Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on February 18, 1888 · Page 4
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 18, 1888
Page 4
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THE EVENING GAZETTK: SATURDAY, 1: LBitUAKY 18 1888. TN CHXUT.r.s Rcnde's Put Yourself in his Place is a njwiicul man, H character who ia BO •R-eriH > ' d to llis profession that be is ftnxioibthat th<5 hproine of the book shall die in order that ho may pro-?8 the truth of the theory to which he had devoted years of study. Impossible as this character may scorn, recent revelations in New^ York city show there are physielahs there of note who are guilty, if possible, of worse things than this, and It !s only because of the forbidden nature of the subject that the newspapers of that city are not full of it. For minor maladies of hysteria and nervousness an operation is performed that makes them cease The vilest feature about the matter is that in many cases neither husbands nor wives were apprised of the miture of the operation. Exposure is promised In the threatened suits of husbands against the said physicians; but as the latter are banded together and will be prepared to certify that the operation was necessary to save the life of each victim, it is doubtful, if the suits will j be successful. It is a fact that this new operation has become so pleasing j to tfiesc men, they are so thoroughly ( •scientific," that they practice it where it is notneedful in order to have the j notoriety arising from a multitude of , successful operations; and that which'j ia needful to the saving of life and has saved life is'employetf upon those who do not require it, and victim's remainder ol days is made wretched. THERE is In this State a (Ish commissioner, HiB name ia Bartiett, and, of course, he hails from Southern Illinois, as do all the officials of the SUte, nearly. And if one would go to Quincy he would flnd Mr. IJartlett with a line lish propagating boat. The legislature was very generous at its last session, making a 820,000 to 830,000 appropriation for the benefit of the ftsh buslne'aH. It waa understood at the time that the said appropriation was made thai Mr. Bartiett waa to come to northern Illinois to look after the waterways here. Mr. liartlett appears to be like most of lontbem Illinois statesmen,— oan't get it into his head that there is a northern Illinois. But Mr. Bartiett should remember that he will have to ask auoth- er appropriation some day. Yes, and it migkt be just as well for him to bear in mind that northern Illinois members of the legislature have votes as well as southern ones. The. (tab. interests of northern Illinois are as precious in the sight of northern Illinois lovers of piscatorial sports as they are to the gentlemen living in Kgypt Will Mr. Bart- iett never come this way '! We .feel like sending him a' map of the whole State and telling him what rivers and railroads are up this way; how he can get up here and what rivers need looking after. AMEUICX HAS fewer illustrated news papers than one would suppose in yiew of their great popularity. The value of illustrations us aids to imparting knowledge is shown in the fact that the dailies are all resorting to outline illustrations. But thare is but one daily illustrated, and four weekly strictly illustrated newspapers in the United States, and of these four, two. Puck and the Judge, are but political cartoonists. All of these make a great deal of money for their owners, one, • Harper's Weekly, bting better than a gold mine. It is said that Tweed was more worried over the Nast caricatures of him in Harper's than from all the other causes combined, after the Times exposure was. made. There is ho question in the world but that they play important parts m politlcnl campaigns. Mr. Cleveland was so grateful to Puck for what he did: for him in 1884, that he wrote Its owner a warm letter of thanks, acknowledging the debt. Those who cannot read, see and understand the pictures, and those wh'e can read enjoy the pictures none the less. Man, whether savage or civilized delights in counterfeit of nature, and a picture will communicate what pen can never 'faithfully tell. , - JOBT TWENTY