The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on November 13, 1916 · Page 5
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 5

Chillicothe, Missouri
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Monday, November 13, 1916
Page 5
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VOLUME XXVin 4Pagei No. 306 down when they intercepted a C. S.h 'C. forward pass late in the last q.ualvr ter. They followed this gain with an attemptedjiass which Kent caught for the locals. The mutes broke ;i»ii another lor the ducks, taking'tH-* LOCALS BEATij^SAS-SQITAp 39 themselves - The mutes then made, a - - . fff^-y 1 '^-"' · " '- !f i great complete .pass for 50 yards ·*"" · T0« ··- i ' OHILLICpTHE, MISSOUBIl MONDAY, NOV. 13, 1916. ! gain, followed by a second successfuj ' · · r i attempt which placed the-.-bail on 4he Encouraged by Good Crowd of Froz. 3 yard line.- A line smash put it: i over. They failed to kickvgpal. ! The final score--C. B. C.-39-, -Kan-'- Mrs. . Wm.-'-'Englehtjra't will entertain Saturday afternoon"for'-tieKTsis ·WJIJj -.XOT.v CONCEDE WIIiSON'9',' ter - Mi ss' Crawford. «\ UNTIL THEY :.raerfiment. He was prominent:-." in' botltf'the Masonic and Elk-lodgfes'an J : jyas-''a political power^n- the- J dt'"_ J'crail'- : ciircleg"-'-!bf Missouri. -TwieV ARE ALili IN. THOMAS M. HARFEK''*A ' Mrs: ;|Edwiii Switzer"'enterta-ine'd j AT ST. en Bugs, C. ii. C. Romped Thru With Another Victory. The mutes were silent, except for an occassional grunt; the duck -squad was enthused 'at the prospects of an- sas 6. High School Victorious." Coach Lewis matched-youth and ., . . , . , speed against age and weight for National Chairman Wilcox and Chas. other victory; the bugs on the side- ; vlctory FHday altertloola The chn . ,j; van Hughe: friends this afternoon and has-issued' . - . - ' . . ' '.' .. - invitations for .Thursday. Will Hughes Congratulate --i-i-',-, the'President Until All ! The Domestic Science' club will f- Is Cleared Up. j meet'Tuesday afternoon with Mrs. A., H. Tucker," JacjiSon ;St. All "mem: bers : are urged to 1 be present pronipt- -Repubilcan ly a t .2:30 o'clock.- -New York, Nov. 13. irman Wilc are still waiting for th Officers Had'Becii.Trailing Him lor Past Two'Wecics^---Will Hie Returned Here. St.- Joseph, "he-'was-one-?b; jthe^osrt»'foved ; 'nieu o'f that city.. : i . Interesting Sermon. - .'erinonsf'bf' Sunday at'the- Elm St:,fM^thp'dlst'' 'church were-'fnll of '· intertst^The^iBorning**- text'', was "When~''-!lift'''hav«''tlf ted \\n i-Wn sn-n 'hf Sunday night Chief of Police Dbr- ney received a message from th'e chief j of detectives at St. 'Joseph informing he." «"shall" : 'ye iip th'e son that ;I am In' the jeatm'if the-'spirit when ' German. Claim -to Have RoutedJlfe£8 «'to««£3odj is almost'wonder- ,, ..^^ Re ^ iit ^ w ^^ f u l : and -"transforming 1 "' knowledge! When Christ is Ijfted'-up in us then Final scop B. C.r,39, blnthe Kans., Mutes O. . . .' That,, in su-bstance, is the summary of Saturday afternoon's conflict be_ iween the Olathe, Has-, Deaf and weighed at least 20 pounds .to the- ther action in connection with Tues. · ertained " twenty' little 'fripnrK n f ' ' man by their Albany High School op- day's election or sending President Billy's, who celebrated his birthday; f^ud"! * "^ ° fflCerS ** ^^ ponents, but even against these odd's Wilson a congratulatory message, in this happy' manner the local aggregation carried away which would concede his return to the ' '- M. Harper, wanted in this county.'ac- others. The! evening-sermon was an uplift- the victory in a 25 to 0 score. The Whitehouse. far i "I do not think that there is any were "At Home" Mr. and 'Mrs. -John W. Williams lent checks, was arrested in th-at city Sunday afternoon at the Hotel Ryan and was being, held for ,the Chillicothe