Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 16, 1930 · Page 12
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 12

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 16, 1930
Page 12
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DECATUR HERALD THURSDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 16, 1930. OFCATUH H t R A L O CRIPPLED MILLIKIN ELEVEN MEETS WABASH HERE FRIDAY NIGHT GEORGE CORBETT HEADS LIST OF 6INELIGIBLES Dever and Russell Make First Start of Year With Varsity WABASH UNBEATEN .STAKTIMi UNUtl'S MIMJIUN WAWASIl M Ituritotl, t* re, l'"l» (HI SI IVt'hnr.U rL Klrklmrt ii re. VdHliih fl JH ID It, IUirli t~, It'. Uymi U i|h, SwulN I!! rh. KiicH *H Ih, rtiilllvun Id fh, ICKHI o'clock. THIS PASS HELPED BROWN IN WIN OVER TIGERS LAST WEEK By MARVIN STKVKNS Y»1« Hend Cnttoh This neat forward puas-- to Edwards--effects! from kick for- mfttlon defoftUid Princeton In the lout two mlnuliM of piny anri wns used consistently aRnlnst Yale, from tlilw formation Brown iinea a "lew so- of plays and. In faking a 31 Tnrrn, 21 IWIUf r. n- 71 Dover, Ih tKVUiMtt Ot fliiHwIl, fit Tlnit ot im--$I.W. M. V By I1OH S I N K Forcer! by injuries l« present ,\ lineup. Millikjn university'* hoi- f c thl ^^ bull tfnm will receive itilurd«t| Aa lhh ffr(MW( WM test ftf the s«won Friday night vnio, Monroe (No, 1 nml lo when it entertain*) Wubash college on J, M. U. field. The game will start nt 8 o'clock. Hlx H(|utt(l member*, Inducing four (YinhuMn Htnrtarn, nrp whtk iwi ore bcliiK withhold (rom I l l t l K I M l ' l l l l f ) l t l " H ) i IWCIIHM* fit l l t - jui'lpf A : * rf,uli Imlf the buot;- fkltl will he new. with i-cpliu nl?o m'c«?iwf")ry tvl oni 1 -iu( tinit INi|l(i|l! nil ltt»W'rV«* W l i H I i H oc not (hi* s l r c n u ' l i will he iihlii in ((motion n g n l i i ' i llti' x l t i n l y Ttidlmni t i v r n jji-olini.Jv will ilMivmlii" tile oiiicotjH' of I hi 1 Kaini'. Tw* tif th*' I liir 1'f t i l n o - i i i i - n t x mi 1 fill l h i li'fl slili' of lhi (in- iiml I l i l t i p i i i l ' i i N y w i l t lii' I lii' t i n Hi'' f»r 'It" W n l ' - ' - l i 'rr ..... I iv Jnhiltiv M 1 i 1 1 " I ;i tnL*-L;.' M i ; i ) u i T i i n r i* from 1 ! i i p i i ' t i l will tii'l- Hut I'tiH at M c t i n l t i - ' H left ctnl, w l l t i Nr-ff, t h e MrlrijMl))i fiTiihtntin In n'MPi'Vf Kifttik Slu-lby. a Icttrr niiin. will tv n t ColuiiM 1 iiliK't 1 nt left icmml. [inil (I-! he lui!' hoen teslei) under f i r e till (No. 'Ji dO|)lny9d Bcanp (No, 0) nnil (No. 7) mitl Ourl (No, 31 on- Tfiylor (Nn. 8 to follow him. KdwardH (No. 4) delayed, Into the opening nn Vincent (No. 1 ' crashed by to rush the passur. 1 ' Ktti'ty (No. Hi by fttkintf a punt, kept (he Vnlf quarter (Booth, No. 10 deep In hi, own territory. Freed from ([(relive Interference, Fogarty was then able to shoot a shod, tnul, nnd accurate pass to Edwards, who acted n dslnynd receiver. Yale was this PUSH only nfter Vln- to cent. Ignoring the pnxfinr, turned his ii In the rei'i'ii'er, i v r i d h l . li«0, liy The CLINTON HOMECOMING LANNED FOR FRIDAY; NORMAL HIGH IS FOE Six New Men To Play Against Purple CAPT, ROBINSON NOT TO START IN HOMECOMINGTILT Ott Hills and Pete Yanus- kus Only Letter Winners Named EXPECT_50,000 URBANA. 