The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 14, 1973 · Page 12
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 12

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 14, 1973
Page 12
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DEVALUATION niK muzosi'OHT FACT* Consumers are feeling the pinch IMTMt MOT! — TMt It fl» HtlM •' By DCBOIUH M. RASKIN NEW YORK CAP) - Will* Mar devaluation rfraw* sign* of MCC«M abroad, Amvican comutMn «rt? feeling th* pinch of highcr-prk«l foreign pxris A survey shows prices of imported tooth have cone up on everything frwn artichoke hearts to automobiles as » result of thr 10 per ewt devaluation in February, ••Right now devalumkm i* correctly perceived as a negative thing because it's a major factor in th«? horrwv dim mfUuior *f have," said William Wolman. An economist with Argu» Rttwarch Osrp Trie aim erf devaluation was 10 nskioe this country's tt $. hllton trade deficit — the tkfftrww* between our tnv purls and export* - by to-wrung the value o( the ikillar agatrat other currrn- ort "H»e idw* wa* to increase American exports by making them less costly and thus iiK»ff competitive oversea*, ami to sk>» un(urta by making ih«n more expensive in the CRT'S MX H MICH n> l.'S market. That WM ih« «une Kk« behind lh« (Vrtl itvalualioo in if? I 'The Urn* l»» b«(*e*« «dn{XK>n ol tucrt • pru«r«m and ob»ervabl» «l(ti-t« U livixrally ii« month* to two y««r* tt'i e«p«cttd that cvatumer* will le*I ihe imp*ct ul higher >prte«d import* almo»t immediately, but (utitive effects wcri at higher emptuyment that artM from Senator Tower defends Nixon aon>«ltm« take fanger "h thew ret* M ewi»um«r*. Amerwa/w h*v« b««fl Hurt by drvaluaiwn." Mid Wolnvan "But thry'rt fotog to b»iM<H m tnew rul« M «»•» «•«»««. ahtwv^h tt will |««<»Wy Ukf imitl n«Jtt >«*r befcr* thu JUMP SUITS 20% OH ENTIRE STOCK OK TIES SPECIAL GROW OF 20% Off UNFINISHED SUCKS 20% off SPECIAL GROt'P OF (Bodh>> C»i»ar) DRESS SHIRTS 20% off Vn Ural K«(«T'» DA. gift ENTIRE STOCK OF SPORT COATS Raien & Fasclr* Ret- Jk 25% off GROff OF LONG SLEEVE SOLID COLOR DRESS SHIRTS Hrs I»rkr SPECIAL GROIT OF LONG SLEEVE SPORT and DRESS SHIRTS "Kail TO ft SpOrt C08t ' • »in * lw .Sport | Coat to be given a»a> to a Lucky Dad ui l»r«t »( Ka!b*r» tMj, no purchase nectssaV) ~ n««l not bf pr*i«W Id *m DT3'*irg mil be hrid Sat. June l«h FITKTS III SflCUL rm cattcf ti IIUFIUS ^-Patluvlar V?/iJ SOtmtFUOJO. J**h. (AIM - "Mast erf the wmmenlalort and reporter* hare it »for the rrvfttajent and are ow*eing the Watergate altair out ol proper a Uect lays Sea John Tower. IVTes. H« i(nA« Meodiay oitht »« a OOf fuai r*t»ln< went In thtt Detruit luburb Tt«tr charted rrjwrur« would try to nu*e, Wal«r«»(e "into a Kocaan clma for UM ne.nt U»e* or (our oe fire yedn " Bui be predicted It* it»u« would K»O kM« UM putUK's t&temt. While h* ftvsidenl Nuoo truy erred by tcl«ctio| "»ome o«rr< tealaui political amateur?" at aMiitaaU, t<y«« **«! h* tiai not VMS* U>» la "ha! be ajrwd w«§ a a^ainnt White HOOK »4xt«iO (r»rr>ti» arx! apptiicioei*. "I am evetVdent in i»y taiad he o oo< in>o<>«J," Tewtr uid "All !hr turstr i IU-<T known Dick Nuoo in poiitKal tu*« h* ho.i ah*ayi b«ro a (tun «<w beiMrvvnj t& coftcwfUA)^ otilMtfu to the !