one years ago a friend of ours'left a position in a store where he was sure within a year or two at the most to become a partner, in order to accept a position of assistant assessor of internal revenue, because the latter paid two hundred dollars a year more than the former place. In three years Wi chief was dismissed and of course be went with him. • Having tasted office holding, be felt he must continue a servant of the government; so at his earnest entreaty bis congressman got Mm a twelve hundred clerkship in the pension office. In the summer ot we saw him, gray, care worn, lifty and looking sixty years old; still getting his one hundred a month; house full of children and he and his wife put to it sorely to make the salary hold out. change of administration having come he was in mortal terror of losing his 'place. He has not saved up a penny and thrown out of employment ol government, too old to learn anything new, bis condition would be pitiable indeed. This is no exceptional case Washington is full of such. Our public men, Senators and Representatives knowing the utter hopelessness of advancement in government service al ways dissuade their personal friends from taking a Washington clerkship, i they have any ambition, or ability. To a young man receiving from forty to sixty dollars : pe month a salary of one hundred or one hundred and twenty-five dollars seems a big prize; but it isn't. (I). Thedif fe'rence in living at Washington and in country places would cause the large sura to re&ily prove smaller. (2). Thi chances for promotion are slim (a) I the promotion comes aud he dually get* the highest possible salary, it li but 81,300 a year. (4) A change o tteftd» ot department or of adimlnistra tioa would »*t tha clerk adrift withou ft HKsa»«at'» uotiee. (S) The c!t>'k doing only routiu* work which de- no exprciso of brains Rml~ cle- pondinc; entirely upon government for more, doterioratoa. There is slavish feiir of dismissal nncl rendinoas to Imar insults rather than lose [ilac" 1 . At home the jounjr man ia respected. Whatever place he (ills, if lie be steady, relinble," honest and fnergctic-, it is possible for him to reach any position he pleases. Of late years there bus been growing disposition to l«?9low these clerkships upon women; and it srems right, too; for that sex being barred out from so many of tho callings and trades that they ought to have better show here. In this country upon women , of ours, man is free to do as he pleases, to be wives, anil of course any young man is privi leged to go before the board for examination for clerkship; but to go is to bid farwell to all hope for wealth, or fame. One must yield up independence of spirit, and opportunity for mental expansion; for mau does notgrow nr.en tally unless he puts his faculties into exercise. The foregoing is called out by a letter from a young man asking us how to proceed in order to secure a government clerkship. Answering him and urging him not to apply, the thought came up that the same general advice might take tha place of our regular Saturday evening tnlk. EVIDENCE ADDUCED so far by the Congressional committee appointed EAST." to investigate into the Heading troubles shows that the quarrel was gotten up by the railroads in order to afford excuse for advanciug-the rate of anthracite coal. Now, a government Is a community of people banded together by common consent to mutual projection. Again; whatever may be said f the rights to real estate, by common orisent the material gifts of air, wat- •r, etc., etc., are free, and while the jroducts of the mine may not come ex- ctly under the head of other natural gifts named, yet as being fresh from attire, and used just as nature gives t out, and the people depending upon t for their comfort, aye, and in colder egions for their life, it is a light and i duty of the people through their representatives in the several lenisla- ,ures to regulate absolutely the price of coal at the mines and the carrying price of same on the cars. There is no wickedness equal to that of cornering on the necessities of life, and coal is as necessary as bread or meat to the people of the cold latitudes. Think of people paying here this winter 