Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa on February 13, 1936 · Page 6
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Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa · Page 6

Lenox, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 13, 1936
Page 6
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11SEE TD1SEE, 8 Meter I I STAR BUST McGoofey's First Reader r Ikfeok Primer IHLL H 'GCSTOSF,, TE2L csns., glezse discaursge j Srlc. abaerraa of anr aailonai at-; Etf rvrt-a-sJir— nrrwi •« in<* -<Mr. •s>3af!nnahlrj ':fnf Srw. .. £33 : irtlh, - 3<MmlifH?..tii«iimrtfjlIi>: .inn .T-rirtlf ^ •fjw.Y liarf vfjrk^d Tir nra hap 57 ' *z\iiinsr, •"^"'• ' titf-'.r*nr :r,r the fsilen mate wrr^sn :>ini. T!i«r«: ':har. 10 :n;irr«" fiat r'i<* 737 i.'ionr .ji.q -)ht"!5fr.Ti "if. !I«t n 'lift clus- v i .r '. t — snnvintlon :hat iie^ Tift iirwtom: if rmrrin? pins E .1 man sr.nrt^eJy »nntu;ti. TIS ;.t in in vrsan tlner. 1ft "Vl.t 17 :)ift f.iil- miser Vr; aiisftrahfft foe iinrnins n . r iaf<irrnar!fiti alinntr if -'.in nrto.. -fn*>a A:ibr*7 innw an ihont -.lift Oh. -\f Tsnflr.a •y.f^AV^ .1 iialMnwia ir riirt 'inar. *Ji« i :innr -if 3«.r:ii;njii 5Hf!:ili:t'.1r'ti if -lift DI '>*!afr on ? -sn -vhii'.:i -.1 :i:r"i a nahia, nf; lii" .Vf.-t.i-; .if -:tft ";-iiV» ntl" T i %c. -:it'-n. j-in 'ta ;i . rim -vrjs jj'iilr. tin* v^r irl . hnmft :l tinnr £ir a , :icyv »j ami r;i(i r'^tic la £'.!»• ;n ioa cif "lift fa Auln'»7'* ia'irrnatJon. rfiH I; Is ifjfj pi»r liea »h 'in j^wpii* Haran? ::ii*7 do, jump Swarf r nn. jtt w^a an war, "vti.it che Hire, die ' a •;••.'(? »h«% .wrf .t -'*tt lisa? nft Orrruinrt? i Oo. £i«a» oiii.- fe t of r'ift i nn- rswsati'7 lift's drivjr'j iiata,. ca wera.. E1.1 ai-ak* fc U dinar, aid. jlnaft? a LETTESi COWTEST -was - -iinnftr ^Vrix lUav la nc at thft ^r KalV. was aa ifjy va# wften ;4<i taeaa ecjirs an apftil cas na.Tifta THE 'TORY OF I—When at was a. Htr i£xc5<>cd. Caalratlo, hi* [•«< in tSi* tii«3«r f but WHATS WKOtHC WITH " '.XT*, l.i - Orc-ta Will ftfftf h» r/v mate aa in* liey sane '<%ir r> ' n '* *- th<i9* Cr.t;ftgftl With. S Ircm feno* aconnr! ic *mt char aom«ib<5dy CLASSIFIED ADS coawh oa ci-jj drxir t« SCHOOl fconfc <-LESS0K + those poor arrtiquanaiis ots^~ &&. believe jotr. can grove t&e Spartan; snrrjiiciirj o£ Tnuir gged sonis 5y inrnting" cfistin>--' ra-.r..-i-Er?r irErrr—c 5cj *"! mn m ^i tl* • - _„,_.,_. ,—-1. V. "\5fy~ -r ' pfit-ttinit TVTtfr. 71TI 3TTcf r&e taut— .ratal's QueitlanK tt^ in t^ic '^TffTiTt^ti. -" ' ~ - 1 " . ism* >nnsi. A'lilt It 'iutES 'JacJt ca 2 ami. HiBtrS «HSI of Tie ?rsa may !jg -Mnnnnn.—insftow t&e ijratora 'i«*g 'in: u^u -itta ".Items Seins i j •a — -me an.' pid- jB titem tiiRj" ^j-." alc-ga !iy Gift lesson n 3wy is not i zn«)d >jnp Joan via nr,; a :iiu^- duiiDTHr; r5uinz£L ifltHRwiiui: T^, •3ft- viUsEHii. Xf^sus ii mom rum 'iim ii^nlnst: sncii .1 1 In tiie <iBHp W:>rr_ ££ :T-ii as ^viiL as lia is ana tn •BacJiec ^vtll gfimernarB "at triintr. nijg x vifid-: JViim TSIS- i ?rsar man. £3. t iiantsmi In? Ms birtit -3ie .inesT miif. "H t jeneraily cia shall &e iraac in Sift ssnc jf, tie W.T.T- iranmt. Lori." Ha "sraa srwir: .tia-n. f>"4(n 3. Ca&te Wlta. ti« .szsniiaiL ne.osnrafl Sy Si* sraruiar^s if numimrtlng aa- s (laa. -ffl :?.;: ^ Stanr. \ a>."