111.. Oct. 16.-- Six players who have never appeared in ft Big Ten football garn* probably will be included in the starting lineup which Bob Zup- pke wiil aend against Northwest- crn in the home-coming battle Saturday. l-'lvc others who will sturl have had some experience !n conteriintia competition but only two nt Utcm arc let term en, Among 1 those who have never *ecn Big Ten Bction are John Bauer, Chl- engo. Renter, nnd John Ovclnmn, Ol- lawii, jrunfit. Bntior IK a second -year student, although n senior, its he attended Crane Jiinlm- ;o!li'S! two years and Ovelnmn IK alpo n aonlor whose playing has been confined to the BELIEVE IT OR NOT. --By Ripley. There are frmc anphomori 1 *. Bcyd Owen. South Bend, Ind.. arrl Mark Swsnson, Ii(ir!inii;, r e. enila: Gilbert Berry, AblnRvinn, hal(b;L:k. nnd Stanley Jnnsen. guard. Hunter , Chnnipntsn, aophomorp, rnny start Instead o[ Owen, btit he Is a itophotnore also, TliB iRllwrmen jt!'i Ott Hllln, Chl- ra«o, sub tackle fur two yenrn. uul Pete Yuntlalms, Kewanew, h h l f l i i i e k , TJoh C'Otinver, Jiichsonvtlle, fullbftck: "Ernlfl Cluillln, Ashltmil, Ky., quarterback; ivud S t u n Bixlmnn, Bein en t, tae.klo. have hud more or less plftyln); experience but have never won Ihcli 1 letters, CUNTON, O!t, IB --Thi! (innutit Clinton Hlgli school homecoming .slllim *e-niH i n he- julcqimtcly will he. celebrated Friday, with the W i t h CorbfiH InellRlbl nnd nnd Hcldlnpfr hampered by IHR in- JiirleM. Johnson |i!nnn to alnrl n hfiekflelil r'"lii1"'«''"! cf IVivli dl full- li.tHi. C,i|i|jilti ril-Hilcy V'l:.c nnd bun. tiy (ii-ver ixt hatvi'ii. nnd Allen ttiit- Mi-ll nt f u l l , Of th«?*' Russell 1» nmli- InjX hl'i fit*! Hldl'l wltll the viit'Hlty, (mil hin [H't'senee IH fXj.ecU'il lo (Hit 1 - tlsilty (·ini]ii iui«U* lor t'oil»'lt p !" lo.isi In liii' J»N;IH|»K iilliu'h. finsucH's »(«'· i-liilly li H h i i t l , fK'i'iir.ilt- im-wi-n VlMi- tu Kkk I ) , v i 1i (i litlci' (nun titim It'-T w l n i 1 1 liiu'U In !(itiHi1 (ini'i 1 ntiiii'. .tohiHini tui^ n'I'd hl'i tin- I'urly 1,'iiiiifi, liti 1 Clay In Ihn climliU',' I' Ciir(linF'c ;ntiti' l««l ' him Ihi' tlcht lei "tin Clinton -Normal grid (tarn* on Field at 2:30 ae the climax of up avoid conflict '· imoconitng »\ to nn appropriate program evenK The date wan mcvcd from fiiiturdtiy to with the U. of J. There are others, of course, who probably will set their chances, mont ot them new to the stadium nod, but some, have plugged awny lor three yearn. Cdpt, Otat "Robinson IH not Hated In the starting lineup' but there ts o (?ood chunce that he will appear later. All dependo nn wtoplbcr Tlif senior clfiss ct the T-ltRh mnltlii); nrmn)r«ni«nU for with ttLllts hy ninny :\ pep of the old 11 (Jurudc, and cvtntti to jjn:fijt the jfame. Ci'iicli Jin 1 Astcliton hrtx bppn \uirltliiK hlx cluir^Tn hnrd this \vi-ch In ( K i r i i f l t u i for thn giimc. Normal In l i f i K h fi'i'Li ii. triumph ovt-r UK old rlntl. U n i v e r s i t y High ot NorniLil, lux l i r i l l i i i i i t Idstt Sfilurdiiy. and will furnish of t h « ? l l ' l * n l y 0[ opposition for thp locals, i j C o a c h Axcbon (xppcls to start the n \ V i t l i Corhctt oul, (!ti|luln Vlw |;robnlly