The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on June 21, 1859 · Page 3
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 3

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 21, 1859
Page 3
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*':£,..• ,•• •'•?.£';. rv.:':-i-'--- i v?:a;,-V"fc.v- ; j---;-:xr'-,:. ?.iK •"-..;• ; :••>'*-'-. '>;«•* A;??'i; Wi-l^^ A:-*v-j™ A safe-: -j >' •••E.f^-r^^.&'.y-Tcrfe.v BOOKS ylND STATIONERY. RAILROADS & enry rtliedecken & Mil.,itfat.ABaraboo Valley OTJT «*rtn» «»t»bil*jnnenti are among the beatmad most •^r.n-ieoMnthrfrr-sBecUvlifi ' :~- NO YES, PLERZHEIM BCANK; BOOK & O N and »/lerMond»y, April 4th, and until further no- UceaPutenger Tr»ln will leave MH«r»nkee from MON13AV, DEC. Trains will run as folloTi, viz : Of Hartfprflj OonnecUctrt, the dcpot,fot>tbf 8econdstreet,for5eTankec, Uartland I . (JOISQ WEST. teaveKacine (or Davla — Vreiglit Pine Lake, Oconomowoc, Walertown, Lowell, and Col umbusat4.20ji.m.,arrlvlnginHilir»nlceea( U.8Sa. m. AKCHITJECT SUPKRINTENIiENT, B»t Papen AWiimj 'Blitbrim '' Plant and Speclficatlon» for ail kinds of BolHtojI •ralshed at short no_Uco and on the most literal terms. ISAAC KINOBLEY, «AS 4; STEAM PIPE F1TTJEU, NO. »1 EAST WATER STREET, WHOS.I8J.1.I. iS» BITiJL D*AL«BJ» -3>S AND BTBsVM PTPiM, GAS, ETfi AM AND WATER COOKS, GLOBE AND CHECK VALVES GDAGE OOCKB, Ac., Always on hand, * Urge assortment of ihwjri on iand In iarg fiqnanHtie In the Oeatot rtyle. ; Ho. S18KABTWATEsli«T.,lOraKLiin>'BnLOOE, »Prt MILWAXIKKE. Work done in a workmanlike manner, »t short notice uut lowest prices- - Je*-dly N. OO., QKISWOL.U KBTAn. < A>KAilS8 III LA1MEB 1 , GENTLKMKN'3 ANa OUILDBKS* BOOTS, SHOES AND GAITERS, MASON STB BET , Opposite the Walker House. my21 . H . WEI N B K -Ifi N N E K , . Attn DXallK IS ' !K I T CARS OK! AND ADVENTURES OF KIT OARSQK, The Nester of the Rocky Mooiitaius, Prom facts narrated by himself. Jot t received by maylO STJJICKLAND A «i). ~ BOOTS, SHOK8 ANO «A1XEIIS, NO. 24 SPEIKG STKKET, opposite American Hon«e ajyn • . • • .' --•' ' " ' ' Boos & Shoe Store NO. 48 EAST WATEK S rttE JOJiN JPHEL.AN, K£BP& always on baud good custom made Bo Blioea. AH Hindi of Ladles' and Gcaticmen't Boott and Shot* order in the latest style snd warranted to give . -, apr88 JOHN Rollback's Lead Pencils, FOB SALE 8V TfclRKY <& CLKAVKK, BOOKSELLKItS AN» .STATIONERS* 16? East Water street, Mhcaukee. W E have jnnt received a full supply of these Celebrated Pencils from the manuUou-ry ufJ.J. Rehbach, in Regenabnrg, Bavaria. They ai e carefully assorted, and each grade K dlstlnguisheii I y a popular brand. «--•'—•-- — • -- cil," (i.elagou gilt.) Ait of v hlcb trill be lound super] 01 to any, other penc I In the market. Alwaji on hand a complete assortment of black and colored lead pencils of all the desirable grades A discount allowed to the Trade proportioned to extent of orders. / . • apr29 NO. 88 EAST WATER STREET, HM Just received a foil supply o Celebrated Union works Cylinder Glass, <«anuractured at Cleveland, 'New York. Truupcrt«d entirely hy vessel. It comes in perfect order, a&d enables me to sell at low ratee! Z have permanent arrangement! toiell this brand of Glass hereafter. mySS JOHN RIOB. Harper B r o t h e r» , (EetalHAed in Ists.) HOUSE -SIGN, SHIP, OAEBIAGE AND ORNAMEN'TAl Patnter», Glaziers & Pa.pcr>Hauircr>, IMITATORS OP WOOD AND MABBLE, ISO. 39 O M «: I I> A STREET, A FEVfDOORB KASTOF TBS UAKKS7 BOUBE. jy* JONKS & General Laud and Insurance Agents NOTARIES I'lJKI-IC, AC., OFFICC, corner of Beed and Oregon streets, Meyrose's Block, Fifth Ward. Will atteed to the buying and selling of Real Estate, Insurim; (iood« and Bulldjngi in responsible Oompa nles, Attend to the Collection of Accounts, Making >ut of Deeds, Wongages, Contracts, Leases, *c- All Collections made OB accounts placed In our hand "will be promptly paid over. A. O. JONES jy2&... .„ ..aOBCBT WHrf£H£AJ>. SCHNCECKEI, & BUUJVOTTO, ~ OOMM1SSIO.N MKKCHANTS, Seal Ettatt and' Money Broker t, NOTARIES PUBLIC, MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN. Ornat— No. 4 Market Square, opposite the Old Pott- ALLIBONE'S OF AU3?HOJBS. A Orftteal Dictionary e/ XugliiA Literature and British and American AuUu> e, living and dt- ceattdf/rtm the Earliest A cvunte to the ifiil die I'entur-t,. Contain ing Tldrty Thousand Biographic* and Literary Kotlcen; ti it}, furly Indexes ffSu'ijtctt. Price *5. |NDGSPEKBAB1,V n.cessary In all »ho Read, all who 4. Write, all Clergyman, all l*hysicians, all Lawyers, Scientific «nd Lite ary Men, Merchuits and Farmers, Manufacturers and Mechanics. IT IS A HOUaEHOLD COMPAl.'ION. PUKA'ISHKD BV Ca Of 1a>tiorj; i CohnecU«ntr' Cash Capital and Surplus,.. iii.v.v l.A/»IAH- ; JfriRE Of *i 0: in Capital and Surplus^. .7 ,... - jOfliew, Caih Capital and Burplas,. . . ;•; .; ITV "if,.fSJ»,M»33 . . .. ...8240,889 68 •*;^* sj^iji r i*./i.i^ ^/ En l^VTifj Of-Uartfoitti'Doniteiclfcut*. Cash Oapltid and Snrplns,..u:.