The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 11, 1914 · Page 6
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 6

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 11, 1914
Page 6
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Page Six Cost of Want Ads in The Daily Review be pit line for first insertion. 2%c per line for each subsequent consecutive insertion. FOR RENT, HOUSES--(Co«.) FOR K E N T -- O n e 5-room house. East end, $1000: one 11-room modern house. 232 W. William St. Inquire Johnson Dlmock I OiH 20c 30c «' 40c 80c =0c Minimum charge 2U cents. 2 lines 3 times « A lines 3 times 4 lines 3 times 2 Mnei 7 times 3 lines 7 times *·· 4 lines 7 t i m e s . . . . . 3 lines 30 time* * · · 11-20 8 lines 30 times · I W 4 lines 30 U mes · · - ·*'- No advertisement accepted for le?-Ihan t w o lines Count «ix ordinan words to e-ich line Discontinuance oC ad\ertla1ng m u s t be In writing. It witl not be ar- cepted oy phone. This protects your Interest* a» w e l l as ours If You Can't Bring or Send Your Want Ad Phone Bell Auto FOP. P.EXT--STRICTLY MODERN FIVE- ItOOM COTTAGE . IN FIRST-CLASS CONDITION. PAVED; STREET CAR; CURTAINS FULL LOT. 347 E. DIVISION. WE HAKE ALL CLASSES OF LOANS. PEC.r.AM * COMPANY, 4ir, CITIZENS BANK BLDG BELL 2.12 HO.UE l')-'U. 7637 FOn RENT. 4 Rooms 1"VJ N C l f n t o n S t , modern. .$ S 00 ~ Rooms .!(!,- S. M a f f i t t St part mod.. 10.00 5 llonirb U-S2 W K i n s St . Rood house. 1200 '» Room*; \V Decatur St , mod furnished IS 00 !i Koon.v 1£4 W Prairie St., city h e a t . . 40.00 5 Rooms \ i t y fine. N K m o d e r n . . . . --·** 5 3Looms Southeast, modern 2000 r, lionms West Shi", furnished 30.00 ,' atoorit \V. Prairie ave. . . · r, Uuon fc i*i W t b t Mam. Bit-am h e a t . . . , ] Rooms 740 B Outer St., m o d e r n . . . 0 Tloom.s on \\ Side, furnished (i Rooms 701 N M o r c r a n . near depot... K Rooms moiltrn Northwest end G Rooms modern, very dpsirahle, west G Rooirs on R Crea, furnished (! Ttonms in R I \ c r ? i d o . modern . . . . 7 Rooms 1037 W. Green S t , barn lots 7 Rooms niod°rn, W. Macon barn .. 7 Rooms modt-rn, close in 7 ROO-TIB clotti in, N o r t h Side 7 "Rooms merit rn, Northeast s i d e . . . . . 7 Rooms 1177 Cottage H i l l a v e 7 Rooms Enst PUU-. m o d , close in. 7 Rooms 'tt Macon St.. 50 00 1000 2^00 ,10 00 IMXI 1300 1W (HI SoflO 21 50 1,1.00 51 00 2400 2000 2" 0*' furnMied". "..".. 40 00 WHEN YOU LOSE MONEY, ADVERTISE TT^Tf Tp A V^ff WHEN YOU FIND MONEY, ADVERTISE U X^* * £° When you find money, you hesitate to advertise, because you fear the owner cannot identify his loss. When you lose money, you hasten'to get your ad In the paper, because you think the ad is sufficien illy H doesn't matter .much if the loser of money does not advertise, but the finder of money should. TELEPHONES ' Auto 1158 it to Bell 551. HOUSEHOLD GOODS ICON.) Furniture I buy, lell or exchange new or lurnlture. Btoves. ruga. etc. M. A. Peabodv 121-9 K. North SL ' ___ I Money to Loan--(Continued). MONEY TO LOAN on good security and to fcalaried people. E. M Smith, 127 E. Main 7397 Courteous operators t h o r o u g h ! v fa mlllar with rates, rules and classifications, w i l l gHe you c o m p e t e Information. And, if you w i s h , thfj will assist jou in w o r d i n g vout want ad to make it most effective. Ads accented by telephone to accommodate you if your name is In tb« telephone directory. Every Home Has Use for Review Want Ads SITUATIONS WANTED. WANTED --By honf-t boy 17 years old who « uses no tobaeto or intoxicants steaiH work if any kind. A d d r e s s H-7M, Review , "WANTED--Youngr w i d o w desires position as i housekeeper for widower or care for in- I \ a l i d . G-705, Re\ie\\ j "WANTED--"Work by 16 % e i r o'd high s graduate. G-IK, Review WANTED-- Position on farm. bi oiin?r rled man; t xperk need onK j ear-'i work cc-nsidti. d . rcf ei en* ^ exeha Address f ti~3. f U M P v . 7 Rooms Xortheast Fide, gas toilet, and M at**r S R c o m t 100, W Macon St * Room" II-VJ Pottage H i l l , modern « ].