The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on June 21, 1859 · Page 4
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 4

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 21, 1859
Page 4
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erona glyw » that the authoritte* n, with the ' Iglp!^^ . If. Plumber hare failed in obtaining the inter fenwceof the President !n hla behalf, tod that te irill be exepBt*d*<mFrBay next within the walU, aecordhijj tothesentenrt of the '" ' ' The iaeoonnts which are' being extensively pobliehed In the papers relat-ve 'to the falling of* immeiue meteoric body in toe eastern part of this county are entirely destitute of foundation. ~ . _ ' ; . j _ • FrotMtien to ronlfn Bunt Tcas«U, . The Collector of Baltimore has applied to tbe Secretary of State -for information as to tbe nature and ex tem of the protection which nay be alfbrded by the tf. S. to a fornign.Vnilt reeael, purchased by au American oitiien. — It ii understood that our government enter- that If an American citizen bays in good faith, a vessel from a belligerent or neutral power, or in peace, it becomes American property, end is entitled to protection. The vessel, however, cannot get a register unless by act of Congress. Arrival of tbe Overland MatL ST. Louis, -June 20. The overland mail with dates to the 27th arrived last night. News important. A previous report of an attack on Beates party, by the Mohan Indians was Incorrect: The Indiana are-peaceable. Utah dates to the 24th of May, state that Parteona of the Salt Lake Valley, were inundated in consequence of the swollen condition of the streams. The northern part of Salt Lake City was in danger of being flooded.— Ogden City wag also in danger of being swept away by the flood of Ogden river. The officers of the Stuart' skylark report the reception in Leaven worth on the 16th of $4,000 worth of Pike's Peak gold. TerrllBe Tornado. NEW TOHK June 20. - The Somerset, Maine. Telegraph reports that a terrible tornado, accompanied by a rain, passed over« portion of Emoden on Wednesday afternoon last, prostrating houses, barns, trees, orchards, and everything in its course. In one of the barns two persons, a Ur. Clark and Mr Talent were injured though it is supposed not seriously. A house belonging to Mr. John Rcdtnun was demolished, and Mrs. Redman and her little child and another woman, who was in the house at the time, was all nr>r« "r less injured Mrs. Redman was carried som>- dintancM- w th the whirling timbers, an"1 is dangerously, if not fatally injured. Portions of the demol ished houses were carried to the distance of two miles. It was a fearful wind, and it is truly wonderful that no more persons were seriously hurt. AFTEKNOON KKFOKT. Fnrlh«T News Concerning the ftreat Battle. AUSTRI4N PRISONERS 5,OOO! Kflled and Wounded I6,OOO1 F U I I. D K T A I L S ! QUEBEC. June 20. The Angle Sasfi- • uv'tig arrived, the papers received furnish souit- Details of tbe battle of Mogenta, It appears that on the 4th inst. the French troops were under orders to cross the Ticino at Tarbigo The Emperor, in his offi TOial balletic, says this ordnr was well executed. though the enemy in great force offered a determined resistance The roadway was narrow and during two boun^ tbe Itujx rial Guard unstained unsupported the shock of the enemy — Meantime General M'-Hahon made himself master of Hagenta, and after the most sanguinary conflict, the enemy was repulsed at every point. It is said that the Anstrians, in the precipitation of their evacuation of Milan, left their cannon and treasure behind. The Emperor say* that the troops have captured three thousand Austrian muskets The municipality of Milan, presented an address to King Victor Emannel, in the presence of tbe Emperor. The King was to enter Milan on Tuesday the 7tb. The Austrian official Imlletio oars the conflict was desperate between the first and third army corps, and tl.e enemy in considerable force. The contest was undecided and con- tined on Sunday. Our troops threw themselves on the enemy with ardor and perseverance worthy of the most glorious feats of the Imperial arms. A Vienna despatch nnauthenticated. in t! Frankfort papers, says that through tbe opportune arrival of Count Gallo« and his corps, the Anstrians were victorious after a hard fight, and the French were driven back over the Ticino. Tbe London Times says there was very hard fighting at Baffalora, with varying sac cess. The battle lasted till late at night, and wan continued the next day at Magenta The following is tbe first announcement of the great battle fought on the 4th , by telegraph from Napoleon to the Empress. Navara, June 4th, 11.80 p. m A great victory has been won at the Bridge of Magenta; 5,000 prisoners have been taken-; 15.000 of the enemy are killed or wounded. The details will be despatched by telegraph. The above was published in Paris on Sunday, the 5th. and on the evening of that day the cannon of the Hotel des Inralides announced the victory, and the city was brilliantly illuminated On the following day the Honitenr published the following despatches from the Emperor to tbe Empress: MAOEFTA, Jane 5. Yesterday, our army was under orders to march on Milan, across the bridges thrown over the Tioino at Tarbigo. The operation was well executed, although tbe enemy who had re-passed tbe Tioino in great force, offered q most determined resistance. The road way was narrow, and during two hours the imperial guard sustained unsupported, the shock of tbe enemy. In the meantime