| .ifrmit iad piaanisl runs- aefiirs in i pum if ( 3!li(f ^ Rar . 'ilUlrlrsa, siift .-jiiail anr. !i»» jnUI;, ^gg spranir £^im Sia anil ami act So ;«ut her inmti init ^ii— 7/inr ^r^m JJKJ aldecvaHc !2 iiera ara any . - - iaij; jal canter is 5«Tv T.iric city., iiuf g^" U a^or iitira "vaa i lnj Taea A mar- ^ ]( j (T O {J H - -a-, ima 3e.-7*i TO May ^^ ^ amafl^aeilavei ^at maa .inufd'/, f> 'John'* Charactar. ^i^JlHiin E. jJiLi, '.12.; fiiiT" yatiir H ttTii n ^t**i • i«j -iii* »<>m-TTrt« • » uLiiL .arlTlJi. ji.«-jjjtlii LjCTiia*i iHXti. 'I*'!jii.39JtB , ; fiicna,, ?jiit earner aiiraiilc " _ f^iriar. He Stf nor f"*' i"*i"\T ^ AT-ni3Wrnnnr'*i J To-niTin: •!** i"^ni*- %;«»..«,. r^ _ tailed 'ic i;i .1*1 '.o la j«r S O^E£ asntirlaieacii ganitiH ir Coc- aimaeff nrnminsiit: a« ^03 iniy J aeU. nnfcraraty aoa iirait a. ana- 7 ,,{ <!s caillni? ipun. p«npie -3 JKHM! G3 Lc. ao iiacsrtair raml- grs "j-f nisi time g-nif ifeuuriiii*f a., "yaiir ^ntra^Su'*' T aaiii,. Si?ni &uit3 ^voctay rf cunenciac aH,. wiT ant lee byznaes a* tEf, J'chrr's Preaching (La oyznaes?* 3 S541-- E a&alt wetcnrae ^i& xlad : t. Ha sooaded' ftcta a ra rift avabittfin, at a* auri- .inil 1 to rejjeacance f»r. 3-5). Su ire srapefrali;. aad iie jalf-opetL- dtail? etagrzias arem 6is aecin cacnntic, ami. sraaiaa* "aooa af, ae caune. inro- t&e region af ti tins Uicsntigireaa radlaii.. daa. a* a messenger at Goit Etic OT tiia smj from tS* snc-' i. Ea deniaiideif proufs of ce cilecr fifed caa&aaa Ira only taenna tsnce (TT. ". S). He Enaisrai" aetf-isfsnse asema a. cruel rfifny. : s±eir £t&e propaets &ad to- Be i Iiaw In. fntar* would a.; dooett, (•ftgfT sinful iiearts had :» srsaaaar B« ante aftar daric. t» Edair; rempiatgti. snowing: rftmrr tia: Th.e7 seiocd ELECTRIC LIGHTS . 17 ;»:• '.^a'. ar«mln»- Arv, KbtrMge, I A Otf,*/ Wttrd* '/'i rjc/n' H»»«lv«M-~!'/h7, d*ar I WHAT PRICE LOSS JUST PULL THfHANW RE&TAPt! "What did father nay whfcn you him you were going to take roe sway frf/M Mm'r tn> f eel at nr^t, but 1 Muarfed thingu wltn a 7lM*«'« tk« Alarm I Whlto— H(iW'» your Insomnia? lilack-— / reTrt>»1e. I can't even Bleep When U» time to get up,—Answer* WRIGLEYS MJMJXWM 1i» PERFECT GUM he thlr.jf.* : rrwJ* * pU^tiire, ha.?r»"t a^a awlas, rwither wonki take her trv no-»—-ar«i ha* a rteatrft t/v .v/me private tea^h and parfc fter tfi r.h* h<>7* who pftft prtnr.; enfter a ^armol away from [t ail, Kathftrtn* Hftp-i 5—T'n« Wfcs rather th/Jtf?ht of n, ti.i», '^j-.f. fafi f ff/JB a plane-, on arTlrfnsf! eijil4 welfare worjtftr or aotnechEn;. ft Nsrw Vork. rather than face the! 10—Their ofw> Idea WM to shei- mrtftiNG (fWrt»*pat>«ir ^>5». U posinsf ?ft/7 wlll-|ter hft? from all life'* eoaraecftaa. ! It—Beit ultimate!? Jar.ec —*— jar.d went oot on her o-arn. Ka/ Fran«r» i* en her way tsi 12—It ar.ocfeftd the f^lka Y&fV to vitrt Richard! I-V- Thft n<-nt they hsard from h*r Sarth«tm«*«, who f* th«re b«caut«j*h* w»» on* of those women to ;,<i»tf«al national conven- Diek l» goifrg t& do a «tafl« play. Mi»» franci*' fiance will b« there, loo, but they t«th tttch to th« Hoi ot going to be marrfed in the Ea*t —*— Hhiflfe? Temple U going to Mna-j — Hh* had picture In the tradition* and «weaf the-/re newiipapfera on the delegation with cn*n, mr»9r at them former saloon »*-*««» Up in tlch Oirl!"