Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on April 22, 1897 · Page 2
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 2

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 22, 1897
Page 2
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S1EBLIHQ, ILL* AFBIL 22, 1897. THIS AND THAT. Bleu and Women, Vaets tmd Fane!** NnUhult In Fans-well, lartwell 1 bet this I tell To Hwc, tbtm wedding guest! , He prsyeth w«H,"wl>a toreth well Both man, and bird and beast. New York will erect two more 18 story hotels. A slow oven, my good woman, for a rich cake. Why are young widows 10 attractive to the average man? > Referred to any ladies' sewing circle. Dan Voorhees, 10 long a senator from Indiana, was burled at Terre Haute, his old home. We hope all our schools, town and country, will observe Arbor Day. We must plant trees and save forests. Daytona is said to be one of the prettiest places in Florida. There Is a prejudice against the doctor who advertises. • Why? Mrs. Lease, formerly of Kansas, now registers from New York city. Which is more destructive, fire or water? Referred to Woodlawn. A street railway to be made from Cairo tq Pyramids, nine miles. Three hotels there. Romance soon be gone, no donkey, no camel. Fortunate so many of our million- lares are ready to scatter the stuff: Peter Cooper, Qirard, Stanford, Armour, Carnegie, Rockefeller. , • Klngling's show haa educated pigs, but then you find them in Sterling, find everywhere. ; City man thot the airship looked like a beer glass. -.1 . . r • The 7,000 saloons in .Chicago pay between 3 and 4 millions' license. These two items happened 'to come together. Times -Herald: If your /neighbor keeps a hen, easy to make your garden come to the scratch. In U. S. 30,000,000 outside of church. Missionaries needed. Henry Clay never forgot a face, wonderful memory. The writer is unlike . Henry. ,'tjListen, children! Do not kill dragon fly or devil's darning needle. . He is i death on_flies. . ••/ «->i\. .!•:•<, A Chicago ordinance .compels dealers in cigaretts to take out license of $100, and has 'reduced no. of shops from 5,000 'td-iddl.:' _'•'.": . , '''•/• o\ Lyman Abbott in Youtb> Compan- Ion says there are three condltrbns of Buccess in life: good father, febpd mother, good; wife.; Does this strike you? Sixty species of clover, 60 of blue ;, ^grassjn.pv S., insure-ple)^ _QLJioise_ d ' '"' '" "'"" ' "" Pen, Merrill, of Vermont, 8t, w*lk* : without c«as, wear* no §!««««», i» not b*id. Our G. O. M. of Senat». It plensea a woman to be treated een- glbly and honestly, not as a butterfly, with no head or heart. Snow t^ill lying in Adtrondacks where trees, but where cleared, all melted and poured into riven. No freshets if our forests wore standing. Jefferson's home, Montlcallo, Vs., is not for sale, so we must look elsewhere for a family country-seat Dr. Timothy Dwight, 68, pres. of Yale, since 1886, talks of resigning to indulge in literary work. Our good neighbor, Jo-ll-et, was treated to a cock fight by A band • of outside Philistine!. The Ohio Man who didn't want an office under McKinley is dead. The poor fellow was lonely. In cooking vegetables, my good woman, do not entirely cover the kettle, as it is better to let steam escape, Shut parlor doorjf you are boiling cabbage or frying onions. '....,..-.~ Mrs. McKinley at her late reception in W. House library, wore a gown of sapphire" blue velvet with front' of white satin and lace, diamond brooch. Some day, girls, you——. The boy stood on the cycle bridge, Whence all bat him had fled, The morn lit up the cycle wreck, The boy stood on hli head. Yale claims to have the champion strong college student of U. S. If you have blues read 27 Psalm and XII Hebrews. Blackberries from Florida are in Chicago at 10 and 15 cents a quart. In Germany one man in 213 goes to college, in U. S. one in 2,000. We must study more, midnight oil, altho' we don't believe in it. ^Variderbilts'BRreating