The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 15, 1973 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 15, 1973
Page 1
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The family daily paper of Brazoria County THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS Owr «** Y*»r. 14 WHAT fo rood »»*rt U»*i* »f Ik* VKMDOIT art far to t** » to MM* ttf !*«*&•«, $*t p*g* IMMCX Brazos nears flood stage Sky and Seo (&***« S-i A «( 4*)1t4»* Ceanly Ctvtl tM*a*» t*tV4al* ant lor OIK la*** AM) f*t«r***u«a (*{«*•* ac(«ai Anwar* «t Ifee tV*M» EU*w caw b* arw&rMd law* I'M p.m. fowl »brr» H iu t«r Uh* (to lm*i «t Oat )ir vt fat. IMM C***a*»a »** *i M .*) f*af. fltawl ***** ttwr* >» .a it w*t !HB« (<*!*». (tor kt tUrm fUMrvw **» s» t*n *t>d it »•** Ai t> •Utrl Oar *4 C*rtC»feMtaa«i »!*•< tea ctffataJ* nfMrt AM nrarfi* 6w * 2STU* ta <4 it* rtrrt wittf lt»m««7. «*i«t, d dw Mrttm U> rtxr »» t» m**, KM, «t«t tMtef fcftrf Sal to»** «*k t U « <W*tt*> **»*» * ttttmv at *«*» flood >«*•> !* XI ! tiwxtly OOMB Iwi*}- Mown**-. hr fcMd 1} t*» tfc* fflWT* »** ui 'Oar ja«t Jiw Ttt>*» tfttffc *. s* in* t tt ft**. 4 MI ***, f * * 4 ( * f » j I k •» > i* ermri SI* w«*S. Clwrrk XS4-WW Dow resumes efhy/en/m/ne production a* t*tr r P i» ff.tafae.ifd *.« .Mrs. Hood She t»i«r.! «! tupemtert <rf She to Mrs ..flood to J. J K lio • Rut*, left, and (try Farw Hood bad *ew«d aa • m Prteznc! 23 us Lake Jackson for aero* 37 Updating tax rolls for computerization It* finopif tian Iwiiot* h»>rr prt^rs'!)- as » ;yri u« ."afit, »» AMI** •** *t art «-»-»i l •*!>»» i WMBlSSl *«•» »i*J", k as '<•<!. Tbsrndij r> *^. »wi»ni ' «wnr jwxrt'rti tori. Search on for body in river ttranwl* Cwwslj i*« t» t. £?>***< ft. rein OB HsmMwa *ci ibc .0! < iuj liir * ctfx-z, Kiid iiu : hair not Ifxrr. 'Jar !si4 MM! 0>« '.tost p»n«t* •• KOOCII M.«*Y fMUftK taut KUt WU. Another home burglarized in Lake Jackson UUUC JUCK&Oft tame twf(tS*rj * ibrtr property "Hy lir tod of SepbesBbcr. •ties the fmiifaed Ux nail t» ;fc« fijurt- (or n-03 be HJ««T We have la crjjte a cumber of <±»zagc», si cnrteenfeip. roO. but .1 a 3* bnt *e am gSre you »t tbas Ease. Chaocn ttiB hirve to be nade. It hi Ux of time beeasae a the fant lime rccardu bnu. updated." H»D "Riftt to», !iu* b the tmext pietnr » y au'U get before the laUer pa,-: of September," headtet SOMKtSttAUU HCtKTOH •- Ma itol Ut!«3 Srw liita » I calf »Bfitt«c»»!rT-K *t*3 otttftT. Canada whtl* ra>:;» he pufti tfcwa^b xorae ^4 per crr.i " lr. afl. »* so h»if a ifstarttr of * keypaocbfrd for a*e to gti our lut roU f jp So date aaber lioa ocv vyjittn. ' !UU titid. !n;iw 'probiem a (fa* Out (be S377 Ux reU by Prttcfaa.rd A Abbott in !