The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 10, 1923 · Page 15
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 15

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 10, 1923
Page 15
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TUESDAYy JULY 10, 1923 THE HUTCHINSON NEWS, PAGE FIFTEEN. FOR SALE OR TRADE 1» FOR SAI.I1 nr trade--Parm seven miles from Hutchinson; crop KOCH with farm; loU of fruit; will tako pii.-co of clly property and give long time tun balance, Call 193 North Town street,> 2-8t FOR BALK chenp or trade for horses, mules or cows—Holder tractor In goTHl running order. II. II. Edlgcr, Buhlnr, Kan. 187-0t FOR SALli] or trails Six-room house oluGe In. Coino nnd look H over. 423 t^orth Monroe. Phono 8t9SW. 16 6 -lt) PRACTICALLY ntw Kurtzrr'ann piano; Will consider good car. HIS Enst Seventh After d phi. >-i - 15 »-12 FOR^SAI.F, or tfsdlfi—IVj-ton Republic truck. GUSH Ilobrlnnkl, Flevna, Kan. 16 O-lll. FOR 8ALE—MIBCELLANBOUt <<Cont'en FOH SALB-One l«-30 Twin City traotor . In good condition. One new Bsthlehem truck; one second-hand Bethlehem truck, nearly new. At bargain prlcei. Chas. 11. Duensxr, Sterling. Kansas. IS a 23-8t SECOND-HAND HEFniaEP.ATORS of all klndi at bargains. Alio used furniture, repairing and upholding a specialty. Hllyard Furniture Co., 610 North Main, phone 1«». 13 2-25t FOR SAI.E-Twor email outbuildings, VHOd lumbar, doors, windows, some bath fixtures. United Brethren church, phone S225J. . -. 18 7-11 FOR BALE—One MINNEAPOLIS 22-H.F. STEAM ENGINE, CHEAl". BKN THOMPSON, BOX 111, STAFFORD, KAN. . 18 3-H HORSE and wagon for I 'ltjB or shotus. Call after 9 evenings, HOI West D. across canal. 15 7-11 FOR SALE or trade—Pair of lots for • light car. Imiulro 'J14 East Third. TO TRACE RENO cr-unty Innd to trade for Hutchinson property. Phono 38cJ2. 17 3t-2ot FOR SALE—MISCELLANEOUS 18 10)SiWiini5;@3 = u—i&cfiBfflffieteir When you ate fu-rloiiwly HI. whom do you employ? When you need legal adv-'ce you seek the heat." When you wish to make a sale of poawlhly all you have earned nnd accumulated of .several years' hard work*, whom will you employ to Bell II? (A salesman who knows value and Is In the business). rhouo 2081 Hutchinson at Daly's expense.. 13 6-25t Aftf..'!--harvest s.-iloa are now being datfld. KnrlhTt s;:hn are bfiyt. I work with any ri 'i 'jLitahlt; auffloueer ami am uo close tii yi>u i\!s your phono w.i<*ru you can talk -Ut inn without * cosi. UelVi-in.'*', any Wist euidoiiu'r. Office phuno 5 b BterUng my tixpenae. B. 1 -J. Potter. IS 27-2St HOTKIJ tn Btihler, KM ... for Bale. The only Rating placo In town; goorl bUBl- noBS rimaon for selling. Mra. L,II Jones, Buhler. Kun., or Inquire 1011 South Mafn, Ilutchlnaou. 18 liS-lOt Guoii :i(i-roi.m hotel in eastern Colorado . dining room; doing pood uuRlnesa; rooma always full. For price and further information, phone 3627J. 18 9-6t NOTICE—MISCELLANEOUS {Cont 'd; 44@© Will,IMS The News telephone nnmlur after July 11. Just call 4400 and ask for the classified advertising department it you have anything to aell, want to be anything, want.. hcla or want a position. Want ads gel results. 1» 10-25t TJR. HULL, a foot npceiailat « with Dr. Nichols at 223 East Second. Broken archoa treated successfully. Phono 2013 for appolr.tmont. 1» »-••' for pickles. Phono 3809R. Gardens, South Hutchinson. Falrvlsw 18 6-26t STOPI Tblnkl Why throw away yonr old furniture when we can roako It good as Oow7 Repairing and uphoUjtwlng « spe- olalty. Tup«ati-y ordered. Ijt>,^ian Furnl- tura Co., 60» North Main at: »«U Pj>°n« tit, - 1» Tf-JOt RBSMINOTON Bales and Bervlco—Rem­ ington Typawrllor Co.. 24 West Flrli, phono 402. B. A. KlnU'el, saleaman. 19 4-2ot NOTICE to real estate dealers'—My hoiiBO at 938 Ea»^ Fourth is off the market. Sir. and Mrs. J. K. 1'rlesser. 