Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on April 16, 1898 · Page 2
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 2

Denton, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 16, 1898
Page 2
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MELVIN, STEELE 4 JOHNSON. ' E D I T O R S AND PROPHICTORS. SATURDAY MORNING, APRIL 16, 1898. .EDITORIAL NOTESO. The Caroline Republicans are uo\v woniluiiiiK *'hy they had then- representatives in the Legislature i n - troihico the c o u n t y treasurer's salary-divide bill and the c o u n t y commissioner's clerk bill, a n y h o w * And w.liy t h e y d i d n ' t try to i n d u c e Senator Messick to accept Mr. Reclden's liberal proposition of $1300.00 and $800:00, w h e n his bill went back to the Senate? And why the clerk's b i l l was not "smothered" when the treasurer bill was sat upon by half the Republicans iu the House? All of w h i c h is peculiarly ' p e r t i n e n t . ·Perhaps the spousorsof the two b i l l s were not as anxious for them as they thought they were, as they are now repudmtii:g them. 'Their "party measure" wouldn't go. In fact, t h e y didn't h a v e both ends of tlie rope, us they thought they had. and made a slip-knot iu stead of a fast one. President McKinley on Monday sent his message to Congress. It recites a condition in Cuba which Americans cannot tolerate longer and asks for Congressional authority to end the conflict there, oven if the cutiro naval and laud forces of the United States are required for the purpose. The House ou Tuesday night passed the following reso- l u t i o n : ''The President is authorized, directed and empowered to i n t e r v e n e at once to restore peace on the Island of Cuba and secure to the people thereof a firm, stable and independent government of their own, and is authorized to use the a r m y and naval forces of the United States to secure the end." M. P. CONFERENCE_APPOINTMENTSJ.J. W. V a u g h n , of O a k t o n , Ky., says: The Marylandl^uual Conference i " 1 1 l : i v u usod Chamberlain's Colic, of t h e Methodist Protestant C h u r c h , , C l l o l c n l lllld D'«»"»" Komedy in begun in B a l t i m o r e last week, closed j m ' f a m l i y ^several yoais, and find on Tuesday, a f t e r the a p p o i n t m e n t s ! ' 1 to bu t l l e best m «l'«=i»° l ever for the ensuing year had been a n - ' used f o r cramps in t h e stomaoh and bowels. For sale by H u g h Duffey, Hillsboro; II. J. Colston, Ridgely; \V. E. Brown, Deuton. Mrs. A. I n v e u . residing at 720 Henry St., A l t o n , I I I . , suffered w i t h sciatic r h e u m a t i s m for over eight m o n t h s . She doctored for it nearly the whole of this t i m e , using various remedies recommended by friends, and was treated by the physicians, but received no relief. Sho t h e n used ono and a half bottles of Baltimore merchants are inukiug a great effort to secure Eastern Shore trade. They are arranging e x c u r - sions at ver3 F low rates, and in other ways seeking to divert travel f r o m the northern cities, where it has tended for years because of the carelessness of tbe rnercbahts of our me tropolis, |who persisted in the perverse notion t h a t the Eastern Shore trade was not worth looking a f t e r . They are now realizing w h a t they have missed, and they have gone to work to i-erlaim what should h a v e ·been their o w n . THRO' WAR TO PERMANENT PEACE. To tho Editors of tbc J O U R N A L : The ypllow journals are yelling. Theatres close their performances ' with soul-stirring, patriotic airs. Fisticuffs in Ci-:,gress! W h a t does it all mean? This, unless the Nation is momentarily carried off its feet-The rule of Spain in the Western World is at an end. Inability to control Cuba--its wayward child; , inability to control itself, as seem_- ingly proven by the calamity it