£* .TTiJa»tloo <af county property did cot taciudK pKkoag op issreoderBd Thprefore the !0 tooka o< issTttxlered botsg ctedud by corMTiT«BBB«rt reflected a t»o up oi he j te reader «& *-ti3d to ti* aawesew £&**:-, bint forfeit JB» ngjat to pro«-: • To 0* Brtiarta Cossiy Bcart: :< Eqoalintion- oo the value placed OB fcsa property toy ttoe tax aiseaaor'* rffict Ttxwe vfao (aded to render their pnsfxtty by tfae April 3D rtmffine tbeiriue are bamd by the v-aisw* set by the tax crfRce (or the im ye«r. HaD tald that eveo though more people are reodencf their property thaa in the put due to becaeorag mare aware 'Quit trued on Pace 14) poto:» ctmrv* Attiwd »-!'JS a :l» (ntrra *€*<a epaTwl to •Mr tad Hr% C t MOMHM. Mr *«4 Mr*. MY AM HAMIJL JOMM Gmrfir B million planned for Cfufe improvemenfs *IMH)F rtcvttUy allawfiag !** •t Kegianal at the tttMatlcal twitte CM* haU « .wanfc S*MT*lt|Ma wart tt» KM* Ct^MalMi brtdf* at IM tM«hs«« Okt fartftfctt; ntar* latkMr. <««Htr Owk. M U» •MM**! iwwai} •* UAmr of it* MTVIIBI {stand «rti«i TW pttie doM u*» UM> had By \A-V-SC PHINVV A n « DMM t H*awr LaM a* a dr»w*r» The ItwrtU bad b»*o out ^ !«•» M9«C* J«M », W> CJ»H erf Cnbc* Roy tk»m c«jd t» waa (til thai the bwrgfary prabahiy a* the onta ntnrtad oarticr wceii Ml a» tlanr rtnerd tpaor SkjUb * aaUwwota wurt prwpoJrmg to corn* bi ;hr C;tj Council Ttw project include* o4 certain raa jar nerrttar> decpite !<Mittg aatatlwr economic vtth l^nwdmt MAltVA MKMIIY gMAVKM, at to O, E. Uat a< WuiJkwfat Twaaa SUM.. , . mtssing in burflary at jewelry store f ruacpoirr ~ nm* utom A *f riaga, ma*Uy we* W wtiiii. an Atowwl to No exceptions to fireworks lows a new poUoe and coivu hmhtfng. and ooBMrortwn at the tooth UtUtvrptor < •*-««•> line "A" Coanctlmra <r that a» bond* arc (or rwratwo trf ihc wiQ nMne from the »tvmag (uad. city aaam tarn and uidtainal tax. p*u» a gram tor 71 per cent at CLUTE - Oty H to • a city , wto o* ftr*w«ka to dty tadu, to • tottor to to cwvMfl. Jata U aatthag ftrwMtto prtar to OH to MM aiar* waa Ikaif ol UM fteto gtaaa 4awr at On (rat of tot hiidHin A «yHt«f taaw* to to atyHii HWrf fH tevtlMHl ttfc§ ^MT M writ M to «*•«? OMH (ran ' wWdi to riag* *«• l» U but !• M to cwUB't KM wttfc UM attuatiMt a*d UM •nr«»fi^ylit MK of Mkl«r H. T. MKdKm iiiii* rMwrdi" «M UM pnMMR. 1%» MMfwr WkWI it Uinwgk Nmr Ywar't Ua>, IW1 H* aaw rwatiad that to couBril't action to Uwr ol DM *ac*pli«« Tb«» th« wtitrttman roowd tot to Kill ..... • tnuat be obeyed "by Mn and evwyaM riae," propoaed tupcrport aod uatot ina«iltHka» «fl to caaat of rrvapart tin waa adoptad uaaBiwauaiy The urged "e*rly of the U *aa requcated by tot UM loahimtog OMB wUt UD to am Karfca aad «• M**. IT, im to to tew of to iMiinihM <• N«*. sr, raiMrilamt WiliUw 4. Ha«4rac*lMtottoaaa*af vtprawliww. J«aa»« TiptM, K. M. ltoUUog*r •M IMmur X. that to cemiRilU* b* rotuewtod to baad an argaoitational meetiag. Monday. June 11 Kruika ta Uw cowKii Uaauo (or Una particular group After dtaoaitaft by both coiuuilaea a»d viailora, •cttM OB • raojwat rrwa to Mil (M Ofc lor * rmiae of j s cearta «• gaa aod X ceola on dwarf haai «M tahtod for fcrtor itody. The compaoy IM» to oauraci to pmrMb to two pf'«iMia lor city ua*. U» oUMr UaUWM. tww« mowd i «|Mt to p<*ey at opM hMMtog by Mite putt cDMpiMiMt <Qwji oto mvi wdo puts. «• «ud he tek bwttwr prtoam wauU ha ackanad by v Com Umwl «t»»ag* 141 LUIAC BENEFIT •ALL SET LUIJVC Coiont »4 of UraaoHwrt »%U Hiiaawir a boarflt baU an Satiapday at Ttk* «vcoi wtU bcgui at » pra aad continue uatki t a-m Ttekctt are prtc*d at f? pat vot^it* and may U( IHircitMwd *t the doir or by eating aor^xMc or «n-4«« Ron Hughe* and bi» orchMira wtU provide muaic lor ducwg A Irw obaervaam el Kather'* D^. AB t*Bt«d> (ion tike baU witt ba wad Jar tool !D!