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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 1

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 21, 1859
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NUMBER 226 «B»awnra , ,. rfkifc l'«f«r, jmbUshei CTerj,tBorntaf,«iIeef4 Monday. r.>-Tr«1ily Paper, *ff. B aii r ,Tr*aneiaw and IWtor. •»r4»r rai>er, VlXlia OF DJLILT PAPER. rejier for oncysar. parable to advance »T,00 VaiUr'tffff for.ene year, payable In aavanoe.,. l».\Tj:«» OF A0VJBnTlSIK<2 IN Ten Unea, or loa», of Nonpareil mate a 1 aqua™, i month..._ . do. Smonllu.. 10,00 do. 8«onlh».. 11^0 do. 4montita.. 16^)0 do. fimoDtfas.. 16,00 do. Jmonllu...*)^ do. 1 jeti 80,00 »4uarc, 1 day...... do. -Sdajra.^... ifu do. : 84af» ..w 8,00 Jr). 4'da>i .. . ZfO do, Sda^s... . 8,00 : MO . 4.00 do. do. S '»*•».. So. -8*r-.»B.; R *» a 11 (I a u g:>d o n , AGF.MTS, I A5 Si nu«tolpli Street, .-are dufkoriftd to r«- ctire Adffrt;iemmts /or (Mt and aU &t Zeaiino I'apere cfiht KorOaetct, odd Oft tbt atvt andcz- /I.D8IVBLT avOiarifid Agcntt in the SorOmut/or a majority qfUiem. . ....•' mar4 IN TOWN AND; OUT OP IT. MAEK M. POMEROT, Editor. •n«-lc,nr»!oirica.t nccorrt, for J one IT,'5* uept by C. U. OARPI- EH i 00., Orof^lctt, 19 Spring ttrtrl. TBEXMOUXm b i. ». S ». M. 6 r. M. *6°a 6t e a 6T°a "i'Sjr Telegraph and Commercial ntatten ate Fourth Page. To be tate at dinner is merely pt*f time. Hood sails boosehold and hotel fami- tare at auction, tfau morning at 10 o'clock. 9&-J. S. Crooks, Esq., of thit city is to deliver the 4th address at Elkhorn. The -Western Unitarian CSonferenoe in session in this city has elos«i. • GONE UP.—Exchange has gone up to 2-1-2 per cent in Chicago. £. iyi»i(JHT np.—There will be a grand torch light procession by our Firemen, this evening, .in honor of the Chicago visitors. * On Wednerday, Rev. Mr. Staples leaves the city on his annual vocation, and there will be DO service at his cbnroh until bis return. .—Bat very few of the Cnita- trian Miniiten lately in lesslon in this city,wore orhtte oeok tit-s, those who did not areceniible. J^- TUKEH EZCDXSIOII.—Qaite a party of To mere left on the boat yesterday to attend a fislfoal at Two Rivers The Badger State Band aocotnpanifd them. ' LoMEg BT FIKB.—Tbe property de•trey«d by fire during the month of May in the United States, amounted in the aggregate to over $l.eoo,onfi. BOBBKBT. — Thomas W. Lilly, of 'Olney, lUinois, who kept |9,OgO locked in his fbnreau drawer, and fooliahljr toasted of hit orealtb, was robbed of all hu teeaiwe on Sunday night week. §&* LIBEBAI.. — Meiers .Noonan & MoSab offer to fnrniah gratuitonsly the paper for the published proceedings of the Editorial Convention, in pamphlet form. The proceedings will make, probably, about eighty pages OOD HAUL .—Twenty two forlorn and law breaking individnals were np before Judge Foote yesterday, and each one got a soup ticket, mi our police report will show. ' If there lea nan that seeds arresting our efficient polios force are Bare to find him, and np he comet. Mr. C. C. Chase, agent of the Pesfc j, (8wig»Ji«ll Ringers) arrived in town yesteriaj, and U making arrangements to gire oar oitireeis come unrivaled entertainmtnu — .They have «wive<3 a new set of belli from iEngland. Dee notice will be giree of th* tlm* •'And place \ J^- The editor of the Madison Journal, in -.•peaking of the editorial Convention, My*: " * * * We hare no time or room ftr AH extended notice, bat we came away fall of {grateful ieeliugs for the munificent botptt*U- Oiea and Courteoue liberality of the-HUwaokee- *M, which we may take occasion to express more folly as opportunity shall offer. ' HOKBID PUHISHMEET.—Some daya cince a letter writer at Pike's Peak, who bad been writing lying letters to western papers, setting forth the great riches to be obtained in Kansas, waa taken by an exasperated nob of his victims, a male hitched to each of his limbs, aod then driven in different directions, literally tearing him litnVi from limb. His parted remain! war« left by tl,, ioad side, a* a wart- ing to others. ' Tux PHEWS HOUSE—This new and exceedingly well fitted np Hotel, on the corner of Fourth and Chestnut streets, fcas Just • been re-opened, under the control'and pfttonal supervision of Mr. A. Pbelps himself. Mr. P. is one Of tbvfew men who understand hotel i keeping, and will make a good reputation for this bonse. It is well located, and he will • spare no pains or expense to make it all that it L«ta>nld be. MABIBOH JOTOHAL. — Harrison Eeed 4ias become associated with Messrs. Atwood & Ruble?, in the publishing and editing of the Madlton Journal. That paper was . black enough before, but this addition will autke it more Shanghai than ever. Though we mast «irrHr Eeed credit for a great d«ti of candor and honesty in the exprettlon of his sentiments, no doubt he believes all ue says and all *• wrttes, bnttbat belief of his wiU never do him good. The editorial strength of the Journal IB greatly increased, EIOT ix TH» FIFTH WASD.