60.50 'or anthracite coal when It has sold as owas 88.00. The demand is steady; here is no dependence on rain and sunshine; wages have not advanced; ;he carrying price need not have done so, if it has. It is wicked, monstrous- y and abominably wicked in this handful of owners of the coal mines to thus advance rates when they.know the money comes in greatest part from the joor, to whom at its cheapest, fuel is a heavy tax. Legislatures can regulate this thing perfectly; and if the Pennsylvania legislature does not do so effectually and thoroughly at its next session then the people through out the land should drop at once and forever Its use. Man is inventive, and it would not be long before stoves would be made that would enable people to burn the soft (bituminous) coal' with as little trouble as the hard (anthracite). What monsters of wictted- ness aud obduracy are those men who not content with the fabulous fortunes already made by the sale of their coal, tax poor men some,lO per cent, additional in their coal bills. When we think of what the mine-thief owners of Pennsylvania have done, we have but to regret that the people have not had the courage one and all to break up their bard coal stoves and substitute the soft coal stoves. And our belief is that a little more of this extortion will result in this very thing. It is very-consoling to reflect that in the next world these fellows will get into a country where coal will be more plentiful than here, and cheaper, too; and where they will not be able to regulate its price or the quantity used, and where the heat will be so great that they will ardently wish there wasn't a particle of fuel in the entire material universe. WHEN YOU pick up a paper and after reading it can truthfully say, "why, this paper'has no news in it," then know for a certainty that the poor editor had a hard time of it making up that paper. When news is plentiful, of course, all is swimmingly easy with him: but when he and his assistants can pick up but little that is transpiring, then the editor has to fall back uqon his memory and exercise every Ingubity of his to evolve something from his Inner consciousnesss that will be readaule to his constituency. CONDENSED NEWS. John Scott waa ihot from ambush and killed near Lima, O., early Friday morning. Dr. Elgin, of Quincy, III, aged 70, and » pioneer settler and' physician there, died Friday., Deputy Sheriff Thompson, of Lai Animal county, Missouri, was killed by • horse-thief whom he was trying to arrest George C. Peters, the colored slugger, beat Mervine Thompson in boxing a match for pointa Friday night at Detroit. James Taylor, a 13-year-old boy of Cov- Ington, Ky., has been arrested charged with murdering bis father during a family row bitMonday. " • James Christian,-who has been preaching near Knoxvllle, Ten a, for some time, has been recognized as an escaped convict. Ho was arrested and taken to the penitentiary. Tb« Toledo produce exchange baa passed a resolution condemning the present telegraphic uyiteraV It seeks the co-operation of the Feorla board ol trade In a memorial asking congress to establish governmental telegraphy. Dun & Co., say that business has not changed for better or won* during the part *ev«n dayi Business failures during that period number for tb* United Btatoa, 3S6; Canada, 87; total 273; compared withSOT tor the corresponding weak last year. Jim Fall, of Hew York, whipped Bob Fer- gtooo, of Chicago, la a prUo-Bgbt Friday nijjhl on iMif biand. Full waa the small«*) Bum, but b* knocked hi* aatogoatet all or*r tbe riiiR, acui tii*a wtwui Ferguson wa* Ij *don« up" woo tho fl^ht oo a tool How can we account for the p e r - Tensity of/ human nature? Why will a mno sit in tortnre mther than stand straight nnd nte.iBe? The pnuie mnn, save .'he mark, nil! sit I'.own on a lack or • crooked pin, and icsp ns if dynnniite had exploded under his chair. This visitation would be only a prick like a flea-bit*-, and yet he sits for days in the torment of chronic pains. The person so nttncked resolves to put off, artf postpones very often until too late. Then he finds his disease developed Into an Inflammatory stage, or into a dangerous typo of o worse malady. There