Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on April 22, 1897 · Page 1
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 22, 1897
Page 1
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SIXTEEHST FAG-BS. -»n» ...... •— •"••-•^••g! VOL 3.0. NO. 16. STERLING, ILLINOIS THUBSDAY, APRIL 22. 1897 TABLE. RAILWAY, Ho. Ho. Ho, KO. No. WMT, Ro, 8, Pseifloitaprws.......... ,1:47 a. m. wo. 1, Orerland Limited., *8:B1 p. m. no. 7, Iowa and Dakota Rxp t2:42a.m, go. 17. SterlingPassenger(arr.)... t7:88 p.m. go. 6, Belle Flalne Paas 4 t4:23p.m. go. U, Clinton passenger tH:l6 p. m. Wo. 181, FreiRht..., ., *T:80 a. m. oorao BAST. 8, Atlantic Express . 13*0 a. m. 2, Orefland Limited MJZS a, ro. 6, Chicago Express *8:29 a. m. 10, Bterllng Passenger (leave).. tt:66 a. m, .<•». 4, Belle Flalne Pass. tiO;« a. m. Ko. 14, Des MolneS Fassonger t3:32 p. m, Ro. 12, Clinton Passenger IB-OS p. m, Ro, 116, Freight....i *6;4S p. m. "Dally. tDaJly except Sunday. {Sunday only . IDayly, except Monday. w. A, MABSH, Aj?ent, 5 QTOTOY BT, Arrived from Bait. ,9 Falsenp'r..8:40p.m. it Freight....a;Wa, m, 28 Freight...I2:aop.m, Arrive from Weit. 49 Passeng'r..9:50a.m. 47 Fasseng'r..9:20p,m, „,...,.„-. ... _— 91 Freight.... 4: IB p. m. 'Mo 7 makei close connection at Denroek with .IfWtu for all stations on Mondota and Clinton branch; also Savanna and Dubuque. Mo. BO makes close connect ions with main ling Iralni at Qaletburg, both east and west; for i City, Omaha, Denver, etc., etc.; also for U<, connecting with train No, 4 at Rock .'. .- . ——— V ' ILLINOIS CENTBAL EAUWAY AT DI20N, aorjro SOUTH. Pana Pass., Dally, except Sunday b:25 a. m Through rass^JQally.. ..^_ U . LUM .. „. .^.0:37 a. m Bloomlngton Pass.,iDally .except Buriday 4: W) p.ra MendotaFrelgbt, Dally.exoept Sunday .11 M a. ra - . OOINO NORTH. Dutmquo Pass.,,Dally, Sunday...5:43a. m Through Pass., Dally 4:65 p.ra ',lAcalFMS..Dally,except Sunday 11 :C6p.ra Freight, Dally, except Sunday 11 :io a. m JOHN O. riANAHAN, LAW AND PATENTS. •Hie* la Academy e! Mntlc Block. STERLING. ILLS. HENRY C. WARD, LAWYER. SUITE 8, ACADEMY OP MUSIC BLOCK. STERLING, ILLS. At Jn l««of the County Court will be In Morrison on Mondays and Fridays each weak. Going Bart. _jp PMiehg f r..6:W a.m. *S Frelghf.-.8:BO p.m. '• upc Freight....1:80 p.m. ~ Going West, t Pacseng'r..8:lo a.m. SO Fa»secgr..6:00 p.m vw * •••avupb bn*vtw gf**Mi PJ.frelghf-..6:iBa,m. :"—J. W. ALEXANDER, Attorney at Law, Notary Public, and Jwllcc of the Peace, STERLING, . ILLINOIS. »U^onsproinptly6tt«ndedto. Itefers to First national Bank of BVwUnjc, Illinois, JARVIS DINSMOOR, LAWYER. Special Attention to Chancery .Matter*. M •* oarirzoin . OverBrown'« Drat Stare, cor, 3d ft Locait, PLATT IS THE WINNER HE Is THE MAYOR-ELECT OP STERLING. SUOA YEAK. ABE WEDDED AT NOON Bents Utley by H Majority of 211—Palmer Defeated by Wilder by a. Small MaJorlty-Platt U Serenaded by the Band and Makes a Speech, James F. Piatt City Clerk ...Matthias E. \Vll B er City Attorney Walter N. Bnnkell Treasurer Samuel F. Oettel Police Magistrate-...,',... John M. Ooltman Alderman First Ward.. William McDonald Aldermen Second Ward .' Samnei Moore " I IS. P. Werntr. Alderman Third ward Bernard Belms Aldertnnn Fourth Ward John F. Daly Alderman Fifth Ward.... James E. Conlon. The city election is a thing of the past and the season of speculation 3s over. James F. Piatt was elected Mayor over J. F. Utley by a majority of 209 votes. The fight was a good eterinary Surgeons. D. V. 8. ; -OFFICE- AT MEYERS ft ESHLBMAN'S DRUQ STORE. Hospital and residence, Cor. Third Are. and , Fifth BWI Harrison Tel., Residence, 60; Office, 16. A ' • ' • J, DR. C. E/WRICrHT, ^Veterinary Surgeon and Dentist. Office and Veterinarlum at Wright & Go's tJvery and Boarding Stables. ^ Cor. W. Third 8t. mud B Are. Wblteslde Harrison Telephone 18. WALTER N. HASKELL, LAW AND PATENT ATTORNEY. (Money to Loan.) Bast Thl'd Street, , ILL. Real Estate and Insurance. J. P. Beal Estate, and Fire In-* surance. tton* but B«lUbl* Companies B«pr«Mnt*d. IX AOADKMT HD8IO BLOCK. Boom 0. Physicians. Dr. C. A. MUELLER, ; Physician and Surgeon. C Office-Academy