could not spare the Maine, bave conspired tv write its fate. But war, or intervention w i t h o u t actual war--what is it for? What is the probable outcomef Cuba it seems must be invaded by a United States army of. occupation. Its mission will be to m a i n t a i n , by force of shot and shell if need be, our temporary rule o f ' t h e Island. In fair probability Cuba will emerge a free and independent nation through the same tedious course that tbe Southern States were brought back into . tbe'full exercise of the f u n c t i o n s of statehood. Provisional governors-likely with Pitzhugh Lee as chief-will administer Che affairs of the several provinces of the island u n t i l chaos ia reduced to order, u n t i l a stable government is formed. Then we shall withdraw, as the Nor,tu withdrew from the Southern States 'and CUBA WILL BE FREE INDEED! ·Let ns hope that success may speedily crown our efforts--efforts n o t of conquest but for great and e n d u r i n g peace. Let us hope, too, that decency shall mark our course, and that the military governors we shall create may not be creatures of pelf and low order, as were many of the Carpet Baggers of tbe South. That physic was indeed severe, yet the God of Nations could use even it to an end. Cuba has no responsible government n o w -- c a n n o t . h a v e u n t i l t h e whole people are brought into accord with an existing power. And -that power has yet to be erected. Gomez probably controls his a r m y , but he does not control the guerrillas and freebooters who have destroyed the island almost in common with tbe Spanish obliterators of life and treasure. It" is not the mere work ot days to create of Cuba a free and independent power. But that will come. And from the h u m a n i t a r i a n struggle we now enter upon w i l l come the final cementing of the people of our own land.- There is no North, no South from this day, but one country. Dixie is now a national air with the Star Spangled Banner. That was prettily exemplified on a recent club n i g h t at the Union League here, when the solidest men of this town flung up their hats and cheered both the martial airs of the old North" and old South--yes, and sang' them, "too, w i t h gnsto if not · with operatic perfection. The Star Spangled Banner ·"I^sng may it wave . f O'er the land of the free ·' , - · " . And the home of the brave." · -'A very''general haziness of ideas about 'the Cuban'question is'ray excuse -fpr offering this e x p l a n a t o r y "article--based- on tbe |rcasoning' of men grounded in international law. ; ' \ x . -A. A. CHRISTIAN. . Philadelphia, April 14, 139S n o u n c e d , as follows: Accoinac--Avery Donovan. Amelia--!·". I.. Stevens. Alexandria--T P. Kevelle. Almill Manorial--J.M. Holmes. Baltimore--J. H. Wright. Uwlford--II I,. Scliinblc Jlcl.ur--S. 1!. Tread way, (one to be f applied.) Iletliui--(To be supplied.) llroadwny--)·'. H. Lewis, llcthany--ticorgu W. limes. Urooklyn--J. L. Mills. Heaver Until--G. R. Donaldson. Cambridge--Cl. Q. Dacchns. Caroline--K. W. D. Johnson, C. E. Diydcii. Campbell--W. A. Melvin. Cecil--A. W. Mather. Central, Washington--D. I,. Greenfield. Cenlreville--F. T. Benson. Chesapeake--C. K. McCnslin. ClK'slerlon-n--J. M. Gill. Christ Church, Baltimore--W. H. Litsmger. Clayton--J. 1J. Nicholson. Concord--Ijlmer Simpson. Conqncsl--A. J. Walter. Crisfield--G. W. Haddaway. Crmiiplon--G. D. Eduionslon. Cumberland--J. M. Yingliiig. Chiiicntcaguc--H. K. Dennington. Delmar--J. !,-· Straufihri. Deer Creek--H. S. Johnson. Deer Park--G. J. Gill. Delta--C. !·;. McCullongh. Dorchester--J. A. Wright. Dover and I.cipsic--Louis Randall. Hast Baltimore--J. M. Sheridan. l-;aslon--W. M. Poisal. Kli/abetli, N. J.