authorities. An officer hind a but the nd wen to a number of j will go to St. Joseph at noon to bring Paris, NOT. 13. with * Those cold blasts coming down from the north across the C. B. C. field injected" considerable of the "old pepper" into the players . and Irom the start it was a fast, practically errless game. Harrison kicked off for the ducks. The Mutes found tho opposite line impregnible and were forced to kick. C. B,. C carried the ball back into the danger zone, only again ta lose it. The mutes fumbled on their own 20 yard line and a few line smashes put Lev. ering over,for the first.score in less than six minutes of play. Ghillicoth« by the Albany boys. Dowell _ wlth the aid of a strong . Q _ d v and a more sub--nmshed the.offlclal returns before ac.: new home, on Webster street Sun « R pres e nted knowledge -Mr. WHson's" re.elec- evening: Covers were laid for n s, Burke and tion," said Wilcox. "We are not only _ _ ' ' here ago Dave Griffith* of |:. : The Teacher^ -Council ; was: y - a n - ] da Y s aninlghts in fhla 3 Cal , (ornla terference, gained-first down at will.-Minnesota, New Hampshire and New John Milbank The Monday Bridge met with 'Mr,s. on Saturday. Miss Coa-ch Lewis has worked wonders j Mexico. . I believe the country wants Kuapp was' presented three dainty . . to know who is really elected before handkerchiefs, club prize, and Mr,. any formal announcement is made." John Burch, guest,'/chrysanthemums! with his team of youngsters during the past few weeks. Early in the season th- locals tied j Wilcox said that if any irregular!-: Mrs. Karl Hirsh was a guest also. the strong Brookfield team on "the i t i e s should develop, he believed that' · ' latter's field. The tie will be played i the individual states could take care ed off here next week and it is ex- j of them, but if a congressional review failed to kick goal. The locals kicked off again and pected to be one of the hardest fought games of the season. To Piny the Vets; The football attraction in this city . j Thanksgiving will be the strong Kan. sas City Vet team and the Chillicoths proved necessary, the chairman said, The G-. S. T. club will have thei* semi-annual dinner'-tomorrow, which will be -served by-Mrs^ J. M. Darr at her home, after which the "members AGAtV GOES TO TRIAL FOB MURDEK OF HIS WIFE j mutes found the same · difficulty i n j Business^ College. breaking up the C. B. C. line. A! fake pass gained several yards for | OSCAB D. McDA^VUBL the visitors, but not enough for the first down and they were forced to punt. The kick was covered by a Kansas man however and again the visitors started their line bucking without avail. They kicked out of danger again. Then the C. B. C backfield started a march toward a second goal count. An attempted pass to Clark failed, but it was fol.. -lowed ' immediately by a successful he would favor such action. Wilcox refused t 0 discuss the'- w i i l adjourn to the'jiome:of question of whether or not he will k. Knapp for their Bridge game! continue 'as National Chairman. H e j ' : -said that the republican headquarters Dr - ^d Mrs..Barney entertained at would remain open until the election dinner Saturday, evening, with covers had been entirely cleared up. laid for sixteen,'including Mesdames . .,,-· j and Messrs. J. .H.. Barclay 1 , Paul Kilt, W. H. Ellett, Miles Elliot, W . G. Goodrich, Burt Gill and Senator and Mrs. Hudson. . Bridge followed the dinner. . ' ALL -BRITISH SHIPS COM. MANDED TO CABBY LABGEB CABGOS OF U. S. CHAIN. (Br United Galveston, Tex., Nov. 13. -- The' British admiralty has requisitioned' day with Miss Dixie Miller, Mrs. A. I tag- This was the coldest of the aea-j st_ Paul. These fines were, in most The British troops all liners and tramp steamers in tho M. ,'Shelton and M^s. -Clarence G'race " * " " flyer to Green. The ball was carried to the enemy's five yard line when I B r United Pros".) St. Joseph, Mo., Nov. 13.