19 3-la FOR SALE—CITY PROPERTY (Confd) It haa n large llvlrn? room extending aoross entire front, hlcoly decorated, has oak floors, standing wood finished In maJiogany, fireplace; dlnlnjr room Is also nicely decorated and has oak' floors; kitchen has abundance of bullt-tu conveniences; a breakfast room, larpu basement, three laxse airy bedrooms, and bath on second floors open sleepinir porch, Beautiful lawn, elegant shado treea; 'Ka­ raite with front drive, OWNBll tt'U.L KXC'HAN'GE T111B IIOMK Foil "A WKI.l, IMPROVED FA KM, WITHIN 100 MILES Of HUTCHINSON. KING BROTHERS Phone 559. 18V« Nortli Main. GOOI.) milk cow for sale Klivlng aI>out five gallons milk per day. Ono block north said one west of Carroll's store, HonIh Hutchinson. 18 10-14 FOR SA1.I*:- Concrete mlx .er, whee.lbar- barrowjt. 100 feot of lioso, shovels, form- lxiartls and wfttor barrels. J. K. P-auwhe'r, 928 T2a;<t Fifth. 18 10-13 FOR SAJ..H to ladles with small feet — Goo<l t .i .tl'orda 31.50 and 81.95 pair. c\>mer Commerce Co., 17-19 North Walnut. 18 6-lt FOR BALE—Seven-foot Mccormick binder. Also gang plow. Ed Annadown, Klmer Station* phone 212 Durlow. 13 117-16 EYESIGHT; conserve It. about your eyoa. Dr. North Main. Oct the facts DarlOnd, 2114 19 10-25t J. H. BHOWKRS, chlropodnt, Phone 2026; -*m\ Klaat A. II I-»t WANTffiD—Furnlture to repai: or upholater. . Call 1419. , reflnlah IB 18-301 Owner htts strictly modfcrn, six-room cottage, haidwooi.! floors, built-in io-A-l , tmcif, siaiulins unit In every room, pli»o- f less furnace, ha a nice ptmda and fruit tr »M7S, v.U)Ht$ to school and closo to r;ir lino. Owner IH loavtiut th« city. This ifl an ld'..-;U IIOITH - or n-'iital property. Arfdresa T -6S, cure Kows for full particulars. •M 4-16 FOR roal Karbatfo nervice, phone Sanitary Garbage Company, 3310. 19 25-2ot HlOHl-.HT prices paid for mould clothinc. Phone 777. 19 2-26t WANT El?— *A 18ti£L.L AN E OU ft 20 FOU SAr*K--LArtlCB* black kid 1-strap Oomf'jrt Kltppors for |2 fiO, S^.QS and S3.50. Comer Commcrco Co., 17-10 North Walimi. - - 1« G-lt (SOLDEIKI WEST Golden Wwi Creamery, 14 Kaat Fourth. HAIU'.AIN'S IN SLJCniTI .Y l"HI5L> 1MANOH Voni'f a rid Son a, mahogany ni.s-, looks and phiy." UUn new, JtHii. Mertlfleld pliiyyr piano, WMhuit, In elegant i-Andltiiin, Jl'76. New jtampic player |,uaiio. l>cautiful oak case, icpuiar fTi 3 fi viilue, pt-iutnl to st -ll at $4Hr:* Apollo player piano, allKhtly uaed but is aliuuat n+;w, only ?47ii. These aro rare bargain H and"' every ono fully KuarRiHeerl; convenient terms; liberal al- lowaiu i- for yoiir old piano. Veateh Hros. I'iano Mouse, 120* North Main. 18 i*-4t 51: U t>A i ^Iv—Two TCWB : one Guernaey, been frtsli two inontlus, five >>ar« old; ono Short 1 lorn Durham, fresh one month. One stay mflre, 12, »aid J>« In foal by Importoil Kemuuky Jaek. Also double «et of hainosr), and wagon. SiM.-ond east of Monroe on 30th. Ceo. Combo. 18 l0-« FOH SAI A-1 —Good uet work horno&n, Ijnu'liculiy now; John Deere, wagrm; now hay rack. Call 1400 North IS C-flt FOU SAIJK —Furniture, Rtovtm and ruga Bold o/i t '.i .av payments. MJtehell Furniture Co., i:i South Main •trtiet, 18 27-30t FOU HALF. - 'Star Brand' Shues for men, women and children, part- payment down.' balance 60c week. 'Star Brand' Shoea are bettor. Corner Commerce Co., „. 18 0-4t jes are 17-19 Nortli Walnut. FOR .SAI.I 'i or trade—thoroughbred Jersey male calf and two-wh'?el trailer. Plionu HWJ or call 407 West Fifth. IS 3-4t WE well Storm King famous plastic roor cement for leaky roofs, h. J. White Lumhrr Co.. phono OB. 18 8 -26t FOH KA [ilO—nininB: room set, kitchen cjibinet, duofold, and other household artielt*. Phun.j 2 'JavrW. IS 7-11 FOIt SALIC —One 4Vj-ton Fischer Machine Works Ice plant. Inquire of A. A. Appel, Umdiion. Kan. 18 11-7:11 MILK fed ivlilte Wyandottea; broilers and frlt-y, ulive or drcsaod. Phono.. 