The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 14, 1973 · Page 8
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 8

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 14, 1973
Page 8
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TOE RRAtOSPORT FACTS rr»*»«rt. Tuas. T%«r»4ay. Jtsa* 1«. Itn P«M» I Price Freeze... Questions and answers WASHINGTON (AP) Here are aoroe key queaUon* and arwwtm about PreaWent Niton's new price fr««xe announced in a nationwide tdevtekm and radio broadcast Wednesday night; Q. How toi« will the fr*«e taslt A. For up to n days, but it couM be cut short if the Nbtoo administration U ready to put in a new mandatory system of »age-price controU. Q. Are prices of everything soid in stores covered by the trteteT A. The answer is yt*. Th«re are no exemptions at the retail level, and none at the wholesale level. The only exception is at the (arm lev«l. Raw agricultural commodities soid by farmer* are exempt. But after the flr*l sale, the freeze takes effect. Q. Won't these tojuevxe the middleman of the farmer receive* a higher price for his product, but the wholesaler and retailer finds his price* froten? A. U could, but the administration believes Its efforts to increase food supplies will tend to hold prices down and prevent ihis from happening. Q. How is the administration trying to Increase supplies'? A. It has taken a number of actions already, but N'ixoo announced he plans to put export controls on feed grains. such as wheat, barley, and rye, effective Thursday. K Congress give* him the power Q. How would export controls step up supplies of food-* A. They would hoid down the amount of such grata exported ^p-v ^^-v ^p-~ ^p ~ ^iT™^ ^» ^r • SPECIAL qWO-8>ack«|al from...( / MASTERWORK»M \A rnd.Kf al CdUMatA MCX»OsL_tsi/ I I ^^- - ^^ A 2 pair •! L-l «eluse 4-sp««4 BSR TWITIIU W/etftr H 441 HI MOT Packagt hriet HMT? Ltehe4 Stocks •I LOOK N LISTEN SNOP overseas, and Increase supplies h«r» The •dmlnln»(ftlloo Mid the freete wouldn't work my w«ll If It fails to («( the autority to control espcrts Q Will esport control* appiy to meat. A. No. not yet. but the administration k> hoktag open that possibility should there he a sudden surge- in meat export* Q. How can the government limit export) if it doesn't have the power y«T A, First, it u requiring exporter* to make report* to the Commerce Department. beginning Thursday, on any new contracts involving export of grata Second, the bdi |otng to Congress would M«k to cover thai* etwtraeU. Q, At what l«v«l doc* the President'* action <re«e prices? A. BAUcaUy, at the Irafc that existed during the w**fc at June U Q What agency wU> enforce the freeset A The Internal Reveeu* Strvvc*. with 2,*» agents, Q Can any company appiy (or in exemption'' A. Yen, but the (ovcruncol Outstanding, i Continued (ro<n faijif I > pa its. developed new taaighii »jsd effectively communicated th«tr knowledge to their itudrnts aad ootteagues. They are exception*) !*a<hers. " The two were nootiaauii for the honor by Caifcior! Mr* Bay hcW» * BA aad a majier of education degms 1 from Sam Houston SUI* University and has been teaching in the Braiooport , sdioob (or 10 years. She had been a language art*-«jctal ttudie* teacher at Lake Jic* ion Intermediate (or i (ow year* Mr*. Bay b tnim*d to Leonard Bay. BtSD says them wit) be few granted Q Are wage*, interest rate* and dividends covered? A. No But wage* continue- under the current Ituu* j economic gxitdeUne* Thww call basically far wage* to be held to VS per cent. Q Why didn't Niton frteiv A H« said there* *.t BO M*d to. They have co the »w»g», «tay«d within the (J U the adminttfrattwi planning to do anything about profits* A. Yw, it pUi» a "profit iwe«p," a check by the Internal Revenue 3*r»K* to find out if companies are kfeping withia the profit restraints of Ph*»* X the largely voluntary program (or controlling wafe* and price* (j What hijxpcti* after the (rwie fc» a**r' > A, The adm«it*Jrau*n MJI» It will ga to a l«j*h, <MT»> »)i»{trn of <n*t»ii!ory prK* control It < Pra«e 4 According is Tre*iury S*cr«t»ry C*«rg» P Shulu, it cuuu b* than the PTKT »y-j{em 2. . and they &*v« two cfeiklrvn. Walter 4»4 Tommy, »!mVct> at Trtj.» at Make the most out of your checking account .and pay the least while your at it. Perhaps you do wM know. First NaliMul Bank of Lake Jack KM hat had a tow ce*l ckjeckiag accotwl piaa for years. Let t» sk«*> yaw h«w t« save m<NMry wkile baakiag wiU as. Here'* how it works: If you ntaiaUla a mUdattin fcataacc of KM. or mare each moatJi, From HW.aa u |i»».