The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 11, 1923 · Page 2
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 2

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 11, 1923
Page 2
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PAGE TWO. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. WEDNESI)AY, JU LY 11, 1923 -I.SMITH-) MORE APPETIZING THAN EVER are the choice ftelec- tions of our market. Dressed Fries Beef Tenderloin Beef Tongue Cooked Corn Beef A fins assortment of Kraft's Fancy CIimb*. Baked Him Roast Pork Roast Beef Bilked Loaf Order Early FtariUhen Cur-urn tjftru CcuMffower Rhubarb Apricots Pcnra WaUr. melons Squash Tomaloec Head Lfittucs Peachen Red Plumn Cantaloupe* T CARRY THE FIGHT TO WILLARD Firpo's Best Chance of Victory Will be in Early Rounds While Big Jess Warms Up. ON THE ALASKAN TRAIL WITH HARMING Tho Solving of Alaska's Agricultural Development Problem Will increase Immigration. SPECIAL•s P. £ I $1.00 Phone 1500 "THE rEHNOELL STORU" * 7 S. Main "SYNCOPATED— MELODY MAKERS SUPREME" COMING NEW LIQUOR FEATURE FOR SUPREME COURT;-' new f<--Mnr« n frora OriHfnrni; July )1— An nntircly r tin 1 prohibition pn'lv •«d thf rupn-Tn^ r.'.mrt [f hivoh'iis i ho tin 1 '-*- New York, July 11.—Two of tho most wJdoly dfrergent typos the prlzo riv.v: hug <*\vr known will hw I iir Into action wilh fiutfl flying tomorrow Uli;ht nt UttyUVs Thirty Acres vi\u.:\\ J«:*rt Willnni a ml Luis AnffftI Flrpo win Fot»klh« right to iiacoma a ciial- Jentfor far -Irtok i Jempsr-y's tltlo. Ho'h nrii torrlflr, tiutichoru find po»- 1 BO '-snrti n£ romark.'iblo stamina, but tilery tho t?imll;irit y between theno twit fistic in.'ifto'.lonn ends, Fivpo, a (lurk lirowo'l. silent son of tho ArRi-n- tlnn, l.-i h natural fight'or, a rushing, Knv.itn Int'll'-r, who has known no b :i rri». r In na uttflck that has swept him, in a yt-sir, to pugllihtic holghu. Willanl slower afoot ami tit timos flliiiigish In hlft rhiR actions, fights <le- l!hi't\m-ly nr.d chiefly on tho dufousivfl, unites h<: i.-s arouned to sudden action or u I'lunoii to whip ovt?r an up- pcrout dial curritm duMUltittug force. Youth v». Age, Flri-o has advantntfo of 3 -nut .l1— hi* in ^ • ;tml WHlard )i around iO. Firpo in fnv -TtM* and can attack at mora anr '.i Put. to off net. tlily the towor- I iik K;iiih;ui will have 25 to 30 pumidt* pd v .Lni 'tKM It: weljglit, nearly rive Snrh.f,- }n height ami tho inchog In ITJi'i'o, most rri'U's npcroo, must <\irr7 th-.' fiv r lit t" U'lUanl frum th-, nuirt Thi-> h^Jinv^ his nuiln chaiien of vjo | Uiry In rlio first few rounds for the reason that "Wiilard has Invariably h.?oit h I ovt in wanning up to his work- U way by n whirlwind nttaclc In tho firai. rniiud that Jack Iiympsoy hatior- cd Wlllunl Into a ntatu of f^ml-holp- U '-t -;-TH '&s. Thin typo of battle Is he- Ufwd to h« tho p'.uu of tho. South AJiH -riran's v.!t<jratt mentor and trainer, .lintiny Koroat, who van behind I>.'nn -if\v at. Toledo and in tiflly nc- qnai:i!'Ml with WiUard's stylo. Wlllard itiui tho lossun of tho l)t?mpf ; cy fight by which to profit and If pxportfl havo ''dopi 'i'." tho bout corrnctly, it •will ba biitt.ln lu'twcou Willanrp oarly den .iivi- powers as:iin;<t. I'lrpo'a rughiifl r^r iU>: first fi;w rounds and it tho tlcht fro";: lon r r^r, a toss up aa to whrtlK -r a Wiilard uppcri'iit or ons of Fli 'poV: • lorirfhamnior thnirfU; with his r;i:ln tut Pri thu tldo of battle. ftf >n wiu'f)i">- s ';j)c.'i r:u: frnhibll dru^- l-iuts from fiilinp liiiysirian^* pr»-se;'ip- i.'ons 'which cull I'oi- liquor. Whlhi tho f'~:liTiil t*iriiri^ in N\.