-;3'.7.". r f ..y.J308jS8j-<8 I solicittraslnessfor theaboYe:naldcd:.Compinlea, en- irely upon their own -merit) and responsibility, r.nJ efer to 'their prompt and liberal •etilement of all tosses eretpfore, as a guarantee for the future. Policies l»- ued without delay. W. HENBY HOLLAND, Agent. Jon» lioLLAKli, Ass!l. Northwest cor. Main and . 1'. MABSBALL, Surveyor.. W4acomln >u.,iUlwautea. septi L<'j.i.e«l Stales Yi, CAPITAL . 1 UM. C o. BOOK 4 STATIO\tBV JODIICU.S, 135 East Water itreel, MILWAUKEE, Office. mart; L>. (JOKSON, ATTORNEY AT LAW. HAS .removed to .Office, No. 6, State Bank Building, cornerol Bast Watwirad Michigan street, iii;wankee. JffO. L. nOEAB BISI 1>OKAN & LKVY, Attorney and Counsellors t Law, (tfflat-^Emptrt Block, 221 Eaa Waitr St., MIL.WAPKEE. [roav22j. ..WISCONSIN [From Theophlus Parsms, L. L. O., Professor of Law in Harvard University.] CAMBRIDGE, Jan. 6, 1853. D£A» 8l» :—1 have had tlie Drat volume of year Dic- tionaiy for tome daya and sat »0ed myself that yoar p an is excellent, and that you have carried ,t out with very great 'ndustry and with good Judgment.— The fulluesi and accuracy of its information concerning modern authort and heir works, ate Indeed remarka- t>le. To any one wno desire Ih..- knowl-dne your b^olt purports to give—and »hat eoucated mac does DOIT— it must be or great Interest a d ralue^ Respectfully, AC , THEOPHILrS PABKKP. 8. Austin AlLbjne^ £so.. $100,00000 29.6S8 00 face, under illtchell's Bank, corner ol £ait Water and ' »IIcMg4i streeU, —' ~- -'*• MIL WAVKXR ;..'.;. r:....'.. VFlSCOKSltU J. A. Helfeojteln, K. Sanderson, Miacs Rneelacd, 8. 8. Da-^jtett, Szrauel Hale, Q. D. Dousioan, IT L. Palmer, Edwin Tmnuend, Salomon Adler. j. A. UKLIfKNglKlN, President. G. D. DOC8MAN. Vic* President. W. T. PALMES] General A rent. 8. 0. \Ve!T,6ecretary. jujj ,8. 8. DAGO*T7, Treasurer. • U. L. PAIJUH, Attorney. mar 10 .. . Passenger* EirrlTlng at Milwaukee b» the Milwaukee 4 Chicago R. R-i! L» Crorne t MU.K. U., and Mil. t Miss. K. R., or by B«at, can proceed to the aba v» places. Connections iare made at TVatertotrn with stages, for Lake MUli, JelBfcr»on,W»tertoo,HanchetTH»e, Bun Prairie, Cottage Grove aijd Madison. Also at Columbus for Lod.1, Merlmao, Atiego, Fall Blver.Leed's Corners, Haroden, LowJnlle, Dekora,York, Arlington, Bristol and for ail potato t(i the West and North West. Passengcri) Arriving nt the Junction from the above places make connections h the Milwaukee & Mississippi B. IL, for Jsnesviile, Madison and Prairie da Chien and at Milwaukee, *ith roads to the Sooth, West and North, aprS B. 8. 51KEBUA, gaperlntendent. i 859. AKKANOKMKN'J MILWAUKKK —VIA— CENTHA1, —AND— G. Western (Canada) Rail-way. 'I1EAINB teave the Great Central Depot, foot of Lake A street Chicago, as follows : 4:OO \. I)I;Vl>EIITOIT ACCOMMODATION, (fiun- ;days excepted), arrive at latrolt 6.00 T1<-OINOINNATI EXPRKSS (Sundays eicepted.) Arrive at luilisnapoils 4-on p. M.; Cincinnati 8:80 p. M. SI^-LIOllTNINU KXPRK.-B, <Sandaya ei- cepled,) arrives at Detroit 7:00 p. u. Suspension Bridge or BuOslo 4:0 ' A •.« ; Albany 100 r. n.; New York »-Ot r n.; Boston 11 P. u. ltI.-Nll.B- AOLOAIMODATIOX, Sunday. YORK AND BOSTON I'XPafc-r (exceptBaturday.) Arrive at Delro.t I:iS A. r.; Suspension 3ndge or Buffalo 4:30 r. M.; Albany 4:00 A. ».- New Tork 10:00 A. M.; Boston 2.-0') p. M. -iCHiOlNNATl AND LOUISVILLE KX- , PEES8. (Kici-pt Saturday.) Arrive »t Cincinnati (I:IA> A.M.- Louisville 4:W t. M. One train on Sunday at 8.-00 p. •. The8:00 A. u. olid 8:00 P. M. trnlnj ounnecl at Pan. wltli Hit Buffalo i Lake Uuron Railway, («,r BuQi.j anil all points e.'-st; at Toronto wtth ftrau.l Trunk Railway, to Kingsti a, Otcdensbur^, Montreal, Uoebrc anil all poluta In Canada East, Northern Vermont, New 7:00 A. 8:00 A. s:ot> p. in.— cine for HcScdl—Passenger, -i > GOINO EAST. Leave Beiult for Racine—Passenger, Leive Davis for Kaciue—Fielght A Ace., Passengers by taking tha. T A. u. <raln on the Lak Shore. Uallroad at Milwaukee, conoecl st tts-olnu wit Drain te Davis ; arriving at Uivla at 3:80 p. M. Stag leaves I>avls :or J'reeport on arrival of train. 