i« • remedy, he should know, that does not temporize with anything in the nature of pain, tmt goes to work on » straight jol^ searches out the pain-spot, and gets there without faltering ami without failure. For Instance: "Ten years ftfio," says Mr. Joachim Witt, Evanston, Ills., February 11, 1887, "I suffered with rhenmntism, which placed me in bed; nsed St. Jacobs Oil and WM cured; no return of pain." Mr, If. Carl, 139 Fourth street, Troy, N. Y., writes March 12,1P87: "About nine years ago my son was afflicted with rheumatism. He nsed St. Jacobs Oil, nbout four bottles, nnd was cured; has had no pains since." Mr. B. H. Moore, FoirOeld, Ohio, writes February 22,1887 (his original statement wns dated 1880): "Had, as stated, a very severe attack of rheumatism; used St. Jacobs Oil and it cured me completely; no return of pain since." Mr. Joseph Kapfer, Mohawk Hill, Lewis county, N. Y., writes March, 1887 (his original statement wns in 18812): "I suffered at times from rheumatic pains; used one bottle of St. Jacobs Oil and was permanently cured." Mrs. Julia Kennedy, Mianus, Conn., February 20,1887 (original statement 1882), writes: "For a long period I suffered with rheumatism; tried many remedies, no relief; tried St. Jacobs Oil; effects were magical, and was cured; no return of pain." Mr. John F. Schultz, Bloouiington, Ills., April 8, 1887, writes that he snfl'ered three years with rheumatism In his limbs, stitches in his side and paralysis. Found no relief till he used St. Jacobs Oil. One bottle cured all pain, and bo has had no return. Mr. Ira Brown, Private Banker, Chicago, Ills., April 8,1887, writes: "Lay flat on my brfck three, months; nsed St. Jacobs Oil and was eared ; never been troubled since." These examples show how to get the right thing, to do tho right thing at the right time and til the right way. A telegram from Texas states that a clique or ranchmen ill Bee and Wilson countioH in that state have been assisting the railway robbers, who are so numerous down there, in eluding the officers. One of the ranchmen, William Harold, has been ar- restoj and jailed. The IKS!, coach on a Bt. Paul passenger train was derailed and ditched near Con- tralla, Ilk, by striking a frog Friday morn- Ing. The passengers received a severe shaking up. lire. Cfosby, of Wausau, was badly bruls.'d about'the breast, ar>d Mr. Chamberlain, agent of tho Home Insurance company at Chicago, hurt about the face and head. Against tho Tobacco Tax. NEW YORK, Feb. 18.—A mosa-meeting of the cigarmokers who are In favor of the abolition of the Internal revenue on tobacoo and cigars was held in Cooper Union ball Friday evening, to protest against ithe mandate of 'President Stransor, of the Cigarmak- era' International union, forbidding tho members of the union to agitato in favor of the abolition of the tax. Moses de CostaJ presided, anil made the principal speech of the evening. He referred sarcastically to Stras- BOT an the "pope of Buffalo,".and said that it one man wan expelled for favoring an abolition of tho tobacco tax every man In sympathy with him would leave the union. The tax, be said, wai a benefit to the capitalists. If It was abolished every clgarmaker could become a manufacturer. Othnr speakers followed In a similar strain and wore loudly applauded. Srvmour Gets the Majority. DKTHOIT, Mich., Fob. 18.—The vote of the Eleventh congressional district is all reported except Manltou county, which consists of islands In Lake Michigan. It will ba several weeks before it is reported, but the county Is solidly Democratic and Its majority will'ta about 100. The changes made by the completion of the returns are all in Seymour's favor. Seymour's plurality ia seventeen counties la 5JO, and these figures will scarcely vary from the official connt The Manl- tou county vote will leave him a plnrulily of about 425. ; ,.__ A Comprehensive DepfaL ' NiwYbRK. Feb. 18.