1 iiBIAV. Fifteenth and Plum. 18 BIS WIN O machine repair work; guar** anteedj country or city; examination frcft; repair all makes. Family manufacturing hemotitchers a specialty. Pfc me 8C4'J. J. ^. Lynch. 20<-2fit SKWINO marhlne cloamnij. overhaultnff; work guaranteed. J. F. Bttronan, photio Z470. /0 2-2H BUNFLOWKH pnoitucts We cfl.ll for poultry anyivherc; pal market price. Phone 2P23. 713 South Main. %0 2 -351 WANTED Tt> BUY 21 WA-NTKD to buy-Sftond-hanqr furniture and rug*; high an prices/ Johnson Funiituro Co.. 118 South Main. 21 2-26t PLAN 4-MONTH TRIP TO EUROPE Mr. and Mr«. Carl Nebon WU1 Sail July 20—Expect to Tour Continent. SEES DIFFERENT CITY TODAY ******** * * One ot First Five Settlers Here FOK .SALJ-:»-An extra Rood buy in four- room house, ('iil-foot corner lot, parage, irnter, iiKht and Ka.s, only ? 1,050, ffood terms. A!a" some ciK'ap lots for safe or will tradu ( IT car. W. It. BELD13N Phono r»02. 24 7-4t FOK SAI.K or trade—Hutchinson residence, el"ven rouinn, on West Twelfth, ntrlctly modem, up-to-tlute, will trade for smallvr c aid-.- m. e. Addreiw F. J, ltossi, U1S K=vH Eighth Hireet, Lamed, Kan, ^4 14-^ot UO TOIT WISH TO tiftLLT List ycur property wllh us. -CAKICT IU:AI , ESTATE INV. CO. 413 N. Main, Phono 972. 24 21-25t FOR EsA l.K - Pi :-:-rviom imuae, sernl-mod- ern. li:4 IVIH ! F. ? 1,700, 1J100 down, terms at 1%. Cull IKVIO.1, morning or night. 24 C-flt WANTKO— A chain broom corn Bender and baler. S. A. Threlkeld, Nickeraori, Kan. • 21 a !i0-7;21 HIGHEST pices paid for men's cast-off clothing and anoes. Phon* %6ftJ. 21 2-251 WANTED—Mulberries, 7i.'0 KaM Sixth. •' YerkoB, 21 2-ttt PROPKItTV to sell or will trade for Ford cur and part cash, balaiieo on monthly payments. Call in evening, 741 Eawt F. 24 mw 13-11 "WANTEIV-Oood used ture. Phone Ki49. household furni- 21 2-Ht HIOHKST prices paid for men's clothing. Phone 777. 21 B-25t HIGHEST prices paid for men's ciothins. Phone 7.7. * 21 l-25t FOR SALn-.-H. P. Nelflon plnno, cheap; lliret* ddr.en fruit jar.s, liOr adoa«-n; two tuba ana*-washboard, 50c i -aoh; lOctnomy Kas* ranK*'. ,;ood ay new, ill), yvll my furniture at it- ii,sonaVi!e price.** Call after p.m. at 414 Ea -4t Twelfth street, pi*one 8247J. IS 10-ltI FOK SALE—Children's play OxTords for ami $1.75 pair. Comer Commerce Co., 17-li) North Walnut. 13C-4t FOK HA LI' -S\x dining room chatra, baby bujTli., hiEh chair, Phono 3DC0W, 40H EaMt Wtveiiih. 18 6-4t 10 -H.P. Dlrlcs, 18 7-13 VOli SALE- Nhdiola and Shepard alnsie steiim engine. B. D, Buhler, Kan. FOit HALE- coodilion, tShcrman. Fatho phonograph In and 40 records. ,7£ perfect i" KaaL 18 7-4t F'OXt SALE—Tomato piants, red and yellow plums. 319 North Wooiard. 18 14-?.ttt FOK HALE -'-Vt ttta storaKe batteries; been insert I-™ than three mmitha. Onod partH for f^^rs arc tuurlnir car. Milk cuw and Aivedalo pup. Will sell cheap. Call twu blocks WVBL and two north ot Wells store, South Hutchinson. Mxa South. IS 9-4t CALL 4I0SW for all klnrta of cakes, plcnlu lunched ami refreshments orders. 18 18-7:ltf nEKS FOK SAJJ3 FI fty 10 - frame, good, pa in ted beehives, 33 old hives with honey busr-H on, $7 each; the new Hwaims, $3 each. IVlee is less than tht; empty hives coat. W. K. Avery, Cloverda.L-, HutchliiMoli. Kan. IS »-l« FOK KALE--Mali's K-'O'l Shoes for 34. $4.98, • J5.L0, *fi.M). ^G.?6 to 57-76- Meii'u Oxturtlfj for JW-'JO , Ji.75, ili.OU. Men's work Shoes JL'.GO, |il.9S and %'i.bii. Comer Commerce Co., 17-iy North Walnut. IS o-4t Illrd's Arl-Ciuft roofinff, made to apply over oM wood sliiofcles. Beautiful, durable and flrenioof. GUARANTEED Sold by L. oJ. M&Efe LEEEclbiEr C®. Fhone 60. 