The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 11, 1923 · Page 3
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 3

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 11, 1923
Page 3
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PAGE Timi'.fi. J DISCONTINUING CERTAIN LINES -- OF MENS SHOES - Ideal shoes for street wear or dress wear and for hard usage. Finest grades of calf leather and workmanship. A big saving for men. Chocolate brown calf shoe for men that can be used either as a work shoe or a vacation shoe. Phoenix kote to match. Have you noticed our windows? We close at 5 o'clock except Saturday. • • ••• • ••EBEHQBBlBKESBIiBBBBBHBIlBMBEHKBMMBHlSHi N • BASE BALL! Hutchinson vs. Bartlesvilie THURSDAY and FRIDAY, July 12 and 13 GANG PARK Javatown Athletes Finally Cop Game On Local Diamond Wayne Middlcton Better Than Goode in Last Struggle. KAHDOT LEADS ASSAULT Indian's Two Blows Account for Four Runs—Wales and Goode Hit Home Runs. •i M H H • • • a B • 3:30 P. M. LADIES' DAY FRIDAY j™ • •HBBBBaBHIBBBISBFlHESHBBBHBaaBHaaHiBBSiHMBHV "SYNCOPATED— MELODY MAKERS SUPREME" COMING RIDERS FAVOR DODGE FOR POP POP RACES Dodce City. July ll.—Motorr-yule racei'3 are clamoring for another lUMJ- mile race at D OC I KU City. The liiKKeHt event In tho malm of pop pop machines In Hlcoly to come home at tin early date, perhaps* next year. The. raco tliia year at Wichita was not. as Bucceastul In^iny way as any of thosu hold on tho local track. Temporary ubiiudunment of tho race hers enn partly lio charse-d to prevailing coudlliona, but the action al«o reunited when tho factories practically -abandon ml the raetn:; jcuino, although they are now again taking a little more interest in sending riders to various moots. -Racing fans can be promised that Dodge City somo of these tlmoa will asain an­ nounce one of the big affairs, but nol before It la aunurod the in«:ct will be a success. Of all the Ms classics held on tho two-mile dirt speedway here, not one 'baa in any way approached being a fullure. Maximum speed, ar- rangemenU,. and management of the race that elicited nothing out high praise from factories and riders,- and success In every rosriect always has marked the I>odr;e City events, and there Is no disposition now to stage a meet that will be a failure. PRAYIN' COLONELS MAY PLAY KANSAS COLLEGE •Emporia, Kan., July 11—The ".Pray Itis Colonels,' of Kentucky, ami the "Fliditlng Preachers" of the Cottage of Km porta, probably will meet on a gridiron In Kansas City In tho. fall of 1SS4. JVltlumRlv (lie Colonels ami Hie have not oti .t their 1924 football schedules, it was learned here today tho Southerner); had given favorable consideration to- Em- porlas challenge for a game. Coach Harold Grant, who has risen appointed football mentor at C. of E„ said today every effort would he made to sign a contract with Centre. Coffcyvlllo bunched Jilts off Bob Goode in tho early iuulnga yesterday aitd toolt onnutrh of a lead that the uphill fight or the Shockers was in vain, the champions grabbing the ilual game of the serios 5 to 4. Wayne Middlcton, premier southpaw