(ioms 1-"'l \V D e c a t u r Ft S Rooms 11" N'. f l i n t o n F t . modern.. N rooms \ f i \ close in, modem -, Ilooms St'.S W M a i n S t . modern - 1'ooms 7 blocks west modem . . . . ... ') Rooms 1"T. X. Mnln Si , moil garage. :\ Rooms modern, W. Macon St 9 Rooms modern, on N. Coliepo Et .... Several Furnished houses "We have lft bcuiBLS for rent. $000 to WO 00. Aleridith Rent Co. 1400 an oo 2000 22 "0 22 S*l 31!. of I 2000 ! FOR RENT--6-roorn modern house; north part A p p l y Crystal Theatre. 7630 FOB RENT--FIATS. .-OR KENT--Flats on North Main S t , on 2nd and 3rd floors. Billiard Bldg. Inquire L, W. Bullard, Citizens Nauoniil Bank. 7415 Auction. Household Goods Furnishings of 10 room house, including: 4 large rugs; 7 dressers ; 4 commodes; 2 book cases; J * 5 iron beds complete; folding; -bed; china closet; kitchen cabi- ! s net, base burner; 6 hole range; etc., Saturday, July 11, at 2 p. m. sharp. J. B. Thurber owner. 302 West Main St. 7657 F. E. Wilson, Auctioneer. Farm Loans. $100,000 to loan on Illinois land; loans made w i t h o u t delay Call or write. G795 J. E. Patterson. 401 Mlllikin S l u g , Decatur. III. --YOU CAN B O R R O W ANT AMOUNT-Nono too large. None too email, We lend money on F u r n i t u r e , Pianos, Hones, Carriages, Goods in Storage, Cattle Grain, Gi o w i n g Crops, etc. Easier terms than other tirokers Also we buy NOTES Telephone No. 1C! OLDEST LOAN OFFICE IN CITY, e«- tablljlied lU. ^ T S U M M E R S SON, 110 'orth Water St. Next to M i n i k i n National Bank Furniture W i l l pa; most for slightly used Pianos, Furniture. CarpetB, Rugs, Stoves and Refrigerators; or will exchange new for old. Mcridith Furniture Co. 154S. Bell phones' 400--113. A u t o : Cerro Gordo St 320-350 175S HELP WANTED. _ WANTED--Local representative. Xo e-in vasslng or soliciting required Good I n come as'nirefl National Co-Ope'-FUive Realt Co V flC.7, Mirden B u i l d i n g . ^\'a«hingtoi D/C 7 1 7 T 15,000 GOVERNMENT JOBS open to men atul women, Stf- to fiso month Writ* 1 for list PVanklin In^'ntf. D^p't m(* Rochester. N HELP WAHTED-MALE. FOR RENT-ROOMS. 1 1'OK RENT--Two moely f u r n i s h e d rooms; ! modern. 703 W. U i l l U m . 77J'J I TOR RENT --Four nice rooms upstairs, at ^57 E Main I n q u i r e Site H Tralrie B u l l ' j.hone £310 7751 ''OR. R E N T -- Furnished room; modern, p r i \ a t » tainll}, 270 W. Mnln 77^1 i OR RENT--Furnished or u n f u r n i s h e d room M2 W. Frairie, upper f l a t . 7701 OR RENT--Furnished room, modem, pri- \ate fanili. CaM a f t e r 6, 6-J2 "W. Deca^tur^ FOR KENT--Furnished suite, strictly modern, for piTit'cmen. In private home. Fell 4367. 3Ltl Cor. ilacon and College 7..-U FOR KENT- ln' 412 X : J S S ? f f t $ $ I I J f S ? « $ 5 I 5 J « iloney to Loan $ $ i On bpst poislbie plan. First the $ $ lowest cost, second the payments f i ore arranged to suit the borrower $ $ and can be made either weekly or S S m o n t h l y . And last, but not least, $ j e \ e r i thing confidential. When you $ S come - us for a loan, you can I $ have the money w i t h i n an hour or $ $ two An amount from 11000 up j $ I'ou pay only for thp actual time S S s*ou ket_p the money Call anfl £ S see us w h e n needing a loan. Rooms $ $ 7 and 8. Conklin I31dg. Half block ( $ north of Transfer House, 144 North f $ M a i n street, Bel! phone 2041- Auto, j J 1505. 55 I l l i n o i s Montage Loan (Jo. $ $ $ s $ s II FARM IANDS. -Furnished room; modern, clos. Church. Bell 1J50 "100 lions waitlns Gr«du:.iif q u a ' l f i e d :or best phone -4t, as ""' WANTED--At once. oru- f a s t class barbrr pood Ruarartce for right man: must he an American, no foteljrncr nor boo^'r J E \c- tom. B^t -10-.. Mornsomillc 111 iK IIGHT HOUSEKEEPING. TOP. R K N T -- F u r n i s h e d rooms for sleeping or 11,-ht housek, opine. 42G Wabash -We. A u t o HELP WAHTEB-PEMA1E W A N T E D -- E x p e r i e n c e d girl fc- pent r-i house ivnrk- no v n c hlni;. 62- W. Wood [Jell 1725 T.tfl U'ANTKD--Competent pfr! for general ho'.-p w o r k , no w a - . i u n s f| r ironing-. 1-2 W. Wj^o I -treet. Tcleplunos 17"'.'. '''' i : U ANTl^D--Lady who is able to manapc help to a d o u n - t a « n store aiso able to hiiv interest m sam*. If lnt.Tt.-urt, adcl-.