The Ogden Standard-Examiner from Ogden, Utah on October 4, 1971 · Page 20
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The Ogden Standard-Examiner from Ogden, Utah · Page 20

Ogden, Utah
Issue Date:
Monday, October 4, 1971
Page 20
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Ogden. Standard-Examiner, Monday, October 4,. 1971 '.SB' 9B VITAL STAT/ST/CS ;;; BIRTHS ,,•/." MCKAY HOSPITAL -*£-Furnei>-:Richard and Sheryl V^Monfrans, 950 Patterson, boy, rlT-Oct.-!. :'^'\N»ld«i- — Terry and.Kathy -.';-;Smith, 1601 E. Canyon View - -failure to yield and : no drivers license were the charges for which' Roye E,'Wilson,-.62, 724 24th, forfeited $40. . girl, Oct. 1. ^."T^Quinlah—Dale and Donna ;,223 B. 7th. S.,.Brigiaam , , girl. Oct.-1. —Robert E. RANDOM REFERENCES John Andrew- Quintana, 58, 2209 Grant, was found guilty of reckless driving and fined $299 ia .Ogden .(Sty Court. :. " ' Following too- closely is the offense which resulted in a traffic accident and' the forfeiture of ?35 bail'by Samuel O. Gaufin, 17, 2505 Pierce. proper. lookout in Ogden City Court. . . African Violoti, hospital and birthday gifts. 474,4th St.. (adv.) Improper registration of a vehicle which also had no valid Utah inspection sticker has cost Edward Curtis Gardiner Jr., 18 462 14th, forfeiture of $35 bail. Forfeiture, of $40 bail posted for improper left .turn and driving without a license by Jerry Slot, 31, 271 25th, has been Bennett, B _.,0ct.l, ;,Tiph>n—Frank 3287 Adams, ,.....-.. and Audrey -' Milter, 3221 Grant, boy, Oct. 1. . . ...Wallace —.Richard and - -Carolyn larmone, 463 N. 30th W.,' . .- Kaysville, girl, Oct. 1. ' -.Williamson—Lynn and Donna ••Allgood, '37 Aircraft Ave., Layton, boy, Oct. 1. Wood—Alan D. and Aleta Marion, 568 Blinker, boy, Oct. 1. - Bambrough—Don and Majone ,, Mayfield, 4285 S. 500 W., boy, Oct. 2. -. Glover — Don' and Debby Southwick, 610 1st, Apt. 208, boy, Oct. 2. : ; Andersen—Marion R. and Joy ,~> Noorlander, 2390 W. 5825' S., . Roy, boy, Oct. 3. •'-'-Cook—Lynn H. and Claudia -'Chambers,. 1344'36th, boy, Oct. '- Higgs—Jay C. and Maurihe ---iFlint, 373 S. Fort Lane, Layton, ~; r boy, Oct. 3. •""• -Larkin—C. Eugene and Noreen Nelson, 2549'W. 4900 ; S., • -Roy, bey, Oct. 3. . Manning—Larry and Sharilyn " Taylor, 2217 K. 630 W., Clinton. '•"•girl, Oct. 3. - •Osbom—Nolan. D. and Linda Hampson, 2340 N. 490 W., - Layton, boy, Oct. 3. : .'Rogers—Harold and Pamela Dillon, 1229 E. 2600 N., boy, Oct. •• -Anderson—Ivan and Diana -Cooper, 518 N. 725 W., Clear ..field, girl, Oct. 4. -;:: ST. BENEDICT'S HOSPITAL •" ' B o o r — D r . Samuel and Patricia Ann Bunbury, 3000 Polk, boy, Oct. 1. Sato—Guadalupe and Anita Gonzales, 119 S. Main St., Kaysville, boy, Oct. 2. Songer —Leroy E. and "Patricia Lee Christensen, 2613 . - "-W. 5000 S., Roy, boy, Oct. 4. lam -—— ' _ : Jerry Slot, 31, 271 25th, has be. . . Wheel chairs, crutches, rib repor ted by Ogden City Court. and cages, . elastic hose, prescnp- ^ —-; • cms. unnc- -TTro Q rMivprv. PrescriD Professional Prescription S€ lions "Free delivery, Prescrip tion Center. Phone 393-8436 01 (adv.j 399-1126. Improper lookout is the violation- charged to Alan Joel Lyon, 29, 2150 Quincy, or which he has forfeited $35 to Ogden City Court. Nels L. Nielsen, 56, Durand, HI., has forfeited $35 bail for running a red light. Colleen Furlong, 25, 642 38th, has forfeited $35'bail for failure HAS IVli-ClLSW. VWV ^MAA ..-.. .— I ., , „.- 1_ .T to contest the -charge -of im-1 forfeited $35 bail. LEGAL NOTICES Professional Prescription Service. Ask about our "Senior Citizens Plan" . . .Charge accounts-with a tax accounting. Free delivery service. Prescription Center, dial 393-8436. (adv.) William Earl James. 