Gen. McMahon made himself master of Magenta, and after a sanguinary conflict we repulsed tbe enemy at every point, with a loss on our pan of two thousand men. The loss of the enemy is estimated at fifteen thousand killed and wound ed, aud fire thousand Austrian prisoners remain in our hands. MAGENTA, June 5, evening. The Austrians taken prisoners are at least seven thousand, and the Anstrians placed hors du combat are twenty thousand. Three pieces ot cannon and two flags were captured from the enemy. To-day onr army rests for the purpose of re-organizing, itself, Onr loss is •bout 3,000 killed ana wounded, and one cannon taken .by the enemy. Thp following despatch, also "from the Emperor to the Empress, WM received on the 6th, and bulletined at the Bourse : HKAD-<jBAKTBBfl, Monday, 8 A. K. Milan is tn a' state of insurrection. The Anstrians have evacuated the town and castle, leaving in their precipitation the cannon and • treasure behind them. We are encumbered wftb. priBoners, i »nd liare taken 12,000 Aus- triaa muskels. A despatch dated Paris, Monday night, says the muaioipalky of Hiian proclaimed for King Victor Emanuel, and have presented an address to him in the presence of the Emperor. To-morrow the King Will make his «ntry into Milan. ...... Tbe AoirtrUn.w<«>'nnts i aTeaBf6now.s: "'"'"' The information is meagre arid unsatisfactory. The details and results of the battle of M«entr wewrhuurly ^ eipecfcad afr yienna.— T^ Anstrian «rmy had been i transferred daring th« night from 4th to 5th inst., to Abbitte -'' 1 "'''--.' -- -.. -"-'.- tt * tr * fanfaer fi <5 W HA, June 6.— A desperate conflict took place on Saturday betweenthe 1st M.nd4th Count Clatfe and Prince Llohtetfs corps d' armee and the enemy who has pwsedflw Ticino in very considerable foroe. The result «f the contest was nndecided. The combat was continued on Sunday. Oar, troops r threw themselves upon the •esumy'sranlc with ardor, andflbownd a »alor wad penerretmaee worthy *f the moitglorioDc of the Imperial armj. nl* perfectly trmnqun. .. . Ike iwi* qnarter* von *tiU At Abtiite Oiumo. . : Trme»thismdrning, pnbliiibpsa eummary of the'offictal news received at Tienna, np to mid^SW^ There and Buflalora OB the 4th- at first only ^twp Tbrigades «t corps were engaged, brit they were Bn If TeinfoToed ; in tbe afternoon of the same day, the third Austrian corps took part in the action; ':": '»V^* > • .: j;4f x gf:v\ ' : r^,.^. •:. ': ':•- % : There wis veryhaJia fighting"B)t Boffalera, sometimei to the ad vantage of tbe French, and jopaetinjes to that of tfee Austr{ans. ; :-Tbe battle Jasted fill late in tlib night v and on, the 5tb ^8Ci»tlnoed«{~|l8gMita. ' The allies made progress on this diy. Two fresh Austrian corps were engaged, and in the afternoon .the Austrians took np a flank 'position, between Abbiate and Qrassoand Binasco. ; :' The Anatrians have tattn^niany prisoners, and the loss on both aides is very great, Tbe Anatrians .had tour •Generals and five staff officers wounded, r One Major wns kill*d. The movements which jpreeeded the battle of Magenta ars not clearly stated^-but it was previously announced tliitj the allies were about to cross the Ticino, to the number of 100,000 men, and it is presumed that the rapid movement of the allies .prevented thie- Anstrians "rom completing the retreat which they had commenced, and compelled them to necept a battle on the banks of the river. " General McMahon WHS raised on the battle ield to the rank of Marshal. ' The Paris eorrespondent of the Post says that the Emperor was present at the battle, but did not command in person. • There is a report that General Cahrobert was mortally' wonnded, and that fire French Marshals or Generals were wounded. The Patre says "that Marshal Baraguay d' Hilliers was removed from his command and replaced by General Forey. COMMERC1AI.. OBO. GODFREY. EDITOR. OFFICE OF TUK DAU Y NEWS. a} -"nut re. June 20, 1S59. . — Money matters still present their old, well known and ttnehange 1 front. Bard, tight and firm. .Oorrency onl* In moderate supply for the present light demand, and exchange stl'I np to 2 per cent. It ought certaln'y toon to come down. Every do? lias his day, and the merchants .ought to hare theirs too once In a while. We hope too see a •'!> t up" some of these days. In Chicago Exchange I«J2X per cent. NEW TORE MOSET MABKET, Friday, Jane 17 Capital Is m<*re freely c.ffered, nod tlie tendency Is toward easier rates, a'though there Is st 1 a careful discrimination exercised In regard to securities. We quote : I'er ct. per annum. Loans on call, stork securtlt a ---- '. . . f>)f& 6 Do other good securities. . . . 6 ® 1 Prime endorsed bil a, 60(/i.90 dayi . . . <!)£© ' Do 4@6months ............ 7 © TX ............. h ©» Other food b.lls .............. .10 tfU2 Names less known .................... IS ©IS Foreign Exchange Is firm, but only moderately act ire The (teamen to-morrow will rrobaMy take out near. ly three quarters of a million In specie. Etocks opened at abi-ut yesterday'" rates but were firmer after the mrrnlng btn ness was near y orer. The Imports of foreign dry goods for the current week are unexpectedly large, and nea'ly three times the total of the corresponding week of last year (By Telegraph.] BANK STATEMENT Niw TOKJI, June iO. . . 