-w Vurk and M ^n- (.sna ha\' ; hv.'.-n '.vrc-f!in^ w)Hi (jui -j-.tinn of rcr-trirlinii t lie quantify of llqu «T a plvy;-i]i -iai» niay pr ij *;vTiho, t.ho finirta of v.\!.liH >niia havi- r-;.:t inod ;iu ordiiiMUi-" oi Anur!^ liniillng tit oi^ht hnii !.;l oimo\i, tin- :ui;oun!. iho r ^doral !i .;ot mad.* iVic. niaximum Hi\-:t,u. a di -usxi^t oi' lihH ar-kt^l Uip. aupronv? i^w his conviction for tha quant M v Thnt lft half KovtL-.rnmi'nt Mindin \Y. L om An^f-h's. c>u;-t to r»-\ violating tho unlliiM More Important. In c a 1 1 1;ix f( i r greater t»"on om y la tin* ailnilnl'ilraiioh of tho l.?agua of Kn \ !otii». w bilo spiMidlng niltitons of fran«.- ; ; u day tn tho o^cupiUioa of tho Tiuhr, Franc* suinns liko the* vlntnor who r -.jiVf.-d iU ih<? Jifl^ot and -svastod at ih- 1 buiieiudn. U cosik Franc-e a fow Uu>i!°iiiuLs a immi h to f?uppr ;rt the l »r;ii-.-.i>\ an H^ont of, bv.t her toll In iiill!ii-us a (hiy i\>r tho Ruhr army, ni:"ni of war. If t)o> army ot oc-on- patiou in a iirc.irariity of national def .'Mis:-, as i v<'t a ^ysorJs. this L-oague lias proved iif u Krtuitor ar .d more .*ui:ci-.-^fiil iiL 'CoaaJty. —New York World. WANTED! Your Tin and Sheet Metal REPAIRS Refrigerators—Water Cooler*—Pans- Roofs—Gutters—Etc. —If It^ Sheet Metal We Can Fix It— HOSKINS £c YOUNG Phone 3752 HARDWARE—TIN SHOP (Home o£ FRONT KANK. l'unwcc) Z2 First West Tottering and Decrepi^ Old Man Is Sensation of A. L. Flag Race IN POPUl W FHNCVAWKA M <SUPP05CP TO BE X %RBIDDIN6-/Ce COV£f?/:D- 6LfKIEK CROWNED IBNPQf £6KinOS-DOG 7e*M3 IMP POl/IRBeM*** iZrktJTH IT IS # COMTfiY CUhUTS VQN7HS OF THE. YEUR M'TH m HREFI OF IOOOOO SQUARE fllLCS FI7KP FOP mRICUlTUf^L DEVELOPMENT 1ND CPtPftBLE OF PPOOUCWG CffOPS ' OFWHOsrewLzss V/WCTY* CLEUPPNCE OFTIIESE LWD5 FOP Ct/IT/VFITION-HOWEVER m i^^SL^ PKOCeSS IMP WILL HAVE 70 P£ FflOllTPTED BYT/fE GOVERNMENT BEFOHE FPPHilNd ON P LARUE SC4LE. CFINBE PONB-t „ _ Na'.ional League. Al Tloston-- R H E St. I.ouia 301 402 001—11 15 1 Boston ".01 fi 000 000— 1 S 1 Unttorles: St. Louis. Stuart and McCnrrty; P .oslnn, Flllliiglm, Mc-Na- mftra aivd O'N'oill. Scr .-DUti g .lUiO--- — St. I.ouis 33" 000 000— 6 11 1 noitim oio ooo OM— 3 io i EMtiirlca: St. Uuiis. Stuart and Tilc- Cimly; Boston. Oesc.lmor, Genowicli, Miller nnil 10 Hmltli. At-Brooklvii— R HJS Chicago 000 000 000— 0 4 2 Brooklyn 012 140 014— 9 13 3 Batti>ri<»<: Chicago, Kcnn, Fuiasell, Cheovis .and O'Farrell, Haiinett; llroolilyn, "Henry ami Taylor. At Philadelphia— It H E Cincinnati ...DUO 110 000 5— 7 13 1 l'liiki.ltlphla 000 010 100 0— 2 10 0 liati-'ric^; Cincinnati, Daruihuo and Hargravu; Philsdelpbta, King, •\Vein- ort and Ho.nline. At. New York— R II V. PillKburRh ...121 003 100 0— S lir 1 Now Yoik ...031 031 0U 1— 9 13 0 H:!t!orii:s. Plttsluusti, Cooper, B^K, by ;ind Si.hiiiidt; Now York, Rttntl».:y, R H Bj jDurnaril, Ilyan, Dluiuo and Snyder. —-—Uiii^G^'-r —~i ings FOR REAL SUMMER COMFORT. 3£, 4 and 6 feet swings— J 3.25 to $ 15.75 Terms $1.00 down and $1.00 a week. American League. At Cleveland- - H II K Philadelphia ... 