Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 29, 1941 · Page 13
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 13

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 29, 1941
Page 13
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, October 29. 1941 STERLING DAILY GAZETTE, STERLING. ILLINOIS Pajre Thirteen Sterling Daily Gaiette . mo:ry i! ><vi have plenty of imnr- Prit>!nh«! t>stJy "STERLING PAH.i Sunday i P- -- --'•;•• - I kind of j'<h In WMhtnstors; then S T \Nl>ARn j jf .,,,., „.,, O ff,»j ; o per favors for ConsolidtFed June 24. 1918 Co F v !ib,l8h<*r* -n „ n h«-i»,r thf minute* of t inefttnt." *•?* thf eh»lr- Ind we rs.n slmsfll hear thf TOOaY'S MENU SUMESTNMS Opposite Post-off'tr D W Orsndon Entered »t ,' us Second Clara Matter iStBEFT" ASSOCIATED ' PRESS | *<";* . — r Th« Associated Press is escuisive-1 >t .< - f <It ent'.tled to th« use for republic*-i dr. '-r Won of all new* dispatches "redited ;w '.... to it or not otherwise creni'ed In this paper snd also the .oca, news , } , r published herein rioine YOM were If •.OM r«:i't what urc \ou taking i< ? '•''ther TERMS ereln. •-!.". • : am met'* 'hips, but OF "SUBSCRIPTION I w ;.•":.'r v:.n aiming e-,e r .saved R n WhHeside and adjoin- s ;.:p .' ro m a sub. _ B» m*ll in WhHeside and adjoin tnf counties -par vest *3 00 six months 12.75 three months $1 5D one month 75 cents Cash rith order By man outMd® WhHeside and ad in outMdo Whiteside and ad- ;'. n , Visho'nestv to m'pport an ; . Pre.'bvterJan church. Lets smack jS^^S^r^^tnftiN:..-....- ' W UPS over ,* 400 P s E es. i« month 75 cents Cash with order P*r week delivered bv carrier in either Sterling or Rock Falls 20 ««ata payable ever? Saturday rnoni- teg. is'o papers wnl through the nOBtoffiea In the city carrier district of Sterling or Roc* Falls. A Thought for Toddy Por I say unto you. Ye shall not «M me henceforth, till ye snail say, Bl««*d 1* he that cbmeth In the name oi the Lord.—Matthew 23:39. • • • That in such rlghteousnes* to them by faith Imputed they may find Justifications toward God, and peace of conscience.—Milton. Tomorrow's Birthdays August Horn, Donald Church, Mrs, Btn Hoover, Richard Nelson, Roae Wolf. Marie Vofel, Richard 8hu- f»rt, Mrs. Bella Angtll. Olorl* Paula, HaroW Oo«hert, Sterling; Vera Phillips. Harold Spencer, Betty Lou Lewman, Nancy Sue Welch, Mary Elaln* Card, Rock FiJU; June* Harden, Richmond, lad.; Charle* Peugh, Coleta; Mrs. Maude Reiley. Prophetstown; Mrs. "" Hamerlie. Walnut; Lawrenoi Tmjnpico. Quilkn's Quips Quilta Bat th* Mifhbor* ara apt to •Ucker if th* epitaph la apitafly. Another explanation of the con- -reientkMU objector is his knowledge that othara win sav« his country for him. Uttto «an«w a« f recv YM eaa't Irene any ••riac that fact "Some were rejected as unlit to wrv« th«ir oountry."