--J. W. Trout. Hiitnw--w. S. Phillips. IvvcTgreen--(To be supplied.) Fairfax--H. V. Wright. Fawn Grove--J. T. I.assell. I'nirview--J. M. Diekey. I'inksbiirg--S. W. Coe. 1'irst, Washington--J. W. Gray. I'ox H i l l -- G . K. Stoclesdale. Vraukliu City--J. W. Parris. Frederick--G. F. Farring. 1'elton--K. 11. Taylor. Frederica--W. O. Livingston. Georgetown, D. C.--W. S. Hammond. Georgetown, Del.--J. H. S. Ewell. Georgetown Circuit--(To be supplied.) Grove--w. li. Judefind. Greenwood--A. S. 13eane. llninpdcn--W. J. Neepier, Harper's Ferry--B. B. James. Harrington--T. O. Crouse. llenthsville--C. S. Arnett, (one to be .supplied.) Howard--W. D. Litslnger. Hurlocks--G. M. Clayton, Holly Run--G. R. Hodge. Jefferson,nuckestown--W. M. Strayer. Kennedy-vine--J. H. Daugherty. Kcmpton--C. M. Cullum. Kent Island--Iv. S. Foots. Indian Kivei--(To be supplied.) Laurel--r. C. Klein. I.ewislown--H. E. Nelson. Liberty--W. J. Floyd. Lisbon--M. T. Triiitt. I.ynchburg-- E. A. Worfield. Mardela--\V. R. McKnett. Mariners--L. A. Bennett. Middle way--A, H. Green. Millville-- To be supplied.) Milton--C. H. Littleton. Mount Tabor--Emanuel Pierce. Mount Nebo--F. S. Cain. Murlcy--(To be supplied.) Newark, N. J.--L. Dyott. North Carolina Avenue, Washington--R. S. Rowc. New Market--S. F. Cassajj. North Unltiniore--A. N. West. Oxford--J. W. Balderston. · Oak Grove, and Prince George--A. A. Harry- mail. Parksley--E. D. Stone. Pipe Creek--n. W. Kindly. Pittsville--E. O. Ewing. I'ocomoke--G. J. Smith. Pocomoke City--J. D. Kinzer. Powcllvillc--G. A. Morris. Patapsco--(To be supplied. Payson Street, Baltimore--H. T. Reed. Potomac--J. W. Norris. Quautico--A. A. Bichell. Queen Anne's--C. P. Nowlin. Reliance--A. D. Dick. Rowlaiidsville--J.E. Matoy. Remington--II. O. Keen. St. James--E. C. Makosky. St. John's,, Canton--J. L. Ward. St. Luke's, Philadelphia--J. B. Jcmiv. St. Michael's--S. A. Hoblitiell. Salisbury--L. F. Warner. Seaford--S. J. Smith. Snow Hill--Dorsey Blake. Salem--R. R. Lewis. South Baltimore--J. E. T. Eirett. Starr, Baltimore--F. T. Li I tie. Stewartstown--J. L. Elderdice. Susqnehanna--F. H. Mnllineaoi. Sussex--G. R. McCready.', Talbot--C. L. Daugherty. Trinity--D. W. Anstine. Union--B. F. Jester. Union Bridge--J. J. Murray. Violettsville--(To be supplied.) \Vallersville--N. O. Gibsou. Warwick--W. W. White, Wavcrly--J. F. Bryan. West Baltimore--J.W. Kirk. Westminster--W. R. Graham. Williamsport--(To be supplied.) Wilmington--G. L. Wolff. West Wilmington--F. A. Holland. Wye--J. F. Wooden. President Western Maryland College--T. H. Lewis. President Theological Seminary--H. L. Elderdice. Professor iu Seminary--B. F, Benson. Editor Melhodist Protestant--F. T. Tagg. Conference Evangelist--J. McLain Brown. LOANED* Board of Foreign Missions--E. H. Van Dyke. St. John's Baltimore--J. S. Bowers. Secretary Maryland Tract Society--J. T. Murray. 5) Left Without Appointment at his request-L. Q. Morrow. Superannuates--J. W. Everist, S. B. Soulher- land, H. J. Day, J. A. Weigand, W. J. D. Lucas, J. L. Kilgore, W. A. Crouse, H. C. Cashing, W. G. Holmes, L. W. Bates, Jesse Shreve, R. L. Lewis aud J. G. Sullivan. Supernumeraries--j. K. Dnnkhouse, David Wilson. Chamberlain's Pain Balm, which etfeetod a complete euro. This is published at her request, as she wants others similarly afflicted to know w h a t cured her. Tlie 25 ami 50 cent sizes for sale by Hugh Dnft'ey, Hilisboro; E. J. Colston, Ridgcly: W. E. Brown, Deuton. Two years ago R. J. Warren, a druggist at Pleasant Brook, N. Y. r bought a small supply of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. He sums up the result as follows: "At that time the goods were u n k n o w n in this section; today Chamberlain's Cough Remedy is a household word." It is the same iu h u n d r e d s of coiutuuni- lies. Wherever the good qualities of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy become k n o w n the people will bave n o t h i n g else. For sale by Hugh