had tho best of Goode all the way. tiuode appeared to have little, if anytliins on the -ball when tho Ite- l'lncrs worn pummcting him so hard in the first lour innings. Middlcton was not pitching up to standard either and at times was threatened with ouster, Kahdot Chief Foe. The real turning point of tho game, tho winning factor came early. It was In the second when, with two burled and two on banc Chief Kahdot slammed one of (l-oode's "fat ones" over the right, field wall. Slugging honors wore about even for the day, two homers -being registered to the loam. .Dorland contributed a blow which cleared left field fence just inside the foul^llno and Uoud and Wales ot the Shockers bumped the horsehide over the short fence. Shockers Score First. The Refiners made n strong hid for a run In the Solomon muffed Kiihdot's fly' but the Indian flash was out tit second, Pick to Iiemeu. Glass scratched 1111 Infield lilt and O'Byrno watched the third one go by. Matthews singled to right but Rowe was tossed out by Goode. In tile domestic half of the first frame. Shoots was out when Foster landed safe on O'Byrne's boot of his easy roller. I.omen was thrown out by Middieton, 1'oster going to seco»d- and Solomon walked. Pick two 'based to left, scoring Foster. Banks was called out on strikes. Homer Fatal. The visitors copped the lead never to iose it. in the second when Dorland and Mare dumped singles into the middle garden. Dorland was forced at third -by Beulley and Maro was out the same way on Middle-ton's grounder to (ioodu. It was the Chief Kahdot h'.TTif. runned three scores across the plate. The Itefiners kopt tip the -bombard- Coffeyvllle— AB R H P0 A E Kahdot 3b 6 1 2 0 1 1 Glass 63 5 0 2 3 3 0 O'Byrna 1b 6 0 1 9 0 1 Matthews 2b 4 0 1 2. 2 0 Rowe cf 4 0 0 1 0 0 Dorland rf 4 1 2 2 0 0 Mare If 4 1 2 2 0 1 Bcntiey c 4 11 8 0 0 Middieton p 4 1 0 0 5 0 Totals 30 5 11 27 11 3 Hutchinson— AB Ft H PO A E Shoots ss 4 1 1 2 4 0 Foster 3I> 5 1 0 3 1 0 Lemen Zb 3 0 0 6 2 1 Solomon cf rf 3 0 0 0 0 1 Pick rf 3 0 1110 Banks 1b 4 0 1 T 0 0 Wales 0 4 1 2 4 0 0 Morbitze'r, rf 1 O 0 0 0 0 Purtcll cf 3 0 1 -4 0 0 Goods p 4 1 1 0 4 0 Totals 34 4 7 27 12 2 Score by innings: CoffeyvHIe 030 101 000— 5 Hutchinson 100 020 010—4 Summary: Earned runs, Coffeyvllle 5, Hutchinson 3. 2-baso hits, Fick, Shoots, Marc. Home runs, Kahdot, Dorland, Goode, Wales. Sacrifice hlis, Lcmen, Double plays, Midd.cton to Glass to O'Eyrne. Left on bases, Coffeyville 7, Hutchinson 7, Hit by nircher. Shoots. Bases on balls, off Middieton 2. Strike outs, by Goode 4, by Middieton Ii. Time of game, 1:43. Umpire Wilkinson. JOHNNY KILBANE INTO THE INDUSTRIAL GAME; Former World's Featherweight King Says He is Through With Fighting. merit of Coode and i ; corod another In tho fourth. Maro Kot a quostumablu double ami wont to third cm Ilontley'a groundor to Shoots. Middlejon whit- fad unci Kahdot iduKlod soortiig Maro. Got to Middlcton. Th* Sko.-kois* n «*xi yr.TKl in the fifth wh 'Mi tloodo led off with ;i homo run. Shoots dooblod to loft, mid wont to third on Ky.