—Saturday night, late,'a row Coourred in a dance house in tbe Fifth Ward, and a general melde ensued. Ugly' looking rowdies Etruok, kicked and punched ugly and good looking girls in attendance, and the girls played luck at them. A po'ioeman going in to quiet the row. got severely punched about tlie lit ad, scratched about the face, and kicked in the ngionofhis commiflsary department, and the devil was to pay generally. The upshot. of it was this:, tb« ringleaders were at last arrested, looked up, and trial fined as the law directs — Verily, the way of transgressors is a very hard way, judecd. THE CAMPBELLS.—Last night Albany Hall was very Well filled to .listen to the charming negro melody of the Campbell Minstrels. They number eleven, excellent performers on their several instruments, and can rattle off all the latest as well as the oldest styles of humorous songs and performances in the most laughable manner. Some of their jokes are capital, and their music is liard to beat. We predict for them a roaring good House to-night, aa every one attending last night left at the close of the performance in the best possible humor We learn that the tickets are reduced ii price, from fifty centf to an nven quarter, and we advise all to go early who wish good seats. Twenty-five cents will }ny at least eleveh bits worth of genuine fun, and all such chances should be taken. BEI«., 1st Division, 4 Milwaukee, JnueiUA, 1869. ) OxKBEAfc OKDIB No. 3 —By the re-organi- c«tion of the Brifade SttJt, the following appointment* are made and received commissions: Major J. A. LteUiaber, Aid de Camp and Chief of the Staft Major M. Ton Baumbaoh, Paymaater. " C. Me^er, Inspector. 41 E. B. Lynch, Quarteruaasler. " X ScbaoBS, Cominlssary. *' H. Sunnemacbet, Engieeer in Chief. " F.W.Hnndba'uien, Burgeon. - " B. W. Dtn&is, Juoge AdrocaU. . All former appolntmexfts «re hereby re- By order Of Brigadier QeneralBest, & -' J_ ' J. A. liEBBABBE, ~ rpniion." which appeared in the Patriot, to the^'Sub " Whenever tike "Bab" has vttlle* J ilUwank«*h6hMbeen treated like* 'gentleman.' W1HPmneroypte*secom>et?— Jjaduon Patriot, ^ "it Who* did wriiB Ii T > That's the q Knowing tint the "Sob" had always, been well, we kue» he «Aou# not h»Te written it, and now would like, for -private- reasons, to know 'who 'saw la the entertain* Dent ottered tfae editor*, "pea nuts— pit tick* *ts—Jpw clothing— and new leather?" ff ArMMPT AT Sttioics. — At a laiebour, on Friday evecing last, a French lady, who resides II-AT the corner ol Fifth and Poplar Street?; attempt*^ to commit suicide l<y taking arstBlc. On the ila/ previous 8h« had procured the poison from the drag store of E. Meyer, under the pretense of wishing to poise* rate. ' As the dose— half ounce— was too large, |t did not have the desired effect, but produced Severe vomiting. Dr. Fuaiholler was immediately called, who prescribwl M Rntidote, and she soonTrecovered. TLe cause of the act .is said to be disappointment in loveaffiiirs.- VISIT or TBS CHICAGO FIBS. BRIOAOB. —Several hundred exonrsionists from Chicago, and a few from Cincinnati, wfll be with us to-day. They will leave the boat at 0 o'clock this morning, proceed in a body 16 the Newball, their head quarters, take breakout, and at 9 o'clock form for parade till dinner time.. They bring with them the Steam Fire Engine '-Neptune," which of itself will be a novelty to most of our citfceus At three o'clock a trial of hand engines will take place, (most likely at the foot of Main street), after which the steam engine will try her power. Our firemen wilt be out in foil dress, and we feel willing to warren t that a busy day win be this one, and that our Chicago friends will have a good t'me, as all of " our boys" know their regular " biz " and intend to do it. ACOIDBBT— MAX KILLED.— A German named Wittioh, letween 60 and 60 years of age, was killed yesterday morning on the Kilbourn road, town of Lake, about four miles this city, under the following cironm. «tanees : He was coming to the city with a load of wood, Lit team being a yoke of steers ; mi they were going down a little hill, the ring in the yoke broke, and th« wagon Immediately ran on to the cattle, frightening them, When they started and ran into a ditch by the side of the road, pitching Mr. Wittioh from the load. He fell on his face, and one of the wheels passed over his bacK, killing him almost instantly. He lived but five minutes, and never spoke after the accident. He resided about two mjlea from the spot where the accident took place, and his body was taken care of by his neighbors. .— Tb* Pintry says that several fine buildings have been erected there this season already, and many others are in coarse of construction. The Baptists have Dnilt a floe church. Royce, has pot np a But 4 story block on the burnt district TheShau- rette Hoove, 4 stories high, 60 feet wide, 100 feet deep, containing 70 rooms and acoommo- dations for 200 guests, will be formally opened on the 4th of July. A new steamer has just been built, sad set running on the river between Stevens Point and Mosluee. We are glsd to hear of these evidences of thrift in Stevens Points, as it U one of the smartest cities in the State, and contains a host of good hearted, liberal, wide-awake business men, as we know .from actual observation.