the lens would have . eventually dissolved and the eye would have caused her considerable pain and .discomfort." "We expected some visual acuity," Praeger said, "but we never expected such success. She has 20-30 .vision. Though I'd like to, I can't claim credit for that." For the last couple of weeks, Mrs. Mowell's daughter, Mrs. Jane Huling, has been organizing the catered party for some 100 invited clergymen, bankers, politicians, and friends - local personalities Mrs. Mowell calls "the big guns." On past birthdays, telegrams of greeting have arrived from congressmen, senators and former President Nixon. Pointing to a thick scrapbook, Mrs. Mowell said, "Mr. Nixon always sent' me birthday and Christmas cards. I liked Mr. Nixon and I still like him. I don't think he was crooked." Mrs. Mowell spends part of her days watching the new color television her daughter bought recently, and occasionally she enjoys reading the .afternoon newspaper. Most of the time, however, Mrs. Mowell says she likes to sit by the bedroom window, crocheting colorful doilies and watching the Amtrak train that passes by regularly. "The man on the train always waves at me," Mrs. Mowell said. "That's very nice, you know. "No one waves at an old woman." Crossword By Eugene She/fer ACROSS 1 Edge 4 Nut or palm 9 Swab 12 Japanese shrub 13 Positive pole 14 Wood sorrel 15 Translucent gem 17 Name in baseball 18 Sense organ 19 Irish isles 21 Girl's name 24 Aimee — McPherson 27 Japanese statesman 28 High explosive 30 Carnegie and Robertson 31 Word in ' Mark 15:34 33 Sailor 35 Dutch painter 36 Biblical verb form 38 Chart 40 Never, in Berlin 11 Exactly suitable 16 Born 20 Oriental nurse 21 Portion 22 Volume of jnaps 23 Leatherworker's tool 25 Novel by George Sand 26 Prussian city 29 Headwear 32 Words of comprehension 34 Nielsen output 37 Hikes 39 Elapses 42 Rotund 44 Stadium cheer 47 Church bench 48 Corrida cheer 50 Rio de — 51 India, for one 52 Biblical name Answer to yesterday's puzzle. 53 Greek letter 41 Osar 43 Clan plaid 45 Tidy 46 "A rose — rose" 47 Luau dish 49 Mountain dew 54 Sprite 55 Wash away 56 Seine 57 Tiny 58 Facing glacier direction 59 Malay isthmus DOWN 1 Bar offering 2 Artificial language ' 3 Rural sound 4 An igneous rock 5 Applicant for admission 6 Also 7 Ferber and Millay 8 Looked askance 9 East Indian vine 10 Calendar abbr. Avg. solution time: 26 min. CRYPTOQUIP EFKIVB DAOMH FAVBM D V I DOIHK KOEM Yesterday's Cryptoquip - BIKE SKIDDED. REASON? BROKEN BRAKES. (© 1975 Kini Features Syndicate, Inc.) Today's Cryptoquip clue: I equals R ' Bridge By ALFRED SHEINWOLD Ann Landers If you're going to throw an opponent into the lead it may not be necessary to make him walk the plank. He may prefer to step back modestly and let his partner bask in the spotlight. South dealer North-South vulnerable NORTH * 73 V KQ986 0 A54 * A63 WEST EAST * KQ 1098542' 4 J <y 5 ^42 OJ72 OQI096 * 10 * QJ9854 . • SOUTH 4 A 6 C? AJ 1073 0 K83 + K72 South West North East 1C? 44 5 V All Pass Opening lead — 4 K You, take the ace of spades, noting three probable losers: one in spades, one in diamonds and one in clubs. The traditional way to play such hands is to give the opponents their three tricks while scolding North for bidding five hearts. "Just double them at four spades," you scream, "and we'd murder the bums." A slightly better method is to make the contract first and then complain. Cash Winners After winning the first spade, draw two rounds of trumps and cash all of your top cards in the side suits. You notice that West shows out of hearts and clubs. Now lead a diamond, and allow the opponents to squabble over the trick. If West wins with the jack of diamonds, he can cash a spaade trick bui then must lead another spade. You ruff in dummy and discard a club from your hand, thus avoiding the loss of a club trick. If East overtakes with the queen of diamonds, he can cash a club trick but must then lead a club or a diamond. You ruff in dummy and discard a spade from your hand, thus avoiding the loss of a spade trick. DAILY QUESTION • Partner opens with one heart, and the next player passes. You hold: S- K Q 10 9 8 5 4 2; H- 5; D- J 7 2; C-10. What do