will be cnlHxl upn to du t i i " pimtliij,'. f i n d wlilk tin (Ms hl h l r k « n w i i y , Ihey tfeim'ely niritxiive up tu (In- A r t h u r boy'* In illxlunci The l i l l i l f ( J i a n t s jfi'nlmlily ivlll Ix-tiff l l In ,iny rxchniiiti- of jiiinl-i. I f Vise ^u'^ r n u t , n t l m 1 N . f l r b : ri.i\ r Jn l liriillKliI buck uu( ii)' I l i e line ID (hi till- Idi'hliiK. l.llci' M l l l l M i i , Wuhnsli Ifi u n J e f c a t eil ihl «iii:iiin, and In u n x l o u s to k"'t irvfiiK'- fur t h u 2B lo (J drubblnit liHtidrd tlur T.ittlc (.t Inn Li In (.'raw- fordsvlllo lust scitMoti. In that Kinm' t h e fli-iirlnjt punch was Hiiiiplled by Cortii-ll. whn relumed tin 1 opening kleltofl O^i yiuds for a ttiurtidoivn, Kntld'eil rlldcotnh and (iuy Av- n e t i , imiie nf whom will lie In llic si W.i-i j : n m r ' l i n k u p us played through the j Trinity tfntue hist week. Not Much More Can Happen To Mr. Kirby fn (lie ln.«t three nieettnp^ between rm l « n teiiinit, M l l l t l i l n has won oil AVubn.fH nni' (mil (ue wns n WnbtinH won 12 to 7 In 1M7, tlie vvii.i u H to H tli', while wun itt'itinui, 2)p-ii. tie, th , II,, I ,· l.'ll I'll'lt , ATLANTA. Oil.. Ofl. It! ^ U l h M n M , fn I he i inn) nuinrtHi-i W, I,, ' Vi iii ii-: i rtti'lliHiu 1 .. MiH l,i-Ht-\: ../ilii'inii'i'il Hint Die t r i i i n i l i l " ! houl iii'iwci-n Ills sun iiiul A r t h u r PeKiih In A t l « r t t f i dud liwfl |nwl- poned from NdVi-mt'ei- 3 to NIHTIU- her !l ilia t a l l f i l J*m\ P OH/CACC). Out, t(i Tom (·lo.Httxi heavyweight, has been knocked out. suffered u dislocated vertebra mid been opentted on for upendlclth nil In less limn £4 hours. Ho wtut knocked out In the second tound by Kins Lcvlnsky of Chicago TuesiUty nnd later collapsed In MX (l)THsln(ir room, An examlnn lion rtvt'alftl a din located vertebra und he wuu dent lo a hospital where the bonf wns unapncd back Into plncf. Hi' «-;irf htick in ihi tio^pltftl Weit- ncsdtty tuornlnp: with nn acute nt- Steffen, Coaching Judge, Hopes His Tech Team Can Upset Irish » » * t * * * Weekend Carnegie Coach Ptani to Spring New For. (nations On Notre Dame At South Bend Saturday By OltOHUK KIRKHKV It Mn't *f y' 1 hp «'« /· e, AM «**· tt u he i of i Ky") Wee, hf r, fkther nr CHICAOO, Oct. Jfl -Court vnned UK ux«i»l ThurHduy for Wnlter P. H1ef(*n but It wunn'i law or IILWI tilts t.hkl oceupkd hlit mind. tny nf n ««ni. tmd rnrfccU ffi\if (n^ nn In my col- i ff''n, who MijefrMvJ l tin fjunrt-iliK(-){ H ORACE C Rice, to K Brlvrml nf Chle» IOOK "1 Kit nnd fun* » rm , n() TM ploys nnd foot hull piohicmit tl) VM, flsm'-ilrricn r hll in H tfnnri » M whllt t'rn hfijprlntt n wr, ,, n rh h^tich' Klcffen confMnt tliM bo hit «h»nl nfifi^tofl w (liny he |u, lii-en wnrltl ..... in ft.v i. '·ni(i,i p fl . \i-iir» tiitil will ^irluu |i , tn Itttinc Anhtl winir uind The jiidKe'n rnnln cotioitrn WIIK whnthftr Lalham Fl»i,i*|{iin, Cmii'-wl-s ,T«nh'H (trcin ^nl, wouhl c«t';h «n* iof thow Jottc pw/titcn fi-fmi quartrr- Vlnrry MrCtirdv nunlnHt Noll'; Dnmc nt South Bi*n(t Hdlurdsy -r to thiil offeci, Five (|II,VK ii WMk Kli'fffn IH · dec In H f "hlfHK" miii'-rl'ir nmrl h m r In K (ii-rminiil Injury .tiiltx iitlfl nidi. 