8:80 J K! train from Davis connects at Racine with afiernoo trAJns_on the Lake Shore Railroad North and South, forwarded with dupatch. ROilKUX IIABKU, Superintendent. Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne & Chicago " ' | UU» new and direct Rout* now open to New Tork JL Huston, HUsuurKh, PUIadclphia, liaJtimore an, vt^ihjii^ton city, Cievelaud, Dunkirk, Uanalo, Niagar. rails, and all eastern cities. Cinclnnatl.CDlumbus, Day !<*, Springfield, Urbana, ZacesviUe, Steube'ivAllc, New art and Wliec'iin?, and all Inlerl^r towns of yhl.. Penn lyiyania, Virjsiiuu, Alary&nd, Ni-» Jersey, tc. AM A' H . fX~ TUoi tluuiar aii.l i- u out- Uninil I nl.-rii!, wicua cntCAd Hi W AS A Uoic dctirlns to (;o i.l i-niju.rr fur TiL-kc th* 1 annoyan.-c o( r - - eicet,t " In OfflOK: jllllfheJl Building* 7lirbigo.u. H. MILWICIKI, WiaooKsm (JAP IT A L, - - $&,„ 0,10 r-a*h Paid in, -$IOO,OOO. U. 1. '.II. Kiu-oc., J. B UARSIB OuAg. OKUBK&Q, UIBEOTOIlft o. D. Dina, S. 8. Oonoviut, J. Hrxpnifv. J. H. COKDIB, 0. COMSTOCK, lecfrU through. _ tickets foi aale al the principal Kailroad offices In tha W«t, an I al the general office, cornrr Lake A Dearborn streets, oopogtle the Tredout ti,,uee '."hlcaco, and al the Depot, lo(.l (if Lake street. R. N. RICE.Supt. U^J^ SPII nmo;Geii PMH. AB'U aprl'i Detroit A Ulil. Kail\va> . .. ^j '"^ !HIE Bteamer Cleveland will take iWuWtlW her place In line of the Detroit A Slilwsu- kee l!ail»»j, on Monday, the 14th March. Pas.-ngen wishing through tickets can be supplied on and after Monday ti«t, al 430 E»sl Water street, or at the office on the doc* of Iht4>etroll A Hilwauke Railway Oo.— Due no let of the time of departure will b^ flvcn. Wils will make the .honest, cheapest nod .jmrn-m r,.m<, 1.1 Ka.l. u 11. l{. l,nn ,511 TUK aAttT r U TUZR h . , 1 fl( L>A1L\, J.^ y :LLo Kj. 3:0li r. u.—Nljrin ti|.r,»Ji. ua.iy, *:ilur,la) J . iccpitd 6:Wi j. •.—JJornu.K Mail an.l tjpresn, uanj, yuti.Uy exccpleu. Will, but out cl»aUK«? f<i cars to Pliuburift,. C1IEOKI5U BAUOAOH TUHOCQH Te fuuiburih, Philadelphia, Baltiuior^ »n I New York connection din-clly w.ih iraiun i.u the Krcai 1'ean.ylva- nla Ci-nlral RaliroaU, to all ea»tern citict Also, w::) CUjVcianil A Columbua Uailrt.a.1 to CIcvcl^uJ, Dunkirk Uaflalo, .Ni..,;ar» »alli n;. Nr» York Central »n,l N-w York i K.rle Hailroa.lnno Nt-w Vork an.l IM..I..I,. Po»ui>9 feint c«j.t •.-::'. l.u.1 thia rouU l-y lar the ra,,s! dealraole, both from ill,- ,n,vanta h '» in point of Jutance variety and beauty of tl.e country throoj-h which the road! pass, as well an the l«s fremn;u< chanjea ol ran and the annoy^iice of n.-checking bft^jiaK^ required t.y other routes. facllltle. for ifio trannportatlod of Frcli-ht and Live Btoea by Um ront- are aniurpaned. K»tM as low aj any other route, and with «io;il dlep^ich. for >aie i[ al!l W«»t, r>n,i al Cnrnpaay'i ,.p|>oute Tremonl lions.-, the Ijike Miore tulli n.l. Oeneral Frn,l, Oliic»no, March 6, lsl». >iilu;tiikc<> A 4 r t ,nocip»j ;,ciet offices in thr /lu-r, N u . ,-!« |i ear >,urn .trt-t Chicago, and al ...r ..ace ., i j A. U Leland JNU J llol'STON. : Aiceul, J'ltuf'urirh, H». Li. W BOfia, al Wmirrn Aurat, Chrcairo is. 1859. 1J SUMM KJ: AHitAN(ih;Mi IJ real L'nUed Mai I tu,I Kip rti r>nly reliable and *LL Rocr« ro m Line FURNITURE! EVKR gEKD (N THI3 CITY, AT GREAT SACRIFICES, FOR THK NKXT SJXTY 218 and MISCELLANEOUS II. w 220 East Water Street, ""• W.H'K K E, \»IM(»M- DRY GOODS, &€ vi ri \\ SPRING AND SUMMER DRY GOODS! times j»rof(r3Sl('n We feel justifi nor tit th- fc'i-nt-c llurr Win. J ..J, . Pr} er .t Co .'III x r 1 7-> p W.lsc.n. Blahou Kelly, Aad* ews, Vll<lpn, •5 Krily Brown, 5 Fuley H .\ A « i H u. L. ii. The Latest Novelties VKrtT WHS H'hilr I .N, Wm » M . DETROIT Railway & MILWAUKEE W. H. JOSKPO T .Us. GKO K. TOWN8END, Prrjiilent. A L. WALKATH, Secretary U. L. P»LKla, Attorney. El?" Flrr and Marine Rlak« taken at current ritei. CAPITALISTS W ILL And at my office a Register, open to their in Epectioo of Bonds and Mortgages and other securities offered for sale. Persons wishing to obtain Loans or having fionds. Mortgages or other securities for sale, may find it to their interest to file with me their applications or statements 0. BOHLEY, y!6 Opposite Walker House. CK_>OL> CH.ANCK. HOUSE AJiD L.OT FOB SALE CHEAP. j HE undersigned will sell bis House and Lot, now E occupied as a Tav n by him, situated on Main St.. •LMlne, Wisconsin, near the Steamboat Landng and the E. A U. &. R Depot. The house Is located on the bat business place, and the