The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 10, 1923 · Page 16
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 16

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 10, 1923
Page 16
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?AGE SIXTEEN. THt. HUTCHINSON NEWS. TUESDAY, JULY 10, 19Z3 MICE MEN NOT MAKING HARVEST Mite Collar Typo of Harvester Not Seen Among Transient Workers This eYar. The office, or "ivlilto collar" man i (*>nyp!i nous for his absence in this uar's harvest, according to Harry VV. 'habtn, direr-tor of tho Kansas Free Jin phi) men t office )i*tro. This par- fcular type of man Is slaying at bis Milk In (lu- city, undnr tho cooling >reezo« of r'lcelrk fans, shunnlnir. »ver;U!*, "hickory" shirts and tho ouKh attire of the wheat fields. Tim presence of office men tn tho •arvn-st fields I N a barometer of busl- nmfifions. When thrice aro Chamber of Commerce find thoy In turn will noil It to the members at the noonday luncheon on Wednesday at the Chamber of Commerce, Today the) commlttoo having 1 In charge tho placing of the exhibits of the Hutchinson manufacturers In tho north room of tho rooms was busily at work. Tho speakers tomorrow wilt stress tho same idea. Tl. 8. Hinman will oronk on "Advertising Hutchinson" and Judge O. M. Williams will talk on "Hutchinson, an Industrial City." «rd, <h • * SALEM COMMUNITy. <* • • $. <)> # <£, <J> ,;, * }, fc -5. .?> «k « The community was shocked to bear of tho sudden death of Mr. l'etor Dltgen, July 3d, an old rosldent of this neighborhood, but lately of N'lekornon. Our doe-pest sympathies are with tho bereaved, the family does not onouru alone for the going of this good man. Sunday services aro well attended and burliness drops oft, and of- considering the very busy season of ;-|i;»a begin to cut down tbtsir forces, .bo men Mho are victims of these oou- iltlons turn their fancies toward tho Ipenlti!,- wheat and H a day and K,:ird. It was that way in 1921, and 0 a Uwer extent In ISI22. Different In 1921. Two year: 1 , :r'.o linndredB of letters •von- received by employment offices ad .ra! 1"H I: :ltein. chamber:', el' eoinmeree in con- Kansas freni olfSc- men, askiuff nformaiiici a.-", to iho harvest. '<<-,.• feed \vllu Wefe IlOl aCCU.S- -i lo t ho iiiuM-!'- tlriiiK, back- KhiK wi.rli '••< llm liar'.ent tifW*. liiiv.'ll (e stiie-i ! with floTIllo/u- rei:i.;(; riiii; lei in tie' rliado. Hut ne( led ,v,e); .Many had f'auil- sijj 'lM,,-!, am! eoultl not support 'i'ie-y were uaikiuK the streets, line V .::h1 aiin, c'.U'MnL' a defln- tho year. This wook will finish tho harvest, already tho hum of tho thresher chuff of tho tractor announce the r>> celrlng of the golden grain and the field preparation for tho next seeding time. Tho Fall Festival which will bo held October r>, 6 and 7 !« fortunate In ae- curlng for Its Sunday program a man of national reputation ns lecturer and story tell in the person of Dr. Ezra Flory, of Hlgln, 111. Our boys mot the Abbyvllle base ball nine on the home field recently and played t?to «aro« to the lime of 14 to 1. The Sonlor Hand young peoplo ars planning for a homo talent play to be K'lvon •within tho near future, 'Mr. 9. O. Moats had the misfortune to step on a nail ono evening last week Inflicting n painful wound. A speedy recovery Is hoped tor. 'Mrs. Charlos McOonlgle Is visiting relatives In Tennessee, whom aha ahsn't seen for fifteen years. D. H. Ringer and family visited near Abbyvlllo Sunday. Tho Sunday evening oorvlca has boon condensed into ono hour during tho months of July and August, beginning at eight o'clock and closing promptly at nine, U IUB enabling church mars to atlond services nnd return homo In time to retire at their usual hour. A Reparations Statement. •London—Premier Baldwin announc od In the house of commons that it might b» possible for tbo government to make a statement on reparations Thursday. DECLARES INDUSTRIES SHOULD ALWAYS BE PREPARED FOR WAR Linn which ''Jiurlit tli'-iu on ilu: juW. So lim n i:v":-l. I'i'-ius c;iiu:l;t V t!!