'Hi'' «Hifr t«'» itay* ht-V lit 111!' I'll""IH 1 *I* 'I'l'l'll f'Hll- i*lfV).|I |)la MirillrtNl^ film' Itik wci'h ho|*r«l of In* "Thiii 4|ifn'l i ),,, tini, | , T ^ I tii- m!»t(t ill 1 f'Nil IH tfi vriit(tnt to v«« -/.'/nif Jif. ,|TM, * ^ n J mi M Nulrr llntiH 1 cli'vcn 'even h n n w whii«r 1 -vlll tlsn ,,.. K n( home, "A" or "T(" ii-sun If O.-Pn,. ,(,.., ·Ii. Tich c'm'iui-ri'd ilii frl.^h hln nho'-l' in,ijt I ' l l ^rtil in ntv-R 1 2T-7 on C'nrtkr fli'W In HWh im'l tenni nivt i h ( - t i tlic niliiiiir (in «^ ( Ju'J^e Stfftcn confided to Hi* U n M ^ d In lit.- r c m i l m - I will -.fiH | n mtn , tlmt h* h«'l » tp«m ·!''! Tln'i-'.V t i ' t i l l v ri'.t nmdi Wtr lo turn (he trkk nftBln they hnvc one of Ihelr (t'wd dnv.« ' 'If tr rnjicr ( yt"it(tHi of mj fiin iw« i nujtifxt) I'm 'hit) .Sfi!t(t/prn rtochnr box a nvi"iii tnnii.'' fitid ·ICH-' i. Stcff«n, "but I hnvi H KKK( ii'oni ··rnt-...i p»pnbl: of w i n n i n g wti'l wo iit'c ivit "\\'i-'. to South H'li'J 10 |OK«' " "Am Slcffrn, whi wn« M n wrili «',;i) "We Thiirndwy. h»n bwn nmrhtnn «' Cor- KIII-IMI Tech for )T ycdi'i*, hut only In |i;im An ftdvlnory cajHK'lty f'tr tlif (ims-l l-'lisl ·ev«n yearn, H* t^H-nilD tho inrinili N d i n of flcptcmhor w f i h th« tcdm, but htt'm II In Charlie of Conch Bob t"t li "Hlli -I l| U'KJil S i . ' f f c i i i I nn '"III till V'ni j'uini! t ml H l t | i l : ' l t i K l i i i n » I ' i H i n t will \ntitf i')U(;hli)wiji II l(M)hl Illf l)eit*r ( M l tinted no m»- Millikin-Wabash Reserved Seats Now Being Sold KXl'LANATION (II' VKSTKlt- DAV'S CAItTOOK Arrived nt kicunt! nf Auuldenl nelore It iri]t|»ene4 On Nov. B, 100.1, attaches at a hospital near Wilkissbarre, Pa., snw curved Mlntt'e trti W. railroad. They mil 1 tiwuher on a li of (he D. L. A foresaw I h n l n collision was Inevitable, nnd rii^boa an ambulance to tbe gcm of the nc- cldcnt a few mlnuteJi before the trains collided hoodon. An ncronnt freight train nnrt jyanscnsci' train of this IB conlnlnod In (he \Vlinea- pke IH sure t h a t Is f i t Should holh Roblnoon imil Art be w l i h h e l d , the n i i h ( n l l b n c h bertl will full t u Joltn Snoolt, Aurora sophomore. On paper Ihesi 1 plnyi* f.ill ylmrt lii expeHent'* coinpnred tu |l'i iirrny which Nnrthwfsteni will ln-tn^ to the sladltim but the enmpus fpcln that they will ninke It a hnUle every Inch and perhaps upset thp tiope n.i Zuppkc's teams have done in tlic past. About 50,000, including many Purpi* rooters, will coine to the biR Rnmc but with a start him e,apae.lty of si moat 70,000 seats In t h e main stands nnil balconies lire assured B)! eonxers. Schools Settle Down To Annual Fight For Loop Titles iltir finiiliiilt fnfjif who w^h I" i-IHtitn ii-iti'ivi'tl wntii for thn Mill)- kin-\\';»h»nti KUitm Fridny irUhl will find ihcni «ti !*;« *t Maine* (tnil ISi"- It wsx announced W^n'flny, All »ejii») in tbe re"irved Mett'ii betw*cn lh* two 4l ynd) ItO'" AdmlMlon I* one rtollur. The tttim- wilt HUl'l «t S flVlm'k, NEWTON SCHOOLBOY SUFFERS BROKEN ARM NICWTfJN. Morton aimiui. i MIH of Mr. snd Mt*, t i n nth*! CbMi- nut of w i j u i h if Nexvtfjn, Nd thi Mondwy ev^nlm; while nii'inplllMHt ··iiink u "'ill' pri'piit'filoiy la (dtw it-mils fiotii Hlftli i-Htfiol Mr. mid Mi*. 