— Its location for business Is one seldom equalled, and we believe there is no city in Wisconsin of its sice, increasing as fast in either .wealth or population, as Stevens Point, and to the careful attention of the Pinery to local matters — to setting forth the advantages and resources of the place, is the. city indebted for mneh «f its aotoriety and prosperity. Success to both; Two BIOHTS Mom TO 60 WITH D« KAKB.—Our <dtuens- have to-night, to-mor. row afternoon, at 4 -o'clock, and to-morrow (Wednesday) evening, to go with Dr. Kane on his great exploring trip to the Polar Sea*, or to follow with his eyes, the bold, graceful. lifelike sketchings of George H«ilg«, u exhibited by Mr/Failing in all the principal aides of this country and England. As a work of art, top much cannot be said in praise of this Panorama. The artist has given tit the world- the trast representations of ships—of rigging—of water, either when calm, or lashed to foam—of toe, either M like the lovel prairies or when puled into majestic i«e-bergs—of sky and cloud, w* erer saw in alike painting, *nd frequent exclamations of wonder and snrpris burst fromthe lips of every beholder. -The tepresentitfons of dun—moon—twinkling star —glittering frost work on lea-bergs—suniat— «narl»*—the-storm at tea—clouds, etc., all tend to make this Panorama tbe best designed and best executed one ever exhibited. Tbe wader of Kane'* works can follow him on, ttep by atep, d»y by4ay, throngb«Uibeli*Kl- •tips. «w cUngersTtlw trials of beattb sad strength, of narrow escape, -byiea and Ice— titrongb all the mighty and grandly beautiful scenery of «frosea north, and then begin to form *n idea bow dearty our, knowledge of the polar regions was pdtehased, and what hero. Immost hsre dw«ttln the soul of the intrepid •cplorer. .The colors are beautifully blended^ as in all trne representations of nature, and we assure oar readers that an hour and a quarter ^nnot bt Stan profitably spent ia tbe •tudj at thing* designed lobeoeitns hem, on •srth, thsaln seeing this eiAibitkin of ] •at«ng%. " / / ' ' »O.L*D or — SMOUI « (Honor Owllsy or in the Chair. Bnenhlg, t Ba- •aci'/fielMr/Helnemann, Hay den. Johnston, E>o-ger, LanbcnbeiBier, Loekwqodf JHoCor- miclt McGratb, Noyes, Buwkstl. Eosebeck^ BohnlU aud Vogal. Ab»ent--Counoilor Tesob The re&dlng of the miD*tesif the last m«*t- 8andry aocoTinta were presented and referred to the appropriate commHtws. .." •• t Councilor * Lockwood presented a pethlon pm^WilliMn Sivyer, and others, in relation-to B ' re ^t CommlesioDers' certiflcates and! tax'cer. tiflw lev itnprojperly (as it IB alleged) iaswd against loU Jf ind 12, _ i. . '^o the joint local committee oT the First Ward. . . The Cbalr presented a conunutiioalion from WmlM. Hubtwll In relation to lot lit, block 75, iti the Foarth Ward, (which had bnen leas- rfby the tiityfor a public pound,) representing Jhat the'.'rent fnim Odtobtr 1,1857, and taxes for 1857 and 1858, with penalty, making a total of $923 60-100 ^-iu^ag interest, was. nowidui to liim by the city, sod proposing to pay -kU taxes and cancel the lease, in consider!- tion bf the eity paying him $210, in oity'war- rants, bearing ten per cent, interest. Rtjferred to the committee on judiciary. . Tile Chair presented a report of the committee oti judiciary, of the Board of Aldermen, which had been adopted by that Board to relation to the Issuing of city warrants, .bearing Interest, and the -foliowing resolutiori: Rftolved, That a certain Joint resolution, passed 29tn of May, A. D. 1858, authorizing the issne of warrants on the Treasury, bearing interest at ,tbe rate of ten per cent., be and thx same is hereby repealed. Provided, however, that sacli report shall not prevent tbe Issue ot interest warrants on any claims against the city tyr watde, on any contract entered Into by the Common Council, between the 9th day of April, A D. 1858, and the 1Mb day of April, A. D. 1869, and which yet remain unliquida- ted. Which was referred to the finance committee. Councilor MoQrath, from tbe committed on taxes, to whom was referred the petition of William IThite, reported by the following resolution: Revolved The Board of Alderman Concurring, that the City Treasurer DP, and Is hereby directed to cancel from his books the Certificates for the year 1855, issued against lot 1, block 70. Seventh Ward, provided said Wm. White will file a bond with the City Treasurer In double the amount, to Indemnify the City against any expense hereafter. [Signed] i) JOBH MoQiATH, JOBS ROSIBEBK, Committee on Taxes. Which was adopted by a unanimous vote. Tbe Chair said bis principal olject In calling this meeting was for tbe purpose of receiving tbe report of tbe judiciary committee, on a communication of Messrs. Emmons and Vandyke, requesting tbat the judgment obtained by Ur George MoWhorter, against the city of Milwaukee, in December, 1857, amounting to $10,118.67. and Interest thereon, be paid , and to take into consideration a proposition of Mr. J. B.,Martin in relation to the fcame. Councilor Lockwood, Chairman of the Judiciary committee, presented the following report; Tbe commute OL the judiciary, to whom was referred the communication of Messrs. Emmons & Vandyke, in relation to the judgment obtained by Ceo. MoWhorter against the city, for the sum of $10.118 87, have bad tbe matter under consideration. Meaais. Emmons & Vandyke proposed to settle the judgment for $12,000,jn oity bonds, which would be equal lo a sale of bonds at 91 per cent., which proposition your commit-, tee did aot feel authorized to report on, for several reason*. The Ant one was 'that the charter, a* amended In 1859, authorising tbe issue of $100,000 In bonds, to pay debts con- tractftd-prerioui to tbe 6th day oi April, 1858, at the same time prohibits them from being disposed of for less than par value ; and.alto, that In the opinion of your commute, tbe amount of the judgment was enormous, and entirely too large for the injury received by t%e complainant, and therefore ought to be "restated by the city to th* full extent of the 1 <w.