1,16s. 7«B l,i«9,9<2 Decrease In 1*0 a ns Increase In Specie Decrease In Circulation Increase In Nsrtt De oslti 244,443 TotalSpecie «S,192,2I? Wool : th/ ranpe of prices during the past week bffve been wide, and tbe competition amonp buyers has caused lots of medium pradps and Inf rlnr quality to fetch extreme prices. We have seen but few lou of choice wool In market yet, although we note sales at 88, 88 and 8»o. We fudge Chat the rates paid the past few days, bare In many Instances, been 6 and 6c higher than tbe same qualities would have brought In here last year, and we ttrnk the ave-ape prices are 8 or 4c over those of last year. Whether these will be maintained, snd pay a profit to tha purchasers, Ihc tuyere themselves can best d-.term ne. lo our former sso«b. we have, as a thmthful Journalist, slated ur conviction that th« early prlres »t last-season, are about tb- flfmres that ought to rule for thin years clip of wool, and we remain uncharged in 'his opio on. Tbe aspect of the war in Europe may clibnge from week to week, aud the mot.ey narfcel— whii h is to crm- merce wbat tJie nerrous system is to the human frame —trill fluctuate as matters look mor.- intricate, or as* some a more settled aspect. Money wltl ease up, and tlf ten, securtUe< will rise and fall, but business wl 1 not assume a nettled aspect until the great questions now being discussed in Europe at t> e point of the ha} - onet are themselves settled. We at the west lire-t. e ap- to overlook the importance, to ns, and to the whole country, of the-^e disturbing influences; and ton often build high h-ipes or onsourfd bases We r>ave teen this .ately exhibited In the frrain market. The commercial papers of our Atlantic cities comment at much length on the eflVcts Hkely tr- follow tl,« arge importations, and the light exportation t of all commodities except the precious metals Aod while some Joarna's—as It wl 1 be seen—are glvjr-g heir reasons for eip-ctlng another co j mere al crash, IV e that of 1S67; other newspapers are endeavoring to show that there exists at present no ground for alarm. The statement that onr Importations have for the five months of the present year reached tbe enoimous sum of ,104^00,000, against f r the same time last yea(51,000,000, with little foreign demand for prorts'ons, no demand for our breadstnffs, but with an enormoit demtnd for gold and silvtr, is a sumc'ent reason why business men should exercire cau ion. The great question for the west we apprehend, is the growing crop of grain Dow will It turn out* If this proves boun-iful and "is harvested In (rood condition, then the west will b« able to extricate Itself rom present embarrasbment. But we fall to se» In .hs future any good reason to expect higher prices for the present clip of wool. The prospects of the woollen manufacturers Is not flatter! eg, neither can It he until the northern and western slates bare paid np their In debtedness, and are again In condition to purchase reely, and even this event may not relieve the mann actnrers of this country. Importations from Furope sent here to be sold, whether ihe proceeds are remitted n breadstuus or In specie operates unfavorable to the wool crop of this co intry. vVe cannot expect It at anything like Its present value, and If manufacturers n this country'Oan't offord to bay ii, w.l. not the price materially decline 1 Fz.oca AJTD PannrOT.—The flour market was very doll to-day, with very little disposition to operate on either Bidet, only one small sale of 100 bbls came to onr notice at 6,25, which figures bare been pretty steady for a few days, but the tendency was downward al the close. Wheat opened very dull on change to-day without any sp rit In the dealer, to operate. Th« Iran motions were very light. No. 1 In tbe morning brought 1,12>$ hot sellers tried In vain to get these figures In the after. Boon. Tbe milling demand was also quite limited. Bye and Birley are Tery quiet. Bye being scarce but wanted, and Barley scarce and not much wanted Oats and Corn make a better show and are on the Improve. Potatoes are In quite earnest request at hl(h prices. Green fruits and garden vegeublus are becoming quite plenty but prioes range pretty will np yet. Freight* continue at the old rates, with some shipping. On Saturday the steamer City of Cl-veland cleared with 800 bbls of Sour to Grand Haven to go through to »e« York at Mo. 1 The propeller Evergreen City also cleared with 803 bbls far Oolllugwood Today the steamer Gazelle left wllb20 btls to Two Rivers. The propeller Oriental with 1,950 bbls to Buffale. Of wheat, the shipments h »ve been IfU bos to Buffalo bj he propeller Oriental, surf 10,850 bus by the schooner tjndlne "•tIw»s,astc«iWssOlrijale market. MewDiT Erramo, June SO. PEtlOHIS—unchanged. Wheat to Buffalo at 4e; wheat to Oswego 6c; flour to Buffalo IBc; to Hesj York We. FL00E—dull *nd drooping- BeceipU 250 bblt; shipments 1,678 bbls. Sale* 100 bbls Pboenlx Mills st e,25. '• . / ",. ' WHEA.T—dull anfl market tending down, Receipts 8,950 bus; shipments U.T14 bns. Bales 1,600 tras Nr.l r.».b..»tj,i«x;^40exit* «t IJD-, 2so aodoi,«j 25 do red winter at 1,85; JO do white winter at 1,60; do do 1,65. Total sales 2,170 DIU - BTE-qalet and Bomlnal at 1/KJai.i 1 ). ; E«celpt§ M bos. -'" ••- '• • --'-•'! '-•'- ET3C TLOtJB-steady »t «*)iwlthlTeiT Uttla tfolng. OATS—firmer mndahade better, KecsIpU 879 Iras DO shipmtnts- flalei 000 bns »t 44. BA.ELITT—very quiet;']>ri«e> nominal; shlp-uents^SJ bus* l CORN—flrm and. Improving. Receipts 258 bus; no shipments. Bales 160 bus at 74; 400 do at 75. •OrXTdra—ftnn. Receipts 874 has; <hlpmeati 66 fags; common red 853^5; ne(huoek*95@l,)0. ; HIDES—slightly improved. Receipts 6,211 Ibs; no Hdpaient*. Green 6K®7«; Sailed j HWHWIHI8-fte»dy at 26. _ U®U for ftrtcln; I»ai4 for to 85. BilearMlbaa W. . . _ • 'itroitrn BT j Mu.wi.cirt 4; HOEIOOK iiuuoio— B18 b»s vhett; 128 do cttt; M do po'mtow; 45 bb1» Oo'nr; B.StjBirtmndriw; BTedoiildMu, . , /.;'";. Reotrrs BT U« Oioen A ilavanicu «Ua»o»t>.