Uouse as well as the situation of the Lot, would answer for any branch of bust- oea», especially for Wholesale 6tor«, which branch Is already now projected at that very locality. Those who like to make a good bargain, are requested to apply at Che undersigned. JOHN BABTQ. Racine, January 25, 1859. janST-dCm Lumber Vessels Tor Sale. Schvoner PasMoa, £M tana. Schooner D. Newhall, 190 tnnt. Scow Schooner Rugby, 168 tuna. The above vessels will be sold at very low prices for •atiifactory security. Good title. TATLOS A JEWE1T, Buffalo, New fork. Enquire ol B. li. Josis, Hi) »ukee, Wisconsin. febSS ' ' [From S. Ireoasua Prime, D. D., Editor K. V. Observer.] J<BW Vo«», Feb. 3, 18S9. UUTUOUSI :— The first volume of y, ur gr-at Uiolon. arv of Authors, 1 have peru»d with astonishment a d delight. It is Just what I i.ave long desired 10 have, and hav nought lor In vain. Thtuaauua of clergymen etude' ts, and all literacy and tutelli ent m^n, must wish to have just t ia work; and the* w.ll hi-rell, when they learn t at It Is in ihi world It dcs?rvo tnemosi cordial reception, and I irust that ihe Author and the publiahen » .11 have the largest reward fur their enur- prise and labor. Yours tiuly, ^ nj B. IKKMiOB PEIMf. Obllds A Petrrson. In"- wan, Jan. a .,18oli. WT DEAB Sis -Wltii b tier knowl^e of your buok from repeated feasts upon It, 1 am asliam <1 to bare written you so commonplace an atku< trleugmenl of Itj first r-c Ipt Of all the aturchouxe ol inieresang and readable matt-r the "Dictionary ol Auth r." •<•« i t me the most captlvaMnp. Thf good taste, industry, and skill of arranp^mcnt therein manljee.i-d , oi'itl not b« sb -passed, i.nd it wil make .or you a repi.tnt.un Trrv enviable. I shall try t , m»ke amends it, print for mv apparently inappreclative fl«t ackuowiedgmetit of tt,« acquisition. ' » ith many .sincere thankt foi the prize I have m ti,« bnok, 1 remain, my dear sir, TYurs, fa.thfully, N. P. WILLIB. o. Austin Allibone, £MJ JIV£N1LS may 19 Aunt Judy's Tales. Parables from Nature. Motes In the Sun Beam. Fanny, the Flower Girl. Dncle Jack the Fault Eiller. For sale by TEKBT i CLEAVER, Tmayl6 ' 167 , a , t Water St. AfiD FIKF. . rllllE oudersinied Is prepared to take Marine Risks i and Fire Risks on i reduce In store. In the Nortt, Western Insurance Oo., of Oswego, New York, at us row rate* as by otter reliable Companies. The reputation of this well-known, loop eslablinhed <'ompany entitle! i Uo public ron&dence. HORATIO UILL, Agent, nov8 at ..ffice of II. i J. t. Hill. Quaker Cilj ln»urauc« Ol- I'lIII.AIlEI IM1IA. ADTilOttlZtD OAPITA.L. PAID UP CAPITAL AND isSKTTs 2T7^M. tlfflfr, Franklin Bui'diny, Ku. 408 Walitvt atreet, I'Mladtlphia. T HE Bubscribrr l,a« b«.*-n apt olrled agent for' this 'Company (01 uiiwank-r ar.d T ciniy. Risk t»k-n on a4~favoro.'ile l^rnj, *« olli r responsible Companies JAMBS S u lilTE, Afrenl. Office, rornrr of Kast Water : ud Huron BtreeU, up .lair., nv^r ihe Marine I'n&k. roay29 BY STATE AUTHORITY, WISOOM81N OKNKKAl! INSURANCE ACt-ENOY CIIARTFH OA»». fIHE INS. « Hartford, Oonn. CASH ASSETS *S41,4S« (h, NORTH ARTERirAN FIR E INS. < O., Hartford, Conn. CASH ASSETS U5M,86fl WOOD AND IIA 1 1 AKIK G. JH. LAMBKKTON H AS just opened, for the benefit of all who may become hl> Customer?, a Market for WOOD and HAT, at the K V E. Corner of West Water and Clyboarn Streets, (Office with Messrs. Mabbett i freed.) His Stock of Wood is large, Dry and Hard, (Cut and Split or uncut) His Hock of Hay is of the BEST QUALITY, and BALED IN GIODOEDEK. Each vvill be delivered to any part of the City on the SHORTEST KOTIOE and the LOWEST TEBHS. N. B.—Wood Pedlars, and those who sh'p large qn \ntities uf H«v will always and it to their advantage to buy of us. We will fell to that dea'en mav make a handsome profit by selling on the street. maylj G. H. LAMBEETON NEW B O O K 8 —AT— TCRRV «fc CXEATEKM, 1ST EAST WATEB STREST. B ARTH'S-Travels In Central Airlca, 1 vol., abridged. Livingston's Travels in South, rn Airlca, 1 vol. Spdergenus Sermons, 5th series. Higher Christian Life. eiayli MA SI. FIRE I>S. CO., Ol Pittaficld, Mass. CA?U ASSETTS ..... $205,699 fOMTAY FIRE Of Oo SfcllPPEKS OF PKODUCJK /^»AH supply thenselvei with Bills of LadlD? at niay^O 167 Essl Water street. BOO KLS . ^~ O DB stock lj the largest ID the West. We sell every Book at the Publisher's price. We can furnish K> order any book which exists, either 1B the English or other languages. We receive new books as Issued from the Press. J» n2 ° STRIOKALSD * CO. GENTLEMEN'S FUHNISH'G NEXT