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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 1

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Wednesday, June 22, 1859
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^: WEDNESDAY" MORNING, JUNE 22, NEWS. THE DAILY NEWS. 3 £. sUiEFBTKix Losxra LATEBor. -,t*-,' littl 1HQ, on B iBOS STEttT, IIUK WALEtt-BODEZ. Ukily Paper, published rvrr^ morning, excepl Monday Tii-Weekly Paper, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. it e'tcly Paper, every Taeaday morning. TEEMS OF DAILY PAPER. O.ilj Purer for one year, payable tn adraoct tI,OC TERMSOFTH1-WEEKLY PAPKR. rr|.Wcekl>-rapcrforonc}-ear,payablelD*<lrance.*8,N TEEMB OF THE W£EKLT PAPKE. Weekly Paper fur one year, payable In advance...11,00 KATES OF ADVERTISING IN DAILY Ten lines, or less, of Nonpareil make a square. l square, 1 day.. 1 do. 2 dav» do. - ' do. do. do. do. do. & days 4 tls,! ««•„• k»... ., . 1,50 2,00 . 2,5(1 8,00 8^0 4,00 D,00 1 aquarc, 1 month...| 6,00 1 do. 2 months.. 10,00 i do. B months.. lfi,0t 1 do. 4 months.. 1S.OC 1 do. C months.. 16,00 1 do. (months... 20,00 1 do. lyear.... 80,00 R nd* A I, .111 ^do n. AB\ f II ft«<l>t; ARTKTii. 1SS Elmidolpli Slrcrl, are avOutrimetl to re nlf for tiiit and all Oir Leading Piijxirt n/ij,* A'fvthwest, and are tht OBLT and n. •Loan-KLi aul},<,ri*cd Agent* in II, NorViwett for a majority of them. maM IN TOWN AND OUT OP IT. MARK M. POMEROY, Editor. •»l»-lr.--ri»lneical Hrrord, for June 21,'59 c|.l l.> «' II OARIM VS4 00, Ilrugplsts, 19 f frmf Ir e.-: . GREAT DE8TEUTION : QF,PEOPERTY I! BLOCK IW I. OSS ALKEADY SIOO.OOOIM! IHE FIBS! STILL BAGOTO!!!!! Last night, at seven mln ales o'clock, a fire broke otit iu the rear of the '! Gothic Hall" Beer Saloon in Young's Block. Our Fire Companies Lad jnst taken leave of their Chicago visitors, and hastened to the spot, bnt before water could be got 'to the bum* ing building, tbe flames had too much start to /•'or Trltgraph and Cnuimtrcial natU tec Fourth T'ayt. ~ Tlie Campbells had e good house last niglit, and pavr unbouuiind satisfaction ' WHO WOULD THIWK IT ?—YesUrday we saw streral men in thp streets wit'tioot givat coatp or fliawl- OD ' IST" A woman was badly BOD struct in Rochester last week. Her oldest boy knocked tier down with a liroomstict. EICBSIOKD Lwtures ou •• Thai Poem" in Albany Hall, on Thursday evening, Jane 23rd, at 8 o'rlook be subdued, and in an hour and ten minutes ,be walls commenced falling The fire is raging as we go to press—two o'clock in the morning, bnt luckily there is ittle or no wind, stirring. Young's Block'was a floe strong building, with basement, and was occupied by : Tunis & Co., Bookstore Demor 4 Raymond, Groceries J. A. Blancbard, Millinery Qoood*. ,—Yankee Notions Morton and Fowler, Drnpeistn John Schonp, Cigars and Liquo's " Two Saloons. Smith & SenftMwn, Saloon J. R. Ceoenp, Trunk maker label, Barber shop. . Music & Piano stor- Lr-aliy & Mc-C!usky, Gas Fillers & fPlnm- :rs. Gary & Pratt, Attorney.-, C P. Fitrh. Dentist Vouug Men's Christian Association, &nd vera] oiher law and other firms Mr. Failing's Panorama ol the Arctic Re eions was on exliiliition in il,,. Hall, but we learn was anved Tlie loss will not fall sbon of $100,001), and may reach a higher ficur* The Custom House stands it well, while buildings on each side of the streets, are continually catching, from the beat and Dying cinders. The fire bnrned so rapidly, there was little time for saring goods, and the di'tane- to water prevented the engine- getting to work as soon as they otherwise would. Tbe steam engine from Chicago bad started for home but twenty minutes before the alarm was given. We wish it bad been her* to have tried a pull, and assisted our firemen Par- tiralars to-morrow. f FiBBJUH.—Yeaterda, moijnfng at 6 o'clock, the flteatner Plariet, ar rivpd at the dock, foot of Main street, from Chioago, haviflg on board the, Chicago Fin Brigade to the _number of eighty, (several o them with ladies,) Messrs.- tJpton-of the Jour nai, Morris of the Tinea, Forest of the Democrat, Whipple of the Herald; ?bbne : of ,th RaMroid(ftuutu.~m& ihe.rerjr corpulent am immit-nsely good natnred James Ltngdon o the Sunday Leader, U. P. Harris, TJluef Engl neerjof the Chioago Fire" Department, the oele brat^a Light Guard Band, and upwards of 400 invited guests, comprising ranch of the wealth and beauty of Chioago. At six o'clock, pre- ACCIDEKI.—A lad named Caton was run orer by a team in the Third Ward, Monday, and seriously, if not fatallv injured. Being somewhat engaged yesterday visiting with our Chicago guests, we hope patrons will feel glad there is no more readine matter in the _Ve«>s this* morning tbau usual" Not less than 10,000 persons were on the ground yesterday to view the steam Fire Eneine "Neptnn«,'' from Chirago By a change of time on the I.« Oosse road, its morning train does not leave till about 7 o'clock ' The Lirht Guard will lo day by the noon boat from Grand Haren They will I be formally received on landine, arH cordially ' welcomed back tn lh«ir homes Thai auction sal. of hotel and Ur fnr- 1.1 lure thai was to hav- taken place yesterday morning at Hood's auction rooms was adjourned till this morniiig at 10 o'clock ' A smart efeower of about three minutes duration yesterday afternoon, started the crowd which was ou! to see tbe engines, to shelter, and did much toward cooling the at- i mospbere. ! _ DOG DATS.—Itis said that "every dog has his day" and during Ihe past week we have seen several whose days were suddenly ended Going up .Milwaukee street yesterday we heard the leport of a gnn, saw ihe smoke and ' something drapppd " It was :. do Today we have seen the same scene re-enacted twice.