of Maclo, Boom S. ] Beildenoe— 308 Fourth Aye. s Office Hours: 9—11 a. m.; 3—4 p.m.; 7—8 p. m, 8PBOIAI/TT—Nervous and Women'* Disease*. W. B. CAROLUS, n. D. rof (be Liver, Stomach, Boweli aid Kidneys treated •ncccufally. Office Hiuri i to 4 P. n., and 7 to • P. n. TeUpboa* wo. tf. ,,,-,, Office aadBesldence,406 First Arenne, W STERLING, ILLINOIS. S. J. WICKENS, REAL ESTATE DEALER. FARM LOANS A flPBOlALTT. Office Over Roienthal'B Clothing Store, N. W. Comer First Ave. and Third Bt. D. L. MAXWELL, . DEALER IN Heal Estate, WALL STREET. Insurance and Renting E. M. Ebersole, Gait House Block. JAMES F. 1'LATT, Mayor-elect. painting and... .. Paper Hanging. FRANK ANTHONY, fl. D. t grjPHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. V r : '~— 1 I OFFICE COR. 1st AVE. and FOURTH ST. lldence N. W.Cor. Ave, B and Fourth Street, STERLING, ILLINOIS. J. P. KEEPER, JANE REID KEEPER, fSICIANS AND SURGEONS. OPPlCb AND RESIDENCE; W8 Flrit Arenae, Both Telephones. »JHRL1N(3, - ILLINOIS. A, C. SMITH, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. (ice Up Stein, 8 East Third Street, Over Ferry's Drug Store. FRANK RI.dLE. Groceries, Confectionery, Cigars and Tobacco. PRICES THE LOWEST. R. H. DAVIS. Next to Baer & Carter'e, E, Third St. one on both sides and was of the rjQost friendly spirit. Both parties were well organized and some excellent work was done. -.- • W. P." Palmer was defeated by Matthias E. Wilger by a majority of three. In this race John H. Byers made a very strong run, he having received 446 votes. Walter N. Haskell won the City At- torneyshlp by a plurality of thirty!our. His opponents, C. L. Sheldon and Frank J. Bbwman put up a strong fight, making the vote close. John M. Qoltman has the distinction of having the largest majority of any candidate in the Held., He defeated W. S. Stocking for Police Magistrate by 602 votes. William McDonald made a strong run in the First ward, defeating J. W. Alexander by seventy votes. Samuel Moore will be the long term Alderman in the Second ward, his plurality being seventeen. B. P. Werntz defeated Mann for the short term by a majority of ninety-three. Bernard Helms won out in 1 the Third over E, E. Brenneman, the present incumbent. J. F. Daly had an easy time In the Fourth; there was no opposition, James E. Conlon wilhBucceed-John'Mee~in~th7e" Fifth, his majority being 122. o'clock in the evening. He was, at the time, Buffering intensely from a spaa- mcdlck attack of asthma, and was almost unable to answer the summons to come up town. HK did come, however, and was met wnd congratulated by his committee at the^oflice of A. A. Wolferaperger. Mr. Pjatt addressed this committee as follows: "GENtLEMEN: ' It gives me pleasure to congratulate you upon the results of your labors in my interests and behalf as a candidate for Mayor and the crownieg victory that has rewarded your labors." I feel that I am placed under lasting obligations to every member of this committee for their unceasing and untiring efforts during tbis campaign. "I feel that my thanks are also due the members of other committees, who are not. with us. It is gratifying to me to know that I have so many and such wirm friends and I trust that I may be enabled, at some future repay your many acts of kindness. "It is a pleasant reflection that this campaign has been conducted in the most friendly manner, without violating any friendship, and that it has been brought to snch a successful issue. The loss 1 of a friend is too great a make" for an office. I fully appreciate the honor which has FREEMAN—WILSON NUPTIALS CELEBRATED TODAY. The Home of Mr. und Mrt. Charlen 8. Wilson the Scene of a Pretty Marriage Ceremony-Decoration! Were Pink and White-Forty Oueita Pregent. Music. EUGENE V. WOURTH, if Of .... >OCALand INSTRUMENTAL 1TAUO1V* Terms, enquire at Aldrich's Music ^tore, West Third Street, Musical Instruction in on Violin, Cornet, Piano, Mando- o; any Wind or Stringed Instrument J,-KORN, Musical Conductor Keystone Reg, Sand and Sterling Concert Orch. Hardln'a Music Store. .DentlBta. H*'NXVS^""fc'~«-' < ».