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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 2

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Tuesday, June 21, 1859
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SPECIAL NOT'CEi Jfall Seed W heat. aaa -Wttwedr aainw.-. A. the xipaotUr. •rrfvln*; If na«U U P"rhM«, wfli dor wett-io Mnd In m* GwaiBriUiD.ln Gcmjrnment of P . Iipeattd In Buffalo, •••• •• 4 be :enfor«enwnt : r'.' v Ir^oneendtrfSaiBaaJtotUe othei^ri fratid and tripkerjv BBI iWren worth, papers *rfreadiff«ren» rersion oTtheaffair. \ In Lsav- enwortfa ooontr, hitherto republican, on * fair rote, tha <J*>mocrats came out ahead, and la'many other oonnties the reanlt IB theaame. ThiiTiotorjriras notvron tfr Irand, but by the hone** vottog-of foreign bora oiUaena, who har* hitherto acted with theblaclt repnbHoaiw- They areasenXrom All ooaBtrfeB—from Prance —from Irland—from Germany—from Soot- land and other land*, They are Swedes, Belgians, Hollanders, fingltihmen and Araerl- oani, who h*T8 heard of, and repudiated the MataaehnaeUs amendment. Here wsJ'.lave •wms of the results of Carl Sohnri's trip to Boston, and by next fall will hare more of the aameregnltJnonr own State, when, without • doubt, then will be another err ofdemocratfo .frauds—In Kewauaee county for Instance \ It heats all how nnBophistioated tbe republicans are. They never think of cheating others, bat think evwy rote against them is a fraud, and we really hope democrats will not take ad- Tantage of adr innooeticel wsvia the ef othe^toti of Cpngfew for the Bnppresslonof thn ATrican slave trade^ tod ^ •fo^tte:>ea^6n-ji)t*agmve slaves, «om- tnands our cordial approbation, and we have fuir confidence in its ability, and inclination to protect the rights of our ctiisetiB Ind nphold M honor of 'otoHbgif^i-ff: '%;i : -;5^ ';ij ••.,&* ,-, ; ^W/swrf, That we are opposed tolconferring upon -negroes, mnlattoeSi or other .persous ol ble admfartnre of African blood, the righi her political right: desir- Ohio shall be made, ancl her<ieS«ole8 controlled, by' white men exoln- pttnt InteresU of the • -•' ' ihe Legislature of this State. paajed by " * ~* The Judge, however, saw fit to sen- tenoe him to thirty days imprisonment in the county Jafl, notwithstanding that Mr. L. represented to his Honor the heavy loss and inconvenience which his absence from business must occasion, having charge of a large foundry and jnaeliineH.hop.— Sentinel. The -Btntinel gravely informs us that it " deprecates the measure resorted to" by Lee, t* obtain' satisfaction, yet takes us to task for upholding the decision of Judge Foote and gives above, iu only reason why Lee should' bare been fined. It is news to us, that a Judge should consult the wishes of a prisoner, before •enlenoe is pronounced, and It will be a very nice plan if'the Stntintl xsan bnt succeed in getting the Judge to look at it favorably. If Lee was to be punished for lying in wait and assaulting a smaller man than himself, tbe sentence to Jail was right. A finewasnopun- ishment, and when he expressed a willingness to pay a thousand dollars rather than fo to yai7,hls Honor very naturally saw that the highest fine in hit power to impose would only be taken an a good Joke, and that the ends of jMBee would not be served. We would now •nggeat to Judge Foote, and all others in like authority, hereafter, to invite the criminal, when found guilty, into a private parlor, and consult him as to the punishment he had rath- 0 bear, and to be guided in the administration of justice by the wishes of culprits rather than the Statutes of the Stale. If the onminal isa rich man, running a large Fotnidry and JKa. chine thop, let him off with a light fine. If he be a poor chap.not able to pay twenty-five <fot- Ian for the luxury of cow-hiding" a man, the Judge should employ him to saw a cord of Baoletd, That *re\ the .delegates in this Con- rentioD, representing the democratic party of Ohio,'and fire—' * - *^ •'•— ! Went and wet no departure from its an, priociples, nevertheless appeal jo THJ FBOTM ot OHIO at large, as onr fellow citizen., equally interested with us in the maintenance of the Federal Union according to the letter and spirit of the Constitution, and equally desirous of the blessings of peace and public order—to unite with us In rebuking the wanton, factions, revolutionary designs of the leaders of the self-styled repnbliean party, and thns avoid what seems otherwise inevitable, a conflict of mere .violence between the an- thorities of the United Slates and thostToFour own State; a conflict, of the most sorrowful character, and perhaps fatal to us, but certainly calculated at all events, to bring the name of AnaiojaK X.IBKKXY Into contempt abroad. A PAJLATIAL HOTEL.—New York has anoth er Hotel—a palace, stretching from Broadway in Madison Square,' to Fifth Avenne, and cov ertog sixteen lots. The best way to give an idea of tbe thing is to show its cost: Building, exclusive of front, •* $400,000 Marble front, 50,000 Ground, J6 lots, 350,000 Steam, plumbing, and gas fia-tures 85^000 Mirror plates and frames, 30,01/0 China, klass, plate, &o., 80,000. Chandeliers, 16,000 Laundry and cooking apparatus, 8^000 Gas works, 6,000 * Cabinet furniture and upholstery, 200,000 Total, $1,144,000 U has its own gas works, and immense machinery for heating, cooking, Ac. The last contrivance of ingenuity is thns described: Even a partial description of this establishment would be glaringly incomplete, should ? ?^L fo -*?^ : ^^B!»«»^-'*»r. L tte-rli,k' "'"of wgetlo hand. ; , What; dUhonaatjr; or inoompe- oy ; «^8te In the; jnbllo s^ryiqe, toe qnestton not »j»rtl»none. :if poHtlcs - has . ; into - official ' position gamblera. . rogoea and other descriptions of fast men, the - sopner , omit all mention of the admirable contrivance to facilitate communication between tbe difierent stories. 