The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on October 10, 1974 · Page 19
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 19

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 10, 1974
Page 19
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£> FACTS EDITORIAL Young people with purpose Salvage Rights nir MERRY-GO-ROUND lnmtd-*nenxx»,i - beiwn 3:» and 7:36 , 8*«r<e % s a sotid foot hours foe a < youngster's choice of fun and That's not Uw eftoicv of a select groat? of nearly a humfrisd young men and women from Daabury to ErattHport to Sweeny, who ptrfer to spend about half that free time getting The Brawsport Facto to your front lawtt We're proud of the* kids, and Saturday. on International Newspaper Carrier Day. we honor our own and those of aQ other newspapers in Braioria County, They deserve recognition. A youngster should have fun. But these, on their own initiative, haw chosen to use part of that time getting experience that will mean a bead start in almost any career they might pursue. Each carrier route is a separate, owner-open ted business, it has some of the same problems, challenges and benefits of any other busbwss. The carrier buys a product wholesale and sells it at a higher price, with his own distribution service earning him the profit He often find* that a bkyck? to an economically good investment, letting him handle more volume tn the same amount of tone. With the extra time, he expands his route by gaining more customers. He find* that sates and good service create* a larger route. Increasing his profit But it isn't all roSS, he find*. Sometimes he has to deliver in wen ther he wouldn't think of playing in Some customer* are chronic comptainers,, some are hard to collect from, collecting itself sometimes seenu a tetfious business to be doing on a fair-weather Saturday, This is more than balanced out by the pride of independent earning*, and the feeling of growing confidence. From it is gained practical experience for business* resourcefulness in dealing with people for any other pursuit It's doubtful that you'll fund c* earners on welfare, in jail, osing drugs. Work has pointed them in the direction of a better way of Hfe We salute them JIM BISHOP: REPORTER President and press should be adversaries rActi Comment and Opinion * Kentucky senator * strong lobbyist' ft******* k0* •** I*** *M* *» ***»**»**•^—-" ftfmMmfttM » te* jsfr **« »* t* a* ««*(K« ****• ***** #* g««ftte*ri*t. fct* «*»ate ft** ***«* m let *« * «• Iff * Ai fcatt <*** VfaViVp f-f^TWW»*W * WT*" *'** » •r-TT-r-*" F^T. -n- r*a#* fksf«i*. * wni«s«*f *f »** * J .» i , B4&r t^a* M. «t«t« wto MM w» W * **$«» niimo* W»* * •»«*»" ,«» .K***bi *«we**j «*» »M* *&*** *rtk««W«»» «*»* 4* f*''**.^ M ***" ."•' I****** ft* JKW ** W SB* **§»««*» .** ' A CONSERVATIVE *"»!