^m. Many i-oul'l m>\ wumti tb» sio?»'. <Uh- •r:-. hHi 'iiier. omcri',^*! liricvn, Husky, 'h i>',r in{ I ^V^OJJIM I aiwl l)ielr | .-.tru!!^. hi ;x way (li'IJarion WJI.H I hlcsi-ihi; if. tin" in Belief Uusinfiea This Yftar. I'.v.i ili'-,- yt-ur tin; mnrtitlon la iiittiK' 1 '!- "I'tif (if:i.-" m;u\ (uis no'j- C'liiii:; a Juii. N '-M II UT , for that •nalMT, has til" UN*< 1 workman. .Wi- inT I.' sr- ti in ih- 1 ha.rvcst f't *l (l:(, unit 1'.' I r. Fin '!< s:t''.- for a chatiKi. 1 . fh<' inr\) v,),i> ;:ri' taking ham^t John ur MI nt't -fl work, v but vrry ]'•-• I'tJUI'!'*', Ul 'T work vt;ii i! skilh'fl >, who - -aflnr triulna oxoo !>• hurih: ii r rcmaniii);: t hn iisun 1 quota inif.'jij uu>noy for mil ^ot.t ing tli«m- t ho .balt SUVL- liito collar" man ia city. \Va:thinKtot», July 10.— An onnicjt ploa for intlu.strlal liropareducaa lu save o.omillt B;i UveH tvutl billlun:'. of dollars in war wns made rocontly by Clrov «3uor B. (Jlurlc&on, formor diroc- tor of tho Uuttod Staion oounotl of national d "fotiH'>. War today, accord-, infj; to Clarkson, domands that eu- tiro nations and not Just armies en- tor the conflict. On the modern nca .h?. ho auid, war Is "vaKed by scionc. not guena - work and sctitiiuont, a ml •is a matter of factoring, mines and labor; of <;oal and wheat and of transportation and civil morale, war, Carkeoii said. EPY-T-IM'E TALES MORE TALES OF CUFFY BEAR ARTHUR SCOTT BAILEY^ CHAPTER XX. KNOW YOUR HOME TOWN INDUSTRIES, IS SLOGAN;^™ G 6 ClAOKSOM refusal to prepare ha^ ahva.vft cost Xt3 untold Uvea and untMld -millions of (Itillnrs "Nowailaya rcasonablo roparednesa has become oven more vital. Wo are hnlphiss unless -»vo Know 'itow to Rot raw materials and how to put thora Into finished Bhapo, and we are even mure heli )iP3H If wa don't ^ot thorn foruhandodly. "Sulphuric acid for high explosives and tho like expresaeB the price of victory jurtt n» mui'h as does tho ef' fictent fiffhting man. A Holdier can l»o trulni-'d in from six months to a year. IndUHtrial proparodnoas, wliich lias no end to Its detail, means doing the job long before war comes. It c «n 't be ilojio when tho hour strikes, unless you want tragedy and billions of dollars wasted. And don't 'forgot that industries today are heat prepared for peace when they are best prepared for war. Thorn Is no particular difference in the kind of efficiency required. "Finally, nH the war Industries bourd UmK at:o recommended, iu au• other war labor and dollars must 'be I conscripted as well as troops. That ; must bo done not only to gel the Mr. Boar A«ks a Few Questions. Cliffy Dear's father did not anawor the odd questions that his son had asked him. Mr. Uoar first staroa, then glared, at Cuf'y. Mrs. Boar was quick to notlco the danfer signal. Don't bother your Cither with questions," she told Cuffj. "Your father to tired. Ho had <i hard day." Cuffy said no more to his fathor, but tried to «tand on hl» ho»d. Poop-' Ing Into a certain clearing on tho opposite Bide o.f Blue Mountain, he had seen his fRther perform that trick that very aftornoon. ."Look out!" crlod Mrs. Bear. "You'll Call and hurt yoursolf." Mr. Bear reached out a paw and save Cuffy a push that upset him. Ho was so fat and round that ha "rolled rlftht across the floor of tho den. "WTmt have you boon doing today?" Mr. Benr oskod his son Irr un Icy tono. Cuffy picked himself up, but didn't say a word. Ho began to feel very uneasy. "The child has boon off in tho woods all day," Mrs. Boar explained to her husband. "Thank yon!" Mr. Bear replied coldly. "I'm not asking you. I'm ask- InK hint." "I—1 had fun today," Cutty stammered. "Indeed!" said Mr. Bear drily. "And Just what did you do to have fun?" "1—I took a walk," Cliffy told him. "And where did you go?" his father demanded. "Around the mountain!" Cutty blurted. "AU!" cxe.lainved Mr. Bear. "Did you go till the way around Blue Mountain?" "Only half way!" Cuffy roplled up- happlly. "Ah! And what did you. see there?" his father Inquired. "1 saw yon," Cuffy