Duffey, Hillsboro; R. J. Colston, Ridgely; W. E. Brown, Deuton. W AK AM AKER 'S PHILADELPHIA, Monday, April 11,1S9 Five Million Dollars' Worth of Bright was Merchandise Sn0egv0e0rd- And never has it been so appreciated. We've closed the books on the greatest March business ever done. That is fullest endorsement and best promise. Business does not come by chance. Black Dress Goods LITTLE w o n d e r that Black Dress Goods are more wanted this season than they have been heretofore. The loom wizards have brought out designs so exquisite, and fabrics so filmy and elegant, that the dignity and dressiness of plain black is more beautiful than ever before. Suitable, too, on all occasions, and serviceable. In every weave, variety is greater than we've ever shown before. Cheviots, 50c to $2.50-The quality of wool, the weight, the dye, the finish, are examined with care before these cheviots come to us. Ninety kinds are here to choose from. Serges, 28c to 81.75-The always wanted weave for knock- f about wear; in the various twills; some hard, some soft finish; more than fifty kinds on show. Mrs. Alice A. Myers, relict of the late Henry Myers, of Easton, died ou Sunday at tbe residence of tier daughter, Mrs. C. P. Corbitl, in Waver'y, W. Va., where slie had been spending the winter. She WHS in her 75th year. Tbe cause of death was a gastric trouble, which attacked her about two weeks ago. Mrs. Myers was a native of the Isle of Man, and had lived in this county twenty-seven years. Her husband conducted tbe jeweler'e business in Denton manj years ago, Mrs. Adalina Bishop, relict of Elijah Bishop, formerly of this county, died in Baltimore in 1887, on Friday afternoon, after a short illness, at the residence of her aon-inlaw, CliarlosE. Zaoharin.t, of Greensboro, aged 70 years. Sis grown children survive the deceased--Miss Gertrude Bishop, Mrs. James Whitehurst, Mrs. Harry Wiggins, Miss Octavia Bishop, all of BaltimorejMrs. Charles E. Zacharias, of Greensboro, aud F r a n k l i n Bishop, of St. Paul M i n n . Americans are the most inventive people, on .earth. To them have been issued nearly 600,000 patents, or more than one-third of all the patents .'issued in tbe world. No discovery of modern years has been of greater'benefit to mankind than Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea ' Remedy, or has done more to relieve pain and ·ufferiug; Mohairs, 28c to 81.50-In plain weaves, and all sorts of figured effects; not easily soiled, and exceptionally serviceable. A hundred and fifty kinds. Grenadines, 50c to $5-Here the artists of the loom give their masterpieces, all silk and silk and wool grenadines; some have gauze grounds and dainty designs; some are the plain "iron frame" weaves; some in dainty '· embroidered effects -- stripes, plaids, crepes and crepons--two hundred and seventy-five styles in alt. PLAIN DRESS GOODS-And yet some wonderfully pretty fabrics from both sides of the water are among the so-called "plain" goods. Solid colors and mixtures; all wool and silk-and-wool. This hint of price ranges-Covert Cloths, 50c to $2.23 Poplins, 75c to S1.75 Vigoureaux, 65ctoS1.50 Granite, 75c to $1.50 Drap d'Ete, 50c to S1.25 Whipcords, S1.00toS1.75 Serges, 37^c to S1.75 Broadcloths, 75c to S3.00 And Priestley Waterproof Serges in navy blue; bright, crisp, long- fibre wool; finished with theCra- venette process that makes them water-proof for the April showers, 75c, SI, 81.25, SI.50 and 81.75 a yard. Lillian Corsets THE top-notch of graceful beauty of form is moulded into the various "Lillian" models. Thsy are made by the skilled hands of Europe's best corset maker. Made in models, to suit ail figures; prices range from SI to 87.00. The two most popular sorts are hard to keep in full supply. Plenty are here now. This word of them-At SI--Lillian corsets of light weight coutil, sateen