Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on December 28, 1948 · Page 13
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 13

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 28, 1948
Page 13
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.. Shapes as Battle of Darkhorses SKIPPER PATRICK " season records sity of K™««; *ho have team, has w™ lost Won here S C ° uld of the Univer- wk s (3-2,) one more games than it and Iowa State meet'at 8 Southerners Win at Miami Big 2nd Half Nets 3 TDs, 24-14 Prize Maroons Out to Halt St. Joe Streak STATISTICS day° wm et bW e firsi ' r °™a Tues(2-4) a j; o •^•ansas and Missouri (1-2) anri ni^Tu 0 anc * Colorado > a UKiahoma (1-4) at 9:30. Aeams Have Poor Starts the fact that only 16 vic- s made its oTt l r;S^K^"V£ insists most of than a Kirsl downs yards gained rushini p asses intercepted .._X, 411^1n yearS? 8 "* Slron « er 1-ards pates Forward fards returned balls on fumbles lolal yards penalties Miami, Fla., (K- southern college / 1° S ,° 0re , l3 touchdownTaUd ??* L in th , e ?nd half here have many letter- denvLVv "? e coaches was busv "Cijvjjjtr m*. tparrt c?N^»t,i^i w , -4.1, i tccun snouid be maHf> the favorite "-auc c^ss'^rs? JNew York umversity last week ^HfSlS"- _Barcley, Harvard coach, quarters, han handling Previous Winners of of tournament Big Seven was won by a guest team, Southern Methodist umversity Last year Kansas State bAeatm g the favorite, Okla- and the " . Two afternoon games, at 2 and 4 o'clock, are on the card Wednes*Y and . Thursday. The c Sght dedded Each team will play 3 games. Missouri, Kansas State and tO - broken field running ever the Orange Bowl. North Scores First -The north, coached by Herman 2'* h??h ° ™ ing m the M, Si K Ve a " er Bobby Muhlenburg recovered tumble on the SO R ° bert (Tex > Furse passing and Frank Lovuoi ot t>t. Bonaventure, receiving th north rolled to the 13. There Purse back to pass, dodged 2 tackier Go Johawks After llth at Fieldhouse - ;(;annt ual local basketball dog- fieldhouse between St £3 h V° haWks and the Holy Family Maroons. '!!^^!!!!±^^^ Big 9, With 3 Unbeaten Clubs, Has Loaded Week of Games teim 9d m d ° wn a north All-Star M_ 4 ^b.^5V!££ tators m the Orange Bowl.. P «»* tn im P° rtan t item is the pres- ^10-game win streak of the Jos. Can the southside Mason ? a ._ oc ^ ial sch .°ol extend the Ki^c-f- f - ' ~ re S ula r thorn and SfdiscaS? J ° haWk reC ° rd int ° „, Favorite Taff Doubtful -Ihe Johawks will go into thf> game favored, although being a favorite means little in this fit? •>|-M-.rtr, _ f AT_ . . _ ** By CHARLES CHAMBERLAIN Chicago, (/P)_The Big Nine's 3 undefeated basketball te?ms_ *~, urdu f' Inaiana and Minnesota— Sf , lr records on the line this week in tournament action Purdue and Indiana, each with mT^V 05 ^' 1 a 2 da ^ roun <* robin meet Monday night in Indianapo- ' tl6r ald Notre Dame > a «f h > of other strong clubs, complete th « Indianapolis tourney lineup. Minnesota, boasting the league's highest scorer, Center Jim McIntyre, with a 22 point average in » obm U meet a nother at Drake sea- •series. Scores of the pas 2 sons indicate the same In the past 2 seasons, the Jo- hawks have been rated as a slight- B But w e Wednesday and Thursday. Oppos- 12? £ G , opl l ers wi « be the host team Drake, Vanderbilt and Dartmouth. turned the Season - In both In the took ers coupled fast, vicious tackUng r with clever baU some of ihe finest T meeting last sea- J° h . awks were riding a -game winning streak only to be " Ohio State, whose Dick Schnitr- ker is 2nd on the scoring list with a 21 average, seeks its 5th triumph m 6 years Monday night at Denver. Other Vardon Trophy to Hogan; Also Top Winnings in Golf Chicago, <u.R)_The Professional uolfers' Association Monday named Ben Hogan, Hershey, Pa., golf s top official pioney winner for 1948 with a total of $32 112 won in PGA