Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on February 25, 1959 · Page 4
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 4

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 25, 1959
Page 4
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FEBRUARY. 85. 1939 Sis! Year Circles Of First Methodist Convene For Further Study Of Isaiah CIRCLE 6NE Mfff. A. f . Johrtstott, 2006 dhrlS- was to Circ:e 0ns re- cantly with Mrs. Clarehce Lutes, CIRCLE TWO i the meeting With prayer, , Mrs. Irene Osborne was hostess: next meeting will be witft Mrs. to Circle Two in her home with Mrs. W. L. Rowntree as assistant chaii-rtian, presiding during the 'hbstess. Mrs. Charles Brauchle nie&Un* and giving some facts'P i- esided during the short buai- ttbout the World Federation ofi r - e? s meeting Mrs. W. W. Adcock \Vbmert. She statsd that And Mrs. thelma Bray led group sln?.'tiT. "Though Your Sins Be Scarlet." Three artist pictures were shown of Isatah by Mrs. VV. VV. Adcock with interpellations of Bob McCoy on Mar. i. -. ** DEAR ABBY.,, By Abigail Von Bwrtfl DEAR ABBY: Which do ydvi Be&f fn: tfow old ftr« youf How consider th* fnoat advisable;old 1* HB? What else (besld** course? (i) Break up my mar- "iove"i have you in common?, o« wage now, while my wife is still'to .know him better and think it Those present were Mmes. young and attractive enough to,over c ftreMly of .you will speftd George Nelson, Orolti Carter, Fred m ake another life for herself? Of " ' ' ' ' - l "" l1 """ 4 "'" Women's Missionary Union Studies Program of "Cooperative Dollar" (Spl) — Wom§ft'i WAS ftfftfrtd by Mn. L. M. Um6fl t>f Ihs £ir»t| Coffee and c&h« uwsr* served Baptist Church met in cifcle* fof Mfrtes. W. S. Mifltef, torn pregrams, "How faf the Cooper a- ! enes, L, M. fierty, Stan RWhtsoii, tlv* bollAf Stf fitches." I A. L. 'Michael, Walter Jackson, ¥h* BLANCHE GROVES Glt-cu'Alba Shof«, H. L, feel, Ifa ftog. met with Mrs. C. H. Bulrurti, withes, fid Lehnick. and the hostess. slleei Of m a gafbt Wad* Hfcfflrflrt combined a tih sf eoMSjWSdl *Mfcft on f,nnrf«» » » • • " 1 Mrs. J. fi. Horn and Kenneth lifts in charge 6t the program. A ««cl. prayef mi ty Mfi, each member of WsdS is a mem- bar of the World Federation, which 14 Made up of 45 units in 41 countries with a membership of 4'/a mlllUn women. "Their pro C&ry, VV. L. Administer, Lola Harper, j. E. Klrchmart, R. W, Lane, Bob McCoy, R. t>. Morris, .T. N. osborne, Joe Shelton, George — (2) Wait until the children are grown, educated and independent? I have no intention of paying for the rest ot your Ufa talking key. DEAR ABBY; some. visitor, .MfvG, H. .'8u(rum, led tnej one mistake all the rest of my neighbors of ours bought a mail- Walstad, Joe B. Williams, Atalufs. Even a bank robber gets off box without a. flag because they Woods, diaries Wooley, E. G. m twenty years. Cage, T. E. Yarboroug;h and one got a bargain, so they use 6 u r £a pictures given by Mrs. J. E.jnew member, Mrs. Van Pate. CIRCLE FIVE - i—i--- - - — . ,. Mrs. H. E. Carlson, 1616 Hamll- t» build bridge^ of love and under- {alke d on "Call of Isaiah." ton, was hostess to the Circle Fiva standing, and to help make World 'Isaiah's Message" was given by)meeting in her home with ooen- Fellowship a reality. Mf3 - Adcock, after which she;ing prayer by Mrs Tom Cook DsvoVlonal was given by Mrs. cl ^. ed ' ho ms etlng with prayer. (Mrs. W. E. Abernathy, chairman It M. Bratcher from Isaiah. Mrs. ,, e ™ nr '. 