101 West Sherman. 18 30-26t Bulek 6, iiuiclt, 4. Dodare, Uort, Saxon, Chevrolet 490. Overland. Auburn, Oakland ami Pullman cars. UAItN'lOS AUTU SUPPLY CO. 12-24 West Sherman St. I'nouo 1632. 18 7-26t FOR KAI.E-Ladles' satin Slippers, patent Slipiau-n. hlack Idd Slippers, brown slippers, for $4,50 pair, 32 easli, balance 50c week. Coiner Commerce Co.. 17 -19 North Walnut. IS 8-41 FOH SALE— Little girls' 1 -strap Slippers for 5^.48 and 32 .98. Comer Comuieree Co.. 17- 1 ;« North Walnut. U' ii-4t FOR SAI.K—I .adv'a tan tricolette Buit. slae 3k. 53* Phone 1470J. 18 7 -it SINGEil sewing machine, able. 545 First. AUTOMOBILES for yyur summer vacation? Find Just the car you are looktnc for through the want ads In The Nrws. If you can't find It there, a Utile afl will find it Tor you. Call numb'jr 3, News classified department. 22 27-a!6t Panyard ptinton rlnsrs will soon pay for tht-msetvea In aavhife' of ot! and gas. - Try our repair work. IIA KEY HAFKK AUTO SERVICE llu lis»t Second, phone 744. 22 (i-25t i;SKD PAHTS FOK VOUH CAR We i 124 East Third. Ml Mutual Oil. PHONE 2:;i .o. 22 7-351 FOR KALE- -Bulck Auto, will take mort- trape, contract or o'inity In bmall city property. lirown BVOH . Realty Co., loVa North Main. 1'hone 2844. 22 7-4t FOR SALE— Six-room bunnalow on Pant Fourth, $r>00 catih and terms to suit. Inquire 405 E, phono 1211. 24 9-(it FOR KALfv"-Modern a'.x-room house with {Carafe and other ImproveintntM. Inquire at 61*J E.IHI Sixth. I 24 27-^6t ?100 DOWN*, balance $10 monthly buys 4 room house and hundred feet ground. Phone 400. 24-7-4t SELL your nous*. by phoning 2278 noon. next Carl Nolson RccomiNmlod by hlfl •wlfo will leave ThurBclay Tor ft trip to Europe, the sixth tlrno that Mr. Nelson Has crosaod tho oc«au since coming to the Ulntcd States to make this his home. ' ~ Thoywlll sail on July 20th oil llio Norivcglan-American Liner, "Stavaw CtjiTjowl" ami will malco, u landing at Bergen, Norway In tho laud ot the midnight sun. From there they will go to Christfann, -where they will rlilo on the highest railroad, 17,314 above Boa levol. Celebrate Overthrow of Danes. Gothenburg, Sweden will be their f nlop. hero they nro having a world's! exposition celobr.afln^ the' 400th anniversary nfithr* election to tho throne- of a protestant king, Ous-1 tovua V:t«i who freed JVvveden from; th<> yoko of Denmark. Many Scanda- I navianfl aro niakfn/r the trip to their' native land this spring. . Tho Nelsons will also visit In .Stock-' ho,lni and other points of Interest In Sweden"nnil will he tho gnosis of Mr. Nelson's three Maters and brothers and a host of coirs In 3 and under*. From iSwndeu they will go to Coprn- hag<Mi, I-farnhnrg, Ih'ilin, Amsterdam, pointK In Beigiuin, Purin, Havre, then to London and will sail for home from Southampton. They will be gone about 1 months. Wi.; Postponed Trip. "I have always spent most of my* •timo in Sweden viaitlng: relatives when in tho old country," said Mr. Nelson. "Hut this timo I want to aoe more of the continent. The last timo I WIIB over was in 1909 and 1 wafl Intending to go on a trip to the. Medt- terrean countries when the war broke out. Those who did take the trip had a hard time setting home and some of them have never gotten back their luggage. If any one has any message which they wlyh taken to their relatives* in the parts of tho continent I am gohiK to, I will /fee very glad to take them." After an absence of 44 year;*, W. II. H, Shoop one of the first five Hf-tUer* of Iteno county in 1871, has returned and la spending suvorul days here renewing old acquaintances and visiting old friends. Mr. Shoop and hl3 wife came to Kansas in a eovereti wagon In March, 1871 from Kane comity in UHUOIH. They filed a claim on Section 20, now owned by J. M. Pafford south of tht-* city. 