listed tournaments. Lloyd Mangrum of Chicago was runner-up to Hogan in official money winnings. Mangrum, how- in ' nlmshed a " easy first I ™° ney won with a ° ?45 ' 898 - 32 - Of this total l 9fiQoo'-- off r ;'~i came from tournaments affiliated with the PGA The maming $14,608.33 was won contests outside PGA listings ro- in bumped up against Holy Family in the tourney the st quarter with a 70 o o lowans Aid in West's 66-42 Swimming Victory Fort Lauderdale, Fla., {#>) A fast team of collegiate swimmers from the west defeated the east Saturday 66 to 42 in the 10th annual east-west swimming meet. The west squad — defending champions—piled up points by scoring wins in the 50 meter backstroke, the 400 meter breast stroke relay, 200 meter backstroke -elay, the 400 meter freestyle, and ft* o"n/\ i. r — "" '" V " J ^J -*-^i a.ij,u. Swlmm! meter bl ' e£1St Stl ' 0ke rela y«ii il? * summ aries included: ^•llr^:^ «™ IS^ff ^m^lB^ee'on^' GarSt ' '—' ««"•' -400 Meter Breast Stroke Relay—Won Penn 11 ^ io ^^° Tamburo o Fenn State who caught it as h Terry Brennan o "sd to gain but on Furse passed to lor the score. Yale's Billy Booe then booted his 98th point fiom placement in his college career to put the north in front William Counts Ihe 3rd quarter was just shv of 10 minutes old when Pete Wil- iV a . m !- of , Nav y> whose home in in .off right ta into the clear •RI^V, i i -~,--~;~ * or a touchdown. Blanda kicked the extra point to tie the score at 7-all. piay that the Booe tried a field goal from the south's 30 but the kick went Aain th Again the Maroons took care o the string by posting a 31-29 tri- Winnin * streak care of r Coach game at Cuz Ottavi's crew HOLY FAMILY VETERANS— above, will see most of the heavy action i S'°n a *i e " lpt to ^te finis t y o theTo- Family high school, olluwtl a ^?^ Sev , el l fie J dho ^e when the are nelly and Joe Burnett Yanks Take ] 9- 13 Victory in Alabama -•22^5-ffii •Eric iSM&SrJ ffi-p- th ' took over on the 20 urdue, tarimore, Iowa, by Dunlap, we".' 30 Meter Backstroke (first h ea t)_Won ?ec»nd" ' Wa> West - Time 32 " 200 Meter Free Style Relay— Won ty Nugent, Kutgers, Kozlow, Seton Jial collere, Macneil, Rutgers, Jorda . r . Thomas, Purdue, west and 200 Meter Backstroke Relay—Won by 2?. ane ^. r ? wa - _ Ka h". Michigan. DeOronf 7 ., e Ohio State and Holiday, Michigan "* Tay'.or, Ohio flue. Greishach, Iowa, and M !.'2l i % n '. west - Time 2:0«.8. eaj>, DeGroot west iKel, Pur- Arbuckle «00 Meter Medley Relay^-A dead heat between DeGroot. Ohi/> c*.»- „"?" een DeGroot, ' Ohio Stale, West - Carter Iloli- n, Sohl, Michigan and Wcmberg-, Michigan, west. No official time was given. ""ictai Stroke Relay- ,, e eay-on by Michigan, Grove. Michigan Car" P " rd " e ' a " (I Iowa, we- ,; ' e, owa, we- 2nd, Dunlap, Purdue, Austin, Michigan n° Mlch '* a "' Keith ' Io «' a - west? Time' ann.G. M " sh '., west; Sr col- and niann, Michi„ • --07.JOW, Scton Hail Benza, Seton Hall, Shaw, Columbia Simonson, Rut S ers, east: . 4th. Weinberg Michigan. Thoma*. Purdue, Straub, low?' and RIs, Iowa, west. Time 4:07.:i. Sports Calendar TUESDAY—Ames at Mason City WEDNESDAY—Dubuque at Mason City. THURSDAY—Garner at St. Joseph's. tir-.!. vv-v^.s. w v ci. uii Lite ZU Williams ran to the south's 40 and then Dixie Howell of Mississippi went to the north's 22. Lynn Chewmng of Hampden-Sydney churned over from the 16 to P S the south m f ron t. Blanda added £nP° a " d the score w a s 17-7 The south scored again when bufiS Z!eglei ; of Georgia Te ^ bulled over from the one and Blanda added the point. The south rtad taken over when Ray Richeson of Alabama recovered a fumble on the north's 32. Futile Tally The north scored when Purse threw a long, looping pass to Jim Dieckleman of Holy Cross, who made a beautiful catch on the 15 and went over. The play covered M yards Booe's kick was good but the south was still ahead, 