1 luxurious oar, or ladies' carriage, is provided, which will glide from the lower floor to the uppermost story, easily conveying eight or ten persons at a trip. This car Is propelled by steam, and passes np au d down upon a revolving spiral shaft, nearly 10 I feet long and about ten inches in diameter, and so perfect is this invention that under no circumstances is there a possibility of accident. Even should all the machinery abovs be removed, tbe car cannot descend any faster than usual, owing to an ingenious hydraulic mr- rangement at the base ; and independent of this, the revolving shaft may be stopped at pleasure by any person inside or outside the oar. This car is the invention of Mr. Otis Tafl, of Boston, and seems to b»of great value. wood*, or sweep out his offire a few mornings, unless the poor fellow had rather go to jail than not—in which ijase send bun up. ih e doctrine that persons nnder conviction should don the ermine and pronounce sentence npon themselves, is decidedly the coolest thing we have heard oT lately. To have fined Lee Would have been no punishment, as the Judge was bound lo punish offenders against the laws, he could not do other than he did, and the interference of Governor Eandall but opened the jail door, and let Lee walk ont, seott free. The I>esrUna*ter Genenl and hU Subordinate*. The PJttsbnrg Pott, a warm supporter of the President in all things, and » rigid disciple of Bigler, Attorney General Black, and the Administration generally, in commenting npon the letter of the Postmaster General respecting the late Postmaster at Philadelphia, has some wholesome observation! respecting Postmasters. The editor ol the Yost knows of what he speaks. He telts tbe truth in an ' nd. of them tteibetter.-let -n-- ^r- --- lo A teach- all its otBotra that patty services' in times past will not atone for present dishonesty, Wantiof respectability, and fc^ personal qnriifloatlou forthe position held na have investigation, and let the public- kn )W hpw these things are managed. A few 1 more examples will purify the-official atmosphere of4he country, for there is nothing which prevents rascality more efleotnally than the oentainty of punishment; " '-'"'' To.* Five Point*. from the novel by George Wiliam Curtis' " Trumps," now being published n |fflwy«r'« Weekly, is a fearfully-true picture of ihe life of mnltitud-s in New York city.— 1> ip drawi by the hand of a master: And in all tbe streets of the great city, in all bejlofty workshops and yards and factories mge hammers smote an.l clashed, and men nakjed to the wai«, reekiug in dingy interiors! bent like gnomes, at their-tasks while screws creaked, wheels turned, planes and mallets and chisels shoved and cut and struck: and doifn in damp cellars sallow ghastly men and women wove rag carpets and twisted baskets in the midst of Utters of puny, pale children, with bleared eyea and sore heads and dirty faces, tumbling, playing, shouting, whimper- ing^scamparing after the pigs that came rooting and noistng in the liquid filth that simmer, ed and stank to heaven in the gutters at the top of the steps; and the houses above the heads of the ghastly men and women were swarming rookeries, hot and close and bare, with window panes broken, and hats and coats and cloths staffed in, and men with bloodshot eyes and desperate faces sitting dogged with theft haw on, stalling at nothing, or leaning on their ragged elbows on broken tables, scowling from between their, dirty hands at tbe world and ! tbe future; while in higher rooms sat solitary' girls in hard wooden chairs, a pile of straw covered with a rog iu the corner, and a box , to put a change of linen in, driving the needle silently and oeaaelsssly through shirts or coats or trowsurS, stooping over in the foul |ir daring the heat of the day, straining thuir eyes when the day darkened to save a candle, . -=-.a«nts.. M. No -r .4.(«)tbets theOo.7«.l 2. TolPdo, Nofwalk .'- *Cleve, borids.. 4X00 8. M.I. . ~n ' •-. • V -Ml *. gtocki: ll- ' P. S. 6t ' •- i, :- J ; WM TOUNe, Branch. Warthoa»e,Walker < « feint. J a hereby given that 0. ft Murrayla* withdrawn from .|J« *r? 0 / Mo f r »y»«*riw* r o., having sold *U hi* tight;and Interest In s*!d «rm ti Wl Ham M. Klmball . •I* 6 be conducted under ih< >'., who wiliiettle allaccotuit A. P. PRIOR, J. P. HARBICK, WM. M-KIMBALL. A 8MALL Bl»ck ar.d WMle slot, * nw 1 " ther *»«» around 8. N. York Bt 8,1.00 do 6*U3,«no , worth ,.(..... 36.M3 15 • -i * ——— 6. Debt.dnt withe Co. *eeucttmbered: real estate, •rorth doubl£:(be~simount. of mortgage ;"|>er sche- ; dole" tearing T per cent. Interest ...Ij •- Debt* others/lie secured by stocks, mortgages snd Insurance scrip of this .and other companle*, and inlereit on satoe 1. Debts for pnjralurai, cnn- IlitlDg of bills receivable, 8. All other ncnrttles «n>l claitDi due the Co., salvage*, vessels, J'c 0. Personal property owned by the Co , : 8te*ra Tuir, i-ojnps, *c ttJWl gl 84,813 74 15,82* la 80,054 87 20,030 n 494.5S5 «9 • III. LUBIUTII?. 8. The •mount of liabilities due t-i backxjand other credlton. Nbiie, eicept- . Ing whpt i> contained in Mo. 10. «. Losses adjusted and due. 7. do do and not due. S. Losses unadjusted. Supposed to be at the eitenl about ............... 9. Lour* In suspense. Same ai Mo. 8. 10. All other claims against , to a point to tne.hapeonoie* «ar«> and answer. to the namej>f "Jennie," wat loat on «i!f«^ e £? n w ra> '* ne<{h - Whoever »«1 retvn "IdSlnt to 317 Main rtreet, will receive the above re"*'?