Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 16, 1930 · Page 16
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 16

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 16, 1930
Page 16
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DECATUR HERALD THURSDAY, OCTOBER 16, 1930. DECAT'JR HERALD By Mnnt« Barrett and Frank EUU Recognition KNOW YOU THIS OTHEPSlRL TO ISHAM SHADE'S SANS- IP SHE'S MAKINGAGET- AWAY F«OM THERE.THlS' jO8 TOO HOT FOR HANDLE HUffRY,0«lve'tf-WHAT ARE YOU WAITING MSNAffU AFTER P YOU OONT H6LP U9, SWAM SHADE WILLSCTTLG / LATER Bobby Itatcher /^ THIWK CM OOHMS TO I LIKE IT OP 1^ THtS V. COOMTRV--- ft-i- 4 XwRlTS AUHT 1OA f FIRST THING IN " COUPLE OF COMING BROUGHT AUOMG H«I.FSR FOR OOE AT; CAMP WQtM. "HIM KOW... AH ORO6R FROA\ CUTTING DOWN THE SERVICE TlUt- SPR1NG....HAVB ^"O GIVS^ uT^ A WBEKb PAV FARC--J HATS TO DISAPPOINT THAT KID BUT THBRI HO H6UP FOR nr--, BUT I'UU IT CO TtUL. SA.N 1 WAWT TO TALK A F6WJ VWOftOS ' AtJO -TMIS IS- 5OMETMJW' 1 "" v TO (Ce^O NCXJC MOOTVJ t tiMOMU VOk^OH. 6O»W TO SOME, MOuTH /MOD Me IS GOIW' TO GET MARRIElO- TO euSPe - SHE. S«*5 ITS JO AWO I Tt-»WK eLOPIKt' IS TH£ OF eTTlKl' SOU HAWE A WEDDiNi© WITH TWET TWIOJK: -to IT BUT IP IT eccx; SO TO ir,XTTlMKR. TO nuT OKI AMD SHOOT _ L oe-jec,Tiisjs THE NEBBS weveR BREAK GAS BUGGIES UNCLE WIGG1LY H K P T t M K STOI1V _1(V HOWAH1 H. UAKIS Onto upon .1 tin'.* to visit. II!H ciu»ln. .Piiraiy ]''nx, Hie ci.uni.ry whcro t ' l i c l n lived in his hollow H t u m p bungalow, "Oh, I n m wo Kind you (»·» to s i n y w i t h in"!" liiirknd Vu/.*y (i,i he lei t i n ; cirri, "We "hull tmve ninirt, lop'lh.-r find in rut, 1 ' '·VVImt ilo you - i i l l m Vox. " I t i i h l i l l n : "Tlieri" I:' 11 n "I"' nmin'tl li'Twln VVliytlly who 11 wn ""' f u r (f»m my dm. Hi' l« vety to rut." "How do you knew 1 ," 1 nsliwl ^°'' "No." bT-rn'l .iiimvt for inc. )tu (in)lM me nnd !»· f«"li H«' Wolf, nnd tie lool.i the Viol. C" 1 M"' nlwnyrt (tel* ' u y|'^' Jvift. lnvi Vnlv "I (.{ills Ulio yours. So t hud to show lilni." "VVoll. If you catch Unclfl Wlgglly ll's) till rliflil," crowU'd Hie Bob Cat.' "Von, 1 atu dorry to stiy hh tall ID I l k o nilnn." mul ho showed his *Uuu|iy H k l h JlK^'r to the Rnd Fox. "t clmll sui'cly know Undo Wlg- (;ily now," Red Fox snld, Then wo enn sltirt now and look Breaking the News To Amy Fux went (()r hlm( - j,,,| lt t n e Bot} cnt. "We cnn n't know,' nnsiwcri'il Ktfl V "1 iicvM- n t i liny. Wlutt in iv u n v l i o w ? I doiit- k n o w tint I ei "Oh, you mi T'lHwy KOM. "r Mt.'i down 1" Hi* 1 l pllp try tvlH'i-r you Mvc." ··It mtiy W'l'in I'll 1 '! Fox. "1 h n v e n e v e r _ w l i n _ » j4r I \vtm1iltU jjlly i'ttli[ If 1 o( ll«i eoun- i to you. htil cinii'ln I tin' tf"!