21-14 The south drove down to the 30 where Blanda booted a field goal for the final tally with one min- sridiron It was the Blue's first win in 3 ears and even the weatherman have the spirit of the denn cold spell sent the near the freezing aays of spring-like point after warmth. — Kentucky, St. Louis Might Clash in Sugar Bowl Meet again is primed to knock off the high-nding Johawks and Father Al Heuring, St. Joe coach isn't too .sure that the Maroons . Starting Lineups ot. Joe will start wifh quintet used all'season can't same bel fonvai ' ds ' Welsh and Glenn Cab- Lattimer John and at the guards Ottavi who has been substitut- es this starting ha, « , has announced f nl g , Veto Kisse U, Pile-driving fullback from HoJy Cross, was nt ground-gaming performed who at! ^ eC L m °ft attention. He hit the By BEN PHLEGAR New York, (ff)—Kentucky vs bt. Louis, the game basketball fans fTnaflv d m man h ding , 9 m ° nths a ^° imally may be played this week It all depends on which way the round ball bounces. Kentucky, the NCAA champion, is paired against Tulane in the Sugar Bowl blsket- w !, ca r mval at New Orleans Wednesday night. On the same Louis, the National I n TT , „ tourney champ, meets Holy Cross, eastern NCAA College Cage Slate State Drake, mouth ( «° r ," Bo "'' tourney . Wednesday and Thurs. Vanderbilt, Dart- at DCS * , Joe center and Mike Ryan Sl±H Pl ? Mc , Car ^ at guards Slated for definite duty in the game are Chuck Luchan ' games this week send Colgate to Illinois (6-1) Wednesday; St. Mary's to Iowa (5-1) and Colgate to Illinois Thursday Wisconsin (4-3) to Marquette ' (2-3) Friday and Colgate to Minnesota, Michigan (8-1) to Toledo and Dartmouth to Northwestern (2-3) Saturday. v ' The major midwest independents also face a busy holiday week, Notre Dame takes a 4-1 record into the Indianapolis tourney, then travels to Southern Methodist, Thursday, DePaul (4-4) is host to : Centenary Monday night before invading Baldwin Wallace Wednes- r»? y j Michi § an State (3-3) is host Wednesday to Mississippi college Loyola of Chicago, whose only loss in 8 starts was 45-44 to Toledo, entertains powerful Bowline Green Friday. Unbeaten Bradley university of Peoria, 111., a member of the Missouri Valley conference, tries to extend its winning streak (now 9 straight) in 4 home engagements. The Braves meet St. Mary's Monday night, Centenary Tuesday Carnegie Tech Thursday and San Francisco Saturday. Hogan also won the Varrion n trophy and headed the Ryder CUD listings with 916 points He received th P Vardon award, wh ch is awarded for the lowest average number of strokes in tournament play, with a 69.3 stroke average. Mangrum finished 2nd to Hogan on the Ryder Cup list with from th'-V'i* WaS d5s WHiied rrom the Vardon trophy contest because he "picked up" in the Jacksonville Open. ™- 'ton Heafner, Charlotte N ^!* e ?^_?. to H °g*n in an n, -rr V iuu to riogan ±J" rt *» lr ?P h * race with average score of 70.43T strokes per round Johnny Palmer, Badm N Car.. finicb A /4 o»j _.__•*,, auil J* **' stroke average Other listed b 3rd with a 70.54 were Jimmy Mclntyre, Minn. SchnlUker, O. St Skoojr, Minn. Ichfcldt, Wis. uddlcman. III. Vatson, Ind . . lar N. W. Vciss, Iowa G. FG FT PF TP Av S~>n 28 !) 110 •>•> »-'4l 28 II) 105 21. » 2D ^1 12 70 15.8 • 4H 23 S2 I<W Js.5 7 37 :« 17 Kifi 15.1 « :*1 21 15 KH 18 8 •i an in n « 27 21 IB Sutchko, Purdue, (i •>(> JM 1.15 Villiams, Purdue. (! 24 22 17 m.u 12.B 12.5 Demaret, O.iai, Cal. $26 074 99. Bobby Lock S ^ Xfri C a $M 468 and Skip Alexander Lex" mgton, N. Car., $18,99843.' Pepper Martin to Boss Miami Team of Florida Conference Miami, Fla., (U.R)—John Leonard "Pepper" Martin, former °-~d nals canals son vs Si T> 7." Amb rosc. Stmp- h°" ..