The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 12, 1914 · Page 2
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 2

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 12, 1914
Page 2
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Page Two T H E D E C A T U R R E V I E W 'Sunday Morning, July 12, 1914. The Good Salesmen Is Busy on His Own Goods. T ALKING of the art of salesmanship a Decatur dealer remarked: "One sometimes gets advertls- tng that he doesn't have fo pay for. If he IB imart enoiiRU no* to roclpro- in kind he Is that much ahead.' "What kind of advertising Is this?" asked another dealer who was present. "I think can use some on the terms mentioned." "I am pretty sure that in the last few -weeks you have had a good share of it; in fact from what I have heard I am sure about." replied the man who opened this lead of conversation. "Well, how did get it?" "You sot It all right; It is that brings me into your place thU morning. I want to make inquiry about a car you ate selling." "Glad to serve you. but what has this to do with advertising for which I didn't pay?" "It ts a. case of knocking on you' ear." "I believe I don't quite make you out: perhaps I am a little dense," said the owiKr of the shop. GOT HM INTERESTED. "Well. I'll make It plain," continued «h» caller. "For * week I have had It In relnd to get a car. In that time I have been around to three different places, and at every place there was a 'knock' against the one you are handling Most of the knocking 11 heard was directed specially against \our car. I have concluded that perhaps you have something that Is wor- rving those other fellows. If that is the case I should be Interested in you- rfrtlcle. hence. I am around to learn more about It They 'knocked' until thsv advprtlse-1 ^ ou with me. Let me r-cp what you ha\ f ' \nd two day* Inter this caller bought trie car that" had been "knocked" ty three other dealers He might never t-a'-o got around to It had it not been for the "knocking A IARME3 CAME TO TOWN And then a man In another line told the same a story that brought out point. A farmer came to Decatur to buy something that Is u»e« In a kitchen. He had no Information of hli own concerning the article he wanted to buy, that is no information concerning the merits of the different makes. He dropped into a place where he was Inclined to make such purchases. They showed htm what they had, and It was'a good article. The workings of the thing were 'explained to the farmer and he was getting interested, showing it. This encouraged the salesman to his own undoing. In the same lino there ! something mad« by another home; In one way and another it Is tolerably well advertised and hence enjoys a good sale. The salesman made the big mistake of referring to this other make of what he was showing-. H* mentioned it repeatedly by name and was at pains to point out features tn which his article was superior. But this was the first time In his life the farmer heard of .he other make of the article. It cauced him to stop and do a little wondering. He concluded his visit by «ay- Ing he w*uld look around a little and then perhaps call back later In the day. IT WAS REPEATED. The farmer went to a second house and asked to see what It was showing In the line he wanted. They were delighted to show him, of course. Thli second house had a very good article, as had the first house. But the. salesman in the second house made the same mistake that was made In the first He pointed out the merits of hli article, not neglecting to call attention to the claim that it was sunerior in many points to tha output of another factory, again singling out for comparison the same make that had been menloned and "knocked" In the first house. It was twice within an hour that the farmer customer heard oj the otner make of article he was after. That was the first day In his life he had ever heard of It But two dealers told him about It; It was In the mind of each of them. This was something that Interested the farmer. He promised to try to call later in tfie day, and then departed from the second house. AND THEN HE BOUGHT. He learned who was handling the make of article that had been brought up twice that morning for purposes of derogatory comparison. He went to the place whers this was sold and made known his wants. They