— Jatietn'iltf Tiinct Well, tf Janesville donl heat the d— utch ' The dog above alluded to mast be a tough out>, or else be ie one tbe city has for policemen to practice upon, or the tame scent would not have to be re-enacted twice. • The Montelio Ltdger says the late frost in Marquetle county has not proved as destructive us was at first imagined. The sun and tight showere have almost cured tbe crops. " Quince," in the Wisconsin, will, undoubtedly, have '-a day and a half.'' He saye we read, at the Editorial Convention, a poem written by B*v. J. C. Richmond. Well, what of it? ' A man's wife lately died in New York, and upon eibumation of the body, not a trace of poison was found in it. This is regarded as a remarkable proof of the advancement of virtue and domestic happiness in that exemplary city e springs eternal In the human breast. — Popv But where does she winter, old fellow- !— Excliangi. "Soraewberes" in the vicinity of where sh happens to "fall." Bratns A. Johnson, who was sent u abouf two years ago for Urceny. died in th State Prison on the 2d inst., of chronic diar* rhea Before his death, he handed Commrs sioner AIcGraw money to buy him a lot in th burying ground at Wanpun. AOCIDEKT —During the trial of engine yesterday, the hose burst, and in tbe rash made hy the crowd to get out of tbe way o the water, a little girl, about sii years old whose name we ot>nld not learn, was pnshec down, and her arm was stepped on and broken. She was cared for by a fireman, and conveyed horn. • • TJK NEWHALL Housi.—We heard at least « LiiuUred men yesterday express their surprise at the gem like elegance, of the Newhall, and in the handsome style it is kept — They said they knew it was a good Hotel, bnt bad no idea it was t he finest House in tbe West, till once inside it. • Subscriptions received for the London Daily Times at the low prioe of $40 a year. — The last Issue of the London Jimet, previous to the starting of the steamer from Liverpool, will I* famished at 88 per year, at the News Depot, corner of Main and Wisconsin streets. WH E. TUNIS & CO. . _ IBS. SICKLES "TrB.KEi> 0p.»— The Otica /feroW reports that Mrs. Daniel E. Sickles has taken 'rooms for tbe season at the Clifford Springs Hotel, and that she will resist any ap plication of he< husband for a divorce, and will furnish proof of Infidelity on bis part which will prevent any decree 1 in h s favor. AlWATs BO ir.— The Cincinnati Engvirer says we were in that city some time dince,.*nd, after -visiting Longworth's Wine Cellar, brought op in the jail »t Newport.— We did visit the Jsll to deli vera letter to the " Newport Reporter," and finding the institution about as (fry as Longworth's cellar, made ,bnl a short visit— hardly long enough to get _ acquainted. We wrote merely to learn if he was ont yet. RM^SMBHTATIVUS or THI CHIOACO S.— Yesterday we were favorelwtth o«Ui from Messrs. Upton, of tbe Jqyrnol; Horrid, i flf the Time,; forrest, of tbe Democrats Whip| pie, of the Herald; Langdon, of the Sunday \&^>*Q£s& t !>f fa R.&. Outfit. They I «MBe tip guests of the Chicago tin Brigade, j *nd, we trust, were satisfied with the general , 4^f«««Hwlbr Jhdr np-lake jm^ & y, ] fcope for * much better aoquainjunoe with*. ;JUe«*etof men, The following list of officers ar* now attached to the C S steamer Miehigan : Joseph Lanman, Commander Wm. M. Wood, Surgeon. N Collins, Lientunant. J. C. P.DeKraffk, " C. F. Thomas, Chas. TJpham, Parser. J. S. Kntherford, 1st Asst Engineer. Wm. G. Buehler, 3d H. J. Thomas, Carpenter. Frederick Bull, Jr., Captain's Clerk John J. Odell, Purser's Clerk. Alex. St. Bernard Pilot. The Michigan arrived on tbe afternoon of the 20th, and will remain three or four days ^•AMENDE HOKOKABLS —The editor oftbe Madison Patriot, writing home to his papur from this city says of the convention : •'I read a little equib In tbe Patriot this morning, to tbe effect that our editorial convention was a failure Now, this is a downright slander, and jnst show me tbe man who "did" it, and I will spank him with a pan cake. A failure, eh I Why it was one of the most successful conventions that ever was held for any purpose. All that J ever expected was a good tone generally, and if the editors are not satisfied with their tminplaous and liberal entertainment in Milwaukee, and everywhere else, then they are unfit to enjoy happiness A better time was never .bad by anybody In fact, Milwaukee was such an elyginm for whole sonled editors that those who conld not enjoy pleasures, were compelled to leave their country cousins alone in their glory.'' A^^M tnrxciPAjL, COURT—Hts HOKOB JTJDOB FOOTS PB.ESITUSO—Tuesday, June 21 Tbe business before the Court yesterday morning, though far less than that of Monday, which wasja perfect avalanche, wasslill considerable. J. H. Green and Henry Burns were fined Si each and coats for being drank, and in default of payment were committed to jail for five days. Patrick Maloney and Wm. Fiunegan were fined $1 each for being drank. A. Derter, fined $3 and oogts for disorderly conduct, or 20 days imprisonment. H. E Smith, two complaints for disorderly conduct ; fined $2 and costs on tbe first, and I and costs on tbe second. Joseph Stanover, disorderly conduct. Dis charged. Herman Miller, assault and buttery ; settled between the parties, defendant paying costs, ceded by the Band and escorted by Milwaukee Fire Company No. 1, P. Van Vechten, Fore man, they marched to the BewhaH, the capital music of the Band waking many of our citizens from their sleep. At nine o'clock, a pro cession was formed in the following order : Chief Engineer of Milwaukee and Assistants. Chicago Light Guard Band. Milwaukee Fire Company No. 1. Representatives