*a, yo« f»y «aJy ll.*« service charge. Anything IMS than |!M.W aaUace will be 11.25. . .<fcal's it! Write as many checks as you aeed a»4 Uie MOST U caas cost you is 11.25! """"" It's coavcoicnl, and U coal* I*M, . . Why Pay Mora? Open A Checking Account With Us Today! NATIONAL BAN* Of LAKE JACKSON 'The Nibowl Bank TM Beioais to'Bfazosporr Nixon tCundflunl (rout Page I) annual rale of »3 per cent. Food price* atone went up at an annual r»te of W 4 per cent "Everybody admits Phas* 1 wat a (allure," Treasury .Secretary George I' Shulti told neMrtmen "Let** not argu« about thdt." Niton tought to a.Mure the American people that the tough new control* that will be uiK'nttilni "»ll! not b« detigned to get u* permanently into a i t»a«i»r (or IS VICUM «t Ijie jMkjcu Junior High Jk-feowi an) Lake J«£*.wo Interenmtute School <ad fu.< cOKichcvd (ooC&ail, fc^tketbiill *sd trswk Ik bokb a SJS (rum Sam HmMton Su:< t"n»»«r»tty H* and ttt» *t(r, Sfcs? E«y, J»r tb* p4«tjti of fiii Rickey, H. t«fci ii«d U, Janice, (our. and "On the contrary', it *'" be desigilin) a* a b«t!«f way to get u» ooi of 4 conlroUed ard to rtfum *» 4.* (MMtibk to the free did M IniBMH a (ma* *• wag? Increases, ar«miilng lfM9aT9 WQw4 lM ftCMM Ml MVtp W wage ssitlements remain "responsible and ns*i»(la' tlonary" KXPORTS - Confreaa was asked to grant new authority to the PrtafetvM to (wpos* expert ranlrvtt, particularly on fowl prwbcti *fMaw price* might b* pushed up because of foreign dttoamii NUon »tke4 again lor e«ogr«Mioua» authority to Mfcctrwty r«4ue* tarttts (or men itama a« meat, plywood and line »t« natr-^ his mpiMii* (or puwtr l« more lurplu* **"' ' " in Veterans to register at BC before July 13 IM* y*ar by t*» to pT*-r*gi**tr far fatt t*me«4*r Mor* Jurt tl Ui w Mag*. tiurfWi an annanri that the flr«( V A cfMck wifl t* waiting) (or item at they <««pl*i* IB* regtMralMo pr«c*dur». At* 13. K or » To Ufe* **h»eiag» erf lh» V«t*rant may visit Hraii>*p*ft C*llege ltifit«r*r'* OtHr* any 4»% MtMitoy U«r««a** rrMty to* lam 1*4 PM. and ta t*a» C<MU«ntl«« fr«m * I p » «J<tk», ttut w»» al»o the purpMc at Phit* J V-ulU cu«1i;t«J«j thct« wtU be * Urgw Ituw t in i M« NT* HiJH; pco^-c wvil be jiiVd tut it U ekttt IA4! much tighsicr eefufvcfzwa! t» N i » o n ornawwl thoreugh Oman*} atidiU «f ro«e(Mttt«» that hatt f»w«J pfkr» more tlwn t > per rmut 4fc*nr January rttljaci K* »ai.l that if prk* inr»**w« «rfr esu< (uttiUftetJ by rtiueg <-«»*», "ttie prferoi »Ul tw t s Mr* My ing CoUege Hegutrar'* Cttf**, «f ftsmrtt ta iat.« in th* Ufl. 'Nro tigetfeg * of Us-tMiJt Witt ff«n Deaths I Rttbf Ui testa .. !*r*. IWby ' Braioria. • • Contifluni Scjiifl f H« am vtt, O*rm J» «»» an Fishermen sad l&tf ttuiitr by of thie fi VtcfaVi tfedt a t * • >» « f » j > of lltt eu( on hjnij f« Use i ty»t Wen* p. eft StwiW aftti St*ta v * cxjJl JaTX* f<w4«. »«** SlttilU *s«jW fc« tca«U)i| hit p«.i«t vita ! >,.-,«•» n, but; UflS a;» * " BC planning bus routes . ?/«(«. ti » « ft * n S««ttNU} .l Qtn tfiueufe itv» f * *» it » * at \', «S« jsUn '.J aw !KM (fm iifll 1'. tt of ta t* W "(i Mi.-AU-i4a.4x!*, *,. " ft «* • A »rwrw *» ,'ijr 4 for CM erthr !»» 5S*> »* $ * OTfW*. H j> w fyf Hoe <aftt* T*« H.iw*« at retail. (?«* Jf w in tiumaff > • The fn»i«*ra4 «t:» «S M I iXMMt >m IMMfUALO* 1 Mr». *i S Mrs .Vct»«:<r. i'rif* n. Aftt^sn? W«3r?E». Kiftw t'finiajn. S'»*»r,> Jjn H«T«rif f'»1.Sy \ltt 'A K 'K Mr« Wvfit* i.Vtiiiirint B i Semurtttif f.T«t« Vtf» » S ?H4ftw;a K ' S Wr-» H. * »J%>Hs« S < Itj.w} K'ith flfltcrtwift. l-ii* Ji<»«.n J,!r« W A H/K* R«**nn> Hay. fwiJl*^ Jr.. AM,U:T«*H OAMIVKV 1 FltCD CHtttlH IT'S GREAT EATING! SELECTED STOCKS QUOTATNNIS (umpllnirnlt U The t'lrti Krrwjwn N«lioiul Haak Amrr. Amcr. T*T 11iry«trr Dearborn 1M7 It/UDVOfT IUU I4le IM, r'reepart Mineral* General Motor t Ottlf OH tl»«. Igt It r*«»«r IM. N*« Kf*ger Moasanui Maf c«r NaUo J. C, Fraaey Miilllp*

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