—and what a aong la! Ever? gong that she had sang ID a picture has ti»he«I fftto a hit. 8he even revived the popularity of that old, old favorite. "{'olly-WolIy-Tjoodle," by singing it In "The Littlest KebeU" 0/>WS /iJVD ENDS , , . John Bole» and his wife chote New York for a vacation; maybe he wanted to argue with tome of the critics who laid he teat "too tweef in "The Littlett Rebel" ... Bette Davit it hoping for that Academy Award for the belt performance of the year; the teat awfully ditappointed last year when ihe didn't receive it . . . Remember Lillian Emerion's performance on the air as Clark Galls't leading lady? It got her a contract to be Edward Rob- inton't leading lady on the tcreen . . . Movie magnatei lay that the firit eight week*' receipts on a picture'are a ture indication of what the total receipt* will be ... In other wordi, if it flopi at frit, it'i gone! © Wt««rn N»w»paper Union. wlaecraefea JVj£ j from the *p«afcer'9 platform, grabbed the. standard and Ted the demonstration for a favojrfte gon named MOUALr— Let a girl have her boy friend* when the it young enough to tafcft them or leave them. * * * CURIOUS FACTS FOR CURIOUS PEOPLE The akins tan be removed from bananas by Mtaking the banana la vitriol. ID 'iff states It ia illegal for a prize fighter to wear a wrist watch into the ring. It Is permissible for a roan to be a» foolish aa he Ilkea | n Hit United States senate, but are not permitted. Scientists say that a red beard do than those In a matter is still The life of the phone is two yk months, although V Americaa pian &ofal? Onca : apcootafL A change of mind: a* xnt loald* ami sa-v die Gideon. ' la, die mrafn? of s soul from sta ; and 316!: :n* r^Ident coci- G-;<i -urss necessary. maoaea, hefi. ImaT, orf cucrse, wliara: IV. Jaftn Ssrrt a O«putaticti (If yon' ha?* a iata iniad joa- fl * T " '.' .* ' ' "''*." a<e ~ J -'' ^ *^ a3 _. ^^^ t-i.?-_j>. K* * ft alK.7* «ar M« 5 - - a aili <^=-^« '— M 5«Sa» ; I. TMr <n«tfoa fr. 13. w r.iniii n.i3i? . '*Arr :ioTi be diar siii^olc Tie Cou^ije of Tezaaa, Jofca iiiii ant s*ju rji 3n.-4rrc.23 o? CSrfsr THE3E SENTEMCE5? : ^l^^ff"!.' 1 ^ 1 :^. .,- i ^,..5% ^ ^^L^'r -." '-i'.aa •;£ ^_Q_ufi. -*»" i* ^ijTHin.T—lit? wiis perr-i'T s. h^ 3enc a 'iepata::*:a acd jes«i-cnn. ci* 'srty-iiin.- Jirsns for Uziic. This cer:r^ maa:- aa h« ic-ott'ett twerr tie aftw taaj _,.' r _ . n 7"-"r-'"»™ - ^Tt" "V!,* t* *>,=,»-r-.^ji "rf, " 1 "* '%!." ""i-j" "~." 3—T&* poutiea! orator, whea cold i ^l 1 , "l 1 ^^^ ^ S^T^pZ''"^ ,v chat hU ap^ich WM D> be carried:!-, ~ J . " / n: ' rt:S - a ^ u ^ '*! - ^r tte radhv, wfaaaj » «teB»« Ir_j * <*?*? % ^% ** 7 ^^ ****> ^ "t ^i**™** , ^ Tfe<i DoUc* sof-ied- c'-e siir,ocin b:i£joa irsc. Hasina* :i«7 vere M*«SIA!I. tw Smew, nad to- ce 2? ri»:a« w;ii> cane to Tstas car-: 3^a <••? tfes wocM fjoha lr2?) riai rt5*s aid i«pc ^siiir eja' cr^ad of erects pczzl&i him. & Aid, t«vw tie foinaii t!. nL2d, tiat prompc&i h.15 ;• F&r ci'xxdj dr%iaiti cr.