^-Os-ear ·D_ McDaniel, county pros'ecutor, charged with the murder of -his wife, entered the court room today at'the gulf and Atlantic trade, ^flying the! playing with the Hub. Miss Pearl re-opening of his trial with .a.. ; smile! British,, flag by ordering all of theac , Grace was awarded; the club prize, a on his face. The court room was. steamers to .carry 50 per cent .grain glass flower basket, and Mrs. Shel- jammed to its capacity. "Following a-cargo, according to advices received j, tcln . chrysanthemums. The hostess Blue Mound township notified Prosecuting Attorney Marshall and Chief Dorney of Harper's transactions and. since that time the omcers have been searching for him. One day last week Constable Walden rode sixty miles in a automobile to town where Harepr was reported as having been seen, but when the officer reached there he was informed Harper had boarded a west bouffd train an hour before his arrival. Since that time Harper has been dodging the officers until hia-arrival In St. Joseph Sunday, when he was arrested. A warrant was issued for Harper's arrest immediately after the information was conveyed to the officers ·by Mr. Griffith. · Harper was a .solicitor for a farm ! pa.per. week prayer meeting for Wednesday j and a church afternoon with Mercury Down to 22. The mercury registered 22 degrees The Girls' Bridge Club met Satiir. j above zero at 5 o'clock Monday morn- PInod ?171,OOO for Rebates; Chicago, Nov. 13.--Fines totaling more than $171,000 were assessed by Judge Landis today against Swift Co., packers, and several railroads convicted of violating the Interstate Commerce Act: In most of the cases the charges were rebating or in shipping less than carload shipments at carload rates. ', · Swirt Co., were fined ? S O , 3 0 i * the Pennsylvania Railroad, $20,000 the Pittsburg, Cincinnati, Chicago ·£ | St. Louis, $20,000 in one case and S50.00-0 in another In addition fines ranging from $100 to $1,000 were assessed-against the Chicago Northwestern Railroad, the Indiana Harbor Belt Rail- conference with attorneys, the' panel, here today. of 125 venirment were brought into i the court room. There is every pros- X-':C: 6. ;, Kansas "Ov. This . new grain roquislUoto, served luncheon at the close of t c ._ jgame. gether ·with the metal requisition a!-' ready in force will practically load these ships to their mark, it being. the^local's fumbled, a mute recovering. They punted out ot danger just: » ect - st is said . that «" ^^ wil1 b ·'·Scdre^^C selected !?"--the middle of the week. ;'" ' . _ ' - ' ' This r "morning ·'"Attorney General.) impossible.,, for them to carry cotton · ' 'Barker produced affidavits of preju- or .a-, general cargo. 3 ) .r-m-nn.,,. T V back, racing down the field for yards gain Then started another series of line smashes" for good gains by the C. B. C. 'back field, which carried the ball carry one-third nse and unable tn -handle the venr cnen or jurymen impartially..After'.the venirmen were, excused from the room Sheriff Jones was call- LEE BELIEVES THE BAHj- TUj T/BY T OF.\ -THE'':A»AafeQ?f-RATE LA'IV Files Suit For Divorce. Jennie Kinsella Monday filed sui- for Divorce against Thomas .KinseH-v alleging indignities. The Kinsella's live in Wheeling township. The WeatJUer. instances, for failure to comply with the 28-Hour Cattle Law, which pro- ing ; discourse upon the characterts-, battel is .tic of St -Paul which caused him 'to ' ce S s for foi and tent with ; present attainment Is -the : re P°Tted to the war | attitude "-of any. truly great soul.- ·rget'the 'things which are behind j region-* about the 1 Big'Beni''iny" the.