• Jrt>(o»a. eoui$Tn..c*uujE3c. cortOH. COWf, HOLLISTEfi. &COnm Attorneys and t ouu*?llors, ?OS. 4,6, AND a, PBCENUC BDU.DISG, (19T East Water Street,) . ....... Je9 ............. WI <. Lost or Mtoleu. A PROMI>-OBY BOTE for |50, payable to B.rtiar. s '* m ° n 1? after °'» to Executed by lch froegei »nd Uula Ch. » r0 egel, dated Milwaukee, October IS, 18H. i ».„ ^'body not to buy laid note as It wdl not be,p»iu to any one rieept BABBARAUJED 10 "">• None. None. 4,000 the company, Individual balanco. uncUlm-d dividends, «B1 redemption of Scrip uncalled for ...... NOTICB. H AVING purchased of M.bley * Co., the r itoefeln- , i . ™2 e> con>l «"nK°f Cloth., Clothing and Oents tar- S IK Ooodl, with Interest In the business at ,b* .tore fl 0 ™ 5*" Waters-net, wi ere I Intend carrying on the Clothing boslcet. In all it. branches Milwaukee, May 30, 1859 U. R. MABLEY. liable? our stock In trade, .or ------- usints«, No Ifc) Kasi \V\ter si. we recommend him to oar customers and the nub- llc generally. May 80, 1859. MAULEY 1 UO. W E have .old to with Inter st In on' business, No Ifc) Kasi \V\ter 0. E , may81-cia« J. miia I«B BIT.II oiut< i j.i Gentlemen's, Misses' & ChUdrea' Boots, 8a.i*>pfeus A A «Inga'*r combination, bat very effectual, M the following wilt .tow: NaTr.To*!, .November 20, 1SB3.. Knowing, from experience, the valuable qualities of Dr. U'Lant't Verois/oy* an d jr <wr fujft preptreil by UemlrJg Bro*. Pittsburgh, I have for .ometlme back considered It my duty, and mad* it m , business, to m*i« those articUl known wherever I went .nujng ay friend*. A ihort "time apo I became acquainted with the case of a young girl, who « email lo be troubled srtth worm* and liver complaint at the »m time. ,rtd had been saffcr'og for *ome two moitho. TlirnuKl, ray persnalloa .lie purchased ono bottle or Dr Laiia't Vtrn.if\tge, and one b i of Liltr 1'tll* which iho took according ta dlrectloLa. rue passe j a large quantity nf wornin, »i ,| box Uluro uf, the Pi Ii w II restore li-r t.. p r Her name *Qd residenc e can ' e learned by E. !.. Thesll Dru?;lst, cdrnrr r R,I !r.-r » streela. Purchaser' will be careful to auk JI'LAJJE'S CELSBKArKD VKttMl»U(J-.. ui ed )y »LKM NO BH03. uf Pitt, K, p. ^ermlfa rain compartsou are wi>rhlei-i . r gennlnc Verralfugf, also hi* c«i, hran?il l.iv^r ow be had at all relp-ctatile .triiir muint witAoui tin tig nature „/ t'-l j-l-4-d4mlm ^I.KVIN-1 > i uvorv oi tin i i \ Thl. 14 a comnlalnt very .-uoimon, i-spei-iMllj emsles. ffooflantt'» (Jcnriun Bitttr, n. , , r tMs dlseasi* The -ystero, uniler Its ' n tor»-d tn Hi original str-ntrth iml v iror ih- ecomes good, the spirits become ch-e fui. »n-l ad mind you ferl t 1 e full rrsto ati.ia u l :. ^ Uie by druggists and dealer, in medicines «v..r t 75 Cents prr bot'l.-. j^ AMD CAPS T .-•, . C' A P S C' —AND— STRAW G TKW PKII CE-VT. Than c-an b«- I' -- v :• -ANY OTHER Hoi'SK IN M c 1 aso nr £O' m.V stock b-fi,re -will convince iho I . lower cb city. My go k't 74jlu,.. , benefit ,,t > 3TKAW UOO |N. ar.- ro liuylnK. m U,ai I ,, any n ila were pi .l I im rsult was, she ' I- Inki t' -it one |) n t • a th. liing on ' v ..roe Tor Da. I v^r P IN, ,-nn I u,r-<. Sana j 4(>.NN tLK riONN KK IJ< >N N l-.K tJON.N KK B ( > N N t. K B< JN N Kli :rr-.U rl . IM , H. .!><,!- I. I, 1. Kl >(., I.I- 1H, t I \ I I 1 H PAT; i Tails to 1 boily ' f'- r MSKi II VST- K'-luM Til.:o IN, Hats VUi, SIR JAMK.S l.l.AKKK i 1 VV I i , , h- VKKY M> .•< r RiLTAfL «.--1 .• - - 11. , i H. '] H i i i- 6,88778 10,857 78 Total Liabilities v 3V 11. The greVest amount Insured In one risk. 15,000, of fire risks Is tjie usual limit; but In some catfcs of short risks »10,000 On vessels and carfo*. $16,. 000 Is the usual limit, Including both. 12, Gross em.junt of premiums received in gUkle of current year, ending February Olslo 'Demoaratk Platform— 1859. The democracy of Ohio, by their delegate,, to convention lately assembled, affirm the principles adopted by the general convention «f the democratic party, *t Cincinnati, on tbe 4th of June, 1856, in the following hmguage: Sesoteed. That tbe organized Territories of the United States, although not endowed with *D the attributes of Bovereignty, are only held In the territorial condition until they attain a sufficient number of inhabitants to authorise their admission into the Puion as States; aad, therefore, are jrintly entitled to the right of •elf-government, and t&e undisturbed regulation ot their. domestic or local affairs, subject to the constitution of the United States: and thit«ny ; «tempt by- -Congress, or »nr of the States, to establish or maintain, prohibit or *bo^ji,:Uifi,:r.elaUon of master andjsUreina Territory, would be a departure fcoiatheorig. Inal doctrine of. our American institutions: «n« that we adhere, immovably, to the prin- oiple of ^nan-intervention by Congress, with slavery in the States and Territories," as de- elaredinthe Kansas-Nebraska bill, and openly disclaim fellowship with those, whether at th* •oath, or the north, or the west, who conn- Mi the abandonment, limitation or avoidance of that principle. -BuotW, T bat the suppression oTtlie African •nd foreign alave trade, by the Federal Qor- arnment, after the you- 1SOZ, is oneof the compromises OB the faitb of which the Constitn- tlon wasadopted, and our Union of Blavehold- ing Mdjaon-slaveholding Statee firmly established j that * wvival of that trade wontd not only renew those cruelties • wtich 'once pro- roked the indignation pf the civOized world, but would expose the slavebolding States to a constant terror of servile insurrection, and tb« non-slaveholding States of tbe border, like OhJo,'to*ll tliemisohiefe snd annoyance of a fr*» ; black population ; for these reasons With others, th,o Damooraoy of Ohio are op- posad to any soon revival, and'to wy me ag. on tending in that direction. .Bttolvtd, Th«t tke rendition of fughire s, npon tSe demand of the person entitled to their service or labor, is a duty imposed on ertry State of the Union by the terms of the F«deral compact; that tbe laws passed by "Con freaalo secure .such rendition, in outspoken, manly manner, and in so doing, expresses the opinion which all L.