— : I0» Vni wht«t; S'.S do 0*1-; 84 do pptAtoeifWi bbts; floor! 8Uot«; 5,656 ft tomb r, 1,680 Ibs hides; 8,8C« do sundries. :. ' :• -r'- : •'.'•. " "-'.'-": will Info m tfcose who lire at a dls-. tenoe that tlilsWs been^oJirira day. ' ;, ro»o.— The"Kglpf»n»" In Sonrh- ; era linrioiir commenced' iarmtlug their »h*at last; reek. The; nt being the best crop ever. raised. The formert' In X-nluckyare also l-.osywltb their »hea* bar* estlng. Tue wheat li of excellent quality, an! the crop to feeing secured In fine condition. poiw ra SORBEKK IiiU»oi8.— Com If laid io be three or four feet high and of a black healthy color ID Southern Illinois. Peaches are Tery plenty , so are apples nnd pears. fST~ The first wheat harvested In this ciunty, we un- ieritand, was cat ox last 61 orday In Prair « Oreev. roirris'iip. It H ripening Tery fact on the prairie and will be fit to cot nert week, A few more days and It 'irlll be etitlre-y safe from n-st.— Terr» SauU (fnd.) Journal. rnpply. JUcelpU «jMft >o» . : ,;v\ •; -':" ':••" /•"";;; - : . : .; »IW^ ~ MARINE_ RECORD. 18.T9. ;i*»rf of Jnne I !l. A.RRI VI O. Jen IBru. Btmr Traveler, Sweeney, * bleu ,o, 3il bbls alcohol, 87 trackers, 12.i pkgs sondrks, 28 pass. » JUKE 19TK. PropOgonti. Flood, Qreen Bay, 100 m shingles, 4 hf bbia fish. Btmr Onieilc. nutlln. Two Eiv, «a, 48 bags potatoes, 61 bbls Iratlier. '^4 pkgs bunurles. Btmr City of Cleveland, Squier, tlrand Ilnfen, 1C tuns mo^, 10 pugfc sundries, 4 |.afs. Btinr I'lfVeUn i, llpural. Gr»n.l H»v«?n Prup Hunter, D|., Colllng«-..od^>8 bales cases and ca^kH tlud"On Uay C( .'« >- -ois. Prop hvergrtcn Uit.i, Ohambe.l Un, Chicago, 65 bbls high wines. Schr Queen of tbe West, Burn-, OreenBay. 170 ai lumber. Schr lienry Norton, Oarbtr^y. Port \\ashlngtou, 10 cords wood. Jmni '.'IITH. BUSINESS CARDS. CHAFER £ HICKCOX, . ' U B. PARRlsn. JJMISS <k JPAKR1SH, i . iTTORjrKT$3 * CODJTSELLOBS AT LAW j to, Albnny.Ilnlldlnv« apl.-.. WISgj|x_aiN. ATTORNEtS & COUNSELLOBS AT LAW, Aroadc BuUiny, ITS East Water it., ITOmmttf. O. W. P«oiaiil. formerly ) PIOIHAMS t OdLT.AIbary, \ Pa»scra BLOOBOOOO. yew York. . }' f. BLOODOOP!> U 0. 8. Court Commuslonef mil Oo:i misslooer for ppveral states. n»Tl9-<IC'n a, u rALarci !... . ..... « ............ j-->sat \ *!•*•>* H.\| MKIt A- KTAKK, itrorneydi & ConnsellorB at Law. J3^~ Ofli-c, Nu. •:, »i;trhrll'« New lUDt i;u.ij.n.',vor- B5i of MlcUipaju ao<! ».vtt V.'»(er sir.-. '», M <-m» ••'. j. w. »«» i GSLBIBT l_ nt . . . . PARli A: VAN AitorncyS' and Conftsellors at Law. sre rpKs POIKT, ____ Will practici- In thr various Oouns o( il.f <*<-v m^ Judi- <-ini I ':.••... uol V. iscoiuio, and will faitlifulljr atfn.l to j.l i u^.uts^ ! intrusted to- ua, remittances promptly mm./. L:iai VV«rranta located in »el«ted landi for lliTTMis .'. ftutrrm, Bankers, Steveni Point. .'. ii. Sin HPS^SJS, Ksq., Mllwaafeec. I.. T ..i L \ IlAkKB. *lirwaukee. P *L_-v* AS k COOTH, " M.TTt^JEB V: t Aft&OX, OhlC^gO. .l\(>, A. KAVACJK, JK-, Attorucv iiad Counsellor at LAW M1S..V A 10, PHOKNIX BI T ILI)IS l. PATENT MEDICINES. MEDICAL. R'T; %:»»«. ^Jpilifnl \'n1. : . '.! i » U N T U < > M S ' • .-. . - ys(lil,.lke t 'i .-I.. -i ••<.- " J. ,'. - Hi.- ireutrner-t *Ml J \ '• «|,—- •-« ..( I ,,.,.. fj,-, •"' " en«.. ol •• ..r. AVER'S CHERRY .ECTORAL, f.-r. rHK ' *i'ir> cuim 'IF "*^^/^-^'••r-."''('"'/'jJ'Vi-'' vel l '"'''"' u» a j M "*vTv» Til. J.thJ!t.u•!'••••»>• ircn.r .lly '-"UCL-.i.-.l l.v lln- !•*••< «yi -'.. t 'r iilflRHt I' 'i-T''ii*i. it* ci-i-i«lJliiI »«• y.j prn' ri .4 »n-l HT tanjlly KT ib*> -,M i . Uijr !-.r * . \ ., I - .tj., Ohio, ludiar.a, I.I ar.,1 lo<r». irto' CV/-CUH <0«r< O*7iT/»i*fif<xu«r. onsTAV V..N i)V,v;-rs()i\ ATTilRKKY ASli C-ML-NHKl.iOR AT I. Iff ICE— Kmfij-e Bl-ck, Wl K»M M utrr M. iclir Experiment, Amis, Pi. ^o-eph, 20 m l.irnhrr, 2 hides Hchr Ouldo, Olsen, T« o Crt.-n, 30 m lun.her, 7S cor.l wood. bchr Uudln. , Thorn im^n. Mr i.' to -roc, 7u m lurn. Bark Thtixlore Pe ry, Oiwe; .. 2 2«S ba < e*lt Prop t'ittshn-gh, Be -hw th, l;n«i.lo, 13<l tens lull/. | (*ch. fi-elB.or, i r..»-n. Tw.. !H> en, 160 cedar p 11- » 3j ^- Office th Mitchell's B»nk Building. Su. K. Mj cjrds t^n bark i wuukee, WlscoDsin. jaul* ' ~ J . '«' IL* sr» a ». -a'-3^,* . > . V . I* «U l 8 B \ ?, 1 Attorney & Counsellor at i».iu-. H J oV« 1 HTU. ttmr Cleve:.trx1. Doapat, Gruud tlaven, » tooa mdi 44 bags bor §, 8» woo), 10 pasa. fiimr >"ity of Clt-velatid, 8qm*?r, Grand Hatcri, 4 lua^ E,t<l, ROO bblft hr-l» fl< Ut jitinr 'I'raveler, fWfe-ny, Uh>- api» Prop Everprpm Cty, Cha-n^ rrUD, Colllngmod. 800 bbls flour. Prop »pon t, flood, Chio-\p JCiE i'TB. Schr Expenmt-nt, Ames, Si. Jom h, 100 «'bis iu ?., 6s boat and lot of Svh. .-tmr Qarelle, Mutliu, Two illTf <, 2 toru mdz, 20 bMi fluur. 18 bbls cuodritr!'. 41 i a«- Schr M,y Qj»-ru .Tauce, b., 10,350 bush wheat t-«chr Uodlh", T.iomp on, M.i.nUow .c. & C.tvcU *l. l)OQp»l '.U n.d U *vea. Bchr Farmer. Thomji-ot. C: ica,yo, 65 m lam. Prep Oriental, wheat. , ntrtB, Buff. Io, -P50 bbjs flour, 1"M bu* rs a( ivi^-iK. DU- .•• ^1 UK W. CAST . . . WiJ l.jr-i PMTT. OAKY A PKAL i, vttnriic)'^ ;iml « on 111*4-1 lor» at l.uxf, tUlicc Ir. Y'lunc'- B .. k , Lorn, r Mam »u,l W,sc >i. r ' slri-el, YT IrCt'N.MN \il VI. ;ar i •' •kill." sUKKK,.... • (•»<;•' \ «• Att . LI yb i.'. I-r.« .:. i .