of the Press in carriages. Ex. and active officers of the Chloigo Fire Department, and citiz-'-.n of Chicago In carriages. Chicago Fire Brigade. They first visited the rooms of Supply Hose Company No. 1, which were in the neatest possible order, aa was their carriage, and after exchanging tbe usual salutations, visited from there tbe well faralahid rooms of Engine Co. No 1, where " bevemge" was supplied all who wished. P. Van Vecbten, Foreman of No 1 welcomed the guests to the " city of bricks,-' and stated that open doors would be the order of the day. Cheer after cheer, regular firemen cheers, right from the heart, went up from the men of Qhirago and of Milwaukee, and after each round of three, a "tiger," made all ring aguin They n»rt visited the rooms of Supply Hose Co No i, and after giving a salutation proceeded to tbe Seventh Ward High School. They were met at the door by the attentive Principal, J. Q McKlndiey, and conducted to the high department where seats were furnished, tb« pupils standing till all Others were seated. Mr. McKiudley introduced the visitors to the school, when the scholars welcomed them with a hearty and well sung "Hail Columbia," followed by the -'Red, White and Blue." Mr U. P Harris, Chief Engineer of tbe Chicago Fire Department being called upon excused himself and introduced ex-Alderman C. W. Holton, of Chicago, who made a very neat and well timed speech He was followed by Mr. Whlpple of the Chicago Herald, Mr Upton, of the Chicago Journal, Capt. Raymond of the Brigade, Chief Engineer Eviston* of this city, and on behalf of the Milwaukee Firemen, by M M Pomeroy' of the Neuit. Tbe Brigade then gave three hearty cheers for the school and teachers.— Mr. MeKlndley thanked hie vwltois for calling and then escorted them to th« second department, under charge of Mr. Ooe. Here the scholars sang the Marseilles H vino to perfection, accompanied by a young lady at tbe piano, who is a gkillful perform-r on that instrument From here, they visited the lower room, where Miss Barnes presides over the juvenile department, listened to more singing, witnessed the calisthenc exerci»es of tho little 1,1 lows, and left, well plea-.-d with the school! and tbe very gentlemanly welcome extend .1 by tbe Principal as well as the scholars. From the 7th Ward school, the visitors went to the roome of Ne plnne Co. No. 2, and from there to the Ho as* of Oregon Co, No. 3, where a handsome collation was prepared, and which had ample justice did it. No. 3 t boys are "bricks," aad were »o voted by all the partakers of their hospitality, who hope at some not distant day, to have a chance to return the oonrtisy. From here we nest visited the bouse of No. 6, then No. 4, and from there to tbe House of No. 6, where ' beverage" was again opened. t each House, the customary salutations and cheers were given, our guests expressing themselves surprised and pleased at tbe good order and neat appearance presented at every House. From the rooms of No. 6, they next, by invitation of John French, tb« liberal steward of No. 1, went to the Leviathan saloon, where some lager, and net a few cigars were disposed of. An invitation was here extend°d the visitors, tbe o^cert giyah- by the 'jOtnipl ells, at, twelve! i o'clock wera escorted to the t by 4h» bo^fs of No; 1, and. left for holme ajnid hearty eh^ers, we Tiope <u well pleased with ;their tripes the citizens of Milwaukee were with tbeii;JvUitors. >' • We never sjiw a finer body of, men than those accompanying tlte Brigade, and WB never •aw men MW^ disciplined, or obey, orders more readily. ! There was not adrnnkeu man seen among the Firemen all day, and all pass, ed ofl pleasantl)r; and in excellent order and taste. • i ! Chief BvUtOjrf, his assistants, and Mayor Page were aroud|l ( seeing that nothing, was lett undone to make everything pass off as it should, and tlitfy succeeded. We propose nine cheers, on: our own hook, for the pintle- manly ofiioera apd gentlemanly members of the Cbioago Fire Brigade visiting our city, and after, the cheers, at least three " tigers." \Ve lways like to have such visitors, and feel as >roud to receive :tLem as Chfcaga does in tbe lossession of such a body. Tbe Endrcf-tlie-worldisti have im-t in Newark lo deolarp their personal and positive isappointmenttbat tbo general flare-up,which iad been ao long looked for, has not come to ass. Tbe world; was, according to their no- lous, lu hava gotie to pieces on last Sunday, nt It didn't—sojihey are v-xed. Hawes, th» Miller mail who j«ads them, has hope that the ext steamer frfffo Europe will bring tidings 1 the all-devouring blaze which ie to consume hateful earth ' Alrf. J. d Oroley who presides over ihe local matters o/ the Rockford daily .\Vw«, says 'the Sons of Malta are a convivial society who make it a point t • sell everybody they tan." We would like it if Mrs. Croly would examine the charter—enquire Into tbe acts and examine the working tools of the order before she makes a etatemerrt devoid of truth. The Sons of Malta, by their sworn oath, are bound to dispense comfort, to ease tbe suffering of the widow and orphan, and do good in a thousand ways the outside world knows not of. DIED aid INJDRIES.