-lo Wl(! WERE I AW, AMY, .IN A SWELL HOTEL DOUBUNS FOR THE 6REAT FINANCIER H. HORN. IE HATES MEETING THE PUBLIC , SO I'M TO IMPERSONATE HIM AND ASSUME HIS SOCIAL OBLIGATIONS, $ 1000 PER NVEEK ANO EXPfNSES. LISTEN,.PERKINS! FOR THE MILLIONTH TIME , I PREFER TO SIT IN MY SHIRT SLEEVES WHEN I'M WRITING LETTERS, YOUR DRESSING SOWN, S I R ? VERY WELU SIR, MR. HORN, I HAVE A VALBT-. 'CHAUFFEUR..CAR..UNLIMITCD' MONEY.... PRIVATE YACHT EVERYTHING, I'LL DO SOME TRAVELING, BUT AS MR. HORN IS A BACHELOR I CANT TAKE YOU WITH ME. WE 'WONT BE SEPARATED SO VERY LON6..JUST UNTIL HIS SOCIAL OBLIGATIONS ARE PAID. REMEMBER, THAT PROW NOW ON I AM H, HORN THE MULTI-MILLIONAIRg, AND ADDRgSS MY MAIL ACCORDINGLY. KEEP THIS A SECRET, AS I SWORE I'D NEVEB DIVULGE IT UNDER ANY .CIRCUMSTANCES. .^-3^ wai^liecl which Ckop Uncle vwy c.n tht-e« d i f f e r e n t wnyei Jind whtv (ivi'f flt':*t cnlchos thai r u b h l t cnn l-rillT nnd the oltiern will como and help 'fit hltii." "Very ffot'tl," barked Rud Fox. So. n f f r t n l l d n K It ovfir bnck o( ft IjiitJli. the lhre» 'find Ch!i]iM sturtcd out to itiili-li the rubblt jreiitlemim. Ntiw, ny H hdjipencd, Uncle Wlft- ··My wn» Just then coming home f nil n llin store, where lift h;ul gonn h-i TOOTS and CASPER Prepared For first Aid By Jimmy Murphy (rug COM1N6 FOCJTBAU. ^jftME BFTWEEVJ TRACTON "^ AHD"ABApA.B(A TPCH l" TUB TALW OP THE ^0 1 WM IT* THE MAIM TOPIC OF CONVER^ATIOM tVEWYWHERE 1 , HAVlHE BEST "TEAM WIN! ! . 7 I HOPE. I'LL BET YOU If ABADABA ^ A BOX OF f.\ BECAUE l 1 CANWTHAT ABAWSAItCH /^ THEB6T ^WILUV/INl /i-l LOOklNil! I'M "50 TRACTOM WILL WIN THAT ALMOST BET MY RAILROAD AirAIN^T AU70MOBILI5. FACTORY I DON-T CARE, WHICH TEAM VOU 1.IWE BE^T ', ROOT FORTH FAMILY I'VE 6,o~1 A BET OP WITH COLONEL j HOOFEO "THAT i HOPE *Ycy LCKE. OUT FPR. ACT1N6 eO eMART, CA-SPER! i HUE COLONEL. HOOFKR, AMP IF HE V/IN THAT BET I WON'T 1 1901), King Ftaiudi Sxnrlictlf, Inr, C.MI Utiliin rith.i rrMtvnl 0-16, \? BETTEO-TAWE ALW6 «?OME SPIRIT* OP AtMMONIA TO PFVIV6 TUG COLCMfL IN CAStE HE FAINTS VWIM\ MY TEAM I WANT RITVIVE AT LCA LOKk ENOUGH HANP METHB. FIFTY loo lii.d. 11 p'ox, "1 k n o w h i m lins clll'l"',! t h r o u g h n tlni* 1 , Pitl If y«» n rnbblt li-mltii 1 n«'' von will k n o w t!ud buy ft new feather dnat.wr for June. Mr. [,oii';(iftrn hni) the iliMti'i' w i t h him M. h i d i n g F u / / . v [bin-k »f a tiiuili, he v,-ry wll. I K ' i ^ i l '.'I 1 "! 1 " " llt1 ' t n v ' l i i i w a ninny l know hpw . tell you. Thnn WlBully wli.-n I(.'i *'|^ a imllill li fur, lie hii« l»l l i t t l e l u l l . ''"' vie«r^ '"*l t'"! 1 * 1 . , ,, ami n tall, dllli b u t . "lie inuxt lie very Fos. c h ovvcd ntid a tilni)1( M'll t l l f hi.