The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on January 18, 1945 · Page 5
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 18, 1945
Page 5
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lOLA, KANSAS This and That In Kansas Hutchinson, ' Kas. lAP).—Postal clerks at Hutchinson swung into action when they heard a tickin-^^ sound in a pacltat;e. In inspector carefully clipped tlie .si.rings. With even greater caution he loosened the pai»i- around ilie package. Tlien he breathed u .sisli (if relitf. Tlir ticking was legitimate. Inside was an alarm clock, being returned to its owner by a rt pairman. Fighting in Budapest's Streets -?7-'T. ' William W. Warren of Pittsburg had six packages of popular brand eigarettes. He wanted to ti-ade iln-:u lor his favorite brand, so lie in.-crtetl on ad in Tlie Sun and liic Headlight. Warren war. swamped willi caller.-:. Not all had cigarettes to swajj. but they did have an an-ay of mcrehan- •uise. One even offered billy goat. But wh'>n the .smokes finally l(>ft Warren's liau?ls. no trade w.i.s iu- \qlved. Among llic e;il!crs v .;i:. ,i widov/ only i-on is m a hosjii- tal recovering from war wound:-. Warren r.ave her 111'' <:'i::ivv\u-:. :r) be srnl to the youth. THE lOJA REGISTER. THURSDAY EVENING. JANUARY 18.1945. i-etc never returned. But their beads kept tunolitf up In the town. We knew' the Japs were scared. They made us bow to them and they cut down'on our food. But we knew we had them beaten, "Late in < August, the Japs left Loreto. Now! the Americans are back. We have kept our faith. We have Ucked the ^aps." tertalned the Stony Point club Ttautsday. Seventeen members were pre^t and the time was spent Quilting. sin Stanley who lives on the Harris farm south of Olive Branch PAGE FIVE school house, is having a public I her new granddaughter, Margaret sale Friday. We understand Earl Troxell and family will move on the place. Mrs. Clarence Hamilton is in Wichita making the acquaintance of Kay. Mrs. 'Vena Rogers and Mrs. Nellie Bacon attended the War Mothers club Tuesday at the home of Mrs Harris in Moran. • .jet Ironp' .sliown libove m action against the Nazis on a suburban kngll, overlooking the looftops of embattled Budapest. ^• •'file l ;<MVenwiirl li 'riitics i.; ci' vinced that Maj. rt-i!|)li K. llond the Ft. I.eavcnwdrMi (.'iiuniiiin'l )•(•!.cri'.l .stad M.-hodl :uifi Vic S/i'.'yi' eo 'iic from hardy slock. 'i he iwi). the pa))!'!' jelates, playi 12 holes oi -goll oi:" allciiKJon i' fently, then cliani'id Irmn t;. hoes to . SIVJC ;kalrs und . .\cri :s :ii !nc mon' 'n\ ii'ozcn .Mii'i'ilt lal:('. ^Never Giving In, Sturdy Dinagat Islanders Finally Drive Japs Away A military co.irtcsv' diive v i .n, ;'n 'i the Topek.i Aimv Air I ''ii-I'l Mikiler felv he was rit'lii >n\ Wn beam when he spoltcd a cliC'ckiM", officer in dirvnl 'i -.-.ii 'lopcka l!an 'r:ii' by an a.s.sortni.i-iit of .'^oldiers •xhu II.K! ened. The GI tt'Ve v.i<h '.i siiniii ^v s.i- luti', but the officer wasr.'t a bn iini)res.<;ed. '"What," he bark "d, "i- your naiir^ — and what do yini ;nean by .sahuin .'t me with that cigar in your moutli'.'" BY RICH.\RD n. bKRGHOLZ I .uri'tn. Din;\'-'at I'land. Philip),inc..,. 'AI^i.—'The flies eonquer- I he llypapcr—ihaf.s ;lie way we :ikr 1') lliink (il 'iin- achievements in cieiralin:; Ihc .Japantse attempt to l;.'