-.,,•- ' DB. HOOFLAND'S GERMAN BITTERS, - ASD DB. HOOFlvABTD'S BAU§A3HC COBDIAI/, Tht gnat standard mcditina of tkt prutnt aye, ham acquired their great popularity only through yeart of trial. Unbounded latufae- tion it rendered by them in all cata; and thf people have pronounced them worthy. llTer Complaint, Byspepsla, Jaundice, Debility of the Jferrous System, Diseases of the Kldnep, and all diteatu arising from a diiordered liver or weaknm of the itomach and digativt organ*, art speedily and permanently curtd by <A«GEBMAN BITTEES. The Balaamlo Cordial has acquired a reputation turpatsing that of any similar preparation extant, ft will cure, WITHOUT FAU., thi most mere and long-ttanding Cough, Cold, or Eoarteneu, Bronchitis, Influenza, Croup, Pneumonia, Incipient Consumption, tnd has performed the moit attonahing curei evfr known of Confirmed Consumption. A few dosei v>M also at once theck ind cure tht most severe Diarrhoea proceeding from COLD is THE BOWKLS. JThete medicines are prepared by Dr. C. M. JACKSON & Co., A T o. 418 Arch Strtet. PWa- delphia, Pa., and are told by drugg-uu and dealers in medicines cverywhert, at 75 cenl-i per bottle. The tignatun of C. M. JACKSOX tri'ZZ be on the outride wrapper of each bottle. [n the Almanac published annually by the proprietor!, called EVZBYBODT'S ALJIAXAC, you tctll Jind testimony and cummfrnJaUffy notices from all parts of thf country. ' Thw Almanacs are given away by all o<tr agtna C. H* K- 1N<> P». »" i H, HOSWORTII 1 -n'.'- 1 for Hn..ffAn.t'9 ilTman B:tti-r», M oaiWe. I mm>-5-ri*»(lly THE . JVKB IN V I (i O li A TOR! PRKi'A'." i. 1^ , " ~ \N.- -HI), itollipnii!; i Him \\ ir n. 1.1 M\ r g ONK of t•--.: III..-, .-,:,i -I • no w b^'ori- ' - - 'j T , • .... *i *4=e u ..i M:»ri- Laulli.ii, I. , is r ,ri-i . : I,.-r-n-tent in co--.*Mlro;.' '» Tert •< i . t'.' '• »h.> ... .,-..• r . -my '•% m.. '. . 11., lie;.- Oonp, \\ hoopla^; « uugfi, |nrtu*- Hr.i - •" -;i.i> ^I-HM • -' •(airt-iBit i rti, l * ill ,t..««r''ii' v — M"- '. \\\ -•* KK :.ia ! ' •' '..»•; ... . ' •••• ' " ' •• •ill... . tl. vi ' i «• rrtlp--'.! ' ...*..•-.• 1'i-r.oil.. ••• ' IIMI-IH ,,^ - rch :*: TL; ! : y ^ P.-I m • L . . ' < . n:, ID.) Iir<»n. W 'jf ••{ ^ 1. H -l-TUr, ,' , * ,| 4 14 f .11 r • '*»"--"/ '*•'-//•»• it • •-«' '-.r-n u. j HE GHtAi.:' DISCOVERY OF THE AGE M K 71 \ It I > I. I A * AhRTTALOf 1 MlL*AlTK« ^CHO'-KKR it N L W Vo»*.— Th« Npw York J nrnal 0f i ismmerctt Vt Uit- 17lh, s\\t * The Bch^^ner JLiidos, Ca,.i Humphrey, frara Milw»u kee rta Qu btrc. with a carp- of lumber, la Ihe^fX r*-* 9tl thi-t hht t-Ter arrived *.t' (r m MUwaukc , C.tpt, I Mti/-VAL"K tK, il Bpeakf- of pre*l Inconr. Icr.ceB which til Tess-U cncouDter In ^eit.njr tlirou n t'-a caoaJi inio the M Lawret ce, ami Ray- ibiti OD ^co mt of the narrowness and shortnesj of ?ock«. It r nni>t erer be n-m-in* of MltSt 'Kl .1 .AN !-.< >l .-^ Dbase ^ Bradley, t ANI> J<AO \i I.N i u A i I-:H the Tbr •1 o' 1 oct, Auction afcd Commission Merchnnls, L\ND Al. » f^ \Mi M',i.S .NO. l iJ VI I \4 4»\s; sTin:r: i. W ILL pv,. ,,:^- c ,;, r ,.• - , ;. - •;., «-.:- -f Fur tJ - lur-. Dry «* •" l- a- '. -* -T >- ti-i-r l( 1^-1 ' V r . communication eiteru v< lodui ia 2Mi ">DJ capac it ^Tst '' 'B. PTBIHUI MICHK < Ciroe n n r \x-rl thin ". W . **> >ut hilf p^. 4 ar, } r-ia . r f-^ below w » v-i* Point brtdg.?. S> r K r •• ; iit-1> Ir '*n Rjicin- , wt.ere she I'ad brf-n iyni: •"• r k f. w ii.. 11 i» Hit ID' ' i t -on of ihe Com manner t.» re*..!, n tier i Aii u. i o f*-lv. *. -1 th-'U go across 'hf l»k.- at.d vis i the i»/«n- of M cltU-.n She looki l-hf nn 1«1 iCcnuaiLit'vrjc 1 *, «nd rarru*^ t ';t Bime form delil'- jmn j _. .in hrr bo^s, t.ul irith no pre»-nt ho«tlle irjtei.t, at.d| M I 1 , \\ A I > K \ }'. I'A/'AAU. v.t hop** sS«* will wear,out m a « stlos ihe commrrre of [ -^ II C I ft D .mJi C D A 11 C kJ T I ^1 toih nailoDi and n.rer hive : ccuion to r r a Un JU| U t L U tl M t » U U ..... N I IN fU pUnk b-r'ont; UK to Miybo.y. She ca.rnc^ * com- • IS-* RtiAi WfiUr fit-rift, pllment of 100 men-all '.o'tl, with gtnt-lemaui y , Dirtr s. , N EX I POOR TO M ^SK.". I'-UA HK" RD P r i"> . IVpnzTKJlS AST Dstxi-atR; IN $^r The liir^f paaf-r.^cr steamers on Lakr 0:i\rio far.cj i» -'.Js, T-r-ys, Willow Wart" n,n«l Taa*.^'? Ni.tiiD aie tH-inKr.roov^jio .),- AilanUe cowt In cm,«rqu,-ncf I Ala,,^-mbrai.Jer>-Good* and Z-ephrr U.-rUe-i. of DO: faring able to compete With th* RaJlroadi. 1-*'t j J^ ' * - ,- . . dfftion th«- siearoerB Canada anj America, of the Gmu Wevcrii Rnilsraj vrre taken orer the rapids tn the Si. r-d. »h«rii oiic*- nTp' tl.ry cannot be brougtt bark, a.* U.*- '.ncta itt ih« Pt Lawrence Canal are not large en-ug- 1 . t« arittiii ih-m. on sumday iaa, i-«-flr=e j 1'aper Hangings, Window Shades, &c. atram-r Arabian l.-fl N ag»ra for Bt. Johni, ^. D. Xo j Comj-lrn' wornmen -t-ul-l-, a.l (-art* ( i - t'tty \-. : 1>19 thin three t>r four Bt e «mer« have b*en tent down j ^^^ '^^ v^^^w^rr^r*,- Hl " *" ' '<-.*?•this rtajioa, «.n<l the AnKi)ctin Hoc are Degouatinp to •J-Bpone of Us* Nen- T. rk «nd Nortiierner for f-e »ame purpose. Tl.e splendid »tsjamer> have ha<i Ihtrir 'lay t>n • ,f TV ~H • •'•• .1- T. • , ' -VHF--..- : • ! ' --' tx* well, ; w-.-i/,'- ,- ' •• ^ M+oi. r'.r -..'•• - ' ^ .". :* heaii • L' :/te T ' •• •• ^ 4 eh IT ry, rpm • .' - .„ C4US- of, ^ f •• '. ~-SM ( ver-i-r-v-T^- - -. •-.- -- , m Ofj- dose afl*T -\Liri,: "^™* ^ f ••n mfflcirnt U) r»;iv-r,- i 1 )r»«i I 'rotn r'^, ..- »n-l 1 •'-*.' ' - ' '. ' •••' <« *•'* '"^ r ID Led Ayer's Cathartic Pi' I 1 ';.: .' .:; .;..- J- •• :** -T \: •.I Its ! N*. »4il« I M l> I I IP 1 1 N K I 11 ll'i «.|'l l"»l » L>, P' j.r .