The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 27, 1956 · Page 19
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 19

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 27, 1956
Page 19
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!W!I^ So much of our outlook on life depends upon the mood we are in. What looks like un unsurmount- i'ble problem at bedtime can turn into a mere pesky question after n good night's sleep. If we are coming down with a cold, the most thrilling development can be robbed of its glamour and if \vi- get unpleasant news when we ure tired out, it can really throw us lor a loop. Women, especially are subject IM moods. It is part of our legacy I'IMITI Mother Eve that we art' i "lOtion.'il and changeable in ou iM. position. A husband does well tu remember this when he b I'iy.urinjt out what makes his wife tick and if h' v •(•••n rei'ie'iibi"- (/ spring the right thing at the right time he is truly a master in matrimonial" H-latiiii'is. Men. 01 the other hand, are more even tempered. They ur? ornery all of the time. Let us consider for a moment some of the changes in opinions we gals have between the times we are feeling down iti the dumps and when everything is in the pink. For examples, when we hit one of the frequent weather changes we have in these parts. When we are feeling o.k., we arb apt to say, "That's what makes this climate so interesting—the abrupt changes When we are low be, "This darn One day it's day it's zero. in weather." , it's more apt to Iowa weather! summer, the next No wonder wo get -•o many colds!" * * * If the husband is a fisherman and lie brings home a nice string •>f t'L-ih when the little woman is in a good mood, he will be greeted with cries of joy at how much the finny creature will do to pep up the family menus. If Hie wife cooks the fish while she is in n lower mimd. vl )( > i s verv nut *• think, "$10.00 for the gasoline, $20 In Minneapolis Hotel you'll be glad you did In the very center of the city- near depots, [theaters, wholesale district and all shopping. Air-Conditioned Roomi — Radio — TV available. Dining Room, Coffee Shop,j Cocktail Lounge, Garage Service. 35O modern roomi, moderately priced Leslie F. Long, Mgr. •r--* * 4th Street at Hennepin ** *" MINNEAPOLIS N Minnesota „ for 1hp cabins, $7 for the $13 for the refreshments. At this rate, the fish dinner is costing us $6.fiO per pound!" • • * Wh*n Mama is in a jittery mood, & this is true at our house at least, the kids can make some noise while playing and the maternal parent will screech with exasperation right along with them. When Mama is in a more mellow mood, she reflects, "It':normal and healthy for the kid. 1 to be full of pep. When they start being too quiet, that's when I will worry." • * * Houses ate sure to gel messy when a growing family is living in them. Most of the lime, we homemakers can lake this in our stride. We consider "that comfortable, lived-in look" quite normal and desirable. Bui there comes a time, when that old bugaboo insomnia has us in it? grip until the wee hours, or a day When nothing seems to go right and that "comfortable lived-in look" appears to us as a falling down messy hovel with no one t< -;et it to rights but Mama. • . » • Even the dog at our hous ctiiufs in for her share of punish merit when I am looking on tin- darker side of lite. Then Wienii drives me almost to distraction when she bucks at the mailman 01 commits an act of incontinence 01. the floor of her back porch sleep ing room. I have never laid a hand on her, but I certainly fee' like beating her then. Am when the good, cheerful spirit: return, 1 admit that Wienie i; the only, dog I have ever liked he's a good and loyal pet, an I'd bo .simply devastcd. if any-thing would happen to take he 1 iway from us. • » « When we go to the cupboarc' to take out a jar of peanut butter, the pessimistic view is that tin jar is half-empty. The optimis' says the jar is half-full. When an optimist eats breakfast, sin sees a nice tat doughnut; the pessimist sees only the hole. In fact a pessimist can be defined as om- who feels bad when lie feels