** * ** Public assistance for private schools? site* *»••>* p*WHn<t>»*i« »»«"*« <*(* Sum**"** I* »> The fntKtJ St»s*« «t th« drwrn!» wwk UtM «MMh on * bn« , Amaag Uie n»««» •preen *n»J to Sftmwft. -.t*u*m< f* . Joe <fl«i««K»e» Wrt I* fat 'it ft««tl! to W« Mia«:vB (mftwtffl a»,jJ»tf eft«<w te tJ»inam. 4<i Slit * 'tt JU4 BtSlOP: REPORTER lae rcuutendup of the Presteteu to O* Pltac nust — if it is to work — remaia advcnathre u" ettbtr ia^wlai twn* but aoUeiooavei toUM'c<ber.Lbec9uatr7 o wtaedton Noooe — oof vna the CUogrtan «r Use court* — i* prepared b> q^aiioo pubbd; the decdi and moftoc of U» Chiwi Extcnthre. if tbty Ad. Omr tw«h« wwld'be ojaertkaahte aad ptrtbua. Tbe Pnm CM atfc the «ttbam»»te« qonttam to open forum* of tie rturtrtfrt'i cltooilin.TtH IIUKIU r i tfun nocw cnrrt» like * lynch temtt. *howua< and thnr arm* n 4 cjcopfcooy trf aboard and introNtneocy The man tfc«> prabcti in Uw«r o>|>7 tn IbvMffiuner of tMtkMftrii liie a to* t»«d by iKKjads. tt *»* dwonJurHj wrtd dbrMpect/ul. OM otn Konitj «»> m<^ (•ere aakieg tj«**4wss* •• tfory ««* tine PrexMMii ^ UM> f«al«t *ftw »an« cfeiiiftB i:*w raw CTWMI from Cafifcrsia. Ws* otta* Jfwn» IV«Bii>t»aaiai. Artaalfj Ount M a ihif il r *>»«• from .U JtMuwrf. BO* <&r*v«ti «ii".t -if '-.Wl* ttttrtf * «»11»'» Vttltlt * K^cft «rf tht «*««» under Use mt *orf r»wf*tMh Ata**6 f e j eanfenmcet, many nterr tfton aajr- other . PreMdeol, trtral j»»rt. th* Mgh mtft tw* f »>«t«l f*«*«r»ns» that ought turnrfi* to tte Ceo*'. « wftw.t The Proidcat, an the etber hand, » TVTttne"r*gar&og the quouona roott Skrijr to be «sk»d. Tto gr««» ton time to frame a truthful mpcme. * drrioos •WNT. or a bUnd lie. — Ifce Whh« HOOK press corpi «t an dite pxwf) of «tUte«>[Ur «nfm*t». Ytar* afe. tb«y used ao office tdfKtol u> the h% reception room in Uw wctt wing wiib it* note bsdum Tnaty Table. The membership vat sekct and ttxir ctuila were nmuae: to anend the brie moraag conference held by the Pmideta'* prtM secreury; to make notes and *ik ifMBlhsM; u» Be to wut for dfttrtngaHhtd visium leaving the Presidential pretence for taienrteirs. . bolder frmMi l a»f to wit «r nw (h» Prmf *ft*w*r*d tjuieiiient* tn ten* »ea«*B«'«», "Yet." "No.." 'Tfccf*'» txxht-Ff to itM Mory, »«J >«« kn»« « a* *«£ju< " SIS«J«<HJ»BI be Inked tut *cU- ktrviqi ticoei by tavittag a fmtxB; rcpcrter to £Xa luw on a teeming watt. EkMotMNHtr (rarrd the Prant »t«ft food lo the okJ Stale OrptrMttttt r'.ft.'if »',] >lu ti ii i'K't fe "l< vttif Cuwt, feM Mud laM lfc» MATTDM BUJ .tua extet tft»« fcr« atigM b« pdnted H ,. bat ptrteipi «*» «rf OM will «ucc«Md ~ Thr Cofifortta cikMr tc»S* M xf pa»«J by Uw *ut» lefMtatwr » Dfttroter «< i«7 Ttw t»« {*«**!• a Us crttdtt «f lt» child for U«p»;«rt *tth *!»!»< Hi M it tit. JfliJ hit* tlwjw ;;{«.