> est man of all partids antertaSn respecting official kjiavery: The Postal Department of Ihe government is one of the greatest importance to thu citizen, for «»rry one has a direct interest in th« manner in which ita affairs are conducted The safety of the property, and the happiness to a great extent, ol many millions of people, <fe. pend npon its business being conducted in an honorable, honest, prompt correct and courteous manner. The fictitious snOt-rings of Monsieur Mallet are too often repeated in real life by the carelessness, inattention or dishonesty of officials. It is most important that our Postmasters, and all those who are in any way connected with the department, aball be nSen above suspicion or reproach Beyond any other branch of governmental serriee, it requires that the whole public should have absolute confidence in it. It is unfortunate for the public that all oar Postmasters, and all our Post Office clerks are to same extent, politicians. In ordinary business affairs politics does not form an element. The merchant, thtr manufacturer, and tbe business man, founds his credit and standing in society, not upon his political views, bnt np- on his respectability Integrity, and his decent respect for the proprieties ol Ufa. It U thus with all classes. The mechanic or tbx laborer mu>t IM possessed of truthfulness, sobriety, common honesty, and self-respect, or they cannot maintain their rank or social position. Professional politicians, however, are rather regarded for their availability than the high attributes of character. Politicians expect to be rewarded for services rendered, by official appointments. When thes* appointments are obtained, they expect to keep them by partisan service. Tbe tax upon their pockets is great, and they too often assume the right of compelling those under them, to share the outlay. It ia the fact that politicians,almost exclusively, get into thesor- •vloe of the Post Office Department. The criterion of merit is service rendered tbe party in power, net honesty of character or busintxg fitness for official position. They carry tbe practices of tbe electioneering campaign into tbe official bureau and the pnblib is not only, in many instances, badly served, but absolute^ iy robbed. The emoluments of an official position, under the government, are designed to be the reward of the person rendering the service to the public, bat under the present system of political wire-working, to get into office the salary which the nation pays its servants become* a common fund for harpies of politics to feed upon. The practice of sharing the emoluments of office with othera who claim , have aided the party tosnpceeil, is bad, and tend.) tooorrnption. But, says the politician postmaster, " the party must be sustained," slid finding the calls of his own peculiar friends upon his own private purse onerous to bear hearing the roar and the rush and the murmur far away, mingled in the distance, as if they Were dead and buried in their graves, and dreaming a horrid dream until the day of resurrection. Only sometimes an acute withering pain, as if something or somebody were sewing the sewef, and pierced hti with a needle sharp and burning, made tho room swim, and the straw in the cora«r gl i mmrr, and tbe girl dropped tbe work and closed hc-r eyes—th» cheeks were black and hollow beneath them—and she gasped, and panted, and leaned back, while the roar went on, and the hot sun glared, and the neighboring church clock, striking the hour, seemed to beat on her heart, as it smote relentlessly the girl's returning conscioDiness. Then ishe took up the work again, and the ueedle, with whose rule point, m pain and sickness, and consuming solitude, in darkness, desolation, and flickering, fainting faith, sh« pricked back death and dishonor. At neighboring corn-rs were the reefi npon which human h«altli, 'iope and happiness lay stranded, broken np uu Ig ine to pieces. Bloai- id faces glowed through tlie open doors—their inmantty sunk away into mere beastiality. Inman forms—nien no longer—lay on benches innif over chairs, babl.lrd, maundered, shriekl ed or wept aloud ; whit* women came in and tookl.U"k Lottie* from under tattered shawls, nd said, but pat down a pietfe of mon- »y , and UIP man behind the counter said noth- me, bu look the roon.-y an-1 filled the bottles, which »ere hiddee uti4er the tattered shawfs again, and th» speechless phantom gliied oat guarding that little travesty of modest v even ic that wild rain. 13. The market value of its stock. T(ie Company has no stockholders, the scrip Issued on the Mutual plan by lu charier constitutes its .capital and the value of sc.'lpj varies according 10 lu priority of la.ue. 14. Dividend, 7 per cent on lu outstanding strip. 16. Tne charter or act of Incorportlon of said Company. Sent ueresrub. JAMK8 C. EVAXg, President. A. A. lcsTAPHicTt,. 1 'ecr,tary. STATE Of \V»S(ONSI>, SKORETAKV8 OFFICE, I il^cucs, May HI 1SS8. ( Satisfactory eridrnce having been furn shed 10 me that the mutual Inturan e Company of Boffil", being an Insur nee Incorporated by tht (State of Aew York, having compiled with the requirement of »ect on one of An Act entitled '-A.n act t« regulate loi urance Companies not Inoo portnl by th. .