^ O M6. cflie K r v i e w " |H rOR Jii:XT--Lipht housekeeping 112 E r i d o r a d o ground floor Tun R E N T -- T w o rooms for k-. o p i n u . on sjrountl floor. month 104i W Forott A\ e l i g h t house- Price $10 n Top. llEN'T--Roonm In modern house -'cepmcr and llt;ht housekerpinc; no i p c t l o n to c h i l d r e n . 44," X. B r o a d w a y mSCEIXAKEOUS WAKTS. Boarding Horses Wanted. FOR FAL.K---')"» aues, 4 miles N o r t h Rose. 5 m i l "9 A V o i i o t t , i i com iioii'-e, baa erne in barn, i {i\4« fet-t harn t'0\ K !0 f e e t , all I I P C C ^ - ·.!! 01. i bu lid I n g s 4 a re« apples I n u r i n g , U f i e r i 1 ' btt li je.irs. lotg smalt t r u i t , gr,i\ 11 md san A i loam f a o i l . \ \ o l l f t n r r d a n i l \ \ a t p r e d price $\000, ?1,0H cash. Frank r R i c h H o l c o t t , N Y. 7T4s GOOD K A N S A S FARil FOR SALE IRlti --1'arm of o2!) acres, l o c a t e d in R u ^ e U i d u n t y , one- nllc f r o m s n i u l l l o u n . 2~i m t h s I r o m county neat of 2,000, om r i l l e frmn M-hool and church Park loam « i i t i t l » \ c iil soil, pently r o l l i n g to d r a i n \ \ p l ! S m a l l ii ui«.r and harn, w e l l , w i n i l m i l i , telephone, R r D , HiO at let, \\ heat, tiO acres cot n lialau P in . i l f a l i a and pasture All good land J r i c e NlP.t^O. s u b j e c t to ?4.0Au 707i C A B1*HKS 323-324-325 Citizens 3 J i n k B u i l d i n g MONET TO LOAN on the easy payment Dlan, J1U and up. All business private. Decatur Loan Office 202 Cltlzen§ Bank Bldg. S19 Phonp; Auto. IUS: Bell. 3270. IF YOL" hav m*h m o n e v V a t e r I-fel! 4 lot, .T A Adams w i l l fur- build you a house. O i l N 7I5S 'U)N-Ey TO LOAN--ON F A R M AND CITY property, lowest rate of Interest; no commission. TM Burtschi Bros. Schoenle Citizens National Bank. LITTLE BT LITTLE \ ou can repa\ a loan--or all at once. Carft- f u l l explained before sou take the money Pay only for t h e time vou uae 1L We lena Jl(t and up on the squares! terms Imaginable -- p r l \ a t e . too "52 Fidelity Loan Company 315 Citizen* Bank Bids Hell S70: Auto*5SC3 SPECIAL NOTICES. To Net 1% First Mortgage Farm Loans Netting T% In amounts Jrcm »250 to 12,000 Security four times the amount of loan Prlnclnal and interest payable here. HENRY D. SPENCER. 220 E. Main. Decatur. Illinois 2801 LEGAL NOTICES. ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE -- Estate of Frederick Scharem, deceased. The Undersigned ha\ing been appointed Administrator of the esUte of Frederick Scharem, late of the County of Macon and State of Illinois, deceased, heicby gives notice that he w i l l ajijioar before the Countj Court o£ Macon County, at the Court House in Decatur, at the September term, on the first ilondav in September next, at which t i m e a.11 person':* h a \ i n s claims against sah: e s t a t e are n o t i f i e d and requested to attenc for the purpose of h a \ i n g thf same adjusted. All persmia indebted to said estate are re- qui sted tu make immediate payment to the undersigned Dated this 10th uay of J u l y , 1!ll4 F H A N K H A L M BACKER, E. S PARKS, Administrator, Attorney. ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE FOR FINAL s e t t l e m e n t State of. Illinois, Macon County, ss. Estate of C h r i f c t n p h f i C W i l l i a m s , deceased To thp Heir*,, I^e^atees and Dn bees of Christopher C Williams, Deceased You TC hereby nof i f i c d t h a t on Tur sdav the 28th rtnv of J u H , 1914. the A d m i n i s t r a t o r of said Estate, w i l l present to t h e County Court of Jlaron Countv at Decitur I l l i n o i s his f i n a l report oC his arts and doings as = u c h A d m i n i s t r a t o r and a«k t h e C o u r t to be discharge j f r o m an and a l l f u r t h e r duties and r e s p o n s i b i l i t i e s Conner-led w i t h Sttid estate and hi*i artmmi c tratfon theieof, at w h l c V time and place ou may be prf^cnt and re°ist s u c h app'lcatfon. if \ ou rhoose so to do. NAY POP. sALE--Central \Vlpcons]n f a r m . 