—A cablegram from *Vienna, published recently, said that "Harry Thurber, 'a rich American relative of President Cleveland, who is studying law' at the Vienna university, has offered (!,000,000 to the American government with which to endow a university at Chicago on the Vienna model." The young man referred to is not rich, Is not related to President Cleveland, and has not offered to give 11,000,000, or any other sum, to endow a university at Chicago. Ah Sin Marries ft Qolilen-Hair. NEW YORK, Feb. ia—At« o'clock Friday afternoon a Chinese merchant in Motts'rewt, 23 years of age, was married to a pretty golden-haired girl by the name of Jenni*Farrell in the judge's chamber of the city court Judge Fitshke tied the knot, and representatives of five nations were p reseat at the ceremony. A Family Fatally Darned. NEWARK, N. J., Feb. !&— After afire at 45 Livingston street bad been extinguished Friday night, the firemen discovered Hiram Welssman, his wife and 6-slx-monttu old infant unconscious in their bed-room and all fatally burned. The Ore had originated in the overturning of a lamp, which set fire to the bed on the VVelssmans lays. A Call on Cincinnati Ilankt. CIHOINNATI, Feb. 18.—In connection with the uneasiness prevailing iu this city owing to the. developments, of . the Fidelity and Metropolitan bank coses, the bank examiner boacallel upon all the banks 1C make a statement of their financial condition. Grn. Ornnt's Vnn-tn-f.nw. "Pnrlnrli tnlil mo how ha nnked Gen. Grant for the ymin^r hidy's (Xcllie'p) hand. With nil tin.' fine uf MM Fnplii-hmnn for tlio li";nl of n. s'.'ilo In 1 wn« invited to rtln- jx*r nt tho Whir,- IFonop, knoirinR what was expoctoil nf him. After dinner the prc-dd'-nr Icrl n anil ufTcivd him n H^ar. 'Then,' said Sartoris, 't knew my time had come. . I wailed ami hoped the president would h«lp me, but not a word did he sny. Ho snt pilcnt, looking at me. I hesitated and flilei-tcil nii'iI rmmjiednnd thoiiKlit I would sink Ihrmiiih tbu lloor. Finally, I ex- chili'ir.t In ilrsp<?rntion: "Mr. President, I winit In niiirry your daughter." ' It took a bnld mnn to say that to Gen. Grant, but ilnuhtlf-s Ihn boldness recommended him. for Sartoris carrier! off the prize.",—Hadejni'H Memoirs. *''' 1 W'onrtcr* exist In thnii'nntl ot forms, bMt are si!rniw«'il by fin man'ols of lnv»ntlnn. Thoo* who are In need ol pmfltHMe work thnt cnn be done wh!S<": livh;;.- ;il Iiome shooW at one? ncnt! their Sf!dr«"!s to JIul-I lett ft Co.. Portlnnd, Maine, and receive frcn, full Information how either seT, of all aii^, can earn ' from ?fl to §25 |wr day and upwards where vcr they live You are alartrd free. Capital n«t re- i „,,.,, i „ „ i'inired. ffiinx hare, maile over f.Sfl in » slnule H.MV ti> the hllllnrd room !,! Ry at this work. Allxifcccil. dwtf A Family IIleaning. Liver Regulator—the favorite home remedy—IB entirely vegetable, and is the purlest and best family medicine compounded. No error is to be made in administering, no injury from exposure after taking, no loss of time. It is the best preventive medicine, and safe to take, no matter what the sickness may prove to be, and in any ordinary disease will effect a speedy cure. tths National and State politics. "The best on earth" can truly be said of Urigg's Glycerine Salve— a speedy cure for cuts, bruises, scalds, bnnis, sores, piles; tetter-and all skin eruptions. Try this wonder healer. 25 cts. Guaranteed. O. A. Oliver & Co, . are .Sheridan is a growing man. WOULD YOU BELIEVE it? We daily guaranteeing Kemp's Sarsaparilla to thepeople for cleansing the blood, and giving a new lease of life. Price 91. A li. Hendricks. OK Sheridan is a, strong man. THE UEV. GEO. II. TJIAYEU. of Bourbon, Ind, says: "Both myself and wife own our lives to SHILOH'S CONSUMPTION CUKE." O. A. Oliver & Co. 1 S. M. BEEOHER, —AND— GAS FITTER. rron, Liend, "Culvert and. Sewer lr*ipe. Fall'Lime oT Brans £>ood«, Knglnr TrlKunlne*. *» Pnmps and Pump Repairs, dm >nd Oil Fixtures. SHOP OPPOSITE POST OFFICK ON FOURTH STREET WHY DOES not some manufacturer make a soap that is cheap in price, and good in quality, has often been asked. 