strips, corded bust, lace trimmed; extra long waist. At S1.25--Lillian corsets of coutil, medium length; trimmed with lace and ribbon. ' Gloves YEARS of careful fnf \v» m **. searching for and for Women testing Osf al , best gloves have sent us to Grenoble, France, for gloves worthy of the confidence of Philadelphia women --gloves that we guarantee absolutely for their goodness--their Beauty of color, fit and finish win admiration quick as seen. At their various prices, we know of no, equals. All of real kidsldn, of course. We hint of three. The "Dauphine"--extra quality kid and suede gloves; embroidered; alt colors, black and white, $1.75. - Th« "Burmont," kid, embroidered, all colon, black and white, 11.80. ' ' \VANAMAKEBTS. Tlie Princess May, kid, embroidered, all colors, Hack and white, SI. Housekeeping Linens REPLENISHING time is here for many housekeeping needs--especially is tliib the season for new supplies ol finens. So, rare good news for housekeepers is this telling of unusual values in linens for all sorts cf needs. This word of them-TABLE LINENS-AT 56c A YARD--Eight hundred and sev enty-four yalds of fine partly-bleaclie German Damask; 61 inches wide. Fi bleached it would equal many of tlu dollar sorts. AT 75c A YARD --Extra heavy partly bleached German Damask that scarcely lias an equal at a dollar. 2 ynrdi wide. Just eight hundred and thirty- one yards of it. AT 90c A YARD--Fine full-bleached Irist Damask, in a range of pretty patterns. 70 indies wide. Barely five hundred yards in the lot. NAPKINS-AT S1.60 A DOZEN--Extra heavy Ger man Napkins; grass-bleached, and will, long service in them. Dinner size. 2; inches square. Just three thousand 01 them. ATS2.75A DOZEN--Fine handsome snow- white Dinner Napkins of liish make; 26 inches square. Twenty-four hundred of these. AT S5.50 A DOZEN--Extra fine bleached satin Damask Napkins, of Flemish make, and tlie patterns are gems 01 beauty; 20 inches square. Six hundred of these. TOWELS-AT I2£c EACH--Bleached double Much Towels; ready hemmed and washed; 17x35 inches. Fifteen hundred of them. AT 18c EACH--Good large bleached Scotch Huck Towels; ready hemmed; 20x33 in. AT 25c EACH--Very fine all-white fringed Towels, with damask borders Large size. They would be fairly priced at 40c. Just twelve hundred of them, AT 50c--Handsome plain white Damask Towels, witli two rows of open-work and hemstitched ends; 22x50incites. ' ,'/ John Wanamaker. s.u-'. .._. ^ - -_ TRUSTEES' SALE OS 1 VALUABLE REAL ESTATE, KKAR TUT: TOWN OF DENTON, Under and by virtue of n decree of tbc Circuit Court for Caroline county, sitting us n Court of Equity, passed on the 13th day of April, 1898, in n cause therein pending wherein George W. Davis nnd Samuel N. Uorney were curnplniimnts, niul Simih B Sntiisbury nnd Rtalum'l J. Salisbury were respondents, the undersigned, us trustees, will sell by public auction in front of the Court House door, in the town of Denton, Md., on SATURDAY, MAY 14th, 1898, between tho hours of 2 and 4 o'clock p. in., the following real estate, to vit: All Una lot, tract or parcel of bind, sitimted in the Sixth Election District of Ciirolino county, Md,, on tbe county road Irndnig from Denton to Hillsboro, adjoining the lauds o f C . M. Lloyd, ct al., iind "is about 1J miles from Deuton, and containing. 