17() , aci e f a r m w i t h pood house, n e a r l y HL\\ , ( t w o barns; 75 acres under plow; price EV r°i 1 acre will consider small stock nf h a r d u i i r e | in trade. For f u r t h e r p a r t i c u ' a r s v t n t o A .1 Oleson, llontfort, Wis. CSt.'l SPECIAL NOTICES. FOR SALE--IOWA LANDS, :i5 GOOD IMPROVED FARMS AND T O W N LOIS AT A N D A R O U N D FENTON. IOWA. A N D BANCROFT, IOWA I'HlLll 1 V, EISUUOU, F E N TON. IOWA. (iG37 CITY PROPERTY, FOR PALE-- Six room Close in partly mod H o f f m a n , 8'. t N. Church , r n , pa-t en 1 -]] -OR KENT--Three l i c h t housfkeeplnff room 1 \ i « o h o - « e h o l d qotulb for sale at a barn l n , 414 X. M o r ^ n · ' » FOR SALE--New f n e room l u m s a l o \ i r o d - orn grate, ma tin.', ctinnit Ijatn.inent; a f i n s l o t ; \\e^t end A bargain for quick sn'o Evans Bocrgess. 514 M l l h k l n Bids Boll 1-*-) 7730 Sealed Bids. 1014 The . a i l f n - "t Groc* h m e n t and lunch Pl n l c on \uprii c l t t i o r c c e r x e s t h f r i g h t t o i d = T.av be m a d e on one tfi'i 1 '' i n d niufc*. h^ a ent ^Y mall ....... .r.orc- J u l y 21 1014 Suceess- ·«] h u i d e r m u B t h a \ e nil monev paid on July iS, 1'iH. D E TSaucom, C u m b e r l a n d P^" 1 ^- r.acv, D P L ' T t u r I 1 ' 76 1 4 SEAL ESTATE. in KENT-- Pl ooms, 311 3' pppine and Hqht housekeeping Prairie t"»8Ji nr **I5 "W "U'ood Deli\ered Clint Brumlev, Bt.ll T.07. Aut roil R K N T -- 2 f u r n i s h e d rooms for housekeeping 2 , 0 W Prairie. l i g h t 76-1 WANTED--A plflte to do Rencra! year old c h i l d Bp«st ot r e i n r e n c c s nnce, --_4 Graceland Airp w o r k : Call ' 1 OR RENT--2 furnished rooms for I housekeeping S45 E Orchard. licrht 7612 I'OU SATLE OR EXCHANGE--Property 12(1 ^'ohflsh A \ e A T Summers, 111' \ \ a t e r St. 7i it I rOi\ SALE at 2 ?0 p kt . good · At public m , b room ell. c i M f r n a u c t i o n , .lulv 23rd. ho'i^e on ."7\i7^ f n o t and c ^ l h i r Olfi N ~ WANTED -- You" piper h suit time* Call "He 1 2837 -ay. 419 S. Broadwa\ ^lnc. Pri Gt orge Brocli 774 r WA.NT your w*»'l d i c i n g and TV ell horintc ind cistern w o r k , aee me at once 953 N | Main. Bell 4344 "'3* | furnished or unf'ir- | strictU- 757- ] KOR R E N T -- N i c e l y f u r n i s h e d modern roonis I for light house keeping 1200 TV. Macon. 7^0^ Ca! i_j', | roil RENT--2 rooms, furnished o " i ni«hed, for llpht housekeeping; -^TTo m o d t i n n2t X. Church St TOR SALE--G-room modern lu Lesflarid and Illinois Auto If.i FOE SALE. KOR SAL.E--Esrcram in ne^ 7-room modern house, if sold q u i c k , cash or terms. SI. W Green. Bell 3o~7 '^' } For Sale. ^-room house, well, cistern; on car line; lot t i ' x l V l 5700 7-room mn.lrrn clo=e J! (!00 fi-room m o d e r n . V. T D f c a t u r (3.100 -. a c r r = '1 -'XI 20 nrrc= !4 WO 2 lots. E ,lo. f-100; 3 l o t s N. W slrle.fl.SfX) TWO A. C. Alien. 113 S Water. FOR SALE--12.WO for C room, house, north part ECU 2003 modern CM! \\ANTED IDSAS--Write for list of imen- tions wanted by manufacturers and prizes · rfer«a for Inventions. Our four hooks Bent re e Patents secured or fee returned, \ l c t n r I Evans C o , 7D7-F, "Washington, D C 711i; FOP. SALE--One oak roll top desk. typewriter desk, b a t h , sanitary sf Xo r. O l i \ e r t y p e w r i t e r . Cooper, 646 hulldmg. oak e: 1 · W a l t --t(u 1 FOR SALE--MISCELLANEOUS, FOP. SALE horse; ir'W Xeiv surrev N. Edward and itentle d r i v l n c Bell S2fi3. 77311 BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES. WANTED--Dressmaking: switches made t?om combings 120 E Main Pel! 46P3 7)jl WANTED--All farmers to know they can hstve dead stock removed free of charge. Notify 'William price. ti£a N. Monroe. Bell phone £474: Auto. 3"24 ~W~ FOR SALE--A two chair barber shop: ev- nrvthlng new. Will sell at a. sacrifice If taken at once Address Barber Shop, East Italn St , Pana, 111 7711 FOR SALE H A N D LUMHEP. FILTER P L A N T GASS BROS WANTED--AU klndo of sewinc Call M l i « Orlssoa after fl p. m. Bell 4041. 7311 WANTED -- Your painting, paper hanging and decorating; first closs work jruwan- teed. Condon Eros, Pell 2304. S37 E. Condl_t. BOAEDERS WANTED. WANTED--Boarders, young men to room and board Private and modem. 003 N. Church. 