The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on December 1, 1971 · Page 21
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 21

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 1, 1971
Page 21
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leton Yule Bazaar has midway of booths ,VSiiU TUN Sh«|> llM? C'illistl'l'is U;u,'«i S-«U* twiiit? Md 'Jj MI All that!»r«-«t«J in In come ii'l t»y tint Itnwtflr »nd register, <y Al llw end of |}w affair a fw (inming will In? held for (he -rtl Kiiitnl|>rlK', a iimikw) turkey, iHwinutl -A.I! *;•, (,.(..I «Hii a i, riittii-|MMiml ham »nd 10 t JM'i''* ^ H irili ..( .v t4< t ISHH) l/l JMHHtdli O| Blftokffd MU84gt?. it ';"'* Amwitf tfic hi»ridcr«f(ff<l list l!.!fa;,. .-, i»i ,„.,,( ( .mc iti-mii fur nalc will IK?: mm'* i-fifif. )-.,<(.!.«! ,i UM tfiiriigi' tic*, decorated *ewlng *i»-* A>:|;tt-l»<: $ >tf v,i!s? t (, TJi i:UM"», irrwtwlfit stritiR* of ,WU; i fwj ; ./ii,.'.--v :oxt MI» id-.ids, iiutiuM on kitchen («' M{K !•, if it;,, ).'; ,1 !i. ),» ', (, |,i tr/ltrit, a|W«l!>, «{'.*.*• j.fs."- (!<('.»- '•< Ow 'It*? (a,-, ami A«, 1i^;i. A'itfiU'*-. .If.;!! rit-flt iK llM- alUUlill )>.i.'.-J-<it , '--,.«, ijjidi A (tii*fci(t(} lirojrtt (,. iSsi-ftjry .u'Ml-.-f,Ti.j<-...i!jl»A,,i At)*.iljjtr-v itixl |*uvi<ktt <!" !((ial:ni|-jij f(jf tl A midway of boolhn will also Iw a featured part of the ItauiMr. Included aro: Toy Hooth; Handicrafts and ('aiming*; Country Cup- iKwrd; Sidewalk Cafe, Hall f>f Flower*; Trash and TrttNfunsi; Grab Bag; »OM Hook Stioppti, Huodi Scouts set chili supper for Saturday UAKK JACKSON - '111* of Hurtuor <<irl Scout TIIK nUAXOSI'OflT fACTS, Freeport, Texan, Wednenday, December J, U?l, SecKon II, Page 1 Now is the time to begin plants meal, u«u Tl>e S^ilot Scout* ill j thill,, chickwi A VAUIKTV OK AKTIKACT8. including li.ind painted china, ccrarnif-s. dwroupagt' and paintings will Ix; Ic-alurtrd m ilw Handicraft and I'auttinf! B/XJ((I at UM* all <lay Clirtttinai Hauiiir pl;intMr<l tin Saturday ltim\ 10 a m (o 5 pm. ijy <ht> Auxiliary of (he Angleton-Danbury (Jrneral H'/ipilal .Shou-n with a few of UK- items already collected are: Mrs, Sue hrady of Angleton arid AJni Martha William^. il Ihp Uakc (Jirl Scmul IjUlr I>m;»-r l«jor •» » ill !»• i ? 3« I* m I'ftff* tut She tAipprf, vhicti il«lu<ii-» a cbtur«* Oj tlull of chk-krn MI-. \MI '>it'-i i u uti i t, , air Ji & («r f> crflU (« cfi Z t'alrunt ma 4' tJw <kwr « .'{»X:i »tij (n ^) VA Belief not right »pulaf mi^coitci-ption Ann-ricaft *JH-I." *>hv f-xt>l popular tnitruncrption n ari'J »ith tht 1 iron, thrt* to four twnia tiw thiamme awJ niacin. atKi mon- ttvan ten tirru-!! the vitamin (" voo Now Ix the Ideal time for home gardener* and houMrwIvc* to begin preparing Chrixtrna* cactux and poln- xcttla planU for holiday blooming, *ayx Everett Janne, landscape horticulturist with the Texas Agricultural Extension Service. Extra care Ix required each day or the poinsettia and Chrtetmax cactus may fail to bloom for the holiday season. Both plants should get as much sunlight as possible during the day, but they also need long, cool nights. At night, the plants should not be exposed to any artificial lighting; this will upset their delicate flowering-control mechanisms. Al least 12 hours of continuous darkness are required to start the flowering process. Janne points out. Night temperatures of at least M degrees F., are ideal for both plants, but the Christmas cactus can grow at temperatures as low ax 55 degree*. During the day, ordinary household temperatures are satisfactory. Avoid placing (he pomsettia in a draft, cautions Janne. Sudden excessive changes in temperature can cause the leaves to drop. Supply sufficient water .10 that the soil is always moist. During active growth, feed poinsettlas regularly, preferably with diluted solutions of soluble fertilizers. Newer types of poinsettias are commercially available in varying shades of pink as well as white and the traditional red This makes a whole family of colorful poinsettias thai can be brought into bloom for Christmas and that will frequently hold their attractive appearance well past Memorial Day. adds Janne. Own polati) h.u i to i i m ( the- i inaiti ti-ztvn* ainijtiiA ut artr nut l*u>ifiK a* lx-,iu», bran MaV.fii, prum-a !iiafi> pcrfitun th**c dayt, nr>- ur v*<-«-l |>o!a((X-> 14) t Kr^ncefc llfasoho'ver. I'cX.jU*.'