4 m e etln g will be with Conducted the business meeting F. L. stalling, study leader tor|"[J Trav ' 8 Livelv Sr - 621 Ej duringwhich a report Attending were Mmes. Charles Irene Osborne, VV. VV. gram. is. A combined search to .Thompson talcen from the Inter- know thfe p-'oplei of the earth, to prater's Bible. Mrs. Knox Kinard Dear Undecided; A "sentence" Imposed on a bank robber is hot with the oath you , t0 ° k l ° *"*' o r cherish one pttrt ' B ' until death beat girlfriend fight fire with fire and M. Lawrence, 1114 Christine. Refreshments were served to Mmes. Lutes, H. H. Boynton, H. H. Bratcher, Leo H a r r a h, Malcolm Denson, D. M. Lawrence, R. C. Martin, Ell McCarley, Chester Williams, J. W. Welborn, S. T. Prater, Edward Wiens and Malcolm Douglas. CIRCLE THREE Circle Three met in the home of Mrs. Glenn Radcliff for the Thompson, Frank Yealy, Gene sec ond session of study, "Isaiah • •*_ 11 f * f TT»1 I — — — _.«1.1 ^*1 i*t 4 •* rl 4 r ! f, «!»»_* ** » Speaks." by S. Paul Schilling. A short devotional in the form of a Hall, J. M. Fitzgerald, Gruncly Morrison, 9talllngs, and Jesa Clay. GA Auxiliary Has Fellowship Dinner jealous by playing up man. I purposely led , ...... . .. _, ».. U v.. cl man on at a dance and XLSPX^l™ ™l^* made a pass at me. I told my was husband and he just laughed It off j and said, "Can't you take a joke?" husband meant that no man LOTTIE MOON CIRCLE met &{senint prayer, followed by the « ll h Mrs. Charles Earhart, with Oh for a thousand Tongues Mrs. Jake Leggitt m charge of the prograhi. the meeting opened with prayer by Mrs. W. E. Dumas, fallowed "by a business meeting presided over by Mrs. J. D. Haliey. the prayer calendar wa« read by Mrs. Eahart. Present were Mmes. larhart, J. D. ttalley, J. F. by the group. Refreshments were served to three guests, Mfnfes. Elmer Mill, Maude faylor, Mr. Butrum, and the following members; Mmes. C. mailbox 16 put their but - £olrtg, M . Butt-urn, R. N. Cypert, J.' V.' malMh. 1 didn't mind this yntlll | Quthrtft) Robttt Vou?ht( K6ftMth! saw her looking over my malI.".Rollins and children, J. S. Horn.if?" 6 , she was putting hers in our box.| Mrt . 6o b Strieker was hostess Mof i ls ' » « Then later She'd ask me what did to {he MNA H ANKINS ClrcU ,es. Gene Fort, and Mrs Roy How?o and so have to say? .Do you; wlth Mrs _ A)ba ghoreg ,„ chfl ''ard. Closing prayer by Mrs. Gates. think it would be nervy of nie to; o{ the p ro g rAm . p ray er for mis- ask her not to use our mailbox any| S | 0nftrIe9j fl , ck ftnd commg re vival, more? The lady across the road said she had the same trouble Frank by the members. «,.../,, , Faith was given you I Foundation." Third lesson in the study, "Isalsh" was given by Mrs. A. L. playlet from "Behold Your God" Lawson assisted by' Mrs. John was given by Mrs. Cleo Hoyler 3weet. Birthday recognition was and Mrs. Edward Juenger. Study given to Mmes. Joe Weaver and of Isaiah wa a continued under theJF, W. Osborne. It was announced that the next meeting will be with Mrs. W. R. of