<'W^ p ^-'> I, TH05. W. BECKWSTM, DENTAL OFFICE, ftfifcMUkl Bank Bl^ku USE THE • OR HERALDO CRESCENT. The llnest brands of home-made Cigars on the market. 1 • Dally Papers and The latest Periodicals On band at all times. FRANK COCHRAN, STERLING, ILL. THE JUNIOR NewCigarand Newsstand In Gait House Block has in stock the finest line of Havana and Domestic Cigars in the city. Also a full * line of TOBACCO, and we solicit some of your NEsWS •ooi •ao|uo •uuiusunaJi •UUlifl •sui«pv a •4 'A W a §18 !LL?! "81 IS S|l __thank you for the services you have so cordially, rendered. PJatt Called for a Speech, By thig time the Mayor-elect had been located and.despite a disagreeable rain, a large crowd gathered and culled foraspeeph. Mr. Piatt, though still Bufferingireatly from his illness, came down stalks, and, standing in the doorway, sppkl aa follows: "FELicjto CITIZENS: I'm glad to avail myself of this opportunity to express my gratitude to you for the generous support you have accorded me in the contest for Mayor. The contest has been conducted without any personal animosity or recrimination. It has been a contention between friends —Greek against Greek—and,my party has wori.(£pplau8e). I entered this contest wJUh^ut one purpose and that, was, so far a's Jay In my power, to discharge the duties of the oflice to which the voters of Sterling have elected me for the best interests of all the people of Sterling. (Cheers). - "I have' no political ambition to serve; I have no relatives that I desire to promote to oflice; I cherish no sectional preference for any one part of the city. Sterling is one to me and, whatsoever else I may do, I shall endeavor to discharge the duties of the- oflico which you have conferred upon me with prejudice towards none. (Applause and cries of "Good!") "You are all familiar with my actions during the six years that I served this city as an Alderman. Jt believe that I have the satisfaction of knowing, at least,-thatpi-have ~ The wedding of Mr. Eugene Leigh Freeman, of Chicago, son of Mr. and Mrs, E. T. Freeman, and Miss Clara Carpenter Wilson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Wilson, took place at, high noon Wednesday,.at home of the bride's parents in this city. The ceremony was performed b£ the Rev. Theodore Crowl, pastor of the First Congregational church of this city, a modified form of the beautiful Episcopal ring service being used. The decorations were pink and white. They were elaborate and very beautiful. Roses and carnations were the flowers. Little Miss Harriet Barto, a niece of the bride, was the flower girl, The bride and groom were unattended during the ceremony. The bride wore a becoming traveling gown, with hat and gloves, and carried bride's roses. The wedding march, the Bridal Chorus from Lohengrin, was Plutt Receives the News. Notwithstanding the fact that the result of the ballot for Mayor was posted in the STANDARD window within balf an hour after the close of the pojls, Mr, Piatt did not bear of tu* aews of his eJeetioa until About ?$Q ties to the satisfaction of my constituents, and, I hope, to the satisfaction of the people. (Cries of "Auieii." "That'a right,") 1 am unable at this time to outline the policy by which i shall be governed in the iuture. 1 will, now- ever, say in a general way that, while I am in favor of continuing and extending public improvements of a permanent character aa rapidly and as ex- tensiyely as existing conditions will permit, I am sensible that this is not a lime when public improvements should be made tuat will increase taxation and be burdensome to the people (Cheers) 1 am in favor of expending the regular and legitimate resources of the city after paying current expenses, in the maintenance and preservation of the permanent improvements we now£ave,und to extend them aa far as our resources will permit. (Applause and cheers), • "I want to see the public funds honestly expended for the purposes for which they are appropriated. The time has come when it is necessary to practice economy in the administra tion of the city's nuances, and that the taxes paid by the people shall be expended for the people. (Applause. ) - I regret that, owing to the condition o'f my voice, I must ask you to excuse me from niaking a more extended speech. Though I cannot address you longer as this time, I assure you that I shall use my beat endeavors to promote the peace, happiness and prosperity of the people of Sterling.. (Loud and prolonged cheering."