11. wh't have befii jM'nter'i" l)roib«ji' In M i , nn.t Mr* .Hurneil lo ih"lr culture, not wit tint hi* esr to exceed ,_... but ai * In hi* ip« r * tin hii more tnnn which hang* he, ·leek rmndn. "You 11 get hit fri«r»d* wh« n«« project. "It won't be t tarted Dr. Rlc*. ' th* clown In t g« far, luckily. but hi* Meld i** i MM tb« youngeitt m»nx of the In. th»t h*r baby r.t W*H Mlpion, Th* apiary *mt droomo of tb* th« ey»rn*r 01 tnd Ont Hundr» Itreijt, A houce tt miration or mr «*ur« though ft lew tbfln n r^Hiil vy M. Mrc. in Record, of Nov. 9, \W!, Doe* Onr-Hilf nt Two and Two Equal * or S* -- *· The anaw er h two. Hart the H1M-,M|M COLLETT TO tlon read -Do one-bftlf of two in(' "» IW " X»"» il- i i . n r two equal 2 or 37 the answer won til be 3. Tomorrow--The Athkl* POoh-Riih. aH'1 MIK. K the .Vm It' Si. 1. .Ml SOUTH SIDE GOLF WINNERS RECEIVE SEASON TROPHIES QUARTER-RNALS ,,I |ir» I , on. ifl -Kni*iK from 1*0 found* In ilefeni" 'IMT mHI'inul ttolf 'HI'- M' 1 " 1 ^'""""i Unn-l anO Mm, Chefltor J NcCwi | "[ nmr J)rochv[|[t) me nlfn'liivK (hi ' Nmiontl Dairy »hw. Mi, Dors . y wnley «f tbi« f i t j ; left Siinrfdy for }Af Anij* | ]'"f, wh'M she will «]nnil the wlni'i with to ' , Mm. N«l» Mt«* 11!I/ ] n l l i . J J't"'M 1 PBORIA, Oct 1C-Allen Whitlow. Phoenix. Art'/.., feather-wetKlit, won a close ]0-routul docislon (roui E3- dlt Shea, Chfcajro Telernn, here Wednesday nlghl. tack of apundlcttis and had to be, cperated on. A gangrene Infection hud developed, but the operation was success till, Attending physicians expect, him to bo out of titmicer In n lew days. vrn.uv Bowling Scores K l , H i " I ' l l l " ' I AS!" - Tut. \ V l l H ' l l 1 " I 1 *- 3 1 1 '"* 1 , 1 1 K" I 19 0* f r I M I^H 1^ ST.l 1 7 1 I l i S 'IPS us i:r, IJD 'SPAPEK lUtlr-*! 173 V n r i i i ' n 1SI l'i,it.-r U'J T i . t l l l !tnl S3S M . V l . l ' J S l i l ' l l ' T 1 TH mil I f . n Mny» To ml 1(1(1 I ntt liin if. 11 1.11 Ml 1 1 1 JIP i:: ir.n 11: ivs ·i'u III-I K:: «:n 311) Tnl, ir.u ·lift iilr) tSll KS3 Dl 1(1 I T S II'I T'.L ·Itt til .lilt ?JSS Tut. wilimr Wll'ltll v x»i h h ITI Iliiiil1cii| Tolliln I I I S I 3 Minm . Hull iin-lmi .111,1 I 3 l i n.ii 111,1 Hi . \ V l t l Y K W A V l'l-: W A V - . '1 1»!1 DO t*' n" -IIS l !3»l Tul. 1 1 , 1 1 ^ 1 1 1 1 1 14 T. J l f K l l l ' v 111 II H i 2? I7:i i l . m s I ' l ' l l l ' I ' V H A K K R V - Till, PH 1 M Tot. Ill ill (i i sn .ins i £ i IM i;n me lei (J1 i t ? 11,1111), ·IRO inn |f,B 1,11 It 1 7 1 I t " . ir.n ii'r, * I, Kill tilt r«wy l.ntffi ss: S!i:i WATTS- HI 1". . . . I f ' l 'I'otnlJi , 7 I D MArWK-- l l n r t ... IT'i firm I If J' M." Hofil- , , H I Vohskl [...lilt d l r l ^ t t . . , 1 l u in; 1.11 ISO U! M; liFfi Ifi: ^1.7 'till: Sf, I l.'.ll ol[l 1!tl ISS in; r.n Ti.lnl *'jn M u m s ' in. II IT.' ii;n Sfil ts TM. saj r,6t Bement and Sullivan To: Meet In Feature Game of Okaw Valley CLINTON HOMECOMING Thitt colorful fall pageant known as the high school football season this week comes to the turning point where all the stronger teams h.ivc their two or three preliminary gamts out of the way and are ready to start In curncnl the drive for the I'espfecUve con ('*·« nee title**, und where the stimlkr schools, who hull an earlier start In the a canon, embark