«is of tii. TS*nr Tece raro I-ln<ss of pre-i!.'t i-redlu'j ri^i aid fsrri*-? ecipire «'i«-rc:is rhe Messiah: th^ o:e for 2 fr&.; asiiis? Ui* Tsrfl-iss. -B Isaiah 53; the other as ia I riccitte coc<ji:en5r. 25 ia Isal. • • • lE.d-he»l in IsaJah flO:l, 2 the rs loin*! together (L=ie 4:17-20). 2. Jesus' action (v. 21). la same hoar, doubtless in the of John's discipl*s. ; 6—Gafie ffp«>a a tlso* t&srs *»* a radii iiizi'i'>coftr wiio c*iiAtrti c.a*- tsral. r y, * * • GENERAL INTELilGEKCE TEST Chaefc the foll&wic? make aftnae; are Tt* Happy Wu-rior*. I \ TJJV -••I'-r-.-- ev'~ . . . - ._ _ tie Sn ...a. t6sr-gr.fi wing ot a cartia/etor .. fn of storm shoe. 2—A clinic U a. TS&C. srj;i skeptical ooElook on Ufe a feictd of golf ciab a caed- ical sfesaioo In coal. : h.sar ti* ptaiais at is:"; be: tie parlst rots :onzii tfi co si e?iate ac\xec - etlr6 *' c^QT of their r>i2?&5s. and of evil spirit. IEani ' tta£ 5rere blilHl fae 3 - Jeans' message to John , It al! ^ 23) - OTer : -* said to then brogue, fee: there yoar wa y- an< J teU John what i _ reasicj Brooklyn • ^ e ^ aTe seen and heard." Is I jj,"f or Vni "—^? S every day itaa go taroc'h be emphasized that which was I Ys^6 or Harrard la JO years. ^S ' D John's understand!of. gibb« la a bird -a seaoid t r a ^;. SaiJi cot pro-; i way—a V. Jesus' Defense of John (L graaa wkty. a raao who are who are easily small naiU j. sr? -sc.Ee critics alr«ady have already; L He declared that John was< "'iipoiaied oat — fact te cenaicly ! Tacillatln § U^ 6 a reed swayed | :*-,y!r ^^^ wtiat to <2 f J »itb it when he lbe wind <r - 24 >- faees a Eicrti^a&ce. Aii gramma/' ~ J 0 * 10 wa s not doubting I voy LO: ai! grammar I caase of tfae hardship of prison! of a aaliicg ha typ« of cccna.r«r. , f' 6 «>=«-£•?—wiea te gets through! 3 - Jolln was not a misl 6—A tonic is an, anSc ^: ultit? rieje are no niiaiicg word! prophet (^r. S-2S). He makes ffl of apparel a s/yt2 coiiiis^s. ° j eqnal to the greatest of the r a uatlre of Teals. 6— Daviti ar& fftwr.1 Tte Wajr in tte Paper*. 7-A s.%o%3 U a of iw.i-gc.Sz.g bird S—A gwjr-J jj.. are won by the fciie with the best advance ; ageat—at least so far as the . ar; K£j c-ci from Rome, one reads that u;g vhite invaders have again rout- ater tremendous er 8 tic black warriors, while casoal ' lhe Italian 8lde Counted to a postscript ...»Mt t |mckifcg out from Africa that the ,vi™« «-== 80 complete the wln- «RVIN S. COBB. ft—WHO S«rrtc». Testament prophets by de that among those born of there hath not arisen a prophet than John. 4. The response of the (v. 29). The people who heard S defense, even the publicans, ed It as a vindication of John. 1 justified God. They not ontt] cepted the vindication, but baptized with baptism of JohaJ VI. John's Martyrdom 6:14-29). While John was in prison i had frequent Interviews wltli John boldly told him that «_] unlawful for him to have bis' er's wife. He did not ters even with a king. This J»J raged the .licentious sue caused bis death.

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