—Ed. But they •n *U1I oonsiderexl fit to vote. The on* fault in South American ^iusc 1* that it *eems out of place without moonlight and a girl. Th* only fault in our inalienable I -rla*t* U th* amount of fighting inquired to kaap them. could get •aiUtary aecfata. He could pretend to be a photofraphtr for Life. - Th* aonat of men U the one who taQ* that kind of story and is frown- upon by som* fuy who rob* wl- and orphans. Wheei wVra wkaUy ciri|iae4. wk» llvea at puMk> ex- will ka altowe4 «• vaia» EM !•«• aailaet ef char. Myer mm efllclal. ' Tee, tome youngsters hate the •my as other* hated OOO camp*. n la thoir first experience in discipline and duty. There's nothing new. The Pilgrim* left Holland for America bei Dutch unions wouldn't let work at their trade*. Oomot thU sentence: "I spent arenlng conversing with three r hifjh-braws." aaid he, "and nobody •rationed women." "• Cleaning garment* at home with IN STAMPS Oothirxi Mounted PoJict) Guard Canada Since 1873 C ANADA'S- daahiaaj. romantic and emcJant Royal Canadian HounUd Polict wa* founded in Ittira. Small in number, but •tronf in courage, experiaooa and kard traininf, they hive main- aj*Joad law and ordar over a vast l«*vrilory from th* great plains h into th* Yukon, and acros* MSI Arctic to Hudaon Bay andBaf- Tba fovernmant honored th* •Mounti**" ehilaUlically in the 1M5 stamp abov*. Whan Canada gained control •jvtr th* uncxplorad land* of tha ajrcat in 1170. it waa .fectd with Jh* problem of policing a wild arta. Powerful Indian . endangered th* lives of act- Itttr*. To curb these unruly element*, Mia Northwest Mounted Police waa organized in 1*73 at Stoac Fort. . |U*t aouth of L«ke Winnipeg. Alt- only a year's training, 900 (ounti*s" marched over 1000 of unknown territory, r*~ riot law and t«4*r from tha 1 riyer to the Reeky Mountain*, "fht foro* wes knighted in ltO« Uou of i<4 *ervic« in thf p an !if>iv« f . tn get .t: Of»pf.« and ftpple*. o^tmeft!. enriched tn«e'. rsrro: ftrmfllsdp. mffrf. ;v.s:k. Luncheon: H«m Fup;-^r ri:<-h. jtftlrd. cookies, fn. rr.;.St. Dinner: Chi(k"!i »:-.-; r-.«.trr ! pie with hL^c'.n: top, rs»- '• rf- tshir 5*l»d. ^tr-Rnr-d fl:"i> ;'>'id- ding. foamy fR'.Kf. oo.'fr^. mil*. Some of the best AmrrSrjui recipes: are found in srr.Rii. p::\»t' i iy print-! ed cookbooks prepared h-. women's 1 church guilds. One of the newest »nd best comes from Ridae*ood. N. ,1. It's culled 'From RidgpwtxKl nirli: Brgument stoops to ' Chfefcen an«S Oyster < Server fii Thrrr cups fo^Hi^d r.hi m n:fr^»>. ]-? ptnf M2> rat r-ovdw hl«ou!t douch, 2 tn-• Krr.rm&l; with paprik*. Rnil M; Wf=pnon,s m»ited butter, rmprlkn. j* Jelly rrx>!. then cut :rto cr<vw-( Arron«e the chirkrn. clfanfd ov.«- \\--,*f .shrr* .1-4 Jnrh thrk. Ar• r :5 , f. CR .t, nnd c">ry in aHeniate r«nee nver th« pie. cu' ."