upon the final drive cif their campaign. Th9 University of Illinois' homecoming game with Northwestern Saturday, haa, as usual, Hoincwlwt disrupted Central niisoln prep nchod- ulea. Many ot the ten ma hnvc no At n miioher Tuesday W"*l A l i l ' r ' n 1 7 1 Ifi 171 L1 -'.S "i.l silK .KU: iiiL.ii I "Hi 1 . H M t l A t . l i " (VtirniMH in; in.: I T I Ml 111 (I 11» nil. T.iinl :i» KI if.;, tsn ;,M iri.i inn Mm !i-(i I'll I*:: IB1 :.n :r, rr. srlrii'cr l i t Vlmin'1 177. «\rmtn'l i ti SUB 1,17 ins IDT ITI [ I S If. 1 - 1TS 1S" 191 ii: Hi 1711 trs 17: ; iins Tol. S7J; Tol. tin fi;r, 211II games acbeiluled for this woeHend, prcferilnK lo t'cat befre entering the honii; stretch. Olhrrn luivi 1 movnd their games up lo Frldiiy, and sonu to Thuratlny, hccouse, of n loneherH 1 Inallluf.e nt CluijnpalKn on Friday, Thr«n (ianies Toilny Thru* games ar« scheduled foi today in this snclor. Of these, the most Important In the Alwond invasion of Mont Icello. which marks Montlcello'B entrance Into Okmv Valley competition. Ccrro Gordo play a at Mni'O'i todny, and Cllnnnn n 1 Clbnon City. ^ Only three Big Twelve 1 games art carded fnr the weekend, but one of Dit'.-e brtnjTs together title tontend- et's. In Pekfn »nt Jwlncold. l.tni'otn la I h n cleTendlng tio-chnmplon, and Tckln looms a* a dnrk hnrse In l h i (·teserit cumpaiKn, destpiti! it to be ubout tvonly night, i)layli5j( husi to In a fame dial will hardly lie n ' ( lest of ils Hlrcnitlh. neniUir High tnkcs a hi'.'iiUlci' n f t r r iM lough liiiltlf? with Mnltfxin Itiiit wock, ini'i'llns; Blonnilngtim, i f i r i i i - er conference member, In 'si nlgli 1 game there Frldny, Btment, Snlllvitn 'l»hh Tltc best butt lit of the wiMccml It. the Olinw Vnlli'y pninilhi 1 * lii,b? Iho clash between Bunient mill Sill- llvun. Holh (i;am« are ruled us ;inl »!'· matched. Bement huvlhji; weight. iinJ power to match Sulllvnn's proveii nblliiy In deceptive pluys. Nlclt Carter's Tuscolii eleven, easily the cliuw of I IIP conference, In not scrioiljly tbrvntened In Us trip to Arthur, Villa Grove and Ar- cols, In their meeting at the In tier place, will both be fighting (or a comeback after a defeat last week. The first South Central buUlc that may be given the hackneyed term if "crucial" conic:) Friday nljjhl In Millsboro's Invnslon of iNokonils. To dat* Hlllslroro has beaten Taylorville and Mt. Olive In non-conn tins names, while Nokomls hns downed Moweaqua, Asmimplion and Lltchflcld, Nnllhcc team has yet been scored on and their coming together should tnrnlah on« of this beat prep t;ame« of the HftoHon In liny conference. OlllcHDlo rtl TUjlorvllh- Gllleapk' plays al Tuylorvflln in tin- oilier important South Central K.ini, C!iHi:3|)li tit prnsent hclnu the confei- I'nce leader, and Tnylorvllle, nl- pnter*'l the qutti'tei ·· toduv muli.'hml HKnln«i Mlt" l*c*«(i,v WnlileK. « follow New Vorhfr ftfil h«r tttronitent opiionent In tn- 1 lourminntnt. Thf ittl*hiilJ''i' WIIK h n t d iiTcwf'l or floull) Rlile Coiintry Hub i n On 1 wnoml rouml by Mir' M"l"'» Ijiwuon, yoimn UIK AnKi-l"H piny*! 