DOOR TO A, U. VAN COTT'S ;c 10 ^ » K. it U S S E LL. D EFAULT having been made In the condition of certain promissory note, bearing date lit., A D. I8ST, executed by W B. Hlbbard and *"hn 8. Harris,an1 also in the condition of a certain vessel mortgage of the same-date executed by said Hibbar and Harris to secare the payment of laid note. Nolle Is hereby given io'atl parties ^nterestert thatwestal expose for sale and «ell on,'Tuesday, the 8th day o JTJtT, A-TJ-i 18&9,%t lOo'jrfocIt In the'forBnoon of tha day, at the Spruit street bridge, in the city of Hllw»n kee, the Schooner William H. 8 ephens, her 'm»U bowsprlla, sails, boat*: anchor, cables, L *nd all other neeeuariet therennt« J 'appertalnliig and belonging, to B»tWy the amount remaining due on said note and mortgage togetherwlth the com and expenses of lale. HOSED A. JAMKS. and. :/::•• :JOBispH JAMES, i •> , < By W. W. Baoir*, Agent. BCTLSK, Xornuos: t COTTBILL, Attorneys. mayiB-dtt : LA ChOSSE AND MILWAUKEE *;JElAIIi BOAD; : - 1S59. S»S^^ 1859. CJBBAT HOKfH-WESTEBHTTSITED \..^.iWA^8iiMM..*'aanw.Bss .• , AMD OffLY :AZL ZATl", ROUTE. Omtbe CPPER 10JISS18SIPPI BIVEB. On smil after Monday, Jape SOth, - ' Two Tflrough Exprew Traing Iteily, niOM DEPOT FOOT OF OHatMUTBTSOT, ,, - -, - J tSitiedsiati.'^Sil 1^* " «f «i«wner« to & from st. Tan! School Books. W E have every school Book in demand, and >e them at who! <aUe or retalL J"* 20 8TEICKLAND A CO. BIND UP YOUR MAGAZINES ! TJTE are prepared In our Bindery to Bind Magazines f T Periodical, or anything else io the lorm of R Book, in neat and durable styles, al low rates i*" 2 " STRICKLAND A OO. Stereoscopic Views. W E have recived a 6ne lot of Blerescoplc Views embracing views of Interesting localities in BtfSSIA, SWITZERLAND, SPAIft, KGYPT, NUBIA, OKSSOE, ITUB&EY, fBJtLAJTD, &c., AC Also a large variety of new American Views. New and very desirable Btvles of Stereoscopic Instruments. STRICKLAND 4 CO., Booksellers and Stationers, ^"P" . 134 East Water street. SIXTH VOMJB1E WISCONSIN KEPOKTS STRICKLAND A OO, 134 East Water street. CASH ASSETS. IIATIP1.EN FIKE INSI RANTF. €•«., Springfield, Mats CASH ASSETS «225,000 <aiLAUD riHE INS. VOnPANT, Of Philadelphia. CA8B ASSETS -»2S4,78» TS J. W, (/'rain, A^ent. NO. S, MABTIS BLOCK, DP STAIRS, Milwaukee. Wlnconitn. MIXLINERY GOODS. IN LIQUIDATION in Dry <*<•<><) THA. IMJ1ENSK STOCK 01 i— AT— ^ 187 d » MUST BE CLOSED OUT SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. SHOiiTKST I XFl DITIOI S KOI Tu La <Jros»»t, Winona, Read's Landing. Red Wing, PKEECOTT, ST, PAL'I. AND ST \NTUONY K.-tiiroatl. |.p'«..le,l ii'cotJI DEPAKTMEN April i. i «..•>». O N and after Motldar w.ukce, Watprtowr 4ih, irnins no the .M A Uararxoo Valley will arrivr in Milwaukre at 11 .J5 . M an.i 4.-20 r. ». OUR JOB8ING DEPARTMENT ^ ---'.,,r ,..,, , ... 4 ,., . , DRY GOODS AND YaflX££ NOTluNs 1859. FAVORITE TRANSPORTATION bADDLLKY HARDWARE 3 11-\VI>T DETROIT & MILWAUKEE R, R *City of Cleveland/ 1 & refitted l "Cleveland r>jut«.) Cth Saddles, ~ O N AND AFTER MONDAY, •enger Tralna wHI mo u loll -VA'IC Y(tHh And formln,: » Dunkirk, 01- i>l 1-14 A < U \ I IK s I U II I •Detr«ll, depart.. •Oswego* arrive. . 1 3(i KA >'l MIL WA. L'KSS, Jtanu/iicturtr* arui SOL'TUWKLL, JK,, Joiuer and Grand Raping, arr. *lirand iiaren, arr PKESS," Exprext Freig/U VV r OCLL> respectfully annuance l.. TT era, that lh«?j «UU coniinu^ t< And protop'Jy forwarded from MTKU. Agent !». f Uo.,"l L. WAMUR, Ajrent S T C" , 3 Ciemies Slip, i-o KN Kit K KTCIt.M.1 c,,-,l : BY THK —80- (ireai Bargains maj be Exp.cled, aprK^ltf JOSEPH CARV, Assignee. •Grand Haven, dep Grand fiapids, arr . . • Bt. Johns, arrive . Owosso, arrive ...... •Detroit, arrive. SUB. Brldfe, arrive.. C.4II . 7 01 11:40 9.Si II."ill C.30 A. H. 4:00 S:30 1:15 i:2o ' 6:20 A. H. 4:50 For sale at febl9 PIKE'S PEAK. A NEW MAP, ahowing the Bonte to the Gold Begioni la Kansas, Just received b gio , ... febl> la Kansas, Just received by 8TUCK.LAND t 00., _ 124 E,st Water rtr4t. NOTICE THE I.VSPECTOU or HSII, A ^£P Itrws '> *f tho Common Oonncil of the City of A. Hllwankee, In porrnanceof An Act of the Lerisla- tnre, approved March ". l»fi», hereby gives notice that he is aow furnished with the pioper welidiu and brands for ibe due performance of the Unties or his o»ce By the said "Act" It 1. the duty of all persons dealing In Fish te give notice to the Inspector to have >**S^»?L i .?'f e '5 ed ** br « nde<l b =fore packing, M -.8mltowlu£e tonndat the Ne. Warehouse of Mesara. Job* Farlong » 8on,«ouai Water «t., Walker'. kelert JOHN SMITH, Infpector. «.o.