showed him the make they carried, and they explained Its points J B u t they didn't have a word to say about other makes of the same at tide. They had a right good thins to show him and they confined themselves to pointing out Its merits. They gave the farmer customer twenty-fiv.e minutes, and then they sold him. It was after the sale was made that he turned about and mentioned the experience he had during the morning. HAD OTHERS HEAR IT. It happened that In this third house the firmer customer had got hold of the proprietor. He is an alert man who has been quite successful. He called two employes who were on the floor at the time and who happened LEAVENWORTH · . - " ' · ·· '..-,- -.,,-;;'-··;-.\::.'"'·'· fW:-'-. -·· · W H O L E S A L E GROCER ^CQ;- BELL PHONE 2242. AUTO PHONE 1»4. CORNL'R MAIN AND NORTH STS. DELIVERY SCHEDULE Motor Trucks leave for east of Water St., 7:30 a. m. and 1:30 p. m. West of Water St.. 9:30 a. m. and 3:30 p. m. We open at 1 a. m. Close at « p. m. eieeji Saturday nights. GRAPE JUICE This is one of the best hot weather beverages, and more of it is being used every year. When you buy "Walker's" in the ten pin bottles at "Wholesale," you can feel assured you are buying the best at the lowest market price. Walker's, quarts, dozen $4.25 Walkers, pints, dozen §2.38 Smaller quantities in proportion. FLY TRAPS. The time is here when you have to be persistent in trying to get rid of the flies. The Red Cross fly traps catch more flies with the least exertion on your part than any on the market. Red Cross traps, per dozen $8,50 Red Cross traps, each 75c King Fly Killers, dozen 85c Ideal Fly Killers, dozen 85c Two for 15c Sticky fly paper. 25 double sheets in carton, per carton 32c 6 double sheets for lOc . ICED TEA. Is more commonly used on the table during the hot Summer months than any of the cold drinks. Buy you Teas at wholesale, whether for hot or iced tea. "Our Blend" for iced tea is a perfect blend; it has the flavor and a nice color. For those who like a high-class sun cured Japan, ask for No. 67. the highest quality we get. "Our Blend," per pound 50c Sun cured Japan, No. 67, pound 67c SOUPS. Too hot for soup? Never! 'Campbell's soups have a satisfying flavor that makes you want more. Chicken, tomato, vegetable, mock turtle, clam chowder, etc. Any of the assortment, per dozen 95c One-fourth dozen 25c CHURNS. 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NEWS PA PER fl R C H1V E ® « _ «, to have a little time to spare. They came and the proprietor, asked the farmer to tell the story of his experience again, of course putting the request diplomatically and naturally. The farmer went over the story a second time, and he had a small audience that was much Interested. Of course thli had a tendency to make the farmer tell his story with all the flourishes it would stand. The fanner got his article, paid for It and drove away. Then the proprietor said to the employes: "Boys, svou see what happens if you are foolish enough to advertise our competitors by 'knocking' on what they are selling. Never do it--let them pay for their own advertising." THE MODERN WAT. However, this IB something that is coming to be understood quite well in a good many mercantile establishments in Decatur; and It will be understood in more of them within a pnort while. Managers In many places are now trying to emphasize the rule tliat the thing to do Is to show the goods the house has, bring out the good points--and never say a word £or or against articles handled by competitors. It isn't an easy matter to secure observance of this rule. At the 1 start it appear* there Is a strong tendency m many salespeople not to stop at praise of the article they are showing, but to go 'ahead and run down some- 'hlng the other fellow Is trying to sell. It'seems this wa« a somewhat general practice for a long while, perhaps for generations. It has got Into the blood of some salespeople, and virus of this kind isn't taken out In a few hours or a few day*. CUSTOMS HAVE CHANGED. But It will disappear. It will have to before the salesman can hop* to measure up to the standard of modern efficiency. Running down the other fellow's goods Is entirely too old-fogeylsh. There mav have been time when It served some purpose, but it is a misfit when we get Into the psychology of the twentieth