-dor's 'prour.dor to Mat- thows. Iff scored on l.omt.'ii's fly u coiitor. Solomon was nut on u fly to Maro. Tho Javatown winning run was counted in tho sixth wliun Dorland led oft with a humor uvor Iho U-i't pardon wall. •W.ulos' homer ivifh I wo down in tho reave tho ^liooU' r ; ; thoir lust. Moth trams Llirent **iit.!ti in the ninth but a douldo luay by tho vinitors roUrod tho i-'hookiTB. JOE JACKSON PLAYS WITH BASTROP TEAM Klirovonort, I-a., July 11.— "fl'mo- loa:-" .loo Jackson, out. 1 tiino uiomh^*'or \Yifii Chicago Amorlrart Ia i ;i'^u? basiv ball clirb and barred from oi '^aaizutl baseball afU'r tU« world's Rcrius scandal, Is playing with thn Bastrop, La., in- dopfjndent tRam undo:- tho namo of .loo. .lackyon. This Information has just •boon learned. Jackson baa boon with tho cduh for 25 Karnes and hlrt Konsationul hitting and playing led to hls-idtniUty beinK rovoalod. Clnvclnnd, July It—After nearly a pionth'3 r<?st on his farm near Vermillion, Johnny Killmno, world's feather wt'lgtit boxing rnamplon until He met Ku?cn« Crlaul in Now York, la ready to suti.Je down to tho lifo of a business man. Ilia friomls havo estimated his financial assets at a (mtirtcr of u million 'dollar, 1 ;. .lohnny will bt*c:omo a business man wiLhout any ropivU at having lust tho titU>, alt!vou?rh t :u; ho Kiys now. ho foil roA'ret whfii ho u.'a^rorf-J to hin foot immndia-toly fullowiriir l^ts knookout. ">io nioro f ii:h for me." Jt>hnny lias s-tsiid. "I 1 'itu'L fi;;ht any more r!iiyw;iy. Tho ».dd pop was ^one in tho ('rui'il fii;h!. my lumdrt Wt N rc bad, I had nothing. And to moot u llttk '1 fisrhtor oil C*rit[ui's typo you noi^lod | ovoiythioK- | "I havo npproolalod tho way my Vriondn r:tlliod al>om. me nTtwr 1 bad [ boon licatoii. \Vlion I voLurnod to Clovolr ::\d 11 yoar-t uno aftor bc-atim; Abo Ait'.di for the oiiumiuonahip, 100,(100 pooplo in-'L inn at tho do pot. A Tow liuiidioj {>• iuy friouds mot nto when I roturnoil from tho Criqul fi«ht. Thoy woro dounoaat, but I want thorn to know that I am not, at all blur: that I'm Khul I'm no km^ror elian-Hikm. 1 ' Jobnny .-iaya )u"only iutoroat in boxing in tho futwro wiU ho contorod in Al Zfiiuot. lii:i sparriiflfe iKirtnor-for yoar,-*, whom ho wants ta send aftor Criiiui. OTHER GAMES IN THE " SOUTHWESTERN LEAGUE Bernstein Gets Decision. St. Louis, ,1-uly 11.- .lack Iternoteln of Ne-w York Junior lishtweiRiit champion, was awarded tho tlncUion Harry Kahakoff of this city in their ten round bout here last niKht. Bobby doivos Teari ago the snappiest comedians on the stage delighted in pulling a Joke that wemt something like this: "Why Is «. so*t nearly?" "Becauao ho'j all butt." Wlieroupou the asaombled multitude —or all those In the orchostr* circle —would just laugh an' laugh an' laufh. My, how they'd laugh. But said joke never would Bft a laugh out of Bobby Jones, demon golfer of Atlanta and other partB. For this young man haa been "nearly" iu. the champloiubip realm tor so long tie's becoming weary of Um place. And • Judging by his play BO far 1I1I3 season •be hns about decided to get thore. Jones broke Into prominence several j-eara. ago when.a mere atrlpUug In •Sort trousers. Four years