Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on February 20, 1888 · Page 3
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, February 20, 1888
Page 3
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J. jn.ET~.Ei V JliJ.1 XJLJ VT i JL" JL-; i ,- j? jnjjn,u 2T.r\ I ^ 0 0 •** Q M •** 191 CfJ ti •H 0) •o 'B •n 0 0 0 I ti * 0 X F-l 4 livening Gazette. THE OAZRTTHcan b«had»t ail thn PrlceTwo CUNTS. MONDAY. FEB. 20, AMI WKMI-'.XT!* TO-X Hi IIP. Special meeting of Corinthian Loiige, K. P. Work in second and ;hird degrees. City Council meeting. Regular. UKKVITIKM.- 4) 4 . fl- 3 0 Q —Mr. Henry Weter is quite alcfe. —hii'e outside pages for tnoxt of liome llttWS. — Heed not the objector; give heed >nly to UiosH willing to help. —Today Is the anniversary of the bnttle of Oliatce, Florida, in 1804. —The wreck at Elburn made the 1:10 tram today one hoar and a half late —Justice Uoltman lined James Piatt J and costs this morning. The charge was, drunk. —Let the slanderer alone. A busy and honest life Is beat proof against ying tongues. —Notice change in arrangement of paper. Most of home newa is on the outside of paper. —This afternoon there were spurts of snow,—the day has been decidedly 'Marcby" In its character. —Circuit convenes this afternoon after the arrival of the Omaha at Morrison; that is between 4:30 and 5 o'clock. —A. K. Haberer was lined .910 and costs, by Justice Goltman. this morning. The charge was, drunk and dis- ojderly. —Galena is excited over fresh impulse that has recently been given to lead mining, tbe result of late rich and valuable finds. —Miss Mary McDowell, the national organizer and State superintendent of the Y. \V. C. T. U., spent Sunday with Mrs. Laura A. King. —Kate Cullen is in the lockup, arrested on Saturday for being drunk and disorderly and .will be kept there to board out an old fine. —Is it not strange that with steam, gas, gasoline and electricity as motors no practical road vehicle has yet been Invented, but that one must ride behind a horse, as men have done for thousands of years ? —Mr. U. G. Swairtoutleft last night for Chicago to assume duties as assistant in the despatcher's office. Mr. Swurtout is a very faithful and coin petent offlial. He leaves many warm Iriends here at Sterling. —If fogs continue to visit our region, the railroads will have to do what the ocean steamers do, viz., get up foghorns or use rockets, or fire minute guns in order to warn trains in stations that other trains are coming. —Jacob Decker was brought before Justice Alexander, this morning, arid lined 3150 avid costs for selling liquor to an habitual drunkard, as the evidence showed, at three dilferent times- States Attorney Stager prosecuted. —The precise location of the new Northwestern depot building at Sterling has not yet been made definitely known, but we understand that it is to occupy nearly the same site as the present, only, of course, it will take up considerably more room. —M.| IX D'Arcy, bar-keeper in Jacob Decker's saloon, plead guilty to a charge of selling liquor to an habitual drunkard, live different times, and was lined 9100 and costs. This was this morning before Justice Alexander, and State's Attorney Stager was prosecutor, r —Living people are judged by their faults; the dead by their virtues. It was'a Latin injunction which said, Say no evil of the dead. We have often thought If we extended the same kindness and charity to the living, how much brighter and happier would be this world of burs. —Frogs are In steady demand In Chicago. There are swamps enough in this county to make the Industry profitable, to a few people, at {feast. If the edible frog be not present it can easily be introduced. We might add 'that mushroom growirp is exceedingly prof- itable.and could be followed here easily. —Dixon has a Unlversallst society, and It will hold a protracted meeting beginning Feb. 23 and ending March 4, next. Our Dlxon friends ought to be very ready to take told of a rellgion|that promises them immunity from eternal punishment in the nexc world, provided those having the matter la hand can give the proper guarantees. —The