— There can be no question that had the rait hare >been properly and energetically contested, si it should have been done,th*t the damages would have been trifling. This judgment has within the past four day/ been purchased by, and passed into the hands of, J. B. Martin Esq., who proposes now to purchase of (he city $15,000 in certificates, at 12 per cent, interest, tbe city receiving tbe amount* of the judgment as catfi, and he to pay the balance, which would amount to some $4,000, into the treasury in cash. Tour committee would herewith submit a communication from the city attorney on tbe subject. JOHH LOOKWOOP, ESQ.— Dtar Sir. —In tbe casebf MoWhorter against th* city, tbe judgment was recovered on the 15th of December, 1867. No bill of exceptions waa ever made in the case, as I understand, and the time to make one has long since expired It would be useless to take the oanse np to tbe Supreme Court now, as tbe record does not exhibit any question of law involved in tbe casein which a reversal of the judgment might be ever hoped for. An appeal now wonld be a cselets vxpeose. I am not advised as to what were the'merits of the controversy originally, nor whether if a bill of exceptions had been made at the proper time, a new trial could hate been obtained. Yours Ac., H. L. PALMER. Milwaukee, June 17, 1889. In addition to what tbe city attorney has stated, your committee wonld remark tbat the case can even now betaken np to tbe Supreme Court,by giving bonds for tbe costs, letting the execution-ran. The execution can be stayed during tbe progress of the trial, by the oity giving bonds fprtb* amount of the judgment. We, therefore, having stated the facts in the base as fully as we could obtain them, and feel- Ing the necessity of protecting the oity from teeej fraudulent and outrageous claims that have >been piling up .against the oity for th* last four years, would recommend the council to contest this case dtillfmther, did aot. the city attorney express considerable doubt u to tbe result. : Tour commltte* wonld therefore beg leave to submit the whole question to the council, for their action, without making any recommendations whatever. 1 JOHNLOCKWOOD, '' HEBMANH KBOEQEB, i' - - Chairmen. Co'incilor ftosebftk said that the report of the committee should he sustained, the city shon Id resist now and try the jostleeofUw. Co incilor j Johnston said tbat the City At- toRM y was of opinion that .there would be so uselfa bringing the caseljefore the Supremo Court, «od he did not think any of the gentle- preaent would belncltoed to enter into th« HSqa site bonds for that jmrpose. oi»tiuu* fcuo MU*> via* 1 I^fng for jJeariilisel«satnth«,TT6MTjry; where »»Vir» part'of Ithem got into*Mr. Martin's hands, the taxdsj hereafter would b» paid or^ •neb property f4 th e y 3"el»ted "to If there was 1 s probability that the payment crmld be snce Wnllr regwextj he would be for doing so 1>at u tt was, hi Would be glad to hare it settled in jsomethUip like the manner proposed hy Mr. Martin, lend for the purpose of obtaining the opinion p? tbe Board, he would offer the following resolutions • Beiolotd, That the Mayor is hereby authorized to stttla tiidtadgment of George McWhorter against the city, and that the Treasurer be authorized to rebjsrre the amount due on said judgment in plane of. oity. orders in payment for Any tax certificates now held hy the city. Reiolvcd, That the Treasurer be and he Is hereby authorised lto ; BeH to James B. Martin, from $15.000 to!f26,<WQ of tax certlflrates now held by tbe oity! at th* rate of 12, per cent, in- tercet from the day of sale, and that all certificates held byjthe city against any property, shall be cleared, 1 tap by J. B. Martin from the present time,.dating back as far as tbe oity hold any certificates against any property within tbe oity. j i Councilor Haxdtn thought it would be as well to let Mr. Martin go along with the other iredttors of th'efeUy aod wait for his money; however, in order to gvt tbe matter settled lie would vote for the resolutions if tbe Board were, for doing so. ••{*.' Councilor LooikWBod said he did not think the resolution covered the ground they wanted, ho would therefore more to amend the first resolution by adding the following : "Provided, thkt ttie holder shall purchase from tbe city, certificates to the amount of fifteen thousand dollars or upwards. 