The Ogden Standard-Examiner from Ogden, Utah on October 4, 1971 · Page 19
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The Ogden Standard-Examiner from Ogden, Utah · Page 19

Ogden, Utah
Issue Date:
Monday, October 4, 1971
Page 19
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:TV REVUE AND PREVUE Medic Show Has Something to Say Ogden- Standard-Examiner, Monday, October 4, 1971 7B By CYNTHIA LOWRY AP T«I»vi*ion-Radio Writer . 'NEW YORK (AP) — Viewers who have looked ia on_ <<T he Doctors""segment of NBC's "The Bold Ones" over, the past couple of years may have noted 1 the shift of emphasis in its plots. It has moved from an exploration of the new frontiers of medical science to treating human dilemmas. This puts it in the category with CBS' "Medical Center" and 'ABC's "Marcus Welby, M.D." but sometimes there is a difference. The latest drama was a sympathetic tre_at- stealing hospital supplies to treat illegally sick people in a slum district. It was notable for the intense performance of Zooey Hall as a former Vietnam medic and even more for some of his -explosive dialogue about inadequate medical care for the poor—lack of physicians in slum areas and long waits for short appointments in clinics. CHECKED, APPROVED Most of television's doctor " shows have scripts checked and approved by committees from physicians' organizations and treat the profession with velvet- glove reverence. The story had, however, the balance of concerned, dedicated doctors in the series' regulars. David Hartman, E. G. Marshall and John Saxon. It was an hour with something to say and it said it with bite—a rather rare program among television's deliberately bland dramatic efforts. The Public Broadcasting stations opened their new season Sunday night with another in the "Masterpiece-Theatre" serials, This time a six-part adaptation of Thomas Hardy's "Jude the Obscure," acquired from the British Broadcasting the • first show—understanding i the thick country accents of the English characters. AN ORPHAN It is the story of 'Jude Fawley, an orphan from a working class family who has a passion for books and learning and is determined to win a university education. His passion for a pig||_|fi_ farmer's daughter, however,- r 1 *• forces Mm into a brief, unfortunate marriage. • The acting was excellent, headed by Robert Powell whoj plays the worried Jude and] Alex Marshall as the wanton; farmer's daughter. Hardy was) making some caustic .observations about class distinctions jand, in the first episode, indicated strongly that he thought marriage was a trap for the un-; wary male. TONIGHT'S HIGHLIGHTS 7-7:30 (CBS) — Mike Connors, I as Joe Mannix, is a guest on Here's Lucy, and he and Lucille Ball have a strenuous and hilarious scene. They are tied to chairs, which are back to back and tied' together and they have to get from one side of a room to the telephone on the other. 7:30-8 (CBS) — The Doris j Day Show benefits by foregoing I slapstick and concentrating on Doris' reactions when sly boss John Dehner ruins her vacation trip to Mexico City by conning her into working on a charity Corporation. Like its earlier imports— and "The income tax problems, thanks to manager Churcttiils"-ic IS a DKmuiuny Bill Bixby's finaglings. Guess prSd period piece. Unlike who me Internal Revenue agent the earlier two, "-- "-<"•"">" blrn<: mt to be? . the American views , had a problem during ball. Her "aide" is Mr. Sidney (Joey Forman), who turns out to be someone who believes charity begins at home. 8-9:30 (PBS) — NET'S new series, Special of the Week, premieres with a of a documentary. Wiseman's "Basic blockbuster It is Fred Training," the fifth in his series of institutional documentaries, this one taking a look at the Army's basic training program. 