news from Mount Vernon, this State, is terrible. Two thirds of the city Is leveled and numbers 'of lives lost by a terrible cyclone which struck it about 5 o'clock yesterday afternoon. More than thirty people are known to have been killed, besides large numbers wounded; and-it is thought that yet other dead will be found. —Vice Commander Harrison, of Will Robinson Post, reports the largest gathering of a similar nature that has ever yet met at Springfield. All had a grand good time, and some tip op good speeches were made As a matter of course all the candidates for State offices were theie, and exceeding- y glad to see the soldiers of the Grand Army. —The City Council, of Aberdeen, Dak., galled by the frequent references to the Dakota blizzard, at its meeting Feb. 0, last, as stated in the Free Press of that city, which a friend sends to us, adopted a series of resolutions setting forth that as the "east" had been 'visited by one of lho»e terrible storms peculiar to that region," therefore Aberdeen express sympathy witli laid unfortunate out and piopow* Ulkiag up contribution (Of aid Of 3*019. —"liertie" is informed that a horse, a man, a bird, and a flea, in fact all living creatures are animals; hut in America writers have grown into the careless habit of employing the term animal to distinguished ranmmalg, only. —Matthias Kohl was fined 820 and costs by Justice Alexander, this morn- iiift. for auppljing liquor to Edward Stevens, a man on the black list. The fine and costs amounted to twenty- eight dollars. States Attorney Stager prosecuted. —See the outside of the paper for most of our local news. The change in arrangement is for to-day only, ana was made necessary in consequence of an accident. To-morrow and afterwards the matter will be found where ivordinarily is. -Grandpa Whitney, of Franklin Grove, is la his 9-fth year, and yet he is in possession of perfect health and continues his allotted task of chopping and splitting stove-wood. Except for great deafness, which has increased upon him of late, It would not be credited that he is within twenty years of his actual age. He passed his 97th year about a month ago. —A farmer says: "Why can't I shoot prairie chickens on my own property?" Because, if it were permitted a man to shoot them on his own property,' ( it would be permissible for him to let an agent do it for him. A State has a right to adopt plans to prevent the extermination of birds and animals and It can only do so by forbidding absolutely any from killing them daring certain periods. —Mr. John Charter received a cablegram from his son James, bidding him send cuts of five different sizex of engines manufactured by him While the cablegram did not say so, Mr. Charter thinks this would indicate the close of a deal with European parties for the franchise, which Mr. Gait went to London to endeavor to make. The GAZETTE sincerely hopes that the deal has been consummated and at terms satsfactory to the gentlemen iiiter- ••sted. ' . —Philip Fein was put under 8100 bonda to appear at the next term of the circuit court to answer to a charge of furnishing liquor to an habitual drunkard. The hearing was before Justice Alexander and States' Attorney Stager appeared as prosecutor This man Fein for upwards of a year has had no visible means of support, beyond the furnishing of liquor to .ha bltual drunkards, as a party who knows him well informs us. .He was unable to give bonds and this afternoon he was taken to Morrison. —The sudden rise of wind yesterday evening was somewhat suggestive.of a tornado. Mt. Vernon tills State was struck by one a trille -earlier. These tornadoes (which are but cyclones of greater intensity and less area) come after a great change in the weather; that is, at those seasons when there are sudden changes.from cool or cold to great heat. The electrical and some unknown force as well aa the great violence of the gyratory winds, make the tornado a visitation much to ba dreaded by any people. •--—Would it not be a good plan for farmers to call a meeting here at Sterling to arrange for a regular "horse day" one day in each month. Such a