ago when only eighteen 5'ears of age ho shook the golf world by finishing as runner- up In the national amateur tourney to S. Davidson Herron, whose victory •lone was a big sensation. The next year ho reached the semi-final, only to lose in the flnaL In 1»21 WilliJIuuter halted Jones Just before the semi-final round. _ Than hut year Jona»_ almost came into hla own. He plunged through the..national open and ended' within one stroke of Gene Sarazou, tho victor, B».bhy 'Invaded Kngland with the other American stars In 1921, but lost out in tlie fourth round to the brilliant Allan Uraham.'' Just why Bobby i:ovc'r has won a national title still remains a mystery to close studonta of the game. Ha has (he poise, the confidence and form. No less a personage than Harry Vardon, British golf star, has said that Robert Is probably the greatest ot all stylist American golfers. Despite all of these assets ho has failed to cop. Somehow or other ho is not up to his game when tho groat occasion arises. He ha3 won a s<:pre of sectional titles, however, lie has won the Southern title throe or four times and each winter grabs oft several tourney cups. ™~ I JoneB Is now completing his education at Harvard. His work there has cut down his golf activities somewhat and this may prove a help to his late season game.. Anyhow, ho haa his mind act on getting out ot the "all but" class this year. Hi *mmm Salina 7, Bartlesvilie A. K.'ilina. K;m.. July 11.--'.-ialina made it thri:i. niiatubt from Kartlofvltlo by winning 7 to 4 ysturday. Walker struiiv out eleven mou but lie wa.^ wild, ll'j wo* loillod in tho nlnih after he had forced in a run on a waiU. '.'ew'nn forced Kins to hoist an W.eM jop u\t for tho final out of tho ?amit. Keoro: BBril.-. vill» I P .Hlina lio!;••:-, :h 1 1 :: : .!'.i>mrr"w, 2b -i : 0 \VTJi», If B 1 t ;iiorihl. ss s 1 a KmnV .iff. rf 3 I 11 i1,i-»l. m tb 4 3" r•uhifp, it) s >• it;MUi «r. ef rt » s 11. -von;, .•( 1 1 i;i:inot!i-'.;iii, 3b 3 V I l -ii-or. I " :!;'iV 'i'.u'uvw. if 3 12 )> 'i'l'. B* » » ll.tarluml. rf 4 3 •> i -i.-ii-- 1, c ^ I G ).''ruin, e 4 t 11 M-eiw, p 3 n o'\V*i|»rr, a -I 0 » [Xinvten, p 0 0 0 HI r, 2 li Tot;.Is .'li 1 I 27 . . 003 OO'i 01,1-1 :n;i tin iia-; ." t -.ilM, li 'l-ileT. .H-.u-Ui!iit. 1. Hucriri.-ii hit. M;il«r. f.-ev. 2, C.-Illjil. i:tn-.- tCiiiL,' to I'-oiliion: tl '-i-lrii? lo Hank to ItiTtlo-. lilt li> lohlieit ball, lira ul ii;n n .-ilol 1 -r^ I'll J i;i V-I-I - b\- .M-.eli.-i; Kiini le. 1 Wiiltl .T. Itiei.-.-. .11 'bulls, .iff \V>.!k«r «. eff .Vt .M'llH 2. St'-'ll'li HUt, t'V W ';..ll ,»r I I. by Mei'l;.-, t'. Wltil Diti-h, Wnllii-r. I.i'it fin bull's, llnr'.b'!-,\ill^ 11, l-iiilioa 7. ttiins-. llullfi. l't-an'iit-iihoff. Ciablen, Kini;. Ili-ntl'ro-.v 11, OiTiilil. rli-.-.'ibre 2. tlr.ioti- ;;n:i. 'Wenlenliavor. K ITI-T. UllLb.-r. Cin- liM.i, gul^-ii'y. Muskogee 7, Independence- 0. Independence, Ka"H., July 11.—Mus- kogAo nhut tho locals out ye-.terday, wliilo buiK-hitiK Kits off I>oak for sovuu runf. Score: lndei.i :nili5iioo J MnskoKoe ••^i i.i e by illliir .^K II-it-lii si-ill.. . Sal Ion .^oibi-iar-y- -2 -bn. t ll-baoc lilt, llloubi-i Iter cf Mitchell, 2b Fish.