«T«jr .....i., Eyai & Jenkins, COUNSteLLOKS AT 'SBANK STATES MAK.>HAI.'S SALE. Lycurgus Edgertou, 1 In the United States Dia- va. ftrlct Court District cf Wlnthrop 0. Lord and f Witcocsin George Lord. J i n Equity. I N pursuance and by virtue of a decree made by the District Court o' the United etatn for the District of Wl.cousin, on the ninth day of May, ISM, Jn the above entitled eaoae, I shall sell at Public Auction, at the office of the United Itates Mar hal In the City of Milwaukee, in Uus District, on Friday, the fifteenth day of July, ISM, at three o'clock ID ihe afternoon, the fallowing deieribed property, to wit: "Out lot 'H' number twenty on» (21), tn the village of Waopacca, ID the County of waupacca and St .te of Wisconain- also a tnffioient quantity of Water rower to betaken out of &e Waupacca ttlver t at the dam erected across said Elver, In ib» village of Wanpacca. to propel three ran of stones Jor floarlng purrxuec at all seasons of the Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, May U, 1859. maylS-lawow H. 1. THOMAS, U. B. Marshal. ONIV£D »TATts MAii8UAt,'8 SAKE Tlie Farmers Loan* Trust Com 1 Pl"<y, . I .vs. The Milwaukee k Snperlor R Jl!* < i° l ?i?* nT ' OityofMllraiikee, John Steijart, JobamC A.A])crdln», Christian Halun and Gottfried {Wnotacb. I In the D. 8.-Dlt- Wrict Coart for the f District of Wisconsin. j I I J •Refreshments— Hotel In Drpot »t Grand Haven. Boat will leave Milwaukee on tiaturdayi at 8 p n.— for Saturday Nl|(ht'« Kkpresj puttDfen weit, but ^ < H. tra u will M .T leave ou hunilayi. Trains leave termtal dally, Sundays exempted. THK TKLEGiAPH LINE li i.ow open for PuauC Bo- smsa. OOSNKOriONS. i AT IsKTHDIT-GEKAT WESTBEN RAILWAY for all points— MICHIGAN CKNTrfAL and BdlCHlGAK BOOTHEUN RAILROADS, and CUCVE- LAND Line of Steamers. AT uiiAmo MAVEN— with ^ HURON" Steamer for CHICAGO, *c., 4c. AT niLWADKEE-Wlth U,e MISSISSIPPI, LA caossE, CHICAGO, WATKRTOWK and HOEI- OON RAILROADS, for lall Important points W«t and Northwest, and on Mississippi aiver, and with Steamen for Ports on Lake Michigan. Paasengeri for Gr«a« Western Railway go on the Bail- way F»MT ST«A«S», lit D. t M. R. Dock, leaving Dock at S:H A • , 12:OVHoon and 7:90 p. «. NIGHT TRAINS have SLEEPING OARS attached The Company's Time-iTaDles can be had at any of ih Stations. ' W. K. .Ill IK, Gen'ISup't. WHITMAI i Foaais, Ticket Agents, 230 East Water. * Wn.OatBui, Freight Agent at Ootnoany's Dock. H. O. WrL8ox,>General Western Agent. D. * H. H. Offices, June, 1S59 j e 9 J J. Ti.rk. CBAft. 8. TAPPAS, corner 6th and Uhesnu; HOVIT 4 CaAWroan, Osweeo N Y. fl. D. CaLDwnx, Aeent, Dunkirk, N T. ClIAMBAaUS, CSAWPOM) A CO , Clerela D ,l, U. Joa.l Hocn.vo. Ajtent N. T. Cu., 96 State »i.\ boston A.OCSHMAS, Acent \. C. Lin.-, HIS State jt B..,ton J. F. CHCSCH, Agcn^ KOUJC'I Point, N V. Uco. I'lkisR, Agent, Ottdensburgh, N. T L. J. UIUBY, Mll»auk^r, \V,, , odice LaCr,>«. t M It tt. Depot. J. II. CltAVVtOIID, . .„, „„ • O. J. 1IAI.K, [ Milwaukee, Wtacoosin, Office near M. * M R. R. Depot. N. B. — Shippers are requested lo see one of the above Apenti before making comr»ctj, u they are prepared to offer very low rates, aud ttieir coanr>-f<>ni »Ith the Ogiiensbnrgh and Oswego rouUs, an,l rapeciallj with the Sew York A Erie Railroad give them anauri>auet] facilities for cheap and apeedy transportation. .h. L.AW, <*rn«r But Wattr and Michigan ft». t JHOtcauJkee. James Swain M A 71HAKLE8 aUBNHH A «0^ oornerj of East ^ witrt y am! vnon ftxeeU, HUiraokee, WtoeoMJ ale Be*l K»tat», In the City of MUwanke£ - . easy Unns. AIio.yiiuAll prrrtdent ..n -of froin E *»o so sy nns. io.yiiuA ^nni -of froin E »o so acre«,near ihe Otty, far gardening parpcua. AUo J N pursuance and by virtue «f a decrue made by the Duulct Court of the United States, for? the District of Wisconsin, oil the nineteenth day of March. 1859 In the^re enH.lj* cattte, r.h»ll sell .at Public Atactlon, on TaadaT.SntJ diy or Augiut, 185», »t 8 o'clock lo the • ferooon, from the «tep« of the Oattom. Uoase, In the «ty ojHiHrankee, all and .ingitiar, the mortgage^ premHef toentlpned In tte bill ol.coraptalnflnm.jd c«nieKia<le»crloed * « ' HOUSESI TO KKNT. W E have several Brick and Frame Bouses to rent on very reasonable terms. We have also far sale a vast quantity of real' estate, ro lifting of Homes l-ot-, Improved and unimproved Farms, School Lands fa. We have 60 acres t>*ar the City, with House, Barn A.:., for the imall rent off 10 and taxes. GREflORY *CO., niayl SJ4 East Water street. c«nie,Kia<le»crloed a»» the r, preenl and in tatire Ho ^acquired, «»l »>id per.onii propKl .tjr and real estate ol the said defendant, the Milwaukee V >d . 