you say? ANSWER: Bid four spades. This shows a'very long and powerful suit with no side strength and no aces. With one or more aces you could afford to bid one sftade first and jump to four spades next. Us Angeles Times Answers Your Questions Dear Ann Landers: A while back I read a letter in your column about hyperactive children. I have a dear friend who has a hyperactive child. She refuses to admit it. I wrote to the Association for Children with Learning Disabilities for information when you printed the address in the column. I asked them to send my friend some reading material and enclosed her name and address. Guess what the organization did? They sent her my letter along with the brochures. Now my friend refuses to speak to me on the phone. When we ,meet on the street she turns her head and keeps on walking. You, Ann Landers, are supposed to help people and look what you've done! Between you and the A.C.L.D. I have lost a friend of over 15 years. -DOUBLE-CROSSED Dear D.C.: Sorry about your'friend, 11-Year-Old Girl Escapes Serious Injury In Train Incident LEES SUMMIT, Mo. (UPI) - An 11- year-old girl was run over by two locomotives and 11 passenger cars Monday. She escaped serious injury. Officials said Wendy G. Baker of Knobnoster was walking across a railroad bridge over a creek when an Amtrak train came up behind her. Authorities said Wendy lay down on the tracks when she saw she could not outrun the train. She was treated for cuts at a hospital and released. TV Highlights Complete area television listings are carried In the "tv talk" supplement of the Saturday Sunrise edition of The Freeport Journal-Standard. Today's Highlights 8 p.m.- Channels 2, 3,4, and 23- Cannon. Cannon becomes involved with an attempted assassination and the search for a war criminal. 9 p.m.-Channels 8, 9,13, and 27-Ba' retta. Robert Blake as Baretta is sent to posh Mount Chester to find a beautiful and rich young woman. He soon finds that about the only thing that really smells sweet in the exclusive suburb are the flowers. but her reaction isn't rational. The A.C.L.D. sent the material because you asked them to. You asked them to because you wanted to help the child. Your former friend obviously does not choose to face reality and I feel sorry for her youngster. * * * Dear Ann: He is 41, an attractive college professor, divorced, with three children - the oldest, 15. The man has been active in "good causes" and is popular on campus. He has been in pur home twice. One morning he came for .breakfast and asked for a Scotch on the rocks instead of orange juice. I obliged. On his second visit he had a beer. I know nothing more about him. Next month this man will marry my only daughter. (Her father died when she was nine.) The bride is 21, a student at the college. Any advice? " -HER MOTHER Dear Mother: Apparently your daughter hasn't asked for your counsel and you have wisely offered, none." To you, however, all I can say is this: Your future son-in-law sounds like an alcoholic and if his bride isn't aware of his problem now, she will-be before long.. Keep the door open and the latchstring out, Mother. And don't rent her room. * * * Dear Ann Landers: I am troubled by some advice you gave recently. I hope when you hear my personal story you will change your stand. I come from a large family. My parents have inherited money. They also have many relatives and friends and didn't want to leave out anyone - so there were 700 guests at my wedding. Ushers handed out small scrolls saying, "Thank you for the gift. It was greasy appreciated." These scrolls went to everyone. I decided it was the • best way to handle it. No bride should be expected to write 700 thank-you notes. I hope you will print my letter and reverse yourself. People put a lot of stock in what you say. -PINK ROSES Dear Rose: Sorry, dear, I don't care how many guests there were, Every person who took time and spent money on a wedding gift should have received a note of thanks in the mail. Handing out scrolls indiscriminately, without even knowing for certain if the person had sent a gift, was in very poor taste.

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