-r, lb Miisnn, so Wl-ellll. It I'lvniis, rf Kc -hm -nrt, 31, llrovvr,, c 1 Xialt, n ab h |»o 3 il 0'II,-i!,.y, 2h 3 0 l-oWi. sa 4 o loiiiiibbut. cf 4 1 2 \%-cUi,l. If 4 1 (ill'l.-iylirook, lb 3 1 lb'uri;un, 3b f 1 Ill'rauelito. rf 3 0 li Kni-reit, c 3 1 Oll'ivnniuth, II ab li [to :i (i o -I 2 4 S 3 .'. 4 a II 4 I) 7 4 1 2 4 2 1 I ! li 3 1 I) Never be satisfied with less If you've never worn or seen our summer clothes, you may think that comfort is all you can expect of your suit for hot weather. But Society Brand suits for hot weather are as smart as Society Brand suits for winter—and that's saying everything that can be said of good clothes. Ho! Weather Suits $15 to $40 i io: SOUTHWESTERN LEAGUE. m ."r<.'ii !Nso .v Salinri S;*-!iu)n,-i I'liftVyvillu Mosk.illi.ti InibipiiniJenee ., Hai-llesvilta TlllllilOL New York . I'tltatao-irh l.'lneiniiutt .. rtroolilyn ... (llileuHio .... St. Louis .. I'lliladelplila Ilo^ion is 'i-w York . (Mevetand I'lillailvllihla ("illflljln . . . . Imlnilt ••>.. St. I,outn ;. V.'a«)ilnston HOHlfili . . . . . AMERICAN ASSOCIATION. w. l.- si. l'^ul .49 2o Kanr -iiK tllty 48 25 Lnulnvltlu 40 lii ('i*lumtii.u 3G 37 MHwi (tlk,'C ..'. 38 40 lnfl !-.inaiK »lla S4 42 MlnnoapolU .'. 30 4* Toledo 28 «S WESTERN LEAGUE. W. 1^ Wlihita - 47 29 T 'l'.-Vl i'J 34 oklitboma City 4> l ntnalia 4-1 «<I liiis Motuea 40 4- w. 1,. r.-L ( .11117 1 1 .f.liT .0117 . r. 3 .Wit) 3 3 .MiO '.'.'.'.'.'..'. i 4 .333 'i 1 .333 LEAGUE. w'. L. IV r. 5U "5 .cr,7 44 t'S .nn 1) 2 J .;..17 . Mil :M .1.11-1 10 37 .5111 33 11 .IS! 2" 12117 LEAGUE. r.. Pet. J 51 23 .cs a (It M .Sl!6 3J 37 .r,ni> '. '. '. . '. '. '.35 8« . 1 111! .479 3ii 3 a .1711 32 42 .433 H7 41 .357 ToUlfi n r> 27J Tot.-ila S '-II-,I> l.y lnmiiBrt: Mii^kot,'.."-? dOO VVV; !iul «irt ?n(lt;nco f»W Oli-j -^i)- >> Pumnmry— o - huso lilt. RrnncMi-. « hits, Maj*oii, "\V1-fi1n. ( *ix<»\ 2. lUl-bUt. Siitririi'ti bin*. V'.vjtns. t >l :»r >n. Stulin l-HRC-, )tr "V .n. S '.T 'ti'f; 'iiif. tiv I itm'i f>, ('.'•' l':-.'Kmntb ». Ha;-.- • i.'.i hsvlls. off luuiU i, «.fi' Pn'snuiih 2. l^-ft op P;»si;s. iiwltMW-n- '!-iH'." 1. .Miiskt .'iTv 'i- ilun.-i, H:i'".v. Ol-'.-jn, Iv.;'.Mt : ll, * '"i Kan, ) irnui'Vip., Von -'iT . t 'n '-i- tituth. I'^rro'-.s, Mi-fh-'i! t, SWin ^ir^dt, l.'inpho. Duu .^on. Sapulpa 10, Topcka 5. T^ijioka. July J.—>>ui;>i3hanmjor- od Urokur out of tho box !n tlio i'ir.-i inning and ctintinuod tlit'ir hard hit- tins -'Ttrainst Rros.s who rolfovod him winrtint; yobonluy'^ samo 10 to f). .(la! lomoro, a rotddc who jitart^d for Jho viMtors, was al«o jovkr-d. Tho sooro: isapulna ! Tojji.-ka Wllll« r lb K'olly, 2h S .M .lt. if V'Hiiuin, HH -4 ~S_ ' ^icE Ted Vv a ring's Qartlesvillc pennant chasers here nynin tomorrow at 3:30. The final game will bo pliiycd Friday n;.U it will be ladits' day. ~-x — Wnrin^'.-i orow lin.^ ju: : t dn-npod thi'oe in a row lo tlie l'.'juvlnnt'.rd SaMnu Millors. Lnnh:i Ilko tlioru .