-.-«r. S . *r ' ' '- t \VA1.I, J'.MM-;;: . Tar*. ICATII A M> Sill! I I, * I • AHD RrTAIL Ha jl i.t fc> IB jy] N l \Y l; l . A ']' 1-, u Atci.i •;•> <u. a i >. aiul &f~ The «- agroun-t in -l.t JOD-T r-t-orled by the Montgomery | f|THK 1 ^ul R'ver, proves to be the Cup Mo*n I -* Vt "' hf--i ratrs ] >iii an.l Ku! AMIORE —Thf sle&mer For«»t Queen reporu a Y«I.*' ut.orc «u milci iiou.ii of S^utle River, Lake Huron. luaded rrith, luoib^r and n'llnp-'eft. H»Fln ^prun^ u lx-ak, ihe captai^ run lier on tbe beacii to k. up her from eink'ni;. and th. D procte-lcj 10 8»flnaw f,,r a tag to get h-r off -he 13 »* LfX nfrton vessrl name nn- ItDown —Dclr- U Trifjune LonfiER F. • EW VOBK.— I'h- i hooner Orapeshot C.eared a fe» .!:.>.- BIDCC fr. m St. Joieph, with 300,000 ft of pine anfl wM iwpoj lumber for Albany via Baff» lo, and alto the'. -' Sunshlnf, with 800,000 ft of black walnut for Ne» If on. city, by the itme route. n.\II.^*AV .MATTERS. COMPUT;so TH ; ».. .P — The gap In IbeChtcaKu and Ncrtlnrestcrn Kalliay, (^or-nerly Chicago, St. Paul * Fond Ju Lac,) It to or completed irith in four m.jnlhs. Mr. WelU, who In spoken "f -i an eiperlenced railroad bnilder hu ihf cont-ract An I raHi.1 1 )^a m*r > and *• t-ci j-i-. t t.u.sui. will be furriis.rt! -it in \«. oi3 \* I L'ndrr thr Biptmi l 'M ^_ uri' - f .-\ l ' .. ---ij. '.»> W , x* .,-•« »n l :hv .-• r rt IstJ- ' B •• V-i ; .1- t \, I-. I" AM J- 4 -Of-, i * •', .V V Oil . •-• r-i^r' VI, - *- i w>.»y A M(»sr j*ciK>rif;c INVFVTION *-. • - .•"• • : ' , "- --r- ^ .;.-:. ia, I>-r ij. r it X \t V -. I) I N * I 4 '] Kl -i-i. '.n-1 f- 1 m-s 1*1 » i I i-r-'-t, -i J'nie / 'f war.: --f :.• •!,- .-.r-n. ti.rJ .<M.»r VQ t 2»i"' v ».- l .; -• Ir. »t '.*.!-- • . i (.•••<•„ *• , • , 4.J ( I 12 I . PII.FN. U ,w ma'-.y tr. .1 . . r * ML- . - Lh <• --^ I"- - .if .[t, '-a 1- -^n,.' t w t . » to ..-, '**>- -n y ur r , [ i. L ^,. . ... >a - : ,- -••-;,..••[. 1 ••"•:^r •; . -. * i» >> i . • In Oie UKUK II. IMs< «»\ I i: li y •;•!'».•- ' --Ui U.c pr- v- at. i: - s*j..i c • r ZT~+i ind R^oJ ijuily. LI"iAi ! wii T - -.- r i- i-- k . / - cani«i«.r)^*, )o you H.T 'jury ? >u.-^ truly, .«• ••- \L,« ^ * s x » i d ^v Dr ; uca. i ad A i s. v''. ("*• Ch'i UK K1C111>T 1)1 ADI ,M >»-r Horn b) Kings or hiuip«Ti>r>. DR. M'1.\MX >. ! 1 I i:'- •. . • . \'KKM!M (il LIVKR PIl.l.s \\" 1 ' --- : ANGUS SMITH & CO.," Storage, K oiumissi.ui thr M I KC'Il \ NTS. Pr"|»ri»-Uin* "f the .I EI.I-:VATOH termiotjs nf the MiJyaiihre A aukr.', Nal-Ttovo A K.r*t^-o V .lt« rnl .|.|v-»nc.^» m .•!•- ^.' jir..i. . M,rk.l. ILUKOI8 RilLEOiD.-The Chlc«go say«: "Tbe Iron for thi« rb«d Is no* being received st New York. Thirteen vesel! load.d with it have arrived.— T)ie Iron brsnjht by seven of them h«« been nhipped for OhlcBpo, and will he forwarjled to Pekln at the earllMl practicable moment. Track laying will soon comcoence." Riii.EO»D 8oi.o.-The N. n Central Railroad was •old at anctioi last weeS, and wa« pnrchwd by Gen. R. N. Cornlnp, at $70,000.— .V. T, Jourual of Com- mtrCA, Jr. BY TELEGRAPH. Now V«rk Market. New Vou, Jane 20, PLOUR— doll »nrl heavy • nd 60>10 cent« lower ; aalc-i 6200 bW» at 3^0(il6,!iO; '-ir soperaEe «tate 6,«5iJ, B,r>0 for extra state; C.OO&G.i , for rapeifino wenterc; fl,45QC,90 for ccmroon tn go. .1 extra weslcrn; C.75& r,15fordo rour.d hoop Ohio- -loalnf heary. ETRFLOtJB— dull at4@V" WBEiT— dull and drooping; aalei 7,000 bui at 1.KX for red Ky.; 1,500,1.81 for xhlte do; 1,60 for white Mlrlr, 1 80 for new ambrr Ga. : EYE— doll at 96. ' BA.KLEr— quiet. 1 CORN— he'Ti-; sale* 89,000 hus »t 81 for old ml«d itesiern; 82(^83 f jr new do, t b for nev yellow; 84 for round yellow. : OATS — I'ull at 4T@61 for ft \lt; COS£o2 'or Canadian. i T/rWtiXl— \over, »ale« 16n bblB ai26. , STOCKS— 2d board lower. OS 6 t of 74; registered ibs. Ttno 6'« 92X; Mo 6'« SC>^; I 0 bondi S3; P H WX; 850; Erle«)»;N TO78JJ. UudionSlK; Harlem lirelerredSiJi; Beading 42K; B 60; N A W 3iJ<; Del., LaC 4 W 4S, O * 0 C4X; 0 & K I (X). : BUWALO MAHKKT. 1 FL0UB— dull and lower, sales 800 b ill at 6,76 for itralght extra Wu.; 7.00a",87X for extra Mich., lod. •nd Ohio; 7,00©7,75 for doohle titra. ! W ^AT — quiet and no >alrs. , 1 CORK— >l'o quiet and lotrcr; >aj» tmall. ' i OATS— dull and nominal at 45. I OANAIi FREIGHTS— S}< r ar corn; 9 for wheat; 89 for floor to New York. j -OSWEOO JfARKET. ••'-'•';'• Oainoo, June 20. FLOUE— doll and without file- of moment. WBE»T— (jalet InotiMeqa - .ce of the continued de- o Inelnflonr at the ea«i ; M-i. club h*ld at l,10<ai,15; rrd Ind at 1,60; white and Mtcli 1,66; whit* Canada llCSQll.'S.'ja.t a concession Irom the«e r-rlces wonld Inive to be made to Inline; ! uyerj to come Into the ••market. " •'••'-•:',- : --- -•••• -.;.- . ' : ' T CORN— held a' 7T®78j no nales. . . OATS-nomlnklly at 4i@43. QANAi FBEIQUT3-dull :.nd nominally. BUTTER. WODIiD call the attention of families to myielec ttons »; T OHO10E HU I'TEK. , i Tarn dally recelvlnghy E>j>ret«,-cholce lotsof Butter from the tw«t Dairies In the Stale, which for quality Rbd flavor 1 !* unsurpassed. I rice) always to corres- pbnrt with tke -'market rat, s," and quality warranted. Orders solicited and tent to ait p n to of the city free. I 7 JOHN W.lrttmHD, * _,, • ijroeer a d Win* Dealer, jnutySS 161 Kut Water etrert. SO.E1AT reduction ID can and botiled t *r"f for shipoient to K t K M I ' i . < ) y \1 I-. .N T . $5O a .Honlh mill nil Ki|ii-iiif« I'aid. s-At.ti-d in >^*rv t'.wn »r <1 comity in il easy busln-s-, liy whMi ihe Hf> i i- p tl's may b^ ct-r- talnly rcMlK-d. ' Fur |.arl i-ul <rn, l !Jr<-« DB. J. H ISKT «iR«lia, ci.rn-i 1211, ."trn-l »r,d Brnadwaj, A N AGENT H «Ht.t.