The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 11, 1923 · Page 4
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 4

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 11, 1923
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS, WEDNESDAY. JULY II, 192., THE HUTCHINSON^JNEWS^ Published Dally bv The N«w» COM J^J; W. Y. MORGAN, EDITOR. ESTABUSHED 1872. Entered al the 7vso">rflce In ""'^.-h (on. Kaiiaan, fur ti aiininl .sHlnii through U.o matU »" ..e.oml da** manor. TELEPHONE NO. 4400 • •hn viitn oper- Trlvtito T. rtiTit -h itor umwmii, #\\ TERMS Or SUBSCRIPTION: „ rnn!,, OHM vi-ur $4 .00 <y mull. M\ munLlin 2.00 'V initii, uivf inoittii 50 Kv i-ftrrU. r m Hut. Iiin".>n, per w«ck .10 UVefi .y XOHJI , oiif y««r 60 MEMBCR AUDIT DJREAU OF CIRCULATIONS. MEMBER AMERICAN NEWSPAPER PUBLISHERS' ASSOCIATION. MEMBER OF THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Tin* A ."».•**••');] led \n t '.si -ludivrly UtU.Ml to [.!'.'• ,.s- I .v ut-.u:..... »f -W» ?<> f! i.; iM>| ot)i lUrt id tliis li:ipt-r, M.., U'.itO U PU1I;1.-IH.',1 h. IT It), All rljiht." of reputjllriuirm nf special ,T.I<>n of all ; local news [lie Sirtlinger Drug Co. PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS. Tele Dhonc 01- No. 17 North Main M .OJt. HvtrhJnaon. nii'it'inl Housn 1 ', au*l H put a up a good im-M. Thin v,o K<>t some rooms ttml )cuU(;(] over Ui« boom]nat JiUlo town of the IT\\>. More la where the asbestos mlnou ore loruleil. about a t.!.HUH;.nil workman nro riii ployed ami the iinlftntry Is iuc.rraMiig rapidly as this iiHtj oi' a J, bostoa Iexpanded. I'p to Ihfa tlmn I bad not known Yiliothor asbestos in \hf (lrtglnnl Vfna animal, vei-e* table or mineral. H turns mi* to be a rock containing cot tony looking t'ibroM'.i matter. The rock in quarried and crushed, and the fibnnia Kti.ff la Keparntt'd and narhed and Hold for a couple of thousand dollars a (on. Poorer grades aru less expensive. These mines were discovered about •10 years ;u-o but their him doveiopiHcnt came during th< 1 war. 'i'he manafi«*r's representative, \s ho took our party throuKh the very interesting mine, told im that Lhifl i« the only asbestos mine in the world. However he was French and probably did not know there was any real world outside of Quebec. The asbestos is shipp-d from tie re to Kurope an well as to the I'nittd States and the mine operators are It^.pt hurrying to u p 1 1 2 j> the in- crea:dn;; market. Abe Martin^, Coxns Just Say Blue jay The simplest way to end n corn is -Bloc-jay. Stops the pain instantly. Then the corn loosens and comes out. Made in clear liquid and in thin plasters. The action is the same. At your druggist HIHV some folks make such a show- in' on nutlilu' continues t' be. th' most unfuthomaMe of all th' mysteries. I "Have jest been raided, but I'll havd ] a whiie new batch t'monow," wo I heard a. certain teller tell another, cer- i t .dn feller I'day. MILLIONS WASTED. \V,i Itnth' iu-vw, tin- and dri-ad; to I'a Iters pit f-;uU yr smiths. l-.'V there \vv 'A lly every pftu'-rs d''---" awav; the; clerks i-ii'b in lKd join lh»-ir up r!::ies i r on the tear wet . aiUn.e jeaef. n-nuitu fur a;i our thdlar.^ rv> .-IX iiuiolred m'.'.IL'iiw we father, tin- Is and lnikerf. .ell, [l-et'.l mall we' rihms oil teii hu-.v at- to 1 drupi ;y ea il rtiy ttd (•> and ear. getting weiis Inr pUiinberi., r s got Oea.uly ; and shall wo ti, and pile Whv labor s. why d:a dye, \\io-a L'S the oil . hlsh. and |4 Ce-'l-E' - r alin;i tde^ (leiiiiiirn a lior Sia and d' :ve. \v I;v In tee Okat 'i all ill" l-.:i l.y .1 are lia-.e-.iii . e ; Wl'.y i-.e- t! tie '.varan.!:. L o- ie and :.