-gj id press;forward; a noble discon-|. Gen * s " I ' iv «'"; Sallnoki. neaaquart»r?g|;S - s y - Tor Monday night; the ; mid- i The', war office.: announ'cemenV cotfjgf the report* from Serbian haadgia ' ~ reception for Thursday '".Barters saying that th'e Teuton-Buif:~ ; i Mrs R. L. Isherwood. , Ear forces were driven" from' ihe..^:"':- lage of Iven and; the French;jik?t. statement added that the* retrea't-'Iri.;, farntries are falling" back'" de!. ' , - · ' '. -'· The Serbian pursuit continued de spite five counter attacks, emy losses were serious, the statement. added. - ' . · Somewhat to the west the Serbian* have further progressed n9rth of Veliselos. Since Sept. 12th the;en. emy have lost 6,000 prisoners,, 72 guns and 50 machine guns. London, Nov. 13.--Gen. Halg forces struck another terrifflc blow at the G-eri-an l:nes ab'but the Ancre today, after thunderous artillery preparations, the infantry taking German' position^ to a depth of a mile, tb road and the Chicago, Milwaukee | war otflce announced this afternoon. dashing for. ward, captured the ctllages of Beaumont and Hamcl, just north of a deep hlblts permitting live stock to remain ; bend in the Ancre and about in freight cars more than twenty j m ii ea dne west of Bapaume; the Ob eight, hours at a stretch without at. .jective of the British advance. '·' tention. The British advance spread to; the .{ south bank of the Ancre toward at- Tho Bargain 'Days. * ' ternoon when the British captured ' Because of political matters claim-, St. Pierre Driorn, about a ' mil* tair,,and..cqjder,,^iort!i'»'est'cloudy,! Ing the greater portion of our atten- I across the river from KMn^l and ind~ mucM colder east and south"por-') fibn during'-the -past'few davs;''"-WffKh-e-Tltrectlbn oif-Balliilrntef-Preiiir and i tions tonight. 'Tuesday generally fair. Cleveland, O., Nov. 13.-- A.genetal Cold ' * ollowed rlsi n.S tern, ., . .-- . . strike of the'^00,000. railroad- broth- J perat : Ure lfl afternoon'-northwest DB. KARL GRAVES CONJFI- JENT HE WIIilrBE EXHON- ERATBD OV BLACKMAILIXG tb the 10 yard line. Capt. Levering ; ed to ' tne stand iand admitted that he found a hole for the necessary 10 expected to De ca Hed .as a -witness yards and scored the ducks' seeon for the a e£ense and that , while-Mc- touchd'bwn. --Harrison kicked -a -tru-, Daniel was in jail he had been given i Gr " a ; es ".inte'rna^ion'al s'py " "ex-i^ ^" r ° aQ manas;ers ana ""tnernooa -ml ^cnro C B C 1° Kansas 0 ,,,. , * - -it j · m^ ^ra-T^ 63 . internauonai ,py, ex . heads, concerning the .workings of «oal. Score-C. B. C. 1,. Kansas 0. the k t the front ,, The preBeed himse if today as confident of | tte AdamsO n law. He Indicated that Hy United Pr«»».) New York, Nov'f is Dr. Karl erhood''members is certain unless-the railroaas'abide by the, W. G. Lee, President of the Brotherhood, of Railroad Trainmen said today before' leaving for.'-New York ; citj. Lee left the confertence committee of railroad managers and brotherhood Ttion, court refused to grant Barker's re- Q.ue?t. Eoal- 0. . A freak, touchdown was next in or 'der. Harrison kicked off for Chil- 1 . licothe, the ball sailing beyond the WlIjSON MAY YET GET enemy's, goal line. Levering raced 1 MINNESOTA'S 12-ELEC. ' for the ball, the mutes seeming a j TORAt VOTES ON COUNT little slow. The first to reach it. | ~- (By United Pre»». Covering placed "the ball between tli- St. Paul, Minn., Nov. Iff.