The Ogden Standard-Examiner from Ogden, Utah on October 4, 1971 · Page 18
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The Ogden Standard-Examiner from Ogden, Utah · Page 18

Ogden, Utah
Issue Date:
Monday, October 4, 1971
Page 18
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6B Dgden Standard-Examiner, Monday, October 4, 1971 FUNTSTONES By HANNA-BiSBSRA BUZ SAWYER By ROY CRANE WELL, AK...BUTF THERE ARE HO STRINGS' ATTACHED, flS ME CLAIMS, 7ERHAPS THERE'S NO HARM. 114 JUSTTALXlNCTOTHE J?OP,BARLlttS, DO 10U THINK I'D GIYC10U OP FOR A MERE $10.000? IT'S PROBABLY SOME TRICK Y AND VOU'D PASS UP .._ KKUBftOUl oumc. ' «.ivrv m r"-~ •"""•••"-• 9 I OF MY FATHER'S TO .SET Iftg i A CHECK FOR$IO,000? TO COME HOME. j-^-. AT SCHOOL. JUVllOR 3USTCArtT SEEM TO G£T-m£ HAtfG OF= MATH HE JUST DOESHT SEEM TO CARE-"HIS PAPERS s ARE FULL OF STUPID MISTAKES-, ...OWE ME 64 MORE! ± FIGURED IT OUt •# I.5Q AtLOWANCt \ •* 2.50 LUNCH MOHEV \ 4t i.OO MOWUGGRftSS \ * I/IS" HAIRCUT ,~PLLie i VOU OWED ME . KK. !).». M. 0»-A« •** »""""J •197L b» Un««<J FtahJ-« Syndiejn. If BUT «- oou'T TRtf TO SHORTCHAMGE HIM AT HOME: /^~"'~" - HOW UNCLE RAY'S CORNER By RAYMON COFFMAN Englishman Worked On Sunshine Pictures The word back to the and means 'room. "camera" coes GreeK language, "chamber" BARNEY Long ago "" SCANNING THE STARS By 'SYDNEY OMARR learned that a small opening in the wall of a dark room could j •admit sunshine in a way which threw a picture on the opposite wall. . A room with such an opening came to be called a "camera obscura," meaning "room of darkness" or "dark room." To this day a photographer speaks of a room in which films and plates are handled as his "darkroom." Nothing like a fixed photograph was made in the old camera obscura. Instead Play waiting game; time now is j was a temporary image which 1 on your side. Don't be stam-1 came through the small opening peded into signing agreement, | in the wall. " Forecast for Tuesday, October club, group, civic project. Gain 5,1971 . ' -"-— Where the Stock Market is concerned, Gemini individuals do well -with issues associated with communication and transportation, especially railways. The printing industry, publications which include newspapers and books, also tit • • "- Gemini Market port- ^CANCER (June 21-July 22): |stronger line of communication. Income from professional en-1 Find guidelines. *_ —_ A.t1J^T*4-a/1 ^/1TT1^> . i-i 4 yiTmm A T\TTtl deavors is desires a-re gets opposite sex are inspired. into the folio. ARIES (March 21-April 19): Accent on money, personal possessions, collectin * i • _T T^— ^r. -4 rof needed material. Key is to perceive what is of value-yersus what merely gutters. Pisces person could play prominent role. Seek in out-of-way place. TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Lunar cycle promotes activity i * _ T. _fl.*»i;fmF» d2rinjj ? beliefs, principles, favored. which originality. Don't compromise requires SUck. to abilities. contract. Wait and see. i spotlighted. Some! fulfilled. Creative! going: Let | Thomas Wedgwood, son of the man who started a famous pottery company in England, became interested in the idea cf making pictures which could be "»'— t}—-—- —---~- IIlclRJilg ^JiULU-LGO VHH SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec.| seen long afterward. .): Be ' moderate. Applies toj SILVER NITRATE and work with | T a u r u s , Libra individuals. re inspired. „„_ . JDiplomacy'now pays dividends. LEC(July25-Aug.22):Huncli iAv l J J ^ to force off: heed mner vowe Takg it - slow> easy CAPRI coRN (Dec. 22- Jan. . Don't be misled by one oi urae CAPRI coRN (Dec. 22- an. faith. Accent now on . M) . stu(J Sag ittarius message. professional efforts. You get| Be perceptive _ Avoid se if. professional em»u>_. *«" .f'iBe perceptive. Avoid seit- backing from those in authority.; deoeption . ^motions tend to Know that there is room for youj dom £ ate bgic if you S0 permi t. at top. Act like it. Creative urge is evident. Use it VTTtnO (AU2. 