-;.!i'i -., -• ••neiier-. ,0,,..,. mean: le;,, inu; we'll iaiv : o .ie- dre S tnl.'lion :.e fake v'. ih.itii'li In 111... 1 be jtaslral -onii purehai-ed il' ar, ' trophe they'-, e 1 rome nr.. aa.l i ' there no iv.ty < ' the lone para. ' hieliH, who j;o " vnaltlne, to ' glided brieks ' they Baouid be laai'lar; c-oin ' where 1'alo'rs ldav no '.rlekK? -. V.'Ai.T .MASON'. I... t • the . tie .-11 i .veil- amp. 1K!U- •d by year, may ,-v h,f. a v n;| thoueh eate.b- a.-oed, thi-y stlU ,.ei':ns ef.tner. la rUi-init, liaitil'.jr, e: aratsa-txreeu .rlin^, daaiin':. tbe:!' etiin for iviaeoiji them INNS AND ASBESTOS. (Ijlitorial I'O! I ee.pea.ielo-e.J 'I'latlord, liaeher, July S Tills b< about, tin- !a:-! plaee where ex| ted to :ooj\ aa It in a on yi town «hos.e fane or notten Into lit. yesterday tie- -Hli afternoon we left iiuebee, i Vermont rani fhanee on v.i Labor Is paid from two to lire do!- i lara a day. In tbe United SI at 03 it! ttould get twiee aa mueli for simiiarj -.vork. That is one advantage a iae tory in <'an;uia haa ov.-r one in tie r iiited States. Hut thia advantatje i olraet by the tariff e.xeeiit for the luatte niariiet. And speaking of tariff remind;, me that the priee of sugar at home wad as high aa the mountain top. .Some people saiii it was our tariff, so 1 looked it up in thia country and found the retail at Quebec wua eleven and a half cents a pound. ' • ' This U a part of Canada through which very i'ew people travel. It is. a continuation -uf the Vermont mountain;., the Maine woods and lakes and the New Harnpwhire granite. There I* little or no agriculture- except the vi.ising of a few covvts and ehh-ltens. , The pravel-'-d road han bet-.n j.jood and .showers have no deterring effect t>n travel. In fact this couiitr> t.s all ex- c.eilent road material wifhout Wurk. There are quite a few English spcaklHic Canadian a in The t ford •Mines th.mzu French in Mie lanKuajze of the pcoj.-ie. it was on the way here that I Rot out u£ the ear at a small tu'.vii aJid sc-ekin.s' information, approavrhett a man . c »Uiii£ on a hotel porch. "Vo you .speak" I asked bim. • He straightened up and said: "Hell yes, and mighty glad tu do it in this Frog country." Which wu.s evidence that no was an American, an oversea;? i-oidler, and glad to see K<>mebody from homo. TouK.rrow wo will be in Vermont which h.-ta a dialect th«t can )>e urjiit-r- Mood. \V. Y. MulWAN', you had been more 1 willing to help. I j think (.haf tJioss? regrets that coma to i ua whon ^ome new experience gives ] us an Insight into feelings we had not j hitherto understood, are souvitiTneja w.ry poignant and very p-alntul. It the* man who feel among- thieves had himself, in times past, gone by on the*"other side, how he. must iiavq flagellated himself a/ter the fiood Samaritau helped him! & 4- ^ <?> <? ^' -S> 4- ^ r SECOND HAND THOUGHTS. ' & the people of Kansas drinking sunflower-? e e d \vi n e. \V o t rua t they didn't change lubricanta on our ac count. The grain alcohol they -were offering guests when we. visited Kansas last winter seemed Perfectly sate and was entirely satisfactory. With all its virtues, Kansas is impetuous and mercurial. It just won't stick to any one brand of exrillr. To our certain knowledge, it Has changed, the fundamental emollient four times since th© Volstead law went Into effect. •?:« By J, "E. House « r in the Philadelphia Public Ledger. vi- * 4 Q 't : ^> <y ® <i> '?