21-2 ACRES of Jnnd, more or less, and improved by n New Two-Story Dwelling and other Outbuildings.) Terrps of Sale. The terms of sale as prescribed by the court nre : One-half of the purchase money to be pnid in cash on day of snlc, and the residue in n i n e months from day of sale; tho credit payment to bear interest front day of salo, and to be secured, with surety thereon approved by the said tmsluos. OSCAR CLARK, HARVEY L. COOPER, JOHN W. CLAKK, JR., /'. Auctioneer/ Showing the Condition of the MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE CO OF MEW YORK 31st. 1887. Value ff Real Kstnte and Ground Rents owned by the Company less cnciinibrniico thereon ' - S 21,018,454.88 Mortgage Loans on Rcol,Estate 60,423,987.31 Loans scoured by pledge of Bonds, Stocks' or other col- Intcnil. per schedule C., Itomls iind Stocks absolutely owned by the Compum'. Gnsli in Company's OHiee mid in Hunks. Interest duo on Stocks, Bonds niul other securities. Net Minonnt of uncollcetcd and deterred premiums, 1-2.880.308.00 12'J,84(v30i8» I I , 70o.l0582 2,105,319.09 4.0'J4.S21.10 $2ol,G 11,011.0!) . Ori-dit IJahuioc?, AH otficr, -A-ssets OSTot Securities deposited in various Stntes nml foreign eonn-""" trios for the protection of policy-holder* in such Slates--market vnluc, Agents' Ocbii liulancos, Snspci^e, SI 3,01C.",!) lo.421.GO S2,l 70,834.50 ]!)o,840.5. 280,000.00 28,137.99 251,1! 15,003.10 2,C 10,081 11 §25.1,202,284.21 Not Reserve, N e t Policy chums. Prciiiiunis pnirl in ndvnnce, A n y other Liability : Non-forfeiture clnuse of policies, Surplus rts rugurds Policy-holders, Total Income, Total Expenditures. §210,458,870.00 1,123.913.88 281,025.24 413,828.0^ 5218,278,243.07 35,984,011.14 51,102,008.23 30,124,000.9!) Losses paitl in Miu-ylmid during 1897, Losses inclined in Maryland during 1807, 220,052.91 190,882 (53 S TATE OF M A R Y L A N D , INSURANCE DEPARTMENT COMMISSIONER'S OFFICE, ANNAPOLIS, M A K C I I 19, 1898. In coinplmnco witli the Code of Public Gonenil Laws, I hereby certify Unit ihe above is n true abstract from the sworn statement of the Mutual Life Ijisurnnce Com- p;iny of New York, to December 31st, 1897, now on file in this Department F. ALBERT KUKTZ, Insurance Commissionev. HERBERT N, FELL, GeneraJlgent, WILMINGTON, DEL, A LARGE ASSORTMENT --OF-SPRING* · *i * GOODS JUST KEGEIYED! A "Well Selected Stock of HATS AND CAPS. All the Latest Styles in Derbies mid Straw Goods. GOODS. 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Ordered this 14th day of April, 1898, that tlie sale of the property in these proceedings mentioned, made and reported by Oscar Clark, assignee, b« nit i tied mid confirmed, unless cause to the contrary thereof bo shown on or be^oru the twentieth dny of June n e x t ; provided a 0'p.v of this order be inserted in some newspaper printed and published in Uni'uli county, once in each of throif stiuuessive weeks, before tlio sixteenth dny of May next. The report stntes tlio amount of sales to bo S900.90. CHAS. W. HO1313S, Clerk. True cupv--tost; ' CHAS. W. HOURS, Clerk. DRESS GOODS. I Imvc n good line of all-wool Dress Goods, forty different shades and prices, and fruni 20 to 70 cc.-its per yard. Calicoes, Percale?, Ginglinms in many shades and styles. CLOTHING. I have a nice line of Men's Youth's and Boy's Clothing. Men's nil-wool Suits troin S-J.OO up; Boy's Irom Sl.OO up. LIME. Lime $1.00 per barrel; Parmer's Friend Plows Si,75. LADIES' HATS. A good assortment of Ladies' Trimmed Huts, Latest styles and prices. NOTIONS. A full line of Notions, Dre^s Trimmings, Braids, etc. SHIRTS. Men's Fine Shirts, Neckwear, Collars nnd Cutt's. JEWELRY. I cnn plcnse you in a Clock, Jewelry, or anything of the kind. HATS. I have in slock Men's Huts colors, shapes and styles. CARPETS. Carpets, Mattings and Oil Cloth kept iu stock at nil times. SHOES. Men's, Lndies' nnd Boya Shoes in all the latest styles, fit prices to suit ull. FURNITURE. If you are thinking of buying Furniture, I cnn save you money. Money saved is money made. HARNESS. I can please you in Carriage Hnrness, Collars, Bridles, Halters. "Whip Lap Dus'- tors, etc. TRUNKS. I hnvc trunks in all sizes and at all prices. At the Siyn of the Crystal Globe. GETTING ACQUAINTED 4- WITH "THE GLOBE," Baltimore's wide-awake and progressive Clothiers, Hatters and Furnishers, wants to make the business acquaintance of