8-10 (NBC) — ."Speedway" on Monday Night at the Movies is the first of this year's crop of Elvis Presley pictures. He's a successful stock car racing driver who has Nancy Sinatra, that's who. TETEVISION PROGRAMS ACCURACY of television schedule is the responsibility of the station. The following is printed exactly as submitted to the Ogden Standard-Examiner. CHANNEL O KUTV (NBC) CHANNEL Q KCPX (ABC) CHA ** CHANNEL Q KSL (CBS) _ •y v. T. HAMLiNJthat I wasn't woman! EDUCATIONAL TV STATIONS J.It l«kt; » KOET. Olrfen; " K*1V. Prove; 1» KWCS. Cicfcn •Denotes Color EVENING MONDAY, OCT. 4 6:00-0 Scene Today—III* O Truth or Consequences 0 Channel 5 Eyewitness News* 6:30 O Laugh-In* O Let's-Make a Deal* g) Gilligan's Island* 7-00 O NFL Monday Night - Football, Oakland Raiders vs. Cleveland Browns* 0 Here's Lucy* 7-30 0 Monty Nash* 0 Doris Day Show* 8:00 0 Monday Night at the Movies, "Speedway"* with Elvis Presley, Nancy Sinatra £| Monday Night Theater, "The Champagne Murders"* with Anthony Perkins, Yvonne Furneaux 10:00 0 Scene Tonight* Q Perry Mason @ Channel 5 Eyewitness | News* | 10--30 f\ Tonieht Show* j 10:40 0 Monday Night Theater, "The Texas Rangers" with Fred MacMurray, Jean Parker 11-00 01 llth Hour News* 11:30 O llth Hour Movie, "Shanghai Story" with Edmund O'Brien, Ruth Roman 12:00 0 Man to Woman* 12-05 0 The Late Show, "Five Golden Dragons"* with Robert Cummings, Dan Duryea TUESDAY, OCT. S MORN I NO 5-55 S Farm Report* 6:00 @ Sunrise Semester* 6:15 0 Understanding Our World 6:20 O Guideposts 6:25 0 Farm Report 6-30 <Q Viewers Digest © CBS News* 6:45 0 The Morning Scene* 7:00 0 Today Show* 0 Fireman Frank Show* @ Beverly Hillbillies* 7:25 0 TV2 News Morning . Report* • 7:30 0 Today Show* 0 Gomer Pyle* 8:00 0 Dinah's Place* 0 Lucy Show* 8:30 W Concentration* 0 Cartoons and Morning News* 0 Family Affair* 9:00 0 Sale of the Century* O Petticoat Junction* 0 Romper Room* 9:25 0 Channel 5 News* 9 "30 0 Hollywood Squares* O That Girl* 0 Love of Life* 10:00 0 Jeopardy* O Bewitched* 0 Where the Heart Is* 10:25 0 CBS News* 10:30 0 Who, What or Where Game* O Password* 0 Search for Tomorrow* 10:55 0 Carolyn Dunn Show* 11:00 0 Somerset* Q All My Children* 0 Midday* 11:30 0 Major League Baseball, Pittsburgh and San Francisco* El Let's Make a Deal 0 As the World Turns* AFTERNOON 12:00 O Newlywed Game* 0 Love Is a Many Splendored Thing* 12:30 Q Dating Game* 0 The Guiding Light* 1:00 O General Hospital* 0 Secret Storm* 1:30 O One Life to Live* 0 Edge of Night* 2:00 0 Major League Baseball, Baltimore and Oakland* O Mike Douglas Show* and Dialing for Dollars* 0 Big Money Movies, "Capt. Carey" with Alan Ladd, Wanda Hendrix 3:30 O Bugs Bunny* ' 3:55 0 Spotlight 5* 4:00 0 What's My Line* O Daniel Boone* 0 Big Valley* . . 4:30 0 I Dream of Jeannie* 4:58 O Dialing for Dollars* 5-00 0 Scene Today—I* O Five O'clock Report* 0 Dragnet* 5:30 0 NBC Nightly News* 0 CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite* KLO—1430 14 Hourl Dlitr Ktvn, SF«H. Muik 'RADIO NETWORK STATIONS KSL—n«o 24 Hoon Diilr Ntws, Music, Spflrti KVOG—1490 5:40 ..m. »e 12 Mldnifht N«wt, Muxic, SpoH KSVN—730. '6:45 a.m.-5:45 p.m. Htwt, Music, Sp*rti KANN—1WO INDEPENDENT RADIO STATIONS KBUH—«00 KCPX—1320 . Mu>« 6:45 a.m.-5;45 p.m. H*wj, Mutit 24 Hours 7 a.m. ta Mi KBOC 7 «.m. to Midnight FM—lOl.f HI-FHtllty Muilc ANSWERS: Across—1. RECORD, 4. HYDRANT, 5. BAG, '8 POCKET, 9. TEACHER, 10. HATCHET.. Down— 2. CORNUCOPIA, 3. RING, 4. HOOP, 5. BUCKLE, 6. GOAT, 71 WATCH. V/AWMA TAKS A WALK IN! THE WOODS AND LOOK AT AUU TH£ SSAUTIFUU- PAU ¥ IJUTS-. TM1S TIMS I OF' TWE YEAR •a -THE.V BEGAM MAKING SLOP 'OUT 'OF STOKES, WAREHOUSES RIPPED PEOPLE'S CLOTHES INTO RAGS/AN1D . ATE. THE RAGS .'