1 ' Which was .accepted. The Chair pat'(be question on thu adoption of the resolutions. Which was carried by a unanimous rote. Councilor Loo&wood offered the following : Resolved, Tbe .Board of Alderman concurring, That the Controller be authorized to advertise for proposals for grading that part of Fourth aveonn, rnnning through the Poor House farm or 40 acre tract in the First Ward according to the established grade Which was adopted. Councilor Lockwood offered th* following. Setolved, The' Board of Aldermen concurring, That twenty.four 99-100 dollars, be and tbe came is hereby appropriated to the Mayor to pay tbe costs In the case of Dlederloka vs. The City, on opening and setting aside the judgment entered therein by defendant. Which was adopted by a unanimous vote. The following (Street Commissioner's recommendation with resolutions approving of the same, Were presented, viz.: By Councilor Eneckertt, for gravelling Ten- tonia street in the 9th Ward, from the south to the north line of section 18, and planking the sidewalks. Which was adopted By Councilor Busaok, for graving the alleys through block 4 and 44, In the 6th Ward, together with the petition of Fred. Hoffman and others. Adopted By Councilor rtaydeo, for grading tha alley through block 89,' In the 8th Ward, with tbe petition of C. T. Hastings and otb-rs Adopted Councilor Lnubenbeimcr presented a resolu" Imn, with estimates, declaring sundry lots in liir 9th Ward pnbUo oaisanoeg, and ordering them to Iw abated in 20 days. Adopted. By Councilor Sehull*, for building a s»wer through Johnston and River streets to tbe Mil' wank'. ».: -hargeable to the 7lh Ward fund. Adopted. Councilor Bueulng offered tbe following Rftolvtd, By the Board of Councilors, the Board of Aldermen concurring That an order be made to pavs 'the gutters In front of the Public Sqnare on 5th and Poplar streets, and also on 5th and Cedar streets, and also on lot 16 and 17, in block 197, in tbe Second Ward, City of Milwaukee' Adopted. Councilor Lanbenheimer presented the following: The looal committee of the Ninth Ward, to whom was referred the petition of Fred. Wedel and others, asking for the construction of a public well at the north east corner of 14th and Cherry streets in said Ward, report in favor of tbe prayer of the petitioners. Signed, JOHN LAUBENHEIMKR, H. P. ROECKEBTT Which was adopted. Councilor McGrath offered the following: Rttoloed, The Board of Aldermen JOOOUT- ring, That tbe Street Commissioners of the Third Ward be, and they are hereby dirfcted to remove all of the criu which ha* not be«n stolen, and which now lies In the Menomenee river, and cause tbe same to be placed at the foot of Chicago Street, 3d Ward, as protection crib against the encroaching waters of lake Michigan, aod the City Engineer is directed to estimate tbe cost of said crib, and charge tbe same to the 3d Ward fund, to be paid Into tbe general city fund. Adopted. Coasicilor Johnston said that when the oom- mittae *n water works had that matter under consideration on the 4th Inst, they were press- id for time to have their report ready to present to the Board that evening, and made use of the ordinance which had been already before the Board, to which they made several amendments; be now felt satisfied that the ordinance which they had so amended should properly be on file In tbe Clerk's office. He therefore begged to present a new ordinance en • titled, "An Ordinance relating to Water Works." The ordinance was read a first and second time by the Clerk, which was a copy of the one passed by the! Board of Councilors on the 4th of June. ..' ' Councilor Buentog moved to amend section one by striking oat ths word "ten" in the26th line, and inserting "nine;" and striking out "seven" in the27fh line, and inserting "five " Which waa agreed to. . •' Councilor JohdSoo moved to suspend' the rules. . ; ' .: • . • Which was carried. ' Ayes 18—-noes 2. . • . •' Councilors Eerier and Sohaltc voting in the negative. i ! Councilor Noyes moved to amend by striking oat the fonbwfng words after the figures "16" on page 3, line 10, "and Insert In lieu thereof the words] one quarter." Which was agfj*d to. I..!..-, to pay the sum of five hundred dollars on Recount o.f said" Ward*, for- the privilege herebV| granted. >. ••• Councilor! K>uegrn moved that It be laid on the table, and said that vtan the Fifth -Ward had their market ready thr Controller conld adveeUse for proposal* Councilor McGrath hoped the Board would pass the Resolution, as the Ftrst and Seventh Wards wished to have tfcelr market separate, having a Hay Scales of their own. Councilor Krucgeu thought tin Srales were Oity property, as the man who supplied them was pi*id out of the' proceeds for weighing aa fan as it came In. Councilor Rosebeek said he wonl.i vote (or the'Besolntion, as th» First and Sevvnth Wards were ready, and delay would cause Inconvenience; If it ought to he a rfly mutter it coald be made J9O afterwards. The Chair put tho qawtioo on Mr. Krueger's motion, Wh{oh was injected. ThX Resolution was then adopted. Councilor Johnson said that at the last meeting a Report of the Bridge Committee was adopted—he would now move that the vote be re-considered Agreed to. Councilor Johnston moved that the Report be re-committed to the. Bridge Committee and the Superintendent of Bridges, Which was carried. The Chair presented a copy of Eiecution in the suit of Walter S. Babcock and Brother against tbe City of Milwaukee, for $1,594 41. Which was- referred to' the Coromlttea on Schools. Sundry Accounts reported correct by the respective Committees were allowed and referred to the Controller. On motion the Board adjourned. R B. LVNCH. Oily Clerk. AMUSEMENTS. THE CAMPBELLS ARE COMING, AND FOR TWO NIGHTS ONLY Monday & Tuesday Evenings, iVXV. 80TM AND «IST. AT \ I, B A K Y II \ I, L millOP ONE OF THK BE<T COMPjlME-3 i cxpan'zvU, cor£9Vii:f of ^ Twelve Tainted Peiformers nrsvon .lift c«n«. ChM Jren t.aif prt c « Doors open st I.H o'clock ; ptfrl\irn)*a>c«j mences at 9 >'c'ock. BEIEK, ppartKWrULP t CO Jel9 . fropHfit ~~ DP, KANE'S'ABCTIC VOYAGES KOK h: WKKK MO UK. COMMENClXfl- Evc'g, J«tii? 10, t . * sublime credtlnu of art PVT r f xhl 't CITY ADVERTISEMENTS NO TICK. Crrr COMPTROLLER'S orrica, i Contrart Denartmrn'. "Il . J"n.