™' j?. L _ Thomas (tournament at Du- run- ute and 15 seconds left in the game. North led in first downs, 19 to 12, but the south gained 322 yards rushing against only 35 for the north. The north completed 21 of 36 passes for 240 yards and the south completed 3 of 13 for 40 Blanda averaged 47 yards on 7 punts and Chuck Bednarik of Pennsylvania averaged 40 yards m 3 kicks". Score by Pcriorts SOU (II n ft t I *n .». Vnrii. " " 1'' I"—21 Norlu 7 0 0 7—U Guerre Shines zxKfts^Asr&s — "UnsGli'j too. JJe csrripH yards 311 13 tImeS and " etted 3G Brown University's Ed Finn accounted for another to vaids by completing 3 out of 10 passes outshining the Gray's aerial ace, Bobby Thomason of VMI Both nerup. If both win, Kentucky and St V, 1S w i U tangle Thursday night' they don't—well, it was a nice dream, anyway. Of course, there's a chance they both might lose and then they'd still meet Such a cha nce is at Ieast ag n oibena. Wonderful Records The Wildcats have won 7 ii, a row this season without losing- St Lfoul l, has wor > 5. Holy Cross'has stumbled only before Kentucky 5 games and Tulane won 8 in a row before bowing to the Wild- as v. — — »•"•!«»<»:» » l " u r n a m P n rSnnTl"" 11 ^ ' hrOUg . h Th « r " Grmnell vs. Cornell Coe vs ^tournament at i' c | la) Friday Morninjside vs. Huron, Pen, Slat- ^Cit^We^^ rto.-".^ ay. s. Central and Satur- St. Mary's at Iowa, Thursda the Rebel touchdown TV,^»V, ' n .°PP° n ents' fumbles Thomason picked up the ball early in the opening period whei Guerre let it get away from him on his own 2-yard line, and Huey Kenney of Rice dived into the end ^*?^ S J*^- LSU's Rip' in The Southerners scored again a. 3rd quarter when the ball •mt of the hands of Phil f St. Bonventure and k 1 "^, i n the. arms of Auburn Conference Standings Inman ; The Aub™ and Yanks Score on Passes Two of the Yankee scores came in 10 11 19 Pet. .HUB .(•no PAY FOR YOUR CAR THIS EASY WAY WKen you buy a car, it -will pay you to inquire about the Bank and Agent Auto Plan. Finance both car and insurance at 4 modest,^ convenient ?****• NATIONAL PRO LEAGUE EASTERN DIVISION » . W. Anderson jo Syracuse _'_'_' t .} Hammond " JQ Dayton " . { Tri-CIII., ^f 78 "' 1 *" 0 *" 81 ?^ Oshkosh '...'.'." !•; Sheyboygran .. . 11 Waterloo '.'.'.'.'.'.'." J-; Denver '!.[.'!' 7 Sunday Results Hammond (il; Waterloo <il. Anderson 7:i; Syracuse 57 Tri-Citles 70; Dayton 111. Sheyboyyan fiO; Oshkosh .(2. HAMMOND NIPS WATERLOO Hammond, Ind., (.^Pj—The Hammond Buccaneers defeated the Waterloo Hawks 64-61 in a National basketball league game here Sunday night. The Hawks led most of the way, but 3 quick buckets in the 4th quarter by Hammond's Tan Patrick Hammond the game. 4 a y ' yard touchdown to end Robert Heck of P Lir - n ^ fter the 2nd Period and another to Kissell good for 22 yards with only 20 seconds remaining in the halt Ha rvard . s Emil Drvaric m ^ pacement after the first score but Kissell made his good after going over the 2nd 6-pointer The count was even at 13-all when the Blues posted the final touchdown in the 4th period Wisconsin's Wally Drey erP went over fiom the 2 yard line after Carmen Ragoneso of New Hampshire in" cats .last week are nf- — qf 22 major unbeaten case powers m the nation. And all but H ,u em risk their spotless records this week. Other teams that have come out on tnn cf * ,„ time are Washington State 10 victories,- Bradley 9^? rd * Canisius, Dartmouth] idiana, La Salle (Phil..Purdue, Villanova Lawrence Tech (Detroit) and Western Kentucky, 6; North Carolina and Minnesota 5; Vanderbilt and Alabama 4; Cincinnati, Du- "Jtlf^nf 1 1 ?irl HiTir*,,'*, ' • r\ Carnegie Tech Coach Resigns , r Holy Family. The teams have met 3 common opponents this season, St Augus tme of Austin, I. C. of Charles r-i, . ^•i-vitw'o lld\'c s t- Augustine, St. Joe by a n d« >i C ,° Unt and Holy Family by a 48-44 score. Both teams have ° , ni! ^ ped Rudd > ^e Johawkl a: 44-41 tilt and the Maroons by .•Jh-.