--A big goal's- posts. The referee called it a error in th'e .Faribault county vote -touchdown..' -Harrison again kicke-1 discovered in..the .officiai^count, to- goal. ',"Score--C. B C. 20. Kansas 0. gether ,with small, but. persistent ,,;'Following the next kickoff tho gains for WH'son in other oflicial fig- being t-xhonorated of attempting t o . he evpected an evasion -of the-law .blackmail the German Ambassador'. f r o m the railTOnds and raid that th,; wire. The letters upon which the strike threatened this summer woul.l blackmail charges were made in £urely comfi unless , t h e y liye u p to Washington Saturday were explained t jj o by 'Graves as containing information regarding the U-53's exploit, upon (I J. s. CUTTER GOES TO A3-.. Was False Alarm realize that we are positively go'lng to maintain the regular price o f ' $ S , per year on the Dally Constitution Steam from a radiator in the Trio I after November 18th. This is not an Theatre building filled the room Increase In the regular price, but if yOur subscription Is paid before that time you Can obtain It for $2.50.' ha-ve had little to say with regard to j patches ·from headquarter*- gald that the near close of Bargain Days. We j already 2,000 Germans had beem don't believe all of our subscribers] taken prisoners. The British also captured the-Important towns of Serre) where ftght- Ing continues. Shortly after noon, four of the first five of the 125 venirmen .in the Oscar D. MeDanlel- en* were dlsquall- fled by Attorney Oenera! Barker's were oppose-l Monday morning and a passerby see. ing Ihe steam coming' front a door in the building .thought there was a fire and turned in an alarm. The fire department responded quickly and found there was no fire. Hip Broken by Fall. I Otis Murphy, head carpenter, who [has been working on the Chillicothe [ materials are nearly prohibitive but! which ki de*cr!*ed the' charges j Trust Company building, stepped '· with the cooperation of our su-bscrib-! against him, in practically crerjr. pre- -te After the close of Bargain days th 3 j challenge price of |3 66 will be maintained strictly to everyone afld our friends will undoubtedly co-operate with us In an endeavor to keep the price down and still continue to publish. I county, hut the prosecutor, after bar- Prices now chi to the d»»th MsDaai»i ha» Jart mat a Hetttf :* litlcal fight. Last week his party carried St. Jbieph and Buchanan arged for newspaper i ing made a strenuous campaign In · from a window on the lower floor latt- ers we believe we can safely pass which he said Ambassador Von tbrff made-a-stock-market clean-up-.. Graves avers 1 that the G e m i n i Ambassador was thousands of dollars i 8ISTANCE OT Tn^ T i n - % ' Saturday and fell into an areaway. thru the danger zone. ~ breaking his left hip. He was remov-1 . · .«, trniird i-r-i.. ' ed to tne hospital, where it wtis r e - j Recovering Prom Injury. Galveston. Tex., Nov. 13. Tho i ported Monday he was resting as well A Callaway, Neb., paper gives the cinst in the county, ran several' thousand behind hia ticket. ·«· I ·!·.·* Berlin. Nov. 13.--Only groups of richer by reason of his advance in; ' coast guard cutter . Conianchie has mutes., found it impossible to gain «res, including the vote by mail and |im . mation oll the - German - eubaia-. gone to the assistance"of the tank thru., the. line and completed a sue the soldier vote, from 21. counties,, ^^ vellure ·cessful 20. yard pass. Wolfe, the C but Hughes' lead in Minnespta at' ' B.. C. end, sustained an injured an-.noon today .to 202. kle and was "replaced by Kent. The Mutes'attempted a-second pass, but H. I. Sen ter. Instructor of violin. Capt. Levering of the ducks caught For information, leave your name and it On : the next play however, he address at the ChilMclothe Musio fumbled and, the Mutes recovered, Store and he will make, you a call, but. soon after lost tKe ball on first I . . - : . . ^ 6-6 Jown. Kansas seemed to be strength-' = CHINESE ME-ROIIAiVT SAYS .. ALXi AMERICANS IN PARRAL .. ARE WITHOUT ANY HA it: steamer Bacoi which went around on i Sabine bar "yesterday. Heavy fog | prevailed both yesterday and today along that section. as could be expected. which came near proving fatal to Key. Cole Arrives. Howard Mann, son of 'Mr. ana Mrs. Rev_ Horace W. Cole and Praf J. C. A. Mann, former residents of this E. Turner will both arrive tonigiu city: and hold services tonight at t h a i Howard Marin, young son of Mr. i First Baptist church at 7:30. Ev.n and Mrs. C. A Mann, experienced a following "account of the 'accident) hostile d*flaom«nts · ·'fesllng. their way tv'.ong the Danube" have attacked Gen. Macken*en't extremje left wing, in the Robrudja, and these were, "orced back, the war office announced today in the first detailed statement of the recent fighting at Cerna Veto AGED KINGSTON WOMAN FOR RENTr^New 3 room cottage.! enmg somewhat. . Harrison was carried back faria 5 yard loss "and a\ Inquire 1006 .Normal pass to Clark was broken up. C. B. j phone 1496-R, - ' G; kicked out -of danger. -The Mutes El Paso, Tex., Nov. 13. -- The first definite information pointing to tho of tne Pan Americans at ' Par Ave., ' ral was obtained today by the United , « . States government" officials. Tells Haw She Recovered Her Strength, If the elderly people in Kingston could only realize what Vinol would A Chin- Ldo for them we would not be able tu ese merchant who from Parral to came overland ;get enough to supply the demand. _ , - . , t i-uiu Parral to 'Chihuahua City ("Following is a letter received from returned theipunt from their own. 20 FOR bALt-r-^eam, ^ a ^ ,*"" al ^ r " reached the American border duringJMrs. A. E. Carson of. this town. She ivery wagon argain,! ^ a ter ^ nignt . . ,|says:-- ' and gelist Cole Is Va strong preacher an! very narrow escape from .death las? i bridge. ou» own John E. Turner, who is s, Saturday evening when he collided I well .known in Chillicothe, is un ur passed as a chorus leader. All with a Dodge touring car. drivn by E. E. Frederick. The accident took Berlin, Nov. 13.--German, troops still hold the eastern edge of the , . , - , ,, . . . .. A , i sun nuia tne e»»twin CUBO ui people who enjoy church services at place on Main street, directly !n fonr | positions accordln^'to' ,.11 . J _ . . u * t i l _ - J 4-v.« ^ n ._.: n n .. «· *1.~ C « A « rn*. nntHn A n « n « J i « r t . * n i ^«*«**- ve *- V VK , . V M M , - a w all, no doubt will enjoy the services of the Star Theatre According to j day's war office description of the to be held this week at the First Bap- eye witnesses the car was proceeding | _. ... ' t . _..i» »,,_» . - nghtlni: o n t n e west- front. -yard line. Harrison accepted the ball for- 1 ah end-run and .tore up the ield ( at once for a 40 yard gain_ Overstepping j ^^^^_ bounds 'by an inch prevented his ac|o_rlns"'a touchaawn. · Le.vering carried it over on the next play how. 'ever and a successful goal kick -was a'ddVd'J r Sco're^C-' : :B" C; : 27. -v^Kansas · · · F.-A. Brotzer, Grocer NEWSPAPER PRICES tist Church, Resigns ta Chief Justice. Jefferson City, Nov 13 --Judr:e A · slowly when the boy started to run scrosa the street. He hid playfullv hit another boy and was running with his head turned back to- Pe'rotrrad, Nov. 13---Ger"5n nn' val forces bombarded th* Finish says:--· He declared to Federal agents" tha'.j, "I am 69 years pf age, and ha.lJM. Woodson of the Missouri Supreme ward the one. who was pursuing irid; c - oagt Fr iday, under cover of a hearv the Yillistas never entered the town, '(been ailing for a long: time-with in. Court Saturday submitted his resig- thus he failed to see the car approach j fo )t was officially announced to- On the day he left, Nov. Sth^ he stat-|:digestion. I got run down, was weak, . . . . . . _ . GOINd ed that he saw,, two Americans alive j/lizzy and could not sleep at night I and that he believed all of others consulted two doctors .who said I had were safe., . hardening of the arteries,and ;at my [ · The .