answered faintly. "I thought as -much!" crlod Mr. Bear. "SoniothiuK told mo, a few moments aKo. that you followed me today. Didn't I tell you. when 1 started out this morning, that you couldn't come with me?" "Yea, Fathor!" said .Cuffy. "But I didn't come with you. I stayed bo- hind you all tho way .to tho clearing. And when you rau away from " "Silence!" boomed Mr. Bear with an ewful roar. "Not another word from you, slrl" Cutfj ^B father was furious. Ho had talked In a lofty fashion about "Important business" that he had to attend to. And now his son knerw that In tho last Krupp and the stool masters of tier- many were pitted nKUtnst the steel ce.ptains of America . Hut in spite of tho fact, he declared, that Amorkia -wns 'he last reservoir of supply not only for herself but for Iho allied and i \vhe!e nation on the lob, but to sea to associated nations, freight pile 1 up Ml that all of those at home do'their Hulhlm-'on i» oplo, should know Hut>'!ilnsi n lmiustrf'-s. This i:V:t h;e> bi-en snhl completely to the publicity committee of the an terminals until trains n Id reach them ;md had to discharge their loads at times thirty miles away. "None of us want war again," Clarkson oontlnued. "But this has always been u world of wars, and we have always been asloep when war came. Our equal share with those shedding their blood at tho front. 'Xeier lose sight of the fact that from now un war is a contest of all persons and all things, and that tho armies of industry bear an equal responsibility -with the armies In the field." in the cream Golden, crisp Post Toasties, with cold rich milk or creain, give zest and snap to the morning, noon or evening meal these hot midsummer days. Their tasty "toasted" flavor and appetizing crlspness are improved— not lost—when cream or milk is added. Crisp in tho package and crisp in the cream, these polden-brown flakes of choice toasted corn are made to please appetite —and are always ready to eat From the first bowlful to the last serving out of the triple-sealed, wax- wrapped package, Post Toasties retain their delicate crlspness and distinctive oven-freshness. The Yellow and Red package is the guide to Poat Toasties goodness. Worth aJiing for by name— ,*> ©si Toasties Improved Corn Flakes Mr. Boar roabad Cuffy out of Ytie that business was nothing .more nor los-s than standing on his head and scuffling with his friends. Mr. Bear only hoped that Cuffy could be made to keep the news a secret. "Come outside!" Mr. Bear .ordered his sou then. "I want to talk to you —about important business," "Are you suing to toaca me to stand on my head?" Cufify shouted Joy-fully. "Certaluljanot!" his father snapped as he sef/.od Cuffy by the back of his neck'and rushed him out of the den Mrs. Bear couldn't help smiling behind her husband's back. Copyright 11123, Metropolitan Newspaper Service, New York. (Tomorrow: Cuffy and Ills Father Have a Secret.) SWIMMING POOL A POPULAR PLACE Average of 100 a Day Aro Taking Plunges at Y. M. C. A.— Teach Many Boys. The swimming pool at the Y. M. C. A. is very popular this hot weather. H. Oronin, physical director, reports that about 0O0 men and boys have heon "using the pool every ;week since the hot days arrived. Altogether 160 'boya have been aught to swim at the Y. M. C. A. by Mr. Cronin during the spring and so far this summer. He states that some of the members of his classes have developed Into very proficient swimmers but others aro slow in learning. Lifo saving is being taught to one ot the advanced classes. The boys are instructed In tile proper methods of breaking the death grip of a drowning person which often causes the inexperienced life saver to lose his own life. They are also Shown tho correct way to tow out a person who is being saved. Mr. Cronin states that the boys will soon be given tests in distance swimming and also In diving. The Y. M. t. A. pool is'refllled with fresh water twice every week and those who go in swimming are required to bathe first in ordor to keep the water in a sanitary condition. Fire Caused Big Damage, Kansas City—Fire which followed an explosion at tbo Interstate Refineries plant caused lamuga ostiuiatod at $200,000. 