meeting would cost nothing, and it would cost nottkiug to perfect arrangements for such a day. De Kalb has auch a day, and it draws together men from long distances who have horses to sell, and men from much greater distances who desire to buy horses. This would give an absolute, regular market for horses and would Insure the highest market prices for the same. -y*B." writes to ask If anything is being done about a street railroad. We answer that two separate parties are working at the matter and hope to be able to have something tangible done during the coming season. "B." asks, also, if the GAZETTE has lost interest or faith In the project. We answer that the GAZETTE has never yet pnK posed any project that was not practical and feasible; and it has never yet advocated any measure that it has lost confidence in. The street railroad is a need; it would prove a great public blessing and profitable to its •wnen. Later on we shall have much to any about the matter. —Envy never helped any man or community. While the envious man sits still,brooding over tbe good luck that has chanced to some individual, the big-spirited man if he does not rejoice over his neighbor's prosperity, he at least makes it a spur, to activity on his own part. Our neighbors at Dixon are just now felicitating themselves over the new condensed milk factory about to be put up. Let our neighbors have their good luck; we don't envy them, except so far as that we'd like to have all that they get and much more, also. Let Dlxon grow, and let us grow faster. Let us carry out tbe projects we have in view, utilizing all agencies at command, and thanking God our lines are cast in such pleasant places. —Great credit is due to the officers, States attorney Stager, Marshal Fitz gerald, Deputy Sheriff Drake and officer Shultz for the arrest and prosecution today of parties who nave sold liquor to individuals on the black list Ont- of the parties arrested Saturday for being drunk and disorderly let ouUomt nformation today at his trial, as tu where he got his liquor, and all tht- parties from whom he alleged that hi obtained it were promptly arrested ano either need or held to the next term ol circuit court. One of these offender? la a saloon keeper. The man from whom the information was obtained it- oue whoae course'hits brought greatest ttistre** upon tin family and worry am! disgust to his friends, aud It U not possible lliat any on* who knew him could be Ignorant ot Uia t'*ot that he i* —John Fallen waa placed this morning, by Justice Alexander, under bonds of ?:'00 to appear at the next term of circuit court, on a charge of furnishing liquor to a m'an on tbe black list. Stiites attorney Stager prosecuted. MterllnK Boomttlfr. Call on P. T. Van Home for plans and specifications for all kinds of buildings and cut of same. tf See the new ad of N. Carpenter & Co. tf flurried. r '-<-. The Famous Drummer Uoyof Shiloli In his wonderful specialties, history, music, science and novelties, Tuesday evening, Feb. 21, 1888 at Academy of Music. Ho will exhibit not less than 30 views of the great battle of Shlloh. Wonderful solos on snare Mrum,imitations of battle, roaring of cannons, rattling of muskets, in fact the most wonderful drummer of the world. Every body come. Admission 35 cents including reserved seats; for sa'.e at Fuller's book store. 4 The Cincinnati Enquirer says: "Around the World In Eighty Days" proved ifself a great matinee card yesterday afternoon. Bet .re tl.e rise of curtain, the theatre was packed with ladies i»nd children, ruauy having to return home again, unable to obtain admittance. The success of "Around the World in Eighty Days" is really phenomenal. The house this week, at every performance, has been crowded to the doors, and judging from the looks of the diagram, immense business will rule throughout the engagement. liolH tor Male. I will offer for a few days my remaining^ lots In Park Place at a bar- g«in as 1 want to dispose of them. Call ou GEO. W. CIIAMBKHLIN and learn terms and prices. C. GOSHEUT. tf You cannot find lower prices anyj where than at the Boston store, which keeps a full line of dry gooda; all latest styles in ladies dress goods. 