broiled mack-= eral arid waffles with new maple syrup for breakfast. Applets swim. Members of Baptist society in Ireland distributing Spurgeon s sermons. "Martyrdom" was a favorite tune of late Prof. Drummond. Old drunkards are dying, and" boys are wanted to take their place. Whose boys? Yours or mine? The saloon must go. • St. Paul's Messenger, the neat parish monthly of our friend, Rev. John K. Reed, Oregon, is on hand for April. English newspapers cannot understand how Pres. Harrison lived on 10,000 a year. Wales their pet, requires millions. A fast; chap. BourkeCochran: Not many remembered for a year, none for 3,000 years. How about Abraham and Nebuchad- nezzar? = . T How i»say fig^s <M yon d*«troy oa wt*t? Never acr, the he», Good, maple syrup is of a light g!0*my brown. One swallow does not make s spring, merely starts an air ship. T. Herald. Now Chicago has another big aihetne to make lake front s paradise, ft Venice in beauty, an Athens'In art. Dr. Joseph Parker, London, has published about 40 books. Josy has a good opinion of Parker, bat that's a common falling. Harpers are issuing a new edition of Mark Twain's works. Mark still has his hair and much of hie fun. Boy thot that as we get whalebone from whale, get sealing wax from seal, Does college education educate? will be discussed in Cosmopolitan magazine by Gilman of Johns Hopkins, Dwight of Yale/.and others.' Forty years! Chicago has-been cut off from her beautiful lake front by III. Central R. R. for 40 years. ,We move that it stop. All in tavor, say ayel Serve spinach with egga-and = bacon. If Col. John Hay and wife refuse wine in London to their guests, look for a howl across the Atlantic. Give them cocoa, John! Eggs are cheaper than meat now.and so much better. No leathery eggs. No lady will eat more than three. Landlord at Lion's Head, Howell's last book, quaint and humorous, but lacks action. So says critic. The man who has not seen an airship this spring, is entitled to George's mtchet. Here's a chestnut: No, shecald with a smile", 1 never can be your wife, but I'll be a sister to you. W. C.T. U.-of Chicago are after the soda fountain, for there is a suspicion that sticks are sometimes put into the Cambridge Mass., 81,000 people, no license for ten years, and Father Scully, Roman Cath. priest, is a leader in the good work. , . Gov. Fuller, of Vt.: Our, bad roads ' are the la'st great blot on "'our civilization. You are right gov. What shall : we do? •- - • " "• ; " ' ' :,, _ A batlBmal 'font of Mexican onyx was given to Trinity church, Lancas- terj by some of the members. .Moral. V Wormwood boiled in vinegar and applied hot, good for sprain or bruise. Some Pa. ministers have sent clrou- - lars to their members asking them to give 5p^~club8 and card parties, and spend evenings at home quietly with their children. Hear, hear! Twinkle, twinkle, little ship, :. Tbat now doth thro' the heavens slip. ':.' An adv. balloon, a joke or star- How we wonder what you are ! Osborne, 6 ft. 9 in. Is Phila's tallest .policeman. Thomas Orchestra, Chicago, is $200,000 in debt. Too good music for wild and woolly West. Dr, Huntington, 78, Bishop of Central N. Y., performs hte duties as well as ever. • Steinitz, Vienna, played 22 games of chess at same time and won 17. What - a head! -••; Charles Dudley Warner baa made a tour of Mexico. It is the thing to do. Great country, Kansas preacher put in a bill of §5 for "praying for legislature." They all need it, A Boston chap wants a place to board where there is no bicycle talk at meals or between meala. . Ought to be kicked, that Penn. jury thatgave Anna Dickinson only six cents damages for false Imprisonment. Bill in Penn. legislature to establish a Bird Day. Let us save the songsters, A strong minded woman never has to get out of bed to be sure slje locked the door. Dallas News is jubilant: Flowers and bees enough in Texas to cover' Mass. six feet deep with milk