1 , lint rtriw awiiy ii|ildly nft*"r i'oun'1- Ine th« turn mid "ndcd ihc ninn-it i-n ilie 1Mb. s tin.1 3, Tlte hirnlnir iinini r*mi tt ih' 1 lltl Ml'!" eolle*' with IHT pa Mm S. )?ioth of 1 horii* oli'n vtull Mr, ' Horn tf will li» tt^ Mlits Osrn loil Mr. «nd Mr*. A. ('«!,. I f f i for »lliV y i'niii nnd J. Uorn unit . Ml 1 ) 1 , wound up golf comjtetltion for thr year by presenting tournament cup* lo their winners, W. H. Tnylor. cbniiniun 'it the tournament ron)till- tee, mudc the prehonluilon »« follow »· · l.i^lh, . IllJk.brl , imp 1 · (I I.H. 1 \\.-IH 1-11)1 M, lull lu the nip fflr i Mien Walllw, wh« "li'tetilfd Mrf ' [Tm-lev Ulsihl* "f I'otiolt .1 *M 3 " flslrntiy KOOil HirnuKhoin »nli Helinw of WIII'jW Hill, lull) Vnle in" nM'iii|inu H inii"tinit oi tin CASEY CLASS PLANS TO SERVE BANQUET · the l\r.H,1,»'lli'liiiihiil] I l l . l l l l l l M l l . ..H. I* tun, Iwuiiii Clip Wllnnil ):. 'olly i M i ' l i i - K i f , Only one cup found home, A ,E, Branihalt won the cup offered by his own firm for th* third i time, and It ]u«i's After the proni'iitM dIncuijslon o( tnlnoi be made on the murse n«f. yeai. expected to |iiiiv» for n Klerlln.r| 'j'().,. ( | H y hull Ihfre w«^ ii in NOKOMIS TO STAGE HOMECOMING GAME * Suii'lny nclioal cltt*' Mi'tliO'lM rliurch wii h»M (.'veniriB in th* hi) cement Thi" piwiddrni, Mm. Kim* wo* In ch*rgt «r th* bunln'if »** Fnmilv MoVCB *·'""· 1U « «*'«' f*"»i»f« «' *lutl.*« _ laiiui; nw**" ||)i(t p^^jug /,,,. t ijtuB^uct to M to Firmer City nomt t Nn-"d ifvcffii hundr**) Rotwii» I In DM local High ^hoel o» Nov... ANO--L. K. CuOwnt't »tid i)urtny ([)« M]d»i bout 1 , «»JI«* moved to K*rm»r Clly Tn*»- w « rt tf vfn |,y two ttttl* .d Jam»» H«w»t» movfil Into ihr (^athtiirl hoii**, Th* Prlnclll* Hivl* mot wlln Mi'i. i«rfri)de Swnila Tuesday. Tin- ladlon nld of th* ChrUftiwn houi · ("· «i* fioin 10,:;o n 5 p. m. to H p ti t it) p. m,. 'ih° n. m. to 2 p. m. to 3:30 I The Influence 1 »ot of nuch n n of great tnale'rifl will transpire, ' Itenrt wilt flour hienl and new fnvorable for »s of ·mu^emehts. Child re n horn )Cth win hov« r noon show thel They will haw n»i rather unc i em per*. They nnd f*arleKR ma for r((*nfc ·tudlet. You are not perwn « y*u do not t except home clreip of You Ity frlKhten^ and cok nMt« to know how to lum, how to » frttndly munni Wwty of dlitnt You Me eat 'l«y held an nil dny m'etlns: iei i-ed a pot luck !F?m*r TII»««I!I»*. NOKOMIfS. Oct. Hi. · NoltomlB will 1 Mm. W. T. HftH8i»rd of Uukvill.*, hold Its annum honifoomlng; for re.' Ky., ban boart vtaltlnn In tn« I, « · . , . . , tiirnlnft basehall xlftrn next Sunday dnni* *nl rt. n. Hurnh Home wr M) .^ ^ w when the Nokomin C'oltd m«et the Al- .wvi-rn) day*, I Bunion Mm. Ted Holforty reinrn*d to her ....^ i. \trt,.i/i*t f\ titlor · Iwn ' / W"tty MM ."b«ww*ito, lit chin, the ho*i«ii!W i' t w n Cor* Mi-n. Mnbe) Jtldlr, Mw. fi- nnrt Mw. H. M. Omitl. *m'»4 w the memhet'ii and itwnc, Mr*, J !3. I/cMny. Mi-*. \V, 0, Chrrtoww Mr*. T. ,«. ,1one^ nnd Mri. G. * Lhoii);b beaten by Staunton, ralcl a tough outfit. S taunt on pluys al Gii'llnvilk, and Litchtleld Join- nles to Mt, Ollvi- for Ils first lesnl cont'oronce contest. Sbalbyvllle will attempt a uomebsck at AHHumption, pqp-i tleln^ punti list week, Pans i. 1 idle. li:fi It received fwrn Roult Academy at Jacksonville last week. U will be homecoming ut Lincoln Champaign