The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 11, 1914 · Page 5
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 5

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 11, 1914
Page 5
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f Saturday Evening, July 11, 1914. T H E B K C A T U R R E V I E W Pace F!vi AFT Odd Name Avails Danville Pitcher Nothing. DECATUR WINS, 5 TO O j Schlansker Pitches Nice Game for Commies. trolt Friday and singled once In four times up He Is also credited with three assists and one error. Danville will play the Champaign LM. league team next Wednesday at O h n m p i u e n . being another oft day In t h e Thri?"-l. TJip V r l v e t m a n a g e m e n t will w o r k Hal fit. h l o y a s n i n 5 t Nc-al's out- PROGRESS OF PENNANT RACES in !·..' ..]. Q..].., I 1 '... p..: LRIV. I l l TIIREE-I "II-" TABLE. Won. I-ost Pet. Win Lose. t ."o -JT .64*1 .Kr.4 .041 ..·.73 ;r 4"; -44 42 . 571 ..153 .r.or . ."43 300 423 Miller and Haines Beat Morrisonville Pair. T',;rr? M o a n blng'.es and a l i t t l e f r r a p h h i t r r - b . l t i n ^ f r o m a:i a t K r n p t t o a a - r l f i o w a s a l l !Ully . V i . i l b Pan- Mvle t r o o ; - : s co:.! 1 s t c n e o:: l:::ho F - h . a n s ' K . - r in ::-.e T r l - l a y t ; ; - v J U ' . "? course, no Kara is eomK to win froir. the Comn-.ies w.-cn tl.f t l a : : - . a n is go- ins t V i t £:· -1 T:..' t a l e o'. the b a t t l e i.s u t.^ '. for I'- a f . r . i :: :hc - i t r h a u i l . Pit ht-r So:-?:en- f r - i -:!:;.'.,,: t.-.e h i l l t - J s t a r t t h e b a t t l u | for t. ·· v i s i t o r * and f.i.-.s bc-san to t h i n k h-- !:.: 1 .~-:r.-tlun2: win n he f.innc-ii D u g n* f l r ? t innir.i; w i t h two mf-i in i h - ^ry n e x t rour.-i how r*omm-i.ior--'s c n m m p n ^ d t o ! · i v well i n t e n d . ( 1 v h o " t t h a t Eoryent'rel t r i o d to put over. Five clean rar-s c o u n t c - d f o ' i r r-:ns in t h a t f r a m e and aft^-r t h a t Neal s ^ n t C'urnn'.iri^s in to be - w he trnat Four more raps were ma le o f f h i m . T'-.« s - n i e OAjrES SfXDAT. M "un^ton at D a \ e n p o r t . 1'tona at DuhllQue U i t n v l l i e a t t-prlngfielil. PfCiiuir at Quincy. FRIDAY'S BESFLTS. gar. on ! F l a m S - - ! n g f . e l r l 14-10-1. Quincy. , r -K-3. Batt - i . i -- L e l i ^ e l t a n d Jacobs; Ward. Kahl a n d ".T-UTUP. "-"-ft; Bloomlngton, 1-C-I. Bat- -- r'',,ii:o a:ij H a m m e r s c h m i d t . Waldo 1 -' rla. 0-*i~4 B a t t e r i e s H o m i n e a n d Y e l l e . IX M A J O R IxKAGl'£S. Won Lost . 41 31 ,. 44 :tr .. 41 .".4 .. 41 xr, .. 41 'ut)onal. Won 41 41 4r r-1 so 3.1 .'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.' 30 .IS 4". 49 Lost 2fl ·17S 31 Pet. SSG ' By their defeat of Gauer and Dey of Morrisonville Friday afternoon in the finals, Philip Miller and Harry Hainea ot Decatur won the championship in doubles of the Central Illinois Tennis tournament, and will have possession of the two trophy cups u n t i l the match next season. The Decatur men. after slow start, took three out of f o u r from the Morrisonville team, the scores being 4-6, 6-3, 6-2, 6-1. STARTED WITH HUSH. The Morrisonville pair tried to rush the Decatur men off their feet at the start, and soon had the advantage of ; | three sanies. The visiting team took the first set, 6-4. In the second set, both teams played a more careful g-ame, and after a close fight for the first six games, the Decatur men captured three, w i n n i n g the set, 6-3. Both of the following sets were slower and closely contested, although the Morrisonville men seemed to have lost control, and repeatedly slammed the ball outside of the tape. SINGLES FIXALS TODAY. The f i n a l s in singles will be played at 4:15 this afternoon between Phil Miller, twice winner of the cup in singles, and Curtis Busher, the Millikin crack tennis player. If the match goes to Miller, he will have permanent possession of the trophy cup. The match ivill, without a doubt, be one of the fastest ever sfeen on the Country club courts. It will ba a case of Miller's experience at the game against Bush- cr's apeed and skill. The men play an entirely different style of game, Busher always playing the smashing game, while Miller plays | He Asks for Release Commodores. from : n n a n 1 o i o ·- s i . a i . - 1 .e ".'