'The firnt furrow in Reno county was plowed by LMr. Shoop on thi^ farm, and his was ono of the fir:d eod houses In this locality, Theso first settlers shot buffalo on the present site oT Hutchinson. Firdt White Child. On this trip here. Mr. Shoop is nc companied by Ills 'daughter. Mizx Kthid ijhoop who was the firm known white child born in He no county. She was born August 2$, jS7.1 In a ItimlW house, fur by that time*, lumlier had been brought in and Mr. Sh :io:> had succeeded in -buildinar a moro substantial homo for his family. Tin: eud of the railroad .^ns th^n at I'eabody and Mr, Shoop .v the first load of lumber that went into Nowtoti. When this family and made thefr lion stay. .Hut, at; Mrs. Shoop w -i. i ehibl and had left her par Illinoh!, when tht;y grow oM "ainc the Ttoo win find buyer aftfcr 8;'J0 any fore- 24 11-30*. FOR SALP3—Five-room hotiaa, seml-mod- ern, by owner. 4SOO East Soventh, FOR SALE—Five-room bungalow and vacant lot. Phono 2t'87. 24 28-251 FOR SALE—REAL ESTATE OlyaHnoffiaa "Well improved farms in best farming; district In Oklahoma. All of Iho farms are partly broke; balance Is pasture tiuui. AVe have somo that are loea.teil near good thrivinK town with goou s(;hools. Good neighborhoods and close neiijhbors. Good crops on the places this year. Address A-GD, ca-ro of News and receive full particulars. -5 10-10 FOR SALE—100-acre, „.well Improved farm In Seward counly, Kan., five miles to town, price 36,000. Kor further information, write or sea owner, ,1a.-oh Thlmm, Plains-.' Kan. 113 :i-'H WANT TO SELL JOUK CAR? Then list it with us. i\> sell them; no storage. Slifers Motor I'jxehunBe, opposite Convention Hall. 23 lU-25t FOR RAl .ro- -Sill y .lve-t rug; bed and FO K WALK—Ford touring vox. Rood me- sin-lii|[3. Call LJJJ^ 18 10-41 | ,. n ,mU-al order, four new tires, for uiiick "sale, 383. I'hone 1570W or call 201 L'ast FOK 303 SALr: — fush C4i .rt. West Second. l'hono ltl.'iZJ, IS l0 -4t Seventeenth. l"OIt UKM T — Else trio day. Phono 3043. cleaners, 31 uer 18 2-ttt 3IAGAZ1XK subscriptiona. Mrs. Ina Kilos. 317 Ka«t Fourth 18 2-35t FOB SALK-Uulldog pup. 322 ICast Tenth. Phono 3102J. 18 9 -13 FOR BAI.I-: -One horse, cheap, rioventeerith. 40*1 West 13 9-4t FOR good homo made pies call 3011J. Mrs. Salmon. 18 7-2»t TWENTY" dozen 308 West First. jars for . sale. .18 10-3t FOR SALE— Carpenter tools, eood Bhape. Phono 2027W. 18 7 -4t FOR SALE—Now yiotrola. North Adams. Inquire 13f IS 10-18 FOR SiA1.K —Columbia East Sixth. Kraphouola. 020 1M-10 FOR SALK—Largo Phone 714. REGISTERI01) Jersey eatfte; entire herd for sale: best blood lineH. G'.en Krlder, Newton, Kon. 18 15-7:16 BAltf IAIN" - Leaviiur city on seeount oi 111 heallh. For sale; stx.-room house, strictly iniulern, oal: floors, dttublo Ban'-ire, front drive, nice lawn, plenty shade. Also Ford coupe, (..'handier tourlns and two bowling alleys. 72iS North Plum, 18 7-Ot IBarcliES? Ctours«fta*<E IT Mr3. lua Khes, phono 3728, 3,7 East Fourth. js 2-2St for cook fttovn, uoatlntf aiovo, firnplaca una furnace. Vngay Flantaiion. la ta -2 «t QcoibtB C IB E ®® C®. For your coffee. UeBt^ grades, fine flavor, fresh ground. Mixed tea for 106 tea from all high-unulo teas, i'artiet wlshlns up to call on them each week, call or phone ISO, 332 North Mstn slioet. Free delivery. 13 4 -25t EXPERT piano tuning. Company. ELECTRIC Phone 4(58. baby bugsy. 13 s-at Jenkins Music IS 2-25t •cillnt; fan, 32 Inch, for sale. IS 7-4t STEVENS' phase. - Photographs thnt IS 2.2it fOH SALE—Bulldog, l'hono S34, 1 Second. 305 E4Kt 18 «-4t -RerrlgeraLoi:, Plieno 3330. 13 C- It NOI ICE— MISCELLANEOUS VulcanlyJni:. Reti-oadlng, Lei utFtako care of your tire troubles. MM-SHaS® TSir® Cffimiipaimy United States and P&ra Bell Tires. 