The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on November 14, 1916 · Page 2
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 2

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 14, 1916
Page 2
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11 THE CHiLLICOTHE DAILY CONSTITUTION, Cough Syrup Ic Bottle Come to our s t o r e during our 3 days One C e n t Sale and pu r- cbase one 25c bottle of R e x a l l C h e r r y BarkCough Syrup and we will sell you another b o tt l e just lika it for Icent, or the two bottles for 26c. This is only one of the Big Bargains for this sale which lasts only 3 days, Nov. 16, 17 and 18. " · "" Clark's^ Pharmacy THE KJBXAL1, STORE CHIJjLICOTHE, MISSOURI 16 AUTOMOBILE FREE. St Louis Republic Makes Astounding Offer to Ambitious Women. SurpELssing in " liberality any offer of its kind ever given in this section, The St^ Louis Republic is offering to SCANDAL CASE 10 NONE SUCH IRIAL AT BROJfflLD MINCE MEAT young-.wom.en a remarkable opportunity of winning sixteen luxurious motor cars without a cent o£ cost. Other handsome prizes, including sparklln,; diamond rings, Vlctrolas, etc., are also to be distributed free among thos£ who respond to the offer. The glittering array of automobiles Is attracting the eager" attention ji thousands upon thousands of people, something like 50 witnesses from. and the good news oJ The Republic'- North Sa i em are in j3 roohflela today automobile and prize campaign sweeping in every direction. Automobiles are something JOHN SMITH DEFENDANT I X $2(,_ 000 SOT. O. I.*. McColluin of North Salem Charges Defendant SlaiuliTtid His Wife Bloodhounds Used hi the Case. DOMT LET THIS Before you buy that READTt MADE Suit consider the fact that II. Is NOT made to YOUR figure--that i is NOT exclusive in fabric pattern-that it will NOT hold Its shape like our TAILOR-MADE garment--that it costs 'MORE in the end. Our tailoring insures a PERFECT, LASTING FIT, THE CORRECT STYLE and a grade of workmanship that Is never equalled in the best ready made garments. It'g a pleasure to show our suitings and overcoatings for we can sell you Suits at any price you want . If you want $15 Suits I have plenty of them and will ' guarantee them t o be as good as any $15 Suits made. JESS HASTON NORTH .SIDE SQUARE Over Heger's Restaurant. not everyone can buy. To obtain one without paying money for it is some, thing that seldom occurs. Its possession means pleasure unalloyed pleasure that only big money can buy--except in this campaign The opportunity is open to women, wheth- .having come Sunday afternoon, to b« here at 1 o'clock Monday afternoon when Judge Lamm opened the ad- jOurned term of circuit court for the trial ot M e O u H u m \'S Smith, slander praying uomages to .be amount ;f This unfortunate North Salem trouble dates -"b^ck two years or more. It is a long story. J o b n er residing in city or country. Those ! residing in the outside districts do not have to compete with candidates in Greater St. Louis, as they have an equal prize list of their own to share In. At Grocers Makes Mince Pie twice as good as bulk mince meat, and Smith, a we'll "known and successful j COStS half the price. Try it. bachelor, residing a'bont a miles nOi'lil Ol' North Salem, is charg- ud by D. L. McCollum, with.slander- ing Mr?. McCollum. his wife, a:rl mother oi his six children. Mr. McCollum is a merchant at Every woman, married or . single, N o r t h Salem and Hhe S m i t h _ the ., c . from sixteen years up, has an equai, sej ^ a successru , and r 6 s p on s ibl a chance to become the owner of au automobile. The ambition to succeed ' is the principle requisite. Already many aspirants are beginning, to participate in the campaign, but the Ions: "Like Mother Used to Make " MERRELL-SOULE CO., Syracuie, N. T. list of splendid prizes presents an enticing opportunity to many more. The St. Louis Republic exercised much thought and care in selecting In tlie slander there has not been a "man in the case" named, and naturally this makes tha allegations against the character of the woman |tlie more mysterious. It is' simply one of (.hose proverbial rows and feuds that break out in country districts. Indeed, were it not for slan- for Its prize automobiles such cars as · the ultimate winners will be proud to d - cases - line (ence dis P ut « ao(1 i s h o t guns, our friends the lawyers would not have as many clients a? QUICK REPAIRS flUC U f l l l Q 'Whv wait three d.ivs, irhen UnC HUUn T c dn m a k e ft In one lAur? $ Why pay two profits, when you can buy from the f a c t o r y ? FYAPT nilPI IPATC