8ap 2»°?. I * aUr , p ¥ 1 « 3om P» n y» » •*->• to «ay.v»Al ot IheflmdITUion of the Kailroad of»ald Ballroad Company defendant, from - tbe"0lty of Olty of Gr sen Bayln said State 1011] SHEUU^F'S SALE. STATE 0? WISCONSIN, Olrcnlt Court, Milwaukee! County Meyer Shoyer, '* : ' (New tance of ob« haodrcd and twenty mllei. including the' right ol «ray, and land occupied hy'tald first tllvi«lon of ' •aid. defendants Stewart, Allerding, 'Hahm and Woonch. orelthwof them, may have had" at Ufe time ;'™«S?i**!? decree, tp land ? upon whloh rail Bail. ws beem made io ttt««S,> together irith cul. [•and agilnst Sarah B. Weld and f» » y, f adgm-nl of] forecloiure and Cp.lnM. ; Fanner. , ,, TN virtue of andpursoant to a judgment rendered In J. laid Court, In the; above entitled action, <i»ted the twenty-elght day of Mty, 1:&9, 1 shall -expbae for •ale and jell at Public \ Auction, at the Poit-ijilicc, In the City of Milwaukee, idn Satur<lay, the lOlU day at ftcpiembcr, 18M, at the hour of 4 •T, ».,i[>f that nay,' the fpllswlng described mortgaged ipremliei, or 10 much thereof as may be necesaary to t also the amount of sald'Jlidgment, lnt-re«t mod cests, WgtlhM-.wlth the tzpouieji of iale, to wit: "The loath twenty [Ml feet of lot number olne [9J, In hlock numbey sLrty-four [C41, In the ; . Bertnth ITJ Ward, ol, he City of Milwaukee. In the County of Milwaukee and State of Wlicsn- ; •In."-' "' \{ . • • Dated ShtrhT'B Offic«,> Umaukee, 'nne C 18B9. .ten HDBI.U, ) ; A. J. LANQWOBTHT, f i , 8h'ff.MlljCo.,WU. (.any, and materials. John ; Hlarq|ii8, Architect tl prepared 11 furnish pWns for all iclndi bfbnlldlngi at the shortest notice j 44 " ___ ..... ......... EDW1IV H.-G009BIOB, ' ~~* Jon H. SaJou. LOKSDM B«»nu», 0. E. DAHOJm, Loom S. UAOZ, . Jtoinfactnren ma BeAten in fee.. *c atenownanaPralne4aTOOta. ganfcran tro»8*. jtt» 8 )r,*. A.WKLI /") HB e»» oftrerti Kgi iwaved thli BOOT« IHK OKNUINTK AKTICl MANUFACTURED BT JOHN PHALEN, T HE only one authorize*! t o manuf»ctare tlie sbv named Boots, at 12 EAST WATEII STREET. The Phalen Boot Is one of the moat uni'iue and e e gant ^ovtrlnjji for the fret that has ever been invented Thf-y are made of the best of stock and most ftnlshei workmanship, and are warrinte<l to cure Corns, Bun Ions, Swelled Feet, Swelled read, Khumltum, O oo t Ac. Reincmher that the Sole Agenl for these last Invented Boots In ihis City, l> to he found »t Tl Kasl W«tcr St. where, ai«). may be found a general assortment of ItUoTN A M«01.M. UAITEKN, *C\, For Oedtleaan and Ladfes that hrr« li tn this market all manufacture*! under the supervision of tbesubscrl •>er, [may25] JOHN PUALEN. Pic Nic & Pleasure Excarsions. BltOtKU AY'S LI\i: -OF- , OMNIB1ISSKS ANL> HACKa. P AJITIRJ wishing to encage Hacks or Omnibuses for the purpose of visiting the G.rdens or for Pic NIc Parties, can he supplied with first class vehicles on ih. iHortest notice and mo-t reasonable terms. A line of Omlhtuies ^1U commence running on the Irt of June for forest dome, leaving Van O»tt"i corner at » i. M. anil 2 p. u. The Omnibus for Wauwatoia leaves T.n Coti'd at lit k. and: 6 p. «. 7 j^T.a ROCK WAY, mftySO-dlm Foot of Bason Hreet.' DR.| F. A. €ADWE1>L, formerly of Toronto, C. W^ now of Chicago,111., th, tmlaent ind ikiHlul operator on the !. EVE AN0 EAR- At Ho. 98 Bandolph, corner of Dearborn street, 1* workleg miracles in the way of tutoring LOST "SIQIIT AND BEARIlfQ Opwardi MjtWO HDNDSKD hare been reeelyed fcy ? r- "i^llffef 1 * 3 ' tmr week »' mi "V of who» have been blted fir months and years, have had Heir light teitored IpiUnUy by deHcaU and dMetftoBtnOn*, •Wle otha% »ho have been suff-rers from disease, lave been m&ieulontly cured by mild and gentle treat- menu-' -' : - j| • • [ " ' •_ '' - ~ ' ' ' • The best ptoof as to ho* Dr. O.'iwvice* an appreciated Is, tha t he U dally reaving new patlenU from all parti of the country, and dismissing, as cured, hli early received CSJM. - '—- ' ' •--.-•• •So fet\t ttflulrffd for an examination oroplaloo.