- 17, 1R.-.9 ' f FI1HK Camoinn Ooalril, Dv rwmluilon »<lopi...i ;,,,,„ M. 13li, !!&», approving t' trio r.-.:iirom l ?nil»iion <l Ui«3trL-cl CotnmlasiniiTi -f r h<- Eolith Wir'.itii .r parcel* >>f Janrt in th* Vlifhlh W.ird Jf ili<> I'll* -f M" ttaulie,., be declare'.! pui. if nu ^iin->^», *ml rllt- t .11 t- corvlarce with '.he eutlmat- -if -h« fit v f ^in.-..r m ,1'- In ibe Co nplro lerS ' fflc«, viz Lot U, hiocfc St; '01 H, nl,,r. 1.' .M , ,11 4JI 1 l J. i , , , 31; tut ,1, bloi-li 88; lot 9, hlorlc Ml; 1014 '. i. ^ tn.t lu. bio. u 1, , lots 1, I ti ^, .1) 1-i .tnil U, TU»,K l+, i t blOPk I3j Ints 'J Mil 4, blOl-K •?• ple.'H .f unil ••>;•"•:, M» * and 1'J or 3. nlork U3, ,o', •(, ;. ii. .'i, t, i, ^ ,vi i 1. hlorlf il^; 'nt »i. T. S in.I ") 'i',,,-\i ..'0- '..IH.', ;. ftn'l A, UlocM l'2l, inctii,!,- ^ *lr..~i. 1..'. :, ^ J. ;ll. tl on<l 12 blo-k IM-. !"'» '. l. •;. 1. i • ii. i IJ >.i,.ru i.' ion J, 4, a, j, 10 »nil J, M..rk i»; ;,.«<•,. ,r'.n,i ; y n... b»t«n;n blrets ',^0 mil n. li^lnu tit i«t *.,| e ic, I •JTV}^ feet lonw; north ':, ».-! ,f * Ht2 '.-..t ,r -K.I Waril U.rKMM ,,f !'..)»- .lF3.-ril.eU v , |>.!rly *r,i n.-r.-tiy ,,, d^d lo ab*ltf Ib-. nulianct.* -,n :\\* *.iin - T thin thir'y \*i* rom lal-j ir lha .^ r*.-l Oi.mdi «*>,,u,.r« .1 /i- to Uu- re. ecllVR »Li, (.41 . iuL3 tiuIp^i.-rlH .tf , M ii,l. ji-ll-iflt :(. L'H i)An»l.»KP.. i.',. r.,,1, i|..i N OTIC I-:. B * '•="» <• >. f- •.:.,..,:....„ i..,..,,. , p ,,., .„Jun« 13, iHo'j .,,,,,.,., ,.a ,l h- -...- .„„,..„ i, ,.. T. P. FAILING 'S Uritfinnl I Ililsiral iou u 1 Dr. Kauc'i World K. nut ARCTIC VOYAOF>. Togpttier with Engl'sll »rd Danish LJ «ari-he.i 'nr .-'I, .J tn Krantlm In the Fn^iU Z ine. exetu -.! r,y th.- ^.eat Aa.«riCao irtlal, George HelqlF, fcs«4 , ,r % iml ilranrtngs taken ufi the spot. Several In ten sting relic.-! til '. F Ar.:.,- Kx,..-.! t N will be exhib t*d, amon^ which an* Dr. 8aDe'« K»yac, Arctio LJroiv-j, ^« t -.,r»t e 1 I a ••Whltuey," (the on jf tnrviv'tr D- ; r K»- '. •.I j « ^-t ' v , ., ' in-1 r I . " •" i •" •' .1 • N ^ .. t -i .,(1 i. . \ ' 1J i.'i.t •), t> • .' . '•'• i i '. K '.-; ^ " '"* • J s n.jt fte.l M I;.MI t ... • , , ,,, " " ••-" ' " ' the beauHful hNquiraax ing prestnipd by L-»dy Prmkll ^ !>r Uickey, Ac., *c. ttoori npt-n at 7. EThlhition at ^ o'lilo^t; a*t^n*rw>n mt 4 o'cli>i-F; Saturday a.' i,:ian'>D o'clock nnti W"«tnr-*tJay alter, o.-n u 4 .'cl > It ^y TIcltftH '2 .-f-nts Oh i -lr-n 15 ct»nn jy The »nl-r--tlnir N«rr»tM - >f If K 1 1»% pt-iit: > xlilbiit »i , by K mine's >• >mpani»n , >• r l Hiclccy, for *--»i" it iiie hill. Pn •• 1 ) -.-• is NEW ADVEKT1SEMENTS. iprcll • i'.'i, *-?"r i itj •.. • >n.i !• ;-l.-dt i il . . N l > I I I I , .ut,», 1 . l,.,-,,,. I M I .- ' -• 1 ' ItUlL v'f.m'non (3.,in ' fjv r--^.l in •' ».i.,p(.-.l Subscriptions received for the London Daily Times at the low price uf $40 a yt-« r.— Tbe last Issue of tbe London Times, previous to the starting of the steamer from Liverpool, will be famished at $8 per year, at the News Depot, ooroer of Main and Wisconsin etreeu. WifjE. TUNIS & CO MULTOH is PAEVO —The Chicago | Tinea, speaking of the Editorial Conventional takes occasion to pay a handsome compliment to tbe fraternity of Wisconsin, and makes a "favorable allaslon" to one of our Milwaukee institutions: We bad the good fortune to extend our personal acquaintance with the editors of Wi«pon- ! sin, and found them lo bo of the. right stamp, I men of much larger hearts than pocki-ts, and generally good, honest, upright Intelligent gentlemen TheSewball Houax op»ne<i its hospitable doors to the profession, and we n^ver saw any hotel vbere guests Were supplied more IxraTi- tifully-or carefully, than ill the really *plen.tid apartments of tL« New hall Honse. K-an S Eice, its proprietors, will ever be rvmemb*T.-ft by their gui-sts. u living, whol- soul—i Yankees, who are perfectly competent ' to keep a hotel." UNITED STATES SALOON, Corrttr nf }fnin >ind Wl-wnwi tt'Wtit W KDNF.SUA Y, JLM-. •<!'<!, 1 -> '.!-(. fwfoal Free Lu.irli. /•• R a <j s /. K >; s S'" I-«rfrr B*.'i if Hrv t Cn i'h-1..-- i' <»n 4.i.1 Tobacco fjr'Jl dli«| JIIHJI MtTHAt.'Ea. OU K . . N ( • IT Y l.o Lx "i i .. NO. H4, I. O. «K «.. I'. la* .N ( > 1 i C I'.. ' I Hi S. I "IIUJ. II .'I',.'. I • >' --.- Milt "II »,|.,p I 1 , . • I .d, •)/,;), 4..,,' . •• .< .- • -•• •" - --i .' iv ,r c r,- •>!..»,,.. . -:-..-• p :,d' tl ..Tin •' '.: - : . c. 4: i~..i .1 hf -., ,i -r l -Hi •- Our Opening t-e«tiv;il WILL CuME ijh-; AT ALBANY HALL. IN TUH CITV, i» 'ihursday Evening. June 30'h. \ N AO.'B.