--tate ,,f Wneons n " approve t March 17. Ibi9, an i hav nir also paid Into the State Treasu-y thefcjrn of three per cent, on the grosi amount of premiums received In the 8t«te of « Iscon- rufor iheyeir 18W, .sper rej.ort of s.ld Company — Now, therefore. In pursuance of the act aforesaid,!, Uarld W. Joue>, Secretao of State of the Male or Wlj. consin, do hereby Otituy that W. f llu d, of Ullvaa ee.'f hebedaly aathoni d by Company, may take ricks, receive premitiiui »nd lr»usact ihc l»u ine»« nf ao ln»orauc(f Ageni for sa>d Comp»n/ In thli 8tat« from this date, unlll the Brst day of January, 1660. In sritoesj »!jer«)r, 1 r.ave hereunto «-l mj hand FL 8 1 *° J * ffi '* r<i 'he great seal of the Swte. «t 13 Ms'iuon, this Olst ilar of May, 16£9 J ». RL'OOLES, Jel4-dlm A.'Bi.tant Secrrt&ry of Stale. FINE BOOTS 3IA DfT TO ORDER. No. 225 E«»t \Vaier »trect (Opposltj Walker House,) iflbW ADKEK ........ [maj 81] ...... WJ3CON ."IN. R. LIFFOKir* FIN ANU AKT GALLf 171 Eatt Water Street. UY, M. If. This nvmlaahlw t use painful ±1, i , mal.? <.uD..tiiiu..-u and remov, . H;I : b» reUi"l nn ;»i<-r M i subjert. It FUKJSilTUKL V- A Hi. I U It Is pccu!..»rly .u- thf ir. -n:hl> j t-rio. Each - u:-, pr. Stao'p o' Ur-,, n, FIK.^T THRSK lire mtr - '. • '.»-in .ft A Ii till. I.AUII iWTia ^ i. ABI N h. i \! \ \ I I- H I N V T T ^ H AVING secured the ss.iljUaej of the oldest and mO»t «pertance<1 operatr.r In th« West M Uaw. Ittnt, (whose sklllln his department Is well known to many of tbe cltiie^s of Milwaukee,) I an n.,w prepared to offer- to the public every desirable style of Pictures nd executed iny other e»- Known to the community at lower rat«« In a better manner than ran be done In tah!lscm>nt In the West. CLIFFORD'S DAGUERREAN GALLKBT IT! East Water slreM, Tormerlj known u Seeley'i kooou. ni»rl'3 FEED THE HUNGRY," UtloQull'u- Ikirt, llystrn. 4, I STlll J"c. . i f-ul e * i- . I, . ,- whmxi '!>i.ulil be carci'jl.j (j.-f,. f, ^ole A^ent for the United .4141,:! JOB S1GS1C3, (Late i N. B— t\jOU aad » i.ostanc stami thortzeO Airent, will irsur- « i,.;ttl ( pills, l*y return mat' ror »alc hy TIIHIS Injunction, divine In it. origin and obligatory A as a duty upon us all, Is now h,ing obseiv.j to in. Tullest extent by ISUV\ 1 BUTTON C. HARRINiil... IKIi-WDgTH t '"••' J SI ALi'liTT t lic.-ip vv 'I \ KAST \V,\'j EK STKK1-.T MIUV'ACKrX, WI^ONSIN. Whoar«Jj»t nrrcuplot, best asso.tcd «nd most ci.mpMe su,ck of Family C*roc< ri«?» Kvcr eilllb(ti..Unlliljclt)-,th-i»ir, a.mjbeen t..,urtii rfceotly In Uir .>(evr Vo r< an.l Boj-.,,a mirk^t! HATHAWAY & BELDEN, BANKINCi, Laud aud C ollerlion .TUTtHEI.I.'s I I.I.I an mhly HI. 04 H. » ; F i > CASH AI Ju-li prlca a« e iible u> u, undersell all compel tors in Lhe trsde, anil mil aff-.rj u. a handinuie liv.nd proau projiarouie embn..'rt evrry srtlcle in Uieirnl. ' Dor A \ I LANDS AKD WATER POWERS, 490,000 At KK« Of Choice Farming and Pine Lauds. ovemmrnt NARROW ESCAPE or NAPOLEOX.— In his risitto the field of battle »t MonleMltr tbn Emperor Hapolwin narrpwlv escape<l bctDtf made prls-onsr. B« bad pa«h«d on as f. r 0 » Caflfc-ggto, and irae otaerring with hi* t^fecope the mOTemttnts of the enemj between Bar- IjianeMo and tb« Portigo del Stella npon the Po, when suddenly a detachment of Austrians pr«senting themselves before hire, only I BO liiiadrvd paces distant. Whether they h»d lost their way, or whether they had advanced thus tar from mere hardihood, cannot be tol.j; bnt it is probabl i lhat the Utter Bupposilion is correct, inasnrtch »» the advanced posts of the Anttrians ar» much more energetic and 1 daring than those of the Franco Sardinians. Directly, however, tbe Emperor saw thetn he changed color, threw away his segar, drove 'th« spurs into his horse's flanks, and galloped back to Veghera at a pace which would hav« done honor lo the winner of tbe Derby. Louis Napoleon baa fauks, it most be admitted; bnt that of w»ntonly exposing his person to th« enemy cannot certainly be numbered them. S ELFCTMi ago f,,,m tbe Him Laniia .n tl, ,1 StsU-, art now od-rrt! FC.) n ISA., h:, HT THK Wisc6asm .Improvement Co. At Low Prices, on liberal Trrmsof Credit, ami lu large or unall qualities to'scit purcha-.ers THK KAHMINO 1,ANL>S3, Ooraprlnni; the illlTfrent vMneti<>, lit (>ai n.. n ln • 4IM.F., ria. Old OiiTcrnroent, an 1 Mu. r-M.Q CM • r. ' W r-tatcrihir«. ;mi$ a rr/restaod »nil For and Clitmt ^ a ou r ' Agents l w»te-ed b In ihe rlc.m Cream M be m - v amonc 8 . , I860, ought to be promptly and faithfully exe- CBtodj s>ndthatthejleaders if the self stjrled repnbHcan party, in Ohio, by a peraistent dta-' regard of the Constitution ol the United States, in thli partipalir,.hav« shown themselves ;nn- wortby of the confidence of well-disposed na- lw»» party tn Congress That the opposition of the repnb- to th». admission ntler fw» Btatea. of of weSensloiis to be the pecaliarYriendB of -—-- ----, ----- --- ~—.«. .uc- SVUSUIUH;sover- eignty of ihe States of this Union In regard to their domestJc: institutions, and the^eriect oompatajiUty of the conbderation of freeand •litre States to exist harmoniously together unto the provisions of our federal ConstStu- flon, „' jRaoleed, That tbe acquisition of the island o( Cuba is, in onr opinion, eminently deaira- ]M*|wate salety And prosperity of onr Ee- pobSc, and ve shall hail with pleasure any «^^. —^^._» -Hh jostlce that would «o-' 'We can never consent of the powerful 'nonrallthedan- in such s re£•• Ohio railroad TOm" ) but are in fa- if;* hona «o Its, appropriation . * of.Europe, «id be calls upon those under him, who do the' work, to contribute from their own salaries to keep np the jartT. Their bread and butter depenck npon uncomplaining compliance with all such demanda, *nd, in TnosUnstaaces, th» public only bean indefinite rumors that such things ekist. J-i" ;..'