110 000 010— 3 8 0 . .lnO 111 i.i O x— i S 1 ]'h;iadeli)lila, Halniach CIovL'Iaml, Uhle and Cloveland ., ltatterio.'f: and Perivins; Myall. At Chicago Now Yot k .. Chingo , Batteries; R H E . .000 101 100— 8 7 1 . .010 100 000— 2 6 2 New Yori?, Jonos and CHIEF MEIOQUAHIN ' TRAINING IN NEW YORK e After owning one you woul'Jn't bo without it. That's what they r.ll aav. 1—150 lbs. While porcelain lined, $9650. $5.00 down end $?..50 n week. • 11—125 lbs. Blue porcelain lined, $82.50. $5.00 down ami $£.Qi» a vc-::U. Ill -Vi$ lbs. While enamel lm»d, $38^0. ?3.00 down IV—60 lbs. White enamel lined, $37.50. $2.00 down ejifl. ?2.(K> « week. TnrF.e four p .tl:rns nre In thr «e doc>r &ty !eG. Top tcrJ, Hrfrifjerat.-.r«., nod Ice Coxes are In Proportion to ulze, price and pnvnlettis. Terrnti on lU-fr Iijef atcr-s expiri.'-, July 21. Setee, $10.50 without rockers. Rccker $5.25. Porch and Rockers Setee Hofmann.; Chicairo, Cvorcgroa and At St. I^niis— R II IZ WuKlilnston ...000 100 000— 1 4 3 St. Louis 200 412 00:t— 9 13 0 Batteries: "Washington, Zahjilser and Uuel; St. Louie, ShockBr and Scveroid. Dttston st Detroit, no game, rafn- Western League. At 'Wk'aiita— R H E Oklahoma City 000 00 ~ 210— 4 8 1 Wichita. 010 000 200— S 9 1 Batteries—Ydo and Roclie; Hovllk; Moun and McMullen. Second gaiiie— R H E Oklahoma City 200 000 000— 2 6 1 WMiItu 200 91! 03x—16 21 3 BatlorioB—Adama ami Lutz; Sellers and Casey. At Tulsa— R H K St. Josapli 000 1 00 102— 4 11 8 Tulsa 201 152 02x—13 13 1 naileries — Nowton and Randier; l'lummer, Sherman and Crosby. At Omaha— R H E Dim Moinc.a 110 100 000— 8 10 Onviha Oil 021 OOi— 6 11 0 liattories—I.yuch and Wlioat; Lne and Wilder, Hale. Second isamo— E II E Des Moines 001 000 0— I' 6 1 Onmha 301 020 1— 0 7 0 (Called in seventh by usr^jcanemt.) Hatterlon — Houae and Whaling; IJouoUKii ajid Halo. At Sioux City— R H E nonvor 131 00— 6 11 0 Sioux City 100 10— 2 8 1 (Game tailed, on account of rain.) Batteries—Hall end Diamond; Williams and Querry. C'n/oP John irotoqnali, pujrilijst of Kly, is in Now York, v.-hero ho is being tralnod under Paddy Multln. Tie lias b'^en there for about two month!;, goir.c oast in May...and will »tay another tv,-o inontha, return-inj: to Ely in the. fall, it is s-ald. Jim Elnrir, hir, nianaKer he,ro, Bays th^it MuTiin Rays Chief "Javn" i:i In" (;hapo ta TvUlp Wiilard rlglrt now. Paddy Mullin has one of tl.v> hi? "aUililes" in New York, and \» training f;uch 1 "ight- ers :u$ Harry Wills and Mlko O'Dowd. Jim fllniar, thr: bl;; chief's manager, .say* ho was offered $5,000 in oasH for his contract with tlte big Indian rco^nlly. "If I hadn't bad insurance on my wlieat crrfp I lvcnld have acceptod tho offer," Jim tlUner fiaya. It lr. expoetwl Chief "" will lT'U'.iU a rnueii more, fint.siie'cf fighter than ever be -fore, with the advanta^ro of expert tr:iiniftp be ^'ill ^et in New York, a typi? of training wl 'itih has never been aee 'j.sKiblo to lijin bt-fore. CHwoland. O.— TI ipto'9 a decrciplt old man ho1>bllnK around here in tho uniform of I'he Indianawitb a runted old aoiii'hpaw reuj;tboue that aciuoakdl blru out of bhc National Ieaune a year a-PO.. Ho differs from tba little, old mnn wlVb the Ions p'ay beard from I v .vdiieah, Ky., in tliat ho wears no lilruut.o ndurnnicnt-3 upon lila lime- worn ohin. Vor po,mo time b^roro Uncle Wilbert Robinson, manager _ of tht> Dodgem, choocd lihu out of the leftK '.io w!Lh a &enoroii3 offer of a pair of cruf.ohea to a ?.sht hira, the eld man wart decrepit that he. hail difficulty heavlnffi tbo borscbido Into the. catebcr's snttt— slnttFrcrs usually sociiiK to It i.hnt i^he bail loo ka much hm;;er rldo than tiio j old man ever invent-.'d. Tr !3 Spiwiter, somutlnifs called thoj "Gray