Send the broken glass, CAAliI U U r i l l i A l t ! guarantee an exact i d u p l i c a t e w i t h o u t your prescription. I Frames repaired also. ONE MILLION KINDS TUESDAY, NOV. 14, 1916. PARROT IS VERSATILE BIRD Excels Other Representatives of Feathered Tribe in Many Ways Besides Imitating Human' Voice. It appears that it is. not only in Imitating human speech that the parrot excels most of the birds. It is alone among birds in taking food in its claws. With these two characteristics it makes more or less use ol that which distinguishes humanity from the rest of the animal kingdom --the hand and the larynx. The monkey uses its hands and the elephant its trunk in feeding: Various, animals have a habit of pawing their food. Rodents have serviceable toes. Stil], the parrot is pre-eminent among birds in this regard. The secretary bird is said to attack reptiles with its claws, and some observers have said that owls make partial use of their remarkably flexible perching-toe somewhat more than does a hen in scratching for food. However, there is no-other bird which, when presented with a piece of food, will accept it in its claws. Parrots do not. of course, talk,., as | .the word is used, in their wild state, I and are not known to be imitative o£ neighboring sounds, nor to possess the repertory of the mockingbird. It is, therefore, a question whether or not their use of the claws is largely imitative also. The shape of the parrot's beak would indicate that some assistance in eating has always been a part o£ the bird's characteristics. Like man, the parrot makes its appearance in the world naked and helpless. Beauty and Grace After CKHdbirfh Many women are disheartened by the fear of losing their graceful figure by childbirth. By using "Mother's Friend" the natural beauty will be preserved and most of the pains incidental to confinement will bo eliminated, because the Influence of "Mother's Friend" goes inlo every lira ment, thus preparinff ft for the awful strain with ease. Get it w,s*_. ^ st any druggist. Send for the free book on Motherhood. Ad/* \ drew The EradOeid Regulator Co., 200 Lamar Bld ior » Atlanta, Go. · own. Best o-f all is the ?1,725 West. cott Six, a classy 7-passenger model. another free prize. A 1,115 Studebaker, a $1,110 Velie Six, a Reo Si»' The Chandler Six, costing $1,330, is worth $1,175, and a Chalmers, selling at $1.120 are among the beautiful awards, besides ten other cars. Every they do. It will be remembered that in July 1915, there was a sensation at North Salem, when some one at night threw rocks through a window of the McCollum home. Without consulting car is a 1S17 model, therefore con- | anybody, D. L. McCollum telephoned W. D. WANAMAXER REAL ESTATE Loans, Exchanges Insurance of all Kinds. Office 685--Phones4-Ees.861-W DR. S. BLACK STATE VETERINARIAN PHONES: Office, 841; Residence 716 Private Calls Promptly Answered ; your missing property. taintng the improvements and equipment that next year's automobiles will have. The automobiles and other prizes can be "won by the simplet expedient of gathering votes. Free votes are published every day in The St. Louis Republic, while thousands of addi. tional votes can be secured by as sisting in extending the circulation of The friends. St. Louis Republic Not only are the among awards worth every effort 'to secure, but the gathering o£ votes will prove' a fascinating pursuit. Full details of The Republic's campaign, with illustrated descriptions o[ tile -sixteen automobiles, and everything necessary to start in the campaign will be mailed free by addressing the Campaign Manager, St. Louis Republic. St. Louis, Missouri. MAIL ORDERS ""'- onutn» I nm prepared to firincl over one mil- 1'rom tlie rough ijlass. Pack a " the broke " P a »» in a s t r o n s box. i r etnrn glasses same day by parcel post C. O. D. Lowest possible charges. C. W. PALM SPECIALIST IN OPTOMETRY 818 Webster St., Chlllicothe, Mo. Phones: OmTM. 908. Residence. 