and honey. .H Let us emigrate to Glasgow, Scotland, where no city taxes, because sufficient revenue from public works, owned by city. Contentment ia better than wealth because harder to get. Dr. Hillis, Chicago, is a full man.and preaches a meaty eeroion. If you have no peas or oniona, pota- p? cabbage, lettuce or radishes, In , jwu are a Wile slow. Less pastry and more fruit ancTvege" tables means smaller doctor bills. Miranda: Yee, green will be much worn this spring. Suits some people. Italy leads Europe in murders, Russia in suicides. Sir Julian Pauncefote, British am bassador at Washington, is an ass. He wants to rank above our Vice Presdt. Dan Voorhees used to be called Tall Sycamore of the Wabash. Pauline: Wash colored clothes with pure white soap, and'dry rapidly in the dark. English are great butter eaters. They eat all they make, and import millions of pounds from Denmark and France. Poppy promises to be a popular flower this season. Red hats already in market. Ask your wife about them. Or see hubby. Queen Victoria has four homes: Windsor Castle, Osborne on Isle of Wight, Buckingham Palace in London, Balmoral in Scotland. Libel from Atcblson Globe: The man will give rocking chair to wife, but wants the newspaper. Some editor thinks if towns were prohibition, not ao many air ships. Temperance workers needed everywhere. t • . Dr. Thomas, Chicago, is back from a trip in South, N. Orleans and Nash ville. Place of Christ in Modern Theology by Principal Fairbairn, Oxford, is book to make you think. *" Where all was bare a week ago Is verdure, and bud flower; The eatth has been awakened by Some wondrous, mystic power. Chicago Beach Hotel in southern part of city is a huge concern. There is an art class in Sing Sing p'rieon. Give the poor fellows a taste for something better."" Phila, has underground tubee for conveyance of letters and small par eels. ' . Have the folks that see the air ship been reading Baron Muchausen? There was a tirno when Rockefeller could only give a cent in Sunday school. And yet John says to day the poorest man in the world la the one wb,o has nothing but money, only money. Keep cheerful, only a week or nnocent looking drinks. Grant monument, Ne"w York, cost 8700,000, and was completed in five years from laying corner stone. See that your spade is polished, and your working suit in good order. For Jerusalem consulship, 21 applicants, and all ministers. Shame! The writer had an eye on this place. Let clergy stick to pulpit. Keep out of politics. . Sam had a wealth of muscle . • When he swung a base ball bat; " Hut when asked to beat the carpet, The boy was weaker than a cat. Five ways to cook mushrooms, but the best way not to cook at all. Grant monument, N. York City, 165 ft. high,' and stands on a hill 145 ft. above Hudson, A little too dry and cool for strawberries,—. _._-.' Joe Jefferson says he is willing to act as long as Americrn people care to see him. Old Fort Monroe on Cheaiipeake;Bay acres, Ruartras~co3t thretr That th* msMffi yrni sd'W I./K*?, np'jn yrn M ft bfofhT~ Mf*n-iy th«t *nfl nntWus mar — Greece i« small, but lots of spank. Weather too frosty for frnit. What shall w« do? P. 9. Do without. The war maps in the big dailies look like the tracks of a fly that has been in an ink bottle. Old Ironsides of Holmes Is considered as good a poem In its way as Tenneson's Charge of Light Brigade. Did the election suit you ? Dld v yon vote for the winning men? Gen. Grant died July 83,1885, bat his name liveth forevermore. Knit stockings for your chicks, and give warm beef tea. Bismarck oaka from the old chancellor's forest are popular in Germany. Greece whipped Persians 2,000 years ago, 10 to 1, and Turkey needs a sound threshing. Armenia! A Denver family has wedding cake 30 years old. This ia wonderful. We always eat ours, spot cash, Dr. Field of N. Y.Y-evaBfellstrBnd Edward E. Hale, of Boston, same age to a day, both born April 3, 1822. Street sweepers in New York city all dressed in white, and they are required to keep spotless. Washee, washee. Unless you are wide awake, do not go to Chicago; go to Baltimore or J.St.