The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 11, 1923 · Page 6
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 6

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 11, 1923
Page 6
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PAGE SIX. WIRELESS AGE COMIKG SOON This is the Declaration of a British ScicntiBt in Newspaper Story. liOmlnn.-- Vli'lnr tli ITIR nf ihn \\ r ir< I.IMM ( ;> i :i liMTll'- BCtif'IitiM ronll'Mnito;; i> to 11 f^)ni]ti)l IK'WiMJ:)-!-' 1, prmlhi,; (i, a | -*1 r<'I' Ui« no;: i- t'ut.ip < l r> •> il ir ROU . tmin unA trolley con' rut on l !;(• plilps Mini :iiP HIMI 1 ," Ur r\i>c DVfM'yJlili!:: m > lnp^. lt\ in' :;n Th" inflial ; pcrt»'M j»ml litt WJrHi .-.s lljih«! laivl in !])'• ('ir!! 1 ( of Oil-; ••llKhi !ii .u.«' nnls of Uir Virtli ! tlu.'iv is no :nv^ ibii naliorv or In ii'iK w : <iftrf-:c;-f uf;Ji< ''f m linn v/iili Ihr I'-viti uml i ti*> niitio(;.'!;i/»> v> ir-!.*.-' (It Fi' i:< !>i ii.ii! hoadlnK, 'Vnin. Air"" 11 Hrltish r: ill: in;; article er, in wbb li lie will hp In lini. shin'* at -.Ires, i: ii rrt»: tut, fti- of l.»tlU>. n«. "II wii! li" pos- dir.vt t!t>! pmii of njr on the fio'"' of the I'VCI ptiu:; liilniiiii Jie. of v. irrl.v ' " lOiu; tlli* 7. the of n Fi • like F.v illl Is 111' b'n. «, croHs -Atlantle. aeroplane flight wlili'ii In to be made Into In (ho subiiner The machine will .carry both lillol HIKI observer. 4>ut their 'attentions will bo confined'"to Uio actual flylnf.' side lii-tliiw; mil from Newfoundland, for the first tb.ui miles of 1U flight the aeroplane will li« directed 'by tho (Jlaee Hay Wlr-dor-s Station. Then It will be nicked up uml naviRnted by a wirc- U -SH "Unlit ihip" ri'iilKli:)* in mWl -ot'ean, to u pninti where eonlrol will bo trauit- •iniii.oil to iin;:ar, the big operating station t:i tills country. T!ii' whole ll.'imi miles of flight will be direi'ttd hy wireless. NAME OFFICIALS FOR SPECIAL BOND EECTiON Three Judges and Two Clerks Chosen by Commission in Each Precinct, he ju-Hrrr; and clerks for thf spoil' itiou on ..".uy IT, at which time ij '.ii'sllon of votini.' bonds for b'jihl- Map TBS HUTCHINSON NEWS, "ILiLlt 'lSS; 1 , Hi L 1 '• , 1 JJi—iS MIDLAND rel«wg,,jr^]QB yongpansq, she iolna a K&uic of blaokmallora tin condition that, ellft opprato ouly"wlthlu th» law." Hor ajiwilfllty la breach of promlHO Kulls. How «ho talios artvan- tngo of an oppoitiinlty that, proswita Itnolf wlun aln> mectu nick Utldnr, aon of hrr urch ouniny, boconion involved In an «Atr ;mri!lnary romance and n pollen framonp, unnaros bPradlf with tho world and finally Minis truo happiness, in iinfuldPd vividly on tho scrtiou. Jack Mulball plays opposlto Miss TalniadRo as DIcU Olldor, while L *w Cody la to bi> «een as Jon tlorson, the foiwr. Otbor important i«s.rtH are tHkan by Klleen V'nrcy, DoWltt Jen- Lincoln riunimcr, Joseph K1I- Hi !l :Ov( f .)KS. :n orr.luv.f- • il of Trado •i. •. :o mti.-r- l:.|: ,,f -hips .-.»