1450W Closed Every Tuesday , to Chillicothe for bloodhounds. The dogs followed the scent to an old building on the John Smith farm. In an interview, Sheriff Head's story of the affair was printed in a L-inneus paper at the time. The following week, it will be remembered, John j Smith replied to the article. For months afterwards, the sensation grew more malignant. Citizens took! sides. McCollum has hundreds o f | relatives. Smith has six brothers, j ConFequently North Salem and the I territory surrounding has been stir, j over the scandal and the law-1' red suit.. LOST -- Advertisements in the Constitution Want column helps find F annograplis ggets 0 | Wisdom and Advice Gathered from the Agricultural Press COMPIUED »T F. D. COBURN of K«n*u Author of "Alfalfa." "Swin« Husbandry." "Tfc« Bwk cf MfalCa." "Bwla» IB America." and for tw«nty-«da y*ari Mcratary of tfc« Kan*** I«partm«nt of Acrieuftur*. SometkingNew in FarmBooks WRITE FOR OUH PROPOSITION. THE ST. JOSEPH NEWS-PRESS CIRCULATION DEPARTMENT. ' · In conversation with one of the witnesses this morning, the gentleman said Mrs. McCollum was a home woman, that she was a good mother, and a hard worker. She grew up near Owasco, in Sullivan county. The gentleman also spoke complimentary of the Smith, families. He said it was very unfortunate for North Salem, and that he was in fear that the trouble might not end in the law- sut--but that the people ot North Salem, not directly intrested. were hoping and praying that it would end j in the verdict o( the court. The case, which was called at 1 o'clock Monday afternoon will no ! doubt continue several days, there i being so many witnesses t o examine. DR. J. M. McKIM DENTIST CHILLIGOTHE, MISSOURI P V O H I U I E A A S P E C I A L T Y «O i 1-^ \Y;iNk!nK?cm St. Olllcc Sl« -- P H O N E S -- lt,-.«l.l,-r,,.-e THIS AND FIVE CENTS'! DON'T MISS THIS. Cut out this* slip, 'enclose five cents t o Foley ft .Co., 2835 Sheffield Ave., Chicago, 111.,'writing your name and address clearly. You will r-ceive In return a trial package containing Foley's Honey, and. Tar -Compound, for coughs, colds and croup; Foley Kidney Pills, and Foley Cathartic Tab. lets. Sold everywhere. . ·' CHIROPRACTIC is the philosophy, science and art that accounts for, locates, and adjusts the cause of dis. qase Any information will be gladly given at my office free. H. H. HARWOOD C H I R O P R A C T O R iady Attendant SEISER BLDG. --Opposite New Post Offlc*-- Phone 815' Seiser Blclp. CHTLLICOTHJi:, MO. TIPPING IS ANCIENT HABIT Custom Dates'Back to 17S5 and' Was Subject of Much Criticism Even at That Early Time. If the efforts that are now being made by Ihe London Hairdressers' as* sociation for the abolition ot tipping meet with success, there will be much jubilation among the many long-suffering victims of tlie system, and no doubt an equal amount ot" regret among those who have profited by its continuance says the Dundee Advertiser. The habit of giving gratuities would appear to be a very old one, for as far back as 1TS5 it prevailed. At that date we lind a worthy man bitterly complaining of the tips expected by all and sundry when putting up a horse at an Jnn. Over and above the ordinary bill he must give a shilling to the waiter, to the chambermaid six- pen ce, to the hostler sixpence, and sixpence to the bootjack, making two shillings and sixpence in all. The next morning at breakfast It was necessary to give sixpence between the waiter and tire; hostler. That was for 'one night's stay only. But if the -traveler merely put up for refreshment, "besides paying a boy to mind the horses, the hostler expected threepence, at dinner the waiter looked for sixpence and the hostler again made threepence; at tea, waiter and hostler-shared sixpence. Thus the oldtime traveler gave away two shillings- and -sixpence a day in · tips, which, added to the two shilllnga and sixpence overnight, made a total of five shillings a day. O tTE strong box is a GREAT MAGNET for the money of-those who conduct their homes and business by check. It DRAWS the DOL- XAKS. You'd find it POSITIVELY to YOtJH ADVANTAGE if 70u would let it magnetize your money. Our FINANCIAL SERVICE is . BACKED by YEARS OP EXPERIENCE. The DISTINGUISHED^ 'TOWNSMEN en our board of directors is our BEST GUARANTEE. YOUR NEIGHBOR BANKS WITH! US. DO YOU? Chris Boehner, Pres. J. D. Brookshier, Cashier CHILLICOTHE, MISSOURI Office Phone 283 CASTOR IA For Infants and Children In Use For Over 3O Year£* NOTICE! The undersigned Company has taken over the property and business of the RILE Y PENNOILCO, today, and are r^eady to furnish their superior quality of } BRITE LITE Kerosene SUNFLOWER Gasoline With prompt service. A. trial*-will make-you a satisfied customer. Call No. 1.94 and your orders will be filled promptly at wholesale prices. Cudahy Refining Company Residence Plione . . 