^f WILL BE I.KLIVEIULI 11Y , .v BRCJ^'-, E.III. T if t!.- ' W.,.: :,t a i. h -r. . '..r whi.-h » Hup^er ^.1 h f.iraHfl'.l lo-flT: r *• :, - .- . * neTlr-* and L'reim, iD'i .ilch leMrft'-.r^ -* 'I 1 .- - i^;mi may «mryesi ^ff~ Mastc » II t»e far i'.ed 0, :.'..: * :(.«r.oi., ' .rift Bjwi'', flufai? the cv.i.'n^ 1:1.1 : .' t t'r .m-'ii i- pg^ 1 The pr .^t:e n srvii D^ J-v t.-) t . f.j i «• iu .,., ,-i T-inplars h »ll *" 'ch ttili h« i rmoty prT...| n 'n^ ^CCl.-lOQ A H HL !«•! i I. L. L'H iL"> -t X HfND'lI K'. The Ordinance and passed by th was then read a third time, e; following rote: _ Ayes— Counctlcfrs Aner, Bnening, Busaok, Johnston, Kroega-, Lockwood, MoCornuok, McGrath, NoyesahdBosenbeck— 10. . ' Hoes-t-Gonneelors Barter an.d Schnlte— 3i Coonewlor McGrath called from the table the following Resolution: ; ' . . Retolvtd, The Board of Aldermen concurring herein. Thai Peter Huegin be and hereby: is appointed Inspector of Wood at the market, established for the; First and Seventh Wards, and also Inspector 'and Weigher of Hay, at the markeVeslablished for said Wards, for the ensuing, froviitd That said Hueeln shall enter into ati agreement with' this Alder- /',;frt<i,*. ,^ t»ie -.'il liai.-k, l>ui in^v^ ^i-rk'/inan Uii 'd- prof^s- The Poem, Is the production ..! M VI. Poroeroy, Esq , Associate E.litor of :\i- v :- the less Interestintf from 1U oriirmil an 1 p.Tii. liar features eo characteri-ii' nf ;t* IHLI or ^ tS~ Cootl —The POME l.-i Pomeroy before th« Editurnl t published ID this morniDL • production, u.jt cif thu alore? of on« HICHMOSD, a Tack l.rr of Milwaukee W.-ll, we ar^ i sion ia now relieved of lii>- patern.'.v bantling. General Kirie-mploy.-! i> I write, his Addr*?s, und Pora>-!iiv Kit ^*»n.sel**ss Jargon of a era?. clr-rL'Ttuan Poem. All honor to the Milwiuk"" I'r-j iladiion Patrwt. W» are obliged to the futnoi \nt tb^ opinion expressed in the first notice, iL.d lor hinting at the reason why we r"S-l u i-lerirr- man's poem, in the last en. '.» KI..J '-!•! delegated a T l»wyer, w« couM ,1 > n^ I. --. to keep op the ityle, than lo ring in tl.- ~!-rg/ :, • :" ~!-f 'u • .1 l.t r I i -.). , J ,;t .- >i« < \- t v . -, ,~. i -..-.- v .r. r. c -• «•...-. i. i \. ir.v I> P O [lull-i C''v »r I : .:' . I 1 f ' il. .ion ' •• » «n t h 'f i 0 [' '' D.-T ' ' i• v i i F'--- i e -. I T F * ,'.. M - F • '• t '. r 1 M si i; A v < 'i M . i . ir\Uf. ilWNf'S OP A -HAV B»V 'H. r \ili.'_r I ,ir, MA,,. .. r ^i •* M . Hn.'K. P . : M ii:i.-:t. ! u : ^. .. - . ^v Ii* 'AKi *IN< • FlrlST i - f P*rl..r *n.1 B- .;.- -in •'-.•)ir-3 for •tn.r''' »"nt.I*m-n, r> -!ird, by *ppl flntf \( 3 .' b--)»T'le • can «!».» Or icr-om — His HOSOB JUDGE POOTB PBIHIDINO—Friday, June 20 —Thorn, as Lynn, drunk , fined £1,UO. James Wilson, Charles Williams, ajid Horace Chapman, disorderly , fined $5 00 and costs, each. Wm. Ward, disorderly fiaed g!5 '<*<> and costs SI. Comers, " " 10 00 " " Jas. Hanron, " " I.OD Jas. Stewart, " " lo.nO ' John Bonrke, " " 3,00 " James Dorel, ' ; " 3,ot " Chas. Brown, " " 1,00 " A. Lane, ^' " 1,00 "" Jas Hantlsy, " " discharged. Honora Haley, disorderly casn continued until to-morrow morning, and defendant required to give bail Dennis Haley, keeping disorderly house,', case adjourned until to-morrow Nancy Carney, who bed just came from jail, after serving a term of aix mouth*, was arrested for vagrancy, and fined 820 A n execution WAS Issued Peter New, assault and battery , fin^d S>0 and coats. Herman Miller, assault and battery on his wife; case continued until to-morrow. F. Cash, violating fire ordinance : fined $1. O. Striker, disorderly , fined $1,00 NOTK 'K r |1Ht i pj»r ^ct D-pArtmrn*. '.-- 1-. >&V* i' t *,-h*)ul-- --f 'oti. t. ir < ' ' ts *-.j i ; i in tf.«- F rh \V » i , f • ft^ i • ,- ,r r'i P'JIQL ntmt *>') 0- t> nrtj; a '^- • ur ' .' L>" n . ^i.l id . . r u . , , , I...t . • .... i-. a-:>ount «ti oi>po-lte h hy -Jr^.' Oto. <"£'»«: MARRIED On til* lit lot.,at St. Pmnl'i Gtmrch, B«l"lt, by th* Beetor, R«r. J. H. Cgar, B. D., Caiauax UnTuir.s. of Milwaukee, to ELL*« U^ only daught r ol the lart Rev. Palmer Djer, tormer Rector of 8t. Panl't Church, WWtehaH, K. T. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. MILITARY BALL ' The Montgomery f«anrd» Will gtva a Ball on the erealng of the FOURTH OF JULY NKXT, AT THEIR NEW ARMORY. 128 EAST WATER STREET. TIektti one dollar, In^ladlng Rorreihmenta. To be had atBlgeiioo'i News Depot, at Frank DaTlin'.t, Capt. BlOlham'i and from Ihe mrmlxn at the Compa nj, andal 'he dror on the ertBinz. leil By order, _ J. McOACT.Y, gacretarj NOTICE C«, I Contract Department, Jane 19,1869 j B following U a lehednto of Iou /rooting on allejr In block », Walker*! Addition, 8th Ward, City of rankMi tbat will be ben:fi't«d to the amount >et oppoatUxaeb by (raTcung i aid alley lo the established trade. B. 8. BATDtTi, IRJD. VQfiEt, * . Street 0«mnluloaer>. Loi. Blook. Seneati. • . i ra a,u •-. f W 4.01! .••'.. ' > t» 8,13 , « n 10,00 a » i«,is : • ' 6 8» 12,50 .'•.. I SSI 10,28 S SJ 11,87 JX * 8V 5,81 W Jf • » » . 4^ * i "-10 w iqSi I.' U W 6.M •M !» 