0ASHING STAR OF GREAT WHITE WAY SEEKS TO DIVORCE SECOND HUSBAND Sec Our Windows Snowsheen •" • j ... A Cool Shirt for Hot Days EAGLE SHIRTS of snow-sheen are great shirts for summer time—Silk­ like and snow-white. Their luster is twice mercerized in to stay—a beautiful shirt by day or night. Those who come to look remain to buy. Collar attached or neckband models $5 Others $1.50 up Don't forget our "Men's Three Piece Suit SaU" ends Saturday, July 14 NUSSBAUM'S Stat$Cetriiet& Boys in Business A S a Bank for the business man of today, we are naturally interested in the business man of tomorrow—-the boy who is earning money this summer. — Why not start (he banking' side of your future success at once by opening an account with one dollar or more? The size of your first deposit doesn't matter. It's you that we want for a customer. FIRST NATIONAL BANK Established 1876 Huichinson, Kan. ^ Hn. Irena Casstle Tremaa. •Now York.--Tho bluobird has flo-wn i were estranged. Castle joined Ui« from the marital cage of Irona Castle L^ 1 , 3 ^ fl y' n « cor P 8 and iiai ln Treman and Oapt. Robert B. Treman "~ And tho ogre of divorce uow threatens to take Its place In the Treman iamlly. For reports from Parle have it that the fair Irene, one of Broadway's anost dashing ttsuros, orlffinator of Innumerable damio stepa and, lnolden Hervlco. Soon came her marriage to Captain Treman. the exact date of which is more or less clouded. One report has It that the wedding took place three months after Castle's death. Another that It occurred fifteen months lator. _Now comes the report that Mrs. Treman haB not found complete) 'nap- tally, the bobbed hair fad, has started 'plness In her several years aa l!ii divorce proceedings -in tha ' French ; wife of the Ithacau capital. Made by Postum C«r«fil Company. Inc., Battle Creek, Michigan fih» has ibe«n appearing thora recently *• dancing aot. With" the l«t» Vernon Caotla, her marital iixtt oholoe, Irene Jumped Into (am* almost overnight and they wor» oroditad -with Introducing sooros of |>aUfoom etepn la Burop* and. America. Cor a Mm* Irene was in th* movies —on location at Itbaea. It T. Then «MM report* Ifteft aba u4 ' CeaUa "Objections to tho continuation of her stage career on tho part of inr husband's parents Is said to hare been one of tho causes of tha rift in their affairs. Dudley Molfl Malone, Wr». - Treman's attorney, and the Treraan'a In rthaea refused to comment ou tthe report, Mr*. Treman herself was ''out' Vhen newspapermen called at her Paris apartment YOUNGSTERS FIND WAY TO BEAT BAD WEATHER Langdon Poultry Club Members Bought Chick* With Money From Loafing Hens. The members ot the langdon Poultry club have found a now way to overcome the dtttlcultles which often besot the youltry. raiser because of the elements, according to V. B. Crlp- pen, county agent, Tho unusual amount ot rainy weather this spring caused many of tho poultry club members to lose the little chicks whioh they wore raising. This left them with nothing but somo or their old hens on hand, -nd they •were not laying enough to ; ay tor their keep. i Mrs. O. O, Wright, the oluh.leader, advised th» 0Mb members" to cull their old hens and selJ those that were not laying. Then they were ablo to buy young ohlckena with the money which they receivod. Sine* they dad not buy their young chickens until lute In May, thoy got them at a very reasonable price. Now Instead -of baring Just a (look of poor laying old b»ni_, the boys and girls hare soma ragulir laying' old PALMER DENTAL GO. Popular Priced Dentist 28} N. Main Phone 2659 Gas for Extraction Hutchinson Liberal THE NEWS TELEPHONE, 4400 • NEXT WEEKI BOBIM'S SKNCOPAT01S 8 «matIon«l Negro Jau Band dtract from .. Nawman'a'Theatra, K. 0. MIDLAND hens and, alio a nice buu«B ot Topns cnlcUena. "

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