good lor fear he'll feel Worse when lit feels better. • * * Whn a gal is in an optimsiic mood, she appreciates a nice, steady husband who .stays home, nights: when she is feeling more pessimistic, she wonders if her old man is only a stick-in-the- mud. If Papa is the life-of-the- party and Mama is feeling pretty cheerful herself, she admires the fact that he is an extrovert and has a wonderful way with people If she's feeling more on the sourpuss side, she claims her old man is a show-off. If the husband dimes up with an unexpected gift, ui- a little unusual show of affection, the wife if she is in i sweet-disposition phase, appreciates it as a token of devotion. 11 she's feeling mean and nasty, she wonders what he lias clone now ;Mid what shortcoming he is trying to amend. (••••••••••••••••••BKKftKBM AT AUCTION 160 Acre Improved Kossuth Farm to be sold on the premises at 2 P.M. on Thus. Nov. 29 The Southwest Quarter (SW/4) of Section thirty-six, Township ninety-seven (97) North, Range Twenty-nine (29), West of the 5th P. M., Kossuth County, Iowa. This farm is located two miles south of Burt, Burt twp. Soil is Webster and Clarion loam, and all tillable, also well tiled. It is a highly productive farm, and includes 80 acres of plowed ground, Improvements consist of a six room house, 46 ft. x 42 ft. barn, 36 x 20 hog house, 14 x 30 chicken house, 3,000 bushel corn crib with overhead granary, 40 ft. brick silo, garage, drilled well and woven wire fenced. TERMS OF SALE: 10 percent cash on date of sale, balance cash on March 1, 1957, when possession will be given. And $26,000 four percent long term loan may be assumed by purchaser. PREMISES OPEN FOR INSPECTION Earl Shipler, M. B. Pringle & Harlan Gaard, Auctioneers Wm. Boyken, Clerk (47-48') the only thln$ be sure about is that whatever the wife's mood is, it is suf-e to change. The whole thing is governed by Ihe phases in the moon, by the joints in the lower sftcrilinc, and by the peptic juices in the feminine digestive tf-act. Husbands aren't supposed to understand it. They are just supposed to vope with it. * * * Tonight I am in a real mean mood. Usually I look forward to Thursday nights when I write the column and although it's hard work I get a lot of satisfaction out of it. I'm nut mad at Father for any particular reason, except that he is lying peacefully snoring in bed behind me and that's exactly what I'd like to be doing instead of tapping things out on the typewriter. And if there is any thing that frustrates a woman, it'f to be feeling oul-oNsorts and have nobody to listen while she talks it out. * * * One local grade schooler has OPCM quite frustrated by what hf considered high-handed attitude? m UK- part of his big sister. Th( sister had a birthday coining uj. and his parents a.vktd the boy A'hat gill he was going to givi IHT. Alter some thought, the young man said, "I'm going tc ouy hoi a pair of earrings. And i'm going to get the heaviest ones I can buy. Maybe they will .ell 10 her down a iiitle." * » » I am learning quite a bit my second time through school it i s un ly by proxy as I help our Kids with their home woik. The .Multiplication table is gettin. .nure nrinly lixed in my mind a.> .vlary Ann and i are piogressmt through fifth grade anu the Cons titution of the United Stales ii Betting lots more attention from me than it did before 1 had Bill to help me through 8th grade. But the first time i was in 2nd ^rude 1 must have neglected one aspect of my education, 'for 1 iieVer really learned to moo like a jow very convincingly. * » Jeanie's class had a Thanks giving program, and her sulo part was to miw like the "gentle cow on the way to Grandpa's farm" in the song. Jeanie's moo was rather thin and quavery and she worried about it. So we practiced. We mooed after supper while we were doing the dishes, we mooed while we •were getting ready for school in the morning and we mooed when she came home for lunch. We learned to make the sound from way down deep in our dia- phrams so it would eoipe out nice and round. I am happy to report that in the school program, Jean'ie was the best mooer they had—and the only