337. Hutchinson, Kan. 19 2-25t 304 South Main. J. IB. SffillEBlW WIRING CONTRACTUtl AND REPAIR WORK. 327 East Seventh. rhono 3334. 18 14-7:14 ' Tikreslb fwm Qmm WJaomft Huy thta new itacino 24-4'* sciiaralor, In good runninf; oritur; also IJi-Jl.F, ateamtfr, "Ja-a0 Mogul, all lh --Kood rtinntntj order, at bartAuiu prices. M. A. Causidy, l'art- rlus^, Kan. IS wfm 4-14 FOU i>ALH--22-lm;h Ilubcr separator with fiietlvr, blower and . olovnior, in running order. A. F. Bontraecr, Ituvon, Kan. - in 3 -iSt FOIt SALM—Boys* lonji Pants 53.50 up, part pay in on t down, balanca woeK. Youlhn" lonu panlB .Sulta $1 w«el;. Comer Commorue Co, 17-19 North Walnut. IS 6-4t tot sale; youtiij s-ingera, prica J&. "Mr*. JS. Thorman, 8% South Main, 18 Kit FOR ' SALK— i^i&len' blAok"klcl Oxt&tM, with itillltasy rubber-tap h*'«ls. 'or **•' 14.60, |B.go to .tft.|i0».-lt4%rt payment down, halanco BOcweokt Cotrrer^CdoimorcA^Co., 17-13 North Walnut. 18 8-*H Gas burnt!rs raised and adjuatad, sava P0% on your gaa bill. Now la tho tunc to cct your furnace repftlred. All work guaranteed. Phone 40 iW. Morrla £t Morgan, utove and furnaco ex porta. \ 19 17-25t WE FIT GLAS3B33 THAT FIT Kattt Sherman; over eaten. 2? u-4t PARTS 1 tear them up ami »ell the parts; all make*. A K. Johnson, 16 South Waah- ln*ton. 23 18-25t FOR SAId'3 or trade—Ono Nash truck with stock and grain body; good me- chaulcal condition. 1317 ICait Eighth. 22 27-10t FOR SALE —Jford touring car. In good condition at aaorlfice prlcu. Gall at oil station at Fifth and Adams. 22 9-4t FOK %ALK—Relinquishment on i'10-.i're. Improved hnm'ii!uad within threo miL:s of town. Would omirfidor Ford tar or trui:!t at cash valtiu. Write Lester W. Huston, Caddoa, (.'olo. 25 7-«t FOR BALK—160 ucrca, well lini'ioved wheat farm on a crop payment plan. Six ml !i ?3 from county s«=a-t. 11. \). l-'riv^cn, box 174. Meado, Kan. 25 10-I2t TWO rjuarter Heotlons sood )flnd In '.Jiant county at JLS p'.'r aero, «;>eht miles to railroad. Oal lor write to J. it. Lv lr, Ulyases, Kansas. 25 4 *<jt Hot weather la ban] on tires. Equip your car with Leo Tuncture Proof tlre3 and forgot them for tlio year. We sell 'em. Phone 69. Raglamb Klngsley Motor Co. 10-lt * Hats cleaned and blocked. Lewis. DUSINES3 OPPORTUNITY Big @pp®trteis5]n(ly Would you llko to have tho opportunity of establishing a burnings that paya you oxceaa profit*!? Wo havo «.n opportunity for tho right party to establish a KOOU, paying business In a eroWlrifj town; excellent opportunity for a hustler; must havo amall capital and be a real biiHineaa man. For full particulars, adrlrens J"-GO, N«\\a. illlln lo an only '""•[] fa In •r, they wanted her anil Mr. Khonp and Uvdr 111 tie daughter (•> return to Tllfnois and live on their fann. So In IS'M this family of plnnnern returned to the eayt and nettled again, making that tludr home. Only onco ulneo then ha; 3 Mr. Hh-oop r^turneti hero uti- til« time, and that was in UT9. > Sees Many Chanaea. "There havo been niiiny, many changfa In this .t . i in!ry," sail Mr. Sl-.oop, "sine. 1 I came hi've full of eii- fha«iasm for lb--* un -U-naltlng, aud had lo rciiirn to tbie -;a-t to care Tor the aged parents of i.iy \\i>&." Mr. Shoop arv^ ins >. L'haries<m havi. u< Denver. Colo, with blare returning to tfo-ir }\< III. They left (his rim Ihiring tludr vi^lt h-- c'dtdirated bis SUt Uu-J July S, l)y taking i tho old homo site \ rrieat of Mr:;. K:\'^ Peb-y tllbboay ,.i j {hlx city, who n ;i;-i an o!d lime nciirh- Isor of thcir'y v/heii resbb-nn of tubs county. ! Mrs. 4Jibl «ony's fallw-r, she late T. H. i Foley wan one of t',m i' ; vn rirst **<e.