—Wo mentioned the other Jay that Mr. Wm D. Merrill, oftbe Prairie dn Cbien Courier, had been called home from this city, where he was attending tbe Editorial Convention, by a serious accident to his brother from the explosion of some alcohol. Vfs are informed by a letter from Mr. M.. that his brother died from his njuries on' Sunday, morning. He was ahont 2d years of ag*, and had lived in this city 12 years, and had many acquaintances here, who •ill deeply lament his untimely departure Otvd to tbe Chicago Steam Eneine, IVep. tpne. Oh! ihou grekt water volcano on wheel!! (3h I thou great four-ham Jtage-cotcb t That flres up In haite and blowt joar Own horn, and o»i ries the mill* t fuu're s majntie olil ikwlrt, lint 5 ou • Hov you draw great frovda of meo, Women, children, eilltori, firemen, • OlrlJ, bny<, smill dagi, bars. • tail Cirrliges, cirti, Yankees Qe-mans, Ithiopesns, rUltora, fcableJ toJ people. To g»:: on how you coul I make water Go high upwards Into the high air! Oh! you tremeadcoa ,Icwirt: How yon coughed, »»d unerletl, aoJ Howled, uitl bellowed, »-d thook Your alJea, aod tore up the dirt! Oh I roa powerful akw<r:' duppote on '• buat yer biler," anj i e t Voar Innards outw«rd« t)>e Open air, and with ooe «Jld ihrlek, Like Tbe yell of the yellow Thomaa cat, Ascend upward] and declare a divld-nd Amo-g the cto»d, of broken he»da, And Irga, and arms, and bouts, and backi, And, all" fl tt out, a goner , Wbo would a'tend your fuaeral * Oh ! re u skwlrt-.r of walrr ' I'u3 away, old Neptune—fill your cberkj, And ikwlrt Lake Michigan all over the Crowd. Take on aln like Brlgham Young, but you can't cc(< / Mind that, old Quid ej«ctor t It lajtes four hone* to dr»w j ou, but You can't hare new panu, o- partake of Refreshment!' You iteam It too Hard, old fellow. Teull have a Fefer In your bowels, and nothing but A cold water doctor caa put U out ! ?e«, yoa old force-pomp I You can proj-cl fluid like the. Devil. But can't sit on ) our cue like a duck. And have ladles vtaH >uu without Halting scan, 10 you csn't, old chap • You can " whistle" b t yu can't sic* Or dance at the Milwaukee Garden C*me up again old skwtrt, And when you come, come and aee us Irrt-aistlble squirt ' No 1 and No. 6 can ke*p up >•>« And make yon tske water tou Yet you understand tbe fluid To perfection, and If you want lo Driny. come and takr iu.-tlon with ui 0 d hot water muirt. Adlew NUMHKR 227 NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. T~CITY r ADVERTISEMENTS DH. RANK'S LKXJS ! tha Fireman who took Dr. Kant's Jogs from i»ie U il laat nlnht it the time of ih dre »l?l please retuji them t.i the Mcriomotitft 1 tloaae NOT fl^HE As-e^SDlrnt List for la.i several >v- ar <J», o' ,.,,„ M: the Utv , f SU»aukee, will b.. itpen lu.- ihe e-saml- nation of the taxable Inhabitants thereof, at ih • Common Council Rn, m, at » rj'clo-lt A. u . on >h- r.,ii-.winif dav for the sevaral \V.-ird», respe<-.tiruly t. *;t For the First W.rd, ou ,h« fl'lh ,l»y o, , i>l, nc-lt For the 8ec,.ml wv,i ,,„ th. .ixth a« f July oe <i »« (lhe Third W»r',,,ntlle-eT.n.h ,Uv ,t July ,. fx i. tar Ihe Fifth W» r j'' 0 'n n u,e n nu.Tav'";'! jJf'^T* For 'th r W ? ri1 ' "" lh " clc '" lln '">/ "' J " y '"•" F->r the Eutith Ward ..„ the thirle-nth .Uy ,,r l,,ly oex . ' For *.; Mni'i n»rl >,n ihe f iun<«nt)< Uy ,f I i- DC* I And ihe Cuy «nU VVaril A-ne--un wjl rnnke *>n-fi i,.channel in . ihiau-i: jr d--crlj-tlon. ' ' , I Of.» C<»;.->W» I l i Je22-,llUt ,-,ty Am-juror. (.!!v u (M1lv., s.'.... Cm C <fTXi,Li.iR < Dm. •. i | Oontrwt Dep». u .--,,. Milwaulfe, June 1'i, 1-ifiV i T m?follo*m< lesrrihe.l lot in the .-'-venl h «',r,| .if the City of Milwaukee, mil he beneuite'l "> ih,. , amount let .-puoalti It ' >• ailing It *ith i «unV:-n< . amount ol -a.- h to abate the nu-nancr irn-r-»n ' | VICTOIt JOIII TTK. i . Street c',,m;ijl^si..n^rj ; Lot -i, bUck I . beuetl'. t-.Uf, 5.;. I Je22-.l *t EL'IfiMK.irN-ilCu [ - i - j MAP 01- TH K SKA I oh VV-VK, j PBICK TWLNTV-FJ VI «KXIN. I "jf^EW Map of N'ortho.-n and C-ntral Itai,. ahowln - ' Ll the Heat »f ih» War. P.,il:|,, n o- tie \rm ^, ,. tc " I I to which Is »tt»rhe.l i »..,al: Map of Eur..,. ,;| ' 0 a ! eent». j AJjo, A line Mip of the Theatre .( tl.e Europ an : Wir.with porlrilti .,' the I!ul :r1 in £uro v >-.-ir ._ pr , ro I , J0e«n», mt STRICKL l V., i i... -I NOTH;L«;. CITT CnMpTHui.Lsa's Omr>, i rjflUK Common Uf>uQeil, hy resolution 4tlnpr»<! Juu, J. 13th, 1SC9. ap,,ro»,n« ,f ,(,„ r.r,.ruinen,l»tl u n ,1 tAu Street CnaimiMlonert ,f 'h- El s hih W*r < it In ,,r ler. d. That th>~foll,,1.1m; U'jrrlhe.l I..K, v *,\i .f ,,,i» ,„.! pvceU o( lautl ID '.he Klijhih W;ir.| tl 'tin CUy .r' Mn nu-daTci)"' Je< "* r< "' p '"' ' c "" '•'"•"•••• »"•' 1H--d ,n . m the Co „„!,.'„ ;Jr " tn"",\[ ""' ' "' "' *'"""' '" " ' ll.^ lot .), lil.,e^.5U; i,, t .j, h ,, K , k ',,,. , iilH . ', ^' >n ' it hp< Dlurk i.!; loll i a nil 4, l.l.u-li " •/*"',!», ,.' .t'Tan.l '"..('w. ., '•m * »n,l M ,r I. Dl,.,-lc ll.t ,,,',, , ; ,j , j i'"'™l"! i,Mi>C* IIS; .1. ,',,;. < ,„,! ) ...... a ,'i '.,,',", I 40'f 1- hlarli Iv'll I..It '.1 •; . 1.1 ,,. , i- x,',,. K I.' "'•' J, 4, S. i. Ill in.l J, M... * it , ...-. .1 T,,,| ,, ,,. h.-f"»...,ri f ,l<,^k» Itll n).l t- .,-:n^ ,;^ ,-^i . ,(.. i. i 'i7'JJ^ fet>t imur; north J.'i «^i ' ....,••, o-_' '. ,.t .. .^,, '' '• »,TU, t ..| ,, r . i,.,rTv ,r,( r,,-r,n v »„,.,., ,„ .,„. ,,„„. »,,,..„.,, , .. K-cur lln^ t.. In. ' '• N< )'l U ' H.. ITT ut'ii^TH-pi . a L.'.,i,U*. [ [>-|i.trUn. .-,'. M'l-.v .tin -tf . , in- , 11 •!,.. :, i tv, r i. 1. H U \ H !>' N v i t _ , AMUSEMENTS QUK N ( 1 1 Y I.. >IH, > <> '.i i. i. o. o^ i. i . AMERICAN CORNET BAND Pike's Peak Song. BT B. D JOItT t. The people ol Cenrer. their c»«e u !• harj, I They look all arou-d them *nd *t in.l ,u tnelr <us- I !. They «-t In their hocaeJ. look <-ti' at th^ r J..or The^ ran net no y l<t, what can they ilo m^re When It li ;iar,l tlmn an.l nothlnK t Ji, There U old Oener.l Larimer, a man of renown, r helps ral» the ei:l.ern«nt t •• ra-ae up the town ' Now he yayi for h's houa a he don't get half r.