7744 WANTED--Roome'-B and boarders by or day. Call »t 2(,1 E Stain. week 7750 FOR PALE-- One of the beet Springfield, Imlf block from F i f t h street. G-714. care Review saloons in square on 72B.', FOR PALE--Refreshment privilege at roof mrdpn. R f a = o n frr s r - l l t n g ; other busi- nt"*s A p p l v at Roof G a i d r n *TM s DF.CATTJR CONFECTIONERY FOR SALE 1.117--This business is located In east part of city b u i l d l n B 10x10 w i t h summer garden in rear, latticed and canvassed. » I t n elect r i c l l « h t « and concrete f l o o r Carries candies Ice cream, cigars tobacco, etc. b lx- uircs con=if-t of fountain, oliow cases, light futures, tables, chalri, r t r Only conrec- nnnery In that part of cln Price J1...00 or 1 etter for cash '"'·' C A B U R K S 323-324-323 Citizens Bank Building. TOR SALE--Roll top desk, side board, d i n - ing table h a l l tree, d U a n . 2 chairs, oak bed with sprinfis and mattrefF. commode Call mornings 1313 N. Union. Bell 401H 7721 FOT1 SALE--A t w o room bachelor apartment: -well furnished; close In; Rteim heat, bath hot and cold w a t e r ; reason for s e l l i n g ! e a \ t n g c l t j . A d d r e - s G-713. ReUew. BOOK B I N D I N G -- PRACTICAL BOOK b i n d i n g and blank book m a n u f a c t u r i n g 127 South Water street, Decatur. ItL Herman Spies. Magazines bound, names stamped In gold on books, pocUetbooks and m e m o r a n d u m books, toilet CBSes, etc WANTED TO BUY To buy, horse Great Eastern T» an4 Coffee Co., corner Main and William FOP SALE-- Old established bakery lunch room. (Joins pond business. A T A. B., Box 32, S u l l i v a n , III _ and Wanted to Buy. l*~UI par the hlgheit cash prlcet tor used j Btovei, rag* »nd refrigerators, or will take I la old furniture as first payment on new. j Home Outfitters, Auto phone 1841. I SPLENDID OPENING ! · r energetic man Trith 11.000 In a well PS- 1 ahlishcd business in Decatur. If you are | nakingf for something good, look Into this I proposition. C. A. BURKS, 323-324-325 Citizens Bank BtilJ 7677 FOR BENT--HOUSES. FOR RENT--Eight room modern house "W. Decatur St C. W, S'.eeter, 310 E L' street. Bell 341G. FOR RENT--Six room modern cottage, w l t n cistern water In kitchen Will be \acanr July 20. Call WB E. Cantrell Pt. 771.1 FOR RENT--Part o£ hou«e, 437 East I,eRf- land 7742 · ^ :i _ jrrr FOR RENT--Furnished house 7 rooms; modern; piano, J4 weekly. Until Pcpt. 1, In- riuire lino N. Union. Beil phone 3irC 771J1 LIVE STOCK. FOH SALE--One bay mare, 4 years old. Bound and gentle, 1100 ]bs., 72S N. Monroe Bell Eira. W H. Hill. ""3 Ffip. SALr.--Horse, wagon and harnes Johns a\e. rol: S \ L E OR TRADE--7 head of good '.or*.- 3 sets of harness, 3 wagons, I ur- r e v ; w i l l ti-ade for proper'y Call 41!i_S f r a n k l i n . Bell 2SIO 7 *"* HOUSEHOLD GOODS. FOR RENT--South half of home at COS W. Wood. Inquire at Carter's Pump Shop. 2-;i S. College 77JO I'OR RENT--Five room house on Clay nnd Mafflt; city water. Bell Sill 7712 KOR RENT--Five room p a r t l y modern cottage; almost new; on car line; concrete l.asement Also furniture for sale Call nt Jl*l E William 77.T) R RENT--Modern car line. Address 757 room house, near Edward. 7722 FOR RENT--STRICTLr MODERN 7 room house. 823 E Centre!!. Auto phone J971 772(1 FOR REXT--FIcht room modern hou= qu*re 1623 N. Morgan Tn- 7710 FOR RENT--FIVE ROOM COTTAGE. !2S WEf-T K I N G ; GAS STOVE. KLIXTHI^ 1 L.IGHTS. WELU CISTERN, CURTAINS. STREET CAR. FIRST CLASP CONDITION WE MAKE ALI, CLASSES OF LOANS. PEGRAM COMPANY. 7(151 BELL VA; HOME. 1"25 CITIZENS BANK BLDG FOR SALE--A-B Gas stove; 4 b u r n e r , : ; ovens; broiler. 812 N. College. Bell 1MB. IF SOLD can lace Auto 4W5 BY SATDRDAY night, $25 baby for JS 444 N. Broadway, f a l l FOR SALE--A roll top desk. 30*17 Inches. Cheap. 032 E. Eldorado 7652 STORAGE FURNITURE FOR SALE 1- BisseH's cnrpet sweepers 50c each :, r O Elpss f r u i t jars 2c ench 2.-. iron beds *1 00 each 2"j bed springs "Oc each L'-. settees Sl.OO each 12 gas ranges $1 r l each 2 -, dri^ie-i *"·"" each 12 sideboards 85.00 each Meridith Storage Co., 320-350 E Cerro Gordo St. T!99 Bargains. FOR BENT--Sit room cottage, partly modern. 