>• nt ibcio tnibui a tb .lp (it! IllK with ti' : r.u :oir ; o: 1 n l.ort- B.'t !Sf iim v. :o To Sail - ..;il fron i-lill' w;« tilo tho ,'Uli! 1bo Afrb-: 1 . f.i bi f ; I ".it sin! I.Tram .in. li"! to, and ll.i'iu : a now srbooi buiiilliis al re!, an aiiiiitioi] nt Klierman Junior mi'ii and pinning a building at ibo t'ar- I'N 'villn sobool district wero luunoil at tho tnc'jtitiK of tin.' I 'lty Commission yi'slorday. Tiii'y nri 1 lis folknvs - . l-'irst pr. T .'i 11 1 * .luilci 'S, Noun Cava- nanuli, .1. R. Unkor and .Mrs. Slollft cbvoi : ; .t>".i r; iiiovVis. Mis. Will Vlry.iut and Mrs 10. li. Lord. S.'ion.i pi -I 'ii.";. Mrs. Ella, rainier, Mrs. Wfli- Whltinok, and Wyatt llr"''n: (Wk», Mrs. lvliih Mliam ill All .i Mil' amfii Rheumatic Swellings Disappear Dii^^vcrer Tell" D I-LIQS'IL '.'-. Net to Ttiic a Cert of Anyone's M-.ity Un- AMcni'lm Completely Buo.islies All R!-.elimatlc P^lns ami ivjcs. Mr. inio'-si II AH--!'., isii'i'.' I'.' ynai'- wli 1 , r. , ..'aii'.'.-i--o.. Ma-.y t'.-no (bis f :T ,:.'i> I"ft. bini ii<!lvlv«s nrnl lo v.oi k Ho fItiiiil.v doridi'd. i'.l'i .T y- ars < L' OOII ^L -Ji'l;!! i-l'idy, tbat l:o O;1P o;m In 1 I:in! from rh-oirnatiiini until tin: accu- ar.ila'.'d liup'iril ii's, roiiuninly i-ali'jd iirln ui :d do;.oi*lt^, u'oro ii 1 ..'.\.ivi-.l In the joliH." and niusrb's and o.x:vi':lU'd from Ibo b-.ily. Willi this idva In mind b« ••onstilted pliysii'laii", mad? oxpi rinii.i.ts anrl finally (linii.otmdi.d ii prisi-ilption ibal irnlr r!y and roiiiplot'-h bn'iisiu^l ii-voiy i?U:n and syiupioiti oi ib.niual.isio IS SVBtlT.I. •!> f;:ii',. b(p il!s'ovi.ry. whlob and .1. - T'.ilnl j; Arinstr. :m '{'' lor: i-b .Mineral l- Fo.irlU ' vnll, Mrs. Lnoiln 1., Ch.-iso a.',.; Fii'ib M"Koir/,!o. Mrs .Mrs. bid i Cii.rk. .niii.t • .iiiii^rs, Mi's. 11. ii. Chip. r..s. VYiulu Jolly Mrs. ,1. A. isc, Mrs. ad Mrs. vllU'l •tdhn -:iud::os, Ulbocus, A. K and .Mrs. IHi- Mrs. 11. i.: .ma ililiit..! w :ir^ar«.'t i'o'i-rson. Iiidlii's. Mrs, B'.vira Kdl'.h 11. Shoppartl C.ii'linyor; i:li.-ri..s. and Mrs. I'oai Mc- Norma Tolmcdflo Playa "Within tho Law." N'onna TalmadBo'a serpen version of llayanl Volllcr 's "Within the Law." tile most silccnaslnl play in ntnirn history, Is the First National'feature pro- rliicllou that basins en).*a .i ;..ment at the Midland Tbeatro tr'iuorruiv. The picture, whleb v.'tis niatlo iiudor the dlrectlnii of Fraul; Lloyd, la de- eerlhnd as boliiK by far the most dra- tiiailc thin? of H8 kind Miss Tulmndge j nlngii lias yet ilono for the screen. Sur- 1 f-mir, U»leJi FerBUson, Warde Crane, rounded by a cast of unusual distliie- Lionel Llelniorc, C'alhurluo Murphy Hon, she. portrays the stellar role of! Mary Tnnie:', made famous ou the stajui by .lane Cowl. The part, ^ives Miss Tillntadf;e an extraordinary cbence to douiouelrato her c-xcepllonal ability iiH an euuv tlonal actress. The heroine Is « shop Kirl who Is sent to prison tor a theft she did not commit. In demandUm that, she set the limit, bklward Oikler. deiuirtnient store owner, explains thnt bo wants to make an exiintvle oi Mary, yn her Btroug cold, Inolttdlng "The PromKe," "The Gold Girt," *'Thu- -Oun Brwsa;" and "Connie Morifan In Alaska." The snjiportlng cttst /lncludoa Irene Rich, Dorothy