68, Logan, has forfeited $35 bail posted in Ogden City Court for making an improper left turn. Failure to yield the right of way is the offense for which "" " Saunders, 59 posted and Delroy Naylor 12807 Jefferson, "'•' " NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING "Nofice is hereby given that the- City ' Council of the City of Harnsville, Weber County, Utah will .hold a public hearing 'a* 8;30 p.m. on Thursday, October 21, 1971, «r the City Hall, 1350 N. Highway 91 for the purpose, of considering the aoop-1 tion of an amendment to the zoning ""><• nance to change a portion of R-l to C-2. Tht property being considered is located on Worth Washington Blvd. Copies of pro-1 posed ordinance are on file at the office i of th» CWy Recorder, Louisa.S. Agren, 408 N. HamsvtHe Raad, where they may be examined bv any interested parly. BY ORDER OF'THE CITY COUNCIL. (s) LOUISA S. AGR€N Recorder '- fub. Oct. 4, 1971. 5130 .';, There are lots of honest people around Advertise .for lost items in Classified . -Ads and see. Dial 394-771 ^ ' riow! • -CLASSIFIED INDEX It't wiy t« fin* t*. solution t. your want ir nttd In Tht Staniw* Ixjmintr'l «»'«•• KMelur Want Ad tolumnj. Ujtti bilow Ij tht ICty 1. Nerthtrn Utah's most divenifii. 1 Mirk«tpl«t. !• «un to >n< «m( Hit th... column, rnulwly - You'll » In so many w.yil ANNOUNCEMENTS 01-Funeral Notices 02-rlorists 03—Announcements 04—Special Greetings 05— Memorial Notices 06-Lost * Found 07-Penonals SELECTED OFFERS 08-Jobs of Interest Ma!e or Femall D9-Situaiu>ns Wanted 10—Business Opportunities 11-Money to Loan 12—instruction 13—Music Lessons U-Child Can 15—Auctions "-BUSINESS SERVICES Listed under Business Service ESTATE FOR SALE 17-Area 18-Weber County 19—N, Davis County 20-3« Elder County 21-Morgan County 22—Farms & Ranches 23-Business Property 24-Acreage i Lots 25—Vacation Property 26-Mobile Homes RENTALS 27-Housel 28-?urnishe(f Apts. 1 Duplexes 2?-Unfumished Aprs. 1 Duplexes 30—Rooms 3i-Mobile Hom« 32-Office i Business 33-Rental Agencies 3^-Wanted to Rent MERCHANDISE 35— Miscellaneous For Sale 36-WanUd To Buy 37-Sho«s i Clothing 38—Antiques 39—Musical Instruments 40-RadMV & Stereos 41—furniture i Carper 42-Aspliances 43—Air Conditioning 44-Bailding Materials .[ the lownst cost. The Cla«ifieJ D^r SjturtJyt S LAWN-FARM & GARDEN / .tS-Good Things To Eat 4i-Plants—Trees S Shrub* .47-Fertiliier 1 Too Soil ^8-Hay-Grain 1 Feed 49—Firewood 50-Pets i Supplies Jl-Livestock 4 Poultry 52-Farm i Ranch Suppliel 53-rarm Imolements 54-Pastur» For Rent RECREATIONAL 55—Aviation 5<5-Boats 4 M«rin« llenu •- 57—Sporting Goods 58— Skiing Equipment S9-Snow Vfi'cles 60—Travel Trailers •• 61—Campers 62-Motor Homes 63-Tourist 1 Trailer Parks AUTOMOTIVE 6X—Auto Services—Parts' 4 Accessories 65—Autas Wanted 66—Autos For Rent 67-Cycles i Supplies 6B-Utili!y Trailers 69-Heavy Equipment 70-Trucks AUTOS FOR SALE 71—American Motors 72-Buick 73-Cadillac 74-CtMvrokt 75-Chrysler 76—Dodgt 77-Ford 78-lmport-Sporti Cars 79-Jeep—(-Wheel Drivel 80-Lincoln 81—Mercury 82-Oldsmobil« 83—Plymouth -o 85-AI1 Ma'<es t Mode.t • A'-Vis>r wiN be k"'t resulli i. .pen «e.k.,,. ».tw.,n t a.m. ...• J ..-. »«•»• «"«' " «•!!•"»«• e ..,.11.. f.r p.«in, .-. «in, .mall lye. enly I. «,. e-Y ••««« Is to ippe..' A.. Jlartin, Mwday must h. »!««' W »•«» | h - .Vn 2l.,di,. D H 1. k«vy »l-.. « >«•<" *•» •* ««""•• > ' rtcldi " 9 Fril " y - . „. t. .ppe.r, «cept on,, that .r. t. .t.rt on which must Be plK.J II"-" «'»' P"" *« I Turn Mistakes To Triumphs .... GLASSIFYTHEM! When you buy .a 35-foot cruiser ind then remember you get sick in « mtn tub... CLASSIFY,, ITI1 When you buy a riding mow.r and discover your yard is too small to turn around, in ...-CLASSIFY ITI When you buy a cat named Tom and he gives birth to 6 kltt.ns... CLASSIFY HIMI Turn these little mistakes Into J.lei triumphs with a Reader .Reacher CLASSIFIED AD. Call us today. STANDARD- EXAMINER Reader Reacher Want'Ads PHONE 394-7711 03 - ANNOUNCEMENTS To whom it may concern: New Zion Baptist Church will not -be responsible for any debts contracted by any other than, Buying Committ.e, New Zion Baptist Church. Octob.r 1, 1971- LORENZO BELL SR. BRIDGE CLASSES - Bijinninj and Inl TOY POMERANEAH — Fem»l«, brown hair. Pink lace collar. Reward. 508 27th, Apt. 4. __ .. LOST - In Roy »««« *-m«it»-eM Dachshund, female, dirk brown. Own.r grieving. 