5 Remember the Drummer Boy at the Academy to-morrow evening. The Boston Store's many, and who call. Battle of Shiinh and drum solos for benefit of the Sons of Veterans to-morrow evening at Academy of Music. Try St. Patrick's Pills and compare their effect with any other Kind made. They contain the good pioperties of the older preparation in the market combined with the most valuable medicines discovered In modern times. As a cathartic and liver pill, St. Patrick's are perfection. Sold by StrlcklerA Booree. tf Mnmm Only 10 lots yet to sell. Every one who has subscribed for one or more of these lots and not paid their first payments must do so at otice, or we shall feel warranted in selling to some one else. Best bargains ever offered In Sterling. Lots 8100 each; 810 cash and the balance at ?r> per month, for 18 months, without Interest. GEO. W. CHAMBERLIN, Agent. tf Academy of Music. PEOPLE'S COLUMN, sert three lines In thl« col-^g umn one time lor 10 een«, or for*0 cents * week. Each additional line will tie 6 cents a single Insertion, or IB cents a week. FOll BALK. A GOOD farm nf 210 acres, four miles north of Lyndon. Terms sasy. Apply to J. F. Crlswell, Koom 0, Academy of Music. U O NE side bar buggy and two sets single bar. ness. •-Cheap, If taken soon, diaries E. Wlndom. _B» Hfew Addition to F.aat Bock Falla. I A<1 LOTS for sale »t B great reduction and 1UU on easy terms. Tlies* lota are 63 by I7» feet. Now Is the time to buy. Apply to W. N. llaskt'll & Co , Exclusive A|?enls. M G OOL) llKbt bob-sled Ml Enquire at this omc ml a democrat wazon. tf A LK Brewery and fixtures for sale. George E. Rogers, Sterling. Ills. Address, tf FOB ItK.IT. attractions are never fail to pleaae those O dwelling houses; will be vacant March 1. Apply to J! A. UcGroff. 3 R ESIDENCE of E. W. Edson and the store room under Farwcll Hall. Apply to J. A. McCune. Very, Very Pretty, D O N T sleep out of doom when you can get a comfortable house for from six *dollars per month; of K. B. : Hubbard. to seven U O FFICES torrent In Bell block, being desirable, and finished In elegant shape. Apply to.I. K. Bell & Bon. tf LOHT. B.EAWD r l —OF— 'S Buds, DEAH'S Havana Filled, DEAN'S Silver Ash. DETROIT Free Press, AJLt, . For»al<SBt fuller's Book Store, o. &. JE»OL.LOOH:. Offlae !• R*«b Kails, »T«r tke P««t Office. The hackman, Bnzzani, wtll take parties te tied trom Sterling to Dr. Pollock's offioa jree of f irtk »f Bttriiit ui lock Mb fit f 8 A 100 Lots in Sterling sold ™ £,'W \ — / 4 A kfe 3 s 3|\A FewBugiim«BaBJ-4-f &|. « w — ~ «EO. W. CHAMBER I.I1T ACADEMY OF HUSIC, HTKSLING. ILL. BARGAINS 3 INACBK8, O £ /Bargains In Lot*. Bargaln»\ Z J g 8, / In House* »nd LoU. V» g 5/tUn SiiUitp For StU ui Kntl \f /The Present Prices will Dot b* eontlnu*d\ lotif (on Boom I* ftpp THE / \N Thursday last, a shawl, either In Sterling, \ / or on road to Woodlawn Springs. Kinder leave at Oazetto ofllce and receive reward. THE CHILD KECOVKUED;—My little girl, aged seven yeai s, wan afllicted with a severe cough and cold. She could not sleep but coughed almost incessantly. I was induced by a friend to try Chamberlain's Cough Remedy and was abtonished at the immediate relief it gave her and the cure it produced. 1 would not be without It in the house for any price. I have tried many remedies for coughs and colds, but this Is superior to anything I have ever tried. Prof. J. M. MEUAK, Capitol City Commercial College, Des Moinea, Iowa Sold by Strickler & Hoorse. tf The Philadelphia Ledger, In speaking of "Around the World in Eighty Days," is most enthusiastic in its praise and say a: "Aa presented at the Chestnut St. Opera House by W. J. Fleming's Company last night, it was the beat production of the piece we have ever witnesaed. Caat, scenery, mechanical effects, in short, everything, Is far superior to any former production of this spectacular drama. Crowded houses bare been the rule so far, and judging from present indications, will continue to be during tbe entire engagement." Don't miss the Battle of Shiloh;not less than thirty views. New goods arriving