arnnncrs, O. Raymond Nye, Colin CShaso, Evelyn Solblo, Lolo En- clnoB and L «o Shumway. Saturday oveningr dance Stevens ponds 10 -tf Cougars, are attracted by catnip. WEDNESDAY, JULY ll/iyZ3 Want Chlneis Actor». I Hontf Kong: The Chinese "prefer to »W their own people acting gut Cul- lioso plots In the films to Uie nioet <11 K- tlnguidhed foreign talont surroundod by all tho marvelous technique of tho business an we know It in America. Tiey want Chinese llfo depicted bo- cauee It is tho only llfo they know. banks make a lot of Jobs for officials and clerks but don't help the former much.—Atchison Globe. Milk "and Malt Grain Ext. fat powder, malifta L Tke Fooil-Dtink i /or All Ago* WT Avoid Imitations—Sa^ttitatei uud Thomas Rlckelts. LIBERTY. The latest William Tox production starring Charles Tones Is "Snowdrift", show-ins at the Liberty theatre now. This story by James B. Heiidryx, Is an adventurous tale ot tho great Northwest and Is filled with excltlnc imtion along the Mackenzie River, The author is well kuown for his SbERESS ADVISES HUNGAitlAN STAR TO SKKK FAME IN AMERICAN FILMS fron; He bo e:. took m.'.:i'" uri^ii' •d ALU'JMifK . will, will! I /lis i.ue.'iss. lie .l!.'!.lv..l to o;h niirin in After >• !•> lei >• on bis d ...» not your nion" 3ln/er leu,. v.ilhoit can who •ailed ra of . rinpiele joi.nrn ::. Sld- HUNTER AND ASSOCIATES SPECIALISTS .nlmrnt of fn tioi nnn-sioi,' Clironle, J', 111.' ul.,1 Hi-, ol n!..i;,,K.'. indloeiitlen. Canatl ^^'.U .n, Dyspepsia Qall Dladtl^r "Iruublcu, Frf.rnniatlsm. NaurKlc. Wenl< Back, c.iturih. Kidney ana Bladder Complnlrils, Ncirvouaneiio, Falling StrenQth, flloatlng, Puln 10 Side, Boltrc, Eplltpiy, AsthiTin, Broncmtla, Ohrpnlc Blood POIBOII , Hectnl Dliordera, plaeaeea of Women and OUensea at Men, cured without knife, boa- l.coi :. M. ,"011 l: KiKil- io R-i Irs. il orn •Mm t'.r.-i V. M Mis. on man i id Myrii a in-erii'. Mrs 11. Cur, 1"| -• i ilK.S ife.'in' r.i. I.. It. ran Mr*. W. p. '. Teiiih i-.r.'i A. roliiH'k. • Mrs. .Mina \\ Mlehl and K. Elever .Ib | A. K frank "Wlikiu^oli •.- H .i '.tiltl. led • JndfU 's. Miss Mrs. .1. J. U-eett and elerks, Mrs. Martha .'. Vim t-iit. i --JudKes, IV-8- Marlba F'.roivn, and IT : cHrlis, Mrs.'J". S. • liatt 'Mi. t -.ludeen. Mrs. Viola liaik-y, and I>. ('. V.'al. L. Christopher and C. 'art. Inet -Juilpes. Mrs. l„tic> Irs. UUlan Itickard, luui 'est; clerks, Katberlae 1-1. CriiiK. ire-.-bii't - -Judges, Bertha Neisoiv U.^sie Monroe, aud liatvi-ci Koetz, t'terks, Mrs. C.erlie Van K-ue ren and Mr'.. Dora Cline. Twelfth prn-'.net - ,Indues, Mrs J. H. Roberts, Mrs. lYuri Sati'.uolsou. 1>. L Cooper: clerks, ii>otia Auderaun, and Mrs. Myrti'- H IIX U T. ThiTieent:' pi-.'.-ini'i —Judpcs, "W. L. cb.'iiiipiiui, Mrs. 1'. A. Tlndall, Mra. J. H. Ki'bo.ii.'y; Clerks, Mrs. E. I-I. WIIV si,.'. Mrs. N T. Hiilmes. Koun ••.-nili precinct Judges. Mrs. Lola German. If A. H'-ndrixson. Edith Ciadys 1-e-fg and f J . M. Kin:: < Wo'ifer Fill. Yoak a; and .Mr . ri .".T. pre met s. Mrs 'ralg. J U. I KPS. .in ilir.i . T. J. Mrs. C. i, K. Ik lie.imctt PRKJCE OF WALES ADDS TO FAME OF KING CARACTACUS. rili -miiixhnni, laiKiand.