-(..'l: i,\ir cif ,• "nvcr.'iinent.' Thu-, M: ;iano Oopana. seh'):)l 'e.ichi'-. iiniveisily '^I 'adu.itc ant! ';-,ueiiill,i ieacier. as he told 'his story •if .Japane.-e ucclli'iatitin nf Lon-to on smiil! i'land thai American lalucr.^ otciipi'd ihrte day.s before i iiie L ('vt inv'ision. tiying to capture the guerilla radio .slation. They failed, but they looted ;'""Vor. if everyone promised to keep quiet about the radio and guerrillas. We found the'Japs had ,set up headquarters in, our beautiful and cher- Islied Cattolic church. "Immediately they asked the whereabouts of Andres Olaco, our W^ told them the mayor the area and stole all of our food and fowls and pigs. "Then on May 19 they came to .-•tay. Cluerrillus .ambu.shed and killed 18 (il the first 25. but 50 more fol- lo'.vcfl and the 17 armed guerrillas v.ithdrev.' to the hills with .the radio st.'ition. "Our i)eoi)ie refused lo live under Japanese eonlrol' Gopana continued. "They fled to the hills, even •file Noith AilKiicau l^-.'il llr.' World's fastc.'.i )jr()!5(-lier di-iv(-;i airplane. "The Japs t;'.me to Loreto first in though il meant near-starvation. Odober. 1942. Thev didn't come to So the.Japs lived alone in Loreto, s!a.\. jutt to destroy. They burned but they didn't like it. n .i .sl of the town— everything they i "Pinally the Japs notified us to considered impoi tant to us. ; return to Loreto and they would "Why did thev do it? We don't issue safe conduct pas-ses. ... It kni^w. They didn 't s..y. Except for was a hard decision. When we went six^raciic raids, the Japs left our to Capt. Tiuman Heminway, Anieri- Lown alone men until April, 1944, can officer in charge of the radio, he when they moved hi for 10 days, advised us to return to Loreto only had died of dy.senterj'. Actually, he had set up headquarters in the hills. He l^ad refused to return to Loreto as long as a single Jap remained. Biit the Japs said we had to have a mayor. They would appoint one.** A new administration was installed with Japanese approval, but the mayor- and all but one of his siafl were • guerrillas. • The Japs worked hard to convince us the Americans were never coming back and that they, the Japs, were' the saviors of oiu- commonwealth and would protect us," Gaparia s&id. • Our chprches were mutilated and deseciated. but there was no ban, a."- lar as f know, agauVit our chm'cli services. "Many Jap soldiers who left Lo- PRAIRIE CHAPEL Mr. and Mrs, Perry Vanover of Bronson visited with Mrs. Eva Robb Sunday afternoon. Mrs. Tom Ireland spent Tuesday with Mrs. Will McParland. it betag Mrs. McParland's 76th birthday. She is still quit^ poorly. Myler Hajrclerode and family have moved to Lawrence. Jimmy Lowry is taking csire of the farm Fred and Everett StarUper attended a sale east of Stark Tuesday while Mrs. 'Starliper spent tlie day with her patents Mr. and Mrs! W. L. Cook. Mr?. Harvey Lee McParland has been,sick and is at the Austin McParland hopie. Mrs. Pearl Hall who has been staying with her sister Mrs. 'Wealthy I Ktt^mtUer,-received word that her grandson ^ killed in action. Mrs, iiuii went to Port Scott to be with the family for awhile. Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Stout of Walnut spe«t Monday at the parental fVed Starliper home. Mr; and Mrs. Adolph Pink enter-, tained relatives from Bourbon county Sunday .J Will McParland received word of the death of his nephew, Zack Burr ' of Stilwell' Okla. Mr. McParland I was unable'to attend the funeral. Mi?. Will McParland and Lela en- COMPARE THESE LOW PRICES! Julia Lee Wright's Enriched White or Wheat «... 2 20 -oz. Loaves • I Real Roast. Nbhjral Loaves 2 -lb. wM -g^ 37< (Jrade .\ SIRLOIN STH.\K l.b. ;8c KKALT & Lb.-. 1 FRANK- <9g« FljRTERH - -'Lb. BEEF LIVER - CHILI liRICK _ LI). Lb. 5^ PORK ROA^^-T PORK STEAK --. Lh. 32s LAMB CHOPS Llj. LAMB Lb. BROOKFIELD SAUSAGE _ Lb. 30C DRY SALT fi If- SQUARES _ Lb. l^C RATIONING Red St.nmps—50 IhrouRh 5X now cood tor 10 iiidclinitcly. Blue St.imp5—5X. .lY. 5Z ind 2A throutth 2G no-w Rood for 10 points indclinitciy. Sugar Stampn.—No. 34 r.ow good for 5 lbs. LUgar ir.dctir.itely. Week Days 8 a. m. to Ty.SO p. m. Saturdaj-s 8 a. xni to 9 p. m. Bread PBSnUt Butter Fresh-Roasted Flavor Jar Edwards Coffee .....................................i'- 28' Airway Goffee ZVi' Ciisrijb mik ,4 Z 35* f P»o..«.r-^«l-»!!^-. Nu Made.. Beaten Smooth F*- OTc i'aS ;/Sflil28Se °^ cream in Small Bowls , Jar Li BEANS . . . . . sS, 12 97c UMA BEANS Large Size Very Nourishing. Easy to Preoare 2-!b. Pkg. c NAVY BEAf^S Great Norfhern Really tasty baked with pork and tncSlasses 2-Ib. Ph9 RUIT Texas Pink Marsh Seedless Nealthful Juice lbs. 25c ^ Have! Oranges Std MSt-.....i .2 L^,. lu Winesap Apples ^;^^..J L.. 22c I OmAne California. Thm-Skin, FUII of T h 12C EaCBIIUIld Juice. Use plenty to fight colds and stay weH — Green Cabbage «,t,S°!?'o"t :2 iSc Porto Rican Yams \z'z^T. 2 w 17c Pascal Celery Your Salads and Desserts Lb. 15c Grapefruit X^Af.^": ...4 2jc UoQfl I atfrllf ^O Liven Up Winter Menus With ; nCall LCliUUW Fresh Crisp Head Lettuce Lb. I^C Potatoes L%t „;r°.''.! 10 L.S .42C Green Spray Fruit & Vegetable Market 107 EAST ST. THE ONE STOP MARKET PHONfe '253 Carload Colorado Apples JUST ARRIVED ROME BEAUTIES DELICIOUS GRIMES GOLDEN WINESAPS WINTER BANANAS Bananas Golden Ripe No Limit Fresh Spinach, Carrots Cauliflower, Celery Limes, Grapes New Cabbage, Turnips New Potatoes Head Lettuce ,Tangarines Lemons, Oranges Grapefruit Peaches, No Pudding Royal. . 2 for l5c Cider, 1^ GaL.......:49c P Salt, 25-lb. Big Beans. Baked, 2.2!:f :3 _ ^ 29c fw Dried Peach^M^:,— ^ f\ APPLE BUTTER Qallons 85C Quarts 23c SALMON CATSUP PINK FRAZIER'S Tall Can 14-oz. Bottle 26c 20c MEATS FROM PENNINGTON AND CUT-RATE MARKETS Beef • • . • Ground __ Sausage . . Roast . . . Liver . . . Steak . . • Grade A Pure Pork Pork Shoulder . Baby Beef . lb 26c Lb 30c Lb JOc Lb 55c Lb 38c luiAiiiY raoDi PINEAPPLE Preserves No. 2 >/2 Can 59c SYRUP WHITE >/2 Gallon 46c Green Beans SQUARE MEAL J Cans ^n Meal *'\^riff^E or YELLOW 5 I bs 2Jc SWITCH TO White Goose FLOUR Ahd Your Baking Troubles : • Will Be Over. You'll like the light, fine flavored Bread this Flour makes —-also Cakes, Pastries and anything where a Top Quality Flour i^ needed. 50-Lb. Sack — $2.19 25.Lb. Sack —^ $1.10 Ask Yiour Neighbor What She Thinks of White Goose JERSEY CREAM FLOUR 50-Lb. Bag $1 .S3 25-Lb. Bag 93c SYRUP KARO DARK 10-Lb. Pail 73c PEACHES In Syrup No. 2V2 Can" 29c ^ Model & lola Cut

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