> f <s- A B undor m& nd it, Mr, Kearns took Montana's outer ^arnienta, but permitted it to retain its *hlrt. Mon- taaa'y K.hiri, we believe, is flannel and Mr. Reams did not. fancy it. In the lighter and more Intimate garments Mr. Kearns' urge is for silk. dro «Ulip Jilac< II uu U'.lto pen; We 1 lusu uur , L. " .•v time • to 1-KIK pc, has no: spread tar ni'W .--;iapers. Hut tif Juiy, iato in ttie ! to the ierry and \ tiic r-oad toward i •ndiTig to takt- a i •i-r we might be at ; nUni; a comfortab'.e j GOOD SAMARITANS AND AUTOMOBILES. By Uuth Came rou. It is the way of the prize ring. A fighter may wave his championship adieu with a sialic. But lake from him hia silk ahirl and you havw torn his lit art. It la all right for President Harding to lament the passing of the last frontier, lamenting .is a legitimate part oi a President's business. But we de-" clino to bedew the la.vt or any other frontier with a single tear. Of tbe uncoiiitVrtitble plaec-H, the frontier probably wes the most uncomfortable. Give uy aVi overstuffed couch, an electrit; light and n^ clt^un ash-tray and they can peddle their frontiers in any market they choose. Senator Neely, as Illuminated by F. P. A. f Hays you can't expect patriotism from steel workers under tho twelve-hour day. Wo don't expect BO much patriotism from tho steel workers, but doubt that tho twelve-hour day Iran anything to do with It. Wo recall that in the years when we were working- from twelvo to fourteen hours a day we celebrated the Fourth of July more regularly and a great d^al more vigorously thaa we-do now. Tho objection to the twelve-hour day is that it"is too long-. The cap© against it can rest there. Added effects arc phraseological frills. It will interest you to know that (hey have found asylum for Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle. He is going on th© legitimate stage, whore,his great tal fmt and grusp. of dramatic art will undoubtedly win for him a hearty welcome. Itoscoe "Fatty" had to do something, yon know, and the old barroom is closed, probably forever. American -'lag mUhead of the !.Mitio !t trom the through which tud our Tho a!>!ilO v.urd uuago, ing lo thin h- IJutth- I toi;e(inT. -=i:iblished j A friem , , i misi 'itrtunf frii:m, and ' The Gentleman Flatters Our School. .Sir.- There can be only two reasonable explanations fur your professed luck of admiration for tho genius of Wiliiam fc*hake.-.pcure. Your obvious excuue amid bo found in the fact that iL takes all kinds of people, to make a world. Put a deeper analyst of the facts in your eie-c- probably would reveal tho true and-: ecu n't at, Jn your school days you were possibly, rtn ^ rather probably, forced to study Shakespeare. It this were the caye, you are most h<mont.bly disrjbargvd. You are uo loiig-'-r .4inspected of slandering the reputation of a great artist. *vi Of course, Hamlet is a humorist and '•' '• "' ' ! ' ' •? ; ••• j "linjnt'o and Juliet" bores y:m stiff, erlginal good Samaritan livel I What -dse could bo expected? Oh, wo thousand years before the; ^ducaior." 'and doctors of the huinan- iiutomobilw entered our lun-i iti ^s, "tln< spirit glveth life, but .the so p-M-hapa it may reom start!-1 Mter ktllerU!" I never read Shakes- connect those two subjects.. Hut. f pea re's immortal -stuff until / reached what made me think oi them! manhood. I hope, the-n-fore, to enjoy NEWS DAILY DOT PUZZLE. ti:i lid TIL: vii lev. prop Knklisli. of natur< •d for • tow 11 !)