-! mini" , IM« t)l1 BRINGING UP FATHER l i t t l e " cliort l u l l " !« Ill Hert l.-ll.'^ I l i r r r »rr "T hopn Kel Kox chftteK rnc nnd no| Fii».r.y FOX ir Bob Cat." ««W the .1* ([ciillcmitn \vlth »i jsrnlle. "For 1 k n n w n way to fool Ihnt, fellow who hna nevef rieen ft rflhhlt. Oh, y.-rt. I rnn fnnl h i m nil right. Pn il-.ey flro m a h l n i c fun of my tilth t n l l ; n r n t l l e y ? Well, we P h n l l B«e whtit hupiwns!" t f t i o l d WljfRlly wnlchod whleh wiiy psiflh Hud Chnp went nnd when t i [ ' n i i w Rrd Fox. wlio hnd never SI-MI n . H t n c l l i i K tnwnrrt his hollow jitutnp InmRnlow. Mr. Lons- eai'f sfild, "Now something Ifi polnff tn hniijM'n!" A t u l wliit it n-ns I shfill tell yon truuorrow nliiht. Then. It the mllli l.ltchcr will pour mine ollvfl oil on t l i r c e l l n r jitepH so the toiiinto K||JI down eiislly. T'll mrtke a stnry i n l m i t t Ctn-lo \VlfTBlly foolltiR I (Cojiyrliilit. 1(i:in. hy Howard friirl.O AQUKTCHUCt In and Out By MaManus THI« - A.REVOO OP? *. COMG'. COME'. rV£ COtviE tM- » WANT TO TA,UK in Btrrttn, int., Crttt Brilit.i c)(hli niirvtd. WHO tM THE CAM THAT 6E AT THE PROMT OOOR."»O THE MORNINK5? HOW OID"YOO NlR'JKjO'3 A^jKEO MB TO COME INTO Hi* ROOM- I DID- * HE, THREW MC O OF THE WINDOW- ppl mm ^ $$i; tMt rome. i'" s "" w '"" " "" titll niwl tlw'» ' |1U wlu ht ".' w .. Iv tvlK-ii veil tneot nlin. Uncle Vox went "eMis'hi ywr *"ly l t t t l c l) Cut," Btild ]''ur/,y Fox. ' mewed the 1Mb Cut. (nil, Mr. fun flt n "No. Indi'r". i" f 11*11111)! him how My dtdn't hftl"'i' "»*' n " lm "' hn ' 1 n ·horl toll. I imld rabbits had . lom nio · fnv tHWk4? OBjuHe-WbT, ym. nt Itt M wfcnti E rvtvm fnm my 0»rroin!T--*ln*' wven vt turn' 1 Clutto--l.*ro IMI ptii HIGH LIGHTS of HISTORY No. 22 Clark and the Kaskas- kians The Fall of Kaskaskia By J, Carroll Mansfield ||ME WldHT OH WHICH ClARK$ur*PRi$i= . ONfr i WR THE TOWNSPEOPL-. SABBAQITV AN CftUSCIV OF THE "LOWS KNWES* [we MAMB THE IWOJAUSjAHOWG THE I NtfiHT THE FflEHCH */· p tMTHEJfl HOMES IW P6AR AMf TO DETORM FRaM THEIR WIVES ANtfiMILPREN ANETOS£j THCip HOUSES M.UNbSRE AN 6URNE j 0V THE 'SlTIHLeSS'lNVrtWsRS. BUT IT WAS ClAftK'S PURPOSS TO WfM THESE FRENCH SUBJECTS OF"TH£ EM^LIIH KIHS TO THE sipe OF tug twrre STATES 0V UlNPNESS ANC OIPiOMACY. * N TME MOIWIMfl FATHBft PieRaE5lBAULT,tHB PARISH PRiE$r,cALLej«M CLAQK wffH JOME LEADING £rttZEN$ TO ASSURE HIM OPlMaQ SUB- MIS SI OH AWOE^HlMTo06MER4(FUl.TOTHIt R-rwE VALUABLB WSAMATIC CLARK WEPT IHEM POQ SOME TIME iw jgjjwe ou BAtiiY IMAGINE THCIS SURPRISE AH OMAT RELIEF WHEW ClAQK WMftMUTHtM THAT TMATHE I "H** aws'wefli wee TO H*^ LAISLV Btco STA A MW HIMUTE5 m 1 NEWSPAPER NEWSPAPER!

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