— tb CHAM* »r«errte«a'that are net tutcettful, aa wilt be itated when the patient ta reeelvcd. Dr. nadwell-i THati»*<mth* SaratutXyt to be had 0ra(Uon application u »H6ve.' - - - ' tOOHOE W pw ct. MjMiiinftrti and best selected Slock ol GooUs in U,ci found In tl.e Slate, and will conduct their heretofore, with the intention of £mna <a To as many new customers aj may (eel me us a call, we would lay one of our firm r« anil we have facilities for th, >at can not be excelled. :v!l lime* reaily to tako advantage ot ICaatera Marl and have been enabled to reduce the price ,>[ many Kinds of goods, which we "hall continue tn ,el it UK' lowest prices m W' e.tern v rkeu. "A e are conjstAntly receiving add.tlons u. »ur stock, and wili keep it ,o complete as to be »ble at %ii unws i,, nil • ' -. inr any kind of Saddlers'. Carnage Tnm- la» L -rs' jitock, aod w;JI do so in a man Dti ... B .,t ,-^jiaction lu respect to qualily and orices We also keep an auortmenl of Bent jiuil, Pole*, Shafta Pelloea, ;p«kes. Hubs, Ac-.., Ac..«nd hav ronsutntly on hicd.orwill ma.e t-, rder, auy nod •< Ooauh, Oar rtage, Wagon or Team fivnes.. ~~ Uall and see for yourselves. no REMOVAL i 1 . BAIL K 1 . Has removed lo hia old sutnd, ISO EAST \VATKIt ..STKKET, J. M. BtmexteeF* &ry G<*><1* btur*^ \ AD<! baring made such ad^itloDi tu bin fai'Mlttf* fur ezecatlnff KINK IP 0 K 1' ii A ITS! As to enab e him to «ay to the publU: with cooriilfm'- ih*t he is DOW prepared to furnish them with ov-ry ite •irable itjle of P. eta re known to the community , n.n.1 at aach Astounding Low Prices as todeiy competition for ex ample t to <uji the i,me •'• l>aguerrotypt*» tor Cis. Kl'1,1, SIZK FHOTOtiH.VPHS For only $l,t)0 the drst one, and 50e Tor the Duplicates .WKLAl.VtOTVPES, .Y.TIUttOOIt.lIMlM Al d in fact every other style of Picture, at corresponding low prices. iiUPEUlAL PHOTOCiUAPHS, Colored In either Oil or Water Colors, an.l nnlahed in the highest style of the Art.J TMK &TECLOTVPE, A oew and popular style of Picture, Colored in Oil, which far excels In Accuracy, Boldness and Beauty of Qnish, any other Picture ever od*ered to the Public.— These Pictures have only to be seen'to be admired. All vho are desirous of saving money an* respectfully solicited to c*>ll and examine Specimen* at the Ol,i Stand, .Vo. 186 Eiut Water itreel, Jfilwautes, Witcamin. marlS-dom W. t. B.IYLRY, Aitlst.^ Hats, AT taps and WHOLESALE S«raw AND f- A H I W MILWAGKEK, A L my .'ii >H.-I U.N CABLE —AND- . MTVLEM U NCLK 11KN up t,, the time, Hatj ,>f D'Ursuy, !,,„. k ror l»S(i, on SATI;KI>A v 33ue Iht* 1,'^JI . 111,1 lle-h* steam tu the Principal Town" in ENGLAND AND SCOTLAND FOB $30. The powerful Iron Steamships Olfi OF BALTIMORE, CITY OF T/ASH1SQTOK. a angU .AI.'CK'KT 14 1 H -*T- I Hater street. B. THBOOP W. B. Uregory COMMISSION ,\ .^O. 308 Wu.VT UATKU STBK4V r. and all kinda ,>f Produce. iecll AL Co., KANQAROO, Will tall from Men fork for Cork dlrec.t aud thunce to Liverpool, &-IVSBYALTSRNATS SATURVAY-Jf* The CITT O'UANCUKSTXB ana VIQO will nil frora BELFAST and COttK to New York one* a Month. Rate of Pusage from ?Jtw York , To Cork, LlTerpooi and Ihe principal towns to laiLASD, KNQLAMD A»o SCOTLAND : j,bin ..... 175 ..................... Third Claw.... ISO. •tf Faanngen forwarded to Havre. Antwerp^ Br»- ,eo and Hamburg tor |- R In Cabin, »35 Third Class. TO PARIS (in 24 hoars, from Liverpool.) Oahln |3S; • Persons wishing to *enil fbr their friends can obtain SrUficatei of passage from CORK or BSLFA8T to ,BW YOSK for «30, from UVIRPOOL }40. ForpauareapplytoR. J.Oortla AOo., 17T Kroad- -*,M,J— o- . PATKiNT ^on-Explosive tias Lamp. fllllK pnhllc Is oow favored with the BUST, SAFEST A aud must gCONOMIl'AL UUHT ever priiduceil equal If not superior to the best Coal Qaaj. it ,J adapted to- Ohurchei, Hotels, Stores, Heading Room* Private. Dwelling!, Hailroad i;»rs, 4o., *c. A trial wilt prove Its superiority over all Portable, Lights now in us.. It I. unlike all other Lamp., being easily nianaxeO brilliant, economical, free irum smoke or amell j.u,i what in more, safe from all danger of ainl «ion. Apply »t JOUN UOOD.MAN'S, iifl WlscoUKln street, tu . , B- ». fASNCM, 4fcS **«nt for the atate of Wisconsin. J o ii a t Milwaukee, WUconaln. S. B.— Paatenjers by thil Line, avoid (be rtak and 4jl»yofo*HlntatHallf»xandBt,Joh»», majJS jt&lf&ia.'xfxfx n Crouch, UNOhiKTAKKIt >priug-!,r., opposite Aiuerlcnii lloune KEKPS CONSTANTLZ oa hand a largo sjtortmeu af Mahogany, Black Walnut and other Wood Coffln. together with FUk'9 Metalto Burial Cases. The, office of the forest Home Cemetery Companv !• at my place, where I hav« the plats of the grounds i m always ready to aceompany patrons to tlWUeme- irey to select Jots or place* for burial, and oan be found r all klu-Jj for sale. T UB place k> buy Groceries) I. at _ _ BONN * onru.BT-« M gowt artlcl :•»*>.

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