%^ licrause the mine* don't turn oui but »wo blu, a .1 When t Is hard tlaei and no hlng 10 do When m-s In the Slates heard ,,f Pike'j Pe»k <,,,.!, Th^ r f-rtns an-J hou«^« st hal/ f.rlcei ih^v -ol.j oirn and wagons, a mule and • ran. >verj man that I taw wii r- adr to gtar- When tt U t.ard tlaies Mid QoUuii^ tj ^ i '«'«tll» ;ll « ILL COME Or • AT ALBANY HALL. IN THIS CITY, IJ.M Thursday Evening. June 30th. A N ADDRiSS WILL BE l>KLlVFtU( BY r -\ BROWN, E.| : r .. ,.,,. .- n- ....;. i i ,.r ,.,.. r may ANGUS SMITH & CO., fr^KonMririiujiit ^ i>ainii>-.jiM \1 ; K( It \ S 1 - 1 » HI. I I- I I \ t MIK \V I li 1- Mill M '' ••" -"'• ••» • M • .... I II - . ,.,., ... ;,._"'. v.,n- -. .v,:.-r- .«-., I ,1.,, ,. . ..,. .(, ,.,, "r ih [,u,«nl <-> •,---. M i. < -. , . . .., ,,, I . M i ' . i ' 1 \ 1 h- N 1 »-••> i H-.iii h <n,l >, II I- i |),-n,,., IM..I. A i H bcur.i is i i. ( it •(••- K 11 HVN:.,< I K- MILITARY BALL I The ^.onluoiiirr> t.usii Will give ft Bill i. Lfie - nir:.' 1- < > I ; K'i 1-1 ( >h i ( 1 •> .N J-. N. i \ f IHFIIl M U VKMOI<\. ! -: H f v .-' r w \ r K K -• r K K t. r J, L HK.J-; LATEST ST^Y L ES Honors Haley, disorderly conduct Jury trial progressing. ANOTHER BRKAOB OP PKOKIIB CAS* SlAKDiR.— The 831 ton Traveler says s •nit is now pending in the .Supreme Judicial Conrt for Cumberland county, Maine, of which, says a ooi respondent, tbe -evidence will di» close the following facts : A gentleman by the name of Paran Jones, formerly of Eollins- ford, N. H., while »re*ident of that city, pafdt iis respects to a MJaa Herbert, of PorUand, Me.i and Bh« in ootuldention of his regard and jromises (she being quite wealthy) furnished him with money, horns, oarritgea, &o., and as sh* alleges, be agreed to marry her. At he end, of three years " conrtahip" he left her and went to WUeawet, Me. Meeting with rery ; good Baeoera there bt concluded td stick W a ife of tingle blestedness. About a year passed, aad she married a Mr.'Parmenter. [Some six months after their marriage, Jones made certain charges against her, which, she say*, were alse, and 'were the cause of her sepraUon xjtween her. and her husband, 'Which took place eight months after their marriage. She las therefore «aed Jones /or 810,000, th« mount wilch »he alleges he rewired from beir during ihdr .three year 1 * M «oorttblp,» and has .also_ tfonimenced another action against hbn, In which she cl»ims^30,000 for injury to -bar -oh«TacteT,^Whteh was the oanie of herbnsband^Wngli^., The action or MtionB will it tSediA^Portlind In October. " -W-i from Mr. Failing, to risit the Artie Panorama at any time they taw fit, and one from the Campbells, to attend their concert at Albany Hall. Prom the "Leviathan." they went to the Armory of the Cadets, and were by them escorted to the Nawhall, where Kean & K-ioe had prepared a fine dinner, which was well relished, after the somewhat lengthy, and dnstj trip of the morning. After dinner, the visitors, sereral of onr city officials, and tbe united Fire Department of the city, again formed, and led by the band, marobed to the foot of Main street for a trial of skill and power between the hand and steam engines. Several thousand people were pres - ent to witness the trial, and It was with the greatest difficulty tb* crowd conld be kept back sufficiently to allow the guests room to turn about. A line was formed by the police and firemen, and by this means the crowd was kept back Arrived on the ground, in seven and a quarter minutes from the lighting the fire under the boilers, the steam engine had ap steam and was forcing two streams through open hose. At a distance of 400 feet from the Neptune, from which two lines of hose were run, were two of onr city band engines, No. 1 and No. 6. All things being in readiness, the signal was given and-the trial commenced. For three minutes the ' steamer" coughed and ruckled, and the gallant boys on Nos. 1 and 6 made merry times about their brakes, and easily kept their boxes clear. Two or three trials were hid, bnt it was oat of the question to swamp either of onr engines, though the Neptune boiled and hissed, and took on till timid women and careful men made tracks lest the boiler bnrs(, and amral good newspaperitems be manufactured. The next trial wa* a trial on height. No. 6 male readyj, and at a signal, at it both stqam and muscle went, muscle coming out ahead, as Ko. e ; got the highest water. Loud cheers went 'op from the crowd at this unexpected success EdltoHaJ Meeting Ou boartl flteanifr Clert»laud t Lake MicliU'an, Jane 18 5& ) At a meeting of (he editors who bad join-J lu the pxc-ursidn to Qrand RipiJs, tb« following were had S. D. Carpenter, of tbe Madi»on Patriot, called the mevting to order, arj.l nominated S Ryan, jr , f.,r rhairman, wbo was iiiianiui.uisly nbiwen. and mi ftiolmu of 11. S Heath of tbe MnnaBha',ons?rra/i)r, S 1> I'ur j.. nu-r was chosen Secretary, Prof. J. W. || 0 /t of (lie \Vinconsin Farmer. B S. Heath nf the >l-u».-lia CunitTvator, and H. N Rom of tbe Shrliojgan Timet, Were appijrjuvi a pomniiltee 10 draft resolutions frpresaive of the ?ens* of the mwting who soon reported th» fo lowing which were unanimously adopted : R<tJ i l i..a we, as memlxTS of tha pr-*p, andgoestsof the Detroit & Mil wanker Railway Companj, do bfrwbj tender to said com- p»nj onr grateful arkDowle<lgmenta lor the Cenerositj of their entertainment during the '•irursion to and from Grand Uapids Resolved, That oar warmest thanks ar- ^s- peciallj doe to H. 0. Wilson, General Wesu-rn Agfnt of the Companj, and to the several subordinate officers on the line, for their assidloos attention implied in Iheir official position, and for their unremitting efforts to do all in iheir power for the comfort and happiness of ihe recipients of their hospiUliijr. Resolved, That the citizens of Grand Rapids, and parttcul rlj the editor of the \orth