- Louis. A party of rich Englishmen are coming to this country to shoot wild horses in Rocky Mts! Very hexciting. The church is no place for parade. Uniforms and swords are not in keeping? with the gospel of love and humility. Poor Cuba Is back number, been on the boards long enough. Now Greece .Bhije^_her_caBtp.r_intp_the£.ln_g. Havemeyer, the millionaire sugar refiner of N. York, is turning 100 acres of Long Island shore into a little Venice with canals and bridges. Senator Billy Mason defines dignily as the nir a man puts ou when he can't answer a question. ' . In view of Armenia and Greece.some soreheads propose to give up Turkish baths. England at work on a new English dictionary, and has reached E with 89,- OOCt words. Webster is having a good deal of competition. Voters rode around in good rigs yesterday. A free lurch would have made the thing complete and really enjoyable.' , . Greek flag is white cross on blue ground. —Can-you-namQJ).be8t_Bjiort_8tgrie^p^ Amer. writers? Hale'a Man Without a Country, Harte's Luck of , Roaring Camp, Stockton's Lady or Tiger, Twain's Jumping Frog, are four of two and maple syjup will gladden board. two the occupies 80" millions. Penn. legislature has passed a bill for a new'capitol to cost 8550,000. It makes us smile. This is only a starter. Use lime' around chicken coop and other out buildings. Do not risk all on one venture, do not have too many irons in the fire. Now for Goldsmith's line- Winter lingering chills the lap of May. Fifty years ago Germamy and France equal in population, but today G is 15 millions ahead. It Might Have Been, is a new book by Joseph Parker, one of the strongest preachers of the time. Mrs. McKinley's favorite, color is jlue, Mrs. Cleveland's is red. A Missouri lad, 16, once bright, has become crazy thro' clgarets. Ask your boy again. . Experiments at Gin. Hospital show that veils are fruitful of headache and sore eyes. Englishmen in France spend more than Frenchmen in England. Boston Herald believes dyspepsia cause of more divorce than anything else. How produced? Referred to W. C.T..U. New German steamer, Frederick Great, can carry 2800 passengers. Mrs. Oliphant is lively at 68, Miss Braddon at CO, Ouida at 56. Novel writing is a tonic for the brain. A Phila. woman has invented a ma chine for hooping barrels, that brings her 20,000 a year:' Gladstone calls Czar of Russia and German Emperor two young despots • Clear scarlet, deep cherry, yellowish red, are among the bright colors for spring. Our women folks will look like poppies. Gen Miles rides a handsome black charger ami makes a fine appearance. Priscilla:' Get the wood violet per fume, Si 50 an ounce. The Astofs us nothing else. , . „ McKinley rides a white horse, and with a cocked hat, would bear a strik ing resemblance to old, Napoleon. Gingerbread much better for you a this season, Horatio, than angel's food Such as your mother made. Cornelius Vanderbilt lived in Wash iugton this winter, and was so pleased that he will do it again. Happy Corny Money talks. THE "ALABAMA" COMPANY. SEE THESE FIGURES $2.00 Novelty Wool Skirts $3.00 Fancy Figured, $3.50 Brocade, $6.00 Diagonal, ^4.75 Checked, - . - • $11.60 Moire Velour, $1.1.60 Brocade Silk, - • This SPECIAL SALfe of tinue rest of the week. $1.69 $2-23 $2.08 $3.70 $3.48 $840 $8.40 * Ladies' Dress Skirts will conff LARGE LOT OF Ladies' Spring Jackets] BlacK and Colored, $ 15 down, at •' -'ST.! Wonderful Bargains— 1 With a slight alteration make attractive garments. E. D. Davis! Dress •Q Our Dress Goods Sale still continues. Tli way they have been going the last 10 days, ttuii ladies have certainly proven that they apprec: r> ° W O M ENS a good thing| when* they see For instance, when they can chase the latest Novelties, were