EuRle" and «Ui, r names, toetto and -worse, by fans hero, took pity on tho orphan and adojitod him idiile erica aTOSii rohitivo to "old inen 'i* iiotnea^ and tho like. When uho 1923 oeaosn rolled around Indian fans watelied tho old man g'tas- p,er about under tho tmrdeu of bis. yuars wltb mixed pity and acorn. Hut Tri» Speaker has the monkey gland experts looking Mko o4d Fallicr Time himself now. For tho old man tin* delivered himself of five, ball games and all five of the-ni have, been chalked up on tbo winut'.iR r&jito of cite I«<if;cr. Th . i i last timo be trundled that stiuejtkj- old roiithpaff out to the pitch- lug mound ho used it to twist tbo Tiger's tail ariri^d Uv> Detroit sluggers bate so oflicaciously that Uio box Sherrod Smith. score credited tbcirn with but four tilts. And this cair.e .after Ty Cobb's Juis !(fe3 had siarttmed all Speaker's hurlers, young and old. including tUo great CVjvelcxklo, for 53 hits and 70 hnsen in tho threo ^allies preceding. Ills naino? Oh, yes; it's Sherrod Smith. START MEMORIAL FUND FOR TEACHERS COLLEGE /— KmporJa, Kan.. July 11< —A "total ot moro than $tl,000 was pledged to tbo , memorial fund by students attending | were Hutchinson vteitoru Saturday Homphill spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Pcrriah. Frank Hamilton's .sister is hero making them a visit, ?.fr. and Mrs. Bertram of Hutchinson, spont Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. 0. L. Tharp. Mi-k. Clark White, and Mother Short >• <i> <i< 't> • High back rocker closed back, $7.75. with 13 So. Main Others from $3.15 up. Phone 41 American Association. At Kansas City— TL H. E. Indianapolis .020 000 100 O0--3 0 1 Kansas City .010 000 110 01—1 14 1 Batteries:—Potty and Krouijer; Sal- anda and Skiff. St. Paul-Columbus, rain. No other scheduled. Southern Association. Motille, 9; Now Orleans, 2. Atlanta, £>; Birmingham, 8. Little Rock. 6; Nashvlllo, 0. Only throe scheduled. Wootern Association. Henryotla, 2; Ardmore, 0. JoPlin, 8; McAleuter, 4. Ifort Smith, fl; Ouid, 7. Snrlugfield, 8; Okniulgee, 4. Texas League. ahroveport, 8,* Dallaa, 7, Wlchltft Falls, 3; Fort Worth, T, IJaauniout, 2; San Antoulo. 8. Galveston, t; Houston, 8. Our servlco car awaita your call, day or nbjat, These hot dftyti doo't Btop us. Just call 59. Rasland-KlnK'i- ley Motor Co. 11-11 Knife, and Cleaners. bojc plaiting. Lewis -••> ~. VALLEY •*> '"> * <$• * <*> * 4> ••' '••> «». * •';> -S>" JSnrvest Is about over and the farmers- are busy laying by their corn and cuttiiiB tho second crop of alfalfa in order to bs ready for threshing. Corn is looking fine but needs rain. Wo think some of the corn in the neighborhood is as good as can be found, in fact prospects are fine. It we farmers could only cash in on our prospects we would be moro prosperous in most cases. R. C. Jlawllng3 has had hia barn treated to new paint.. It certainly improves tbo appearance of a place- to get painted up. The O. W. VanHuren family are enjoying their new home. Tbo place looks liko new with the bouse and all other buildings iwinled the sujne color. The I.fiwson schoolhouae bos ali-o been fresthly painted. Wiu. Hansieman has returned from a trip west. He spent most oi the. time at Salt Luke City which ho says is a fine place; ho also says there, arc so ran mighty fine people among the Mormons. Rev. and Mrs-' Snyder of Pleasant Grove K. B. church were pleasant cai'ors at Wilbur SkcJtoii's Sunu,-iy afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Hal! spent Sunday at the homo of her parents, Mr and Coo. W. ViujUmon. Miss Mary Collins la enjoying a much needed rest at home after suv eral weeks of nursing- „ There are many tourists Koing by— east and west. We will wager 111 oro are not many wheat farmers among thoni. Anyway a wheat farmer doesn't need a vacation, for by tho time ho has put in a fifteen hour day, ho can sleep tha sleep of the righteous and when morning conies, ha is ready tor another day. tile summer soss-don of tho Kansas Statu Ttachora College, Emporia, after Governor Jonathan Davis had eddresiji-d tho students on the place of the teacher In tho present problem of deilH ):-r.u'y. "it it- their responsibility," Cover, nor l>avis s:i 'd, "to Instill into tbo hearts of the boys and gills the feeling of fellowship and tho spirit of Americanism necessary for tho readjustment which must before ,ytie_ci>unlry can have economic freedom!" Fifty-two Kansas counties were represented in the parade which marched before the governor. The pledges represented free will offerings. Approximately 221W students heard the governor's speech. SHOUT IN ACCOUNTS. Cashier of a Bank In Shelby, Va., , Hold. 'Hopewell, Va„ July 11.—R. Louis eiielby, cashier of the National Bank 0! Shelby, Va., wa3 arrested last night ou & chargo of -being short in hln accounts. H. J. Watliins, president, of tho bank said he estimated the short- ago at approximately $110,000 hut added that ho expected a ©ortlon of tha amount to he repaid. . Tho nrrosl of tho cashier, It was said, followed a lengthy invostlsa-tlon of bis hooks by a bank examiner. Officials -of tho bank Bald thoy understood Shfclhy had boon speculating in oil stocks. Some Jewelers say certain perfumes tend to make a turq.tioise diange color. •S> •<> '!> <» Q •€> <5- 'i> PARTRIDGE. «• ••> * •b ^ <* 4, -j, «>•<?, <?. q, x B. Short is threshing Mr. Mutcalt'a wheut for him tilts week. Lester Evans «M here from Newton Saturday. , Atr. and Mrs. Earl, from Nickerson, Were in this vicinity Saturday. Mr. and Airs. Geo. Skollenger of Abbyvilio and Mr. and Mrs. Orll Mr. and Mrs. .1. W. Dorrschucic spent Friday at Ar'.ington. F. X>. Heaton is not quite so woll at ihia writing. Mr. and Ills. D. L. Hammon of Wichita are spending a few days with-* Mr. and Mrs. P. W. Bond. Mr. and Mrs. M 'Urrel Hemphill tipent Sunday ill Arlington. 1h>o White of Hutchinson spent Sunday evening wilh Mr. aud Mr3. C. O. Perkins. .Mr. and Mrs. A,. R. Fowler, took Stindav dinner with Mr. and Mrs. O. L. Tharp. •ure FOR INDIGESTION ran INWGEST70W as ams A 6 BELL-ANS Hot water Sure Relief CLL-ANS 254 and 75<t Pockajcs Everywhent ! Anticipate the dlflicult bv manaQing the easy.—Laa-Txc. I Music Is Essential A little investigation through 5 friends in other ', cities will reveal ' "to you the in- 'terestin^, fact .:. that tKe Jenkins price on the well known and popular v piano^the-STORY & CLARK—is not Lettered anywhere, being, the lowest in the United States. Here is a piano of proved and recognized quality, which you can buy N at Jenkins' at a positive saving o£ from $50 to $125--h>ecause we make one price to all alike, and pay no commissions! Coins in, Investigate the Btorv a Olark Piano at |30B, or ifta PJay«f. *t itto. fipeolai termt If you tail in June. faymentt Qtailty Arranged. V/«ONf JHUSIG ca for Anv'Mn*. in, Mtio 1Z2 North Main. St.,. Hutchinson, K»n, X

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