ti'eit- •rn Journal, S. 8. Ball, agent of irw aforesaid railway company at Grand Rapids and the officers and memrwrfc of the several military and fire companies thit favored us with a handsome reception and escort, are also tntitlwl to our wannest regards and grateful remembrances Resolved, That the Detroit & Milwaukee Hallway, including tbe steamboat line between Milwaukee and Qraoi Hav^n, is one of the pleasantt-st and most fcarwfnlly managed thoroughfares in tbe Onion,-and that it is eminently entitled to the confidence, and patronage of the public, and can not fail, when duly appreciated, to receive a very liberal share of the trade and travel between the, east and north-west. Resulted, That to Capi Harry Bingham, and bis " Yonng America' 1 mouth piece, wa are especially Indebted for that favorable prestige which his salutes oft*.n favored us. ResiJved, That if we "have neglected to herein remember any of thtj special and honnleou* favors bestowed npon us by individuals especially entitled to favorable meotion by ns, it i« only the result nf oversight and no design, and that where so many have vied with each other in doing as honor, it would seem almost invidious to pirtioulariic individuals without going through tbe entire list, which would be an almost impossibility, and WH therefore wish It understood that our memories are not short or treacherous. Resolved, That to Mr. Muir, the energetic Superintendent of the D. & M. Railway, are we especially indebted for many courtesies and attentions lhat have been shown us, and that he ought to be especially remembered by every Wisconsin editor. Mr. Heath mored thai the foregoing proceedings and resolutions be published by each press represMted, and that a copy of tbe paper containing Ihe same be forwarded to each person alluded to herein, which was unanimously adopted. The meeting then adjourned. S. BYAfl, Jr , Chairman. 8. D CABPIKTKR, Secretary. In iroin? uu the roid, hnrt-.t v «inn* th^y taw *he-" Toey nerer though: of tru 1 iirlnir. ' T -»'- I f.r On the faka of the m,,unt tins r>-jf lump* they mw, The only thmu they frflrel waj Ju^ffe Lyneb t !*• K ,r it was h*r-l times and rothine to .Jo In creasing the plains, a'l k'nds miirlit r.e i,-*;. >orr e outfits were good ar.d some they wer* !-»r, :*ome -oiling a barrow aid »nme hauhng i ,-*rt, (tyoten ) And others that were har'lii[, i-. lin \ '.• would itetl a mu'e. ajid ah*atl th'r woul.j *tan Fur it w a* f,ard time, aod fjoih rjrf t , d-, Wber, we £ol on tht- t, uff aod looked d^wn on -I.- t. We saw buct-«klri breeche, a rjnoi f arou .1, Thry came to fur wag >n« a beirirlni f .r Brub, W« t li Ihetu to leave or wr would f'.*r tb. t:. H ., l',,r It wa" l.ard t:m,-» ac.l nth n f t., ,1 , ^ f or -is ,1 Cherry t'rf-k 4;j J t ru. * u |. r ,r • ^ ' sr. Tr,enriiiayt(,[^-[Dount%lr.s^n ' .. i-r.t. A it',* ..n our ,hoTil iers \n 1 *t, f ri< -t, l.i : , i F.'.r II f hmr • times *n<l i,.-- . .• t .1. T ' 'hf .(»[ p h. 1 .,- -i ^ 1 fit if. wn pr pi. •.. l . . , ., I- > . »n,l il I,.- .1 ,r -in t,.r -'-a • • ir ,''-'* Bv r.l.-, J ^ , f \[ L'l •-. .1 ,, UNITED STATES SALOON. , --'IX- / I/.;., , ., / !l, ------ . „. .,, VV I-.I;N KSl IA i , /I N K -J J. 1 - i'. BUTTON'S! f-' /,' II I, - /.,-.- ' H~- r .f IU«- t r - (-ft. '• V i . I . i ' \ '-',.,. «. > M ».-. HI m 1.1. .'it-.-: H jiifui^3. Winder* Jh. l a es> Firt- ilt'f>.3rS inn. t < M % Kl.i-.N «:. . •, The rulrjeT a 1 gone »u,l l> *tr t,,-,i. U'l i, i .1 fir it was hard urrej *nd DC:, . ^ . i We carr* bark to town, we rrift In l:\u H • Hr haxl a big ffrisly r,* vvoi^. h- rtnd Icll *-< He waa cut£] f u up ivl four biu |M un I. Ar.d ttirre w .1 not half enoa.-n t' • » i nr ^, j Pnr U was hiir.l t-mtt BJ. I r. Mr.^ ;, |. There Is (iOT.-rr.or Be il • I W ,« r.,,,. | -, r ,. .. , , HP baj (rot lot- of men an ,1 no t, .- f.r -. .-m t.j I Coul,I not r*deem t, t tnn.i- tr<r I,-ok * .1 Far It lj hard -..roes and D • S n* u J Oh. there l» BUke an I H'.imnu, I •; • , • '. Tfie only two ([ n'temen in 'I,*- wh i' Triejr have Built t.'.em a cab a three huri.. r -.1 '- -i AQ'l the day w lef they sunif t: |, i ,n< ^Ve law loll of peo, le a ffotng rx>tn ways Ho-ne to the State, and 9-. re lo P Ite'i Peak And loll of Smoky Hill (ellowi »hu h«J :.,.II.K,J eat— F ,r It w»» hard times and no'hln* to d^ We made twenly-are miln the very flnt ,Uy Camp-d on P)att« r ver a-whlle to nay Tl.e water wiu rity, the fred wa« nol jtoo.1, H(• had noUilnff to r.urn but (Tree^. cottoo a .! For :t li hard times aod nothlnE to ic AJ we lav there In camp, we were net lorpriae.! To §••< hundreda of men running home feo their wive; With a pa. i; gn their back a tru Iglnif a!on;r Aa thej harried by us ire tunjr them this song — Ob, It lj hard times aod ooth Dg to do On the Srsl d 17 of June wr fot to 3t Jo, Our t amj ID pood order, beca> so wt came alow "' waahed oarl'lvel up and onr hair we did comb, Got aboard the cars, and skedaddled for norna— For U was hard times and nothing vo do Nnw ladlej and gents, to end with my long, I hope yon'11 agre • that IVf laid nothing wrooff, For out at Pike's Peak there Is no paying gold. And many a poor d-Tll has been beautifully sold — When it was hard times and nothing to do t .-r ( t' : l-^ , r \ii\ S--1- .-;.»- • ^ "•''•'' I- -' i - . ;-ra*- to.t v •- , , .... . r » '11. > i f r i> << r i r} l > Pi.r-. -r- , .-•-. », -I '(.... • ,,. .. ^ ., „ vm ^. ..,„ j!| .< \ M»l ar- :,-rc;,» -ii-nm -n- i ^ : r-, . - i r . 4..,*. , 1 the -• u.p.*.' : u tn ^ i .-., -.. , ;,„ ; . ,_ • " u( C -rk of saM I",, .rT. u,,1 j your ausw-r t.. •,. s.i.i .,, -i , ....,..-•'-.!. r , I v .11 t., answer -,ri- *H ' •oir.pltjr • Kim -."