23-bept. LL). ,*_,,-i.:,,-i,, TTV^T-OCC coif in . top. .— — VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. Good lunar aspect Early in the past century, he p placed"a small amount of silver] nitrate in water, and used, the liquid to coat a sheet of paper. Then he put several plant leaves on "the sheet, and let sunshine go to work. The sunshine darkened all sheet except the parts which had been covered by the leaves. „ 0 ,-- ~- r That was a picture of a sort, Creative urge is evident. Use it| but j t was a shadow picture and constructively. Express self in not a photograph, unique way. ~ " v — vjvun !!*"«.. —i v unique way. now with long-range goals You AQUARITJS (Jan . 2 0-Feb. 18): get word related to published: . " -- » material. You find out where |^ you stand with one who is far, away. Distance no longer willi^. Sir Humphry now wiui iwi.o-^&r- e "7,M-_v-.;i AyuAJttiua (.Jan. zu-reo. ioj: John Herschel get word related to P ub ^jLive up to responsibilities. Don't ^° ith chemica i s —,„.„! v™, f,r,* nut wnere| duck iss . MS . Basic issues surge| ]astin g . make a difference. LIBRA (Sept. . ^ will bejMoney belonging to New ventures are Invest in your own What you require available. GEMINI (May 21-June 20) :| re. Finish what you start. Expand thorough. Take nothmg sphere of activity, influence, granted. Some restrict ons :ii|io forefront. Older i figures prominently, .[property, home ,! measures. Apparent .; detail could hold I may temporanly be y our- achi ^ ement . sponsibility. Check details, De, PISCES (I Davy and Sirj later worked j to develop a j - .^..^ picture, but failed to] person! so j ve the problem. Some. pic-. Checkl(. ures were made which would safety last f or a long time while in red minor key to ^' are , 'PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): i Accent on short journeys, vour scrapbook. :i i> . -fl _1_ ._ _:«-'UXv Ai->ii I '', 1&.3L J.UJ. W A'-"-»& "*"•" 'light, but this was not enough. A photograph which could be seen in ordinary light was needed. For general interest section of sphere of activity, influence, granted. Some restrictions are, dealings with close neighbors, ' Follow lead of Aries person, actually for your benefit. Know re]ativBeS] Take care wit h what Visit individual confined to|this: respond accordingly you say write . It i s apt to be on home, hospital. Co-operate in! SCORPIO (Oct. 23-i\ov. 21). J ecord f obtain mt f r0 m • """ Aauarius message. Be specific, i visir iiiuiyiuucn x.uni4ii*-« b «.^..^. -— r ^.. home, hospital. Co-operate in! SCORPIO YOUNG HOBBY CLUB By CAPPY DICK Any boy or girl who has a, checkerboard and a set of checkers will have fun trying out the new game which is today's fun-project. It's called "Move Any Way Checkers" and, as the name suggests, there is no limit on the directions in which you may move your men. They may be moved to the right, left, forward, backward or diagonally. The arrows in Figure 2 show all the possible directions. 12 CHECKERS At the outset of .the game, the players lay out their checkers— 12 for each player-as in Figure 1 Each places eight checkers in the "king" row and four "checkers in front. There will be no kings crowned in this game. The idea is for the players to take turns moving their men into positions which will enable them to jump and capture the checkers of the opposing player. Obtain hint from Aquariusjnessage. Be specific. _ DAILY ^CROSSWORD PUZZLE "Punl«, Tricks and Fun" gives idms for parties «nd indoor games. This ln«et will, bi i»«t '» y°« without chsrgt if you end»« i stamped, self• ddrcssed envelope. Sind your letter to Uncl« R«y in «« of this newspaper. The is done as in The jumping is UUHC <" *" regular checkers. Any checker .. O . . -iff /*UT\tTtT*An DV YOU move in any direction while playing this new kind of checkers. the board. The first player to lose all of 46. Classified DOWN 1. Roll-call •word 2. Spiny shrub genus 3. Ready for harvest . 