6,81 t VB. SAEDIrTEB, Comptroller. ' AtFC'TIOW SALE OF FtTRNITUHE. AT Hoqdy Aoctlon Koomt. No. 4 SprlnR itree', on ' A. TutiJ'r morning, Jane SUt, at 10-o'clock, con- ilrtlng ol»g»n«t»l auortment of bouenotd fnrnl- tur«aad*ar room farnlture and Bxtnre*. .gaidd pofltlTe, Temu eaah. • * . J«St.Ij - •_._ J.HOOD,Aactlonser. ..STBAYED. tbe eaelosare of the nteerlben on the , a dart rtd Mtteh Cow, abort I r»r» ol*. rTnibwnertortqnetted to prov» property, pay cka^s^dtak.^*^ '^^^^ JtlSri**' * • • (trcrr Stable, Mala ftmk '&M&*&,'. , - -"' •^. ; M!i' r -r* ••-•-•• ; - ••-• .. sfe?!.^;|t: rJ! i.v^..-- - . - - •- ».-.., ••;*f^lu-.:^— . « " ••'•"• '..' ».V :-r.-.. vi (/•"• . .-.-• * -. • . . --• i -»-,-« H^' : --<,''* •• :- -'V--.-. .•;',' -' - • •-.-,... • . {^yrir!**-'^*-*.-' . . * ' "'**''* '•-*''" : '-'' $L-$?'\ir ( : : -. : " ; •".*-'* -' * . * 4 6 E. L'U. i Bio, •„• 6a 69 4i» 6* lo«- B r.rrtt» 1.40S It 1,3' i .*.- '.» l Jin us 1 ,.Vifl Jtl B T r,.^-at ..i .: .. na ^..^:-.:.. . ith, 1-li'J, ,)!,.•:,. • ,.,j ; ;, . NOTICK. ClTT t'OMPTBOU.f.B'3 OrF'Cg. . Coutract Department, Mil., Ja:ip IS, 1-v^U )' rBlill 1 Eollovlnt< Is a •r-hetlul'* of Iocs frnnttnrf in tie4u i blao street, from Ninth jtrert to the PunK Roa.l j r Teatonla street la the NlnUi v* »rj ,r t.e i'; > j M; waukee. and jhowtn^ the amount whic-i e«. :. • t » i b« b^Orfit.. ' ^v •rarnmif laid street )o,l platiltlDij uml , t i..seS4ment Aa lollovtt JOH> LAl'BEMUrlMvR. H. KC'CKEKTT, 3trv«: O..ntrni t^;.,n--1 In Vllet'j .IJ.mi n . vm -, n , • ; . . \n<-t * in • v. Ly Ati ,T[)*:-r . »' ...m • *-,,! :.o , if :n.. .1 r .,c •. .r ne II » \ I i)l S Ml . Bio Let IS 1 17 18 10 19 15 io Vllet'< /arm. S2,5o 132,30 102.M IWiVi 1? H I* 1 t 14 \-i & U R-- -ot< $13'! .Vi 1 .ii 3i| 13.'..v. 13: i'l ,Vt,J .' ;>..ii E. L H v*.\hD!Nh.H L..iii t ,Lr.,l,^r CIRCUIT COt'RT.f Milwaukee County. f against Charle»J. Ker^haw, Jea>e H. L«avrn»orirt, Mtrnok ilur;>hy, John T IVrtlns, John l*l;inkiMt.»n. J -hn U]H<-n, L iiiisay W%rd, Lyman V ivt\n, J tiuvs tl Rogers, KeceiTer of the (ifrmtn'n Bank iif i »« Ha,- on.iick A C<> , i hwrtea B Curtis, John ti >I. yv-. A ii- llam JQ*IH ti '»e, Charles Ku«*io, Q^orKr- U M nt-r. The rttate of WUconatn, to tn* abov nameii ite^n.Unts \' OU »rif hereby aummoneU tad r*qu-retl t.» *asifpr 1 the complaint in Lh » tcdoo, which m tileu lu the Office of lh« U'erk of s»ul Court, unil t.i <erve -t copy -if yoar *vn»wer to ihc**i<l complaint, i*a th*? surt-*crtf>en tt their otfic^, Nos 3 »nd 4, Albany ButUJinic, M:l^in kee, WUcocatn, within twenty clays *Ker Uio itrvice hereof, exclus »e uf Lh ft3y Jf gucti service , »n*l ,f you fail to anatrer the Mid complaint within tliu tUne aforesaid, the plaintiff in th * action will apply to ihe Court for the relief demanded la ihe curaplaiat. WUcesa the Iloaorabie AitTUL'lt Uc.\K THUS, JuiJue of the Circuit Court 'ur t -1.1 tfonnty of Milwaukee, at Milwaukee, tttiw ihirxtrth day of March, In the ^y^ar one tbonaat].} ei«ftlt hnadrol and rtfty-mms i UOOKKR * SPAV^K.NBKRU, | ClTT CoMtTTSOLLBB'M Om U, ^ Go* T ft ACT DE7AATK2KT, June 19. 'W- t S ' E\L£D proponala will be received at this adlce, until Tboesiay, Juae 23d, at 11 o'clock A x. for doing the foiiiiwinjf aimed work on At tor itreet, from Plevaant to Brady Street, ta the 1st Ward, of tne City of Milwaukee; the sxme having been ordered t>v the- t*oard of Councilors, June 2l,' i8, and coacurrtfd In by the Board of Alderman, Jane 28, 18T*S, " z Artor itreiit and aldewalti to be graded to vhe es ablhh--U grade anil sldewalki pranked oa both Bide of ib« it. ret. Jal9-d3t E. L'H. U.\K!>JNKR, Comptroilor. Ni > I U K ! l).-p»t 'in^m. j ,n,- > •, .ooy i j.^MN I. *C UK ' HM\lh,< H SI H;I ' (i K K T r OlTT COMrTBOU.«»'3(lrTIC*, I Contract Dtp irtment, JUDO 19, l«a. ( S EALED proposal! will be re eivtii at this office until Tiortd «y, June tS, 1S!», »t 10 t. u , far lining the following docrlbeJ work on Marsh.-v.l street. In tha III Ward o 1 the City of Milwaukee. From L; .n atr. 8 l to Brady itreet. gatd work hariDa been ordered by the Board of Councilors, Auir.'lS, 1868. and concurred in by the Board of Alderman. Aug. 23,1SC8, vli: Toe stron to be grided to the established grade, slilowelis curbed and planked and itnne natters c aitmctc.1. Jel9-d8t S. L'H. GABDINKB, Comptroller. GREAT EXCITKiflGIVT ! Th* bett auortment of the flnett \|Tiitclie»> Silver Ware, Jewelry ud FANCY QOQUS Erer krooght to .MUwankee. JoJ^tho thing for Boll day pwientt. Just receded «r» cheap foreash. 1 ^ UATrON t LOOM13, deelS , 1011«t Water street, Mllvaakea. W\t. SMOKED HAL.L.IBUT. ICBanokedBaimutat \J mariT ^ HtmH * CBOSflra. u 14 JS 17 ft 11 1! in 1'J 5U 5. K! M M 65 3» 47 HU 74 ra rs BU :*'., i 135.12 a-t. i 1SU.14 ! Itf.JI UU 7& i4ii, ra UO.Ji 14U.7B l*',7S 14U.J5 1..JO ITi.23 7« Ju 113 -:« 77,41 *;•-'. 4.1 149.11 147, jn us sa HUT 140, ;s 4S.1S 10337 u;5 ID Olock S, in tl. iiaertit'a *< B. L'ti. I ClTT C-LHKTrtULl.^iiil HrFlCB [ Contract Department, Jude 13, l>69. j proposals »111 be r«retTe<l »t ihta offlce _ aotil Vuatlmy, June JO 1S59, lo o'clock A. *., for fi Hog the crib* and street at he Klnnekinnicn Bridge A jutflctent amount of earth *1it be required to maka the bridge passable and a*f •. Jel6-d3. • R. L'H. (iAROlNKR, Comptroller. A SEW Boardera can And good accommodatlnrj» 3H3 Jlaln «t..icco.J loor north of Ooelda Tt;rn reuonabl^. JflT-dlt 100 , in slore, for rale. LAYTON t PLAIUJTOH.

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