Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on February 25, 1959 · Page 5
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 5

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 25, 1959
Page 5
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Small Car Production May Mean Headaches In Detroit 51st Veaf THE MMPA DAILY WEDNESDAY, FfiBRUAftl? 38, 19SS 5 fly .fACK tlPt the car and the fact thai A light-< who want hfltt ffttt »ft CBl<! [height engine will be usld. j fn8f« =art fvroBaBfy WIHf .___ j : But the llffht weifrnt'of the en-ler*. but ;tH&« fivt aefHi ld«f 6! Ig-ine again creates problems. Uhe hiadaeh«i 'tfif g«tll Cftri ttt i One of these is the need for j cftUSIflg tn§ Wf „ . . : new types of antifreeze* for ftlu- —•—'—'—~ ' Mow, Romney asks, are dealers mimim englneig whic h me' wafer for the big companies going to coo]im , 8yslcfns A problem hv »h* "Ri*< thumt> the , dnims for fl bi & c « r avoids in' Its small car by . °y ttis "'eiand a small car at the same time:,..., thft .«-«„* ai r . roo ied three" auto makers Snd the in- jwltnout hurt , ng one or the O i he r?. * . g . ,?! , novations the manufacturers plan Romney also points out that ! , Chrysler is reported to be try- to introduce along with the small- ! th6 Bma ,j rars . in order to be di- !n ? lo * et .* wate f * c °? « d *'"; er models are likely to cause rectly rompe uiive with the R a m- iminum * n * me ready for its sma «. , _ i. i. A_ji_!»««.».. »*_ i i .1 J( ij j •* * . ^t A t* r T T Mi«* Ar\«-ri*^ A fr\ ••/irta nl \t vtn II , TIPT) car. This engine probably will need a new type * STOP-tlfldlstufbed by the racket of s pass* train behind them, these sea gulls line up like ducks in gallery to suft themselves 6n a railing of the "S»Bahn" elevated railway tfiangte in Berlin, The fairway is uncle? East German jurisdiction, but the birds Steh't worried about botdets. of politics. • , Dulles Carries Enormous '•••' ' ;: Burden Of Responsibility Business Views Untied Press International antifreeze to prevent interaction between th« metal and the chemical. Mas Hpfttct Problem Some headache* In the Industry. ,^>l6rn his company turns out, One of the biggest headaches must eventually have a unltized for the large companies has been | body and frame, pointed out repeatedly by Artier!-' This, he said, •would present can Motor's Corp. P r e s 1 d' e n t; the Big Three with more head- George Romney. !«ch«, because it causes produc-j r ' M - however, in avoiding the lion anf ] development problems antifreeze problem, came up With When asked how his company ; whi( , h Arne ,ican Motors already > new problem. In present . day will survive head-on competition has ron q lie ,^ engines, heaters are operated from the "Big Three" in thei gut'there are many problems'from the water heated by its ef- smal car field, Romney always that win - rrtnfron i the' big mami- forts to cool the engine. Without points out that small cars will f ac ture'rs which even Romney lhis water jacket around an en- present the .sales forces of lhe. hBgn . t ',; enUonert to date . These'*«««• a different type of heater big companies with a conflict of; faj , largc)y in the area O f inno- must be developed, interest.' .._,. , ,,— t,;,, „,„„,,»„„(,„.„..„ Harrison Radiator Division of below oar Its diplomatic offices. vations the big manufacturers are expected lo bring out in their « M currently is working on de- small cars. jvelopment of a. hot-air heater for Engine In Rear 'the GM small car. This healer fiuek apt AN <* tt tttMltmtt discoufljtd, *«k««t< U>4 whelmH. The £piteo^«1 help yo« eo|X with Average length of life of Amer-! -r^g ^est example is the small probably will be much like the than human sympathy for a fellow, fluenced <by it, as in the case human in distress. That is .there, to be sure. But there is also a re- Inclo-Chlna. "Contains" Communism jij- SEtf. • Written Fbc UP1 i For six