The Daily Mail from Hagerstown, Maryland on September 13, 1939 · Page 4
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The Daily Mail from Hagerstown, Maryland · Page 4

Hagerstown, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 13, 1939
Page 4
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THE DAILY MAIL, HAGERSTOWN, MD., WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 13, 1939. SURVEY WORK STARTED HERE Geodetic Experts Working On Project In This Section. The 43 members of the United Stales Coast and Geodetic Survey, whose high tower along the Middle- huiT pike aroused considerable curiosity here several weeks ago, are now encamped in a small tented city on the Frederick fairgrounds. The men are working on a 40-mile radius from Hagerstown eastward to the vicinity of "Westminster and southward to Frederick. Under the supervision of Lieutenant A. P. Ratti. assisted by; Lieutenant K. Jeffers and Ensign P. j Taylor, the members are locating and placing concrete monuments at intervals of five to ten miles. Geodetic control, they say, is essential to all subsequent extensive mapping and charting of any area. Their measurements determine geo- graphic conditions and the measurement of elevations. Demonstration Today While high officials of the United States Coast and Geodetic Survey and delegates from several nations look on, members of the survey party will this afternoon erect near Lewistown a steel tower, one of the five portable towers which are to mark their operations in and near Frederick. The ceremony is scheduled for 3 o'clock. It will be a part of the program of the Seventh General Assembly of the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics, now in session in Washington. Ten members of the Geodetic Survey who are now in Frederick are married and have their families accompanying them. The equin- nent of the party is composed of twelve steel towers and twenty trucks. U. S. Builds Up Its Anti-Submarine Fleet SHORT cur for the busy housewife—, - Rich, delicious tomato soup —ready-to-serve— with the savory taste that only juicy- ripe Jersey tomatoes can give. A.big money's worth. oz. can HURFF SOUP CONSULT US For complete details ot available fire protection. R. M. Hays & Bros., Inc. Meilink Safes FENDER BENT BODY DENT HUGHES MOTOR CO. 10 E. Baltimore St. Ph. 2460 Ladies' FUR JACKETS are a fashion sensation. Choose TOOTS here at low prices on eauy CREDIT. PEOPLES STORE 67 West Washington Street Held In Murder :r.b* ring about 200 are being hastily remounted with guns, deck plating 5? in San Diego. Calif. Photo shows a gun cradle being lifted aboard :'r. Cs-sda at ^var. German submarine activity off the American coast 5 the greyhounds of the sea, are used mainly for submarine defense j The Horoscope They Don't Want To Fight VIENNA*/ "T-^ ,.J Earl Steeley (above), 24-year-old quarry worker, was held at Lititz, Pa... on a charge he murdered Mrs. Edward Smith, 27, whose body was found in a weed "patch. Pennsylvania state police said he confessed strangling Mrs. Smith when she spurned his love. DR. SYDNOR IS NEW MODERATOR RICHMOND, Va., Sept. 13.—Dr. G. G. Sydnor, pastor of First Presbyterian Church, Charlestown, "W. Va., was elected moderator of the Presbyterian Synod of Virginia here last night. The West Virginia pastor, who is a native of Halifax county, Va., was eligible for the moderator post because of the fact that seven West Virginia counties in and near the Eastern Panhandle of that state are included in the Virginia Synod. Texas law authorizes a teacher to use "lawful violence" if necessary in disciplining students. But it adds: "Only that degree of force must be used which is necessary to effect such purpose." ix the FAMOUS KITCHEN CABINET COSTS LESS PER .YEAR THAN ANY OTHER . . . SEE- IN, OUR STORE WITH YOUR OWN EYES Astonishing "WEAR TESTS" of enamel- Sellers enamel is BAKED ON so that it will stay on longer than any other enamel I The "IODINE BURNING TEST!"—Sellers Work Tables are STAINLESS and heatproof! . The "DRAWER BOTTOM TEST!"—Two men] can stand on a Sellers Drawer! Built for service! : Patented "Fluffy Flour Sifter" strains impurities out as it sifts—instead of grinding them into your food! YET SELLERS Are Priced From Only... $25'°° VIRGO (Aug-isc 25 :- S~~:=~^r , 22)—Virgo, an Eani sis- ml=d oy ' Mercury, imparts a, desire for order ; and systematic procedure. Sub- j lects of this sign aspire to -what is j best in life. Women are fastidious in dress and may be leaders in fashion. They are affectionate, devoted to the family and tenacious. Men may be philosophers. The sense of touch is accurate. Wednesday, September 13 Many planetary aspects are active today and the early hours are less fortunate than those after midday. Saturn and Pluto are in places that may cause uncertainty regarding labor developments and the plans of foreign dictators. Merchants and manufacturers should make the most of this autumn which is to bring expanding trade and commerce to the United States. HEART AND HOME: Promising aspects over the home. Under this sway cooperation among members of the family will prevail, especially where economies are concerned. This is an auspicious wedding day which promises congeniality and understanding in the new partnership. No danger of divorce. It is a good day for social affairs. Hostesses should enjoy success