773-2634. rTDebt? Our Payment Consolidation Program Can Help You • One place to pay all bills • One payment you can afford Budget Credit . (Not a loan Co.) 329 ECCLES BLDG. * LICENSED AMD BONDED FOR $2J,000 393-8697 Member of American Asin. of Credit Counselors and Cgden Chamber of Comm.rce _ ALCOHOLIC PROBLEMS? CONTACT • Alcoholics Anonymous CENTRAL OFFICE 1520 Washington Blvd. 24 HOUR SERVICE Phone 621 -T 076 24 HOUR SERVICE REDUCE safe I fast with G»B«it Tablets & E-Vap water pills. KWIK STOP Drug, Ogden; CLEARF1ELD Pharm., Ciearfield. ' 08 -JOBS OF INTEREST DIRECTORY Accounting Bookkeeping Services Experienced. Phone 782.6273 • Basements •ASEMENTS EXCAVATED under eristing homes — Fr«» estimates. All United. Ph 621-3542,825-9793. or 399-5J15. Ceilings -STARDUST:- SPRAYED CEILINGS WHITE - SPARKLING - TEXTURED ALSO PA1NTING-PAPERING-REPAIRS ; GUARANTEED WORK-VAN DYKE'S PH. 393-7102 EVES. 393-7511 "ir SPARKLING CEILINGS * Not a side -tine,, I spray Ceilings only. Free Est. 621-3526-82S-0983-376-4083 "SPRAY ACOUSTIC CEILINGS free estimates, all colors of glitter. finest materials, latest machinery phone 393-7319 or 825-8030 Cleaning DIRECTORY Cement -^Custom Concrete-^ DAYTON CUSTOM CONCRETE 392-1112 or 399-4794 Bank Americard or Master Charge ALL UNITED Free estimstts, 621-3542, 825-9793, 399-5815 CONCRETE DRIVES, pitlos, sidewalk, state and city licensed. Frci estimates. Phone 394-6760. PATIOS — Oriviway, Carpentry, nuisance jobs. Pierce Horns repair, 3992741 or 393-5716. DIRECTORY Hauling Trash, General Hauling Reliable, honest service. 394-0432 •kTRASH HAULING, custom hay * grain hauling. Spotless cleanup, prompt service. Phone 393-0124. Home Repairs MAULING* spotless cleanup, prompt service 'Phone 393-0124 —ROOFING-PAINTING-CLEANING OIL/GRAPHITE, MISC. REPAIRS THE HAND1MAN SERVICE, 393-7254 CEMENT FINISHING -driv.ways, patios, walls, etc. .Phone 399-9453. Free estimates. Decorating, Painting PAINTING PAPERHANGING, WALTEXINO Y/ALL WASHING AND PAPER CLEANING WILLARD DRANEY, 392-9872 ROYALTY KITCHEN CAI1NET5 . . . torn di signed for your home . . . exciting styling, variety of finishes. Exclusivi «t Anderson Lumber. Call Garry 5kc«.i, 394-7725. RUARK'S PAINTING-... ----- TERIOR - LARGE OR SMALL JOBJ. 393-3567. OPEN 24 HOURj. Decorating, Pointing ~YAN DYKE'S - EXT.-1NT. PAINTING" PAPERING - CARPET CLEANING WORK GUARANTEED - FREE ESTIMATE PH 393-7102 EVES. 393-7511 PAINTING-WALLWASHINS- PAPERING Complete housecleaning and decorating Licensed. Phone 394-3209 Electrical Wiring ELECTRICAL WORK "Very' reasonable. No job too smal Licensed. Ph. -394-0272. A PLUS ELECTRIC SERVICE Licensed. Free estimates. Call 399-0289 Excavating RUARK'S HOUSE CLEANING SERVICE . . . AND PAINTING • Carpet and upholstery cleaning O Wall washing — Floor waxing • Window cleaning—Special cleanup FRANCIS RUARK, Mgr. Owner . "Call for FREE Estimate" •^ PHONE 393-3567^ C « I CARPET CLEANING. St!ri-s1e way extracts the dirt out safe and economical. A division of Western Bldu Maintenance Co., Phoenix, Arizona, Salt Lake City, Utah 399-1718. CARPET CLEANINC-THE BEST WAY by Mr. Steam 621^526 or782-9463 ALL UNITED Free estimates. 621-3542, 825-9793, 399-5815 Fencing CHAIN LINK — buy now and SAVE ACME FENCE-CO./ 800 W«ll. PHONi 399-5571. Garage Doors FISERGLAS, wood er ste.l, rtsie.ntu or commercial. Also 9«r«S' d ° 01 Burton Walker lumber Co. 2427 Lincoln Ave. Ph. 394-8861.. Crawford Doors ; All sizes end styles. 392-150j_ REMODEL WITH THE BEST1 KITCHENS • BATHROOMS ADDITIONS • ELECTRICAL m RASFMENTS • CERAMIC TILE. CONCRETE & ALUMINUM SIDING WORK 825-6297 OR 394-6464 *FREE ESTIMATES* Dodson Const. ROOFS — r.-roots — repairs, >ll *»£•'• Bob Weir Co. Experienced, r«ll«bl«. 392-2201 or 723-6927. Te.evision Repairs Kitchen Cabinets landscaping TRACTOR WORK, 9"Sing, hsuling 394-2383* Plastering AL METZLE*,,. Jlittir", sprayed c.ilings, foundation pUst.r- ing. Call 392-2429^ FOUNDATION, rttiinins willi plisltr V-'orte guaranteed. Fre« «stim«t«. 621^3957 Rain Gutters JIM EVANS, llcenml contractor. 1! years experience. Free estimates, al work guaranteed. 