«-rcrp4or litx. City .lun Baiter wail B&ktr iilinl Out the VI 4 ttiilhcn ml) be paid cut ailtuo IJ»p sunn year lax coclraci fwriod of tbe iadii*ir;*l datnct Street Mxttoot and uiIerwciKca u> be pav«d, gutitftd and curbed inciude (rum the 1-iie Jactaoo Road . Maw Str»*t nouth to &H S». *tt oT lUrgtu, <3tatda Strvei from l-iltr Jacknoa Read to itattlaUon l>nv«, PUntiUoo Dnw Iracn mtcncctjoa of Maia Slr«H to Dutc Drue and Laiy Ijne Irora Hantauoa t)nw, la SH Ul Abo inctuded u> the urtvt pragram u in at the Uir> Laoe- Drive where a curve near (be htgb tdxxij u to be fcU-atg&etttd out Tbe a l> nutBagcr vaid «nrt tic tfae umeti will be uuUated irat >oir: however, he waa rductaat to haurd a guea» aa !o JUM bcm k»g the entire project wUi lake to comptet*. cotuictl (ranted Baker prrmuaMM to adverUae (or bid* on the south interceptor hoe The latter wdl be laid (ram Atmtn Sliwt to the <irascage ditch and Irons thta pouu to the »«t ead at Wade Strtwi on to the svwwr plant H»ier pointed out that thtt ' Coouniaid oo i' BEWARE CALLER SAYING HE'S FACTS REPORTER A Lake Jacfcaoo. (aculy laid The Facts Thursday that tfaetr daughter had been ctxitacted by a "newipaper reporter" mt» requested information about her dating habit* and other £«*"^^^»^ <<^ta HowEver. oo prraomel oo Tbe Kacu aawi atafl is vorkug OB lueh a Mory or making call* rciated to any cattog or nxaa for the family satd the voice o/ the caUxr waa that of a young man and that he daimed to be picking wx gtria (ran Brajosport High School and ux from BraxoBwood High School (or "interview*/* Superporfs gef nudge by Interior official WASHINGTON (AP> - OoDgrmu <ra» laid Tbeaday thai couiructioa ol oUnhore porU lor iupertiuier* wouki roducr the coat at imported wd on the vtotwiAU Jack Hortuo, aa totcrior Department Mcretory, advanced that to Minpart o| »e t^M\ biU that wvwki the portk to be butt. lia te»ljlicd b*4or* th* empower the federal government to UCCOM cvxuirucuon. The biUa would (p\« (ofarat jurndxrttqn to the D«partg>tnt oi Coiamercie. "Evan if average would giv* UM dulhority to Iturtan » agency. Jiartan wid ta*t of to pnocipal Ewt OoMt ports, ueiy PortUnd, HUM. is dm* to haodl* DM* tutor calta to Eurt Caaat port* in UMI ttrauU be double th* ta» btwi,'* The Mtpertauktr* c upaanfc of matt tooa. tte offitbar* parta attow the big Uulun U» adoaJ off UM OB** Md h»v» tMr -^ tmfttm^i ihp^Mtffr A ptttHM * '^ torn head a bcarwg uo tw« other OM would e»tat»U»h •uvtroamcaiai »(audarda far Uht ports tofett* the other w«dd the portt, kw wd. tt to drawj» UM exiattag ah«Uaw-v«Uu pact* «nt buaU awqr BMW 0- parti , <tfm4 to wwa* b* » oil. but to Mti tot* *«w otof.

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