Mrs. E. S. Wil- direction liams. It was announced that the next meeting will be in the home of bers of the Lefors Church of Christ In thei civic ceriter. Following the dinner, gasj*l singing was enjoyed by len. Members attending were Mmes. W. C. Puryear, Cleo Hoyler, W. W. Bryant, Ann McAnally, Ed- you think my husband was too chicken to fight him? JEALOUS Dear Jealous; Perhaps your husband had such complete confidence in your behavior as a lady that he felt a man would not seriously encourage you to act otherwise. Forget It, and don't fight with her, > PROBLEMS Dear Problems: Mail IS a vate affair. Tell her you'd pi that she not use your mailbox and suggest that her husband devise some makeshift flag system for their own box, Confidential To Foreman Frank; The principle is the same. A man wh/j'd steal an egg would steal a chicken. If you have to .watch him after you've warned him — can him. For a personal reply, write to ABBY in care of this paper. Enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Campbell, 1200 Mary Ellen, onj fire with fire unless you want to 1 March 4 with Mrs. W. C. Scott! ff et burned, as co-hostess. Members present were Mmes. i C TOWS 11 Sweetheart Fete By FHA WHEELER (Spl) — The annual Future Homemakers Assn. Sweet-' terwald. heart Banquet was held recently Home Accessories Topic For HD Club WHEELER (Spl) — 8 f 1 S C o e Home Demonstration Club met recently for a program on "Accessories For Home" presented by Mmes. Herbert and Milton Fins- In the school cafeteria with Miss 2lnna Cole as toasthiiatress. A welcome speech was made by Miss Shirley Hamilton, FHA president, who presented the FHA Sweetheart, Kenneth Childresa, With a sweetheart bracelet. Principal speakers for the evening were Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Wllkg. Mr. Wllks gave a talk on the story of their courtship; Mrs. Wllks, a comical poem on courtship and marriage. Mrs. Gordon Whltener is the homemaklng instructor. Members present were Mmes. Clarence and Ernest 55ybach, Colic Parker, Roy Waters, Claude Bark- eir, Leon Flllinglm, Henry Lee, Grady Dodd, Doyle Standlee, Ludie Tlpps, La Juana Puryear, Oden Hudson, L. J. Hudson, Milton and Herbert Flnsterwald. MARTIN-TURNER INSURANCE Fire, Auto, Comprehensive Liability and Bonds. 107 N.Frost — Ph.4-8428 ERECMNS • , • • * • •.*»•• Doetefs" eonfdt patient by 'having hfftt look * small bro^n srtttkff^hleh w supposed to hold the lout - ol Aesculapius ', . PAMPA PEOPLE There Isn't such a thing as * "Cure-nil." Any type or nefloni ailment justifies your PHYSICIAN'S attention and treatment. BOB Pharmacy Prescription Specialists Ballard At Browning PH. MO 5-5788 , Fish, 0. R. Henry, Loretta and Barbara, Walter Hughes and Diane, Miss Johnniei Flemmlng and Mr. Eddie Don Davis. Mrs. Wall Directs Rebekah Meeting SKELLYTOWN (Spl) — Rebekah Lodge met recently in the IOOF hall for its regular meeting. Mrs Fred Wall, noble r the business session. A letter was read from Mrs. Ruth L a w 1 e y, Pampa, secretary and treasurer of the Panhandle Association urging the members of the lodge to begin to make plans to attend the association meeting in Amarillo in | April. Each lodge is asked to send i a degree team for competitive ' judging. Mrs. Wall