every reader of this paper. "Coming events cast their shadows before." A "coming event" that will interest and instruct you is the issue of the spring and summer edition of f THE GLOBE'S «CATALOGUE»» which will be published and ready for distribution about the latter part of March (perhaps sooner.) When you've carefully read the catalogue you'll be lots wiser. We think you'll like "THE GLOBE'S" way of transacting business 'cause its a fair, square and honest way, so different from some stores. All we want you to do is to SEND US YOUR NAME AND ADDRESS AND WE WILL MAIL COPY OF OUR CATALOGUE TO YOU AS SOON AS IT'S READY. 8 West Baltimore Street, three doors from Charles, BALTIMORE, many Peerless Machine Shops, EAST01M, MD, PEERLESS TRACTION ENGINiS, PEERLESS EPARATORS, PEERLESS SELF-FEEDERS-, PEERLESS WEIGHERS AND BAGGERS, PEERLESS SAW MILLS, PEERLESS PORTABLE, DOMESTIC AND STATION RAY ENGINES AND BOILERS. OUR GUARANTEE: We will guarantee our Peerless Threshing Rigs will do more work and better work than any other make of machine on the marke*. n side and side and take the best fo- Stackers by the car load. wl. I pir them Imperial ·; ah brajitlics. Bicvcles If you »rc thinking of buying n Sewing Machine, n "Washing Machine or Wringer, Fence "Wire, Poultry Wire, Cultivators, Plows, Lime, Salt, Pine and Con! Tnr AT LOWEST PRICES, conio to mo. I keep cverytliiiis; kept in a General Store. No Trouble to Show Goods at Any Time. I solicit your patronage, W, R, BREEDING, "WILLISTON, MD. repaired, re-enameled and nickle-p'.-m d :it Reasonable prices. For particulars call on or addre.s ; G. Telephone call No. 35. Near P. W. B. R. R. Depot. CARRIAGES! BUGGIES! aRAKES! Order Nisi, T Pliny Fisher, Assignee, vs. George W. Eaton nnd Sydney En ton, liis wife. Clothing, Hats, Shoes, Sixth and Market, Wilmington. BUILDERS ·TAZEJTOTICE I HAVE FOR SAI,1{ AT DENTON BRIDGE 250,000 CYPRESSCEDAR Dividend Notice, This i- to givo notice that Burton "W. Parker, by n decree of the Orphans' Court for Cnrolinn county, sitting in Equity, wr.s appointed trustee to make sale of tbc real estate of John Prattis, deceased; Unit the suid trustee lias nuido snle of snid real estate, and reported the snino to tlio fnid court, ai'd that the said sule lins been duly rutitiotl and confirmed, and tlie snid court, by its order, is about to declare a dividend on the proceeds arising therefrom, now in the suid trustee's linnds. .All porsous h a v i n g claims against the said deceased arc liorcby warned to n'lo the snnic, fcnuidit, with the Register of Wills for Caroline county, with the vouchers thereof legally authenticated, on or before the 28th day of April, 1898, or tlicy may otherwise, by ln\v, be excluded from all benelit from sftid funds. My order of the said court this 22d diiy of March, 1898. Test:--ROIJ'T J. JUMP, Ecgister of "Wills for Caroline county. mnr20-3t. · Large English Berksbires for Sale. DIFFERENT GRADES. I'UICES TO SUIT. Z. T. HUTGIIHSON. S TATEMENT OP THE NEW YORK LIPK INSURANCE CO., OF NEW YORK, N. Y.^TO TECEMBEK 31,1807: Totnl Admitted Assets 5201,410,836.41 Total Lmbilities 183,618,335.4» Net Surplus. 17,898,499.92 Income in Maryland 269,789.81 Louea paid in Maryland... £03,279,17 I IKIVC 8 Bonrs old enough for service tlint will suit Ihe most caredi! breeder. They have plenty or size and quality. Sired by the I'.nglish boars, Comely Hoy, No. 36462, ana Lord Washington, No. 4 1 1 1 1 , nnd out of registered sows with plenty of size aiul quality. Comely Hoy, 36J62, was sired- bv the KiiBlisli Champion, Imported I.ord Windsor, 304G1, which weighed 900 pounds, nnd was grand champion iu England over all breeds of s\vine. He was also Fiist Prize boar at World's Fair, Chicago, where Ins owners, Metcalf Mros., of New York, refused $1000 cash for him. I am also booking orders for Spring Pigs. Write