.' SOOSl'S THEY'D EATEN! ALUTME. GLOP OW THE STREETS--- HAVEM V T YOU. HEARD WHAT THEY DID IN, MEW VORK? •YOU TKVTO TURN THOSE />•#<=> *<S J. GO&BLEGLOPS LOOSE -, IN CHICAGO, AND WE'LL 2 MASSACRE YOU /.' TA.FFY- rr's LATEX GOTTA MOVE.' UK- VOELL, r SURE DID.' SOMETHING? •y COKER & FINN LANCELOT / waji-p 1 see &<. IN A eon? COLOR see SOMETHING WELL, CLANK, THAT'S THAT] ALL WE HA\fe TO DO NOW JS WAIT UNTIL, OKAY, OSCAR, I'Lt PICK YOU AND ALLEV UPAS By DICK BROOKS JACKSON TWINS AMP THE CVB3 AL TRIED TO STEAL HEP, BUT THE KID'S HONESTLY RKEO UP ON THE POLLUTION BIT' IT VC&5 WHA1 NO OTHER CAB PEACHING THE UNPER . THII2TY BCACTLY 3E1NG ALL ON HEP OWN JILL'S WHICH WOULD INCLUDE AT THE AUTO SHCW MAINLY By LANK LEONARD I HE LOST HIS JOB A •MONTH AGO—so HE MUST BE PILING UP A PRETTY HIGH BILL' NO, HE'S NOT.' I DON'T KNOW WHERE HE'S GETTIN' IT, BUT MURK 15 THROW/IN' MONEY, AROUNP LIKE IT'S GROWIN TREES' HE'S A REAL BUMMER.' THE ONLY TIME HE EVER WORKS \S WHEN HE RUNS OUT OF CREDIT FOR DRINKS] WE WANT TO FIND'OUT ALL WE POSSIBLY CAM ABOUT HIMJ MURK RAYKER HAS BEEN COM1N' IN HERE—CM AND OFF—FOR ABOUT FIVE YEARS' By HAM FISHER JOE PALOOKA FAIKMOVNT'S BAU,RKSTANPTEN, ON TrlEIKOWM 3Z YAZDUNE IT'S A SCREEN PASS ...TO BOBBY. r KITTY, ANP KELLY AREAT THE FOOTBALL . GAMS! WITH TWO IN THE TH1KP QUARTER. IT'S CLIFPVILLE10, FA1KMOMT MILITARY 7. HEAP 1 OFF AT THE PASS', THAT'S A SW.'TCM,., HE USUALLY PUTS UFA LITTLE PEOPLE'S PUZZLE THE WORRY CLINIC Anatomical Defects Affect Personality By DR. GEORGE W. CRANE Nancy G., aged 17, is a sex problem"Dr. Crane," her high school guidance counselor began, "Nancy has been promiscuous the past couple of years. "And now she is three months pregnant by one of our senior Doys. "But she comes from a good suburban home! Nancy was a victim of a sexual inferiority widespread feminine malady, namely, a complex! She felt below pa r anatomy. Why? "Because I have such small breasts,' in tears. their minor anatomical defects. till they enlarge them 'into fearsome mountains! One of my Northwestern coed students, had likewise been promiscuous with many young men and even lived with a young college instructor as his common-law wife, because she had lost the ring finger of her left hand hi an auto wreck. "Dr. Crane," she wept, "I knew I could never have a wedding ring, for that finger was missing. she finally confessed, "Dr.~Crane, I have used uplift brassieres to hide that fact. "But I have always known, \ even since entering high school, "So I just got into a panic and in her began to seek masculine attention whenever I could find it. "And I let our romancing go the limit, to prove to myself " that I could still attract men." So by all means see that your children's anatomical defects are reduced as much as possible by physicians and alf there as a dental surgeons. L/iJU » li . Thus, have their crossed-eyes "In mv name I would thus go straightened. more*L P haifw a ytosed^e g a Plastic surgery can easily boy just to see if I really could change an ugly nose or large, win the attention of .the opposite nrotruding ears. IX. "And after being rushed by one boy • friend for a time, 1 would then wonder if he was the exception, so I'd make a play for another boy. Thousands girls focus . of very attractive so constantly on widen their distorted social outlook by starting the "Compliment Club." for and the booklet Medicine of And send "Psychology the Face," enclosing a long stamped, return, envelope, plus 25 cents. OF THE WEEK PORTABLE Enjoy the playoffs and series on your own TV. ZENITH COLOR PORTABLE Television, U'.'"dia '-ZENITH COLOR $3£A 00 TELEVISION, ChromacolorJQY 16" dia. C3722 . . , ZENITH PORTABLE $-v88 RADIO, R 13 / KIESEL SALES & SERVICE 2855 WASHINGTON BLVD. PHONE 394-8883

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