/ At the conclusion of the address the famous Keystone yteth lleglment J3and appeared and played a number of their best selections. The crowd gave three cheers for Mr. Piatt and followed him up stairs to congratulate him upon his victory. It was n late hour before the supporters had all gone home and the customary quiet feigned over the city. . ° The Standard Bulletin!. The STANDAHD made a special effort to secure prompt returns of the elections. A reporter was stationed at each of the polls, and within five minutes after the close, the total vote was posted. Within a half hour from this time the fact of Mr. Platt'e election was posted, and other returns followed tts closely as the count was made A large crowd, gathered in frout of the office and, before the returns were delivered at the City Hall, the eatiw Misa-FrancerirWflBon, a sister of the bride. At the conclusion of the ceremony a wedding dinner was served. The bridal table wa9 richly and tastefully decorated in stnilax, ferns, roses and carnations. About forty guests were present .at the wedding—all relatives and ime- diate friends of the bride and groom. There were many very beautiful remembrances. • Mr. and Mrs. Freeman left on the 3:30. passenger this afternoon for Chicago. They at home after May 19 at 2001 Union avenue, Chicago. The groom is a young man with everything to recommend him. He is a trusted employe in the local offices of theC. & E. I. .Railroad in Chicago and has a wide circle of friends who have every confidence in his future. In the short time he has visited in this city, he has made many friends who" .wish him all success. Of the bride, nothing can be said by the STANDARD, which is not already I known by her many friends. She Is a graduate of the Wallace High Scho~o7~ and is highly accomplished in many ways. She is of a lovable disposition, kind to everybody and her friends are counted by the score. There is no one in the city who does not wish for Mrs. Freeman every poflsible good that can come to her. Never were congratulations more sincere than those tendered her by everybody. The STANDAED congratulates Mr. and Mrs. Freeman and wishes them a long and happy married life. Those who were present at the-wedding from out of the city are: Mr. and Mrs. E. T.Freeman and Miss Clara Freeman, of Chicago; Robert T. Wilson and Miss Delia Drumhiller, both of Dixon. 1 A Garrison InMHnied In Sterling OB, Tpes- , • dny . ETttalnff.;.- . .-. • ; A garrison of Eminent Ladies of the order of the Knights of the Globe, No. 34, was organized and duly; instituted in this city last night, although at a later meeting other ladles, who could not be present, wilt be received as Charter members. Mrs. Emma <3. Krape, of Freeport, who Is at the head of this department of the order, was present and conferred the work, assisted by Mrs. A. J. McNeil.of Rock Falls, A number of names of ladles of the city had been passed upon by the Inspection Board, formerly . Jippointed, and twenty-seven of these presented themselves ,for instruction and obligation last evening at the G.A. 11. Hall. As the Eminent Ladiea Garrison Is entirely distinct from the Sir Knighta Garrison, all Sir Knights were excluded and the instituting oQicers revealed the secrets and customs of the order. Mrs. U. S. Evans kindly consented to be the condidate and she was duly initiated into the 'mysteries all others being properly instructed and obligated, At the conclusion of the services, the following officers were in.stalled: ___ j Supreme Judge,Mrs. Jennie L. Davis. Judge, Mrs. Ella E. liallett. President, Mrs. Elizabeth Dillon. Vice President, Mrs. C. A. Davis. Commander, Miss Mary Harvey. Lieut. Com., Miss Maud Bassett. Ensign, Mrs. U. S.'Evans. ..