one. And it I am properly coaxed, I can moo pretty good, myself. * * » 1 was quite flattered recently when a couple of readers phoned me and asked my opinion on cooking problems. " To be perfectly honest 1 had to admit that nowadays I do.rnbre writing and-talking about cooking- than I do the actual .stewing and baking.. Bu*. uven if the meals at our house lately tend to the ordinary, I still am interested in receiving 'recipe'." and in passing them on to you' It's almost Christmas cookie thru, so 1 thought you might like this recipe for Mincemeat Cookies which came to me from Mrs R. H Bprehaidt of Fenton. " cup shortening 2 cups sugar 2 eggs Vi cup liquid (cold coffee and juice drained from mincemeat 3'/j cups sifted flour 1 tsp. soda 1 tsp. .salt 2 cups well drained mincemeat 1 M> cups chopped nuts Cream shortening, add sugai i;r.adual!y. and cream well. Blend in well beaten eggs and liquid Sift flour, soda and salt together. Add to first mixture, lilend in mincemeat and nuts. Drop by spoonsful on greased cookie sht-et. Bake 15 to 18 minutes in moderately hot oven. GRACE. Alumni Banquet Nov. 23, Titonka Tiionka — Invitations have been sent to all of Titonka High School graduates for the unnua' Alumni Banquet to be held Fri day evening, Nov. 23. This affair was started by the graduating class of 1952 and at that time 150 attended and the total has been increased to at least 100 more since then. The first person to graduate was Eva Breen Peterson, now deceased, in 1917. The first full 12-year graduation class was in 1918 with seven members graduating. They were Clara Krul! Hilber, Bill Amesbury, Mable Me- Elroy Hansen. Andrew Hansen Vance Heibsamen. Vivian Reibs- amen Keagle and Vida Zvviefe! Turner. This year the classes honored will be the ones for the year'.ending in "C". After the banquet it is customary to be entertained at the Titonka Coliseum with'a dance and this year's entertainment will be by the "Rythm club of Algona." Members of this years committee are president, Mrs Sophus Nelson; vice president, Richard Isebrand; secretary, Herbert Ru- kow; and treasurer, Verla Brandt Council Minutes WOUNDED Howard Wek-h of Greenfield received shotgun pellets in the neck and head, and the side of his car was pitted, by a shotgun blast a 1 he drove along a country road near Richland. The hunter wh" tired the shot has not been identified Alunned at the way he wa-; losing blood, his companion? drove Mr Welch immediateJy to the hospital. COUNCIL MINUftS The City Council fnef in adjourned ses- '.ion October 29, 1956 at 7:30 P M. with the Mayor and all Councilmen present. This was the .time set for hearing and s<Mc of bonds. There were no objections. The $52,000. Street Improvement Bonds wre sold to First of Iowa Corporation, 3 3/4°o, premium $11.50. The $102,000. it root Construction Bonds were sold to Contra! Republic Co , 3.10°rj, Premium 1447.50. Meetino adjourned to October 31, 1956 al 7;30 P.M. Dr. Cameron C. Shierk, Mayor Attest: Ivy D. Scuffham, City Clerk. * * » • The City Council mlpt in regular ses- s:or October 31, 1956 at 7:30 P M. with ihe Mayor and all Councilmen present. The minutes were read and approved. Paying the cost of constructing the s.mitary sewer on State Street east of Mam Street was discussed with David Smith. The City Engineer was instructed to •'Main bids for the construction of the sanitary sewef through the alley in Blocks 10 & 11, O. P. to be presented November 14th. Upon the request of Supt. O B. Lainq 'ho Street Commissioner was instructed to r. move the curb and gravel the parking on the east half of the block on the •orth side of North Street between Moore jnd Harlan Streets. A clas« 'C' Beer Permit was renewed X' Hood's Super Valu. Upon the recommendation of the Zon- no and Phn Commission an Ordinance wai adopted vacating the alley in Block i.?. Call's Addition "and Call Street from Main Street to the city limits. Builder's permits were granted to Ray Johnson, John Dreesman, Algona Com- ^ School District R. F. Donovan, Glan Strayer, Sinclair Refining Co., Jens Sorensen, George & Edythe Wolf, Mrs Ben Reid, Charles Reaper, Kossuth Coun Iv, Andrew Felhauer, Kelsey Dunn, Regu- ir 6">tist Church. Bennie Wibben, Herman Wive, Irene Corle, Eugene Robinson, P J. Kohlhaas. add a permit to Earl B v " • up"- filino a mover's bond. Upon filing an application for repair )l - niiiu.ny in irte ure limits by Bennie Wibben the Mayor and Mr. Wibben were lirected to appoint appraisers as required >v ordinance. The following claims were allowed. fien»ral Government Fund . . . . J Richard Gram, Salary I* 40 ?' Finest Hutchison, Salary I .'