..: : . •Where the ntmosf purity and strictest oom- mercial inwgrity should gtovern, we too often find that outside pofitic« are the controlling Uj- naerice in all branohe* of the public service, right of tnSrage and office quiring for the samenar- tlss^sarl ^•tsftvssWfe A - * •*— -- m andespeeially -In the local Post In Philadelphia there is « deficiency in cash and hard working clerks are assessed to par a dfeect liability of their principal. In Chicago a "starreling newspaptjr" mnat be sustained, as part of the contract of a corrupt official and •fltt clerks ire compelled to contribute Ihew- for, and wlwn, these things *re charged home by an outraged and badly wired oommnnltr npon the official, he discharges even mere hoys, »ho refuse to bow down to his Buoordl- natlon and «rear that they oontribate of their own^mpport a tottering partisan jonraaU These thing* are startling, but they ln * ««» Department knows of them wMohwn^rt he contradicted. -* isent results of taxation to support !«** *» v *"j*^ i * 11 * t * a 8*ble on every side.— community it poisoned by bad examplesNn hfgh places i ^, There are worse jcaaes in the ^onntrr, than that-of Mr. Westcott. He had met with a lota, and he called npon those ~wbo" were indebted to htm for «ppolntmeBta Tn the post office to pay tUe lost. The «a«es of the Detroit postmaster, already removed, and the Chicago postmaster, are worse. ^ If the facts in the lat- teroaseare'eramhied^ntd 'by tfe Postmaster fl&*u>**1 !•• «« & AH k a.-Sflr^ if. _^M ;* -11 »," -^ ^.T-l In a recent letter to his mother, in Fremont, Isaac B. Sharp?, of Wyandotte City Kansas, p.ya in regard to the Pike's P«k Tmrnbugp, i v, that the most horrible gaff-rings and fiarvations are exhibited among the returning gold seekers One instance he relates of tbe brotl.«rs, which he says Is direct from the mouth of Uie only one now surviving, that on tbeir return home, in crossing the plains, they ran out. of provisions, when one of thf brothers <dledf i dheer BtervaMon and exhans tion. Tie anrviving brothers then oom- menned to devour the lifeless remains of tneir Grottier, thus keeping themselves from direct and actual starvation, carrying the lifeless body with them for provisions, as lonij as it lasted I then cams another trial of lufferini? from the gnawing monster—hunger—and at" last another of the brothers died. No sooner dead, than the only remaining one commenced savagely, to tease npon his lifeless remains.! He also carried the body-with him, husbanding his only hope of provisions as long as he could, wjtt the hope of fa.llng in with some emigrant* on their way to the mlnea. Bnt day after day he traveled without sign of a living thing, until the fiVsh of his dead broth er was devoored, and the griping grasping gnawinga of the consumer withii Tiliri, dro^ehim to»bch*n degree or" frantic mad ness, that te beat open the skull of the skel eton before him, and feasted npon the brains within ! At last exhausted and famished he laid dawn to die, whir re sometime after be was found by a band of frieadly, scouting In dians, and placed ia tb- fort, where his wants were supplied This IK BO fiendish, so horrible, lhat we aiuMild n.iderno circumstances give it pnblioity did it not come from one who .we know would scorn 10 write snob unmitigated sufferings to. his nvtber, if there was no foundation in it. Let -Those who have a long- Ing tog,) to Pike's Peak t/eware, and let these horrid details be» »ari 1 ing to themi— Fremont {•Onto) Mewenqtr. , , »tjrlt,|!» an<l nerer-lalllng Brooks, an.1 ty of good marKeta^ T1IK FINE H.MJS Art titrumely valuaUe,be'n{ located In th< very hojt of the Pine R-gion Of Wliconstn, and harlnx bc«n clu.keitwiUi pirtlcatar referrnce to the qaalltv of the timber »nd the ricluliy ofl>.(;^log ttreama. WATKU P<J\Vtl{S. Tte siUenUon « EaaUrn CapliaJi.ts I. now ln»llc,i to the W.tcr Powers owned by th. Company. Thesr Mill Prlvll«e«s are sttoated directely alnng side the Canal which un.tts the Mjsslss,,,p, whh th. Great Lake*, so Uiat goodi.may be shipped b» steamboat dl- rccily to an fre.ii the Mills. These Powers will be letsed for a term o f ve«rs be desire*. ' as ma: J3f f°' further Itiformailon, enquire of ROBERT "WITH, Ageut of, or IHNlrL C Jj.NKE Seaeral Agl•n^ at Uie offlce of the Land l/rp»itm*nu at Appleton, tt',s . or of " ^ W. U. ftODWAV, Compatij's Ag.nt, •' ">»)!» 19 Wucon,lnri'.MtL*Wl,. WAKEHC^USK SA ; -• or I'rclaimed Freight aud op ;nii,. fc i, AC it oss r n. n. W ILL be sold at Uood's Auction Rooins,No.4,gprinc St., on Thursday ; mornlnj, the 3Otfi day of June the follow ng l<st frefihl atd Baggage, unless called for and charges paid rjrtrious to da> of sale. Mart,. 1 Black Traveling Bag, 8 ** - *' 1 Carpet, T 8 .^' 0 ^* 1 " SLf <« ( * ed « I « »' » frcntlDg OD 8th street, bom Cedar itreet, ka lamaraok lueet. la the Second Ward, of the Clt, of the arnuont which e-»ch lot will .«Kl8.r e et,«i.(t«i e aW«w«lk. planking and curbing walks and pavlan guttere and jt arelint; the street aocordlBg to plan and estimate of vlty fnff Ineer- Benefits', 828.10. 105,«J 144,8« 16«4,TT 3S844 142,02 U6.8S 418.TI , Comptroller. NOTICE ~~ Ctrt Coatrnoiua'aOrnoi, i 1, 'M. f General, as, team o wilt i& fie%Hl on, and an official , oharacter entitled to^ttsewom uf »I1 honorable * tnen. 16* Je1«-d« eond Wswd of Uie laaw- Benefit*. 43,00 ,28,«6 , OHy CfmiDtroller. I JtQOTRiJ. Water-»*. M I>q« KOTTND, Ticket Office, comer WUconiin and Sast .._ JeT-dlt Fred. Russell. No mark. 1 Carpet Bag, " y Black Bxgs, 1 Carpel Bag, >• 1 Black BiR, K 2 Oarpet Bag, •• 1 Leather Bat;, " 1 Carpel Bag, •• 1 Bundle Clothing, 1 Band Box, . " 1 Ruilett Trunk , Pred. Russell 1 C. H. ferrta. 