dally at Oold- amlth'a. mwf 13 A large stock of watches, clocks and silverware at Clark Giddinga & Co'a. Also they do flue watch repairing, tf Tbe stock of goods is always new at the Boston Store, and always sold at the lowest possible price—lower than can be bad elsewhere. Call and see and be persuaded. & Drum solus with snare drum, the beat in the world to-morrow evening. Don't forget that Keeney & Harrl- aon have a few plans ftfr houses and itre agents for Asbestos fire proof roofing and metal shingles. See samples. Don't neglect a cough and let it re main to irritate your lungs when a safe and speedy remedy can be bad for 50 cents in Dr. Biglow's Poaitiv* Cure. For sale by O. A. Oliver. The value of thought cannot be told. Just so with the beat of everything. Take Dr. Biglow's Positive Cure for all throat and lung troubles, if you appreciate a speedily and thorough cure. Pleasant to. take. 50 cents and 91. For sale by O. A. Oliver. Immense new stock of mens, boys and childrens clothing jus.t received at Goldsmith's. mwflS Exquisite! PLACE f ALL, CHOICEST AND BEST HOMK-MADK i_ A POINTER FOR THE BOYS!! SKATES! SKATES! SKATES! CUTLERY, DID YOU EVER? IMPORTED TOBACCO All the Brands of • CHEWING TOBACCO. CUTLERY, HARDWARE & STOVES, At ray new store on Third street, opposite Jacob Elsie's Merchant Tallorlax establishment. Lewis D. Wynn. Perfectly lovely I INDEPENDENT ; GROCER, THE "Velvet" un Two choice brands of cigars. Sold by dealers. C. II. SelofC, manufacturer. tf Our ftUoek Is too large and mu*t be reduced at once. Warranty with, each Inatrumeut. $5 00 to $10 00 per Month. CONTISIUKU. CO., This is the way the La dies talk when ihey look at our superb line of REE HIVE GROCERY Ii the most Independent Grocery House In Ster- lloc. We make our prices Mid tell GOODS SO LOW Th»t prices astonish •rvrjr ODD. All Roods told at the lowest llvlug prices; no over-chanting. A obud can <BUY GOO<DS At the DEE BUTE 83 low u a grown person Thelargest and finest stock to oelect from; every thlnx first-class. A large stock of Fine Cut, Plug aud Smoking ' TOBACCO'S Bought before the recent advance*. Tba BBK Hi VK customers get the benefit of the low prloes before the advance. Block o( Ollt Edge Ualt Hoove Block. CLEARING-SALE —OF— Land ExeuratoiiB. The 0. B. & Q. R. U. will sell round trip Land Excursion ticketa at greatly reduced rates, on Feb. 21st and March 8th, to'polnts in New Mexico, Texas, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana. Tickets limited to sixty days from date ol sale. Special stopover privileges allowed. For further Information apply to Ticket Agent'C. U. & Q. It. K. 4 Nobbiest Hue ot new uuck wear just received at Ubldsmlth'a mwf id WOOLEN GOODS, FOR THK NEXT THIRTY DAYS, Cloaks, (Blankets, Shawls, Underwear, GLOVES & MITTENS, Hosiery, Leggins, At 4> ead KO Cents per Gallon. Rook Candy Helps, puce white, at 7* Cent* pw Gallon. _ EOCENE OIL Non ezplMlve; tbe best oil sold la tills market, at as low price as Inferior oil* are sold elsewhere. Don't txt deceived and buy low test oils and run the risk ol being burned up.. Kemember you buy the At Lh* BEE HIVK, Snow rfake Parsgoa, and Kansas Winter .Wheat: au Holler Patouta and all Winter Wheat; makes better and whiter bread; keeps moist longer than Spring Wheat Flour. A genulaa artlcflOln »•»>- Yo«r Taxes. Tax books lot Sterling township are now open at Sterling National Bank. Parties are requested to pay their personal t&xea on of before Feb. 20th. t will be in the SUirHus Natiouw Hauk, evening!, befctauiag next week, from 8:80 to H:••(*> o'clock. WM. A. COWKKL!,,Y, dwU -AND- DRE8S GOODS, At a MfriftiM, to nukk« n-oui (or big Spring Stock coming In at L EN DM AN'8 KMW Buckwheat Flour 11 Ten thousand pounds sold last season; Bli thousand pounds gold so fair thin se&- sou. This flour has no equal In tola market; U made by tbe l»test process; cabmt hulled; no blade epsclis. A fine stock of Canned ' an-d Qried Fruits. California Fruits of afl kinds; The Genuine Uown East STAPLE 8U6AR! Youcaa ja (an worth you buy at via »£S U1VK, L. ftOX SHMC SUV8 tat

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