•• s mii: had money to i*ri< p'.i;> hospiraiit;.. uti'iin-d 1 = v be Kreiuh ,- Popu'at:ou. Very t -m could Bpe ;>k any tim,- \% h'-n tlio cull .;d v.a--, tpiito noiice- .'•!i.>d thirf pla-jo and 1 v. as attracted uso it wa:i the flr«t idled ouisidu ,,f the : tin -re wan no "/nit". in its flow o'" eloquence until my dying of miim had tho terriblo j day. You cannot feed Shakespeare to that most motorola Uread I immature minds aa you would feed llinn injury to theunelvtts. ' broilers for the irtarkot. It mu^t-be a into a cltihi while passing! vohmtarj' Bnout -ititroua reaching out for the grandeur ami beauty no nobly expressed by the "humorist," Hamlet, and other Sbapospeiirc-aii creations. T. V. very crow* uakd the i :d district where .reot their play- He r t::;".ii.:l childro ground. The child darted out from held ad •an ice wagon straight Into his path, and although he was nor driving r .i «t and did all he could to avoid tbe collision, he struck it and knocked it down. As he leaped out of his cur to pick '. up tiu> child (who, fortunately, was \ nut i'f'fieii>ly injured), a man who was i standing on tho curbing came at oneo j toward him. helped him lift tho child word '•Inn" in guide 1 »rito th^ aaitomobllo, told him where imiitor pre.sup-i lha n, ' ;:r '^ L ^'Hdtal was, drove there p: t-:aiU' ; . )-urai t*n'.ertaiuii:"nt. buppiied, with table.-i, the rooiuri clecnliaes.-i and ;h v.ould put in their fcai >.un ltful "com •h;!e-(.ure.d ll-re table- piace of j a would elf sh fruit.H- and lege- wouid tdiluo with iij lu .i .~it and hoi-ftCBH time making thuir fe.'i at home. Hut the actual "Inn 1, a • il deimmhtrute.i itself by uno, 1,; a poorly constructud frarno building with partitions through which you can gather the conversation of the neighbors, with wincUy wash rooms iunf. with beds wMcji itsvitn hy ap- pcarance un cNamiuatioii to what you can find,"and with the table supplied vvJili canned sonp, canned vege- tabit. 1 :-, "cooking eggH 1 ' and tough hteak, Poihaps 1 over-emphaHu.o tho uveragf of "Inns", but there are , enough of this kind to mako mo drive Iby a town where an "inn" is adver- ti.ietl and go to a place AS hero "llotoi" or "Jlouse" ia used ori^ho sign. Take it from mo that tills talk of those • "delightful country Inns" ia baaed on ; imagination and uot experieuco, and is ou* of tfjOBG parts of travelling 1 mostly enjoyed In tho ttiae of. pre. paruttuu for tho txip. • • * ' But Thetfard (Minos has n<» 3rhn. i ytio loading hotel In called "Tho Com- th i'.iui, told him the formalities 1 ;-ary to unserve-, and offered hiiu a Wiitjerfj;. The lii.'iii's testimony saved my I friend from all trouble, as the witness] was able to testify that tho machine was not bidug driven l'a;d. and that' tho ehiid liad run out heedlessly into th.-i street. ! If that man wasn't a good Samar- 1 (tan of modern times, it would he, har<*. to say. who drwrvos that title. I don't, b'dicve the man who was not upon by thieves and was rescued i from the side of tho road, was any more grateful than my friend wan. To appear as a witness before the •police, and to offer to uppear in court if necessary, is not a. thing that iimst people aro willlivg to do. There is alwavij tho vrotiBiiro of their own affairs, uud then thoy hato the publicity and tho general Honpe of entanglement. Sometimes people oven try to get out of testifying in case of an ac- ehlenf ih<\v aro mixed tip In, by giving fuls.o names aiul addresses. It ne< nm to mo that this