{ jt^Ql -ilntlkttf* »(JiSj if* prrm «rrrt»ry. to frtwti dew* the So««*4uwM. the pioklactd ««t to NtrtDu* ttue hw d»la« pane Tb* general. I feel retuw, could f«c« » ArMg (quad more il m j ««««i lite *« w (*<j***fti to thaw *(th fa/hi* A! M -MW * <«".-*«l«t«l.».! f*r* it Uw The atembtnfaip hw (rowa »» Uw world power of fee nun to the Owl «fk» has grova. Newspaper* of cubcunre no knavf reftr on the etectronic wizardry of the Associated Pres* and Untied f*r*M tMensttiOttU. Eawfa hat to* e«x» ra*n Afflueni aewtpap«rs miimam < WasUagtM bureau, with reporter* MMgoed to (be White itoute. other* lo Ihr baBs of the. CMgre**, «nd s«U other* to the High Court aad aewtwenjiy depmmeMs such a* Deleo*e aad State. Without liteir vigBmoe, da) and ntgbt, ami their accrWe quesuoo*, the iofiamatMa you buy ta ywr daily arwtfapcr lor PRUUCB would be reduced l» pfrattnt pabboty rdeascii owncud by the ana ta paver. Goad repwiOT ia Wajfamgno «mff art utd tnek «tone» •feicfc oa gtftaimieat wmuu to sec « , ao utd hand in Senate and Hou**. tnoud none of "the MM at butfcw tiUprrtcwe had latajbt bin that, tf anyrjne CJIB get jou if y«u an wrmf. *nd nan you. tt't the PTIML Jote F KeoMtif uwnl Imh hkrney lo keep the Prp*» m to« He and K.O ft, atadt reporter* l*agJ» ,\iuflu, i**H'._»i»t*ty. bred » MKtct Me iaMUudfrara Uw Prew tie ***tf» ftnt to unie4*h a Vice ttT«4tfll toaUMrkUit' cncdu. It *a«a* foul • uctte a* Sic prrai CDTI* kat^ef (rwn chain to devour V-.KMI ^ IMsn kncnt*? Ifis open attitude will U*i only until the ilouw prtM carp» jnato tht (ran under W» eucm*... that potni R«f<are the act r«utd |p (erto «4t«rt, an orgMittJitMi toowa *» I winl AoMrncww tw«« for Puttie Scbuotf Maed fwr a tuewmrj JsidipxMnM atd a iflirf maiwiit iojisiysctiati V^ek avid the kw'* tafoneeawrt A OWtM»- »«*» nn«ft««< M ledcral court agrwd »tlfc Ihv Wl -.S Vkitt U» lft» pl»i»W t* aad held the *et Th* fant ciu* (nmt Ptnm;liniata »«e< Uw «ther »«j th»f » Ih* »Ut» legjaJalHrv •pprwitd an act onnktMg for rtitn buneowitf by the ttaiv «W cntatn ««M» (or jHMitory wrvlrn ia nropuUw tchoot* ThwMr ((Ktudv KKh tervtc«« a* WMtRt Tfcr If * n 43*** m*** mwdoMt l«r (aj»»< fwW* .,.. .... . tkw eWghtb>farpM»HMir (et Tb« is why the Praidcm »M) the (orrrer. and iomcOim* pinking OKA odMT. White reporter* are raearct»Bg what they betieve to be irutb, (he gownmnt »«h its bonk* of pres* atovtahai it jut* a* bu»y struggfing to •Wltoirt rtparuq. Ifaay goverBBcnt officials "teak" ftortM«bout other of ficuOs to favond , of "toafc" frwn the injured parti*. «nd '' 4MMK|a|MiM of tjlty Prtw / Ayl yet, ia the Ian few BRW ; ft* frets. It i« • duty w «k fc* dutf j < &HCUlivc fihc **tflBrth BBjffitfifjftf. hiti t^* «ht fmt RM (ran Use* THE BRAZOSPORT FAQS i<«»t«i>ni«ini ««w^ v tum "*ni MW it b .»»*., mM I. *H mutA «*• «•»««•• . «ff»q|l»pW **H<t»* «r*W»« BUSINESS Market Very' soft' for old newspapers THE WORRY CUN/C Cheesecake cures platonic marriage W (HIM, V *$ril r- By JACK !