-statement, was made; to United age could not expect . to- be strong nation as chief justice of that bodying. The lad struck, the front fen-| d a j and the vacancy was filled by. the der which inflicted a bad wound just election of Judge W. W. Graves. above the -left ear. No however Judge Woodson assigned no reason was attached t o the driver of the au. for retiring as chief justice, 'but it to, for It seems that the injured boy ' Wnr Takes All Prom Her. Winnipeg, Man.,' Nor, 13.--pffer- " " Earlyf "in'"the 1 third^ quarter Harri" son^£a'll-ed: ; 'at-''att'em'pted..-:fieid . goal ; ffani "the^S^yard -line. -T.The mutes j ^'"cKe'c£"-tO"^saifetyi : '-': tEn:'a: double criss-[- T * (Srosli fef een-J-'the'-fast ducKyquar-ter, | ^ : "g"auied"2"5-yards;' ^The^ba'ckfield/then af'rdtat'ion.Tof^gaing; -carrying -·_ jitJte'ftVe-.'yard line.'. Lever- J ^. :ittg-earried it-over. A true jroal-fol-,-- lowed. Score C;. B. C. 33, Kansas Q.-,,-~ ghillTcot£'e' s ErcKea -o«:?' and the- w - rlfutes "failed "a Increased Production Costs arc. ForcinS Publishers to Raise - · Subscriptions . . , _ . But You Can Still Get* ment at.-Washington. ezuela The Gulf - , - ST.,; J BARGAIN _y acccbtidk this opportunity at once the,effect ,tl 'fwo-'-'-passes-.'-.- The-« ; - . , . - . ? . v rine --"-'---'--Harrison'.added 40 i n - Just .Enough NfiWS ' Gulf -.-:--y--~ , f .,,,,,,' . ' by *' arid the Kind You Want base line smash =-for -20--more. Severing s^ - j-,. across Home--Market--World the«lo«als failed t 0r - kickTsqaT. Scdfe-^C". B.-; C. 3 9. Kansas 0. ' . ~ - · · . ^ J C T C rt '.'At -the end o f t h e third quarter- ^?nO 3)i *" F'uHei^went it at TiaTf for the locals. ^. n .. -, - . . - , ' · - . : ' . ' f I ' -.R'ner' c-'.me out'"nd Kent was sent t-c, 'end j_'-"r"-p'- - rt oT"c* f "n°ir only *-o' Tfl h-- (states Consul Edwards at Juarez to 'again: My -daughter would give, me , has 'been known for several months hit the car from the.side, more near- be transmitted to the state depart-(rib peace until I tried Vinol, -it.-h:ui [.by his associates it was'" distasteful ly running Into It than being run in-, ing up six sons-, three step sons a.n^ '^done'so-'m'uch for he't- I ;; have. taken- j to him.' Unaer the rotation' rule of to himself. ·' f a brother t o death on Franee's i five "bottles and my =. health and the court, Judge Graves," who/ Janu. He was taken to the Wright drug 1 battlefields, with the Canadian armies - - - - - - - Mrs Emma WHklns- spirit o f optimism remains undlmmisd today though she learned her husband died defsnd- Vinol to all my friends.' 1 ' -.,.-··'· court. Judge Woodson simply antic- condition. H» bled profusely, a great ing the Union---Jark In Africa. When The reason Vino! iWso.beneficial to ' pated the chanie by -nearly two'"qui'ntlrr of blood comine from the England entered-Europe'! war,: «he - TAIN±i$'G~'A' ' [strength have come back, so 1-anvablc: to do all 'the housework.for my, £am- lly" of four; and I anr, recommending Br T'nliird Preii«. aryl,.,will be the oldest judge on the store and emergency treatment ad- bencft, in. joint 'of comtn'lssion;- would ministered by Dr. Bryson, and remov- harfe ·be'cbme cilef jujsilco of the ed to his home In an unconscious Galveston, Tex., Nov. 13-^Reports- old'people is because^it contain'S! ' in shipping.circles here today are to very-elements neededj-^to., replace ,dqa su'bma. clihing .strength with..renewed.' visor, - hopes Were entertained for his recovery, but he regained consciousness For a considerable Hme small "u'r^ed ten ot her kin to join Canadian color*. elderyper.- g r e a t s h o c k to hi,s,many The- ladles -of Centenary'·_ church, one and'.'one: half talleii JwMith C;of Isas Imnroved reirularly and should Sturges;"wlll.-s«rT«- dlnn'T^aint Vji" said is will" suited''for "'a submarine "son and every weak, run-down or.-de. Chllllcpthe. . 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