-i4 CO/^VQ J also in a 3G score. Alumni Preliminary A preliminary game will be Played at 7 o'clock hpt«»«, ,1,, ° m Family's grads won £ame 34-32. * . Holy year's , . ---- --'zzj , HJLIK losing on the athletic field, Insti- used to now is Playing in the alumni tilt for ^'^CS^^fi 2™f^°: J° e McCauley, , a one-time Tech , - ec gridiron great who took on the job ?Ll Utoring "de-emphasized teams as football and basketball coach when his contract ends July l 1949 w^ revealed Sunday night by'cTar- encf» "Rnr(H,r" ^ —_r_. , y ..^ Iclr athletic said Tech wasn't fir- ,-nr ing Donohoe, who starred on the Only Villanova, Mississippi and A! my won't see action this week Lots of Tournaments The Sugar Bowl get-together is ust one of a flock of holiday tournaments before New Year's ^, 8 ; tean J aff air starting Tues- includes North turn declared. n to 10 to . Buddy just sent me a saying he did not wish to . he wanted 3 ob where teaching northsiders with Terry Nettleton m charge of the southsiders. Claims Support Lacking for Annual Blue-Gray Game at Montgomery Montgomery, Ala., (/P)— Whether Boy/or Hopes That Parker Can Go in Dixie Bowl Game Waco, Texas, (U.R) — Halfback Dudley Parker of Baylor is eating regularly again and that should be bad news for Wake Forest, which Plays the Texas Bears in the Birmingham Dixie Bowl on New Year Day. For Parker, a speedy, triple threat star who also doubles a blocking back, hasn't been taking on much nourishment since early in the grid season when both right and left jaws were fractured, and he has lost a lot of weight Baylor—a Baptist institution the same as Wake Forest—had one of its best football seasons in recent years without Parker, but jf the flashy performer is able to eat enough steak between now and New Year's to get back to playing weight the club stands to be even '<G Gas House Gang " . Martin received twe'en a 1-year con- Tour is salary terms announced. Miami aetter. Parker got into one play against Southern Methodist and played 20 minutes against Rice in the regular season finale to show some flashes of the form he had been counted upon to contribute season. all - - v , .-.»., \t~L J - V¥ the Blue-Gray football cla assic is gave OHO, tfotuumy Syracuse university's football squad lost only 8 members by graduation for next season PONTIAC Prescribed Service It your car spits and sputters on cold winter mornings, brinjr «t to Gallagher's ... and we'll John Gallagher, inc. 22-24 Third X. Phone J144 Both sides used the platoon sys tern or substitutions, one team on the field for offense, another Jo defense. They svvapped every tim the ball changed hands. Oklahoma to Have Twice a Day Drills w^i 1 - 0 * 1 ' M ' SS " (U ' R) —Coach Bud Wilkinson Monday ordered 2 workouts a day for his Oklahoma booners, who arrived here by Plane Sunday from Oklahoma City f ° r *&£*£*&* d ^ Battle Bowl the Sugar Wilkinson was pessimistic about his teams chances, pointing out that "the Tarheels have been practicing all along and are way ahead of us." The Sooners were granted a 5 day Christmas holiday. They will practice at the local athletic field and expect to leave for New Orleans Friday. C 4 81 ?! inaw St , ate (6 - 2 >' Marshall 4-3), Hamhne (6-0), Brigham Young (6-2), Loyola of Los An™ geles (5-6), Pepperdine (5-4) JjQjjtana (1-7), and Wyoming Washington State takes its 10- ame winning streak, the longest i the country, into a Pacific Loast conference tourney Monday at the Cow Palace in San Francisco. Also on hand will be South- fa"^ C ^' f0rnia (3 - 4 >- Stanford (8-0), Oregon State (6-3), California (6-6), Oregon (3-4) Washington (5-1) an d UCLA (6-1) The Big Seven has its annual private affair at Kansas City starting Monday with Harvard as an invited guest to fill out an 8 team bracket. would be h is - prino&l voc",,o»". f -s.SBisisr^s'ss vrfflztssssf'™ continued will depend apparently on whether the townsfolk think it is worth the trouble fht m T?i PiC £ es ' general manger the Blue-Gray association, told reporters Sunday: "The Blue-Gray classic will 1948 finale. over Grove City in the to «• ™ hl,f It an V\ as N< >tre Dame— they beat the Irish 29-0 in 1 92S the unbeaten clubs Dartmouth and Minnesota—converge on Des Moines Iowa, where they'll team with Drake in the annual Corn Bowl tournament Wednesday. Oklahoma's once-beaten Aggies from Stillwater are favored to re? tain their title in the Oklahoma <-ity o-team tournament. The op ?