^ • • .. a|, resild. the plaiulilf .: * *vl,o(. * , ai.p . -,, -n^ | C, urt for the relief lemar .i t ,i n -.r.e -romi., 4,11: i WitneM the ll-n-r.M- A R r H f H M I il I I TUCR. Ju.f« ,f the i .r-«.l f,,.,r- r. <J«I«L|. «'onct/ of M l«»uk—, %! U »,..,, . -• , ' -^— \ thirtieth day .f llarcfi, ., i;.r , ^r - IhnnsanJ clir 1 -.: h-jndr-il a: .1 " ft v "" .HOOKER x ?I>«M;KNB!,.K ' apr?v^lUw4w PI'tirT'i Att'y-, Hi x. n^.-, ^ , » J < , i ', •• i . -i, Die b^iit *A»oruaent *,f i.-;^ i^^,i \*alrd.'». Silver H«rv, .Iptrnlr) n«, KANOY OOOL>M Ever broujrht to Mllvankpe. Just tria thtnif f .r ;I ,, day prtfseuts Just received verv cheap f r •-^'fh llAF-ON i UloMlK, lecl^ 2fll East »Vatcr street, vlilwaii^^^, \V. S VVM< > I. KM A I PAPER WARHOUSF of oar men[ and ahar some other spebtmetw of work, the line of march wai again Uken np. and gtepa trj»de for the Newball, where the company waidlBmlued. ; The steanl engtue can beat a hand one, as it can throw more water, and never tires out, «nd la the hand- of skillful manager* can be got on the ground, ready for use, as q.uiofc, if not quicker 1 , than «an the old style machines. For these rasoneyws hope soon to chronicle the news ofjone being purchased tor IClwan- •keej as witt them It is almost impottible to bare large i ires. DDiing the afternoon, several of the visitors took carriages and drove about the cltv, «t,a all we hBtri speake said, that tor real teanty, pleasant" ditva, haadsom* residenoes, and wbol64o«I« 1 men, HUwankw was wtitM to the "oakes.' In tie ercninf tbe Brigwkct. ! I Tas 8i*ip£D Boo .—The striped bag, when U once makes ao inroad! into the garden, is tbe most destructive of the! insect tribe. Not only cucumbers and melons are sometimes completely devoured, bnl Sdoaahes and pumpkins share tbe same fauj. Numerous remedies have been suggested, some of them tedious and not altogether efficacious. Recently we came across the following, which looks as though It might be a piwrentatlye ; at least it is not troublesome or expensive, to' try : " Take a small piece of paper, put it on the ground In the centre of yoor, hills, and lay a stone on each corner to keep it fast ;j then put on it two or three pieces of gnm-camphor as large as a pea. fieoew tbe camphor Tfhen it is gone." ft is asserted to be a complete remedy.— German- toon Teltaraph* • '.; -On Thursday evening Jajr 30th, there 19 to be an opening festival at Alba ny Hall,of tbe Queen City Lod^of Oood T-m piars. in this city. It is to be tor tbe parpos of furnishing their new ball. In Bowman'' building near the post office, and the hall wil be formally opened on that occasion. Mus will he furoiihed bj tbe American Corns Band, daring the: evening, for a grand Prom enade. An address will lw delivered by T W. Brown, of tbe IFitconjtn Chief, after which, a supper will be tarnished, together with strawberries, Ice on>am, and other refresh ments. RIOT.—A riotous demonstration was made on Monday, erening last by some eighty or ninety railroad laborers, upon H. D. Huff, Esq., and other gentlemen. The rioters had been engaged in getting int ties for the Transit Company ana demand,** their pay. There was no disposition whajtfever -manifested by the company to withhold fti and Mr. Ernst, cashi ierof Col De Graff, at onca made arramre- ments to meet their debands. This was in the forenoon. Duringnte day, however, the men got to drinking, «ml"wero incited, it was said, by citizens of Wlnona, to inoreaseltheir demand-! to an amonnt lAiob it was impoislbte for Mr. Ernst to raise, [and then raise a row; near down Hotfs Hotel. [kiU Huff, and .da snoh tth«r mlsxjhief •« they desired, The. row was oooimenoed; bntwirjotm'qaelledbythestar- py resUtabeeof o»» oritwo of onr •''} L M . ».^.-4. l !-- OOSB —Those t, Triads of insects thu a few days ago appeared all over the sidewalks and sides of buildings and all along tb river, have acted their little hour on lifi's stage, and made their exit. ''What are they where did they come from 7" and the like, have been asked concerning thfm. We will try to answer on behalf of the little creatures They are called by Naturalists, Ephemera, from their very short life, and belong to tbe order of neuropter» or nerve winged Insects the game as the dragon fly, from their membranous, transparent reticulated wings. They asnally appear in swarms along tbe banks of rivers, towards sunset on bright warm days In Jane. They assemble in tbe air and then alight near th"e margin of the strvam, the female aoon afterwards lays her eggs in tha water and dies. In some seasons and places, they appear In snob prodigious quantities as to be gathered from the grdnnd m cartloads, for manuring the earth. Notwithstanding their short life, they undergo a transformation, shedding their entire skin from th«dr whole bodies, including their four One transparent wings, and long, hair like appendages behind. At first they appear of a light green or! yellowish color, and flatter a little while, and grow sluggish and of a dull color, when their old skin bursts oporr on the back, and the ephemera pomes forth a new ereatnre wiffiMew life and far more activity, flnUers a ILtle i longer and dies. Although so short lived on land, yet they live several years in the water in th* state of larvae and nym- phae; tbe larva becomes a nympha la the detefopem«nt;of sheaths for the wings, and when the wings are folly ;de yeloped, tha insect leases the water aid appeira as we see it.— Hoy strange and instrwttng life is, even wb*n viewed in its li«l« phases. f. • lackiiiarr & I o. •-1 , '.Hi 1.V-., .,' ••,.. 4f . ,-.. !_ 4 . . ,...., r ,, . •••i"Jh , -\.-H t^,| ln .| .«,„,....,! • \ '' U.r. C,,mp'tN .<„!(,. i, r " "*' V „".,.)! ^a-V" nUlr '' ly " ""''• ''™- *'''''"'''."'">•'•' Mii'i-a.'i ,.|Ij,-. UllituKe.