attitude la unethical and unworthy of a,g,ood eiti- ien. Tho really pood citizen wants to BOO justice* dorm oven in things which do not directly concern Mm. And if he can*help bririfj justice about ho will go to ftomo troublo to do BO. Furthermore, yon novor know when just thai sort of thins is going to haii- pou to yourself. Even if you do not drivo an automobile thia year you m*y bo driving on© n<nct year. And there may cohitt a day whan you will realise what ©uoh good Samarlt »UBhip .would nioau and whea you wtU wish V,'o never profes-sed a lack of admiration for Bhake^ pvvi .ro. We merely told thi truth. Wo have tho common, or garden, typo of mind. His plays boro us stiff. It occurred to ds that by admitting tho truth wo could restore the seif-res[iect of many unhappy t persons of similar mental equipment who had been plunged into deep gloom through their inability to enjoy Shakespeare as a dramatist. And wo think wo did help a lot of them. T. V. flatters the nchool we attended threo or four months every year for half a dozen yeara. Dear old alma mater! So fur as wo were- able to ascertain at that time, It had never h'-ardof Shak<*p«ire. The first word of Shakespeare cu/mn to our neigh- boi-hood wbeu we > vy £jr. twenty-five or twoiity-slx years old. was brought by a traveling dentist; but even th«n ntdjedy km-w who Shakespeare wa3, They thought he was a friend of the dentist, but they had no Idea, where ho lived. Can You Finish This Picture? Complete the drawing by . tracing from, figure one to two and so on to the nhd. Then use your crayons or water-colors and, sec how nicely you can color it. A "don't" ttat doesn't interest In hot weather: Don't say shears when you mean scissors.—Atchison fjlobe. LONE LIFE In buying a motor car, consider what the cost will be when divided over a period of years. What is the car's reputation for satisfactory service after the first year? After the second? And after the third—and fourth? These considerations, in the final analysis, are the true basis of economy in motoring. And it is this attribute of long life to which Dodge Brothers Motor Car owes its chief claim upon the unalterable loyalty of its owners. The prlca of the TouriiiR Car la $SS0 I. a. b. Detroit $1000 dullvmcd. ARNOLD AUTO CO. 15 East Flrtt Phono 2707 Memphis Coffin Company stANUFAcrniEna EVERLASTING STEEL CASKETS, also CLOTH COVERED COFFINS AND CASKETS BURIAL GARMENTS AND SUPPLIES WHOLESALE O^Y BANANAS FROM MEXICO. Dredging of the Port of Frontera Down In the Mexican Country. | Mexico City,—The dredging of the port of Frontera, to permit tiho entry of largo stcitntcrs, ia coruploted. and a boom in the expwt of bananas is ox- poctcd an a- result. Frontera assc-iuibloa over 4,000,000 i bunches of banana.3 last year, -but leas , than half could bo moved because of, the ia,ok of harbor faciMtios. Now oil wells at Tabasco also are expected to add to tlte maritime activity of Frontera. For the benefit of those who wish, thia column run along New York lines, wo note that Mr. Free^ Quick Is running for Prothonotary In Columbia County, The hero of the nows£_per comlo •who Btvlpped his gears In Brookfleld, Mo., may tttke It from this pellucid fountain of wisdom that be might have dono worse. Ho might have Btrlpped them in Windsor, Vt. And WH know Beam can ho stripped in Wlndoor. We lis«-o done It. . "Tho ceremony," says a newa Item fi-om, Haekomtaek, "wan performed on the hrldo'a uncle." That 1 B an un- .