1 Black " J. A. Blanchatd 2 Black •' No mark 1 Cars), 3 BUck " « 1 KnsreU ' " " 1 Cent, - •• 1 Box, H. 0 . Or eon. ' 1 Raisett " . No mark. 1 Black " •• 1 Feather Bed, 4 Black Satchels, » 1 Oarpet B»g, 8 OUDI, » 4 Ha« Boxea and HaU, 12 Bundles Clothing, : " Tbe above good* Jiave remained on hand at the Heat of the La Croxe and Milwaukee Railroad one year ant over, and will be (old without reserve for cash. i ' J. HOOD, Auctioneer Milwaukee, June U, 1*59. Jel0-d4trn20d r » M v Sui-h ai fuirars, i»l k.n-li » n d n the y rrj LJ-» P ,. prices,) Tea., (a T lor &<)c ».rrHKe.l h-iier than can be lioutrr. eUewlirr- 5 .imi n ,' pound for noihlnjj.) Coffets, (Mo. Java, L«gu<r* »n,| Km. ) M » • ul sups, ml hinds of >auce~, <u 1 a. Reading arid ^u>tlknl, |f r la.irr t l» r e»sim( stimulant lo tl,* »i,i,rtae, ^r IT pan, ufTurtun ct,n.l rr.rr.t, wmhinrd _ _. ..,.„„ cul'narj pro.iu.-fnn. i.r tl.e Kj,t. It L an ex. U ;sit« rell-h with Fmh, v tfl . 4 , PiMittrj ami ' in,*, an .| f,-ra-.s ami Me.l P.e-, .. », 1 as '-'aUo.° C "'l »l " u'j. S ru"" Wfhly Jejlclom o,rnr in M-ak« anil Chops.> B.rVin and f,eo»U-rs Olive Uil, r,^ r. jit, ,,| m, ,mj, i Cr. s»e * lilac, we I'. Pic.lei ol erery drucnptions,'>•!••• !>•< Lobsters, fresh fialmon, SanliE.ei. Lutie >-e Core ojriters, Corn Stafch, ra^iuc., !>airn, R, Coopers Shred Islnj Olasn, Mace ironi, Vei Figs, Rabilns, Cltior., Ac , * : We art- also bole A JIacombcrg Salad A very pOpuUr nrticl. «hlch .hr cures fimllr. Wr have H!..T XOOO HIUAIi CIjHI:0 IIA US, The beat erer ifferel In this city. Also t& KBL.S. .TIt»S PUHH. I'ut up esprt-.*!')- fur our tra.le ^ul•;^^H GKOI;NO i-i.oi-i Al*n> • '. •-. liin-l from the tCnipirt* *n-l • and TO Cl'T .1 LOXV *TOR} The beat si or it of Gruc^rlc-s frmi vrh L Ji i. ( §e.«ct froru •n -cur j »cd at fn* Invest rates AS WE s K I, L r o it c ASH. AioJ aiA-ve D^ bad Jrbta, we c *a efford to andcfdeii t «r nei(Ct.bori Who do K time lr» 'e. vmj of coarse? lose more or Irti of ihfir profit! In ih&t *iy. Call and Examine Our stock, whether jou want to buy or nut, and »<, Till freely show you our p>od« and pnc*s which we ktow tfannlt fall to p!ea«* yon. K 2 Ht A N * CRiiSJT l-'ranklin <h«-niical Work , KO. 5231 NORTH FRA.\KLI.\ STREET, ^ _ HOTELS, &C. L, O -U I ^ H O U N Us iioitnis i. ol is. U CRO'X, Dear Eajt W»ter iirerr Thf L-.u., wu esubhati r .l in lv»a, »nd ri»s b-^n e»niin the lame proprietor. »ho t»« es thu .ccaaion ., his acknovled^tnent to his menik %n.l '.hi- i,,i Uleir patroni>«e Ivr so many jean [>a«l, »ml i» continuance jf their k.nil rav-rs Th« L u,, I I A * »•«• a r«- :< i h a> for "\nul.e-*. n» fort. Tbere are some four ill. ALBANY RESTAURANT MllJ.lAitL) I 9' Id O U : u ) N t- dec4-Uly HYATT JANEKVIU.E ..... H o i; s F. . » IJCONSIv SPLENDID HOTKL lias recently cftanired pro-*• prieu>r»— Geoej-aJ McMarunao retlr-aj. ta.i -.fir Messrs. XLoTD tacceedlng him in !U maoa^i-iueai — Tbe Messrs, t. are both well kno»n thruu«h,,ul lh^ •esterri country as gentlemen of expvnenir» m H"ifi keeping, and no other assurance ts neceasary mat the Hjratt House » Ii hereafter be cun.lucted in > ,ty:r i,- errtnfl the patronaffe of the public. not-JU .Itf n ew Yr. Mills, n (J" A. H LOOK HERE, YE WEARY TRAVELERS D I N I N 0 S A 1, O O N ! L OCATED near tbe HUwautee A Mississippi D-pot la Just the place to procure warm anil substantial meals, for the small sKm of 22 centj an-1 the Lal>ln will !>e supplied with the choicest Tlanils of the i-anon OYSXBllS A^D J, H, CORUES CO SerTed up in eTery «yle, on short notice. The Bar . al'ay, supplied with Uie ahoicat Wines, Liq.i,,n .n. VV h o 1 e a a G- r o c N Trarelers npon the Milwaukee i Mississippi will fl nd ita neat and convenient place to pr-x-ur seals- Wsj-m Lunch fr^m \0 u> t o'cl- ck e»-ry .• ROH.I sept 23 C. CU.N.M.N(iaA.\f. r-ropr etr W Ebeyi-ave I tac tr«dc In to announi-e lo our coslOm^rs, an 1 to n |tener.tJ, tN«t during ini> striU'.ii un travel ng agent mil, br dispatcheil fr,,m uur »orks.— We mv e oar o].| ccstomers ami othm lo favor us by < letter with their orders for Fs>st'i»Cf* ol* Liquirr*, which, ss »ltra)s. mil be «i-cotrd to their enure tutu- ' (act on. Thousands appreciate the pUn upon which our K»Benceiareit}ad.-«hiCh present, trie [aliening ad- van'agrs and lanllttes n«ver • ffereil by others J 1. The E-Benre fiuro these worss are actually | gained, b/ iilil liation, theefoie Healthy «nr| par, — >«me htng ^thtrs car.ncst or >lar« nn; i:ia ra for theirs. S. Tie Coltt are much less than olhers . because j these Ciscnces re pat up In packages, each containing j irBoogti for forty galluna, ar,d -oinprisinif r.ot only all t&« required Ingre Jien's, but al*t t\f coi&ring. \ Address letters to CARL ERLKK, Ma™ K pr. , ranklln I ChemUal Works, Chicago, Ul , K. O BOJ, 3»^ — d6m B T resolution of the (J<jm«on Council, adopted Jane 6th, 18i», thi recommendation of tbe Street Oom- mtasloneii to grade Nortb alley to the established grade running through fclock t«3. In the Second Wanl, it I ordered, , j That slid alley be grani-il to the e-taWhhtd (rradp aeeordlngto the estimate;of tbe Olty Engineer on file la this offlce. ',., Owner« of property Ii md alley are hereby rratlfinl !