'I hr.t question has been practically answered by Messrs. N. K. Faitbnnk & Co., of Chicago, who have happily combined quality and cheapness in the Santa Claus Soap. It washes so well and so easily, that it will not make the weekly washing A CAT astrophe to be dreaded. Santa Claus Soap has been thoroughly tested, and for all kinds of washing, whether linens or laces, dishes or clothes, floors or curtains, knives or sheets, woolens or cottons, it has no equal, and—it is cheap. If you do not want to DIB before ynur time and_havelife go HARD while you live, avail yourself of whatever lightens and facilitate* labor. A good soap is a household necessity. Wherever .Santa Claus Soap has been sold, the testimony is the same, viz.:— "it is the best." Your grocer is an enterprising man and probably has Santa 'Claus Soap; if he hasn't he'll get it for you. Special Sale for 2 Weeks. X_«<ad.ies Ta/fol© a,n.c3. Corset®. Sheridan run. would make a powerful CKOUP, WHOOPING COUGH and Bronchitis immediately relieved by Shiloh's Cure. O. A. Oliver & Co, 1 < leyeland is trimming now to salt his friends. The last Hepublicau is out of ofllce. Sir i LOU'S oouon and Consumpton Cure is sold by iiS on a guarantee. It cures Consumption. O. A. Oliver & Co. 1 Sixteen caudidates for Governor of Illinois on Republican side. Beware of worthless imitations of Dr. Jones' lied CloverTpnic. Thegen- nine cures headache, piles, dyspepsia, ague, malaria, and is a perfect tonic and blood purifier. Price (X) cents. For sale by O. A. Oliver. Black wants Democratic nomination for Vice President. For lame back, side Shiloh's Porous Plaster. O. A. Oliver & Co. 1 or chest, use Price 25 cents. Now is Y° U R GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY ' ^ . i ' " .' 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Oorn-No. 2 March, opened -I'lHc, closed. 4&}ic nominal; May, opened ?.096c, closed M%Q bid; June, oiieiiwi M^o, ulosod MJc. Oa!»— No. i May. oi*>ned 31c, closed SIH*?]^) June, opened 81140 bid, cloneJ SI MI:. Pork—March, opened $I3.r5s. closed $1475 nominal; May. -opened JIS.BJ. clowd $13.0r&: JMIHV opened f 14.0.94 bid, closed yu.O^Vu nominal. Lard- March, opened $7.65 bid, closed *7.70 asked. LJve Stock — Union fttock'jardf . quotation*; Hog*— Market open«l Blow; best grade* 5c lower; other Kra4i« ioa lower; lixht jgnulw, (M.BO&5.15; ro ,i K i, packing, $4.8305 I&; mixed lota, fr'i-HJ.13.30. heavy packing and nblpping lou. $5.uO(^^.UV Tattle — Market strong; fancy, ti.OOa\5U; good, $l.i!5ia».75j, Inferior, jfS.Wia a.7B; cows. f!.75i4B..a; «ttf?kBn», S* 40^8 75. aumdy; natlvca, $3 73<£3.tiO; l»mbs $3.QO&0 10. Ituttar -Frucy £i*in cw>»Bi<ry, ao^ tl*U-y t SS^&^ie; pockln* *toc!c. 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Trotter, tho Massachusetts gentleman of color, who Is now recorder for the District of Columbia, is making a email fortune in Washington. He receives $1.00 for every deed ho records and him sometimes taken in $125 la on* day.—New York World. A NEW METHOD OF WING CHRONIC DISEASES, DE PEW PLAGE. Established and successfully conducted by l>r. H. ll.Dol'ow & Bon. who arc prepared to treat all tho most complicated [onus of disease, both Acute and Chronic. This la not a sanitarium or hospital, but a home where patients can be cared lor while being treated by the WKW MTKTHOI». All diseases peculiar to WOMKN, dlsetues of tbeUUINABY and BEXUAL OKOAN8, every lorni of NERVOU* DIHKA8E8: al«o of the STOMACH and LIVKR. PILES and FISTULA an> by the N£W MKTHOI> RADiCAlLY CUfUD. The advantages nt the NKW S1KTHOI> over all others are, linniodltite relief and complete recovery, as the eases reported proves. Bv » NEW METHOD of diagnoses they are enabled to treat many cases successfully by letter. They will visit patients In any part of tne country on short notice, lor a reasonable fee. Their methods are unlike all others and will cure when everything else falls. No letter answered unless accompanied by i cents In stamps. Address,* I»r. II II. DK FEW & HON, 3O1 Fifth Avenue, corner Third St., Clinton. Ia. tths-w The Only Remedy FOB Contagious Blood Poison. Mr. D. B. AdfunM, Union, South Carolina* writes : " I wo* afflicted with a terrlblo COM _ of blood polB'iu fur about thlrtt-on man the. I • wa& trtnlvtl by the beat ph vilrlans, and u*ctl Yari'ius kliiilitof rtMneOltw, but received no eubtttutiUul relief. ifiimll> trioU the Swift Spittle, "ud about fuur boulea' cured mo sound Hint well." Col. U, H. KU'Ber, editor actl proprietor of the OiKjlka, Ala.. I'imtt, under diuu of August 8, t&7. writ cm " Whra I was a young man, through InttlsrrclU-n, I