4. Caddoan Indian S.WinglUce part 6. Blow one's top (3wds.) 7. Kind or pigeon. 8. Toss 9. Exist 10. Tennis •barrier IT, Least obtainable 22. of Hosts 23. Face; bearing. 24. Pot-starter 23. Wild guess 25. Stay at anchor 33. Thrust 34. Mary Lincoln 35. Castaway's habitat 36. Requirement 37. Guido's note 38. Bilk 39. Affectionate term 41. Debussy's "La " 42. Shade of green men is the loser of the game. How to make a -I The Puzzle with the. Built-in Chuckle O Rearrange frttir scram F Setters of »h« four scrambled words bo- low to form four simpls words. M A KS A D i "1 T AU L A N I 6 0 G IT" L A M T E L Boy': How about sitting on /«. my knee? [ Girl: What, obout my-hus- - band?' Boy: He'll just have -—. O Complete the chuekl* quoted by filling in the missing words you develop from-step No. 3 below. , PRINT NUMBERED LETTERS IN THESE SQUARES • A UNSCRAMBLE-LETTERS | FOR ANSWER Cobalt From, a , almost crazy, BOXES. 1 ' Yesterday's Answer - Fervor - BOXES — t — — . gossip column: .'"Undertaker Digger Jones is r t because the kids keep asking him for empty ACKOSS 1. Edwin O'Connor's "The Last 7. Highland group 11. Traditional Jewisi. song (2 wds.) f 12. Traditional I knowledge 13.Iterate ' 14. Encourage 1 15. English river 16. Give it a go 18. Vedic treatise 20. Wire measurement 23. Of greater bulk 26. Mountain. (comb. form) 2T. Where the Mets began (3 wds.) 29. Greek letter 30. Dwelled 31. Bird's beak 32. Baptism or marriage 33. Joey, for one 34. Cop's badge 1 (slang) 37: "Little Sir 40. Obtrude 43. Take a gander 44. Goad 45." of Green Gables" DAILY CRTPTOQXJOTE— Here's how to work it: A-XT-D I.B A A.XB to ' X. O N G F E L 3d O W One letter simply stands for another. In this sample A Js used-for-the three L's, X for the two O's, etc.. Single letters, apostrophes, the length and formation of the words are all hints: Each day the code letters are different. A Cryptogram '.Quotation 311 AGYH'CYB CM B C O C,B S B 'C T E TJ ERDSS : JIG-MKSM: EBTJMS ERGE CDS C A A TJ O G W I'S , ' E RTJ M S ERG E . G B S • ATJOGWIS, GTB ERTJMS ERGE ATJOS. —GDGWCGT KDTJOSDW ' Saturday's Cryptoquofe: DON'T TELL A WOMAN.SHE'S PRETTY; TELL HER THERE'S NO OTHER WOMAN LIKE HER, AND ALL ROADS WILL OPEN TO YOU.—JULES RENARD (O 1571 King Features Syndicate, Inc.) ZT J5~ 44. COME CWLV ONCE A SHORT RIBS PURN SEESE/ ly FRED LAiSWtU f PiN 1 TUESDAYS AN'WSDNESDAVS flN'THURSDAYS AN' FRIDAYS SATIDDftYS I SHORE DO, LOWEEZV-- HERE IT IS VJRSHDAY AG'IN,fV|IZ LEDB6TTER- I BETVOU SHORE DREflD MONDAYS, DON'T VE? •y DALE CURTIS MORGAN, PIP you OK PIP you MOT TEU. •W«AT WWLP. THAT HAVE I CANT &EUEVE SHE'P 00 ANV- . THINS UKE THAT/ THAT I FWNER LAST NISHT 7 CUESTIOW'Nff HER. YES- AND I «I<W SH> THAT ECTH OF I'M SURPRISE? THAT «€IPI PI PUT TELL YOU ABOUT MAKIN6 ME WAIX-HOME THIS AFTERNOON/REX/ SHE PUWPEP M€ OtTT LEI PALK * PHIL DAVIS MAGICIAN MANDRAKE PJG tAT/N fOK "//OW. By SAUNDERS and WOGGON 1 KKIOW THEY'RE HERE 1 SOMEWHERE/-TH£ MEM MLL , SSH/fJD BY 7H£ WOKffMfM. WHERE 15 THAT SUITCASE FULL OF MONEY?—AND MY UMCLE'5 DIARY 5AID Y01 THE WALL GEORGE CRENSHAW »y JIM BURNETT NOT A W&RP,$OHf Or &0if CLUBS, •y ALFRED ANDRIOLA CALL AM AMBULANCE FOR THE SIRL, HAPPY.' THE MAN IS PEAP.' THE PHONY "DOCTOR" HAS FIREP AT THE PETECTIVES AMP MISSEP- BUT KERRY'S BULLET FINDS THE DRIVER AS THE PAIR OF BAN PITS TRY TO FLEE.' MARY WORTH By KIN ALIEN WE^ AFTER. PRAISING HAWK. HA5'OFFERED LORJ A JOB — LOOK, MRS. VANCLEVE'! '•\y ^- MA PAUTNER. WILL BE \7 CONVALESCING FOR WEEKS' ••AND I CAN'T TURN ONE • . OF A\V SALESGIRLS INTO AN INSTANT SECRETARY.' A I WAS HdPING — SINCE VOU DON'T HAVE A FAMILY- I HAVE A HUSBAND!--AND AHOMETOLOOK.AFTER: I'D LOVE WORKING HE.Ri'.»BL)T IT'S OUT OF THE QUESTION! i .,

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