-. M.IV 1 -fla n.. l'i-l iw-.t vi j THiiMA.i. ' -I U ||>^>J s i K U I Ffs N.l | K. *T irs oy WL-JCHNSIN iLATB HAREUOS, aA-VFORD i Cu i Conaected with HAKKXSON. HANKt >P 1 ) .v ( < '. H t'A-LL.\ ,, a iu AVE opened at5 Alh.\ny Hk,.-t, M^h.^su ,-r e -t, -,u- poalte Newhill House, a lime itn.1t nf , fiewH, CifTfr, i\U,n-Kl ,i,,,l Knrt^^f /' i,,,,-, Alto, Lt'tjer Piiper*. fi,it Cup*. >',./>., Pant, Lftttr ,in,l A*n<« Pa^r^, tt"hlch will be lotii very low. Cotm&at a.l.lauiud w\ b« marie to the *tnck lo meet lh<* »^nts j' the tri.lw. t3F~ Printer* and others are -nvlu-d tn ran ,n,| -j amlne "ur .lock nr-.l nri,-e- aprlfl 1 N ' '•'•' •< '-"I .ar-,..iat -.. i ,a,Hu..-i,i .,,.|.-.-.| ; , '* ' ''•"'". n "ie ih.. v . -n-i,.-.l ,.-i,. ., i.,i..., .„„ ' • IM i v .>i M* ,-. . -ijy [ ,r, , , - X[ , OHH . , r 4 . tl<1 tllil ,. ; *; i'.-,..o \., i, ,1 -,,-,- p..^t ,ifn,... . f... , i n.iwiuk,-... "i »» i n rd ra » , ilic i.Jd ,| ,, , a< J uly. M: J. « :h- our .1 J , „., ,,-i,.,i i, y •-M-I '{Jf t;i^ I. -,, ,i \1-v:han ,-a 4ii,| -.ii.-r- ' ,,^ • ,|.,,^ n,: l»^. rule] Ljre-Tiis r 4 • w r ur n NOTICE CITT Co«PTanLLSK's Orriui, i ( ontract Department, Ju ne 19. laB9 f T IHK following Is a s he lule ,'f lou frontlnj on a, In bloc* 39, WaJke- s Addition, Sill Ward, City Milwaukee, that will b« b«n 4 ted to the amount . opposite each by gr«r«llng aid alley to the ntablishe (rade. B. O. IHTOKN, FiBD. TOOEL. Street Gouimt^sioners Hlook. Benefits tt-., -k N.I -h, r'll'.n VV»r , ., •I Mll»aui,e 1Q.1 Si»ie j( WN>-,,n»m. -in I >!.., ill Ihe r'Kht, il.i.. » m j : n tere^ nt he Icf.-n-ltnl jH,'.,n K -r n in i -.., ,a,,l ur-iimes ,n -n, I, l, lit il M,tf. . v".' ' Dat^ IT'. J i ,-e. U i-ri, ,«.-.., J,,-., 1,1. HM Ho.. km < « h »>,iSHOK»., , v j LA -ilWulil'ny Lot 1 W ), Je21-d3t la' U 13 39 39 89 39 39 39 Oil !9 89 3U . | Ml,«aai.n>l'unnty | '• | lu Lue miut.-r .if th.. Kstnte 'f H,;nry ar.; 9 ,r. l,..-. !a .i,r,i I / VN Ihl3 Hih 1-iy ,f June, » D., 1 OK, ap,,,i -..,./!„< j \ / in.l flllDK ihe p,citl.,n or llarv llr-ser. ilaltu« - the >f ,f \lur«-h. i lu.. il is,;;, 11,37 5,JI 5.31 1081 6, il K. l.'H. 'XttDlVER. Cnmp''rolier NOTICK. OtTT CojfFTBOU.ER'3 Omen. I Contract Department, UU., June, IT, 1KS9. |' T HE Common Council b; resolution xjoptnl Jung 18, 1SS9, approving of the recommendation of the Street Commissioners of th» 1st War<i, it is ordered That the alley running through block liS Kir-t tV^nl be payed la accordance wi h the plan and spec.ittc l tioru of the Cltj Engineer, en file In th« ComptrnilerN office. Ownen of property on s*ld alley are hereby not fle.i to nut* said improTtmenu within thirty days from the pusage of the »bore reaolutlon, or the Street Com- mj»«loneri nf th- lit Ward, ,m cause the sim« to be lone aod charged to the respective lot., according lo JelT-dgt tL'H. GARCINES, Oomplrollor. l'e,l .ntestate >n or 1 *r.d praying :hat r f mml.itmlnr <>n th,- fotat? ,>f *»nf l.«e;metl It a Onfene.!, Thai tanl appll.-ailon r>,. lear-l n..( ,r ! ^ie at ihe P^pOiie (JlBce, in vho Olty .1 Uilwaute,- ,,, •he dtn lay )f July, i. n . [ai>», al 10 ,'clucli , * | And it is further Onlerol, Rial n.itite ,f Ml ,l i M ,,i, •inn and liearluu tte <i.-en hy i>.ihllMhlni{ » copy ,jf it,, tti- JIiI»-.ul<e« Ne».,, ,i iiavrspa,,,,, 1 !- %",«!!," Tu"",»i ,:lty, prior to mlii hearing. By tNe Omm, , -14-Uw.Jw ALBERT SMITH. County J U .J K - NOTICE. Crrr Connsoun's Otrici, l Contract Department, llllwaakee, Jane IT, liJ9. f B T resotntion of tbe Common Council, mdopted the Jane 13,1859, approving of the recommendation of the Street Commissioners of tae 4th Waj-,1, it la ordered: lhat the foi;owlng described law, )wn of lou »nsi larcel* of land In too 40» Ward of the CUy of Mllws.ii- •ee, be declared pnUlc nn:»nce» and filled in tccQTil- ance with the estimate ol t.-.e City Engineer, on file In ie Comptroller'* Office, viz: Lot l;EJi LotS:N K ot i; West Hi lot« aod. lot 4, bloct 69; lot 1, blork ISO; Ot 6; N X lot«; lot 8; lot », bloek Tft lot. 1, 2 3, 4, t, and 8, bloek To; lot4,tAick W; I ts 8 ami 9; bloek 174. Owners of the aoare describe I propertr are hereby notified to abat the nulianco on lame vithfo thirty d*yifnimthl»it«te,or the Street ComroUsloatrs will -n*» iald^worl^to^ be^done^and charged to the re- ComptroUer. ipeotlTelot»,accordiDsto law. JelT-<t B. 1?H. OAB COORT, l Milwaukee Ouuiily. f Charles \V. ^Villard, PlaintitT, »^a,t)9C ^Vullarn Smith, Uenry SenftJeOen, Liicma S. W »il, J.^nii M. Kimball, «:hrlstiao H. Meyer, Oun l^ehinjf, 0. Ir •">ld, A. f. .'neiaohn. Kreilerlck Muellei. St.lnny -•*he f ,anl and .lu^iiatus U. Wnod, Defenditnt*. The Slate of Wisconsin, to the above named Jefendanu Y 'OU A1UC hureby Suuim,,ue,t «n.l required to 4Q »wer the cumplalnt in this 'Action, (wtitch la- tiled In the oiflco of the Clerk jf tho Circuit Court, f(«r the County of Milwaukee, At the City ,,f Jliliraukee, iu vBi>l County, and to lerve « copy ,if your %n.-tw^r t« the said complaint no. the fubacrlben. at Lheir .>lflce Vns. 3 and 1 Albany Bulldln,', In the Mid City ,,f \|,|' «*ukce, »lt^in twenty Jaya nfter the a-rrlce pereof, ,,, cliiJlve.if the , lay ->l <uoh lur»lce; and if you f.iil i,, answer tho complaint Tlthln the tltne afuresoid tJio ol.ttn.Uff will apply lo th» Court for tho relief JemanJ- e<1 In the camplainc. i — I Wltni-i'. the Uon. Arthur McArlhur. Juddeof •<caL V the Crcult Court for »id County ,»f Mll- -v— I waulcee, at Milwaukee, thlj thirty-first Jav of March, 1349. HOOK KB i3Pi.VGK.NB.EBa, PlaJnUif'a Attorneys, mnjll-l«w«» Milwaukee, wiicooaln. SMOK KL> HA C HOICE Smoked ii^lllbut at raarfl HUSN *OKO3BX's. G BIAT re-luction In cu md Bottled frulU, thU M a*^ 28 ] ^DNN

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