century. The situation has changed. There was a day when the man who wished tc make a $10 purchase might put In spare time for half a week, going to ell the shops in town to bargain and talk over what he could do at other places. The man today who wishes to riake a. $10 purchase Is likely to get It done and out of the way in ten minutes. And so there Isn't any time to waste In "knocking" on what competitors are doing. / HAVE LEARNED MORE HERE in five minutes than 1 have ever knoxrf before about lenici. EYES and VISION. THIS IS WHAT A MAN of Decatur told us the other day after visiting our place, and receiving a thorough examination of bis eyes and a demonstration of LENSES. HE WAS SO ENTHUSIASTIC about it that be met a friend of his on the street (who was having eye trouble of some sort, he did not know) and brought him in for us to decide the trouble. We decided it and he, too, in turn thanked us. THE SAME EXPERIENCE U in store for you any time you wantT to takethe .light trouble to visit THE OPTICAL SHOP. IF THERE IS ANYTHING WRONG with your LENSES. BYES, or VISION, we will find it for you in our NO DRUG examination and inform you about lenses, in a way that will be beneficial to you some time in life if not now. 196 E. WILLIAM. DECATUR, ILL. Make "GURNEY" Your Summer Watchword The "GURNEY" Refrigerator Insures a Perfect Refrigeration of Foods Don't decide that your refrigerator is all right because of the fact that you or your family are in fair health. You mav be able to resist germs while you are strong and your vitality is good. But it is when you are weakened by a little cold, or are over-tired, from some strenuous exertion, that the germ has a good chance to take now and "put you under." Your refrigerator may be in an extremely dangerous condition right now. You.may have it full of ice and you may have cleaned it this morning, and still the temperature may be around 70 and the "dead air spaces "'may be breeding millions of germs. ·n V What the "Gurney" Does .^S^TfSSFSSrej^ which constantly floods the interior with pure, icey air, maintaining a temperature between 42 and 48 degrees--thus insuring a perfect refrigation of foods with a minimum of ice. Third Week Of This Great Sale I SPECIAL Adjustable steamer chairs 98c 20% Discount On All Summer Furniture Great success has met our annual July sale of Summer furniture. Hundreds have availed themselves with the wonderful bargains housed in this great store. All of our elegant pieces of durable furniture, including swings,chairs, rockers,.tables, flower baskets, etc., to be sold at a sweeping reduction of 20 per cent from the standard low price. Do not overlook this item --there are three months of hot, sultry weather ahead. Freight paid to all points in the state on purchases amounting to $5. 40-lb. "Gurney" ice chest, only Vudor PORCH SHADES All Bhades have a drop of 7 ft. and 8 Inches. Colors--Green, brown and mottled. 4 ft. wide *225 6 ft wide *S.2» 8 ft. wide M»5 10 ft. wide fS.SO 12 ft. wide "RATTANIA" FIBER RUGS Made of tough twisted fiber, waterproof and fast colors. The ideal porch rug. Is weather proof. 4*6x7-6 size $3.00 7-6x10-6 size $7.25 6x9 s i ze $4.00 9x12 size -.-.. .$9.50 DELTOX GRASS RUGS A desirable asset for the Summer home--the porch. Made of long strand, tough prairie grass. Easy to clean and extremely durable. 4-6x7-6 size $2.50 8x10 size $6.00 6x9 size :·=-·: -.$4-00 9x12 size $8.00 SPECIAL 3-qt. galvanized water 49c Soon a Million Women Will Owna-HOOSIER CABINET Such enornoa popultrtrr prates bqmd «nr doubt tbu tfie Hootter to · weaiurfti! Uborwer. You need this afefast to mtt ytm ·*«· «C tteps. Come see "White Beauty." quee* of the Hoofler line, with 40 Uborinlac features. See hour It balds 4M utictas tdt*0t Ically placed to five evea coolers; regular 55c value BachmatiBfos 6 MartM Go. THE FAMOUS "Quick Meal" Gasoline Evaporating Range The range that is constructed in absolute accordance with the requirements of the National Board of Fire Underwriters. This la a handsome range with white porcelain enameled door panels. Has three large burners on top. The lowerrlrht part of the ranee is. a closet with two shelves Inside, the lower left hand part of the ran** Is an C99 00 excellent bake oven 18xl6?4xI2 Inches. Price as shown mwfciW* rWSPAPER!

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