asked that each member b« present at the next; meeting for practice. I Members v oted to bu >' some j used regalia from an Amarillo lodge. I During the social hour refresh- • ments of heart-shaped molded sal- 1 ads and wafers were served with, coffee. Plate favors were stand-up valentines. Mmes. Fred Genett, R. C. Heaton and E. E. Crawford were hostesses. Attending were Mmes. Fred Wall, W. H. McBee, R. E. McAllister, R. C. Haaton, Fred Genett, Walter Casey, Howard Wedge, Roy Sullivan, E. E. Crawford and Miss Addle Fern Lick. rence w - •», « m T. i ward Ju enger, S. R. Grlmsley, u 08ie r Prasent were Mmes. R. T. Jinks, Jack Grfthnii L H HlckS) G F Hamm Mary Johnson, Naomi Driggers, Branson, Elmer ~ ' ~ Messrs, and Mmes. Burl Davis, John VVelton and Nicky, Roy Nobles and Beveirley, L. C. -Ford, Charlie Tutor, Nancy and Timmy, L. G. Glover and Bobby, Charles RobartB. Richard and Morris, John Roberts and David, Daniel Rore, Eddie and Jackie, S. C. W. E. Abernathy, F. F. Barnhart, W. R. Campbell, H. E. Carlson Tom Cook, Hans Davis, Price Dosier Sr., W. S. Exley, R. E. A Hardy Law Ber Robl" Burden. CIRCLE SIX Mrs. Cletus Mitchell, vice presl- Colvilla, E. S. Williams, Mrs. B. O. son, W. C. Scott, o' G Smith B. O. Brown and Mrs. Cecil Wil- John Sweet, Joe Weaver, Fred Hams were welcomed as guests. CIRCLE FOUR Circle Four met in the home of Mrs. R. D. Morris with Mrs. A. R. Kellen as co-hostess. Mrs. H. R. Thompson opened the meeting with prayer. Mrs. Bob McCoy reported sending a card to Mrs. A. R. Kellen who has been ill. Mrs. Van Pate was introduced as a new member. Mrs. Orion Carter, study leader, continued the study of "Isaiah." The second part of a skit, "Behold Your God" was given by Mrs. Joe Shelton and Mrs. J. E. Kirchman. "All Hail the Power of Jesus's Name" was sung by the group. Meditation, "Faith", was given by Mrs. T. E. Tar- borough. Mrs. R. W. Lane closed DEAR ABBY: When I came home from college for Christmas vacation (I am working on my Master's Degree) I fell In love with a hired hand who works on our turkey ranch. He has only an Eighth Grade education. Do you think the difference in our education and background will bring us Thomas, E. L. Campbell, W. H. trouble later on if we marry? My,j ac k Parsons. Wesleyan Meet CANADIAN (Spl) — Wesleyan Service Guild met in the home of Mrs. Erbln Crowetll recently with Mrs. Vera Morehead, president, presiding. The devotional was given by Mrs. Morehead. Topic, "A New Frontier — Literacy and Christian Literature," wag given by Mrs. parents are very much against the match because they think I am lowering myself. The romance has dent, presided at the Circle Six gone much further than a n y o n e meeting In the church parlor in I suspects and I am considering the absence of Mrs. R. P. Hunt, president. Mrs. VV. W. Adcock opened the meeting with prayer. A special offering was taken for the Wesley Foundation in Amarillo. Following the business session, the devotional was taken from a scene In "Behold Your God" with Mmes. Joe Kenworthy, Don Duggan, Donald Nenstiel, and Weu- don Carter participating. Mrs. Glenn Cox led the Isaiah Study. Hostesses for the meeting were marrying him. Could we be happy? IN LOVE Mmes. James Smathers and