bought to sell for 50c, aU 34c, and the $1.00 goods for and all other goods in same - \ > portion, they do not hesit T;akingpaclvantage 'of. it. T||f ladies who have not already chased their Spring Dresses shouhl grasp' It Will beat the Academy of BIuilo Next Moiuliiy Night. The Clement Balnbridge Company will present Augustus Thomas' delightful Southern play, "Alabama," at the Academy of Music Monday evening, April 20. Mr. Thomas has furnished a strong argument against the statement that the native born writers do not lend themselves-to—the_lltera=- ure of the stsiRe. American people want plays that they can understand, ilays that bring before them the people, the customs and the country they enow. Foreign/plays are built on foreign ideas, conceived in a foreign spir- t, and are out of sympathetic connection with the American people. It is n this that Mr. Thomas has made his success, • He* has given the people a play that they can understand; he has respected their prejudices; he has been true to American ideas. "Alabama" does not abound in stirring scenes, melodramatic, situations and declamatory lines. It moves along as quietly as the life it reveals. There is a vein of quaint and subtle humor and it is never forced or coarse. It IB true to the life it pic turea; It is bright in dialogue, clean in plot, direct in story and interesting in characters. It is redolent with the sound of nature. It is something tn think of with deliprht—this idyl of th* Sonth—not alone for the passing pleasure it gives the spectator, but fnr what it means to the American stage. In itself it has the subtle charm, poesy. It brings with it the Bpft airs and dreamy quietude of the somnolent South. It appeals to the eye with a series of pictures breathing chivalry and sentiment, twit) characteristics of theardorous Southron; to the ear with the musical dialect, whose spell is potent, and to the mind with a harmonious blending of all these mellowing influences. It is a veritable Gradgrind. who will look at Alabama and nqt feel his soul soften and expand, and his heart warm with human love; and, for- tunately.there are very few Gradgrinds in modern life. In almost every nature there is a cord of sentiment and poetry, which vibrates muaically when rightly touched, and it ia Mr. Agustus Thomas' distinction to have found tbe delicate manner of doing this difficult thing. "Alabama''is his medium. opportunity, as the choiee patterns will soon, picked up. Terms, Cash only. A. L. Heckman. Going Out of Business. Now Is your chance"'to purchase a pretty and styll i 'I ' ' • • . v° Hat at HALF PRICE. A large and complete line"" latest shapes and. Novelties. All new goods, to be regardless of cost. \ Come early, while there is a good selection. Misses Cook & Hopkins, , 20 West Third St., Opp. Randolph SPOT CASH GROCERYti My prices sell the goods. Sugar, two to'three pounds more to the dollar than you can buy on time. Extra Honey Syrup ,' 25c 10Ibs. BesFOat Meal 25o Canned Corn .-. 5c to 8c 3'lb. Can Peaches , 10c 3-lb. can Pears ; '. '. lOoand 15c Fancy Sliced Peaches lOc and I6o a can California Dried Peaches, 3 Ibs ...,.,. 25e/ Evaporated Apples , .',,, .Do to 7c Raisins., , (5c White Beans.....-Tr.T... 3c and 4c a quart"" Butter Crackers. ...3}£o to 6 Ibs. for 25o Solid Packed Tomatoes :...., 8c s Best Sour Pickles 5o a dozen Coffee.....................................v......l5c up Starch..,. fy! a package t Japan Tea....... .25c and 35c—others oell at 35c and BOo , Spear Head Tobacco •... 35c a pound Fine Cut Tobacco 25c. that you have boon paying 40e for Choice Butter '. 16c a pound Egg9 7c a dozen Marshall's Beet Flour is the beat, There is none equals it. Pastry Flour, 90c. I warrant .my goods to be as represented. I sell Cash and can save you 10 to 25 cents on .the dollar. ' R. L. KIMBRO, Room formerly occupied by Coe Bros, First Avenue.

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