• make lush Improvemenis wHh'n 20 daj s frpm this date, or the gteeet Oommltsionen of the Second Ward will cause the same to be done and charged tt)th« respective lot* according 1« law. Jell-dtt . B. L*H.HARDIN1B, Ooraptroller. EAGLE STEAM FOUNDRY, MAOHINJE WORKS TOMTOM & islmcomi. Proprietor*. iMo». VOBtSOSfSOO, SOS and 3O4 WEST WAT|EK STKEE'I Two block. beJew the IA Oroai B. B. HOBaiPOWtKT mOMAOniNKB, BWDOK, KAILBOAD ,,,.,. , IBOKpOLUMNS, •For flalldin^., and efeftf variety of Job Work, la tht Ibe attention of MilHisraer. and owners •/ Watcr- Power, U parUeolirl* cmtlkd: to tbe- ! \ ilTEB WHKE1-. bjr far the rnott powerful, durable and ecx- Vfteyl tvet tnv6iite<l—oot lUMe toTget oot of t affected b; Ice tor b»ck«i»tCT, and uilnglew .. -._i proportion to Uie power prodacetl th»n anr etterWheeMn the markcM AdbicrlptiY.S<mlar fe "SlSS ^S^ application; free of charie. FOC« BILlLAHD XABtiKa ~, OJZ'SAJ^K OHKAP," will {Mil four BIIUrdTabUt with BLATZ, OHy Jn-eweiy. i • r General Advertising- Agents, 186 SA SDOtiPII STBXJTI, ' * ho !f* '"r* 0 *'*** «o re4eJVo AdTertl»«taenU for Oil. as wall at all of the mow Influential and Urrwt clrcu" UUagpapewilwolT.fliunttte.Bttr. Sora-lKS:. N Orvicc or THI Mn_ i MDIXCK/TI R. K. Co., Milwaukee, Ju e 6, 1S,"J. Is hereby given, that thr deed of orifan tlnn of this Company, Is In the otic- of the Secre tary of this Compiny, in the City of Milwaukee, ready to toe executed by holders of bnnd« secured by th mortgages of the LaCrosse a Milwaukee Rulroad Co. ander forecl0*are of which this Company Is organized •nd persons holding such noodj who have not atreaili executed ibe same are notified to Oo so m person of bi attoraey dul)^ authorized. Notice 1* also liven, that the Secretary of this Com p»oy wl'l listfe eernAcates of the itock of this Compa oy lo the holders of such bonds upon surrrender there- »f, In pursuance of the provisions of the dee.1 of or imitation. Notlc i Is also given, that the Board of Directors o this Company ha* taade an asse&smeut in the stov-« a the rate «f ono per cerrt. for the t wrpose of paying tin expenses of fqr«Cloilnjf the said mortgage and o or aWnUltigthbJ Company, payable on or before the Prs da> of July next, to th# Tre«surer of ihls Oompanj, his oulce in the City of Milwaukee. jel-dtt DWlliHT W.«l.VS8, Secreur) ROOFING, HARDWARE, &.C. »J n E A C L E & S O IV SION Oi- Ttiii B1G-11ED KETTLE DEALERS IN Stores, Sheet Iron. Tin. Hardware -AWD— ICiillULTIJUAL TTTOULD rHpectfnlly Inform their friends and the w T public generally, that they hare opened l Store at 806. ........WESTWATEfiSTRKIT 8Q8 r«1r the tale of the abore named article*, tesjeth* with BtADEB, BHOVO8, RAIE8, HOEB, la AtrlcuHaral Implement* generally, a* well as all ' ' ' ' «ort* of SHEET .IHOW AMD TINNERS* WORK, etc. etc. etc. Btoreapntoptoorder. fir Booftng. RtfAIEINOof .an klnja, -and-vrery *ort of work la our line- punctually attended to. OsT"-Order* reft will be attested tt> without dalay. t wTEAOLK A SOU. H. KNAJPP, R ecently efN.T^maybeconsoJted at hi* room No.4, Ifevhall 'Some, Milwaukee, the Drat ef- evetj month, commerrclni; November lit, In regard to *tl diseases, which, he ; tretls with unprecedented soccess. Hi ourei cihronlo Bilei of diseases;, which bare bten pro, nonneed Ineorable by tbe medical; faculty W »e«ralglo f of Scrofula, D i Remittent and Ehenmatltm. is^s^ rta>en Inteaioplall stage, are not. TOM • ctAtmu » curable thU «ee*i BM nert-to^| V , iotto-niVrrT.' Hence thedanger of delay. ^" H .eotM Knapp *fll be at nUHoonu, Hewball Roue • 1-. N ( -I A 1, i-. A N 1 K ST 3 « II A .71 1O '"""a, PA*. < r j, ."w t \, II t N I'D > . X P . V A JOBBER LN D 1 •3K.M& \ J.I .I.H 'A i..t AND Yankee Notious. STOCK ^ 111 tt n nee free. UUCNTHV Are requested to call and examine OOOUMANi) PKKJKfci. H. P. CADI, je2 ,lly Quentm's Block, 71 K. Waier \fi\V BOOK«. mflE NEW AND THE OLD ; Or California ,ind Inilu J. ID romantic aspects, by O. W. Palmer, M. 0. Sloaa'cs, bj the author of S.iad Cor thecoUtary A Bachelor's Btory, by OilTer Dunce. Life of Ooceral UaTeloclt, by i I. Heailley. The Convalescent, by K. P. Wmisi. Tbe Sparrowjrasj Paper.; or, LiVIDg la the Country by t. T. Coueiu. Jolt RecclTed. For sil< by TEURTiOLEAVgH, j' 12 16T last W ater St. l-A 1 t.l. I I KfvlNtl I. 4 r k rUH. M t- t^ K S O tri A I M A.X PACTLliall .-x,.rv.- . t ,il(icn.,r arsn .- .... -la- M I'll' K HW.lltK CtUKu — N ' KWBURO, N. Y XX *lo. <>}. SUlitlONDS, 8QLB PEOPBJBTOR < MANUPACTCRER OF PURK OHIO CATAWBA BRANDY, Brandy baa be«n manufactured f or A. years from tbe pore jalca of the Catawba Grape, thus affording additional evidence of the progress ol American enterprise and Indtatrj.and of our ability to produce article* at borne equal to those made by any other nation. Tbe Ohio Catawba Brandy not onlj equals but aicets UM b«sl Imported Brandies,-In parity and flavor. Rl* in fact lae best Brandj known. This jtatemeDt 1» fully corroborated by the certificate* of onr roost dlstlngniih- ed analytical chemist*. Thewantof Pure Brandy ha* long been feltln UH. eonstry, and the Introdactlon of an article of such qnall- tyasto«op«r«cedethesale and use of tuose vile compounds hitherto sold andur the name of Brandy,can onlv be regarded a great putllo good. Tbe Cutawon Brand* poasejse. all tha good qualltiea claimed for tbe best Imported Uquori.aad U of perfect purity and superior £*Tpr,and aioverign and sure remedy for, tjatulency, Cramp, Colic, taagnor, Low Spirits, Oener NO FAMILY SHOULD BE, WITHOUT IT. Retail Price, *f,25 Per BotHe. . Recommended by th« pbyslclan* and dragglsts of the United State*. O.SImmondiha* appointed J. f. t F.^8. ILSIJJY, So. Ill Eait Water street, *ole agent* for the State of Wisconsin, where dealers and customer* will please forward their order.. By calling on Iho agent*, the public wtil rocclTa asam- rtegratulonsjy. ayJ9 ci.l'J I TALIAN UACCAHUNI, recinved at K > case ot •esu LO-'h. S -OME cholco mar^Z SAl.Mt'N JwS .. JUSTIOE DOCKETS. l A *2*9™5? I) _ ei i >r "'fr I or .5« tB fy»5' ofBntqaaUtTpapsjr. al TIUY A 00., UTs.aitWas.irM. C" *• / ll MA>'l,t, OALLON3 Majilo Syr wheslt Cakes, at IIUNN .1 OllOBUV -J. HU> N .t OKOaUY 'a. •MEW f. U. HCUKlfKDhy flrnt boat from Buffalo, at a> a»i»; HKNH A OUOSBY-S. <». M. J.tV « O S sa^erior i aprT , « i\l!te. the b HI in the alty,«r. 1 CHOMBV8. N 1'AAIIL.Y EW Yort Ullis rioor, cu martT itantly <>tt na^d, ai aC'y i CHOSBY'3.

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