393-4771. Soft Water "SALES, RENTALS AND REPAIRS. Free estimates. New-Way soft water. 825-4084 Storage INSIDE WINTER STORAOE. Cars, Bull trailers, etc., $6.50 mo. up. Concret floors. 399-2968 or 392-4689. Remodeling BASEMENTS DUG UNDER EXISTING HOMES, and sll types of remodeling Free estimates, All United, 621-3542 825-9793, 399-5315. IASEMENT FINISHING, .ar.jt., i addition roofing, etc. Licensed con tractor 399-008?. 392-597^. WANT A HOUSE OR A HOME? Find-tin nous, that's Ih. rioht horn, for you Check today's- Classified Ads nowj^ DIRECTORY w^ns~^^f*~^+^~~ r **^* f *'* Remodeling COLORED TV SERVICE Reasonable. Spring special 399-5817 • ILL'S HOME TUBE TESTINS $5 for service call plus tubes 399-9355 Tree-Shrub Servie* Mecham Tree Service Licensed, Insurance Free Est., 393-2864 PETRICH TRIE SKVICl Pruning, topping, spr»y!ng, remov- no. Free estimates. 394.5807. TREMAINE'S TREE SERVICt trimming; topping end removal Free estimates. Phone 782-6756 * TREES AND SHRUK * trimmed, and, or Phon. 39-1-377X Typing PROFESSIONAL TYPINS Convenient location Phone 399-°988 or 773-38N Waterproofing BASEMENTS AATERPMJOFED - Sa.ra.- tced. Palmer Construction Co. 393- IASEMENT5 AND FOUNDATIONS w.t.r- proofed - Free estimates. All Unit"Ph. 621^35^2, 825-9793, or 399-381.5, Yard a«anlng SHRUBS trimmtd, teppeJ - r«- moved, vord work. Fre« eshm.ies. Phone 393-C124. FALL CLEANUP PHONE 825-4161 Classified Ads are' wherw. the • action is! Advertise your business services today. Dial 394-7711. . • _ ^ CASHIER — With experience l« han.linf large amounts of money. Able 1o meet people. Call Connie at Targhe. Employment Agency 621-2546. DAILY LABOR - Clean cut - willing te work - Payday .everyday. No fee 1 1 A-l. Emp. Agency. 222D Grant Ave. DO YOUR PROSPECTS KNOW YOUR NUMBER? Many dollars in sale: are lost by firms every day because potenlial customers don'r know the firms name, address or phone numb-r. Make it easy for pcopl. to find you by listing your store, shop, office or service in our "LET AN EXPERT 00 THE JOB" Directory. It appears in the Classified columns daily and is a convenient guide for over 150,000 people who read 1h« Standard-Examiner daily. Whatever your product or service, you can reach .more prospects by listing your firm in the "LET AN EXPERT DO THE JOB" Directory. Cail 394-7711 today. An experienced Account Representative will b. glad to help you with your «d. 08 - JOBS OF INTEREST 08 - JOBS OF FNTERIST MALE. OR ._. MECHANICS . CUTTER LAB in Ogden.has 2. openings 'for maintenance 'mechanics' QUALIFICATIONS Position ^ m , n ,, Jtatus „ .i.ctrician wth background h •g.n.rnl malnt.n.nci. . "' '° n Journ.yrran'j itatui ai' 'tlectricjin with background in in w.lding, pipifitting and .lectrical .repair, is r.«o.u red. QUALIFIED APPLICANTS KEA5E APPLY TO , CLARK :RASMLISSEN." -STATE'- 'EMPLOYMENT .SERVICE An Equal Opportunity Employer- -. Expanding firm in Ogden has a supervisory, open-, ing. The job requires direct 1 supervision of manufacturing' operations and special prpjects. The position requires a BS : 'degree in 'a technical field and previous supervisory, experience. Qualified applicants send .resume to P.O. 631,' Ogden, Utah. . ' ' . Equal Opportunity-Employer ; ' • "POSITION AVAILABLE" . Gtneral Supervisar Wanted • for Kiysville City. Degr«. In Civil Engineering desireable, must havi knowl- . «dgt or experience In water, sewer, drainage and roads. Also som«.Ad- ministrativ. ability. This is « permanent position.-Must b« willing to liva in Kaysvill* vicinity. Will havs benefits of retirement, insurance, sick leave, vacation, etc. Salary Open. Agi 25 to 35. ; For further information call or lend resum. to Kaysvlll. City Corp., 44 North Main, Kaysville, Utah 8X037. 