..'.'.'.'.'..'..'.'.'· o n o o o o o r. o- c S V M M A R V . Si . »n bas-5--Mandi. 2, Blitz, -. D u g g a n T\'e '. iv Fn X. Devov. Two base hits--Bi.iz, B r o w n c.a^:'I: Sacrifice Ulfc--Brown. 2. l ^ U K i ' n D'-I-.M* p'.ayt--Manila to Bergel ;o B«*..r.. 2. .-:rurk ollt-Uy P r h l a n ^ k e r . 4, l.v * . , r c ^ r f r r - i 1. hv ( " u m m l n g s , :i. Hits-- Ct'ff ^ 0 " ^ - :.::·!. 7 in 3 i n n i n g s . Eases in b»!'»--0il ? rgcn::-!. 1: "it Scl-.lansker. a Pa»«d ball--.^r.annon. Hit hy pitched--sor- E * n f r f l Tim., o: same--l.M. Umpires-K n i t r P and W r l c h t NOTES OP THE GAME. Lynch was spiked in the tirst ot the fn;;rth when Faik w e n t to t h i r d on Devoy s srratcn infic-ld hi:. Brown took Lynch's pla-e at third and Berkel took Eliort. In the seventh and eighth, the famous llanda to Berkel to Duggan double play was pulled. Erovi-n is a tnst man on his feet. He pasily s i r e t t h e d a long sinsl» Into a double in the seventh ana scored from t h t r r on Biltz 1 si-ratch infield hit. Another nice plav was made ty E i o w n in the first. With two down anil C l n y t o n on third and Wallace on first, th-"- l".tttT started to stfal secnnd in an e f f c r t to get Clnyton home. Shannon t h i e w to second to head off that steal l.iit t h r ^ w high, Manda jumping high u n d t h r n barely touching the ball. 3;i ,,\\-n hacked up Manda however. Clay- Ion had started home. With I'mpire Wright. Manda and Echlnnsker all standing between him an.l Shannon, Brown shot the call over t: etr heada home to Shannon and headed off Clayton. There were two umpires on the job, Kn.ipp railing the balls and strikes and Wright working the bases. Saturday's game is the last at home until a week from Monday when Quincy Is here. Ward, Quincy centerfielder, tried to play the pitching role at Quincy Friday but was doomed to disappointment. Manijier Kahl took the box after Ward had been pounded hard but fared no better himself. '. Billy Purtell played third for D«- at "4 HI Pet. .fids ..'"1 . .4:15 .413 C.AMES SA1TRDAT. National. C h i c a g o l p h l a at P i t t s b u r g h . . York at El Ixjuls B r o o k l y n at C i n c i n n a t i . American. C h i c a g o st Boston St' Louis at t V a B h l n s t o n Detroit at P h i l a d e l p h i a . Cleveland at Xew 7ork, Teileral. Kansas City at St LOI-.IB I n d i a n a p o l i s a t C h i c a g o PlUiburgh at Brooklyn. B u f f a l o a t B a l t i m o r e . MAJOR lEACiCE SCORES. American. Washington. 8-15-0: St. Louis. 4-11-3 Bat- In order to be able to devote more time to writing his book, "The Lost Sou]." Pitcher William Viebahn has asked Manager George Reed for his teitase. It will be given him without question as the big German has been in anything but good form d u r i n g the t two weeks. He can now finish up the last chapters of his book. Secretary Howard Hanthorn has asked him send a copy when the first edition comes off the press. IS PHILANTHROPIST. There was a good deal of philanthropy in Viebahn's request for his release. One of the Decatur pitchers would have had to go anyway and E111 figured that he was the only on e who wouldn't lose much by being released. Yiebahn's father or uncle or somebody mamifactures breakfast food or patent medicines or something and stajcka the greenbacks away with a pitchfork. Whii.j in Decatur, Viebahn hatted about .019 on the diamond, but lip batted 1.000 in making friends. Decatur and Lincoln Meet Sunday. POUND PARTY FOR VANDALIA PASTOR Vandalla, July 11--Misses Jessie and Ada Mills entertained a number o£ their friends at their home Thursday night. Refreshments were served and a general good time was had by those present. Mrs. Clarence Brewer and children, after a visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bell, have returned to their home In Decatur. POUND PARTY. A pound party was given to Rev. and Mrs. H. N. Thompson, at the Lutheran parsonage Friday night. The members o£ the congregation met at the church lawn with baskets full of good things needed for the home, and marched to their home and gave the minister and his wife a very agreeable surprise. A good time is reported by the large number present. Mrs. Edna Goff and little eon are visiting her sister, Mrs. Hazel