years; John Foster Du1> lei has been the target of vehem- en.ent public criticism. As secretary of state he has had to submit . . ,. -, , t *t'times to bitter castigation. His point: Mr Dulles is a publicj S p e rt to the noiy Communist na 1 of the most dedicated tions of the Far} Knst. His work aligalion that whatever the differ- 7 n international negotiations he i ences on Mr. Dulles' policies.; has been energetic and' there can be no difference on one [That is especially true with re- Commercial and finance paperjjra's wage earners Increased'Chevrolet which will have outstanding increased by 332 mil.,slightly in I9SS after showing a a ], irn f nuni ' air-cooled nanrake rf lion dollar, or 12 per cent, durln* 1 small decrease the preceding ^^"Tn the r™ of thecar Reserve year, it is reported by statisticians P i nclng the engine In the of the Metropolitan Life * ' Co'. January, the Federal an special hot • air heaters which en . were in use on autos In the 1930s | land 1940s and still are available a.s optional equipment for those ST, MATTHEWS EPISCOPAL CHURCH Ward & Brown ing . ers, the bank said. Industries Minister Abul Kaslm 'Khan said Pakistan has no inten- iancing and steering 1 which enei- Accoi-ding to provisional mnr-jrieers in the big auto rompanies lallty figures for 1958, the aver-j have considered for a long time age length of life for the com-'but have never really been un- pany's industrial Sn ri dSe;f l fSm e 3E? l o h f aS hTi tJJTJn this administration he , n dating the < Japanese pw^^u™^ Tndu^rie"^.^*"" ? ° 2 yea ™' "" lncrea " e ° f °' 2 JS.C.2S? DS' SesS, and ^ carried without complaint an treaty under the rrevioll , admin-: ^ ^^lo^i^ I ^^-^ ."^"J" ™1^ Gen. George M/mshall a 1 s ojenormoUB burden of respohs^ihty.! is tratlon was an example of dip- ment , i— = ^ pollcyholders! der pressure to solve. Part of these problems are solved "bv the short wheelbase of reaped a harvest of brickbats for Perhaps, too, the. change reflects jiomatic virtuosity. I-also found his let-vine in what has become the a sudden, almost shocked aware- ( talents very much in evidence at MM! t«ylnfi- and excruciating of ness of the degree to which thc; t he conference in Manila in 1954 most ta.xing and excniciating •It assignments ment. in the govern- Secretaries of state have barely been popular, figures during their Incumbency. Public denunciation is, traditionally, an occupational preservation of freedom in peace j which led to the establishment of has come to be .bound up with iganization. this able and courageous man. I Communist Clilna Increased its exports to Southeast Asia last: year although encountering im-; port controls in, some countries, ; There is also no doubt t h a t) the Japanese Foreign Office said One does not weigh the crop be-j Mr. Dulles has pursued, with j0 n the basis of surveys made by i fore the harvest. In the same great vigor, the basic policy which ^^^^ fashion one cannot really evalu-ljie found when he came into of- Miller-Hood Pharmacy Better Prescription Service Hit DELIVERY 1122Alcock MO 4-8469 NYSILA CREPE $198 Yd. The Fabric Center of By BURLINGTON LEADING SPRING FASHION MATERIAL 100 S. Cuyler MO 5-3181 hazard. In the 19th Century, for: ate Mr. Dulles 'until the; conse-:fj f . e . That policy, in a sentence, example, William 'Seward was quehces of his policies can be;was the containment of Commu- splattered with public Invective (seen, in the perspective of history, nism. pending the time when ef- for his "folly" in dealing with the | One can. however, speak with .fective agreements for a durable Russians for the purchase of i first - hand knowledge of t h e peace could be obtained. Alaska. iwayMr. Dulles has conducted the j Communism hi)3 lmdoubtedlv Cotiti-asting with the criticism; office of secretary of slate in one b(?en rnntainoA ,„ a mil it a rv »f Mr. Dulles as secretary is thei of the most'critical periods in