?* j»r'r|ijrtti without Kxl»"Tiii'j<i (w-Kift ai>-J fiutrilKiti txjtt.-r <-r '<»k:M^ojl of)j^rT'i*f.i •AtlJs'Ajf Uj!!cr w ctwklng wl. !ht"t<-h,>» Ix-ra » « MtAnJ -JnlhtAit gravy ;»lvj i Ui the (»•-( cipjU Is-ivc ,'i-*ff r;itort<-s !/ian ni(»! t<j*iMjmpti'-*i r^ f 05 -*!'."-* '" (ruiu t..r.!)t-<J in bcxivy »>TJ|I, «»j!ilf) tl»r lin/wtng rJw jflrl» ry.ot'rf/j t?f Ow I>ul:*h'' ~A->I)) ,Sl^»?tij v.'!l/-r» i urjfjjdf-fwj t>w iiUfc'.^i.f-n t*rhr( th*! ^Uit^^ jrni o'frf.'t Tiutrjrr.lh rr;afc»* ujj Air liiiih )r; t^i'Xj* 4 -^ af*. 1 vifj- t-ifij-i ^ ! t«-!<<-i>t fA lh<- pr.«vau, «J»cli esfh <^ j U Mt* Although (H>ta!o«-» 1h<- Bfwjp \ vijirljiblft. (hr> .ilr si<J«t»U1) !w»cr (Ian luadt m li«r "1( | iry, •»((.«« had to Ix.' >cs;r mil) ><»jr<T (j< fvulri<Ti!.s, tlwy »ouiij pruvidr sll the M!. t'fjc and '/IK- half THUMSOAY UECKMHKK 2nd FLOWERS SWEENY NKW LOCATION FOH.MKH POST OFKICK BUILDING HKI.I. HKVKKITIMi SALVATION AKMV niKI.STM.US B.VSKKTS GIFTS DOOK PRIZES BOOKS SHIRWIN § WILLIAMS WE'RE MORE THAN A PAINT STORE •Jl. r t** ^ * v SPECIAL CLEAN-UP MENS SHOES MEN 4 BOYS DESERT BOOTS 95 ° HouseShoesI \i HOSE* SOCKS lodnt M«>« ...... 1 pti. il M«ni Nylon Soa.4 pri. Ctuldt Nylon .,4 pit. $1 Wom*f) Nylon Soa SHOI- Ui lAIlt - IHI Hit CM• ISIJHAI iUTi LADIES WALLETS SI.00 INFANT SHOES :.,. «IN4 »OT» TRACK SHOES 1 Garage sale proceeds to aid College Thf !H.iIfr>fX)M ('(lllfjll- |jidi<*» Kiinjisv t'lvil) utli (KiSci a <;«,•!£<• .trxi Hake vile SatxirtLt) .U Si Miclurl s »',ilfkiiic i'hiirrh! tn l-ilr j4ck.K«i froiii « .» m (o 5 p IT. for it> WE'RE AN ANTIQUE SHOP DURING OUR OLD FASHIONED SALE! t-r (\pical «jui|>mon'. |ibiUA ;uwl l:...'k.s ItaU'xi ilt-m- (i«f \alr will include hol»li> livxli ;.uiUl>lr lor Irtvting am! fur UM- lalrr m the TI8IY ClOIH SLIDES S H O E-—.WORLD FREEPORT 902 GULF BLVD. (V.Tiiis Hum llcnkes ANOUTON 725 I MULBERRY The Bare Facts Mr rtrx! Mn> IXxmlas, K o< AVdlKTOV .in llH' birth «l a ttaugliUT \m 2s m I'ommunii) She tkrjgbrd M'irn pounds (ino and onr-haK Mr and Mm litxirgv T Iliirix-r t>< 1IH\/UHI.\ an lumnct- thr birth of a (laughter Nov. 1"J in Community SJio wt-ighwl seven . une and one half ounces Mr and Mrs Henry U Mrt'lendon o( KliKKt'UIlT annuutKv the birth o( a !>un Nov 29 in Community Hospital Ho weighed seven (xxiuds. three and one half ounce* Sir and Mrs Kduard \ Krcanbruck Sr of KKKKl'UUT announce the birth ol a sun Nov. 39 in Community Hospital He weighed eight pounds, five and one luiU ounces 15% OFF AS WE ROLL BACK PRICES ON OUR ENTIRE STOCK / ONCE A YEAR WE PLAY SANTA GLAUS WITH OUR GOOD OLD FASHIONED SALE Look you i tw;st foi the holidays «ind sa\c j| E'.tMythinc) in slink is on salt 1 nosv to nuiM? soui honiu i><>,iuiikii. It's a Good Old f : astut>ne<i Sale v, ah tjood old fashioned puces Conic in dxlay «'»»d save big on these items Special Budget Accounts Revolving Charge Accounts Layaway Plan ANNUAL STORE WIDE DISCOUNT SALE 15% OFF ON ALL OUTSIDE PAINTS t I 1 15% OFF ON ALL SPRAY ENAMEL 15% OFF ON ALL FLOOR COVERINGS Mr. and Mrs JueU of KHKKJ'OUT aivnoum-c the birth 'of a son Nov. 29 in Community Hospital He weighed nine pounds. 10 13 15% OFF ON ALL BRUSHES FOR EVERY USE 15% OFF ON ALL CARPETING 15% OFF ON ALL WAIL COVERINGS 15% OFF ON . ALL ART SUPPLIES 15% OFF ON ALL ANTIQUE KITS I 15% OFF ON ALL WALL PAINTS Marshmallow MOD LAMP EXCELLENT CHRISTMAS GIFT EACH SATURDAY SHERWIN-WILLIAMS 824 BRAZOSPORT BLVD. I'.'. r i CHARGE IT! PHOKE 233-5378

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