£ S nV°A u viil includ e Alabama (4-0), Auburn (2-2), Baylor (2-5) Colorado A. and M. (5-3), South-' rn Methodist (5-3), Texas (6-1) and Texas Tech (7-1) . in 1939. Dono- never be played anywhere except m Montgomery where it was born and where—if Montgomery declares it not worth supporting—it will be buried." "Pickens statement was made in reply to rumors that the so-called classic might be taken from the The association manager also 'will have to While the normal 175-pounder blocks most of the time on Baylor's fast-breaking sweeps from the T. his quick-starting ability has paid off on tackle and guard smashes to the weak side. Against Rice, for instance, he picked up 50 yards on 6 plays. Parker, an excellent defensive man with his sure tackles and pass defense, also rates highly as a pass receiver. at th P n ° pens in a ^c. the past several years Mar tin had served with the f DodaSs" scouting and promotional staff He e football ssftt-ffi ? tlsr *s« side- season lined «im~-be a for e e g ^ opened. Martin began his ..,, sional baseball career in 1924 joined the Cardinals in 1931. Legion Team Organizes neSe^r^ S^ ftsaffiS!s££s are reporting for practice of association said Montgomery . Doctor Robert E. Doherty president of Tech, told one groifp of r^I^J 0 ^^ , the school P ha°d f n to 2 Injured Wildcats Back for Workouts o show better support in order to make it a worthwhile enterprise" An incomplete audit, said Pick- fhf' ct?onn d ticket sales were near the $35,000 mark GET THE SCORE! For All Sports Events Call 1161 TIPTOP TAVERN 516 South Federal 1 a ' - R) - Foot- WOODARD ON FIRST TEAM " San Francisco, W>i—Dick Wood- rd of Iowa has been named cen- cr of the No. 1 line of the East \I-Stai- football squad, which vill meet a West squad in !he nntinl H,arity game here New fair's D;iy. of whom have been idehned with injuries Zuravleff quickly responded to treatment after suffering a shou was absent while from the sr.urs'oifh 6 weekend because raa^d^^^Sk^^h^coS! tioning for their New Year's day Rose Bowl game with California Voigts said that he does not expect to scrimmage his players this week and will rearrange his practice schcuule to cut the workouts to one ,1 day. California's Golden Bears, mcan- nilc ar.-ivcd at nearby Riverside, Cal., Monday to round out their training. ALIGN Accidents Don't Just Happen they are caused Usually by cars .p« in each others way Let us correct your cars steering so that your car Steers clear of bloody crashes. PRITCHARD MOTOR CO. font Friendly Ford Dealer 202 1st St. S. E. Ph. 922 "UNCLE SAM" Wants RAILWAY POSTAL CLERKS Examinations Announced for Mason City and Vicinity Applications Close January 4 VETERANS ONLY - EXPERIENCE UNNECESSARY 3f $ 1.39 PER HOUR TO START ±, Regular Increases to $3,850.00 and $4,050 00 9* PREPARE IMMEDIATELY I . *-'•«*•»••«*-'*"*.* I 1?O AXTITT TXT rimrrv.,^ AT HOME Get application at nearest 1st or 2nd class Post Office. File it with Civil Service Commission then MAIL COUPON TODAY SURE FRANKLIN INSTITUTE L-224, Rochester 4, New York S«rs: (Not Government Controlled) Jiush me free of charge 40-pare rivii . Service booklet with full , CivU ffaidin* the cominr Railway examination. Send list of other sample tests. This doe., not any way. and me in NAME I ADDRESS : ^^r"^7"'"~'^Tl'T?%r^r^p^T7Si-^r:y.«~f^ i >»Tt^-»--w^^^ii!UM,jj !^&:rJi££iK^

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