••!» do-? n. ;si r . ris in » 1 1-2 qtifm cn.sfipro!c. j nr.d bnkr m a hot o", *:-. o'. 425 de- M'-ruiwhiir- iirnt thr chicken bro*:;.' prri-5 F. for 40 mlnutr«. ,«':r in the Hour n:'.xcd in s .'-moothi ''.s s pr'./fvS rer;r"* by F.mllv -^'•.ijinR Pr>^ir t!',:.s .>-»!ii'e rv.rr the j from the co'lfcfion of Csr<"i;;. :i Wlll- n-.iriR S'.SKK hum; 3 tablespoon* (rreen pepper. 1-3 onion, '.eh h'.itt'.'ed rs'-erolr until brown must begins to fr>:m. Then mnke mdrn- tn'::")-: r . ;r 1 , '^'.) T^ith .^pOAli Jir.rl drnp Around tht World First •shot'; 1n the h»tt!e of Tr«f».l- par. I.-oi'rt Nr!*An'? f^rr.oii* n«v,^I \\ r - tory in 1W)3, ^-rr? 1 rxchftngrd »t ft di.*tai;rr of n niiir «r,fi a nuftrirr. 1-2 r:;r» finely minrfd cf!erv. 2 r - ;p«- ne'.l .«e!»5one<l rhi'ken hroih. 4 '».- »r" : tird « .'!'"*">: into ].- H»m rotntn Snprr T)i-»h T'.T' 1 i:** n^t a sine!.' ^ ; ilr1 rhic- 'i )i<it me..'-!•;*"! jvitatoes ! ic«-d p:;' i a«Bnt In the rntiie United i bsk:r.R ri;-:, Senso;! j Prn-e' -;r'!l 1RS1. u-'iirn the bird was ndr! 1-4 r-''.:;d f:ru;y , In': r -'rr "1 in'.o Oregon from China. '> sttraft -(k' n. th* STERLING DAILY GAZETTE'S FUN FAMILY OUT OUR WAY ,. Kitchens" and Is jinon-soied by the Woman's Guild of the West 9lr!e HOLD EVERYTHING! «The note savs he's • delegate from Maine!* SIDE GLANCES Oalbralth A touchdown! HI b*kt my food c«ke* tonighl n&on one of Wf ftvoritt catching that paul"* THIS CURIOUS WORLD ivWilli*m Ftrfuton 1 .n R. •4AXI BY J. R. WILLIAMS OUR BOARDING HOUSE ' with MAJOR HOOPLE WES , X DON'T SEE NVMV HE COMES TO TOWN .' TH' MINJOTE HS WALk'S BV JA',L,TMEV PUSH HiM 1 TH1MK WE SHOULD STOP FAFTTHEP. MVAV TME JMLTD GIVE HIM A, CHANCE TO GET IN ONE PLACE FINAL! p p ,1 _ m^^ym.mgi^m. HEROES ARE MADE-NOT - T.>i»»,fc»«>.^- .' EG&DJ JULIET/ vs^ AQB '• s -vcnr OUR. U9JM. JOVIAL I 6rUVES 6'NiCE LET'S BUCK UP AND BUSV VOU COULD BILL COLLECTORS DIZZ.V/ I AN IDEAt TmXT VJlLL RELEGATE T*E BROOWTO LiVvBO—-TM'.MX OP IT A MCMBSiT—•-A RE.VOLVINS BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Not Very Promising BY EDGAR MARTIN •u WMMR. ac. r K na u. a. «T. oer /<5 ** FRECKLES ANDHIS FRIENDS Millie Gets the Bird BY MERRILL BLOSSER SMI& roeny- RVE IF sw«5 ) *MY*C A OAV—ANO«M*T -/ NOB09/ HOK HAIR! O**- 0 HW i-^u IWATONUV ike xt>uN& JCOMCS GOOD/ TM*T BtTWBCN CAM IS ONE BLOCK/ Mir A LaTrvm. AMD M>» If fOU SAW O»OV VOO so/ SHES, WONORAFUi./ B* vnsw *>UNC AND WASH TUBBS Easy's Got'Em! BY ROY CRANE RED RYDER Big Gun for o Little Girl K1H OLD HcrttL RE.D-fltVDfc.-D BY FRED HARMAN 1KKOV) But HE (50!KG t5 fAE TILL, i\£ BANJO BlU. ALLEY OOf Ont Against Many BY V. T. HAMLIN I'M DChKia AA,UX CAW... PkJHT HIM AS weu_, cjkja AS r HAV* WPEXTH/ BUT VOU OO IK** K»M« JOHN lOABAP HOMBRK, £ H? / ^ MoocEflEvJ

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