-nleas&nt operation, and. we trust the unfortunate gentleman, was able to take an anesthetic. Tho norroapondent of tho Nnw York World -who la traveling with, tlw party ^reports that Prenlaoat Hardiug touud BALL BLUE No blue Monday U you use HED CBOSS BALL BLUE. ALL GROCERS. Ctiticura Soap AND OIimiENT Clear the Skin Baby Food That Cannot Sour Every mother knows how hard it is to keep baby's food absoluicly fresh and sweet in hot weather. This is a vital matter, for the least bit of sour food may mean * very sick baby. Mothers who cannot nurse their babies need not worry about the purity of their baby's food when they uie NESTLfi 'SrooD Nettle's li ft complete baby food In powder form. J* eanmt nur. It li made from the pure milk of healthy com and modified to that it will agree with the delicate stomach of a little baby. Three generations of babies have been kept etrong and healthy oa Nettle - ! Milk Food. FREE SAMPLE— We win be flld to lewl TW. tree, t renerwM al NESTLiTl U1LK FOOD. *1 M > t. U«&ei'l frwh lelllnf rou tit tfce tbifi*. Tow wtat w ko*w titaM cbc ctrt •< row bafer. tt rot) vill tiga uul WMU tb« e QihncC<>f romance THE NEWS TELEPHONE, 4400 RAILROAD TIMET* TABLES. SANTA FE. „Weitbour»d Train*. No. Arrlvos 1—The Sco-oi 6:35 um 3— Calif. Limited Saturn 6—Colo. KxpresB C:30pm 7—V^tti'^o Klrpress .... 4 :15 pm .*}—The Navajo 4 :<6 am 1 31— Colo. Fa»t Mail .... 2:65 *1^ 65—I .ocral I'UBB 4:40 pm 61—lAJcal Pass. (ex. Sun.) «7—Vasscngur 8; 30 am 43—11. «t a. V'UW- tSouth> Eastbxmr.d Tratn». Ko Arrive! U—The Navajo 3:05 pm 4-C:i»I. Umltpd >'*I2^ 8—Chicago Ex. . 8—Han tit P« "8" 10—The Scout .. • 12—K. C. Flyer .. efi —l^ooa, Vu ,«s. . 68 ---ras3eng «i* — ** u —-L.<xn, Pass. . «0—H. & S. Paw. I>opart*. 7.05 pm t;Zb pm pm 1 :20 pm :B0 am 1:00 am 4:50 pm 9:10 am 6:00 urn shoe am Departs 2:26 pm _ , 2;B0 pm . .ll:»f am 11:40 am .. .11:25 pm 11:30 ... 8 :56 *m 9;iio am ...12 :35 am 12:40 mn . ,.12:65 pre 1:05 pm ...10 :10 pm 10:20 pm ... 1:40pm ex. Bun, ... 1:20 pm ROCK ISLAND. Eaktbound. No. . Arrive t^eare 4—Golden State Urn. 11:00 am 11:0') ara 812—Local Pa&s 8:50 am 8:56 am 1 2—The Cftlitornlan .. 10:Si5 p«i 30:55 pro 4^ e fares TredHatvc/ E^S-meals Nanic Addrett... Net tU »<ooJ Co.. U» Wiilite. Stmt, N.« VQIIL- > GmdQmfon Rational PairK/ Xtlo PJlOftQ, 1.1. E. WAV, Agent 'iiutqljliiier.^ KsDJjt- 80—Local ftelaht 1 Wcatbound; N'o. Arrive 1— The \Callfornlan .. 0:15 am S—Golden Stale Llm.. SMOptn 311—Local I'ass, ....... 6:2Upra 81—Local freight .... 11:16 pm L d ftV« 6:15 am 8:40 pm 8:30 pm l-AO pm MISSOURI PACIFIC Westbound. 413495- 411- DepartJ , 9:17 am 6:34 pitt Passenger -I'asst'nger Local Freight l:Upm •Ptiatieagor ..11:50 pm Saatbound. Beparta 41J—Paasenger / 1:41am 414—Passenger , 10:43 .-.m 434—rasaenaBr 3 :llUpm 438—laical Srelght 10:00 am ARKANSAS VALLEY INTtXRURBAN. Popart fobcal ..... 4:80am Loc&l >.... 7:4ti am Limited ., S-,15 am Looal .... .10:15 am Limited ..12:00 n'n LOCRI ..... 5;03 pm Limited ., 2:13 pm Local 8:16 pm Limited ,. 4:15 ]>m Local t>:15 pm Local I;::., i-m , .. Local 11:41 im. | Li I llnoujih trm'iy 1 l^ :.-.,,... ;,.£ ^ VC.VM M . alrt»ll-in.'i-. .','• • /acotluB a,t Vti. A.*...* M T , Arrive Loca ...... 8 ,36 am Local 10:04 am Limited ...11:15 am Local 12;35pm Limited Local ,. Limited Local .. Limited l-<ical .. Local .. i.l . 2:00 pm •... 8:25 p m ... 4:12 pra .... o;35 pm ... 6:12 pm .... S:15 pm ....10:36 pro •'••• 1 el am '> .-'.'..i are t ":.'if>>H and. :r .'t. cntt. 1 ...iwi, K»a,'

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