-<l in . »»rv t«.wn ft J cniuits In the Celled Stairs tn rmrnc in .1 rcspfciuMe anil New Y-irk C '}, ene-l'»" nK on^ P • r*lamj'. MEI-: —THE— LATEST S T a Y L E S — OP— t ap- DUTTOiN'S! apr]6 liMll*ED}iTATi:.S HAItSMAL't NAI.F. John A. Page, exccauir i.M the last will and U-slamem | of Hezeklali II. Beed, ile- | ceased. va. David P. Hall, Marian Alton D&ll, Kdwln Palmer' Trnstee, Joshu* tlalhaxay, Byron W. Ulark, Charles 8. ClarK, Robert B. Bell, In Chaocer/ The farmer's t.Mlller-sB'k Henry L. Palmer, Hermann Schvaftlng, and Augustas Gronjlch, Assignees of the People's Bank or Haertel, Greenleaf i Company, Edward O. Tyler, Jabel H. Foster,! Horace P. Uamj and Jasper E. Goodrich. I N pursnanceand by virtue of a decree made bj the District Court of Che Unl ed Stales for the District of Wisconsin, on the twelfth day nf March, A. D , 1SS9, In theahive entitled cause, 1 shall sell at Public Auction at tbe United States Marshal's Office, In the City- of Milwaukee, on Monday, the ninth day of May, 18M, at U o'clock A. u,,: "The following real estate being and lying In theOonnty of Milwaukee and State of Wisconsin, and kncwa And described as Ihe south east quarter of the north weal quarter of section number ten (10), In township nutriber seven (T), north of range nnmber tweqty-two (22) Vnst; less the south east quarter being ten (10) »cre* tit tbe above described tract of land whicji Is eice^iUd and reserved." Marshal's OfSo'e, Milwankee, March 23,1BS9. _ w ': M. J. THOMAS, U B. Marshal. *-"• «*», Cpinplt'i Solicitor marS4-la<rtt tf The abdVe sale Is hereby adjourned to Monday, the e.eTenth dsgr of Inly, 1889, at the [same hour and place as above! •! Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, Hay 9,1859. maylO-lawtti I M. t. TUOMAd, n. S. Marshal AMERICAN CORNET BAND! rales. . . Y 10 FDBNIS1I ANT Lnttroliei-tof Instruroents, from oue to « '«ntyrtjwoi for B»lls, Parties, Parades, Excnrslcjns, 4 C ., 4c., at reasonaUe Apply or a'WreJS :Am«rlcan Cornet Band, or at Hempsted's Mnslc Store, 17B,«ast Water st. jet •j! '' 1 - ^J'SPAtilNT PABOHMKNTLBTTE Beoa,i, agoojsopplyat lowprlwa, TBSRf U7 East Water itrett. vn s-,, \u\ TAKF PARTIOI >r. A.'.l'i.- -i .*-••> rakr j . i-nr^ . *tHVr- . « u «t ;.;• 'l-t Pans, 1*1 IH lr,|,..lli urt.l Nr the .-.nly UM-ful ln..i - um»ft.. ^r fit Seminal Weakness, or *iiy fratlH, ciiuse<l by Ihe *t-cr<*t ' :.t.i- ' f • , ' * - n dollar* by ma i or exj T-.-S* A CURE « ARRANTED. Dr. AMOS * SON have Jevuted their ai'rDt;, n s> clusively to this peculiar class ,,f IHAU.I:-*, . I it.e relief thf-y l.av- con tijurntiy titen .Tub.e-i in r..:..Jcr . their fellow creatures, is Tuilj le-t.tU.1 an ! jrriUetully aoknovle-l(.-c<l by c< nTaieacent, ^/,.l ,.thers clallr amring In town from all pans i>f :i,- • ,ut irj for tti« fipress purpose only of consu.iation*, wh i.- U,eir exertions havr been crotmed «uh the mn-l -I^IIA! *•!i vaotates, yet from what they Nav<- ^xper'envi-^l ,n enquiring Into the causes of those infecimu. romplamt*, ^frora iheir niott simple conil lion to i 1 at ol '.l.e tn. si ilaotrerous and Inveterate,) they have always enirr talood the possibility "f their prt vpntc " aril . e>- . ,j»l. anj litew -.e itiv »r found the ni,stti-.rr and m:Li.^-!,at)t furcis nf .1 isea^e c ul<l &]niin«t ,nvai labiy be IroceO to une ..f the fol'ow.ntr causes: iannrance, neglect, . r the ill -fleets o( un.killful an-l miprnper treatmvol , tfitrerore, L>a. AJI06 A Sos t,»ve .uo. ..-ile.i in cllncovoriDg, In the Aelection of their rerne.Jie., « sale, eHectunl and cautious course; omitli ^ -i I ,;<<ra blnalinn of remedies which hear an e^tilvjcftl cl, irn,- ter f as well x» whose premature or irijm plication mlptit be productive if ba.l c-;r <o tbe Is of private individuals. In short, t;ie Itadn- ble eltti of their remedies is the lessening nf a great mass of human misery by the alleviation, relief and prevention of those grievous auiictious thai are tn reality tl.e secret foes of life, and whch, while they so extensively surround us, call aloud for our sktii and Interference tn their extermination. UOUNTBT INVALIDS. I'ers n<* in any part of the world may be trealt-'l by forwarding a correct tirtail of th.-ir w th a remittance for Medicines, Ac. Address Or AMOS a hGN, corner Main an 1 tlreet. Rutrn'o. N Y iiI-,Ui L\ E W BOOKS JUST UKCEIVEH BY S T R 11; K I, \ N D A: < O 188 KAST WATKK Hi. W ALL >TREET lo Cajr.mere. A journal of nve years ia Asia, Africa and Kurope , with 100 illustrations from sketches made nn the spot by B Ire- laatV—t4,(X). Llfeand Times of Carry, Marshman and Ward. Embracing the history of the Serampore Mission ; by John 0. Maishman. Price 6 00. Harsh'* tfclencefof Doable-Entry Book-keeping, 1 5'J. Lecture on Metaphysics and Logic, by Sir William Hamilton, 8 00. The Empire of Austria; Its use and present power, by John S. C. Abbott, 1 M. Wyoming ; its h story, stirring Inctden. s and romantic adventures, by George Beck, D. D., 1 So. Tbe Harp of a Thousand Strings; or the q'dntessence of b,tunan wit, waggery and wisdom, 1 25. Ariny Lire on the Pacific. A Journal uf the Expedition against tbe Northern Indians, the tribes of the Cosur'D'Alenes, Spokana and Peluutts, In the tumour of 1838, by Lawrence Kip, or tbe U. 8. Army, rrlre Aj-t of Kzten pore Speaking. Hints for the Pulpit,the Senate and the Bar, by U. bautaln. Price l 00. Diary of Lady Morgan, 1 25d. The Romance of a Poor Young Man, l 00. S"ew Illustrated Rural Manuals; comprising the House, the Garden, Ihe Farm and Domestic Animals.