-ih .mlu tio a cood ohunvo !or tho Shockora. - -x — Hi Ib'iiry will Jik;dy hurl tod:iy *ti ;.;iuno with Loo Morlji./.or i »r o:io ul tho o>;pootod tn:\v flingors working tomorrow. Tho Shookor lino-up yo»t.orday looked much bolt or wlnjti Umu I'urtotl, out of tho Kiuno with nouritis in hfM moat hand, went into rwiti i I'iold I and »ont Solomon to rl^ht. Solonnm \ hnsn 't tho spood or uldllly t.< judsio I fly hulls to pWiy ocnt"r and tho pros-| onco of Purtoil urohabiy iirovontt-'l inoro Ilofinor ruiiH n:i ho took four ohanooa. If ovcry ono oi'^thf tif.w htirio-ra onrom.o nmn.'.i'r'. and I'urtoll. (ioodo mid Hitnl: < ri :'ovor fully from uxist-iiitf injurh.'s tin: Shook- *if.s will hi.; (l.iiM>f.>:u*t>; tummnU i ^ontrndrr.;. Th • t'..::n i.^ lo ihlnfl l>ottor afi'')!d now. - x — 1*11 rt oil though c;rdo;-.vj to tako a '.•o ..->t by ii nlii».i<'lan will likely to continue To play runUr Tiidd mull his h ;:nd ro.iovors. jl" Ija.-i not tho .spood oi Khtiots hut ho i.: n ;-;:HH\ jmi.yo of fly halhi and will « ».j ;; H many u:t tlio ordinary irardonor. th-! grands; mid. "Hi- I UIMWM lila .••;ufi'." Hut W<s\ly 'wasn'l talkhu; ;iboiit. iy.M.f. 1 Ifin':'; tho a'.:l ii.ll t:onVOi's.'il ;oii: "Hiialj wo go out ;i,'-;al!i Lomoi row m.-rriiiiK?" "V 'JH, I think 1 can siuriv up, VA." "Wh .Lt limo nliall wo .4UitV" "Oh, -!']M (',)f 7 O't 'l .'l .'k." "Hotio:ioil Isn't it? i oan'i w»e ihosO pop i'iiort. ilop" It yots oool.:.r." That f -onvorM :iii:.n myn- lify f.ho ..initiated but whutj it hi Itiuiwn that Kol!y W;doa f Alhlu l!au"r and I'M I'iolc hn.v i: u r tk' : n up (;olt as a inislinio and roilof from tlo'lr (iaily "work" it can i>>; um do.r^tood. Thoy havo Ijoon KtiUu; out ovt -ry Mionihig t -ar,y to iho t '.ounlry i.'iuh and nhiying a round. "Vou sro," oxplalut-d I'Udt, ''Wo'r** ^(dir.; tit tho hi;., pin i w noon and wo undi'i';Uand all lh(: hiK loa^uora art) ^,ood tt'iflf [Waycr.-;." \Va!o:i , vjlahiU'd a jmulm; a i ud Hanoi* doidaro •JtVKyanl il r i v*> yo.Hti r.-oul at Hie Country - \ Ph-k Kaploi', a rocont arrival in tho Kaw oamp from tho Tlm-o I 1P;IUOH >, druiV a $25 fiiif and vain hiokod out of tho i;uini' by V'liijdrc '>air,'«'y tho c.tii^r day Tor mi.scoinlu. v ai't.-r a third : inKt: l t :iM OO.JII ... . -i. lb; n t H 'iil ; .( cl i.u a>;iailli Mio Ump.-j Init jdayorw int-r- loroi uumji i Solomon ix ; '>-^«'rs. Thr. irdihl of | out of luo'.i for «\v{> I oi'.iior driving a fly • oppo-itiou or ground- ! r .cvtdiind, i i| ib h pi 4 3 2jSti -(i !im "ib * 'l i)jlii »okBlen :.f, ii, ah h 3 2 0 I'unk. „ ['..-riiitf. !f Adiiii-. rf 05aiP -ni"ro Owiins, i> niKh. ^ - 4}uV <..'OHrU, If 4 'i *: ! 1 0 0 anjkrr, p 4 2 lllitw. p a I D 0 3 1 7 0 ') j Bloirx Qity 33 43 h 34 4ii .29 U2 Pet. JIG: .6 S !I .519 .433 .474 .147 .4 nr. Pel .HIS ,W .511 .in .431: .425 Ti»«!.•» i>>'l*;27| Twain 4-*> Ii 27 S'Liuiipa :ioo 020—10 Topidra J" 0 I0>) 00O- r, f'uiiiu^irv" Kii riierl rnn«. Sapulpa 10, Toi>«'\a ^. sv- till;.. t.'lt'Vt'lmitl, Kuuk. (Kiitiiiiiri'. "yiui. S-btiha hits. I-Mlppln 2. A'lal'', Slvol.m. S;n-i IfU-*- hH, HcOtt. Mllt'- riflofi fly. Adair. Pu.^n nn l-alla. off Hro- kt -T 1. oft H V(«MK i, off Owi-ns 2. Struck <>ot. Vv Itrivj* 5, l >v (HvmiH ^. Stolon ba-srs, Svtvtv' t'MfVidnn.1, *.Srt)ii.>r 2. l»(*:k. U'tNm- 1 1 3- *\J '>'A pl.ivf. St rob m to KiU 'iiv-s t.