in entertaining. BUSINESS AFFAIRS: Advertising will score extraordinary gains. Publicity also will be widely sought by men and women desirous of political or club preferment. Newspapers are to prosper, but changes in ownership may affect journalistic organizations. Death will remove two personalities long dominant in guiding opinion. Magazines will be less conservative than formerly and take active part in political campaigns. NATIONAL ISSUES: While the stars smile on women under tbis planetary government tbere will be strong opposition to them in the leading political parties. New alignments among both Democrats and Republicans will enlist women, but only as subordinates in getting votes. There appears little promise of election or appointment to important offices. INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS: Astrologers see Mussolini as the safest of the three European dista- tors. He will be slow to arouse the democracies to conflict with Italy and will find himself in difficulties with Hitler, it is forecast. Stalin is subject to evil portents as Russian troops defend Russian borders. Persons whose birthdate it is J HUNGARY/ / *SOF1A iBin/GARlA Southeastern Europe, zealous to keep war from spreading to the Balkans, proclaimed neutrality to the world, but still takes no chances. The five little nations are ready, with 2,410,000 men mobilized (as shown above) and 3,000,000 more in reserve. Although these small nations are standing together as a bloc, Rumania has massed 100,000 soldiers within striking distance of the border of Hungary, her traditional enemy. have the augury of a year of success in industry. Those seeking employment should be fortunate in obtaining satisfactory positions. Children born on this day probably will be retiring and sensitive, but talented and industrious. Many subjects of this sign will have inventive talent. German Churches Under Restrictions BERLIN. Sept. 12 (/p)—lt was officially disclosed today, that Catholic and Protestant churches had been placed under wartime restrictions but spokesmen said the measures were made necessai*y by the war and did not constitute an attempt to interfere with the church. Under the restrictions the number of Catholic church publications such as diocesan organs and scien- tific and religious research publications will be limited to five. This was attributed to rationing of paper. Some churches have been closed. 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WISE PEOPLE MAKE SURE BY HAVING THEM EXAMINED KBV JEIUEIRV CO 40 West Washington St. Closed Thursday on Account of HOLIDAY 17-19 North Potomac Street BRITISH-ITALIAN CONVERSATIONS MAY DECIDE OUTCOME OF WAR ROME, Sept. 13 (^.—Diplomatic circles expressed belief last night that the outcome of the European war and the future of Europe hinged on diplomatic conversations now under way between Great Britain and Italy. The deepest secrecy shrouds the repeated conferences between Italian Foreign Minister Count Galezzo Ciano and the British ambassador, Sir Percy Loraine. The British-Italian conversations followed talks between the French ambassador, Andre Francois-Poncet and Count Ciano, after which the French, envoy returned to Paris to report. Meanwhile, a Japanese military mission which, has been visiting Italian arms factories at Turin since the signature of the German- Soviet Russian non-aggression pact caused It to cancel a trip to Germany, now Is said to be considering a trip to London. No diplomat of any other country pretends to have precise Information on what is being discussed among the French and British allies and Italy but most of the diplomatic corps believe a move of the greatest importance is afoot. Shrewd analysts' now generally scout the idea of peace after Germany conquers Poland—if she does. They believe Britain and France will not give in, for it would be a defeat by default. Likewise, they believe Mussolini realizes Great Britain and France are determined to fight the German Fuehrer, Adolf Hitler, for years if necessary. The analysts expressed the belief that Mussolini is in a key position—his entrance into the war on either side might decide it Should he join Germany and should the combination win, they said, he would have the choice of picking British and French properties around the Mediterranean and in Africa. But he would be faced with .a terrific offensive from France, the possible closing of the Suez Cana] and the immediate loss of Ethiopia, and attacks on Libya from both Tunisia and Egypt If Mussolini joins Britain and France, the diplomatic quarters hold, the position would be reversed. With 250 miles of frontier with Germany protected by Alpine peaks, Mussolini would have little to fear from a Reich occupied on two other fronts. On the other hand, he could provide Britain and France with a new frontier to harass Germany and could cut off Germany's supplies from the south. It is widely believed In the diplomatic corps that Italy's entrance into the war on the side of Great Britain and France would galvanize the recently-formed neutral bloc in southeastern Europe into action against Germany. A total of 1,500 two-hundred- man CCC camps and" approximately 100 smaller camps are now in operation. nsii^jnsiflis - ::j: Effective September 15 p Jnrtttet&f IN 1 m i ill! 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