1237 X E d w a r d . Applv 1124 North Union atrret 7mr, FOR RENT--R-room modern house, J23, ror- ner Oakland and Forest ^SPAPER Folding beds. $3 up; center tables, 25c u p . rasoline ranges, 12 oO and up; bedstead*, 3-Jc and up, bed springs. 50c and up; 12 Inch d p c t r i c fan cheap. Other bargains too nu- m r r o u s to mention. Eldorado and depot care =lop nt store. Albert C. Ellckel. 7J2 E Eldorado St , Auto 1591. 63C5 The Exchange. BICYCLES AND AUTOS. A 12^0 Investment. 4300 to J400 down buys a nice 5 room new cottage on car l i n e , ne^viv painted; full base- m e n t ; corner lot; e l e c t r i c i t y ; good well. Price 11250 Come and see this Rents for ?12 RO per month 38SO E. F. Drobiscli Son., Dell 4C12. 1077. 159 E Main North Water St. Seven room house and store build Ins hou?e all modern, but bath; 1 orated at ^4! and 943 North V» citer street If j nu are look- i n R for a a o u " p and to go \nto business sco me Will rent for $50 per month. Price SB.500 7( S« .T. M. Pickle \u*o 1577. 2 ' C I t l i e n S Sn ^Bell 16S3. Cheap for Spot Cash. le^M. black, trade ell tiled Macon SO and pay dif- 40 acres To. land, or Lot anil * l l l f u r n i s h rronev to bullfl house I4O acres, S i k a t c h o w H n , Canada, or w i n ' r a d e BO acres r e a d s to plat In lots Frank ffodwiu, Hi 1 V o r c i n r i t St. T307 For Sale. SALE--Good S. Water St. bf*yc'f cheap. FOTl SALE--7 H P. I n d i a n motorcycle; 1S14 model. 2 speed. 501 F. Main "C2T I'OR PALE--Stoddard-Das'tnn t a r ; quiet smooth r u n n i n g ; fine condition; a bargain of the season. FM40, Review TYPEWRITERS FOR SALE-- Underwood No. 4 typewriter^ new; reasonable. Call 347 Stewart Avc. n3i TO EXCHANGE. New J room modern bungalow, east flifle. 2400- pood 0 r ' o m h n ' i ^ c , full lot, west ficl« ^110 cash, h a l f i n m bs m o n t h ; 6 room modern n i r t h part. JJ 1 "/) tt anes w e l l Improved to ""ide for e c a t u r residence property. « - ' 0. L .Millburn, Phones \4m 401 Walt Bids DEO.VTi-n R C S I D C N C E FOR FALE. PCI--Good 2 story, S room house, located In southwest p a r t , paved s t r e e t , walks E-ls I sewer, w a t r r Moment, f r o n t and back porches; piloted last vear. mantel and irrate, clotl-ec c nset. c N t e r n . hot and cold water, b a t h , I B . a t i r y and water closet: hot n l r f u r n n c e Birn for 4 horsei Rent $30 uer m o n t h . Good r e p i i r and h a « nice aDpearnnce Price *8,5CO. M i b l e c t to f-.-^O ' 6 ' 8 C. A. BURKS. ^S3-n2;-"^ rttizcni Bank Building. FOR EXCHANGE--Well improved farm, Allen Co., Kansas Want Derntur property. Address J. E Oshorn, Bell CJU. 77,1*! DECATUR RESIDENCE FOR TRADE 043--Located on prominent strePt in « e ° t p a r t of city; lot 40\12^; paved strpct, walks, sower. Ran, water, fl room house w i t h cellar; porches; clothes r l o s p f ; p o u l t r y h n u s p and i oal shPd' heater! l»v Pto\e«?, elerti Ic lights; 3 blocks from car l i n n Prlre ?2.r00 ^ u b t e r t to $I.O(H Con^irler less for ca.^h or take lar- gvr modern property Lot alone Is worth ?2300. l "TM C. A. BURKS. 323-324-32o Citizens Bank B u i l d i n g FOR EXCHANGE--Good $500 equity in Broom house for good Ford auto. S. H. Tollv, 136 M e r c h a n t Pt 75M FOR EXCHANGE--A f i n e K 000 flve-pas- aenffer auto to exchange for high-class lot In west end. S H. Tolly 136 Merchant For Trade. Bmeck, 127 E. Prairie. WANTED--To trade for a small store or business. Address F-~7G. Ro\lew MONEY TO LOAN. FARM AND CITY LOANS--Any a m o u n t , 5% and Ifr Interest. D D H i l l , Attorney, 113, 314 M l l l i k i n B i d e . Decatur. 7f,00 WHEN--I T \VANT4-- LOAN BORROW FROM W A L T C A R V E R Loans made'on F u r n i t u r e , Pianos, Diamond Live Stock, etc. No payments required 258 MAIN ST. AUTO PHONE r,T.1. PROFESSIONAL. ·lo Drugs No Osteopathy. No Knife. Office hours 0 to 12. 1 ° «. T lo «. Sunday 10 a. m. to 12 m. Landsjvaff Williams Chiropractors T.ADT ATTENDANT. Allto phone. !250: Bell phone, 530. Rooms. 214-1B Moran-Corhett building. Cor N. Water ?nd E North, Decatur, III. 93O1 SPECIAL NOTICES. 