« nnckidtoiJti \4u< itvt'i< U> iUt o'.or. to l;->-kflltfipf.' en basert, Sapulpu. To- jK-ku 10. Hxll;. A )\vcna. Tim" of gvunc, 1 Umpire, i*w.H. \ Notiinni New. 1 It la predicted that Huasla will havo a G/.ar In throe yoars; but trrnt dona j nut mean muclvalfioo the country han 1 sovoral at yreuQiit.—Pittsburgh Ga- To Play at Saxnran. Tho faat Reformatory ba-sobull team wiil go to Suxman noxt Sunday for a game with tho atroiig S&xxuan nin^. Tiio hitliiit hurting tho i •v.;at. ha.~ bo« sirai- ht day;- ri.;ht iiKo th inK oat, K.lly J,Va!r-s. who slumped had- ly aftor hhj Ion;; ab^fiiro from tlio fianio iri o:iCo mor^ rooovoripi; his hlttiu 1 : cyo. A homor and a ilouhlt' mako a pood day's &r\\ii off u leit hands.d pltoh 'T. Tod Waring haa roloayod rhlllips, hit* hard hit tins rigid fioldor t.» Knld or tho Westorn A.-i.vjo.iatfon add has takon tin rrankonhoff who paati'in^d fur him at Ind>.-, nndonon last your. Icrankenliofr 1 .4 a hard hitter and haa bpottd on h.oio;>. — x — Ko.Hua Is so onthufiod ovor Its now ykipp-T that "Mruiitfgao day" fa al- rondy boins 'planned. It will bo ob- sorvrd July 20 when U10 team rot urns from a wook'n ab. i -onoe. ;on Tio ns rit. day. wi-.i !' B':.i '«'f. l .o\* a v. n.m,.. horo. 1! a. fan 'r on hi., : rlarfh' no I. fin- it;! ihvi with ti boat ov iilcntly :> ni ail cjiioi : l'.ay.:r:i 'W-ro fi, y and provailo-l 1 • It V.'ii.-: I! 11 h:n l:a i n> 1" " tali • u!d - • a;-; on tho •:ii-d 'y.»ii*:r- i .»n>, uiopiru i\ OI'" 1 U:-.iV 1 rho p: • ^, •: fir.-L fi :;;t.' any t :'ijnji;i] y 1 hiiT. •.. a bl'ii k 'ipn pat ular ".!.( rho • lad and '• u". : tho ho. faU'j' aii.tu !tidin.»r li iiUHw tu Jlmmta M-uthowfj vrho pastlmwl for Uutcninaon and Saitna last yoar hag b (M ?n roUyise I by Bale Clear. Matthowa U a player -who plays and batri brlUiantly at. timet* bat who a.yjKsirs Indifferent much of tlio tlmft. Ho went big wJiwft ho firot landed with Toi^eka. —x— M i :'s frame that TO'Uy Will»-.I v.'.Iiiod out toward f.ho box and oonhultod with Aihiii Uauor. Uawe then atruok out. Tim Mhift lu Mi- •} whloli .,i -nl j and 1-Mrmnd to ri «ht Ci-.dd v.'iw a i:ood •' -edit'. Oia.sK iri a mu'di imttor prrioiio- 1 or at short and l.'orhiml la oapuulo of taking care of rUnt t-'ardon. iJla .-^M j-* 0110 of tlio m<tsi Iikoly looking find. 4 of tint season's nn.,-!*io orop. Barnuy Clovoland '-iipptjji %J ca .-h for hitting a alif,u on th? Salina fowou the other day. ELMER MIULLEN IS STILL KNOCKING 'EM Eliiu-r •MeMul'.eti :.iH,eke .l ran Tort B'tartt of Kaiibttii ^('ii y in th.-j 5i,vn/mli round of a U>i:t lit !,;,nn«,l i -ei .-^ntly. On July 4 he ktii rke'i nut Hobby Smith of Kl I'aftu, In tUtoo routule. Kid McMullea wiv» fxirmerly » sorgeant In th« nattoruil ifu-nrd her* arid got hla ct&rt In ilia bo.\li« Came. H« apjienntd on nuuii-roua i-anli) liera and hiid a rftp !m atilllty to tukm and givo iniiiii'lilivitit. Hf> liov«r aJiowoil 4k Hobby, (froat diMil n? tlt« SU I GIMP nf box: nbut i was tho eSucY.Siig »>•;•«. ha» Utc- "Smut* cfttehor," -Mboed tteotigfh 1 ly boen ilvlc'a'at U OII'SK City.

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