1539-J DR. J. E. CALLAWAY SPECIAL ATTENTION GIVEN TO TREATMENT OF DISEASES OP Nervous System, Digestive Or gans ·-- All Chronic Ailments and Diseases of Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat. Office Hours--8 to -11:30 a. m. 1:00 to 5:30 p. m. Office: Seeond Floor Peoples Trus Company Building. Freedom of Press in India. In India no newspaper can be published and no press can be established unless its proprietor or publisher gives bonds in the sum of 5,000 rupees as a guarantee of loyalty to the British government. Therefore no paper can promulgate the true aspects of British rule in India, or publish war news in any way contrary to the interests of the British government; otherwise the bonds and press will be confiscated, the paper will be suppressed-.and tLe editor will be sent to jail. Even well- known persons of literary and scientific attainments, not connected with the press, have been persecuted /or mere sympathy with India's cause. The private house of the world-famed sciea-, tist. Prof. J. C. Bose, was searched by , the police and the Nobel prize-winner, j the Poet Rahindranath Tagore, was j prohibited from speaking in public i and practically interned in Calcutta.' --Ram Chandra, in Cartoons Mnga- zme. Thiok of ths Telephone Let your telephone save yon the Tvorry and inconvenience ·wlrif.h is often occasioned by shopping during these days. Cultivate the- habit'of "shoppinff-by phone"--it's quick. convenient and satisfactory in every way. When you phone us an order yon may be sure of the same careful service as if you visited our store in person. iCAL-L ON3 - ONE . when you need anything in drugs or other drus store goods. - ' Call when you have an emergency need--and ask for '' qnick delivery.'' Call when you have a prescription to be compounded. RYBURN'S PHARMACY "THE SERVICE STORE" IjOOUST ST. PHONES--Office »4«: Bes. 15O7-W DR. J. L. JOHANSEN Dentist Chiropodiist (Foot Specialist) 'Corns 50o Club Nail . . . :75o Callouses. .-58c Hammer Toe . 50o to 75c. Ingrown Toe- Bunions. . . 50o nail 75c Nails trimmed properly 50c Massage of Foot - · · BOc Special attention and care given iu all cases. Calls answered promptly in all parts of the city. HOURS D a. m to 5 p. m. Molasses In War. There seems no connection between a piece of gingerbread and a 13-inch shell, and yet there is. .The name of this affinity is "molasses." Just old- time "blackstrap," wlilcli is sometimes seen in the lumber camps. The demand for alcohol for use in making explosives Is so heavy that manufacturers have looked around for something cheaper than corn. Tliey found ft in Louisiana blackstrap, and that sticky, slow-flowing commodity now goes into the make-up of one of the most trem'endous energies in the world. It haa proved such a success that Its price, is now about four tlmea what it was two years 'ago. DR. W. R. SIMPSON Practice Devoted to General Medicine 26 Years Experience In Disease ol the EYE, BAR and GLASS FITTING O*H* Answered D«y and Night TELEPHONE 85 Office * Residence 41K B. Webster CHILLICOTHB. MO. DR. T. G. PHELPS THE OSTEOPATH OFFICE IN GTJXBY BIJG. 2nd Stairxray north of X/eeper House CmLMCOTHE, MO. PHOXES: Residence, ,2O8; Office, 141 Calls answered promptly day or night Sprinkler Has Wheels. An ingenious professor in a western university has combined a lawn sprinkler with a dismantled-lawn mower in such a way that one can move the sprinkler about the lawn while It is 1 running, .-without getting wet, saya Popular Mechanics. The long crossbar' of the sprinkler was clamped to the bottom of'the mower alter the blades had been removed. In place of the ordinary - handle a long pole was attached to the tran stormed mower, which reached well outside the range of the' running water. This permits one to move the device about the lawn without the Inconvenience of turning off the water. '."* Public Sale Soon. Having recently rented my farms for a term o£ years, I will offer at p u b l i c sale on o'r about Nov. 15th, 2 1-2 miles north of Chillicothe, 92 head of cattle and 10 head of horses, besides all my feed and farming improvements. Definite notice of the sale will be made later. Watch for it dwtf Dr K. S. Piatt_ Read the For Rent, For Sale and Want ads in today's Constitution. H. B. HOGAN WILL BE IN CHILLICOTHE ALL THIS WEEK, NEXT WEEK AND EVERY WEEK IN THE YEAE TO TAKE YOUR MEASURE TOR A TAILOR-MADE SUIT. Not an ordered suit, made in a factory the same as ready-made, and called Tailor-made, but a Tailor- Made One that is made in ChiUioothe. Fit, cloth,and everything about it guaranteed to give satisfaction. It will cost you no more, to have your suit made in Chillicothe than it will to send to some Chicago houstand get a factory-made suit. SEE H. B. HOGAN AND GET HIS PRICES. FRANK B. NORMAN SAM M. JARVIS. Norman Jarvis FUNERAL HOME EMBALMERS and Day Phone 417 FUNERAL DIRECTORS/ Night Phones 153 - 569 iNEWSPA'FERr STEWSPAPL!

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