for catalogue mid prices, or come and see them. H. W. WARNliR, Cordova, Md H AVING just completed n large warehouse, I have on hand u complete stock of Carriages, Spindle Buggies, Daytons, Speed Carts, Farm "Wagons-- one and two- horse. THE QUEEN OF THE HARVEST FIELD is tlie OSBORNE COLUMBIA BINDER and beyond an doubt stands without a peer. The No. 4 Mower is tlie lightest draft. All-Steel Hny Rakes and Hay Tedders, with bicycle and interchangeable wheels; Disc Hiirrows; Spring-Tooth Harrows. The machines and implements are all in stock now. And don't forget that Osborne Implements succeed where others fail. I am in a position to quote you Ihe very lowest prices on everything I handle. Am FOR BINDER 5?WINE. Give me n cull, and let me give you a few points on prices. H. M. THOMPSON, - - HILLSBORO, MD. FOR SIXTY-SEVEN YEARS Jii the Circuit Court for Caroline County. In Eqiiitj*. Ordered, this 23d day of March, 1898, that the sale of the property mentioned in the.-e proceedings, niude and reported by T. Pliny Fisher, assignee, be ratified and confirmed, unless cnusc to the contrary bo shown ou or before the 2Cth dny of Muy next, provided a copy of this order be inserted in some newspaper printed and published in Caroline county, once in eiicli of three successive weeks before the 24th dny of April next. The report states the itnionnt of sales to be S95.00. ClIAHliBS W. HOBBS. Clerk. True t-opy--Test: CHAltLES W, 110B13S, Clerk. Notice to Creditors. This is to give notice thrat tlio subscriber, of Ciirolino county, has obtniued from the Orphans' Court of Caroline county, Mary- hind, letters testamentary on the personal estate of SYLVESTER SMITH, lato of CHToline county, deceased. All persons having claims ngiinst the said de- ccnscd are ivurnod lo exhibit the sinne, with tho vouchers theruol legnlly authenticated, to the subscriber on or before the 25th day of October, 1898, or they mny otherwise, by hiw, bo excluded from all benefit of the snid estate. Given under my hand this 6tll day of April, 1898. T H O M A S A. SMITH, Executor of Sylvester Smith, dcc'd. HA VE BEEN MANUFA CTURED. v Year by Year they liave "been Improved. They are better now than ever before, Indeed, they are as near perfection as a machine can be: made. Hence the great demand. Call on the agant, Jonathan Evitts, DE1TTO1T, Wanted, To buy ft lot of best -White Oak Lumber; must be thoroughly seasoned, in flitch 2} inches thick and 10 feet long, clear ol' knots Address and state price. RUDOLPH ANKLAM, Smithville, Md. Road Notice, We, the undersigned, taxpayers of the Eighth election district of Caroline county, hereby give notice thut thirty days after this date we intend to petition the County Commissioners to lay down and open ii new public road beginning at or near Boachauip's Bridge, on the roitd leading from Williston to Concord, and r u n n i n g through the lands of Airs. Elizabeth Benchaiyp, Wm. F. Lidcn, and between the hinds of E. M. Gnrcy and W. C. Andrew until it intersects the eounty roud loading from Two Johns to Jones Corner. WM. P. L1DEN, A. H O W A R D , W. H. WRIGHT, EDWI^ M.GAKEY, W. C. ANDREW. March 10, 1898. leaving decided to discontinue the A\illiocry Business, I WILI.SKI.I. Ar.I, MY MU.UNBRY STOCK, CONSISTING OF HATS, RIBMONS, ETC.,1 M ($©S1 FOR ©ASI3! fc IF YOU WANT BARGAINS NOW IS YOUR CHANCE! Mrs. Clark will still have charge of the Trimming Department. W. E. BEOWN, Denton, Md. PERCY DUNNING, CONSTABLE AND COLLECTOR, DENTON, MARYLAND. Eefcrcnee Denton National Bank. For Sale, Miller Raspberry, fine liurd plants, at $2.00 per thousand. Addrsss P. L. STAMBAUGH, Ridgely, Md Money to Loan. I have money to loan on first mortgage on real estate, in turns lo suit borrowers O3CAR CLARK, Denton, Md. JEWS PA PER I N E W S P A P E R !

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