Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on January 7, 1971 · Page 6
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 6

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 7, 1971
Page 6
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A-6 Alton Evening Tolcyrai-h Tirur.-rl'iv. .Inn. 7, Hid Bills seek voting rights in state ^V_ -*^ ^*——/ SPRINGFIELD. HI. (AP) — ye.-,r-old Wi'ir in connection Tinlcy V;irk. proposal the sl.M'O lo-.el sui':'r-;t( d p In tlr area of |vc f >r'"''CC din:: of onon Illinois lawmakers Wednesday wi.h their .-; prn- ;i! of (ho iv»..\ .-n." ndment to acef.mmodate introduced prnposnls for - •' - "•'.,•:,.,•, IlnnoN to fod<ml laws. s! '!•:• C"' : - '•!"•• •'•<••'->.. constitutional amendments to Since I'T-n fed--1 .'i eon;! nil- permit 18-yeor-okls to vote, im.'s aii'r.ori/cd r-'y'ar-oM 'Another proposed amend- voMir; in federal election? ment would permit I'lr^e °' nv qualified by federal law for consiiiuiinnal amondr.ients voting as lS-y n .',r-o]ds in of Hie fi;>l typ;- lor simple federal elections to vole in approval of r y: r-old ••. nting election nt ^'Inicli federal wre in'••nr]ii'-c;| lr- I,': p-< officers are being elected. Ilar^ld Ka'/. I)-';'-pr:-if>, and Illinois voters Dec. 15 .U. U. \Vu!f<- D-Cni. .-^M. r.o'h the House am! Ih' 1 Scn- a t e receiver! hills for honu v -tcnd exemptions. I!''P. David .Tones, H^pi 'iiiefield. suggested in< ; i ;i-:es Irom 1.300 to *2.000 for rr-al propf'rty used as a i'csi'i<>ncc liy persons 65 years of .i"" or o<. ci . In the senate, .Sen. Frank d/in'/a, IM'A-'Tori'cn Park, e \~ ''His in open public or film un' 1 - meeliims, 1'ep. fioliert S. holdinir the .T 11 c k e t t . K-Park Ridgn, that recorriiir^ it \\ould ho provide that :-'M'ii" rfcor- unreasonably (lisriipti\'e. stipulate that debates in the T •'•lip'--: by tape Meanwhile. Uep. John S. House be transcribed. by the authority Maiijevk'h, D-North Chicago, Mati.ievich also introduced a ant )(•••••>•••• found submitted a resolution lo bill to require a license to I rules shall possess explosives. ,,.,.,i,l ],-, i :-.-.i"d r, !r ,povted in-titi'tion of higher (i; , ,.,,;,-.. ,.i ,.; Mjii"s U-arnin.'.; to piejiare an annual p , 1 ,.,.,..,,,. ineonie report of all funds aVo a4:'cd for an rn.vt- received ol'ncr than from to rcriiiii'! 1 ('•'; a : -' i' ; •-. ,iie appropriations. rejected a side issue on IS- House S to cliekt SPHTNGFIKTJ), 111. (AP) -- ]i«p. I/'laml i;ay<;un. ])- lisini the exemption at I he ^ ready 4- Ci 1! i .': cordial personal In Hie v.'iiu • ' oin. I'.lair s'aid Rep. Robert Ulair. U-ParU rclali'mMiip \\iih hi- bitterest M( , ;, n ,| |i ;( , ,„.,..,• sr^naic '.'nM^'h'-! "i 'r'' 1 ''n--cmrnt 'of '"'"' ''"'"' '"'" l " mil " !v - S(>n ''"'' '' ll ' ^ ••''' (nn •; Xei'io \'. ho is nnld-inannered a ruaior i i a 1 e ;laic and land , , , . .,, , but pei l ;uas!\c in lo-.torin;' (li'\ i-]!!pi>i-"n! bii'-'i!!":-. 1 '. , ,. , , ,. • • i , 1 I)i'iiiocra1ie tcLM^Iation, had F.lair, v.lio v.ill yuirle a con- |,., rm onious n-lations. 1iiir.'."Ml nj !i() I,'.•publican'; \villi |.| : ,j,. 