(•/Gv Peter Jorgenson, Salary ..... . 1)6/0 Robert Hardy, Labor 294 Joe Hoenk, Labor 294 Harold Hunt, Labor . . . 4 ?9 Walter Stevon, Labor . .. 4.29 Glenn Strayer, Labor . t 96 Ernst Thiel, Labor 3'67 Johr. Wood. Labor 490 Iowa State Dank, Tax . 34.20 Albert Boekrlman, fn>en-.ei - - .. 41 15 Taylor Impl. Co., Repairs . . _. 32.07 NW Bell telephone, Service . 22 75 City Clerk, Adv. Cash - 5.08 Ir.i Kohl, Salary ?0 00 Ra'ph Flbert, Salary 1000 A.lgona Fire Co., Service ........ 476,00 Stouffer Fire Equip Mdse. ... 1270 Continental Oil Co , Oil 2349. Kossuth Motor Co.) Repairs .. 7,30 Advance Publ. Co., Publ ..... 392 Upper Des Moines Publ. Publ 2569 Sanitation Fund Harry Ward, Salary 70.31 Reakus Helmers, Labor . 10.96 Reiner Helmers, Labor . .... 41.16 George Weig, Jr., Labor . . 27.44 NW Bell Telephone, Service . 23.15 Kossuth Motor Co., Rpairs . 3!60 Leu Hatcher, Mdse. . 57.25 Sieg-Fort Dodge Co!, Supplies . . 6.10 James Egli, Salary ... ... 149.36 Fred Gronbach, Salary . ...... 97.97 Iowa State Bank, Tax . 14.90 Pacific Flush Tank Co., Supplies 1.50 J. C. Penney Co., Supplies .. . 596 Citv Clerk, Adv. Cash . . 1 84 Albert Baas, Salary 155.92 Teresa Norton, Salary . .. . 6615 Martha Rammer, Labor .... - 1078 Dr. f-. E. Sawyer, Rent ... 3500 Recreation Fund Ccant lo-Coast Stores. Supplies _ 639 Algona Municipal Band, Taxes . 563.71 Municipal Enterprises Fund A.lgona Cemetery Ass'n., Taxes . 939 82 Airport Fund Sanitation fund, Labor 4-140 Tuesday, Novemfeet M, 1*56 Algeria (Id.) Upper" ft** Melf»**-S 4 42 3 25 189 00 Municipal Utilities, Water . Kohlhaat Hdwe., Supplies North Iowa Asphalt Co., Oiling Algona Community School Dist , Taxes . ,. Parking Meter Fund Raymond Krebs, Salary Icwa State Bank, Tat Park -O-Meter Co Mdse City Clerk, Adv Cash ........ Meeting adjourned to Nov. 7. 7:30 P.M. Dr. Cameron C. Shierk, Mayor Ivy D. Scuffham, City Clerk Published m the Kossuth County Advance, Algona, Iowa, November 22, 1956. 28593 129 75 12 00 67004 1'80 1956 at Attest NOTICE or SCHOOL ELECTION PUBLIC NOTICE IK hereby Riven to tin-, qualified voters of tlie Scntrnl Community School District, In the Counties of Kossuth nnd Palo Alto, Sliilc- of Iowa, that n special school eliH'tlon has been (allot) and ordered to In- held In nnd for said School District on the. 1511] day of December, nine, ulicrvnt there will be submitted Ui the vuleis of said Sentral Community School District, to bo by them voted upon. Hie following proposition, to vit: ".Shall the Hoard of Directors of the Scntr-nl Community School District in the Counties of Kossutli and Palo Alto. Suite of lown, Issue bonds In an amount not to exceed $450.00(1.00 for tho purpose of carry- Ini; out a hlfih school building pro- grnrtl consisting of erpctlnff'fl new high school building, procuring as n r<ite therefor Approximately ten acres of Innd lying In the North* cast Corner of thp Southeast Qunf- tcr (SF.'-i) and in the Southeast Comer of the Northeast Quarter (NF,'' 4 ) of Section Nine (9), Township Nlrifty-scvcn (H7) North Range Thirty (HO), West of the 5th P M.. Kossuth County, Town, nnd procuring and improving adjoining land as a site for nn athletic field In mid t«i s«itl School District." The polls for *Hld election Will be open from twelve o'clock noon until seven o'clock P.M. of said day flntl for said election the whole of said. Community School District has been consolidated into and will constitute ~>nr voting precinct nnd the polling place therefor will be at the school building in the Town of Lone Rock. Kossuth County, Iowa, at which time and place all of the qualified voters of said School District are hereby notified to appear. This notice is given by order of the Board of Directors of the Sentro.1 Community School District pursuant i • the provisions of Chapter 298, Code of Iowa. 1054, and to a sufficient petition with the requisite signatures In accordance therewith and as ordered by a resolution adopted by the Board of Directors on the 5th day of November. l!»5(i. Dated at Township, Kossuth County, Iowa, the 5th day of November. A.D., ISiSO. /s/ Marjorle Countryman Secretary Board of Directors (Published Nov. 13, 20, 27th and Dec. 4, |})5fi, In The Algona Upper Dea Moines) Or C. C. Shierk, Salary vy b.uttham, Salary . 