-'•. Adjutant, Miss Inez B. Fletcher, Quartermaster, Mrs. Mary Jacobs. Provost Marshall, Mrs. Etta Thomas Guard, Miss Ella Carey. Sentinel, Miss Lois Osborn. The garrison voted to meet on the second and fourth Tuesday evenings of each month and a committee was appointed to select a suitable hall for the garrison. • .H: Besides the list of officers given above, the following ladles became members: Mesdames: L. Me Go wan 8. 8. Pauley A. W. O'Kane Thomas Misses: Euth Caughey Luella Delp Vlnrile Kicks Mary Dillon Anna White Anna McDonald Llda Thomas »~' •William Wilkinson, Irene. Bassett Ida Pauley Ella Clavlln _EcUtb,X)lUon THE HORSE. HAD A GOOD TIME THE DEATH OF GEORGE MIXTER. Prominent Attorney of Kock Inland I'USH- eil Away Tunsday. George Mlxter, an old an honored citizen of Rock Island, died at, his home in that city Tuesday afternoon. Coming to the West when a young man, he settled at Dixon, and for several years, was the head official of the .Government land oflice. He, however, wished to return to the practice of his profession, the law, and moved to Eock Island, where he had land interests, and where, until his death, he resided continuously. He was an active supporter of all that tendedto advance the best interests of his home city, and waa financially interested and a promoter of a number of its early business enterprises. As a man, he was upright and conscientious; aa a citizen, he was respected and honored; as * friend, true and steadfast; as a neighbor, kind and con- aiderate; and as a husband and father he ever filled the measure to the full. In the over beyond will be meted to him that which has been-promis.ed the the good. Mr. Mixter was the father-in-law of Mrs. Charles K. Mlxter, formerly of this city. —Over at Galloway.Ohio.tbere'is but one lot in town the deed to which does not contain an anti-liquor clause. When the town was laid out the founder specified In each deed that no liquor should be sold in buildings erected upon the ground. The deed was given to his daughter and in thia one the clause was left out. No one ever supposed that property would got out of he* hsnda, but it did. A liquor flrm'goS hold of it and there km b€«a aiwe or. Rolled Over on the Ground and Tipped the Hussy Over. The horse belonging to Reuben Rich,. Sr., went into a "conniption" at the North Western station Tuesday afternoon. It was tied at its accustomed post and was apparently in a tranquil state of mind. An engine blowing off steam upset this condition of things, however, and the horse began at once to upset the buggy, hitdself and every thing in general, The harness was badly broken, the buggy tipped over and. the horse rolled over several times- in the melee, When things were at last righted it was found that the- hitching post was not damaged, the halter still held good and the horee. retained his usual good health. Neither wao the buggy damaged'to any great extent. SURPRISED MAUD ALDERFER, Her Schoolmate* Huye u IMeuswut Time nt Her Home. Twenty or more of the friends and schoolmates of Miss Maud Alderfer made up a jolly surprise party on that young lady Tuesday evening. Those who were in the party were, for the most part, members of the same class in the Lincoln school. The surprise was complete and the party a decidedly pleasant one in every particular. The young peop'e did not separate until a late hour, Rodger* U Chairman. Gilbert Rodgeia, "of Prophetstown, was elected Chairman of the Board of Supervisors at the meeting in Morrison late this afternoon, The meeting adjourned to meet tomorrow at 10 o'clock. —John W, MBrtin says he will .begin extensive building operations shortly on the ground between the North Western and the C. JJ. & Q. .tracks. Some of the buildings now there will be torn away and others built of stone will be erected in their place. . Several of the better ones will be faced up with stone instead of being torn down. All of the ground between Avenue A and Locust street wjlj be'covered with bujldiuge. The stone now on the ground will be ueed for .facing. Mr. Martin saya the work will- require about eix tiojea the amount of now on the grouad. —The ci}iie«rt -

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