| tb-rs here, remin^ wr-A. in a covered ! wa:,on from l,i. wi-'i .uvii. MH, ni'- !a uirbter, Mw, ••TL visittuif in - brother, ami >'ri' in I'Hhurn, ruinK- re*. Mr. Shoop thday, Sunday, motor drive to id vb.inlty rived in Man'h J SV ! n tho Shoop e'.alni. Tli" hh-i wi fo a ml daslehter, t :a:-it and madu their hu -^I 'ti-ioil near • At. F.dintary, mi • i 'rxuu tho e here. SOUSED, HE DIVES OFF ONTO CEMENT FLOOR Police Need Diving Net to Care for Bad 1 Effcct3 of Poison Sold by Bootleggera. The police department will have to secure a diving net or clue some of the drunks which are kept in the city hobl over will annihilate thoinaelve.s. Bob Daltnu of Kingfisher Okla., who was nrre 'Mted for being intoxicated I yesterday ^evening, gave ft diving ex-1 hlbltion off of a table onto the cement ! floor in the Jail last nisht. His skull ! was riot fractured but it was consld-! erably^ scarrnd up because of the; CHca .t>ade. ^ Frank Haunan of 308 Second avenue I west was arroated for beluj? drunk last night. GOOD INVESTMENT BONDS. Big Insurance Companies Have Somfl Money to Spend Now. NVw York, July 10.- -Trading luv'st. np'Tit 'Ijankers and bund deu'ers repiM I that the lare^e lnsaran.'e eo-mpani.'-i n niftatn ]n tho inart;of fi *r ((' H1 d lie Vr".:-!'in>iiit Ij^nil^. r PhiuXltutiond withdrew tA ^m-yi -.rui Hy during t.b't me rk e t' 3 rece n t re: i»• i i oi i a ry &v <-* • i • lluyinr "for the acctutnt. of bankd la sXUl vi .datlvnly liK'ht. Knife C'leanerH. and box plaiting, I^ewiit THE NEWS TELEPHONE, 4400 Cared for Home, Too. Now York—Mrs. Katherino B. Clay, of Newark, N. J., who recently gradu- \ ate^l from Ilarnard Collcgo with hon-1 orn, cared for her home and children; while she was attending college. Mra. { Clay Kay a she did all her (studying on trains and stjbwaya. j NEXT WEEK! HOMSOVS SKNLOl'ATORS Sensational Negro Jazx Dand direct from Newman's Theatre, K. C. MIDLAND MONEY to lbttn on real McNa&hten! entaib; —aak 33 2-L'lt WALL PAPER, PAINT1SO. ETC. i5 tJtnT is tile tim« to havo your homjc painted by Roy II. Murray, 312 Wo ^t Ninth. 20 7-11 FOU flrst-ciasa paper hanging and paper, reasonable prlcofi. call J. A. bister, phone 333HJ, 1013 East Eleventh. 36 2-3St FOR barftaina In used car». KO to SlUura Motor Exchange, oppoalte Conv^nt'on. . . . M a n 22 lj-26t 1 ^ COSTS no more to have your house ' painted properly. Roy 11. Murray, 1S12 FOH 3ALE or trade^—Hudson special racing ear. Fred Jjents, 229 East B. 22 7-18 West Ninth. I-'Oll SAIiE —Ford commercial body. A. IC. Johus.op, 15 South Washington. 22 U-llt Foil SALE—OaruBP, 1011 South Main; also truck bed. I.. II. Jonoa. 22 28-ltlt FOR SAL.B—Chevrolet coupe in Al condition. See Buuto Coal Co. 22 5-0t FOR SALE or trade— 1019 special, good shape. 8412. Studebakor 32 27-10t FOR 8A1.1S--Anto trailers. 1 ir. South AValnut. L. Ward. 22 6-2Ht FOR SALIC--Asto trailers. 115 Bouth Wall-ut. L. War I, 22 2-2ct Ft^>R HALE—Ford coupe; real buy. East Sixth. • 22 8111 ,10-4t ^POULTRY a Milk fed, nicely dressed. Phono ua / your order. . Suit .C84y IProdlQac© Co- 18 East .Third, fihono 779. IK 27-2 RiDS poultry of lice Ilka jnaEio. Pom's Uolden Wonder given In drinking water or food few dayB doea it. Will not harm fowls, fleah or egga; holps savo baby chlcka; 1,000 treated eaaily &» on«; 60c and 11 bottles; guaranteedT at your dealer or by mall. I. A. roinmioi- Co., KB Topflku,, Kan. ©EO. C. MCE Optometrist. Lyes lesied—OIAMSB (IttMl. KM North main, over Jones Bhos Btors., BA.HN EXTRA BFF.NDINO MONEt BY BBLLINO THE AFTER « P. M. EACH EVENING. 1»0 BTARtg YOU. API'LY TO MR. GRAGQ, NEWS OFI'ICE. 19 u-m Visiting cards, proerams, social and commercial printing "tor thoss who care." -Wolla Printing Op., phono 402, 81 West First. 