>:» LKK Wrtttr (AP> - The IntKMi fttt* dropped cut of Uw nurket (or ojd acv*p»pirt "The market M very toft," Mid Harold Cowao, owner of AAA ladmtml Paper Supply of Lot Angiit*. » Arm Uul buy* afa) WfKHWpw for ffryding let* fiwprtot tot »du»*rt»i pr«dwt> Tht prfM mw »himpfd from ttt a |«e »U maotte iga 10 f 19 for danwtlw MM <tri«*» l<> rhurrhet but their rilerU «f» to bv a bmttcd v*l«crt ih» htgctai u»*r of IK ft***," >««• aMtMtf, 'I *«n he RM» ( IWMKg ** «IUi( »rtl> *»J Itor P»!« ••a**. <*|«w(*f *«•* <**.*, rt# ltst*jnul «**»»< ,t*» tt "»=** itf^Mtl tfea* sfc* lwj»-r «t<R)* *lf *»»«>« Berry's World far old aew*p*pcn, with Jap*tws* «ad «•«•§§ «f th» markat and driviag Uat price up. K«v iter* fe • turpfai* mm»i*a1Mi ^M*«B<«^o*il«Mf MM fk* ^l«>m"IP^ ^lP"JW***e»sB"Jai"P^ •*•» »»W ptpr Uaportt, acted tint '* wtpwpy, which hu bma growing »t * r«(« of l« p»r cent « y««r bom (Jw (aat |*o dtcadM. baa State Paper Co «Mh ei*ni* <n C*M («if<wtd N J «wi AJt.p III St»l> dvc arai*paprr» M CaM«mM »nd atwM 3M throughout U» comtry **» uaiiQg fwycitd n«na*prM "Althattgh («icr« (or watte wrwifwpcrt have dropfMd <A wtcfca. the g««er»l p*p*r Uw Wwrt an *l »») Hm* WorW War II. *»>d Hichtrd B chairiuan of (iwden , v^.. , t v higher than toy pabd tin** Jawuy (Iff). •hen b^gh "But hi I*M U*« taw *wl fKtmul* tow aid «M> the fttM It 1 * r«*id M t» 4H l« Uw f*tt h» MM *«^M I m (MMidk vK*n it « M «*»jr t ii «M our **ddtt( day 1 "HM«* hi gun to t*d »l n«gM he ateajit van** a 4Mi «l w» tt«Mn «t a al pMar <*k« "&» hw« i an I g»t trim fa IMMW hn " hat* UM th««Hic«k« la bcv Nfatt !» OMI »«,» to* «***» dcMRU >» ami sf r U«»Hlt: tH»:» hire the Nut l<nw of rak* to a f4atef& marnaKe H«»»dM. (te» take hM m» takttt*, M twata ail Uw »a«y rcctptw Uial Betty Crocker can offer 'What ktad «f «k« » lh*4' the v vw y oft**. « «•*» it eltfcM" « add "tte so-caltad IWTTOI droo tn nccurrcd a* ih* e *pwt m«ftM >ta purvtiMei and U» 4u(M»tk marfcat adju*ted to the »liiMl«Mi " • • SewUet uM Oardta Statf lit* ptiywl *M» iflipor(«0l rote in •Itetaptiaf la bring wMtf degrtv of MabttHy tola ihf iri»d*it«Mially eyciic^l w*»4« paptf * tkwtoir cttunwafce." I HatnenUicr, lw, (h»i it My caloric* lo taaa «r "An4 to idnl •trayttg bwteiad* and di»or« AciiMtty. it *«W t» * |Mid Me* for •very clwdi la cmduci • M»rri<g« Ottrtc. wwh 4M Thai Mitm c* Une waw »»*»«, ,b, «- WWtWtfUtm «f fflrm«ff»y happy «*«**§*» «n«kMi* *<***» M* Ai tht dttiwr i^bfc »« Mttut thai >tw h«»b*a<| Kof niawpk. ' be ftaid. ' G«deo d by unm and parNtwuni to »w»y tiwn Otttr fat. A MtfUlit <• t w^^^ '^ B ' t iPH^I^F ^^ d nfpfcilblv irai H fair • >«ur hunted ta t»kt erwu«w *«d then M> ^rttr7« ..1« . i., , . \t&&rSs«£cn- . * , •«•«•"*

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