150.00 25077 72 67 1694 3920 82 50 9 00 13.30 1200 4 82 49 64 N.inty Sand*, Salary _ ....... I K Ferguson, Salary . Albert Boekelman, Salary ^.._. lowa State Bank, Tax . •vV Bell Tpl^phdne, Service Pi C. C. Shierk, fxpenses Uniform Bldg Code Ass'n., Booki Matt Parrott & Sons, Supplies . Advance Publ. Co, Publ. . . Upper Des Moines Publ. Co Publ _. ... 38 30 Edna Davis, Refund .. 3750 Olga Adams, *«,,..nd ... 3750 Kenneth Bates, Sp. Adrn., Refund 87 50 John R Carroll. Fees ....... . 49405 Street fund In', lashbrook, Salary 12936 Albert Pergande, Salary ..:.... 111.04 ulenn F Burtis, Salary 1 1 1 04 Pichard'Frambach, Salary 93.95 Raymond Mersen, It. .Salary .. 123.78 Jack Mears, Salary 110.07 Victor Frideres, Salfiry 107.80 L K. Ferguson, Salary 141.75 Harry E. Ward, Salary 79.3f Reakus Helmers, Labor .. 32.34 Reiner Helmers, Labor 41.16 George Weig, Jr., Labor 28.30 Icwa State Bank, Tax .: 55.20 NW Bell Telephone, Service ... 10.40 Clarence Fraser, Sidewalk 84.80 Algona Electric, Repairs 1950 Upper Des Moines Publ. Co., Publ. - 31.93 Lee Hatcher, Labor 125.00 Robert Deal, Cut Trees 15.00 Gibbs-Cook Equip Co., Repairs .. 62.88 Herman M. Brown Co., Repairs . 42.28 Algona Machine Shop, Repairs _ 58 87 Cities Service Oil Co., Oil _ 23.26 Kohlhaas Hdwe., Supplies .. 12.52 Mid-We^t Service, Gas .- 149.95 L S. Muckey, Repairs 12.50 F. S Norton 4 Son, Supplies ... 656 Percival Motors, Repairs 8229 Taylor Implement Co., Repairs .. 4 68 Public Safety Fund Albert Boekelman, Salary 14923 A. C. Wtishaar, Salary ^... 130.72 HYBRID YOU Best G-75A and G-24A * Greaf New Hybrids That You Should Try THEY HAVE TOP YIELD - TOP STAN DABILITY - AND TOP QUALITY Bob Dall OTTOSEN A. H. Erpelding BODE Vincent Eisenbacher WESLEY ' Q. A. B : u$trom BURT B. Frank Mishler WEST BEND Lawrence Mueller FENTON Magnus Rahm ALGONA Elmer Kubly CORWITH Douglas Mechler TITONKA Blaine Saxton LONE ROCK 45-49 VOIGT VOIGT PUBLIC AUCTI As I have decided to quit farming, I will sell at Public Auction the following described property on the farm located 2'/z miles 'north. 1 mile east and % mile north of Fenton or 1 mile west and 1\\ miles south of Seneca on THURSDAY, DECEMBER 6 71 HEAD OF LIVESTOCK 71 33 HEAD OF HIGH GRADE HOLSTEIN CATTLE 5—Holsiein calves 2—HolsJein cows — just fresh with 2nd calf 1—Holsiein cow — just fresh with 3rd calf 2—Holsiein first calf heifers — just fresh 2—Holstein cows to freshen soon with 2nd calf 3—Holstein cows to freshen soon with 3rd calf 1—Holstein cow to freshen soon with 4th calf 8—Holstein springing heifers 9—Holstein yearling heifers — open These calves and cows have all been calf hood vaccinated. The cows have all been T. B, and Bangs tested. 38 — FALL PIGS — VACCINATED and CASTORATED — 38 180 DeKalb No. 104 Pullets 225 DeKalb No. 101 Year Old Hens These chicltens are health y and in good production MILKING EQUIPMENT McCormick-Peering 2 unit milking machine Stainless Steel buckets McCormick-De*ring No. 4 cream separator. Stainless Steel McCormick-Deering 4 can milk cooler, lc« bank 8—Jarr.esway drinking cups 10—ten gallon cream cans MACHINERY Oliver 70 tractor Masssy Harris 2-14 in. plow Minneapolis Moline 12 foot combine Minneapolis Moline 12 foot windrower HAY STRAW 600 — Bales Alfalfa and Brome Hay (in barn) — 600 600 — Bales of Straw (in barn) TERMS: Cash or make arrangements with clerk. Not responsible in case of accidents. 600 C. C. VOIGT LLOYD BERKLAND and CHARLES QUINN. Auctioneers THE LONE ROCK BANK, Cl«rk

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