2 ORGANIZATION AIDES., Olden, Community Action Agency, S350 per month. Should have knowledge of th» community ind ability to communicate with low incom« and disadvantaged persons. First preferenc* given to Weber County residents. To apply • concealed casters. Beautiful pecan ment Security Office, 21X 24th St. Applications must be in by 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, October 12. An. «qu«l opportunity .employer. A CANDIDATE TOR OUR ~ MANAGEMENT TRAINING CENTER $800 salary per month plus car, plus personal living expenses. Guaranteed while in our Electrolux floor . "care products. Management sales • training Center. If you qualify, opportunity to earn $15,000 to 520,000 first year commission and salary after graduation. For confidential interview call 392-7506. " NO FEE CHARGE TO APPLICANT • Chemist • Secretary Instructor 0 Line Supervisor • Barber • Stenographers and Secretary a) Auto Mechanic & Diesel Mechanic PLUS ADDITIONAL JOB OPENINGS EMPLOYMENT SECURITY OFFICE 2655 Adams Ave., Ogden, Utah "YOU'RE IN DEMAND Even if you've never sold anything, before, you can become a successful Representative of the world's largest cosmetic company. Call now and let Avon, tell you how easily you can turn extra hour: into extra fun and extra profits. Call 394-5627. ONE WOMAN IN A THOUSAND Enter the prestigious field of Hom« Decorating with World Gift Interne tional. Sell exciting decorativ. itirni from around the world. Displayed and managers needed. No experience necessary. We will train. For inter- vi;w call 1-a76-9246._ SPECIALTY Salesmen-bookmen, vacuum men, etc. Salt Lake firm hiring salespeople to staff new offices opening in Salt Lake and Ogden - T & does nor apply, all sales mode in tht office — top commission plus bonusei. (Housewares, and recp. equipment). Call 621-2622 for uppt. . HARDWARE MAN: H»vi you had •»•«]-. «nct in buying and selling of hardware items? Interviewing now for a position with a well established firm. For an aggressiv* person Inert i» * sood opportunity for advancements. Sal»ry on experience. Call Don Casi 399-9266, Snelling i Snelling Emp. ~^ CARPENTERS : Lead mtn, must be abU to read blueprints. Single family, multiple 1 unit construction. See Marv Bennett, project supervisor, 380 N. Bruce Street, Ciearfield, Utah. ' Equal Opportunity Employer NEEDED, LOG CUTTERS-For fallin> «n< " bucking lodgepole fir and alpine fir. . Paid by Per 1000 board meet or by the piece. Also need hookers for. line skidding operation. Apply Wa- latch Forest. Products, Evanston, .Wyo- : ming. Ares Code 307-789-2988, or evenings 789.2432 or 789-2709, EXPERIENCED soda fountain manjjtf or assistant manager. Must have experience- in restaurant or sods fountain work. New company with tremendous growth opportunity. Salary plus percentage. Send resume to P'Q; »ox 326. Ciearfield, Utah 84015 ELECTRONIC TECHNICIAN! Must kave 2-way radio phone license and, registered 1 with the FCC. Working with 2-way radio. Be willing to re-locate.. Excellent- Company with great benefits. A-l Employment Agency, 2220 Grant 'Avenue. RECEPTIONIST: Clamour lob with local law firm goes to the girl with the pleasing phon» voice and manners. If you can type 63.+ and have attractive appearance call Judy Harris 399-9266, Snalllng i Snelllng Emp. Agy. . _— DESK CLERK, J2.7J) an Jiour, an opportunity for some lucky person who ] would like to get In on the tourist Industry. Call Karen, Targhee Employment Agency 621-2545. VANDA CLAUSE neeii you. turn money for your Santa'i sl.igh, ai a Vanda Beauty 1 Counselor. Only 6 paydays until Christmas'. Call Susan Dunbar,393-3769 or 376-9502. LETTER PRESSMAN - OffSET PRESSMAN and paper cutters, good knowledii* of each operation. Well established firm. $4800 -K Call Kay Hill 3999266 Snelling and Sntlling Emp. Ao.y. MRT TIME work, 4 t» « p.m. S1.7J hour. Fuller Brush Representative. Phone 394-6869, If no answer call 782-4435. ,NEED SHARP athletic jirl »« be -ikl Instructor. Good pay, S47S month. Call Tina, Targhee Employment Agtn- cy 621-2544. . '. WANTED - Coom; ill ihlfti, lull or part time,-top pay. Cross Roads Coffee Shop, Tremonton, .Utah, phone 257-3726, ask for Johnnie. _.__• WANTED - Experienced taller for man'i alterations. Apply Pullman Wholesale Tailors, 2315 Washington. EXPERIENCED driven n««««« !