—rerelied on the arm of a eb .iir and smoking a biK cigar, tbe lbiiiee. of W'alea reix'niiy joined vigorously with the Ulsbo;) of Birniiiii-'bam, the lord mayor and many youriK men in sinking the eboniH of "Car.-.etr.eiis" whleh ends thus. "The stick that tiinnod the trouscra of Lh-'i boy who shouted 'Dearer' io the mar. who put. the powder ou the faces ot the hiireni nf the Kinfr Caractaeus." Tills oeiurred at an informal gathering In the loungo of a club presented to PI soivieeinen, which tlie prince bad jiut formally opened. SPRINKLING TAX The Sprinkling tax Is now payable, nils ta.v may bo paid at the City Clerk's office "P to August 1st. 1923. If It Is not paid by tbat date It will bo certified to tlv County Clerk as a special assessment to be placed upon the tax rolls, This assessment will carry 7 per cent interest. ED METZ, City Clerk. 6-5t Apes 'Save morn alrength In one band than tho average man bos in two. Milt. KUilh Giurgi, llunyarian film nd tln.jc achat, tfil/i the , iiioom of iczenteen tummeri in her cheeks, htedt aJvica v</ 1 /ie «(ari, given ihrcupk tceress, and plant io conquer flmilom of • Amcrho. In the old tJai 'J before the T/J;- cs a child actrett the :: favoril • of , EmperOT French tnd ,- dual monarchy royally. » • i • I '- IS-' Budnpesth stars? Not luminaries, Wait and yon shall sec what yon shall seo. For Mile. Edith Giorsi. teen-yearold filru ar.d stae b cuininii: to Los Angele filmdoni si-:eklng the elusive will-'o- 1, fame and fortune. | Ar.d the- stars—not of the film varl-j cty—are iiendlnK' the little. Hungarian j beauty westward. For a seeress "wdio is wont to com -j imine with tho heavenly bodies has advised tho child artrcs* that wealth, fam© and perbays even a handsome, millionaire, Anrerlcan husband awaits her lu America. ' i TOMORROW- A beautiful girl's struggle for life and love^> The story of men fnd women of today who do "the best they can. NORMA TALMADGE Supported by LEW CODY, EILEEN PERCY, JACK MULHALL, JOSEPH KIL- GOLJK and a BIG STELLAR CAST in "WITHIN 51 LAW" Adapted from Bayard Vcillcr's Popular Stage Success the stars bodies, but the seveu- salion, oca of make. Many aspirins girls have hied stage! themselves 'Lou Angeleawnrd ou less i provocation. Mile. Edith has been on the stapfe eleven out of her seventeen years. She began her career under auspicious j circumstances ..t tbe age of six by; appearing bei.e.' the late Kmptrori Frances .Iosr;h in the. days when Vi-; ennii was one of Mitrope's play spots, f From then on until tho outbreak of. tbe World \Y,ir t*he was a favorite j with The iniehty princes of the Hups-i burs regime and the Idol of tbe dual ;• luoniirrdiy, | Mile, Glorgi i 1 confident that sue- j cess, fame, everything that the stars' promise—according; to tho seeress— will crown her work in the United States. TONIGHT • DOROTHY PHILLIPS In a Storm-Swept Story of the North "Slander the Woman" | ADDED— LLOYD "Ham" HAMILTON —IN— "No Luck" Schedule: 1:15—3:15—5:15—7:15—9:15 Feature at 1:45—3:45—5:45-i-7:45—9:45 A de-luxe