HL Peorla'Centrul F'n clay IH, at present, a second division rattle, but the course of events may bring either tenui back to the i»;p. Sprln(tfleia makes Its entrunce Intci conference competition Frldny Some (mpoilutit clushtB are scheduled lielwoiin n on -con fere nee incnv bcrs, Blue Mound's team should win at Mucon, und Hammond will uy luid niiilntnin ila good record in H game at Mt. Zlon, Two unbeiituci teams will attempt to preserve their record, Gibson City boa won four '·ralsrht and [ac^s n Hevtsrc teat In G(?man tad'aiy. while T, 0. High of ·on, unlit 1 Un nnd unscorcd on. citortatns Oaliwood of th« Little Bight lw»p. Two tcama who have starUd conic- hHcka nftcsr poor start » (ace tough opponent!;, Clinton's homecoming j;ame with Normal Is outstmidlng. und I'i'opolis will meal Mason City. ton Bluea. The Colts' ttneup will in elude Charley Huffing of (he New York Ynnkees. Jim Bnllomley of th« Cimlfnals, Andy Heiltier nt (he Pitt;-- bniKli Pirates in ndilitlnn t" :i nmii her of minor leititiii'rjs. GeorRe Chervlnko, Vnllcy IIIIKUII . (Ins Goee-kcl ef the Centra) home In Marlon, O.. ufUr · two weeks' vtrtl In the home of her piii 1 - I'Dtc, Mr. jmd Mr*. W, K. UiiteHncr, ,1 U. ]IIWKOII and frtmlly hovo iimved Into thii Wllwm Wehb llOlitie In ill" north pnrt of t»u'it. _,,.. Mr. and Mrs, J, It. Kctlil nnd fnui- Jlmmie Cameron of Ihe Nebraska! ily «lenl Sundny nnd Mondny with State, Walter Bcek of the Southern i her ulster. Mm. Thomnii in Krovtch of the Western and othen' Ind, wilt perform with the Colls. _, . ·-,' n - " * " The Runic will hi hctd In Bcrgm- FinCu $100 Park, starting al ; 30. AdmlMloit will he flO ccntt*. with · nflpi'tton In (h* ... fonn*r mi Went M8H 1 tiihlon wero In |)l»y. th* U . M , miiinlv inonilH't'i' it TueMdiiy BrlJu' 1 oltl11 ' A hnii'li followed ihi* «iii»' ) i Mr* B, RobWnit ws I hi) NlRjit. O*l Einhi' 1 «vcnlrijf In hiT CHICAGO SOCCER TEAM HERE SUNDAY Dccalur Qermnn Soccer meet the Chicago Kicker* on tbe Nebon Pnrk Alhletln field. Sunday afternoon ·! 1:30 o'clock. The Kfclt- crs arc one of the ntronRtst t*iinii In Chicago, while the loenl club In much Improved after several weelttt of practise, The Dccntiiv tram hns lenltllvcly booked t\vo n»mcs with the Unlv«r- uliy ii f Illinois Soccer l«am, the ugrcemcnt calling for t gam* nl Illinois. Mov, 1, the morning of (he Pur due E»me. and the return ftanii- No- 15. Of DrivingJVhile Drunk HI L1.SBORO.--Calvin Reed of Kcntuchy pl*aded Rulily In the county court before indue SnnuM W. Krwinner on Monday lo a ohnrue of club will "trtvlnn nn uutonwblk 1 while Intoxl- rnted. ,)itd|!:« noitcmted his IK MnR fine nt IOO am) ciwtd, The iirifoni-r tlie fine nnA (tout* arft Aolo Tops Dressid Prt«ci LA^DHOLT Relieve Yourself From Worry PISTON RINGS Th* Largest Stock of PERFECT CIRCLE RINGS In Crnl.iuJ HIlHol* for Cfcri, Truclot, Tl*cliir». Uanoltti* tie., Iii vnrii»M «(t«w urf ·vcr-«wi i how w»« enlivened by 111* I M i of Hslloween (jrnnliK. An »PP*T.!: I lun*-h won enjoyed by lit* i und RWMIH, Mr*, Bni'l Mrs. Churl en S. )''o»t*i' Jwmilno L. Plftiton of Pti., Iho Intter twn h»lnlt Owln, 111*. thii next In th* eoiinlv J*' l " |ti ' A PER]

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