19 S-26t LAWN mowcra sharpened: called for and ' * delivered. U WJst "A, phohe ilir. • 1» f:l«.J0t RINGLET Barred Rocks. Cockerels head Ins pens sired by grand champion at Chicago Coliseum. Eggs, %i for 16: farm flock, 18.50 per 100. All Ilogan tested. C. A. Boyle, Burrton, Kan. li s 28-lOt -11 WALL paper, 5c per QOUDIO roll or bolt and up; 25c por bolt for hanging. Phon. 1253J. 26 7-2it WALL paper, Cc pel uuubie roll or holt and up; 26c per bolt for hanging. I'hona 125J.T. „ 2i 7-!5t PAPER hanging and pa^itln^. Lot us show you new samples. Call 2134W. 26 10-25t MESSENGER SERVICE HASTY Messenger, phone 538. Ideal Messenger, phono 21154. FINANCIAL on city hom-is; iong terms on monthly payment plan. Farm loans. THE KINKEL AGENCY Pliona S055. State Exchange Bank llhlg. 23 2-!5t MONEY to loan on farm and city prop erty; —ask ^IcNught«nl 29 2-25t FARM loans, 6% Interest, low commission. NewUn-MannlnK Loan Co., lift Notn Main. 23 2-25t FARM and city loans, lowest rales and commission; write or call for fin! details. J. N. Bailey & Son. 2 'J 2-zbi CITY loans. Newlln-Mannlng Loan ( 11% North Mala. 29 2-25t LOST, STRAYED OR STOLEN SO VALUABLE possessions easily and quickly returned to losers. Lost and found column la most efficient medium for return of lost property. Uso News tost and found column. FOR 8ALB—Thor-ougnbred Barred Roc* •ggs. II setting, Phone 10(1, 413 East A. 13 7-2St ARE your chicks dying? Bays tuero, with "Dlarho," Weeansr-s Drug. 23 7-25t FOR BALE—Baby chickens, 16 cents each. Phone 2505. la u-.ll-aut FOR BALIS—Egg? for hatching. Fhone . SE06. MH-llOt FOR IACK —CITY PROPERTY S4 3r\)R BAIJE-Bargain: Beautiful, five- room, strictly modern bungalow, living room aoross front", fireplace, built-in Ohlna closets, bookcases, kitchen cabinet, breakfast room, large basement, laundry, •ast front. Crescent Parle, |6 ,30b,. easy terms. Phono 1C06. 24 ti-4t FOR SALE by owner—Property at 716 North Monroe, Hutchlnbon; price J.2,600, |1,000 cash: throe to five yeare' timo sn Vfettitc*. Write F. E. James, Out'u, okla. 24 10-1* LOBT, Juno 30—Whlt>! Spits Eskimo dog two miles east Nlekersou; ans.vera to name of Botty; black ey**, bhu. k im.w Liberal roward. Phone -2737W, 20^ Eatit B. aoio-ia LOST— -Camtio pin, between Fifth and Maple und Roralvaugh-Wiley's. nfiward Phono 8730. 80 10-21 STRAYED—Three mule oolts, horss. 620 reward. C. V. phone, 21F31. ono hay Macklln LOS'lT— Ilrown and whlto spotted dug Call 118 East F, afternoon, for roward 80 7-14 LOST—Chilli 's Ulcycle between Sixth and Second avenue. Call 2179. 80 8-4t BUSINESS PROPERTY BUILDINGS, lots, commercial and long term leases; —ask -MoNaghten; First National building. 33 2-SJt 'Every day you will find a hifi classified want adllat. and these ttcto* are of absorbing UUbroau Health Insurance for the Whole Family W SUPERIOR 5-Pass. Touring $ 525 f. o. b. Flint, Mich. Without counting the daily utility of a Chevrolet for going back and forth to work, shopping or taking the children to school, etc., its value in saving doctor's bills, broadening your mental horizon and keeping the whole family physically fit, amounts to more than the cost of the car and its upkeep. It is more of an essential to the modern family than anything else but a home. Chevrolet meets the requirements of the modern family because it is economical to buy and maintain, because of. its excellent appearance and riding comfort, because it can be depended upon, and because it is so easy to drive that any member of the family can use it. Frict-s f. o. b. Flint, Michigan SCl'lvKIliK H..jJsti-r . . . SU'llUIOR loinlMil . . , r , .SlPI-:l'.IOU Utility (ioupo . . A SUl'CHitm Sedan.itto, . , , KUI'KKIOU .S.'.d:ui .... HUHKIMOK Comnwrcijl fjurnts SL'l'KKIOK I.lihi Ilelivcry . . Utility Kxprte. Irucit Chuusia J519 Down payment, $193.00. Bakncc $39.00 per month, including interest Pncnc Xm SUPERIOR MOTORS ICS Fa-.;' West

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