contracted * tllaeast) which has a tuck to mo for yearn. Some five or ilx yean Alnco I wan troubled with pains, BO a* to make It dimcult for mo to vrulk. Having advertliudtku S. S. S. hi my pnijerlortMivcriil yoars, I runcltideil I \vould try It to 8< v i* If there waa any e 111 cue j In ihu medicine. I • commenced uulny It accord ILL* to direction* *nd used lialf dozen bottloa. Iwaa onco at ft way »t«tlon and, getting left, I walked tha Mvra iiilU-ftuiid have uevorfi'lt any return Of t lie old malady. After experiencing tha* gocx! eftectd 1 mint Buy I «ni miilsrtwt with lhere*ulL I urn eisly tl>;ht years of nye and I feel now llku a young iimn aud cuu po to the ccae wbtmnrcctimry and net up from six to eight thousand enu without any Incon- venl«uca. i amid you lhl» without bolklt*- ilon. Mr. F, Woe bl. 211 North Avenue. Chicago, Under date of Juno 12, 16a7, wrlU'm "1 deem ItmyMuty to thank you for the euro 1 received from your excellent mctllclnu. I contracted A TCI y never* ca*e of blrxxl poUou* Ing about two y«an ago. Uonrlug of your medicine, X wfnt to ndrug itore, the proprietor of which pcriuadca mo to buy » preparation of hut own, which ho aatd waa »*»urecuro. I UBfrrf nix bottles of hla otuff aJid ynsvf woifu all Uie time. At la&tlsot dlf-gunL*d ami despaired of a cure. I net friend who told we that your cureii him. I went to tha auino dru»ihit atfuiji and demanded your ntodtolae} Iiu re- luctahlty aolit inotwulv* bo t UBS, and I am bow tiorfeotlr oared. I writs this lor the beneMl of lunercnt, to prevant th«lr being deceived by fulse rrpreautiiatloua. I thatife YOU again for Uio IxuitJit fiurived from jour iiu'dlvjue.'* Dr. J. N. realdunf luEil, . In a loiter rooounilny Uie Infallible *ucc be IIAJ la t-uilittf cuntaglouo bK><xl j>oi»oa c**ea ID MM fxtcubtvti prftctfco, wrlUMi . 'Tiio«e who fcuow the Alntott lit«¥iubl«. p«rmaaently Uu.i>gurouji e(It»ctM of uiercury will wida-ama your dlnoav^ry »t S, 8. 8. aa « boon to humanity. Tho uimllcal profctaatun, wary of propxtotaxy mtMllfiines, la »wiy. and tn f^me c**«« »ecratl/ e of i a B, tii ca#«» of UooU dl»Of <Kiun« a medlclaa tbat cart* Ch«r.«ir, a prominent physician, avtlw, S^-bley Ctjnnty. Oeo To Trade. A well improved farm In Whlteaide Co. of 140 acres to trade for Neb.—or Kansas lands. Strike quick it you want it, it Is desirable. ' ^ tf F. B.HUBBABD. ' Schiffmacher, Hauo on, hand a "big stock of Live Oedar VPosts, the lest Jtiichigan Soft (Pine Lumber, all kinds of (Building Jdaterial, Sash, Qoors and (Blinds, Goal, Lime, Cement, Hair, etc., etc. Everything at Lowest Jdar- ket (Prices. A big advantage in dealing with us is that you can get your loads without going over th& ' railroads. Nicest kUid of Square and tflat riok- ftm. tor garden fton«e«. l« E. B. FAOEY & 00. PLUMBERS, STEAM & GAS FITTERS H AVE NOW IN THBIB EMPLOY MB. JOHN BUCKLEY, recently In the employ of J. B. JohnsWne M Flumber; We also have ttrnuigements with WALTER A. FACKT. an expert Plumber. DOW wltti K. Boggot In thi» best plumbing establlBbmont In Chicago, In caso uf any lino or extra work, to assist us. We ore prepared to make contracts and furnish material for nil work In the Plumbing, Steam and Ciu» Kitting line, and keep m Block Iron, lead and xewer plpu, brass goods, pumps, &c.. Sic.; everything to oe found In, a nnjt-c)a.«s establlsbnieut, at reusomible prices, and we are now prepared to do work In a satisfactory maim&r aaa i;u&nuitee all work and material as represented. T. K. FACEV, wbo ha« been In biisliiese hers almost continuously tortlio lust thirty-two yean, will superintend tlio work. Mis qa&llucatloit* as a iiiecliMjlc are too well known to need comment. SHOP. A.T TilK Otil) »TAM1> FAGEY BLOCK: STCBUN8, ILL For 1888 U better th*n «rer. tnd ihoald be In the hands )f every peraoncoiturmpltttiijtf )f every person coiilrmplAUUj PLANTS - 81)1.88 3iouaaudi of Illustration*, aud u**,rly ISO that to buy,*nd wh«r* to'get ii,A«<i m , Torbcnoft*ooJ», Frifaof tiCIDK only »OertlSc»Us --*' ' ' low ,'SS , s food for 10 cents worih ited. I^ine Wo. 1. KW1N McMiNlUAI. HAS new dray. »ud U> prewired iluj|. Murlug boo3?:-,oU Iiv mttrt»t. . Ma Boanr do nil kludj (

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