1T .,. ;! p,,,| th ;i | w |,,, n he only a Mine vole mar-in over ( . ; ,|],,,| ,, r , |>; ir t,.,. ( 0 :iss j s | j n IX mod als. said lie -id nol l>l} \ t \\f joint s e s s i on .see Ihe reiai.ionship oi the two preliminaries bv lawmakers partii s a'; aflvfi ai ios. ,,, ( ; ov i(j ( .| 1; i r ,i B ()»ilvie's "I'm \villin'; to sit down to address. Partee received one talk about how we can get of (he biggest rounds of ap- lli' 1 job done." he said. phuso from lawmakers and •lie noted he had hold a pro- I heir guests, session conference wild the I'.lair told a newsman in Ihe veteran minority loader, Kop. invrview he had arranged Civile, ciioale, 0-Aiina, to with Republican leaders in Work- out agreement on belli houses to hold sessions opening day procedures and on legislative business each agenda. 'I uc.-,day with Ogilvie. Forest, said Wednesday after his election as Illinois nous" speaker he is the yonneev.l lawmaker ele\'ated lo the po^l in 30 years. Blair, 40, earned recognition In the IDfifl Illinois Lf^islature by aggressive sponsorship of difficult legislation on interest rates and highway liond issues. Gillespie bimrd OKs purchase of math AtSdus "Home-Owned" A Brand Known As The Very Finest.,. Buy Allans And You Buy The Best! All have select hardwood handles. We've got rip-cut and cross-cut saws in lengths of 20 to 26 inchse, 5i-pt. for rough sawing, 8-pt, for all-around cutting ^ purposes, and 10-pt, for finished cutting ^ work, Regularly . GILLES PIE — The Gillespie Board of Education approved the purchase of math materials amount ing to ?G47.(i8 at a board meeting Tuesday night. In other business at. Hie meeting, the board accepted the resignation of ilattie Hike. Kindergarten teacher at the jienld attendance center. Her resignation is to become effective at. the end of ihe school year. The board employed Mrs. Jennie Stankoven of (Jillospie as a part time cafeteria worker at the Gillespie high school. , Charles Sincox, president of the board agreed to serve as legislative representative for District 7 at the Illinois School Board of Education. Tldvf sl.cals projector from'1 An overhead projector and a film stripper were stolen from Douglas School in Alton reported today. Investigating officers found that' entry to Ihe school had been made through a rear door. FOR WOMEN : «n Were $13.99 to $21.99 Now ^ TO $14.99 FOR WOMEN Were $8-99 to $10.99 Now T^ ' f ' T ^ TO $6.99 WOMEN'S AND CHILDREN'S Were $2.99 to $4.99 Now 121 WEST 3RD ST. ALTON, SLL. Imagine these circular saw blades at such fantastically low prices. We've got rip blades, chisel tooth combination blades, nail or -flowing blades, just to name a few. Circular blades of all kinds! Come in, pick out yours and s a ve! iO-inr.h Size Hardwood Handie Silver Steel Blade With Pclbhed Finish! A Sturdy Bbtb! 6, 62, 7 or 8-Inch Blades 9 or 10-Inch Blades «l Hollow Ground Blades 6, 6i, 7, 74, 7i or 8-Inch To Suhji-c.t Tn Nt(icl( On Him.I ALL BIG 4 FT.xS FT. Your Choice of • BAMBOO • CIDER • OYSTER Regular $4.49 If Jl'erJeot "ATLAS-A1RE" Electric Heaters! We Bought A8I The ^* We're Passing The Savings Our Deluxe Model Illustrated Cash & Carry IT I FIX UP THAT EXTRA ROOM! 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