the ; sense _ reaction to Mr. Dtilies as a ser-i nation's history. j" lously 111 man. He is now thej In relations With the Senate andj recipient of an outpouring of ex-,particularly with the committee pressions of warm public- regard.:on foreign relations he has beeiij The contrast must be as pleasing!considerate, zealous and accom-| to him as it is'unexpected. -morlating. He has listened to ad-j Dedicated Public Servant j vice from members of the Senate i There Is more in this change; and has sometimes been in-j contained in a military Rend The 'Jews Classified Ads. Leslie Caron Free From Role Of Lili By A'BRXON S(X>TT I.'P1 Hollywood Correspond^ cent still intact. "I think these pictures will con< vince audiences I am no longer a HOLLYWOOD (UPI) -- Bid ye| c hnd p » 9ne said seriously. "After . irewell to the wistful waif who I,, j am ft wlfe and t he mother for the past eight years has capti-'pf Uvo r hiidren." vated moviegoers in the guise' of, Mllrrle(l To DlreP , or Leslie Caron.- • I Leq , le js mR ,. rlet i to Ene » sh dl . The petite French beauty nc ^ r p ^. Ha| , The ( . 01| , )le set her age (271 henceforth, fore.l m . M , n Ij0nc|on h you f going the delightful l'«le girl air , h 2 am) j enmfei , 6 roles she began in "An American mont j 1 . In Paris" and portrayed for the " last time in "Gigi." • "P^pn the nxet stp for-me In a pair of new movies Le.-lie »» '" P la >' « '- ole m "" * . t f\ r\£» n r> r\i ri ii'r»ni n T in "grown up" from the Keens through the last reel. first "I am deliriously happy about .to be an old woman. That would; ;be great fun," Leslie laughed. I '"You see, I am an actress and' Jt," she beamed during a lunch;! wo " 1(l like to P' we J ran P or ' break at 20th Century-Fox Studi.| tr "y mature rolea os. "It has been a long time com-' " r fton 't sing or dance in these In*, but now I'm fife from being; pictures either. And T haven't yjjl'i" ft £ last. danced ballet tor three years. "The waif isn't me. But people; "I believe if I ran play a 15 etil! try to ao/>pt me. They thinker 26-year-old girl convincingly I I a m a lost and frightened child, can also be a worn-' who needs a home and protec- >» m y own age, or older. tj on ," j "My role in 'The Man Who l.'n- May Shook Funs jderstood Women' is very naughty. Leslie's metamorphosis from''11- might shock people into behev- pixip to full-fledged womanhood,'_"g I'm "° longer a little girl." may prove a shock to her fans.' Jn her ne\v movie, "The Man Who-' Understood Women,'' the fawn- eyed actress plays a movie star, complete with husband and liver.- She also has a scene in which »he gets tanked on vodka. In another new film, "Doctor's Dilemma," I^eslie plays a dramatic role previously essayed by' • dresses in their late 30s. . Though her roles have changed drastically, Leslie continues to be iin elfin sprite in person. Her large eyes appear half frightened. .Her smile is impish and her ac- I ' During thc 400 years of its existence, the infamous French prison, thc Bastille, held many well-known men in its towers. The most remarkable of its prisoners was the "Man in the Iron Mask." Ho was one of thc romantic figures in history and died there in 1703. Who he was remains unknown, although many theories have been advanced and many books written about him. © Rncyclopcdla Drltannlca Watches- Clocks Reaired • All Work Guar • 40 Ye.irs 1 Experience • Day and Night Service • Get Rrtter Work for Lets All U ;i:. lit-* ('I,.-. :..,--.! i,;i !..i : -t !•:'••• ' riii.ii- i:<|in|nii''nt ROY HARPER fillfl X. Kussell .MO !)-9';73 H. C. GRADY, JR. Announces The Moving Of His Offices To 1921 N. HOBART South Of Highland Lumber Co. Phone MO 9-9421 THATS RIGHT- Yellowstone thi no-biti Kintuc?!^ bourbon K P8QOF STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY & 100 PROOF B01UED IN BOND WSHLUO AND BOTTLED BY YELLOWSTONE, INC.. 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