« «rl»« taxicab, full or part time. Good pay, • interesting work. Inquire 246 23rd. WAITRESSES, no experience ninuarri will 'train. Apply In person, Vicky 1 jift. South Wiliard, Utah. __• , t*RN ENOUGH money to pay for Christmas this year. Wrile Industries P.O. Box 525, Ciearfield..- t '" HPER«NC» BEAUTICIAN WANTID Call 825-9682 Days or •390-7372 after.4. WAITRESS WANTED - SUE'S LOUNGI ; 2761 Washington. Call . . . after 5 p.m. .' £ LADIES' -T Full or part time, free ' training, Tri-Cham liquid embroidery. Oil 7B2-749S. ' ' SALESAAAN .•-WANTED . ' 1 NO EXPERIENCE"NECESSARY-OUR SALESMEN EARN FROM S600 TO J2.000 PER MONTH. DEMO.PLAN, IN, SURANCE BENEFITS,. GOOD WORKING CONDITIONS — WILLING .TO WORfc . . NO, PHONE CALLS. APPLY IN PERSON-.TO JERRY PITJCAK OR JOHN THOMAS Rawson & Lund PONTIAC • 703 Wash. CMC Blvd. JOURNEYMAN AUTO MECHANIC • PREFERABLY EXPERIENCED IN ALL • PHASES OF THE -PROFESSION. GOOD INSURANCE' PLAN, 'VACATION, GOOD WORKING "CONDITIONS. SEE FREO EVERTS, SERVICE MANAGER; CANYON LINC.-MERC... 3230 WASH. BLVD. . SECRETARY.: Must ,b» shtrp «nd «ttrac- • tiv« with a nice personality. Good • post experience. Typing, Shorthand «nd small amount - of bookkeeping. One girl office, - S 400-1- , Call Jan Bell 399-9266,- SnellinJ & Snellinj Emp. Agy. _ ^_ • DRAPERY SUPERVISOR:- Matur« |nrs«n with experience in all phases of custom draperies will win this challenging position. If you have a talent for handling people and enjoy responsibility call Judy Harris 399-9266, Snclling &_Snelling Emp, Agy. _ LPN— Salt Lake: Planninj » move? t*- ceilent S.L, nursing hoiTlt has im- • mediate opportunity for licensed LPN,' either day or aflernoon shift — take your choice. (Even swing, if you likel S433 to start. Call Judy Harris 3999266, Snelling & Snelling Emp. Agy^ S-EASY MONEY-S-Wanfed: Aijressivr • peoplt to sell our Nationwide safety products, selling experience helpfuL • ' Can earn 5800 per month and more. Conlact Baby Butler. '241 24th St. between 2 and 6 p.m. __ . ACCT. SEC.: Mature, >ttractiv« person. Some good accounting, background, school or experience. Very upstanding firm, S600. Call Jan Bell 399.9266, Snelling & Snelling Emp. Agy. EARN 512,000 or mort by (ellini look of Mormons and New Testament on Cassette tapes. Full or part time'. • Call Brigham City, 723-7254 from 10 . a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. __ " ~ _ • J600 A MONTH sllary to stJrt.- MEN, ' if you art aggressive and would like to set Into management trtinet • ; position. Call Karen— Targhee Employ. ment Agency 621-2545. • ' INSIDE SALES In rudy-ta-wtjr. Hat • mature woman who really likes people. Work in pleasant surroundings. Call Tina at Targh'ei Employment, • Agency 621-2544. _ ; MEDICAL transcriber — Writ* your own ticket with this job if you havt any experience. Call Connie, Targhet Env ployment Agency 621-2546. _ ' EXPERIENCED i>ivirt needed to drivi taxicab, full or pirt timt. Soed pay, Interesting work. Inquire 246 23rd. PART TIME.- tarn «5 t» . S90 four evenings' a week &nd Saturdays. Phone 392.6228. . _ ._ • PROFESSIONAL Wool »n* Silk finiihir. Salcry open. Apply to' Mr. Hart, 5543 S. 1900 W.. Roy. Call 773-0746. EXPERIENCED Beautician with clltnttlt, new shop. Phone 393-4822 or 6212453 after 6 p.m; COULD YOU USE EXTRA CHRISTMAS , , CASH? Sell Artex dtcoritor tube paint. _ _ Call 392-4452. 09 - SITUATIONS COMPANION NURSE Jesirti wtrk, 1 years experience, «ny shift . . . References. Phone 39°-9394. _ IAIY SITTING *r Ir«nln§ tint, my home. Washington Terrace. Call 6216596. _ _ ; _ IRONING COT YOU DOWN? L«t me help. Fast, neat service _ Sunset are«. 825-9903 EXPERIENCED houiikeiper will dun • pirtments after school and Saturdays. Oil 621-1600 ask for. Nancy.jJ ~ NTED~HEL >> . CLEANING 0* doing household jobs? ___ Call Alice at 782-4119 LADY would Ilk. >oun«ofk «n« day • week minimum 6 hours. 399-2284 after 6. WANTED BABYSITTING. Have -references. 971 26,th. 393.3520 10 -BUSINESS DON'T READ THIS AD UnUss you mtsn business! Wt «r« now considering qualified applicants In your urea to become a working part of our Nat'l "Hot Food". Distributor system. You •re not applying .for < iobl You «ri •pplying for a very high profit business of your own. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY - NO SELLING. This business can. be started part-time, no need to quit- your iob. Can. b«.' expanded fulU time with Company, financing. -W« need peopU WftTtan depend on. Our .products >re nationally famous "Hot Food" itenw mad. by..Hslnz,-. Hormel; Chef Boy <r dee, Nabisco, .«tc. W. have over 36 varieties of Hot Soups * Entrees such «s- Be-f Stew, Chicken & Dumplings; Chill &. B«ns, -etc. We havi all of America's favorites. All of, thest products are'sold from the litest .In automatic vending «wipm«nt. Your rout* will be established & Instslled by us. A9» is no factor. If 'you .qualify. Perfect for a couplt- to operate as « family ' """'CASH' INVESTMENT REQUIRED AS LOW AS Jl,295 - PLAN' ONE. SI ,847 PLAN TWO *2,932-PLAN THREE J5,79S Investment GUARANTEEDI For mon Information or .personal Interview send name, address, Phon« to: HOT- FOOD DiV., 3443.N. Contral, 4th fir., Phoenix, Az._j5012. - .. -'.. - NEW THUM-STAIL American Station - available 'for least at 1326- W«t 1200 So St., Ogden .— freeway location. Oil 392-8437. for. Information, . _.. SMALL CAK FOR SALE. 9ltt •*•*»• town ; location. Good business for man' & wife. Buy tqulpnunt. «nd- Uase •building. 782-7634 «ftn- a;30 p.m. 10-BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES PAUL lUNYAN'S- Family- «tstauranti has an .xcellent- investment opportunity for', the' right p,«rson.: Own • your own profitable restaurant franchise We provide a complete train. Ing program 1 aY financial assistance. Approximately $20,000 'is required. Call'392-3437 Mr. Jorgensen or wnle' 'Paul -Bur.yan's 2735 Washinston 'Blvd., *0gden. • ' ' ' . •• EXCLUSIVE ACCOUNTING AND . TAX-- FRANCHISE SI,000 recuired. For'ptrsonal inter- viiw call 825-5549, Business Advisora. Inc. . -, • '. • • LOANS ; '•"•' lo $.10,000 * 2ND MORTGAGES ' • "•'CONSOLIDATE, IMPROVEMENT,' ETC. * LOKC.TERM :,:.;• AVCQ;* .. '•-- Financial Services' ., -. . • 393.8428 •' •' • * -*- Unlimited Funds ~fc FIRST AND SECOND MORTGAGES, CONSOLIDATION LOANS.' BUSINESS 'CAPITAL AVAILABLE .- MR.' COLU ' 825:4926: • ; 12 —INSTRUCTION HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATOR Learn to operat» Bulldoien, Draglints, Crones; Scrapers, Laoders,' Trenchers,'etc., at ..our modern facility in .Miami, • Flo. .:A high-paid career is -open to 'ambitious men. ''. • , Onivonal Heavy Construction School* Horn* Office--Miami, Flo. For information writs to: U.H.C.S. Dent. No. 1332 { ««27 N.E. 12nd Avenwe, f ,- I Suite 202 .^ ' Portland, Oregon 97229 J Phone: (503) 2S2-7<*5 I Please print ... * .Name | Addreti I City... •..•••.•,•.••• « ;State' Zip. J Phone. .'.' Age;. .. | - APPROVED FOR VETERANS I Men-Women all ages • TRAIN NOW FOR GOVT. SERVICE EXAMS . . NO EXPERIENCE NO HIGH SCHOOL /POSTAL CLERKS '/ Starting pay ii : • $3.51 Hr. J Hundreds of other types of lobs , -,,• Study at Home - Suick - Easy •• Keep present job while training • "call (801)406-9000 • ' or Mail this.Coupon , > ' -LAFAYETTE ACADEMY,;. • - 3068 Highlander., SLC, Uf. .84106 5.. - • OSE-108' : ' Plpase Send Information on Gov't. &.-.Civil Service ..Name. Age.... ^REAUESTATE FOR SALE 17-ARfA -.- NEW LISTING .. _~South- flgden _-.,,Niar .college - , 3-bedroom- split. l:v»l—Lsrje kitchen, family room. Buy .'at, FHA -o^ VA appraisal. CALL. LOWELL 393-2495 OR DICK ,773-3593. . . "EAST BENCH., Noar college -' Excellent - location with-view — Largn home-with 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, .basement.-with family room,- 2 fireplaces, doObl« garage- - low 30s; CAtL JIM 773-2796 OR VERN 82:5-9800. '• ' •CUSTOM BUILDING • ARMS • • REALTOI? - ; 2220 Wash. 6^1-4010 NEW HOME - 3 BEDROOMS, "IVl baths, csrport; full basement, carpet, range • and-disposal - $13,900 on your lol. Many plans to select from. We II build on your lot or one of-ours. Phone us at 621-0972, 399-5888, 392-6221 . . . or see us at Classic Realty'S Con• struction, 840 Country' Hills Dr. • (401 h SI.) WORK FOR PART DOWN, Areas avalUhle in North Osdcn, Roy, Ogden, «nd ' Washington Terrace. Will build » 3" bedroom, full basement, carpeting and buill.ins. Prices start at .