720 N. Monros at Poundmaster and Scavenger Will remove deafl stoct anywhere In OH COUNTY FHEE OF CHARGE. Bell chone JIKO Auto 43«1 , Call STEA^ISHIP TICKETS ON ALL LINES Travelers' Cheques, Letters of Credit, Foreign Money Exchange. SOS North Water. THE EXCHANGE BAJSTK Gcfc Eesit . WII-.LTAM A. H A M M E R . PS, Administrator IOW ESCAPE Auto Backs Down Hill Into Hi* Buggy. Sullivan, July 11.--County Superintendent of Schools Van D. Roughton has just reported a. narrow escape ho had Wednesday on the hill this side of the Lock's river bridge, which is located south of this city. He had been in the county south visiting country schools, and was on his way home driving a young- horse to a buggy. When he had sot about half way up the hill coming towards this city, he noticed an automobile coming down the road behind him and he pulled' to one side of the road to let the car pass. The driver, Charles H. McEwan, of Indianapolis, Ind., had got a short distance past him when he "killed" his engine and the car started backwards and when he applied the brakes they refused to work and the car came back into the rig, smasning one of the rear wheels. Mi Roughton got out of the mixup with only a slight injury to his back. Mr. McEwan. who is a grain man and was visiting the grain buyers over the country on his arrival in this city, sent for Mr. P.oughton and pai'd for all damages to his rig. Mr. McEwan was accompanied by his wife. His car was not injured in the accident. TEACHERS' EXAMINATION'. Mr. Roughton announces that there will be teachers' examinations held here in ihis citv on J u l y 16 and 17, and will be the first examination held in this county under the new school law. TEACHERS' INSTITUTE. The Moultrie county teachers' institute will commence in the high school building this ear on Monday, Aug. 24, and will continue lor one week. Here* tofore there haa been three weeks ofi normal preceding the week of the institute, but this has been done awayj with by the state. Two teachers havo already been secured for the institute. Professor Edwin Turner of the Normal university and Professor McCormiclO of Normal, 111. AUTO HITS EXPRESS WAGOX. Miss Edna Reedy, daughter of Mr and Mrs. Wesley Reedy of West Har« risen street, accidentally drove her father's seven passenger Carter car into the express wagon shortly before « o'clock Friday evening as she was coming east on Harrison street and Lynn Boose, driver of the wagon, was crossing the street near the Progress office. No one was injured In the collision and neither the car nor the wagon was injured to any extent. Word has been received from Mis* Lucie Williams, who is in a hospital in, Chicago, that she had passed through, the operation which was performed oil her head for deafness and was getting along as well as could be expected. Mrs. Callle Henderson and son, Elmer, of Arizona are here for a visit with the former's uncle, James T. Taylor, Sr. E. L. Beall to W. J. Huff, lots In Lov ington; consideration, $1,000. HOUSE PARTY EN'DS. A three days' house party ended at the home of Mrs. G. N". Lewis, at tha southwest edge of this city Friday. when her Sunday school class of the Christian church, known as the Loyal Daughters, were entertained by Mrs. Lewis from Wednesday to Friday. Miss Emma Green return to Decatue Saturday morning after a lew days' vl«it at home with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Cash W. Green. Millard Monroe of west of this city, was a Decatur visitor Saturdar. Miss Bertha Shuman was a Decatur visitor Saturday. GET IT AT BELL'S. THIS WEEK AT CUT PRICES. Genuine imported PEAESON'S IDEAL Hair Brushes at cut prices. $1.25 ...' 90 £1.50 grade cut to. £1.25 grade cut to. .75 grade cut to 50 SPECIAL THIS WEEK ONLY A regular 50c solid back, ebony finish, natural bristle brush, while they last, only 25c See our line of sponges and chamois skins. All new stock and at cut prices. All the popular Laundry Soaps, 4c per bar. Quick Free Delivery. Both Phones. Cor. N. Main and North. You can always do better at Bell's. Opposite The Review. 7359 Will Be Held Along With Pastor's Conference. Shtlbyvllle, July 11--George S. Tar. box, president of the Illinois Conter« ence Laymen's association, hae com« pleted the program (or the annual ses. sion of that organization, which will be held in Shelbyvllle in conjunction with the Illinois conference, Friday and Saturday. Sept- 11 and 12. It follows: FRIDAY, SEPT. 11. AFTERNOON. 