Ahlers in Terre Haute. William Bannon and two sons, of Chicago, are visiting his Bister. Miss Lizzie Carroll. His wife will join htm here the last of the week and they will probably spend the remainder of the s u m m e r on a farm north of this city. Miss Olive Knight, after an extended visit with relatives here, left Thursday for Kingston, N. Y., where she will spend the remainder of the summer. Miss Lida Hausmann Is visiting her sister, Mrs. Ella Barenfauger, in E v a n s - j ville, Ind. ' Miss Maggie Kelly will leave Saturday to spend a few days in Mattoon. From there she will go to Chicago to visit her sisters several weeks. G. E. Deickmann was a Decatur bus- to! Lincoln at Decatur and Springfield at the slow steady, watchtul style. The Clinton is the Jloose league schedule result of the match this a f t e r n o o n is £or Sunday and the local management rather d o u b t f u l either w a y , however, is Planning to make the game here a meat of the local tennis men are back- booster day program. The attendance ing Miller to win. here has not been good enough to support the team anil in hopes of getting out a larse crowd, Manager Byers has arranged an athletic program for all local Moose and visiting players to tnka part in. Prizes are to be awarded the winners. TIED FOR LEAD. A m o n g the contests will be circling the bases, fungo hitting, distance t h r o w i n g and r u n n i n g to f i r s t base. The field events start at 2:30 and the game will be called as soon as these are over. What should make the Sunday contest more i n t e r e s t i n g is the fact that these two teams are tied for top place in the league. TELLS HOW-TO BE AN ATHLETE Bronson of Urbana and Price are Favored. Coach "Jimmy" Ashmore's successor will in all probability be named at the meeting of the Millikin Board of Managers on next Monday evening. There are three or four applicants out of the wXVn? l H^hrL a ve d re« n! ana 11 xJn a .w sreat number that applied who are being considered for the place. Among: these are Coach Bronson of the Urbana high school and Price from Michigan. and Rumler Boston. 5-7-0: C h i " a e n . l-£-t Batteries-Johnson. T3«M]tent f i n 4 r a d y ; Scott, Iathrop anri Prh.Mk f i n d M a y e r r i \ " ' a n i 7-120: N"w Ynrk. 2-7-1 Batteries --f^regc and O ' N c i i : ; W a i hop, Pioh and X u n a m a k e r Serrmd cam*" New York, 1-1- ]· C l e v e l a n d o-3-O (f. i n n ' m c = , r a l l r d en ac- r o u n t of d i r k n e s s i . E a t t o r i p s -- C a l d w c l l and Swpenev; Ha perm an » n l Bnpclcr. Detroit, ft-10-1; P h i l r u l c ' n h i n . F-1T-4 HI i n n ' n s s cil'td on a c c o u n t of r l a r k n f f i s t . Bat- t«»ries--Cavet. E o e h l r r . M a i n , ^ n - a l p f k l e a n d I "Eak^r and McKe; P^nnork, Bender, W y c k o f f , Shaw key anfl S^hang. "National. St Louis, 2-0-0; New Ynrk, 0-3-0 Batteries Perrltt and \Vingo; Demaree, Fromme and Movers and McLean. P h i l a d e l p h i a . 5-8-2; P i t t s b u r g h , 2-6-2. F a t t p r i c p -- M a t t t s o n and Dooirr, Harmon, Kar.tlrhner, M c A r t h u r and Gibson and Cole, . . Batteries-L a v e n d e r , Pierce and B r e f n a h a n and Har- rrr\ !·; HOPS, f r u t c h e r and G o w d y and "VTha- " i f r o o k l v n 11-14-2; C i n c i n n a t i . O-R-4 Bat- tr ~j,-. s E n z m n n n . Brown. R a p an nnd Me- C a r t y ; B c n t o n , Lear, Rowan and Clark and Gonzalez. Federal. Brooklyn. 3-5-2. Pittsburgh. 5-9-^; Brooklyn. 3-5-2. Eat- terlr-ii--Knetzer and Berry; Juul, Fetors and ^Rl'tlmoro, 4-T-2; Buffalo, 0-2-1. Batteries Suggs and Russell; Schultz, Woodman and Blair. , . Open date for other clubs. CnlHi SI*n Batei. Chicago. July 11.--John Bates, an outfielder, -who recently was unconditionally released by the Cincinnati National league club, was signed by the Chicago Nationals Friday. DR. ROLLER°¥EATS WILLIAM DEMETRAL Rock Island, July 11.