$14,950 plus lot. Vour plans or ours. FHA or VA terms. Will take trades. -Call Ron ; Sessions 399-4886. Miller Const. IT OWNER, 3-tedroom brick, split entry, ' on oak covered lo'f. Carpet, drapes, bullt.ins, 3- baths, 2 fireplaces, 2-car • garage; 758 North 'Oakridge Dr., Farmington. 867-2910. . AVAILABLE.— ARIZONA PROPERTIES Ideal location, for investor or retired persons. For Information, cell 392-9412 ask for Gene._ . CLEAN 3 bedroom fr«me houtt, imull yard 2832 Monroe, phon« ' tor ap- . polmment-394.2651 Ext. 214. TWO-BEDROOM BRICK, carpets, drjpci. near stores. Immediate -occupancy, 271h and Quincy. 393-1528.- HOME to be moved. New water heater 4 good furnecc. Will accept eny reasonable offer. 773-3S9S.. 3-BEDRDOM BRICK HOME, I'/J BATHS, family room.and fireplace. 773-2701 ' | To The Reader Various-laws «nd ordinancts - lo'. -cal, state .and -federal,-,prohibit discrimination in employment bicaus* of s«. Unless the advertisement itself specifies one sex or the other, lob seeker: should assume that lh« adver- . tiser will consider applicants or either sex in compliance with thi laws against discrimination. For « fee, a private employment egency can offM you specialized service and put you-in touch--w,th « prospective employer who otters me . opportunity you are seeking. 'Addren ' Phont Apt. No U.S. CIVIL SERVICE TESTS - i Men-Women, 18 an'd over. Securt lobs High Starting pay. Short hours. • Advancement. Preparatory training as • long as required. Thousands of loos • open. Experience usually unnecessary. ' FREE booklet' on jobs, salaries, requirements. Write today, giving, nama, address and phoni 10: LINCOLN SERV. . ICE, INC., 2211 Broadway, Pekin, . (2-2A) Illinois 61554. '•' pstOFESSIONAL TUTORING Reading and Math • • • ' Electronic machine! Only K per lesson Phone QZ1-4833 ^ ' LESSONS IN OIL PAINTINS Gavlene Baker Studio of Art : 969 281 h St. 394-2939 JKIDGE. CLASSES ~ t,j,«m*i ani In. termediate, slartmg September 22,_ .3 - MUSIC . j.ESSONS_ WOULD YOU' BELIEVE FREE Krtan .Its- sons for as Ions « V° u wish? Ca " 392-1604. .EXPERIENCED mother will- Inky sit by the week, days or evenings. Fenced yard hot meals; Conlact John Koeppen 777-2185 before 4 p.m. Layton - "CHILDREN'S WORLD Excellent Pre School Kindergarten S- Private School, ages 2 to 10. 166 9th Street - 393-6211 EXPERIENCED BABYSITTING during the coming school year Call 825-3251 in Sunset _ I ING HAM Play School, state licensee! day cere, 1955 West 5200 South. - 825-5845. _ ; __ , RELIABLE WOMAN WILL TEND children tier home. Call - S99.-3972 _ . • CHILD CARS • My ROY Home 773-5085 . BABY SITTING, MY HOME : 621-3364 ; Bi»Y SITTER needed for 3 children, my home 5 to A hours an evening. Call before 3 p.m. 394-3640. ""WILL TENS CHILDREN IN MY HOME . . . Washington Terrace area. ' • 393-5554 PRE-SCHOOL cooperative nurstry tthool opening in Roy. For Information Mil • 825.8530.. . 12 —INSTRUCTION APPLY NOW * Medical Receptionist Medical Secretary Medical Assistant * Male Medical Orderlies / & Assistants / NEEDED NOW Trainees needed in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and in doctor's offices in the .Ogden area. Men and women — ages -18-65. No-.high •.school education required. Free nationwide j.ob placement assistance' and transfer; privileges. .'.Free nationwids refresher . courses. 'Student loans available. ; , -•'.'•• Call 621-3612 CAREER TRAINING INSTITUTE First Security Bank Bid*. :•••$••' Untrained' or: Unskilled?$ /Summer Is Ending .and. Still A rewarding:future can be yours in a few • . short, weeks'; after! an intense training :'• period in the. IBM.key punch/IBM &'-Un• • .ivac field. CaJI for your:personal interview-' • : -today.; . • '. . '. ';'-''."''..'•' :•..-•_ : 'l: CAREER TRAINING I-NST, : ' '• 2404'Washington Blvd. 621-3612 ' - --* No. 207

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