interpretation of a Great American Play! . As Mary Turner, tho Innocent and beautiful shop girl driven to a life of crime within tho law— Miss Tatmadge has vary tjreat and entirely different acting opportunities than offered In "Smllln' Through" and "The Voice From the Minaret." The rols fa unique and distinctive because it gives her her first chanco to portray the fire and passion and revenge of a woman scorned and persecuted. Nev&r has she been more superb! ADDED— .. , , Earl Hurd Comedy ^ "Their Love Growed Cold" PAT HE NEWS' „ "SYNCOPATED— MELODY MAKERS SUPREME" COMING De Luxe 10o Matinee Night 10c—20c PROGRAM CHANGED DAILY VSt The place where you always o ot more than your money's worth— The Iris Evening 10c | Matinae So—lpc TODAY MARSHALL NEILAN "BOB HAMPTON OF PLACER" with Jnrnas Kirk wood, W&sley B «rry, Marjorlo r »nvv uuil othtiiB. This \a QU& #1 Kfciian'a ^reateot pictures. TOMORROW "DON'T BLAME YOUR CHILDREN" Evrry Rifi will want to see this picture, especially Oiofio who huve n*>»r<I "r*tm't rfo t?i!s" and "Dnn't do ihat" all tif tlu-tr llvt*s. And B !l I'arc-nLB wtl be pqualy Intert'-itod. ' enttM-tiiiniriK fcatiirtj with L IBERT THEATRE Three Days— Starting Tomorrow Tonight and Tomorrow Charles (Buck) Jones In hlKhly punch ALSO A GOOD COMEDY. MEET ME AT THE "ANY OLD PORT" , Comedy iPtlS "Snowdrift A story of the Northwest and Yukon geld fields. Also "Where There's a Will" A snappy Sunshine Comedy. No Serials. Regular Admission. Preferred Pictures Presents Powerful Picturization of Edgar Salter'* Famous Novel "Daughters of the Rich" Telling a story of young blood, American dollars and- French folly. With a Preferred Cast ... . ~ Josef Quickard Miriam Cooper vio , a Vale Gaston Glass Ruth Clifford Stuart Holmes Ethel Shannon Truly Shattuck LAST TIMES TODAY—"MASTERS OF MEN" PILES ? ltal, cMoj-otorm or doten- ioa from work or bUHi- ^Petey Dink Something From the Old World By C. A. Voight 3 Bess. Our Atrophic method cures In a tew treatments or we will refund •T»ry dollar paid. | ELE0TRO-THERAPEUTIC8 Our equipment Includes nil Electrlo e ethods^—X-Ray, Violet Roy, Oalvan, m, Hlnusoldat Faradlum, Auto Cou- 4ansatlon, plathermy, Ozone, Vlbra- fkm, Lljfht, Heat and Kay Therapy, | BIOLOGIOAL LABORATORY ,Ws are equipped for the scientific ud- ttdnlitrattou of "60«." "914," Autl- tlieumatlo, Blood Building Scrums, Baoterlmi, Fbyutooogens, Autogenous Vaccines, etc, li. Most Modern Equipped Clinic, pur treatment methods hav« won thousands of testimonials from Kansas ptnd surrounding states. Xn.m.'tit, K>. For tli* fli«t lino© In nuuiy yt-arn I run •Iijoy catlna- Dr. Hunt.n- & Asie-'idiUcS Atirrd uio of a bua ciuie of stumuuh troubld. li. WM1NS, Consultation and Examination Free 14 So. Main St., entire i.cciw.d floor, Hutchinson, Kan. -"ftlRES WEWEVCUIUCGOWHS ArtoTbuB. WATS UEsioes FIME J>A^ fRocws foRME So v>«- — OWE: sees SOCVA TAPTWAIIHS . CT?CATIOM* AT EVE-RV STfeP^ — I AK So 6 IAO I CAMeovere^— lrlERe '5 HO SUCH"M4IH6 QUE—- J tz: rriu SURE FLATTEM MER OLD HAW—

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