— Price 1 60. Hints towards Physical Perfection, or the Philosophy of tne Hainan Beauty ; shoeing how to acquire and retain bodily symmetry, hualth and vigor, secure long Ufejaad avoid Ibe Infirmities and deformities olagr by D. H., 100. Spujrgeon's Sermons, volume five, 100. liOtfe Me Lltfe, Love Me Long, by Chas. R t ade, TS«. History of the Dominion o the Arabs in Spain, 3 15. A Journey Pne N'orth, being notes nf a residence In Eussta, b; tieorge Augustus fala, 1 CO. Limont's Medical adr aer and Marriage Guide, with nearly-ICO engmvlng*. Price 1 25. th*[Pillar of Fire, or Ufael In Bondage; by Rgv. J. II. Int aham, I 95. . ' l^T,? g>s Ur " of w ««hlngtooi volume flve, 1 50. 1 Alllbo--e I s Dxtlona'ry of Anlhorj, & 50. E!fe of K-t Carson, 2 OQ. | 'J., 8TRIOKHND4CO., ;j« '131 East Water street. . k lil Al TtVl 1 u i li r M r.ri'i. l \ 11) . i . r l L h l CIS B t. I *£.- .• K \ r J 1 .S . \\ UK 1 KK.-e.tO t.H I.NKALL1B1V . j.. Bf i'itr.-t H\ K|. 'N.- tLl.lHI.Y i.'.1 ^ il • HRS-. ,i . c.u 1 • ' \L. U' l ilt/TH ritK u .. -ill IIOTU TH:-. trhu.M i B^TU run u -> r BOTH TH t (iA. » , To 1 • .iKiATKST AUK. Tn li.. liKF.ATKSr AGE Til THf liUKATf.XT .M.K Tti T .1 f LJRE^TK^T \(»*. tl V r > I \ , I ,, . • i. | .-Y USINO .».,.ll)'rt H , Khr-|.,« , I , '. s. 11 AU<i ' '!'-« OR VY 1IAIH i I T A LJU u . . n • . l, K A V H AI K. IT ALaO Rltou ar-.- i,u.>t UAlK ir AL.-<0 11K."TOHES BRAY HAIR. ru i r.i N An H i. i . n Til ITS N » I '. K \ ; Tl) ITS NATUU.t i . i-i .-« ft) 1T> N A I" . . , !t I'HIiVKNli 1T^ VALL1MI PRlVKNTC ITS KALLI»«. 'S ITd HI I.I Mi. CO V UK.-* 1 II 1>. it \ 1 .1 :l . \ .1 CdVKKd TH s r t I •• •' • < I't) V p.hV II' K ]'. * , . II F.\ i COVK1L.1 1 tin. K AI ,• i-in t'uKKS THt iCALf r'Ro.M ALL DI s E Ad >:.-<. Klteto THK SC»Ll' Klti'M ILL I' 1 - K '. .* e.* Kl4«:i£S TllK eC*Lr fROM A :.L ul.-'I'.A.-b..- "•lltKS TUK SCALP FROM ALL DISEA.-f..- SUI.D BY ALL UKUl.^l.TS SOUU BK ALL PKLt+Hlffrs SOLD BY ALL DKL'UtiI.iT.1 WLO BY ALL DUL'Ottl^TS AND BT O. J »'.>iii) t en AND BY O. J Uu u s t n AND BY 0. J WII.JD e Cu AND BY O J W0»n 1 C" iu UAKKKT ST., sr. LOCI*. 114 MAOKBT ST.. ST LOUIS' 114 51ARKKT 8T , sT I.OL If 114 MARSsn dr , ST. LOCIS. AND JTJ HHUAUIVAY. N Y AND 31'J KROADWW N y ANU w> BROADWAY N Y AND Jll BROADWAY. V i The Restorative la put up In bottles of 3 «!* r *, *i* targe, meiUum, aod small; the smail hijldn ^ * p.oi ,:,.• retails for one dollar per bottle; the. h NK \< least twenty per cent, more in proportion L.*I*II :h- ,,n i retails for two dollars per bottle; ihtt larire ri.i.l. 4 i<n-' M per cent, more ia proportion, aod leiatla ior f:l,im , bottle. 0. J. WOODji CO., Proprietor!, 11. Hr,«.i,., York, lin the zreat N. Y. Wire KuliiM If4lnhl..'.in... and 114 Market st., 3u Louis, Mo. Sold by u. HARRINGTON ud. »n <.... -t nr.,« t »... and Fancy Goods Dealers. mtr'. Ur. i h,iv ML,hi.- . i COOK WANTED. > n nin;srcri\l -p. _I L ^ , ,r :.K i . -A r;> j;rcct',un . I'heir 'inprn file-: •••.! p«'piiU "us imlucri.) ",'IL pri ,',-r'r" .H ,. f' l.h VII \i , 1 1-1 • ! 1 1 K >, "O l HOUSK - To W E haie screral Brick and Frame lluusn tu ,- eiceedlnitly chehp. We h»v» fi.r stl- i .-1 quactuy of Keal Kutate, cons : sting of U.'u>«, »u.i Lu ImproTeil anil Unlmprnve l fatal of every , j a .1 <i purchasers, School Lards carefully Jel-ct^l »i c rly day. Time will r.e given fur part vf th^ p u . ciia money, clear titles and warrantee iieedi 94*GORY i CO J r3 f 2'i4 Kast nncr it. CiBCUir cooar. i Milwaukee County, WIs | ' Magdalen* if*gl. I against y Jacob UalT. ) State of Wisconsin, to Jacob Uafl Y OU are hereby summoned and n-ijuireit t.i *r.s&vr the complaint In thia action. *hich baa this .L,y been filed In the office or the Clerk of the utrcutt Com t of the County of Milwaukee, at the City of Miiw»utee, an«t to serv* a copy of your answer tn ib-? i ti.i ^-.>m p'alnt, on the subscribers at their office, in saM c ty, within twenty days i fter tbe service of thti summuo^ on you, exchulTe of tb« day of such nrrdi; and if you fall to answer the saU compla>nt within the time aforesaid, the plaintiff In this action will apply to tne Court for iha relief demanded In the complaint, Dated May 16, IS5». BODE A PAINE, Plaintiff's Attorneys, Mil. -rUIPlKE MUI, Extra family moor alway* on band, J&M {aprT} HTrSN*fJJl08BTS. SpOSC uf ' .. . I ' UJ k USI^!'Ss n which they Live 'n-r-n .uecrss Klllv fncr-.igi.-ii tor ' ; e [''A '-!•••, Years, anil thcv will f.ow ^iv-,- r;x-n .riil iv [Jed time uui .irtci- tiun r , iitrir manur.icrure Arii heiiv^ ,'.r- :crmined that Dr M'l.anc'-i C vie- Dnited V'ermiluge and Liver P:.'. ihall continue to occupy the hiy 1 position they now hold among r :n Jreat remedies or" the d.iv, r . u f, •vill cantinue to spare neither r;m< ior expense in procunnu t?-c BCNI ind Purest material, .1; d iom jound them rn the must thorough manner. Address all orders to PlEfflM BROS. Pittsbur?!), Pa. I' S l>akr» ,iuil i'bvtiri.iii. .LI., ln a ii.mi .rh.r- ban Fli'lnifli? Bnw.. \rill I., <*.ll '. inl" ilit-ir .nl^n li!«tmrtly. \il.l tul.-/- ii f ,nr 'm/ .->, i/ /.., ..... — r-.-u-.,/ s ( Ftcmmj Brai. Pift\-/iur.;.i. ^i l\. •(,. .-., xvitini.^ -.. ^t%. tleiu A trial. *« will UirvT'vr<l JHT lu.ul i.. ^t ;^-,,.l ... ,n\ wirt .if tho L'njU-l ^UK.-I. .M,. N..\ t cm.' •.,, T..T.-IV. hn>^'ent ptwtjtir- «i:unp. , r .1,.- ,| .1 \ ...,, rn : i.,, bnrtei-n tbrci^-^nl .f,mi|t. \;l ,1-1. ,, , m..i..* nun: M accompanied by twonty -I-OM .'xir.!- PIIH. and Detail, Agent and M'Lane V^

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