*('.« «{ the la» " Twer athkd, "I •*» »» rrai^rmtoo. I don't tiija* h* vtll a«l I don't Uvmk t» thould" THOUGHTS i:rut?y ftiy. bzs (Ptarttlmg it hkt iht NiM of « CGJtJ' farm, !>i< friirf o/ hil «BO!»!A u mdrn U it:(u/i«fd. k< a Vit- uf«ti by tA* yWiti «f hu lipii ~Frv&«ftn ft 19. JO A h<rtpifi| word to o*x ia irwbte U o^ten tik* a »ws!«rf» on a railrcjd track— an tach b«twe«n w-r*ck and j«»i>olh- rotlios prosperity — H«nry Ward l!«*ch*r, ckrgyroan figure »««tfrM UM Jr«a>u*two program tt fln*Uy »wking. at t«««t M Car M the OAikxt «•* * «b»k M «aH*m*d Th« l?i«t*«l Slatw aetaeved lt» llf»« trad« warflut m ixve and a tuil y««n dunmt April, with merehaadi*e rtpjru *»«etitng uti(«rt* by a tciwoaUy cb*un« •Highly affluent buyer* wtih ditcrtmin*ling Uile aren't |«*flf Vo b* frttftt »Ha( lh«y want," Arthur >'r«*4m*A, at the Wrtartan Schewt of >VUM*« "They'll «*U pur* i'ti4«e Jaguar*. tr*Har, <*ine and <ntt\ it they UM more " Kconomiiti Crttl rat unp>ft*. »hilt Mjrfui in IWi»!i a(if»<ar» likely w I* punier balanced by ih* rwl»uo'» u»ttif*«J»m (****! for U* and with a t«r» Jnik'h llttul t«>4f) out t>4UiK« ol tatt! «»« *v*jt afc HjiT j«a*i{«ai HMO* IS I t*lt»« !!« jsnft Flood warning In 1971, the high waters of Hurricane Fern brought widespread, costly destruction to the Gulf Coast. In 1972, the most brutal storm in United States" history lashed flood waters through six eastern states In 1973. surging waters from the accumulated runoff of melting snow and spring rams ravaged valuable farmlands in several southern states Are you protected? Today, many Texas counties, cities, towns and villages are eligible for special flood insurance under the auspices of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the National Flood Insurers Association. Different programs are available for different areas. Protection is available for homeowners, for tenants, for owners of small businesses and for general property. To find out if you are eligible for this special flood coverage, call any local agent, broker or company licensed to do business in your area. REMEMBER-FLOOD DAMAGE IS NOT COVERED BY STANDARD PROPERTY INSURANCE. This message appears as a public service from the issuing company in Texas- THE HOME INSURANCE COMPANY OF NEW YORK. The Home's Houston office is located at 2100 Travis Street, Houston 77002. uutt.'9tir.« •mt M Ufcaery much o< (he fain *«.» $> t» *»* i 1*4 tttttii [f.itr'i > ?»*»< tf.-c «i-r » A ^ixiivf to ami Jiljnin*r»c CJf «N or j tft rat **'«« »•»;*»>•»!