2.00--Opening services, conducted bj; S. A. Murdock, Champaign. 2:15--Address of welcome by E. St Scarborough, Shelbyville. 2:30--Remarks by President Tarbox Appointment of committrfS. 2:45--Address. "The Silent Influenca of the Church," by Mayor Olin L. Browder of Urbana. 3:15--Address, "The True Evangelist/ 1 b James Edgar. Arcola. 3:30--Address. "The Country Church, Its Success and Some Hindrance!," by; John O, Honnold, Kansas. 4:00--Address, Rev. Charles L. Mead, D D., New York City. 5:00--Educational banquet. EVENING. 7:45--Joint meeting, ministers and laymen, at First Methodist church: !)' i Address, "Problems," Rev. Thomas Nicholson, New York City. (2) Address, "Co-Operation," Rev. Charles L. Mead, New York City. SATURDAY, SEPT. 12. MORNING. 'S:30--Will hear the Bishop at First .Methodist church. Presbyterian Church. 9:30--Devotional services, S. A. Dj Harry, Mattoon. 9:45--Address, "The Brotherhood In Action." Judge H. R. Snavely, Marshall. 10:00--Reports, from district vies presidents, secretary and treasurer, committees. Election of officers. 11:00--National Prohibition of the Ll« quor Traffic. 12:00--Final adjournment. The regular sessions of the Laymen's conference will be held In the Presbyterian church, except elsewhere wher« indicated. Thr Rlcht Mu.le. "Here, waiter," said The rude man the cafe. "Tell the orchestra to ;pla- 'Carmen' while 1 eat this beeN I steak." "Yes, sir. Might I inquire why?" "I want to hear the Toreador sor.g 1 , feel like a bull fighter." FIRST FLOOR PLAN. SECOND FLOOR PLAN. Here Is a home designed for a Florida frnlt grower and is an adaptation from the Spanish style of architecture to meet the requirements of American ont of door life In a sunny climate; also adapted to a summer home In the north at lake, forest or mountain resorts. .May be built in many ways and of many different kinds of material without altering its attractions or utility. The first appealing feature is the large ten foot piazza, which extends back on two sides, with four rooms opening Into It The central 'living room connects with the back screened in porch, throwing the house open from front to back. Double French doors connect the living and dining rooms with the porch. The kitchen opens upon a Back porch, where the built In refrigerator may be easily reached from the outside and inside. Three bedrooms and a bathroom off the back porch complete the first floor. Fireplace In both the living room and the dining room. Stairway at one end of the long piazza or gallery, as it is Called in Florida, leads to a sleeping balcony which connects by the rear hallway, with its duplicate at the other end of the bouse. Two sleeping rooms intervene, each opening upon one of the balconies. Size, 47 by 20 feet over the main part First story, 10 feet; second story, 0 feet No basement Birch floors throughout Finish In first story red gum, second story pine to paint Cost to boild, exclusive of heating and plumbing, $2,600. Polite. Post-Dispatch:--Why can't I go in Henry? The sign says there Is »tlll standing room." "But my dear, som« people need more standing room thatt others." Saqwetcd. "I feel sure that the young who has taken the fifth floor b«eV I* no student at all." "Why?" "He studies too much." 'The Road of Good Serried.' All timlu !·«»« temlnau oomr Wood u4 traur MrMtt. (lobjMt t« dwac* wlUwurt »»MilJ West Bound. 6JO....«.m. |«ll:10....».m. I* 8:S»....».«, a:0o!!!!m.m. I * l:S5!!I!p.m. I Ta»...p.», 10:OO..'.'.Vm- I 1*0....Dm. I ll:lt....p.ak · UmlUd. s FBrWr o*r. ia OoniMCtfl ftt sprtocftflld wltb for Bt. Louli (** United tr~ ' onir. 8t tool* «iMP«r I»»T«« L 1:31 «.m. Open tor oeenvuer « »*) *.. East Bound. .a.m. I 4:50....p.n» pm. j i:4f»...p.i* J:SO....p.m. I »:«S....p.m. ,. .... ·Umiuo. xParlor ow. North Bound. T:9E....a.m. · 3:K....p. »:»... .«-m I »:»... . p . . . . ·10:10.. ..a.m. I * *:IO....p.m. | 11:15.... o-nvi ·Pearl* UnlUd. /. U. BATMAKIR. W. QOACKBaBCTH. I

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