--Dr. B. F. Roller, ot Seattle, Wash., Friday night defeated William Deraetral, of Chicago, in a wrestling match. Demetral gave up aft«r losing the first fall In 78 minutes, claiming he fractured a rib. BOOSTED BY HUFF. Both of these men were recommended by Coach G. Huff of the University of Illinois. Bronson was a former athlete at the U. of I., having played on the varsity football team. He has been successful In his work at TJrbana. PRICE'S RECORD. Price was an all around star athlete both in hih school and college. He participated In three branches of athletics and was considered an exceptionally good player. He has hart two years' coaching experience in a large high school in Michigan. The preatc-st objection to the applicants tor the position seems to be that none have had much experience in college coaching. SEVENTEEN ERRORS HELP THE LEADER Commercial teague Game One Error after Another. Seventeen errors by the members of the Wabash Clerks' team Friday evening helped the Leader Iron Works' team hand them their eighth consecutive deTeat by t h e count of 15-1. Luker, Blade and FHzpatricT: were the only three on the Clerks' team that did not register any errors. Gray pitched airtight ball for the Leader, allowing hut nne hit. The tcore: R. Jl. E Leader Iron vV'orki ....... 4 3 0 0 0-- 1C, ^ 1 -- · - -- · " Long; Clerks: "How to Become an Athlete for Be- inners," the latest number of the new primer series in Spaulcitng's line of publications has just appeared to-. This book, following out the object of the series, is published for Instruction of those who know nothing o: the requisites, training, etc., re- aulred by athletes. The primer is edited by James B. Sullivan, secretary Amateur Athletic nion, and editor of several publications on athletics. The book contains a descriptive article on the subject of .'ithletlcs, and each division of sport :s taken up and treated individually. Among the subjects covered ara sprinting, quarter-mile, half-mile, ir.ile and long distance running, hurdles racing, pole vaulting, broad and I'.iSh jumping, shot putting, and dis- rna, hammer, javelin and fifty-sir- pound weight throwing. Batteries--Leader: Gray, Pltzpatrlck, ~ Club. Railroaders Donnelly. STANDING. "Won. S 5 Decatur Bridge 5 Coffin Co 5 Wabash 4 3 1 Muellers Wabash Clerks 0 Lost. 0 .625 .571 .3SO C. E. WARD FAMILY ON AUTO TRIP Going to Terre Huute and Indinnap- ol( lor Ten DHT». C. E. Ward and family, 775 West Macon street, l e f t Saturday afternoon on an automobile trip to Indianapolis. They expect to reach Terre Hauta ton i g h t and drive into Indianapolis on Sunday. Joe and Will Ward will take turns driving the car. The Wards will be gone about ten days, visiting relatives at Indianapolis and Terre Haute. Joe Ward returned a few days ago from 1-ake Geneva and Duluth. While at Duluth he visited Rev. w. L. Staub. former pastor of the Westminster Presbyterian church here. On his return he came by boat to Sault St«. Marie and Chicago. HAVE YOU EVER TEIED On G-laases Fitted With Toric Lenses? If not. you've still to learn of what :omfort in eye glasses means. The Toric lenses are somewhat oval in shape--they fit the eye. so that no enter edge is visible. Where the ordinary shaped lens makes the eyeglass wearer NERVOUS, the Toric has just the OPPOSITE EFFECT Why not let me try Toric Lenses on your eyes today? D WILLIAMS T PTDMETRIST OPTICIAN. I 107 N. Water St. Opposite Millikin Bank. iness visitor Friday, Mrs, Sarah Elam returned Friday from a visit with her daughter In Central! a. I Th» Beat. Post-Dispatch:--"I never pay old ebt*." "How about your new on«?" "Oh,I lot them «ret old." SHIRT SALE Men here is your best chance to take good care of your shirt needs. $1.50 and $2.00 shirts.. .EE.UI...S:. .$1.15 $2.50 and $3.00 shirts . K .-.-..^.^..-.$1.65 $3.50 and $4.00 shirts.-.-.-.-.-.r3.i,;,:.-.$2.65 $5.00 shirts .... .. t .T. ; ..$3.65 $6.00 shirts r^...-. ...»..-. $4.50 Broken lines; otherwise never such a "break" in prices: all sizes all kinds. MAIENTHAL BROS. United Doctors HAVE INSTITUTES IN MANY CITIES Decatur Institute, 217 N. Water Have cured more deep-seated Chronic Diseases of th» Nerves, Blood, Skin, Kidneys, Liver, Stomach and Bowb than any medical institute in the United States, as affidavits and testimonials from cured patients will prove. FARMERS MERCHANTS STATE BANK PAY On Savings Accounts. Call and Get a Savings Bank. Under Supervision of State Government. ' 135 E. Main St. Moving and Hauling Trunks--Boxes--Furniture Good Service, Low Prices, Moving Vans and Storage Davis Livery Co. 128 FRAKKUN ST. We Haul Freight

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