<•» '..•> MJSJ ' SJluj £>tt«i4 )*«HU. ff«'tuJlr':£ at < Ufssetln-tii til a Urge 4-H Pfayday winners LAKE JACKSON - Tts* Uk* Jickton « H M*o* Group r«c*»lJj t»U « pUj<fi»j *t Dwstwr Park «/w* Tt*» piayday WMI «se d mjffl^ to c«05}*t* («r * high jj«J«3W *»«/d *( UM tE*J <rf UM J«»r TVr» •"«•» S-** el****, juekfcn *o«i iwsisc*, '«* «<«<» ct«at. Ki*fl!» is<lw«littJ In KrtMMnt}. tSs*ii, 1ft tJW jiaiart 2s*i»»* ISie- r««. r*ee ted AJUO. U*r* jl 0* eta* at Ehw wfetcfc uwteird fcuth tfcrwglh filUk pi*o*» W ta Junto* burnt* «*r* JO&M. At«ia Weir. McWiliu<n.i. S&trrs t in «n*«w txtrrvtu Keor.cdy. M*rj Dye. lUrnn. itat \ltttnnt t.u ftiU CaJNxiJ, Stwaww Smith, Kteittr &«non. Wroowr* to 06* ****** B*t r»<» w«r« ftrrt • *»* EiiUalcr r»ltfi« Co Jo. aad wvCTid pi««, Jt** )Ut%M« TTw f<B»e wort) dfctqtsuMwd Ji*uor pufa twnding Kim Jofc.»« AU«» *«*». N«»U [a (J» wntior f»J*». -Mn» EbtMikr ton* firi« rKtustf C« Jo and MVtwd rVS«« UU tlsmJ (*»«« »«« to TTSKI K«MM«ty. tourtit. M«rr tfj*. ftfOi. 141 Harm In tht junior tUk* m* Kim Jo*.i«. AU»* W«if, Kimt^r Bjirion. Naoj HcWiUUiai, <Knc»MM Smith Tbt wniof tukt r«<* vinttcrt Jont r.l«l*o<S«f. nawt UU. tteaoA. Trtfy Ktta*4y. thinl U* JUm». fourth, Joni KisUadrr rteJu^t Go Jo. Wlh. MJITJ t^» MtUI O»*n. AJ*w Weir, Amy Repeats on TV dinners? INOtANAI-OCtS, tod. IAP) - Tt» bu»y bpuwrvilt ef UM futuri ocnl ««Jy turn on b*r TV Mt to W*m «b*f» coafcing (or dinr*r Uvtl ol*W Huf* UM pr*0ktioo <rf WiUUn> M Awfenon. vkc pcw«*tnt lor RCA ComuflMf Elwtrortks, who Ioc4a *)**d to tlw (Uy wten horn* TV *tt» will U liftk«d U> ecmputtr ly items <nd not ooly undcnUnd »pe*f« Kngltth txil print out r**ponM* on * tclrvUioa »cr»«n or turd Hii* U-vr, llae Mm I*. MS. *•&* !5K -S»? V Jil in in . Uit»» !>»»«, rh&ftyt J> (if •»£ ftlfte V Ued«T. Kan >)ftjt<e. WANTED HOTUNE VOUINUERS SAVE MONEY Friedrich Power Miser* ROOM AIR CONDITIONERS Cost \bu Less In The Long Run! i» wutr «/»•• Friedrich ROOM AIR CONOmONERS • VMWMOB^ x ^s»rr!r.« save money on your electric bills "Far isampi«." he add*, "tb* buay IxMMwUf might desire a special recipe for dinner, caD la to have it broadcast on her TV screen w the can wateb it being d, then lake prtoled to the kitchen u a reminder," The Federal ConsmuiiicatUwyi Coouniiaioa appear* coovlacad. according to Anderson, that borne communication* tervk** an on UM way, since a year ago the FCC ordered all new cable TV »y»tem» being coMlnKtod In Uw tap 100 market* to have two-way capability, and that all •xttfaaf lyiianui in UM watt 1W markaU ntiut INI converted to two-way c4j»MUty by Vffl. i«» '•BAsirW ' unav* UO Vrtl All IWW ftfM tt'JM IS. JM )« JM 1 W* i lent iwu UVJl/ t taw iiwo IIWD U6SI HIM. wu >*# aw t U I ill 111 I i I (Kill 4 ' H il 45 « i 1*1» i . . 14 Hi * i »,; w *],•»<«} ki l^Pw Gw9i IwQiJNm THY Ot'R CENTHAL i&HYICE t'HO.NK ILAKE

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