Mrs. Cletus Mitchell. Mrs. Glenn Cox closed the meeting with prayer. Those present other than those mentioned above were Mmes. Lonnie Boldlng, R. H. Dyson, Bill Oler, Arnold Petltfuls, Otis Petty, Gene Steel, Irvin Williams, Bill Pate, W. W. Adcock, a guest and Jack Dodd, a new member. Present were coordinator, Mrs. James Price, and members Mmes. Vera' Morehead, Jack Parsons, Virginia Whlpple, Bill Zenor. Coy Holman, Harry McEwe-n, E. E. Campbell, Rhea Wilson, C e 1 i a Roe, A. S. Jackson and Wilbur Klllebrew. o>r* E.O.M. SALE BOOKS ARE CLOSED FOR FEBRUARY POWER NET Pantie Girdle Read The News Classified Ad.s. INCOME TAX SERVICE In Your Homo or Mine BOB RATLIFF 1534 Hamilton MO 5-3303 1 99 Mrs. Tubbs Has Womans' Club CANADIAN (Spl)—Mrs. George: Earl Tubb was hostess to the Ca- j nadian Woman's Club in her home! recently with Mrs. Jess Lindley as; co-hostess. | For the Federation Day p r o-1 gram, an eixcerpt from the playj "Jennie June, Mother of Clubs"; was presented, directed by Mrs. i Charles Vignal. Mem-bers of the! cast were Mmes. R. M. Hobdy and' John Waters, A trio composed of' Mmes. Bob Dillman, Erbin Crow-! ell and C. H. Lansdown sang the j Club Collect, accompanied by Mrs. Tubb. | Malouf Abraham was a guest speaker for the evening. , Attending were guest, Mrs. Ferman Sawyeir, and members Mmea. C. W. Allen, Morris Bennett, J. L. Cleveland, Erbin Crowell, Bobj Pillman, Ben Ezzell, W. R. Hext, j R. M. Hobdy. G. V. Hoover, John' Jones, Wm. M. Karr, R. N. Matthews, E. H. Morns, Burr Morris, ' James Price, Charles Vignal. Em-' ery Vignal, John Waters, H. S. I Wilbur, J. L. Yokley, A. S. Jack J son, C. H. Lansdown and Miss Daisy Childers. ; SAVE PAMPA PRIDE STAMPS •*••!» tar You! * lilt For Your Community! $50,000.00 j>J\J,\J\J\J.V\J ^* <• • umf • Down To Earth SALE! We Definately Over Bought at Market and Merchandise is Arriving Sooner Than We Expected... and WE JUST DON'T HAVE ROOM FOR IT. Our Warehouse is Running Over... And WE MUST MOVE IT. Fabulous Discounts On All Furniture. WE GUARANTEE TO SAVE YOU MONEY ON ALL PURCHASES. Recliner CHAIRS LAMPS 40% Discount (2 Days Only) .Pullman Valnnrine Sever SOFAS 30 % OFF Early American SLEEPERS Tweeds/ Foam Rubber Pattern and Reg, 319.9S APPLIANCES & FURNITURE The Store Thot Guarantees To Save You Money! 125 N« Somerville Home Owned _and Operated PHONE MO 4-3S11 Across From Hughe* Bkig FREE PARKING LOT! With Thot FREE Walking Comfort Will Not Ride up Ladies... Shop 3rd Floor. 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Sofa Pillows ; Qblpnj, $qu<jr* Row Solidi gnd Pattern* 4 Wonderful Pillowi 2T727" white goose down 6.99 10% goose down, 90 0/0 feathers 3,99 21 "x27 allergy free dgcron 3,99 Large, pearl foam rubber Broadcloth Blouses Smart, new-faMilon Ulous,-n In newest colon*, Convertible Collar*, roll-up sleeves. H launder* Ilk* » dream. 1,99 eo, Nylon & Dacron Panels 99e ... to beautify ever decor! In white or lovely pattcl*. Full width »nd SI lnelie» loiif , . * r«$ul*r l-tt v»lue. 3 pc. Set; Bathroom Acctiiorits ]II>«P \iilt of VUri..-e and Cotlon In ZK QQ white, pink, aqua, yellow freeo aand. ^ %W W REMNANTS V«Llu«t to I.I*. From lyard, to 3>ar4 9Q« <"*-««• mWVt

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